The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1891
Page 8
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8 THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1891. THE COUNTY NEWS. llepovted by Special Correspondents. U HK RftPUnLtcAN publishes more outside , tieWsfroin the country and surrounding towns than all the six other papers published In Kos- fcttth County combined. For the Bancroft NKWS see page o. . :— All correspondence for the HEPt<m,ioAN should reach this ofilce not Inter than Tuesday evening. tills In mind. Please bear Hon. Geo, Yan Houten, WESLEY,'OCT. 27, At 3 P. M. Everybody turn out and hear the Ec- publicau Candidate for Lieut.-Gov. \VIIITTKI\IOBE. being rapidly pushed on the WESLEY. Mrs. Lawson went to Chicago Thursday to consult an occulist. Miss Stella Miller, of Minnesota, Is visiting her grandfather, Mr. Meyers. The lecture on China Friday evening and was well attended and well received. G. A. Prink and other young men have rented the rooms over the Alliance store, formerly occupied by F. M. Butts'family. Mr. Wm. Carty, who went to Missouri a few years ago, has returned fully convinced that Iowa is the state most desirable for a home. Mr, nnd Mrs. Tobin mourn the loss of their infant daughter. The little one.who had been very ill for several days, died last Friday and was buried Sunday after appropriate services in the Catholic cemetery in Algona. The Wesley band are making extensive preparations for a fair to be given early next month the proceeds to he used in buying new instruments.Wesley is proud of her band and the fair will undoubtedly be well patronized. Mr. Suyder met with an accident Monday afternoon. While mowing awav hay in Kuntz's hay barn, his son accidently ran a pitchfork into his hand. For a time hiss melodious voice was heard far and near in loud lamentations. It is thought the wound will not prove very serious. Wesley, October 20. v We would call attention to liiernct that we are located here permanently, for tho manufacture and sale of cemetery work In Mnrble, uranlto and Stone. We now have and intend to keep In stock si fail' lino of finished Monuments, Headstones, etc., and will guarantee all work to be equal to Hie ln<st. We are the only manufacturer* of cemetery work In Kossuth Co. Therefore.ploiisc jjlve UN u call before placing your order nnd IK- convinced that bv lair mid honorable dealing, wo iirti worthy vou'r patronage. ALGONA MARBLE WORKS, SHELLEY & HALL, Proprietors, Eiist Slate St.. Aigona, Iowa. Work is parsounge. Mrs. John Murich lias been entertaining a young lady friend. Norman has his cage completed. It is time to get the bird now. •John Spiller is building a fine looking residence in the south part of town, The Baptist church is up and enclosed. It is going to be a neat little building. Miss Wright, of West Bend, visiled Miss May Hotelling Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Henry C4oelch has a new clerk, a young lady whose name we have not learned. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ehlers have moved into the Louse formerly owned by Grandma Wln'telioni, C. C. Samson purchased a fine three year old colt and two small colts at N. Newman's sale last week. Thomson and Donvieller's store presents quite a citified appearance. The boys seem to have about all they can do. Mrs. S. M. Scott has been up to Ledyard visiting her daughter, Mrs. Will Freeman. Mrs. Freeman has a young son, born Oct. !). Whiltemore would present a much better appearance to strangers and to everyone else if the merchants will close their places of business on Sunday. It is well Whittemore has a good supply of carpenter?, and then we have to have workmen from other towns to get the buildings that arc commenced done before cold weather. S. Booth has sold his stock of drugs and rented his store building to a Des Moines party. He is going to erect a new store building for himself just east of the old oue, in which he will put a complete stock of groceries. There was a wonderful two pound in fant on exhibition in an emigrant wagon on our streets last Monday. The bahy was certainly a very diminutive specimen of humanity. Our teachers had their schools photographed oue day last week. We don't know whether the pictures will be for sale or not. If they are, probably everybody will want one except parties living near the school house, who may see and hear enough of the children without wishing to perpetuate their memory. Mrs. V. C. Thomas received the sad intelligence Saturday evening that her mother, who resided in Wisconsin was dead. Mrs. Thomas took Sunday evening's train for thet place hut on reaching Mason City found there was no Monday morning train on which she could continue her journey, and as she could not reach home until after her mother was buried, she returned to Whittemore Monday morning. The circumstances of her mother's death were particularly sad, she having been gored by a vicious bull that was being driven through town and becoming unmanageable attacked people on the sidewalk. She was so badly injured that death ensued in a few days. Mrs. Thomas has the sympathy of the people of Whittemore in her sad bereavement. FliNTON. Ed Kinney visited at the Tibbits' Sunday. J. L. Bluut was in Algoua part of the •week ou the jury. D. A. Buell was ill Fenton yesterday to till his place at the creamery meeting. Mr. Tatnliu, Miss Myrtle Tibbits, Lew Tibbits and Miss Hill went to Sioux City to the Com Palace last Tuesday. E. S. Lindsey threshed last Thursday and his giaiu was in such bad shape that he was obliged to spread it on the roof of his barn to dry. Miss Addie Moore was given a surprise party Saturday evening by her many friends, it being the occasion of her 27th birthday. A goon time was had by all. Mr. and Mrs. W. Palmer went over in Palo Alto county Sunday to visit Mr. Palmer's brother, who has recently been and moved there from Kansas. A Farm and Stock Paper FREE To Every Subscriber of THE RE We are pleased to announce that we have made arrangements with the publishers of The Western Plowman whereby we can give that excellent Stock, Farm,and Household Journal FREE to every subscriber of THE REPUBLICAN upon conditions named below. The arrangement is Fora Limited Time Only! »j And will be offered by no other paper iu Kossutk county, o all who pay all arrearages and one year in advance from the date of payment we will give The Western Plowman Free lor one year. o nil new subscribers who pay one year in advance from date of payment we will give Tho Western Plowman Free for one year. a-1 whose subscription is paid a part of the year in advance who will pay enough to make it a whole year in advance, will give The Western Plowman Free lor one year. The Western Plowman is a 90 column Stock and Earm paper and is chuck full of practical, valuable information for the farmer and stock raiser. Come iu and subscribe now; pet your friends to come with you and get, the best paper published'in Kossuth county and an excellent farm paper with it. I3ST O3STOES. The Phenomenal Success Achieved by this Firm is to IJB attributed to; 1st—The utmost care that is given in selecting and buying none but the best of materials. 3d—The best of workmanship in all their branches. 3d—By the combination and practical use of the most important improvements made. In this manner we effect the most obtainable result in regard to quality and durability. Our instruments have a rich volume of tone, pure and of long sustaining, singing quality. Our cases are double veneered inside and outside, thus avoiding the checking and warping. Our key-bottoms are framed together like a door, and therefore Abound to keep straight. Our patent music rack is the plainest and yet most serviceable in existence Our patent fall board is a novelty arid of the most practical usefulness. The patent repeating action is highly appreciated by expert players, as well as by scholars. The patent tuning-pin fastening, only used in our pianos, is the most important improvement ever invented; the tuning pin being inserted only in the full iron frame thus lessening the liability of stretching and loosing of the springs, so commonly found in pianos with wooden wrest planks. We challenge the world that our piano will stand longer in tune than any other made iu the ordinary way. Special prices to introduce these pianos where we have no agent. Good agents wanted. Direct all correspondence to J. LISTER, Box 38. GLIDDEN, IOWA, Supt. of Iowa agencies. CHANGE: OF R A COLLEGE EDUCATION FREE My young friend, do you want an education? We will give away two grand educational prizes between now and the holidays. One is a full scholarship, in any single course in any college, academy or seminary of your own selection in the west. The other is a full scholarship in any western commercial school. Either of these prizes is within your reach without the investment of a dollar. Do YOU WANT IT? If so, do not wait a minute to write us. It is the chance of your lifetime to secure a free education. WESTERN PUfiWMflH. MQliae, 111, IOWA REPUBLICAN PtATtfORM. Adopted at Cedar Rapids July 1.1301 The Republican party of Iowa, in ftotj. vention assembled, gives renewed expression of devotion to the principles of the national Republican party, and declares) acceptance of those principles to be fciie bond of union with the Republican party of Iowa. Wo commend tbe patriotic, wise and courageous administration of President Harrison. We commend the Republican party in the last congress for its redemption of pledges made to the people as to a revision of the tariff in the interest of home industry, and for its work in behalf of liberal provision for pensions for the old soldiers, in accordance with the pledges f .\t the nation. We approve the coinage act, by which the entire product of the silver mines of Mie United States is added to the currency of tho people, and out of which experiment may come a wise adjustment of financial questions liberal towards west- irn interests. We commend most heartily the policy that has been inaugurated looking to reciprocal trade relations with other'peoples of the American continent, and the administrative efforts now making for the enlargement of foreiga markets tor American beef and pork. We assert that the Republican party stands of record in every state of this Union iu favor of elections based upon the freedom of the individual conscience of the citizen, and that the Republican party may be trusted in Iowa or in any state, to promote any plan qf reform, Australian or other, caTcttTated to extend this liberty and to further protect the purity of the ballot. While inviting to our shores the worthy poor find oppressed of all nations, we earnestly commend laws that protect our country anil our people against the influx of the vicious and criminal classes of foreign nations and the importation of laborers under contract to compete with our citizens; and earnestly approve the rigid enforcement of these taws nuci of such further legislation as may be acces- sary. We favor such legislation as will impose upon all classes of property, corporate and individual, equally the burdens of taxation. We favor the passage of the Conger lard bill; state legislation tending to promote farmers' institutes and • enlarging the powers of the dairy commissioner. We regard the world's Columbian exposition as an important event in the world's history, and we are in hearty sympathy with every effort to make it a success; and in the friendly rivalry of states we should make a creditable exhibit of Iowa's products. And we favor a liberal appropriation by the next general assembly for this purpose, "that our prosperity and greatness may be fully exemplified." We take pride in the record of this state; we recognize that its growth and E ower, its prosperity and its good name, ave been the fruits of its industrial people, and we believe in such policies, state and national, as will promote justice and wider opportunity among these classes. To their support, iu the future as in the past, we pledge our most intelligent judgment ana most sincere endeavor. We point to the record of the state under Republican administration for justification in the declaration that we favor economy and honesty in the administration of public affairs; to that record, also, lor judgment that the Republican party has kept faith with the people in the obligations of the past, and upon that record the Republican party invites continued support and confidence. ' ' We have no apologies to offer to the people, nor to the Democratic party, for the Republican record on the conspicuous issue in the state campaign this year. "lu the interests of true temperance," and under the laws of Iowa, enacted by the representatives of its sovereign people, the saloon was made an outlaw in this state, we charge that the outlaw has had the patronage, counsel and protection of the Demoerutie party; that the Democratic party, as it has won power., has nullified the law, defied the authority of the state and the expressed will of the people, and that now appeal is made to the electors of the whole state for approval of the lawless work. We recognize that the issue is law against defiance of law, subordination against insubordination—the state of Iowa . against the Democratic party. We recog- nise that the issue is between "the interests of true temperance" and the freedom and rule of indiscriminate traffic. We renew our allegiance to the people of Iowa, and submit to them the determination of the issue, recognizing that the control of the next legislature by the Democratic party means state-wide license, and that thetioutrol of the next legislature by the Republican party means a continuance of opposition to the behests of the saloon power, through the maintenance and enforcement of the law. We denounce the Democratic party of Iowa as insincere in its dealings with the saloon issue. We charge that party with service to the saloon and purpose to strengthen its grasp upon the homes and politics of the state. We cite in proof of this its surrender this year of the local option feature of the plank of 18S9, under which last year pretense of indorsement by tho state was made, and to which pledge was given in petition for legislative authority. We charge that this abandonment of local qptioa is the forerunner of further premeditated betrayal, and that trust in the Democratic party will end in complete breaking down of the temperance legislation of the state, and a complete turning over of the state, in every township thereof, to the pollution and fester of the saloon, against whatever protest of communities now free. We protest against the re-election of Horace Boies to the governorship of Iowa. We charge that in his unwise and ambitious xeal to cultivate the favor of alleged "new allies in the northwest," and upon that strength to commend himself to the favoring graces of Grover Cleveland, that he did most outrageously misrepresent the honest, industrious, frugal and prosperous people of Iowa in his Reform club banquet speech in the city of New York on the 23d of December last. We denounce as purposely misleading the alleged statistic! with which the governor assumed to sustain the indictment against the state which had dignified his name. We denounce the Otturnwa platform of this year as framed with deli Derate purpose to mislead and deceive, wherein sympathy is expressed whore none is felt; wherein help is proposed where none is rendered: i wherein purposes are avowed which are not entertained. In support of this indictment we point to the pretended friendship for tbe soldiers, and to tho arraignment at tho same time of the Republican party for having appropriated money for the paymentoi pensions; to the "tree silver" plank, intended to deceive tbe supporters of "free and unlimited coinage of silver;" to the plank assuming to "affirm the doctrine at control and regulation of railroads," a policy implanted upon the state under the administration of the last Republican governor, against the opposition, secret and open, of the Democratic party, extending to an alliance with corporate power iu the nrst election of railroad commissioners under the laws iu 1888. We denounce the Democratic party of Iowa for misrepresentations in its platform and before tbe people, of the McKinley bill, charging that it seeks to mislead the people through reiteration of untruths as to the effect of that bilt and in all ways to wori upon tb* prejudices of the uninformed. We arraign the Democratic party for opposition to ballot reform in the «outb, while yet making pretense of ballot reform in lP wa ,< Where tbe undisputed right to cast a free bar lot and to have It honestly coonted goes '*• every precinct of the state unchallenged. We arraign tho Democratic party as tbe enemy of labor, scbemi&g to break down tbe defense of protective laws, to block the wheels of home industry, and to degrade tbe masses of the people-a party controlled by aristocratic «nd reactioaary tendencies, the legacy of ilia very- The Republican party of Iowa appeals itelUgecee and to the integrity of tbe 1 Burt Republican. tt. 33. MALt-OClC, EJditof. BURT, IOWA, OCTOBER 21,1891. Oats 19 @.20 Eggs 16 Cattle $8.00 Wheat 05@.75 Flax ;..$ .70 Corn 40 Butter ,...15@.18 Hogs 4.10 Barley 30 Hay 4.00 REPUBLICAN RALLY I —AT BURT— Wednesday, October 28 , -At 2 P. M.— HOW, GEO, VAN HOUTEN (Republican Candidate for Lieut.-Gov.) Will speak on the campaign issues. Everybody come out. ... ------ , ...... .... ' t iJUBT HOME K13WS. A, A, Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office at the BURT HOTEL. J. B. CORK, Heal Estate Agt. BUKT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. FALL GOODS. We announce the arrival of a new stock of Fall Millinery, including Hats, Feathers, Velvets, Trimmings, etc. Come and see us. ALLEN & WOLCOTT. Business is good in our city. Van Houten one week from today. Still it is good corn weather— for husking. New sorghum and new syrup at the Cash Store. W. II. Wilder has moved his house onto his own lot. B. V. Daniels has his new house nearly completed. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wilson mourn the loss of their infant child. Will Hart of Algona is helping A. C. Cady on the new store building. Cady and Ilallock have' their store building up and nearly enclosed. Miss Abbie Goodwin was expected home from her Nebraska visit yesterday. Geo. E. Marble has masons at work on the cellar walls for his new double store. There is another building going up on Norton avenue — that of Elmer Hodgson's. Willis Ilallock and wife are visiting in our city. They will leave for the Pacific coast ere long. Alf oSTafus lias his new house completed. He has put up a good large house and its a nice one, too. Come to town next Wednesday at two o'clock and hear Hon. Geo. Van Houten on the issues of the day.. Jno. Kerr's residence is now completed and Mr. Kerr has a good, comfortable and good-looking house. The youngest boy of W. A. Chipman is quite sick with quinsy, which keeps Mr. Chipman very close at home these days. Wm. Schaffer has an advertisement in this week's issue in which he tells the people he wants them to settle their accounts if in debt to him. W. M. Cook has moved some of his furniture into Cady & Hallock's store, where you will find him hereafter. Mr. Cook will [occupy the whole room as soon as Cady & Ilallock vacate. The ladies of the M. E. church will give a pie tin social at Mr. Paine's new hay barn this week Friday evening. The barn has a good floor, is 40x60, and if the ladies only have plenty of pie on the pie tins we'll have a jolly time. Dr. A. A. Beane and family arrived in our lively llittle town Saturday, and is now ready for business. Dr. Beane has quarters at the Burt Hotel, where he may now be-!found. He has a card in this issue. Dr. Beane has come to ( l by all- In the a few weeks he will occupy Closin g Out We have decided to close out tire stock of our en- BOOTS M SHOES And handle more And shall sell at- C Until they are all gone. Come in and., see us and we will save you money. They are bound to go quick and "first, come first served." Cady & Ha Hock. Burt has a Furniture Store. Buy your furniture of W. M. Cook. E2PA good stock and reasonable prices, GEO. E. MARBLE Still runs a AT BURT. Fresh Groceries always on hand and a good assortment of General Merchandise. We are course" of the Daniel's house. TAKE NOTICE. All persons indebted to me on account will please call and settle. If the time I have allowed you has been an accommodation please accommodate me now with the cash. 3-tf G. B. WHITNEY. Fulifof New Goods. We need Room and we need Money. If you are in need of DRESS GOODS, FLANNELS, BLANKETS, UNDERWEAR, CLOTHING or HOOTS and SHOES. Call on us and we can suit you in goods and prices. Truly Yours. NICHOLSON & BUELL. FOR SALE CHEAP—One cook stove and one heating stove. Both nearly as good as new. H. B. HALLOCK. Go to Graham's for pumps. Vinegar. Vinegar.' For a good article in Vinegar go to Cady & Hallock's. LOOK HERE! All persons knowing themselves indebted to me must call and settle either by note or cash Within 3O Days. Or my books will be turned over for collection. I must have money and mean what I say. M. SBAEFFER. When in town call on Whitney and se his new line of HEATING STOVES Remember he always has on hand a full line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware. STOP NEW HARNESS SHOP, people I have opened{up a harness shop above McDonalds hardware and will make first class harness to order. Also do all kinds of repairing. Will also keep on hand a good line of i, Blankets, Give me a call. —AT THE- BDRT HOTEL! . M, L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. mieiugecce ana to me integrity 01 w» pw»»v _. «ftbif »UteM4frow«U»go4 «fi*M»'w»l» I fi. TilSSUQDOrh. * I VI Tits support. PLOWS. When you need anything In Plows call on the new Firm of \ ,

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