The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1891
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;nd Edition 6 P. M. VOL. XXL JOB £RINTING A SPECIALTY At the REPUBLICAN Office, ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1891. NO. 6. ALGONA REPUBLICAN (Official Paper of Kossuth County and the City of KVEUY WKDNKSDAV. JOS, W, HAYS, Editor and Publisher, Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance $1.50 One copy, six months. In advance 75 One copy, three months, in advance 40 Subscriptions conilmio till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will bo made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the KEPHBMCAN Office for Book and Job Prlntlntc Is unsurpassed In this part of Iowa. Steam power. THK KKi'unuoAN Is an AUL HOME PRINT paper. No objectionable patent insides. The State Still in Doubt Both Sides Claim It—And It Looks Bad for the Republican Ticket. The chairman of the democratic state central committee claims the stdte by 10,000 and the republicans claim 5,000 majority for Wheeler. Returns have been received from every precinct in Kossuth county excepting Fenton. Wheelers plurality is about 120, Van Houten will run from 25 to 50 ahead of the ticket. J. G. Smith's majority in the'county is at least 225 and B. F. Eeed's is about 125. Graham is elected by about 100 majority and Mr. Lantry gets a majority that runs up into the hundreds. The largest vote was cast ever polled in the county. Over 3,000 votes were polled as against 2,400 last year. At the right of our table of returns will be found the vote cast for Secretary of state in each precinct of this county last year. The republican gain or loss, as the case may be, can be easily computed for each precinct..,. Beports from Hancock county give Smith a majority of 186, -with one precinct to hear from. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. J. W. Eobinsoa is still in the market with the largett line of stoves in the city. License to marry has been issued to Charles Pompe and Anna Mileke, Conrad Fririk and Anna Branker. The Young Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society will meet with Mrs. Black on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 8 p. m. Prof. A. A. Sifert was down from Elmore today to get the returns. He is teaching school near the state line. Dr. Sayers goes over into Clay and O'Brien counties this week on professional business. The doctor has large practice outside of the county. There are letters in the post office remaining uncalled for addressed to TVm. J. Brown, J. TV. llandall, Ed Eeed, N. Emerson, S. C, Patterson Mrs. B. Peck, Hans Peterson, Mrs.Ada McLinj;; S. TV. White, TV. TV. White. A| a meeting of the city Council Saturday evening J. G, Smith presented his resignation as a member of the Council from the first ward. The resignation was accepted. A uumbei of bills were allowed and there being no further business the council adjourned to meet at the call of the mayor. Charles Stuart, who was arrested last light for selling liquor, was arraigned before Esq. Thompson this morning but took a change of venue and hac his case tried this afternoon before Esq. Taylor. E. II. Clarke appearec in his defense. Mr. Stuart was bounc over to the grand jury in the sum of $300 bail and as we go to press he is put looking for sureties. Stuart was indicted by the grand jury last year foi Violating the law and sojourned awhile in Dakota returning to Algona about two months ago. He is a professiona gambler and bootlegger anji will be de serving of all the punishment that th courts may see fit to visit upon him. PUBMCSAtE. The undersigned will sell at public auc tion at his farm 8% miles north of Algona on Friday, Nov. 18,1891, the JpJJowing J roperty: 18 cows, all coming jn durim ill and early winter, except 8 now hav ing calves by their sides—all withcal to a full blood red polled bull, also foil eight gallon milk cans. Terms—One year's time at eight pe cent, with approved notes. Three pe gent, off for cash. Free lunch at nojon I will offer for sale my red p< *" \9 half blaod bull calves. lASfAJp, Auctioneer KOSSUTH COUNTY RETURNS. Complete returns from every township in the county except Fenton. TOWNSHTI'S. l«oim 1 ward " 2 ward " a ward " 4 ward Jure Buffalo resco 'enton •Jroenwood ... German iariield lebron larrison rvlngton .... >otts Creek... >u Verne icdyard 'ortland 'him Creek... Prairie lamsny Uverdalo eneca Jwea herman pringlleld.... Jnlon . ..... iVesley Vhittemore .. Totals.... Governor "8 !).•) B3 87 101 (ii 120 in 18 10 27 fit.' 41 ;u; '29 •1.9 33 lit 59 120 79 nit- Judge K'y Stint Gov Sui Ct Com Schools Senator 47th Dis 81 94 54 !)9 33 03 121 22 18 10 27 TO 10 G!) 47 78 GO 9 41 30 29 BO 33 1C 01 121 80 [tops I 83d Dist! 81 42 53 fil 40 24 3'J 114 41 70 7 8 02 83 72 33 30 41 04 32 85 GO 2(1 G4 8 48 5t> 54 81 02 55 nn M 3? GO 110 22 77 16 27 70 15 G!) 4' 7' 50 y 41 46 24 50 31 10 5!) 114 80 2Uj 43 4!} 53! 51 U 1 nrt 1 821 72! 33J 30 41 !M 32 75| 64 20 65 8 50 62 53 Sheriff Treasurer Super- mdt Co Supervisor Coroner Surveyor 30 40 20 12 70 123 80 381 79 55 58 60 22 36 137 37 67 5 14 68 81 02 37 40 02 04 31 83 51 21 71 12 37 54 54 5(1 (13 GU 02 48 27 55 127 43 72 7 10 75 83 73 31 49 fio 05 41 100 05 28 6! 11 01 76 57 09 75 4G 71 73 40 40 112 25 14 15 30 62 27 70 45 75 37 77 46 41 4! 23 50 118 00 •13: 60 61 79 05 17 50 118 37 73 8 5 70 64 02 34 38 30 95 3G 25 88 20 54 158 5T 7« 8!) 44 85 100 4fi 03 61 122 39 22 18 28 08 19 0!) 40 77 49 41 3 30 50 16 GO 120 80 81 90 80 95 100 35 03 87 22 18 16 20 70 16 69 47 77 50 9 37 30 28 40 33 16 01 120 80 31 42 50 58 38 22 39 140 40 70 7 14 63 83 72 33 30 41 94 30 84 61 21 04 8 48 54 54 79 92 53 83 93 33 62 119 20 18 16 27 69 15 09 49 78 50 9 41 32 29 51 33 IB 57 120 75 33 43 51 03 43 16 38 114 43 GO Vote of 1800 Q a a 5 051 83 49 70 73 24 59 25 8 24 13 10 10 74 1(1 03 50 50 38 58 43 22 33 43 78 29 52 6 9 32 03 53 31 37 81 40 09 51 52 10 37 46 40 1285 1123 It Will Pay You to call at my store when in need of Stoves, Tinware and Hardware. We will give you a Written Guarantee with all those Celebrated Riverside Stoves and Eange8 ' Call and see us before you buy. OUR PRICES WILL SUIT YOU. And we have The Largest Stock in the County To select from. HENRY WINKIE, Jr. WHITTEMOJIE. J. M. Farley's building is up anden- ilosed. N. Wagners new building is nearing iompletion. Mrs. Cora Hidgeway has been on the sick list the past week. Our new drruggist has arrived and is ocated at Booths store. Samson and Boyle had their photo- raphs taken, one day last week. Mrs. Starr and daughter of Ayershire yisited Mrs. O. M. Thrasher last week. Mr. A. H. Hotelling came home from Bancroft to vote the republican ticket. Rev. V. C. Thomas drove over to West Bend and Rodman on business Monday. The carpenters commenced work on S. Booths new store building Monday morn- Rev. 0. M. Thrasher went out to Hay- warden last Friday remaining over Sunday. Mrs. C. C; Samson is having the pleas ure of a visit from her sister, Mrs. C. J. Lonea, of Amboy, Minn. The school pictures arc finished and are a dncided success. They are on sale at the gallery at 25 cents apiece. * Miss Clara Miller of Cherokee while on her way to Algona last week stopped over night in Whlttemore with her sister, Miss Alice. Mrs. Moody and children of Pomeroy arrived in Whittemore Monday evening for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Cora Ridgeway. Bert Williams drove over to Algoua Monday afternoon. Bert has been under the weather lately but feels better at the present writing. The Ladies' Aid Society will meet Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. &„ E. Williams for work. Every member is especially requested to be present. The new M. E. church at Rodnan wil be dedicated Sunday, Nov. 15, the dedicatory sermon will be preached by Rev. W. A.',Black, P. E., Algona District. Mrs. J- V.Wichler went over to Algooa last Wednesday. She was accompaniec by her children and while there took tbe opportunity to have some pictures taken. Tho Ladies' Aid Society will hold a fair in the new Baptist church Wednes day evening, Nov. 11, and supper in con nection with it, all are cordially invited The Secretary of War has issued an order that the United States flag must be used at all military schools under the in struction of federal officers. It seems strange that such an order should be found necessary by the Secretary. A cer tain military school in Georgia where a regular army officer has been detailed as an (instructor is the provoking cause o: the order. The Cortel battalion has been accustomed to drill with federal arms under the State flag of Georgia. They will now drill under tbe stars and stripes or the government aid will be with drawn. Skeptical patient (to faith doctor)— How do you propose to cure Uti* pain in my chest, doctor? Faith doctor—I shall pass my bands over your chest a few times, then tell yo the pain is gone, and it will be gone. Patient—Ah, yes! Will you dine with me, doctor? You can perform the cure afterward. Doctor—With pleasure. Patient—Well, take this loaf of breac and rub it on your stomach a few times and say you have bad your dinner, anc you will have bad it. If the experimen is a success we will go on witb the chea cure. > i S C ' S C U R E F O R < .4»i|IU:!: : *(yV(.«Bgj Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. ABSOLUTELY PURE AN AMERICAN MEASURE. The spirit of the McKinley bill is 'Americanism." There is not a letter in the bill that is not American. It is the republican idea that it is better to buy rour goods at home than to get them in Sngland and pay the freight across the seas. If we buy our manufactures at xome it follows that American artisan abpring man must be given employment in producing them. Th'e effect of the new tariff law will be to build up home manufactures which the enemies of protection seem to think would be a load thing for the country. As an instance of the effect the bill is already 'having in transplanting industries to this country we cite the following from the Sheffield England Telegraph: Its promoters meant it to push forward the policy of Americans • for A.merica. One method of realizing it was to keep all the work within their own dominions. The country was to be made self sup plying. What could bo produced at home was not to be bought abroad. That was the crux of the McKinley scheme, and it is working out the ideas of its designers with the precision and effectiveness of a machine. Manufac turers are naturally reluctant to give exact and candid information as to how they are affected in any particular market, but when a single industry falls off'by nearly 50 per cent it is sheer folly to hope to hide the fact. . We bave in our own mind at this moment the case of a gentleman who makes goods here for sale in United states, his sole market. He has an ex tensive establishment in Sheffield, where with Sheffield men andSheffleld material bo produces the goods be supplies in tbe States. In a few days he is leaving Sheffield, because he finds it impossible under the new duties to continue making the bulk of the articles be sends to his American customers. He will go on producing the higher priced fancy specialties, which are not as yet success fully turned out across tbe water, but wbat will be tbe outcome? No doubt he will establish a cutlery manufactory in tbe States. There will be doae tbe work which has, formerly found wages for Sheffield artisans, and in tbe course of time the costlier productions will un questionably be added to tbe business. I^ow Dress Trimmings _ Velvets,' velvettas, surnh and china silks, astraphan, passementeries, gimps, braids, cords, etc., cheap and handsome. Gall and see, at 5tf !' SETCHELL & SETCHELL. v Flour Down. For 30 dayij.will sell flour as follows : Jest Patent (Minnesota flour) per sack. ... 81.50 lalf " <4 •' •• 1.40 Straight Grade ; i \, " •• 1.30 Every, sack j^'feran teed at '5 : 6' TOW-NSEND & In material for art needlework we have stamped linens, felts, plushes and satins, also art threads of all kinds, etching, •ope and embroidery, silk, anasene, rib- Doseme, bargarren thread, etc. Stamping done to order. 5tf SETCIIELL & SETCHELL. Is now setrled iu its newly arranged building in the Richmond Jilock, where we are prepared to treat you in the best of style. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold- Collections made promptly aud a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. Correspondents And References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois Citizens 1 National Bank, DesMolnes, Iowa. St. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minn. Farmers' National Bank, Hudson. New York. Richard Kossmau, Olaveraofc New York. R, M. RICHMOND, A. 8, RICHMOND, President. Cashier. Also IB this butldiuug will be found the Established A. large list of wi(d lauds f,o| T "sale. improved Fa;wsw4yWage property fer sajft or rent. "— • , longest time aM lowest rate of mai\/ui arpirran f fn ntw * lonorajtir^fca,, R.W.BISF— 'eat I ft* Notice of Probate of Will. STATE OF IOWA, I „„ Kossuth County, f ss> In the district court. To all whom it may concern—Take notice. That there was Hied in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, on the 2nd clay of November, A. D. 1891, an instrument in writing bearing date the 30th day of July, A. 1). 18!)1, ami purporting to he the last Will and Testament of Ehrenfrted GeilenEeld. late of said County, deceased, was produced and publicly rend by me and that the 3d day at the next term of said (Joint, to be holden on the 7th day of December. A. D. 1891, at the Court House in Algonti aforesaid, has been ilxed for proving said Win : and at — o'clock — M. of the diiy above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear in said Court, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument; should not bf probated and allowed as and for the last Wil and Testament of waiil deceased. Dated, Algona. Iowa, November 2nd, A. D 1891. A. A. BKUJ.SON, 5- r Clerk of District Court. Setchell & Setchell Millinery and Fancy Goods, Ladies* and Childrens Furnishing Goods, Toilet Articles. Staple and Fancy Yarns, Yarns, Press X4a$ns, Trim* mings, ,*'L * J, K. Pill- & MERCHANT TAILORS. CALL STREET. ALGONA, IOWA. Fall and Winter Suitings at Bargain Prices. It is nothing new for the GRANGE - STORE To offer you the BEST VALUE^eLEAST UdONEY But this season they are making exceptionally Low Prices on Men's Women's and Children's Underwear and Which you will appreciate if you care to investigate. Better Wool Hose for twenty-five cents than you have bought for that money in the last twenty- five years. The Grange Store. GROCERIES CROCKERY FRESH FRUITS GLASSWARE FLOUR Sell all of the above and sell cheap. SOME BARGAINS IN CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE. FARM LOANS. We can now maUe loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying tbe whole- loan or any part thereof in even 9100 at any time when Interest fuS- due. Tliis is Iowa Money, and no second 'mortgage 01 coupons we taken. This plan of making a loan will enable tfil borrower to «>' duce his mortgage at any time and save the Interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or addresS. H. H03UE, Algona, Iowa, *•*•— A - ggju. »• H - «?£&.«. * c - *«"*?»#> FIRST NATIONAL BANK, *• c - M. Z. GROVE. JOHN GROVE LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE Best of Morses and C Wetf OlT&QrtutfU*! Qg^,

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