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STXDAT SKPTKMDKR 1911 -the srxpw coruiKB axd muss evajcsviij ivmaka rlGE TWELVE-V- 60 Per Cent Of GOP Voters Back Foreign Policy Of FDR vl Ingredients has been what tbs Republicans think the men and women oho will ultimately name many of ibeir party's nominees To see how rank-and-file Republicans across tne United Blstes stand today on tne question of Ad' ministration foreign policy the Americnn Institn'e of Public Opinion has gone to these men and women themselves They have been Interviewed In some 200 communities from cosat to so SC' lected as to give an accurate composite picture of Republican rank' and-flle sentiment today And the results of the Institute's experiment Indicate at the present time at a majority of Republicans believe their party should support llna the administration has been taking The Institute put the following question to persons who voted Republican In the last presidential election In each of the 4S states: Should the Republican party support the administrations foreign policy or oppose it?" Sixty per cent of the Republican voter Interviewed said party should aupport it" The remainder to administration policy or undecided The Republican Tele The results of the test in per-rentacesL are: ration Favoring OppesHon Undecided An a further test of sentiment the Institute sskud voters "why they felt as thy did about thta issue The rt suits showed a widespread aoceptance of the ohJectivea of administration foreign policy plus the frequent comment that the two parties should work together" where resign policy and defense are concerned Among Republicans on the other side of the queetttn the most frequent comments were that administration la leading us toward war and the Republicans should do everything to stop it" and that "we need a check on this administration" A of Today" It la Important to remember that the sentiments of Republican voters here are baaed on the general trend of administration foreign pollry to date They obviously do not represent a blank check" from the rank-and-file of the COP for any and all steps which the administration might conceivably take la the future But In this connection It la Interesting te note that a recent Institute survey fouad approximately half of the Republicans Interviewed saving Sir Roosevelt had moved right" with regard to Iks war thus tar with an addl-t tonal group of 17 per rent saying he had not gone "hr enough" The remaining third thought the President bad gone far" If Primary Flu hi Develop! Mach ran happn between now and the spring of 143 te prevent these anticipated rlaahea ever foreign policy in the Republican primaries Events In Europe as well as In Washington may completely alter ths picture in the meantime Obviously the present Institute survey is not a forecast of how such primary contests would Urn out Indeed should primary contests develop In either party around the Issue of foreign polity next year interpreters of national sentiment will hava particularly delicate task la short after tarh primaries ths question will he Candidate successful because of his stand on foreign or because of his stand on ten other Isaacs plus his personality experience and eo forth?" A good many cases of confusion hava resulted lit A me leal history from attempting to read tha will of ths people la regards soma specific issue merely by examining the total vole cast for tha successful candidate Except In ran rases of official referenda the voters cast their haltota for "a with a whole complex of personal fartora and "local laauea" Intermingled GEORGE GAM IP Ptntm tfttfkii InalHul 0 1 PhMm (Miloa lApmiki mi kr tMHtn iiutitt Pufclie OplMM All rlshu mn HaAHctlMi MrKtljr pietHhiWS Uk niiui mm at Um MPjrMH PRINCETON Sept 7 Wendell Winkle's announcement ki will work for (ho nomination and election of Republican who hare backed the Roocevelt admlniatration'n foreign policy-in the nationwide ronteeu which btfin next hae brought Into the open one of the eharpeet dilem-maa now facing the GOP Ihoald the Republican party aupport administration foreign policy or oppose Since the GOP contains many Individuals who hare been critical of those foreign policies some political observers ait bracing themselves for a series of party showdowns peihaps as dramatic as the so-called primaries la 1936 Bat in all the speculation GOP tactic a thus far the missing From the A Aisle Department (shawa above) Iss as maay of he effldal stale meal of far-rearhlig American foreign policy decisions Rnt muuj uf these dcclslona nrn made In tha first place by tha President und Unngres A big question taring the Republlcuu Party today In whether the GOP should aupport or oppose the re seat admlalstratloa's foreign pollry What raak-aad-fila Republican think Is shann In fke result of nallos-wlde fort-flndlag study by tha Gallap Fall (right) Favoring Sapped of admlnis- British Bombings Seen As Set Off New Catholic Clash With Nazis in Ger TVM kr Him Bail? SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE Sep 37 The twin Catholic Church ence again hat collided beadca wnh the (Hitler Elite Guardi and the Gestapo In the ceefticx which may develop into a abewiowm la the mrh It mast Immediately be emphasised that the dispute Involves no church pronounce meat on Nad policy or the war with Russia mad England bnt is confined exclntivrly to internal nZairn It kat the moat far-reaching implications By Eleanor Roosevelt graph of my brother In ths period when my aunts nicknamed him "the He Is dressed In little black velvet suit not old onough yet for manly trousers 1 so ho might almost bo mistaken for girl which must hsvs Irritated him greatly when ho grew older Ho has curls and a little round tare with solemn and yet faintly amused expression It might bo ons of Mlchel-Angelo's little angels looking down from an old Italian painting Times chsngo No photographer would pose little boy of throe In such way todsy and yet the picture has charm I set tracing the resemblance of tho baby features to those of tho grown man who looked ont st me from another picture hanging In its (rams on my sitting room wall Shortly his friends will par their lest tribute st the services hers and then bin daughter Mrs Edward Elliott and his son Henry Roosevelt will go with ns tonight to Tivoli whero be will bo placed In the vault beslda our father and mother Ufa will go on and I hops ths sun will shine and I know that ho would want all of us to remembsr but to remember happily I am most grateful not only to his many friends who hsvs expressed their sympathy and affection for my brother but also to the many peoplo who have sent me messages because they hod sustained some and wished to express their sympathy to ms personally MY WASIHNGTON Sept This Is very difficult column to write Tha-timo thnt one goes through between death and tho final laying to rest of any human being Is for the peoplo who era deeply 1 concerned a period when one feels almost suspended in space Ufa must go on Tho thtaRS that hsvs to be dona must bo dons Tbs jobs and ths interests which arc shoved aside temporarily must not be com- Momnt pletely neglected because some day very soon they must be taken up again Yet always in ths background is ths thought that out of life forever has gone somebody who Is vital sctlva factor and who never again wUI bo present except in memory Lust night when I was searching for soma writing paper in tha clooet back of my desk I stumbled on box filled with old cameras and photographs put aside years ego with soma old letters There was letter from my father to my grandmother at very sad period of his life few letters written to me which 1 had kept bemuse they expressed soma sentiment that I wished to preserve Among them was photo- to ranking members of the Nasi regime Including Hitler Only Dr Haas Helnrlrk Lammers head of tho reirh chancellery replied eaylng merely that tho protest had beea referred to the "competent Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himmler Tho Bishop retimed to Dr Lammera a full report on Gestapo and activities Insisting that they bo called to account His first sermon on July IS likewise dealt with Gestapo persecutions and mentioned the dread secret police by lame Its directness astounded listeners Attack In Letter The bishop noted tho targe part ths church hud played in the historical development of German? and accused Himmler's organisations of disrupting the national community (tho volksgemeln-ochaftun) Bishop Galea drew heavily from tha so-called fuldaer or pastoral letter dated one week earlier In which the German bishops without specific referexre to ths Nails had said that forces la the rek-h era agala attacking tha church They had hoped said the letter "that the "crusade" against Russia would mean a respite for Gennsa churches but "with great sorrow" they had found this to be untrue The Issues Isvolved said tha letter Included tha very existenca of the chuich Kendras Tames the tatter continued book ban been prepared la hundreds of thousands of eoplea which expresses tha opinion that we Germans today must elect between Christ and ths German vrolk With flaming indignation ws German Catholics deny that any such choice Is necessary ha said had relatives on ths Russian front fighting to preservo tho nation he asked "Is our national community?" These sermons were mimeographed in thousands and circulated throughout tho entlro relch according to reports Many hava been-sent In tha army post to soldiers at ths front where they have been widely rend They hnvo created sensation unlike any similar occurrence within tha relch In years Ths bishop's stand was supported by a second pastoral letter which in more moderate and general language without names or references to tha Nasis or Germany condemned unauthorised killings of Invalids and tho insane lader Haase Arrest The church so far appears to bold the temporary advantage Persecutions of church institutions are reported to have been halted early In August Galen was st first officially urged to travel "for his health" preferably outside tho relch He replied that hla health was good and that ha required no vacation )Is Is now said to bo under house arrest though otherwlsa unharmed to the amasement of parishioners In the rest of Germany This coincides with tha new report that Dr Marita Nlemoeller Is no longer in eolltary confine- meat -at Sachsenhausen but has been traneferred to Daobau where he shares three cells with two Catholic priests giving him the opportunity for tho first time In four years to speak to others except during rare visits of his wife Muenster an ancient Hanieatlc city has long been the scene of religious turmoil Bishop Galen's forebears played an active role Blehop Benhard Von Galea seised the city forcibly In 166L Wa lav our Germsi people and nerve them if accessary to death But at tha asms lima wa live and die for Christ and will remain bound to him novr and for nil Bishop Galen's second sermon July 17 la reported to have been a beautifully worded powerful elaboration on a similar theme again mentioning names which few clergymen previously had dared "M's Christians" said Galen "are the anvil tha others sre ths hammer and tha anvil never yet gave out first" Hits Ran Spot HI third sermon on Aug opened on of tha sorest spots In Internal German affairs tha killing of the Insane hopelessly and crippled This practice which first became known In tho relch years ago apparently has no legal foundation beyond tha theories of tho moat extreme party elements and has at least tha tacit approval of Hitler Bishop Galen cited the law agalnat murder and the statute making guilty any persona knowing in advance of a crime and foiling to report to tho authorities Reciting tha number of persons taken away "the day before yesterday" In Westphalia the bishop said In effect: am now reporting to tho competent authorities that these people hava bean taken away with Intent to dispoae of them I am Jointly guilty If I fall la this duty" Bee Declare Feared Bishop Galen said ths victims wars determined by Irresponsible groups a practice which might lead to untold excesses Ha argued that tha German people would soon distrust their own doctors a weapon which might bo used to wipe out wholo elements of tho population Moat of the victims Continued persecution of charch fnstltaiioot form the hnchgronad Convents monasteries asd skhotvs have been closed and their membership scattered sad restrictions have been placed ea religtana festivals The charch for a long time attest Is now striking back The leader is Cornu Ten Galen bishop of Moenerer and lepiefeniarive of an eld aristocratic Wedpksliaa family Whether the movement sterna from Joint derision of German chnrrh leaders of the Individual determination of the Bishop to accept martyrdom to unknown It is believed hardly poeslble that la acting without the sanction of his superiors RKtery And Bemhe An historical arc ideal contributed te make Vaenster the comer of the outbreak During tka Thirty Tears' Wtr tha city was threatened with destnyrtion by fire bnt saved by a fortuitous wind Tha anniversary celebrated aannally with solemn religious festival was banned this year That right British bombers agala fired tha city The devout saw this as divina punishment for fall- are to observe ths rites Bishop Galea subsequently preached three powerful sermon sad addressed personal protests LETTERS TO THE EDITORS at Stroute9 1 ing af tha saxophone which made tha torture complete Now and then tha nolaa would stop and with a sigh wa would try to go to sleep but alas and alack we found they had only stopped to get their "second Then they were off on another "heat" louder and longer than before The party finally broke up at 4:30 Saturday morning with many good-byes etc-etc A etc The Bible says "Love thy but how can you lovs them when they have no respect for any one but themselves Then's tn old saying that "It takes all kinds of peoplo to maka up ths world tad tbtnk God wsV got 'em" Respectfully A NEIGHBOR AGAINST PROHIBITION Ts tha HUar at The Frau: I have Just read your editorial captioned "Nothing by Force' Tho time splendid contentions you us against nasism fascism and communism should by all meant be used against our hideous and tyrannical which td our wny of thinking Is st contemptible and ridiculous In a free country as any of tho above foreign "Isms" A country that punishes thousand of Its citlxens by prohibiting whole or In part or on any day of tha week tn any placa under the Start and Stripes beer wine or liquor to get even with one or law violator la not much more Intelligent than a Nasi shooting a whole flock of French Jews or Scandinavians because one Nail Is surreptitiously mads hors dt combat Surely it wnu never la the minds of our forefathers when launching the "land of the free and home of tha to hold the docent temperate people of that land as hostages for tho Crimea of -the weak and criminal Down with the monstrosity prohibit Ins wherever found In the United States Roberts Singers To Meel At Benton Today BENTON II) Sept The Franklin County Singing convention will meet at the First Methodist church of Benton Sunday at 1:30 pm Chief among those participating In ths program will be the Colp chorue a group of twenty Negro voice under the direction of Professor Paul Jones of tho village of Colp near Benton Other single and grown numbers will appear also 8 Cardwell Is president Thomas Will I frail Kingsbury Plant BROADWAY (Os tinned from Preceding Page) editor of Home Journal It was called Bab's Babble Boh got into eradicate basineas by sell-tag Henry Ward Beecher's sermons to papers King Features prints a total of IIOOOOCO comic and magi tine sections for newspapers ench week Back in 105 ths editor of ths Pittsbnrgh Press observing ths rapid circntatioa growth of ths Hearvt newspapers asked if be could bay some of the Hearst feature for The Press That was tha beginning of what la now King Features biggest of tho syndicates Joseph Connolly whoss colleagues are celebrating his 10th anniversary as head of King Features International News Service Inter national News Photos and Central Press sad who personally oversees the production of news features and pictures appearing la dailies and mors thousands s( weeklies started his career as a police court reporter and is still a whla at writing and transcribing shorthand Mark Twain gained his first fame whea his "Jumping Frog" story was reprinted from tha New York Press by hundreds of papers Tbs first newspaper comic atrip was the Katxen jammer Kids which I still running Rudolph Block got tha idea from child-pictures of the European artist Wilhelm Busch Four different artists have draws tha strip during Its 50-year history The Yellow Kid first colored comic which begot the phrase "Yellow Journalism" was drawn for a while by George Luka celebrated Americas painter whose works hang In many galleries Art by Percy (Sklppy) Crosby Walt Disney and Jimmy (Rock Mason) Swlnnerton also hangs In famous galleries Tbs late King George Is said to have got laughs front Otto Boglow's Ths Little King cartoons The first coale strips ran Sunday only then or three times a week Ural national dally strip was The Family Upstairs by Geo Herrlman The forerunner of Flash Gordon Brick Bradford Prince Valiant Barney Baxter and all tha other adventure strips was Hairbreadth Harry by Kahlea Tha historic slogan "Remember the Maine" originated In a syndicated cartoon by Berryman CapL James lurence didn't say "Don't give tho It was Invented by a newspaper reporter Tha first popular serial writers were Horatio Alger Jr and Mary Jane Holmes developed by the Bun And believe It or not tha CD-year-old "lna by Miss Holmes last year topped sales of "For Whom the Bell and Roberts' "Olhrar Ths longest novel In history Is Adels (real name Mrs Martin White I story iif ms couple's married life called "Pitfalls of It hes appeared In newspapers every week-dey sines DU more than 6 750000 New Speaker (Ceatlnnrd frana Page One) materials at tha Arts Museum the Stamp Collectors exhibit at Central Library and tha Courier and Press annual Photographic Salon at the Arts Museum all free to tho public Noted Lecturer Jan Struther author of "Mrs Miniver" will lecture on the Woman's Institute program at 10:30 em Monday' OcL I at Theater There will ha a nominal charge for tho lecture Another free event will he Rene 0018800 lecture In tha McCurdy Hotel Rosa Room at 3 Tuesday sponsored by tho American Association of University Women Dussaq noted Argentine Interpreter will present a "South View of South comparing the pioneer days of North and South Americas tracing the history of tho two continents and their Joint problems as magnified by the war today Topping tho free attraction for Wednesday will be Colette (Colette McIntyre) and her Esquire Fashion Show sponsored by the Slnawlk Club Thta will be presented at 10:30 a nt Theater Colette Is a champion of ths theory that a person's clothes should reflect their own Individuality Her own special mode of dress has be-comed famed throughout America for smartness Seldom hava Tri-Stale women had the opportunity to hear such an eminent physician as Dr Thurman Rice who will present a free lecture at 3 Wednesday Oct 8 at Hotel Vendome His appearance during the Trl-Stata Fall Festival Is being sponsored by the Vanderburgh County Parent Teacher 1 Association and tho Evansville PTA Anther Of Many Seeks Dr Rice heads ths Bureau of Health and Physical Education of tho Indiana Btata Board of Health Is editor of tho State Board of Health monthly publication and head of tho Department of Bacteriology Included In his many published book are: "The Conquest of and "Public In his appearance In Evansville he will discuss health problems confronting nchool children today At Thursday OcL I Muriel King noted Hollywood and New York City dress designer will present a lecture and model gowna nt Memorial Coliseum Her lecture is sponsored by the Junior Service League of Evansville And Dr George Crane psych ologlst in to present a lecture ay 8:15 Thursday nt ths Coliseum Ha Is being sponsored by the Department of Psychology Evansville College The famous news commentator Bosk Carter will give a free lecture at 10:30 a Friday at Loew's Theater Sponsored By Lragns Discussing tha political economic and war problems that' face the nation Mr Carter will offer hie sol nt Inn In the country's Ills Mr Carter's address Is sponsored For Festival by ths League of Women Voters Tri-Stats women have been eager to accept the Invitation to attend the complimentary luncheon tor Minnie Fisher Cunningham Fri day Oct 10 st SL John's Parish Halt Invitations coupons which have beea published dally In ths Courier ars being sent to tho newspapers office In targs numbers Because of the seating capacity of the hall ft will be necessary to limit ths Invitations to 600 Both In her present position with the AAA and during six months when she was to tho consumer division of ths National Defense Commission Mrs Cunningham has been working to mobilise urban and rural leaders In united effort for defense She has affected a better understanding between city and farm groups In ths Interest of nattonaj unity through her work Sponsored by tha Woman's Rotary Club Ilka Chess stags end screen star will give an Informal talk at 10:30 a' Saturday Oct 11 st the Coliseum Her talk will be free to tho public In organising tha vast setup for handling various Fall Festival attractions the following patronesses have been named for the Heirloom Show at the Evansville Mrs William Field Mrs Sidney Butterfield Mrs Paul Schmitt Mrs Edwin Knrges Mrs Herman Baker Mrs Milton Brandon Hradernen Ky Mrs Farmer Mrs Lambert' Mrs Courtner Hardy Mrs Will Ism Elliott Mrs Charles Powell Mrs Ewing Galloway farm! III Mrs Fannie Moffllt Mrs McAllister ML UernirL 1IL Mrs James Wstson XL Verson Ind Mrs Charles Johnson Robert Keck Nergsnfleld Ky Mrs Waller Jr Mrs Lilly Mr Allen Mason Owensboro Ky Mrs Charles Field Mrs Helen Cox Newburgh Ind Mrs A Carson Capital Stock Tax Deadline Extended Will Smith 8 collector of Internal revenue for the district of Indians yesterday advised that treasury decision had been received stating ths period within which the capital stock tax return may be filed without assertion of penalties for delinquency had been extended to October 36 Taxpayers who have already filed returns for this year will not bo required to file amended returns unless they desire to change declared value The tax has been Increased from $110 to $135 for oech $1000 declared value Notices covering the additional tax will he mailed to nil those taxpayers who hnvo already filed their return plosives to defend America The 8 Department of Agriculture should establish or leas many canning factories for next summer's use contract with farmers to grow tomatoes In tha territory and can them for use in America for Its armed forces and for usa of Britain and Russia' Tha 8 Department of Agriculture should contract with reliable men to produce poultry and eggs on Just about ths asms scale as they are for other defense needs DYER FOR TOWNSEND PLAN TO the Editor at tha Csuriar sad Praia The Senate Committee Investigating sentiment of the people regarding pensions for tha aged report that their finding Is that tho aged should be supported and fixed tha amount graduating up to $30 per month effective January 1944 Townseadites taka credit for thus far cryatallslng aged pension sentiment but Insiet that la entirely Inadequate In a land able to pension retired Supreme Court Judgeu 920000 per year or nearly 160 per day sorely its aged should receive more per month than some one else receives In half a day Further the Townsend organisation serves notice ft will fight for adequate pensions with no let-up The richest encouragement for (he Townnendltes Is found In tho results of ths recent Gallup poll to the effect that a great majority of citizens not only advocate adequate pensions for tha aged but favor reducing the age from 65 to 60 Townsend prestige Is further enhanced by the report of General Electric made In July which declared that a minimum Income of 11500 per year per family Is necessary In maintain ths Industrial plants of the nation after the emergency This la two and half tlmea the minimum advocated by the Townsend group Tho foregoing three findings Is sure to have a powerful effect on Congress A recent attempt to amend the newly enacted revenue hill was defeated oppoeltlon holding that such a measure must originate In tha House The Senate originates no revenue measures Twenty slate legislatures many city governments and uncounted talior organisations hava endorsed the Townsend Recovery Plan and urged Its enactment Into law Many who are now Indifferent will come flocking to Its support when they realise ft is on ths way to victory THOMAS RIGGS WTTI) parties Tt Kdltor of ih CotT'tr: Wild parties are getting to he quite common out In the new east end of town bnt the on we had Friday night 8epL 19th In the 3100 block on liellemeadf avenue heads the list This party lasted all alght Tha loud talking and laugh tag was bad enough but ths piano player promptly proceeded to pound poorly played pieces por I AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION Tm the gditar ths Courier end Pish Newspapers say the 8 Department of Agriculture la urging increased production of tomatoes poultry products dairy products and soma vegetables by farmers and tenant farmers for defense needs at home and for England Quits likely Russia will be calling for food next year as they are losing muck of their food production territory Has tho 8 Department of Agriculture made any effort to seenre funds for farmers who may need them to change to or Increase their production of food Items needed for defense and for England? The 8 should main money available as loans to those desirous of growing tomatoes poultry dairy products etc whether they ran give only crop loans or other security Food Is needed the same as ex words of end a lot of plthlla Syndicated fashion columns began with "Jenny In 1157 It was written hy a man Con trary to legend a woman originated and has always written ths "aid to tha column Beatrice Tha originator still writing It Is Mrs Marls Gasch of Washington who was given the Idea by Brisbane Car) Anderson creator of "Henry" scored his success as a comic strip artist when past 70 Newspapers hava published more pictures of tho Dlonno Quintuplets thss of any other children ever born Billy DeBeck's Barney Google strip has provided Tin Pan Alley with themes for five popular tongs Originally editors hesitated to put women characters la comic strips fearing women readers would taka offense Clift Polly and Her Pals Introduced the first pretty girt character In a dally cartoon Most widely read Illustrated feature of all time Is Ripley's Helleva It or Not with i dally circulation of 19712000 In 22 yean no newspaper has cancelled It An other feature newspapers never cancel la crosawprd pussies which Arthur Wynne Invented for the New York World They are now published In every country In the world The most popular newspaper serial ever published was Chickls It appeared first In the Ban Francisco Call Bulletin with Eleanors Meherla writing each chapter the day before ft was published She know it would end until he rearhed the laal chapter Tea years after ft was syndicated It was revived by many newspapers and gained more circulation the second time than the first How do yon lose an anvil? The first paid ad In an American newspaper the Boston News-Letter was shout two lost anvils! When Benjamin Harris launched the first 8 newspaper Public Occurrences In Boston he announced It would be "furnished once a month for If any Glut of Occurrences happen IN A MICKEY-FREEMAN suit you're a marked man! Yet fn fins Vanguard suit customized by Hicltey-Freeman you're branded with ths mark of tucceu Those superb garments have a way of proclaiming to tho world that here's a man to respect Too you'll feel relaxed in a Hickay-Freeman Thousands of expertly placed haud-slilchrt give you matchless eae-of-action You Ihow that tha smart master-mpulded lines of your suit are there to stay You reflect this assurance in tha form of heightened poise added confidence $65 Othera $60 to $7250 And they're exclusive with Strouse's in Evansville WASHINGTON Sept (AP) war department announced todsy ft had designated Major Edward Thomas Washington as the commanding officer of mnstlna the privsrr nf the popn- the nriimmc plant near tacs Accompanied by ths screech-1 Urortc Ind effective OcL Of tJ Pat OH.

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