The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1891
Page 3
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THE BANCROFT NEWS. •T. A.. E^RffiCH, Editor. BANCROFT, IOWA, OCT. 28, 1891. Chicago & North-Western B'y. Noimr Mixed 0 11am way freight—jl -Mum passenger 4 08pm SOUTH Mixed 5 07pm way freight....R ifouti 2 05pm CHURCH DIRECTORY. B ANCIIOFT VHKS1IYTKHIAN OHtfROIT. liolfls services in the school house, tinndny School nt 3 ]>. in.. prencliliiK service at 4 p.m., prayer meeting Thursday evening. Kverybody invited. UKV. U. WiU.TAMS, Pastor. DANCllOFT BWrcniSH MJTHEKAJf CHUHOH, IJ nieWlMH morning and evening one Sunday in each month and two evening iiieellng.s In ii month. Sunday School at 12 m. each Sunday, Ladle's Aid Society meets every other Friday. UKV. A. ELPSTHO.W, Pastor. MKTiionisT OHHiicn, Preaching ser- vica at Warner school house at do o'clock a.m.. at Uancruft school house at 2 p. in. and at Bratland school house at 8 p. m. ; all of these services on the snine .Sabbath every two weeks. UKV. CIIAS. NOLTE, Pastor. PIBHT IUVXIST oiivnon, of Bancroft, preach - r Ing service each Sunday at 10 :30 a. m. and 8p.m., Sunday School at 12 m.. Lords supper the llrst Sunday in each month at 1 p. m., prayer meeting Thursday evening, Loyalists meet on Tuesday evening, Covenant meeting the last I'rlday evening in each month, choir practice Saturday evening. Everybody Invited, strangers especially welcome. UKV. L. A. 'CUMMINS. Pastor. Earl Stephens was in town on Monday last. John Scott of Emmetsburg was in town last Friday. Foot-ball is all the rage with the schoolboys at present. J. W. Henry of Algona had business in Bancroft last Friday. G. F. Ilolloway of Bancroft was at Lu Verne last Saturday. Col. Spencer sind Mrs. Spencer were in Bancroft last Sabbath. M. L. Clarke was up from Algona last Monday on business. F. IT. Vesper and wife of Algona were in town last Saturday. The I. O. G. T. initiated two new B ANCIIOFT M. ic. cnuKCH, preaching service each Sunday at 10 :30 a. m. and 8 p. m,. class meeting preceding each service at ringing of second hell, Sunday School at 12 in., Epworth League on Tuesday evening, prayer meeting Thursday evening, choir rehearsal Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Socletv meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial Invitation is extended to all to attend these services. KKV, A. W. LUCK, Pastor. S T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CMUHCH. regular services : Instruction from in to 10 :3(> a. in., high mass and sermon from 10.-30 to 12, Holy mass each morning in the week at 7 a m.,Mar- ried Ladle's Society meets the first Sunday o£ every month after the sermon. Young Ladle's Society meets the second Sunday of every month after the sermon, Young Men's Society meets the third Sunday of every month after the sermon. Everybody is invited to attend these services. FATHER A. J. SciutsiMEr,, Pastor. PICKED UI' IN THIS STREET. School will be oat in two weeks. Dr. G. T. West was up from. Algona last Saturday. Walter Smith, of Portland, was in Bancroft last Saturday. Miss Eva Whitney visited with friends in Bancroft last Saturday. Mrs. S. Mayne visited friends in Algona several days last week. M. A. Turner returned from his Wisconsin trip last Saturday. W. S. Tuny of. Mt. Auburn, Iowa, is clerking in. Mallory & Hofius' store. Mr. Hotolling of Whittemore has erected a new hay office near his barn. Carl Adolf son commenced clerking in Johnson Bros, last Monday morning. B. M. Richmond is putting in a sidewalk west of Mallory & Hofius' store. Joseph Thompson and W. F. Hofius, of Union township, were in town last Saturday. Mrs. Sjogren of Algona but formerly of this place visited in town last Thursday. Mrs. B. F. Wickwire visited her daughter Mrs. Graham of Burt several days last week. The oyster supper given by the M. E. Ladies' Aid society last Wednesday brought them $17.25. B. F. Crose is able to be up a little while at a time, but is still unable to resume work in the shop. Dr. Busby received a telegram from relatives in Webster City telling him to come home last Saturday. C. A. Smith, of Chicago, is here visiting with, his uncle, Ben Smith, the great hog feeder of Ramsay. Mrs. Hal Pettibone and Mrs. David Wilson came up from Renwick last Saturday to make a visit here. Miss Eftle Cunningham of Buffalo Forks visited with Mrs. H. Austin and other friends several days last week. All Boies seemed to think of was whisky, judging from the length of time he devoted to that subject in his speech. West Wilson was in Lu Verne one day last week looking for feeding cattle. He went from that place to Emmetsburg, 3, B. Streater returned from the members last Saturday night. The foundation has been laid for the new house of G. V. Davis, Jr. J. Burcheding of Bellevue was in town on business last Monday. J. X. Brown of Blue Earth City was in Bancroft on business last week. C. V. Christopher of Ramsay moved to Mt.Auburn, Iowa, last Wednesday. Miss Adda Davison is vis;ting the family of T. F. Cruse of Ramsay at present. It only took Allison twenty-five minutes to answer Boies' If hour talk on whisky. Hiram Schulta of Grundy county is in these parts looking after his landed interests. A. Hutchison and W. C. Danson,the Algona land men, were in town last Saturday. Miss Mamie Scully of Seneca returned from her Wisconsin visit last Saturday. Price Cunningham moved into his new home in South Bancroft last Thursday. Wm. Ringsdorf was very low several clays last week and was not expected to live but is better now. The Misses Fish and Miss Gazelle Alcorn of Seneca were in town over Sunday visiting with friends. Chairman Doxsee of the Republican County Central Committee was on Bancroft's streets last Monday. Mrs. G. F. Barslou of Britt returned home last Saturday and was accompanied as for as Algona by Annie Barslou. B. F. Grose's new house is enclosed, it will be 24x22 with a wing 9x12. This will make a fine residence in a good location. People are manifesting their interest in the Bancroft schools by visiting them, which should become a more universal practice. Matt Xemmers shot last Friday night that jack rabbit weighed 23 J. It. Canham of Fenton wants a teacher for his school. D. A. Haggard was up this way crying sales again last week. Mrs. S. J. O'Neal of Burt visited in Bancroft last Monday. Rev. L. A. Cummins preached at Cascade, Iowa, last Sabbath. Marsh Stephens was up this way looking after his election tickets last Monday. A. J. Carlisle of Whittemore will teach the John Larson school in Harrison township the coming winter. _ The Phoenix House people are helping along the building boom by putting on a laundry room on the rear end of the main building. Henry O. Wilson and Mrs. Jessie Moore nee Leslie were married at the M. E. parsonage last night by Rev. Luce. Congratulations. J. J. Kelly is on deck this week with an ad. in the NEWS. Mr. Kelly seems to be doing a good business and if he continues advertising will do well. W.A. Chipman, republican candidate lor treasurer, was down to see the boys and feel of the political pulse last Friday. He was well pleased with the situation in the south end.—Lu Verne News. Mr. Chipman's political fences seem to be in good repair up this way. The following is a report, of the Bancroft public schools for the month ending October 23, 1891: Room 1, Mayme L. Kennedy, teacher. Enrollment 40, average number belonging, 40; average attendance, 38; cases of tardiness, 6; per cent, of attendance, 96; per cent, of punctuality, 99; number of pupil not tardy nor absent, 25. Room 2, Abbie Vinton, teacher. Enrollment, 42; average number belonging, 40; average attendance, 35; cases of tardiness, 25; per cent, of attendance, 88; per cent, of punctuality, 98; number of pupils not tardy or absent, 8. Room 3, Lutie J. Wallace, teacher. Enrollment, 31; average number belonging, 29; average attendance, 27; cases of tardiness, 20; per cent, of attendance, 92; per cent, of punctuality, 98; number of pupils not tardy or absent, 9. Room 4, Nellie Salisbury, teacher. Enrollment, 48; average number belonging, 43; average attendance, 39; cases of tardiness, 35; per cent, of attendance, 91.5; per cent, of punctuality, 97.7; number of pupils not tardy or absent, 14. Total enrollment for the month 161; total average attendance, 140; total cases of tardiness, 8G. A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. ,.«,,. ' C1 ' y S!llcs '" any part of the county. 2C jeais experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. BUSINESS LOCALS. Iowa Baptist state convention last Saturday, and reports a successful meeting and a good time. The ladies of the M. E. church will give a bazaar one week from today, when a large number of useful and fancy articles will be sold. Sam Campbell was up from Wright county to look after his landed interests last Saturday and spent Sunday at the booming city of Ledyard. J. G. Graham is attending to business in these hot political times which fact is proved by his receiving a car load of La Belle wagons last week. Mrs. Hoeck, west of town, died, one day last week and was buried io the Banctoft cemetery last Thursday, »Bev. Luce officiating. We did learn the nature of the disease. '' B, Duncan, of Canada, will occupy P*. Busby's old quarters and will rua a toi>cla4s tailor shop. He will un- pounds. This is the largest reported so far in these parts. John H. Cartton, a banker of Iowa Falls, has been visiting with A.B.Kuss and F. B. Ward during the past week and attending to business also. Miss Flora Wilson and W. W. Wilson went to Goldfield one day last week to visit their father who had been taken sick while visiting at that place. We tried to get a list of the names of those attending the Allison rally from this place, but found that the number was so large that it was impossible so to do. Dr. Busby has moved into his fine new quarters hi the rear of the State Bank building. This makes a very pleasant and cheerful place for an office. The alleys and back streets of this town are in such a condition with rubbish and hay that should a (ire start, Bancroft would be wiped from the face of the earth. The Good Templars will give a union temperance meeting at the'M, E. church next Sunday evening, when the members of the lodge will appear in regalia and occupy reserved seats. Good speakers have been provided and it is hoped that a good attendance will be had. The I. O. G. T. literary program for next Saturday night is as follows: Music, Alice Johnson; debate, Resolved, That it is not in accordance with Scripture for women to vote, affirmative, Jas. V. Coleman and J. A. Freeh, negative, George S. Bliss and Henry W. Smith. Borne Woodworth and J. E. Paul went out bunting a couple of days lately and shot ducks to the number of 52. There were five different kinds of ducks besides 28 prairie chickens and a pair of jack rabbits. Bancroft nim- rodscau bag the game if Algona's sportsmen do hit the bulls eye every time in politics. Nick Sholtes and Christ Godfreyson of Bamsay, have a, law suit betoro Squire Henry Memfl«id today, wherein Nick Suites is the plaintiff acd claim^ NOTICE. The merchants of the town of Bancroft will take notice to keep their places of business closed on Sunday according to the ordinance passed by the town Council. WM. MOSSON. Cjty Marshal. STRAYED. From the A. Casler place south ot town one red and white spotted steer calf Leave information with C. Casler If you want to hire a livery rig, Kinne «te Pearson have just the outfit for vou Call on them. J ' Look Here! C. E. Mallory has plenty of old com for sale. * WANTED—Energetic young man to manage branch office. Salary $900 per year. Must furnish good references a«d invest $375 in business. Address 6 428 Rarage Building, Omaha, Neb. BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en argecl at reasonable prices. T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary + Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. ,«,i,|n.|n, sicl< mul lamc lo '- es, so iji ing them alonp;. Charges reasonable. u(A A A A lR B I Bl II § U/jLlVV\/ ™ J Oan be made I" G months sellln f? Timison's Jltlas- CB> Churt » a««l Wall Maps. Particulars free, .,,: H. C TDNISOH, Chicago, Ills. LEGAL BLANKS o FOR SALE o At EEFQBLIOAN OFFICE A man who Las practiced medicine tor 40 years, ought to know salt from sugar: read what he .says: TOLEDO, 0., Jan. 10,1887. Messrs. F. J. Cheney & Co.—Gentle men:—I have been in the general practice of medicine for most 40 years, and would say that in all my practice and experience have never seen a preparation that I could perscribe with as much confidence of success as I can Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by you. Have pre scribed it a great many times mid its ef feet is wonderful, and "would say in con elusion that I have yet to find a case of Catarrh that I would not cure, if they would take it according to directions. Yours Truly, L. L. GOHSUCII, M. D. w .„ Office 215, Summit St. VYe will give $100 for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured with Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken internally F. J. CHENEY & Co., Props., Toledo 0. ES^Sold by Druggists, 75c. 51—54. HE NEW WEBSTER New Book from Cover to Cover. FULLY ABREAST OF THE TIMES. WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY A GRAND INVESTMENT For the Family, the School or the library. The Authentic Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, comprising the if »M of 1864, '79 and 'S^still copy, a'igntocl) nas been thoroughly revised and enlarged, and an a distinguish-, "mg title, bears the name of Webster's International Dictionary. The -work of revision occupied over ten years, more than a hundred editorial laborers having been employed, and over $300,000 expended before the first copy was printed. SOLD BY ALL BOOKSELLERS. A Pamphlet of specimen pages, illustrations, testimonials, eto., sent freo by tfio publishers. Caution is needed in purchasing n dictionary, as photographs reprints of an obs.^to mid comparatively worthless edition of Webster are being marketed under various names and often bv misrepresentation. f mu GET THE BEST, The Internationa^, which bears the imjirint of G. & C. MERRIAM 6, CO., PUBLISHERS, SPRINGFIELD, Mass., U. S, A. GALLION BROS. ,1 3 I Done anywhere In the County At m M Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of Water Or no Pay. F. A. KENYON BANCROFT, IOWA. F.A. BRONSON —Dealer tii- Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS. Undertaking a Specialty. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. I -Agent for Callanan & Savery i Call on him and get prices and terms. He can suit you in the selection of both wild and improved lands. S. W. Callanan, Bancroft, Iowa. Livery, Feed and Sale Phoenix and G. F. HOLLOWAY. If you want the "News" in every sense of the word, about Bancroft, and want a County paper that is the best, get the REPUBLICAN AND NEWS together for the price of one County paper. Don't forget that we do Job Work, advertising, get out fine stationery etc. etc. Call on J. A. FRECH. tit NORTHERN IOWA NORMAL SCHOOL. Nine «owp«|ent instructors. Normal, Business and College Preparatory cowsee. Students »W find classes in any study desired, wnether taking renter couwe or mot, ,«

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