The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1891
Page 6
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hoti tnts By FERGUS W, HUME CHAPTER V. dABLBTON UNBOSOMS „„„„. «i. —" Villa was on unpretentious looklnir jplftce with one bow window and a narrow ««m!!n a , fr0nt> ItTO «*"mmnded with tt small garden and a few sparse flowers in it So ^ Habloton1 s delight. VVhen (kerchief round her bead and'wont^^nto the garden where she dug and watered hS (flowers nnti they all gave up nttomptinV to alon Sl l \ eerdes P emtlo » at "ot being left • ouc M as ©ngajred ui hor f/ivorito oo CUpation about n. week after bop lodger hod 'disappeared, a shadow fell across the and on looking np she saw a man over the fence, looking nt her _Jf e . wnsn . burl y looking man, with a jovial ed face, clean shaved, and sharp, shrewd Joolnng gray eyes-which kept twinkling like two stars. ^He was dressed in a suit of light with a massive gold chain stretched , it. ^together he gavo Mrs. Hableton the Impression of being a well to do trades man, and she '•-"- • "U.ULS He tooks the rooms, said 'e'd stay with me tto six months, an' paid a week's rent in ad< vanco, an' > e allays paid up reg'lar lltte a re . upectabie man, tho' 1 don't believe In \sm myself. He said 'e'd lots of friends, an' used to go out every night." "Who \vere his friends?" "That I can't tell you, for'o were very n' when 'e went out of doors I never whore 'e went, which is jest like 'em{ for they sos they're goin' to work, 'an finds 'em in tho beershop. Mr. Whyte fne e was a-goin' to marry a heiress 'e wo | t 'Ah |» interjected Mr. Gorby, sapi'ently. J<j aa only one friend as I ever saw—a Mr. Mproland— who corned 'ere with 'im an 1 was allays with 'im-brother like.» 'What like is this Mr. MorelandJ" Good lookin' enough," said Mr. Hable- ton sourly, -but'is 'abite weren't as good « is tace-'ondaom is as 'andsoui ' ™aggUOAH. ALGQKA.^, WEDN£SDAY , OCTOBER ^ ^ 'ftM «M>» wUU .—. ^ _ ,_ " ' ~~ T****™***?""".''" 111 """ 11 ' I H imirnrt-n- i • - u M SAVS HIS FPUENDS HIM TO DO SO. he knows anything about thlfl la Mr' ?f lltt ? red10or bytohlnwel£ "VVTiero aloud dmld to bo foullfl? " be askod "Not knowin', cun't tell," retorted tho landlady;'"bused to bo 'ere re^'lar huf I ain't «*», >i m for ovcr Q ^,5^ lar> buti * But Spotiltlng of Win Jle somo Change* In Mon^'cio"^!* Thla *„«, Wovtu Notll , B _ A pew B qnetto tttchlngg. tCopj-right, 1801, by Edgar W. N ye j NEW YORK, October.-Recently I went ,to the London theater for an aftern? 01 ,of pure nnd innocent delight. The I don theater is not so English ns I h«r1 (parted to find it from its name It J iAinenoan theater where one can « H Ev nskod He do, an' he don't," answered Mrs. Hablo- i so I s'poao'o's got the'papei^sS puU him n^S/S^'^" anVf^r I r- hl ' t a'ean^to*^ trod M* from ^ " 6 n f nOU(1 ° f >hn ' J ' ou ca » te » li om me 'e's a brute, an' its no mo: 1 expected of 'im, 'e l.-eiu' a rnalo." in* tir «i: "I M s &t le f I— Morp!;V,7i r" ° UUU ' U " K0 t0 soe thl « J»r. SSo iST£r ob8ble "•'" - 1 «^ b is,ri;±r"i^s^ »ITi u°' most] y ' avin> called at night" r.i, 0 , - rjl como down this eveninK on chance of seeing him," replied the detecfiva ^'^Z^nSa!!^^ SMSK'JSKS- 1 ^ Nc ^ s "About two weeks ngo , or three, I'm not was very tall, and wore alight Why to; coat." "Ahl a morning coat?" "No; 'o was in evenin' dress, nnd light coat over it, an' a soft 'nt." w-oro a sss^tsr-S^s^ room and heard their voices git angry, a^d they wore a-su-earin' at one another, which *• tho way with men ' tho brutes. Igot up and went into tho passage In order to Mk'em not to make such a noise, when Mr Whvte's door opens, on'the gentleman in the T^. •uuujgo 10 DB „„„„„ Consolidated exona ADVisen I i 0 " fc . of *°w« m «» may drop in ADVISED shuck their business suits and asa the evening dress, then after the dinner f still sufficiently lucid, they may swan back and go home. There have been, of course, small placea of this kind before but this is to be arranged on a larger and broader plan than ever before known, ami a competent person will preside at all hours. A great improvement in men's apparel this year will consist of the coat shirt, which is open the entire length in front and so therefore saves that terrible wear ami tear of the soul caused by climbnig hand over hand np the dark interior of a hot and freshly ironed shirt. Let those whose lot has been a more pleasant ami accessible one speak sneerin-ly Money will be plenty this winter among weirto do people/it la said,.and ehould they fear a temporary stringency the remedy is easy, for they will only have to skip A dividend or two, a prac' tloe which Is becoming tfiore and more popular among our foremo'st financiers. 4ku_ *^ paper, - —fj of St. Louis —•",„ finely illustrated 1 and a beautiful water-color I li n t^j*f,1^^ rt _ ^. * . **** — r* "• » wn v* M M\>UJ4L1 igfor the parlor, stamps to Send ten ST. Louis C es ln P. S.—In full evening toilets much good taste, etc., will be shown. Every dnyseos somo now book, but wo hnvo icon recently not one of such gcnum! interest to "io fnrmer ns that published l>y "JONES np B NGHAMTON," at Blnghnmton, N. Y, Si itlou Facts about Scales," and #lvos costs !mnf ltS A &C ''/ X ? (1 l9 SGnt frco fls an advertlsc- aont. A postal card will got it. A TALK ON and . f f 1 shirt to- r at the neck, and no man is ever Sh? this> r he driffcs fM *£ farther away from that direct and "He do, an' he don't." "ft The stranger waited placidly durlti" the outburst and Mrs. Hableton, having stopped •for want of breath, he interposed quietly- i( ( an I speak to you for a f ew momonts?' i-i' ***** Then ho bangs tho door to, which it never ut easy since, an' I ain't got no money to "Did he mako any remark to you?" c No, except ho'd been worried by a loono- "Mell, really," say tho othe j , at the cloud ess blue sky, nnd E - ; U:! • i- ; Iv ' !•'' 30 ] \l. t "• t (.j . " «••*» ^/v^tv^u JlitUUKI it is rather hot, y ou know, and" Mrs. Habletou did not give him a°er..' walki ngto the gate, opeusd •and walk in," sho said, • "" 1U S done so, sho led tho v> U y room u-l b T 6 ' and , lntoo ""a", "oat sitting loom, which seemed to overflow with anti jparassars, ,vor>l mats nnd was flowers. There ^L nlS ° ^ *?"' ° f emu ° SKS on tho mantel- .mece, a cutlass on tho wall, and a grimy > of hard looking little books, set in a stiff too unpleasant to tempt any one thorn, Tho furniture was of horse- everything was hard and shiny, so the stranger sat down in the slippery looking armchair that Mrs. Habloton pushed toward him ho could not help thinking it had •been stuffed with stones, it felt so cold and hard. The lady herself sat opposite o hTm n another hard chair, and, having taken the handkerchiof off her head, folded it ca:t i""^ laid it on her lap, and then _nt at hor unexpected visitor '-Now, then," she said, letting her mouth ..^u~~^T" hat was the Danger's name?" That I can't tell you, as Mr. Whyte never old mo. He was very tall, with a fan- mus^ tacho, an' dressed as I told you." Mr. Gorby was satisfied, "That is tho man," he said to himself, hew^erS^^rd^ ^^ ton?IuriouSr iUk ° f '"" ^ Mra - Hable ii r j.1 • i .. • i T> woman at the bottom of this crime!» er ° ** * (To he Continued.) dll be "What do you keep that club for?" asked the visitor in a small western newspaper office. "Couldn't ruu the paper without it " was the reply. "That's the editorial stuff. -Washington Star. STUDYING A PLAY. Friends of mine told me to so there and study the mechanism of a"£ayE that when I write another border drama I con see how to put the border on without puckering the drama. I can never be thankful enough that I did so. I put m the entn-e afternoon otudying the con- Btrucbonofaplaythathas been thrilling the Bowery for a long time In this play u m;l id with a feather fluster is seen at the beginning of the first act dusting the parlor and trying to think of her piece. This is well done and dramatically accurate. The ulot now proceeds to unfold itself. In the second act a villain appears with pink- whiskers made for a smaller man He moves about the stage to melancholy music. J The piece all the way through is so dramatically accurate that I could go out for an hour and know exactly where they would be when I came back But 1 went there mostly to see Eva Hamilton. I wanted to see how she would succeed ns an actress. J thought if she acquitted herself nicely I could write a play for her next year. But she did not andT 7 -' W0re yachtin » clotli es devoid of emotion ns that °of "jolS L. bullivan, and her statements were as devoid of sympathetic effect as those made The coat shirt is not open in the back, but otherwise of course is, to the casua observer, similar to the shirt in common use except that it may be put on without the usual affidavits. . The chesfc protector worn in tho evening over the shirt front, with evenTg dress, is growing iu favor along with the lung pad, the liver pad and the footpad. Those who cannot afford tho gorgeous satin chest covering, which costs from wo to ten dollars, will find ., cheap and pleasing substitute in the Sundav paper. OUUUHJ. Somo put the street vest on underneath the shirt on cold evenings This gives to tho thin and narrow chested of wealth a better figure also and wish- FRANK BROTHERS are selling Ladies will have different clothes this year throughout. A great deal of mauve is to be worn this year, also green and O h n ft n _ ft 1 _ ^_ browns and will chestnut. ""' on tbo table and on- aul a detective. I . - o «. j_,u u 4 JJS into his hat, placed it swered deliberately: "My name is G-orby. want Mr. Oliver Why'to. ln»«? n ^w. h f e '" s , aid Mrs - Hableton, thinking that AV hyto had got into trouble and was going to ha arrested "I know that," answered Mr. Gorby "Then whoro is "of" ,, of his words: "He is dead." Mrs Habloton got quite palo, and pushed " p e ,"?. e . was murdered in a hansom cab on the ot. .Ujldaroad." ton? 1 tb ° ° Pe " Streot? " 8h ««w!red, in a startled "Yes, in tho open street " 'ad'a^Cto'?'" sho said at length, "I 'ave «.ir,n T ,)• i "o'° a " m y life which it came aJong ot a bad husband, who was a brute and a drunkard, so, God knows, I ain't got much inducement to think well of the lot of vou •hut-murder," sho shivered slightly, though then -com was quito warm, "I didn't think of "In connection with whom?" i-iedf'"' Wl 'yte, of cotu-so,"she answered hur- "And who else?" "I don't know." "Then there is nobody elser "Well, 1 don't know—I'm not sure," The dotectivo was puzzled. "What do you mean?" lie asked "I vvill tell you all 1 know," said Mrs. "an 1 if 'e's iuuocout, God a ? Uon and l lerfect re "There is one thing Hike about a woman," he said, us they were strolling in the starlight. "What is Unit?" she asked. "An arm," he said, as he slid his around her waist.—New York Press. PnSi» Can "?V lfford lo ^~ eceive you. Con dence is begotten by honesty. De Wits Little Early Risers are piils that will cure constipation and sick headache very their Some weak kneed husbands with large wives are not able to hold own.—Galveston News. ,1 ? e i Wi "' S Sarsaparilla cleanses the m & 1EUC1 ; eases ^ "PPetite and tones ip the system. It hns benefited i "If who is innocentr 'TL tellt /? U ever J-thin' from the start » "' > "Job would have made a great doctor ' "Why 1 /" "He never lost his patients."—Truth. Mr. Gorby assented, and she be^an"It's only two months a ff o since I decide to take in lodgers; but chorin's 'urd work and sewin's tryiu'for the eyes. 80, bein'a lone woman, 'avin' been badly treated by a brute, who is now dead, which 1 was allay ,a good wife to 'im, I thought lodgers 'ud >elp -me a little, so A put a notice in the paper, an \Ml\ Oliver Whyte took tho rooms two months (ago." "What was he likeF " Not very tall, dark face, no whiskers nor mustache, an' quite the gentleman," "Anything peculiar about him?" i Mrs. Hablotou thought for a moment i Well," she said at length, "be 'ad a mole JM^bte left temple, but it was covered with „ " The ver ^ "««»." said Gorby to himself-, "I'm oo the right path." "Mr. Whyte «aid 'e 'ad Ju*t oomo trom ' west on the woman. Ctafby, anteed by F. W. Dingley. & Bid you ever notice how idiotic the smile of a pretty girl is-when it is directed toward some one else?-Bin" hamton Republican. ° People with impure blood may be said to, not live. Life is robbed of half its joys when the blood is loaded with impurities and disease. Correct this con reliable^' 1111 DeWltt ' 8 Sars »P^illa, H is Go home, little Eva. Go back to your old life whatever it may be. Do not attempt to be emotional when an east side audience frightens you and your linea "ght out hke a scared -j ack rabwt at ^ early dawn. It is high time you called a, nalt. Oro not to the quiet grave of that deluded man whose name you are pasting on the deadwalls in order to get new clothes and bait the old deadfall for new victims. I am glad the press united on this wretched woman, this evil angel of a soft hearted man whose life was ruined by her. Such women also hurt the stage. They bnng the blush of shame to the face of the profession and do much to discourage a young dramatist like myself from writing the great American play Let ns change the subject. Men's clothes this fall i n New Turk will present more bright colors than heretofore, and the cherry, scarlet, crimson and other bright shades for scarfs mainly m satin, are very noticeable i write these items regarding men's apparel because very many friends sort of look to me as authority each season and expect mo to famish tips on etiquette and clothing, aa I am constantly in touch with the highest and best authority. Four-in-hands now are no longer the only scarf that is tied by the proprietor. There are two or three of them which require a, steady nerve, a Christian spirit and an outside income. It is no longer de rigger to part the coat tails and arrange them in the lap on sitting down. It has been tabooed because it gives the impression that one is too thoughtful of his clothing, and economy and etiquette do not harmonize (Moves will run Jn various shades of tan and black and tan; also the color of the Colorado and Colorado Claro cigar A navy blue cheviot suit with «, tail colored glove makes a very pretty contrast. The cheviot in dark blue and black will be very popular every shade of Soft and fuzzy effects will be sought after considerably. A nice warm bin- net, direct from Paris, is made of a neat little bluejay's breast with satin string which tie under the chin. A very fascinating bonnet for street wear during the more bitter cold weather will consist of a mauve rosette with inuskrat skin ear tabs. For skating and Christmas merrymaking a dainty little beetle with narrow velvet strings makes a cozy and very-healthful hut for cold evenings under the wintry sky. Guipiu-e and Venetian laces will be used to keep Jack Frost out of the other- .wise exposed chest of society ^Suede hats will also be worn this win The Bedford will be the popular chord among musical people, it is said. Shoulder capes will be more brief this year than usual so as to show the figure Those who have abandoned the corset sh vwl Wear thS Palsley ° r Bay Sfcate A neat little eight inch shoulder cape a wide belt and a kilt skirt will make a very tidy costume when surmounted bv a neat little two-for-a-quarter hat of some bright shade. A very nice riding habit consists of skirt and bodice of appropriate material and trousers with a broad gold braid down the side of the limb. These are neatly tucked into the boot tops and are said to be extremely comfortable. Corsets will be worn by those who prefer them, and there will be no fuss made over the fact. More independence will be shown this year than usual, both among the women and the men in the matter of dress. This is a hopeful sign. 1 he newspaper paragraphs- has done much I believe, to kill off the extremist and the toady. Comfort will be the firsf thing to consider. * Pants at $2, Never Rip; Stylish Cut; Easy Fitting. ^. jj. vuvy . fifty cents. If they you one dollar, or ' ONE-PRICE CLOTHIERS. to call at my store when in need of Pay You Stoves, Tinware and Hardware. We will give you a Written —tee with all those Gel' Kiverside Stoves and — -atf3aSgffi&«. Call and see us before you buy OUR PRICES WILL SUIT YOU. And we have The Largest Stock in the County MERCHANT TAILORS. CALL STREET. ALGONA, IOWA. Jim-You say that parade of 200 men was two hours passing a given point? Impossible—what point was it? Tom-Casey's saloon.—Buffalo Enquirer. Colic. Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all kindred complaints arc dangerous if a lowed to run any length of time So it is .the duty of all parents to keep a med mm* nn h an d at all t j mes that will SSt - r —...« ana permanent cure. Beecs' Diarrhoea.Balsam is guaranteed to do DJngley ^^rranted by F. W. Baces at latlepciuleuce, Iowa. On account of the races at Independence the Chicago & North-Western Bail- way Company will, from October 19ta to list, inclusive, sell excursion tickets to Independence aod return at very low rates. For tickets and further W ipn apply ^ ~ *4j.c*nau i,u L\Ji ut? 11} tO JtclVOr the old fashioned vest, made of all kinds ot brocaded, Drilled and startling designs, but quiet people who desire to lead different lives will adhere to the vest made of the same material as the sun. Let those who are leading double lives, and trying to keep the wolf awa v from two or more different doors, wear the honeycomb vest, the accordion plaited vest, tho corrugated vest, the bro- paded and th» birdseye maple, gros grain knd other fortissimo designs, but the father of a family will not try it Full dress will be worn this winter in New York after 0 o'clock and until daylight on the following morning. It will also be worn on the following day bv men from Staten Island and Brooklyn ^vho have missed the night boat. Nothing can look sadder than the man from perth Amboy who Is coming home at *~ i ? * d , ress 8ait whl cl» bu^ little Chocolate ectoire down the front/tore! mna him of the annual dinwerlf the who has bee «r e ^r*' * 4*»IS5? THE UMBRELLA FIEND Table etiquette will continue to be in favor among those who can afford it. The souvenir spoon will hold its place for the winter, perhaps, but not longer, ihose who retain their faculties will not go very largely into the purchase of spoons that are so heavily embossed and oxydazedia the bowl that they injure the teeth and inflame the mouth The true gentlemen who remain seated m the street car while elderly ladies cling to the roof and stand up in the aisle, will continue to ostensibly slumber or read the paper and thus endear themselves to the public. The man with the wet umbrella who eats onions and then seeks to conceal the fact by the use of stimulants, Will eWl continue to frequent crowded cars and rest his elbows on the bosom of the meek merchant from the country Broadway will have cable cars mn- mng in November, and it is to be hoped that the first few trains will be made of wrought woo with a cowcatcher *n front tridge of dynamite, so that tbf fiend who ha» l^en to the habit of drSng ffl BT tWO OP thraa «U*M T -^T-jTZ Mjuid_Winter Suitings at Bargain Prices. It is nothing new for the To offer you the BEST VALUE^tneLEAST MONEY But this season they are making exceptionally Low Prices on Men's Women's and Children's Underwear and Hosiery, Which you will appreciate if you care to investigata Better Wool Hose for twenty-five cents have bought for that money in the last *» **»K»V ire.

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