The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1891
Page 3
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THE BANCROFT «T. A.. , ICditor. , IOWA, OCT. 81, 1891. Chicago & Noi-th-Western B'y NOIITII sotrrir Mixed OJiam Mixed 6 or pi way freight....)1 43am wny freight....? I5ar Passenger 4 08pm rassetiRei- 2 ospm OHUECH DIRECTORY. B ANCROFT PKESBYTF.RIAN ClltmCIl. liold services In the school house, Hnnda 1 School at 3 p. in., preaching service at 4 p.m. prayer meeting Thursday evening. Kverybody Invited. BEV. D. WILMAMS, Pastor. B ANCROFT SWEDISH TAJTHEIIAN OIUIUOH meiitinp morning and evening one Sunday In each month and two evening meetings in n month. Bunday School at 12 m. each Sunday Ladle's Aid Society meets every other Friday BKV. A. ELFSTKOM, Pastor. F REE METHODIST OHUKCH, Preaching SCI" vice nt Warner school house at 10 o'ciocl a.m., at Bancroft school house at 2 p.m. ant at Bratland school house, at 8 p. in.; all of these services on the same Habbath every two weeks OHAS. Noi/h?, Pastor. F IRST BAITIST CHURCH, of Bancroft, preach ins service each Sunday at 10 :30 a., m. and 8p.m., Sunday School at 12 in.. Lords suppe the first Sunday in eacli month at 1 p. m., pray er meeting Thursday evening, Loyalists niee on Tuesday evening, Covenant meeting the las Friday evening in each month, choir practice Saturday evening. Kverybody invited, strang ers especially welcome. REV. L, A. IOUMMINS. Pastor. B ANCROFT M. jc. cnuiioH, preaching servioD each Bunday at 10 :30 a. m. and 8 p. m, class meeting preceding each service at ringing of second boll, Sunday School at 12 in., Kp worth League on Tuesday evening, praye meeting Thursday evening, choir reliearsa Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wed nesday afternoon. A cordial invitation is ex tended to all to attend these services. KKV. A. W. LUCE, Pastor. S T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC cnuiicii, regular ser vices : Instruction from in to lo :3» a. m. high mass and sermon from 10:30 to 12. Holy inass each morning In the week at 7 a. m.,Mar- ried Ladle's .Society meets the first Sunday o pvery month after the sermon. Young Lurlle'.s Society'meets the second Sunday o£ everj month after the .sermon, Young'Men's Society meets the third Sunday of ever/ month aftoi the .sermon. Kverybody is invited to attciu these EK A. .T. SCIIJ5M.UJSL, PaStOl 1 . TICKED UP IX T1IK STIIKKT. Hurrah for Ben Heed. Go to Harpers and get your picture taken. D. A. Haggard was up this way crying sales last week. Don't fail to call on Davis Bros, i: you want any hauling done. C. II. Wunn hauled in 100 bushels of oats to a load one day last week. Carl Ostrander, of Burt, spent tlie Sabbath with his parents in Bancroft. The Knights oE Pythias have changet their night of meeting from Friday to Monday. S. D. Drake and S. S. Wartman were in town on land business during the past week. Mrs. Frank Walters is visiting with her son, Joseph Doleschal of south Swea,,,at present. The ladies of the M. E. Aid Society give an oyster supper at the new Masonic Hall tonight. The Presbyterians hold communion services' 1 next Sunday at the school house at 4 o'clock. McLaughlin & Co. have a line sign hanging in the street between theii store and the Phoenix. Miss Ethel Davison of Portland township is the guest of the family ot B. E. Davison this week. Roy Johnson was sick enough that he was unable to attend to his duties in the store several days last week. John Deim. of Seneca township, i the proud possessor of an 8 pound boy which arrived last Friday night. Mr. Grannis, of the grain firm oi Grannis & Palmer of Mankato, Minn., was here on business last Saturday. A twelve year old son of Joe llobert had the misfortune to break his log one day lust week by having a horse fall on him. J. B. Streater went to Marslmlltown today to attend the Baptist State Convention as a delegate from the Loyalist Society. Ulbt Dreesrnan of Ramsay lost a child of summer complaint last week. The community sympathises with the parents. The Good Templars Will give another Union Temperance meeting on the evening of Sunday ,November lst,at the M. E. church. Norman Anderson fell from a stage and ran a nail through his band one day last week and he has been laid up somewhat in consequence. B. Hanson, a constable of Jackson, Minn., was here looking for some mortgaged property which had been taken out of the state of Minnesota. Veterinary Ostrander'sbusiness is increasing, which fact is proved by the fact that be was called 8 miles northeast of Britt last Friday to treat a hoise. Bev. Cummins, of this place, preached at Lake City last Sabbath, and instead of the regular service at the church here on Sunday evening a song service was had. Ellis has just caught on to Hinchon's "cloak falling" gag and also that the bicycle fell on ye scribe. You bad bet? ter jread the Bancroft NEWS and keep posted ou such subjects and quit —"•-"- T|our weeks old " Ben Beed for county superintendent The dust is beginning to fly in th political arena. Teachers are nearly as scarce as hen teeth up this way. Gus Peek of Algona was n Bancrof visitor last Wednesday. The Pioneer Dray Line does its worl well. Call on Davis Bros. Mallory & Hoflu's store is resplen dent in a new coat of paint. Thos. Gannon returned from hi: Milwaukee trip last Saturday. If you want to move your household goods, give Davis Bros, a call. Marsh Stephens was in town severa hours last Saturday afternoon. Mrs. T. Holland's sale took place at the Phoenix barn last Saturday. A. Sundstrom has some genuine diamonds in stock. Go and see them. O. A. Searle returned from his visit to the Sioux City Corn Palace last week. The Misses Salisbury and Wallace spent the Sabbath at their homes in AJgona. J. I. Callanan, of Des Moines,is here visiting his cousin, S. W. Callanan, at present. C. L. Lund was in town attending to some business pertaining to cattle las Monday. John Sullivan has been suffering from a carbuncle on his cheek for } number of days. Phil Coleman has been putting np r. fence around the old Eoba residence during the week. J. S. Goodig was the auctioneer a Robert's sale last Thursday and lie seemed to know his business. Sam Mayne has had his trotting col registered in the American Trotting Association as Vera Nutwood. A number of Armstrong Grove thrashers have bought a new Rumelj thrasher which was unloaded here las- week. John G. Smith, the next representative of the 84th district, was in Bancroft visiting his many friends last Wednesday. Andrew Christainson, who has been working for Eshelbarger & Inmau went to Canton. S. D., where he wil' work at his trade as blacksmith. The Misses Mamie and Edith Davison, of- Portland, attended the youn people's party at Dr. Cutler's last Friday night. Ed. Kinne, formerly of this place but who has been working for a zinc company at Mineral Point, Wis., arrivet last week to make an extended stay in Bancroft. •• Wo have it on good authority that Geo. C. Call of Algona will present St. John's Catholic church with one of the Inest altars that can be secured. There seems to be plenty of liberal people left yet. Geo. V. Davis, Jr., has moved into his father's house where he will live until his own new house is completed He intends to begin the erection of hii new home immediately. It will be located just east of his father's resi dence. Addison Williams the little son of Rev. Williams was given a birthday party last Thursday, it being the oc casion of his third birthday. Some landsome presents were received by him from his little friends and a goot time enjoyed by all. Chas. Mallory has been the means oi securing a tailor for Bancroft. We <li< lot learn the name, but he is from Whitby, Ontario. He will pvobablj ise the oilico now occupied by Dr. Busby as a tailor shop, as Dr. Busby is soon to move into his quarters in the •ear end of the State Bank building. The programme for the literary de partment of the I. O. G. T. for next Saturday night is as follows: Song Plo and Madge Jordan; recitation Myrtle Gallion; essay, Alfred Leonard song, Lillie V. Johnson; reading, )rval Ostrander; recitation, Glenn Davison; reading, Mary Linge; music Minna Bruer; recitation, Lelu Davi ion; song, Carl Ostrander. Father Schemmel will begin his jrerman class on Monday evening,Nov. 2, at 8 p. m. All persons wishing the privilege of learning German can do so ,t this school at a very moderate price and expenditure of time.Those going to his scho.ol will be sure to learn the >ure German and will run no risk of earning a useless dialect. Father Schemmel is a German scholar of no mean repute and we believe will give verybody their money's worth. One of the most successful parties ver held in town was given by Dr. nd Mrs. Cutler at their spacious new esidence last 'Friday night. The arty was a success because all the peop*le in the vicinity seemed to e present and enjoying themselves in ames, music and also a bountiful cake and ice cream which, were loy the gpasiou. This pa^v J. H. Salldin took a vacation trip to Chicago yesterday. H. N. Renfrew expects to put on an addition to his house soon. Don't do your own hauling when Davis Bros, do it so cheap. The Masons have just bought a new 880 carpet for their new hall. W. E. Jordan and G. F. Holloway were at Algona last Saturday. Ben Haggard of Algona talked politics in Bancroft last Monday. James Christiansen's family are rejoicing over the arrival of a boy. R. M. Richmond has just got out some new signs that are beauties. T.H. Lantry was in Bancroft looking over the political situation yesterday G. W. Pangburn, of Elmore, was in Bancroft on business yesterday morning. G. W. Grose was up from Algona last Monday visiting relatives and attending to business. J. B. Carr, of Seneca, went to Goldfield last Monday to ship up some cattte from that place. Mrs. Henry Johnson and son Howard returned from their stay in Chicago last Monday night. An effort is being made to secure a special train for the Allison rally at Al gona tomorrow night. Mrs. L. A. Cummins went to Mar shalltown to attend the Baptist State Convention on Monday last. M. A. Turner is at Merinette, Wis. attending the wedding of a sister am visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. G. F. Barslow and daughter Bessie, of Britt, came over last mondaj night to make a visit with relative and friends. Prof. Anderson went; to Chicago to buy a stock of holiday goods and J.W Bhikebrougli is clerking in the store during his absence. Alex Wilson and wife are under going an affliction caused by the deatl of their only child last Wednesday. It was peculiarly a sad case because o: the short duration of the sickness which lasted only from Sunday til Wednesday. The funeral services wore conducted by Rev. Cummins at the residence last Friday morning- All will sympathize with Mr. and Mrs Wilson in this their time of trouble. We have been watching daily the improvements in the Richmond Bank block, waiting the completion thereof that we might give them a write up In this block is found the Farmers and Traders' Bank, the Bancroft Te; Company and their grocery house, G II. Woodwork's mammoth stock oi dry goods and clothing and the office of Dr. R. A. Bushy. The Farmers and Traders' Bank are at last settled in their newly arranged building in this block. They now have a large auc commodious fire proof vault with Hall „ vault front and doors and a large Diebold safe with burglar proof chest guarded by a Sargent & Greenleal double time lock. Their banking room is also large and commodious. The furniture is antique oak with fixtures of the latest designs, and the painting, decorating and artistic work was done by J. F. Bromark. of Chicago. This is a treat in the painting line foi northern Iowa and is grand enough for any city, but why not Bancroft take tho lead in art and banking as well a,, in other things? In this building is also found the Pioneer Land Agency ot Bancroft and the founder, R. M. Rich mond, is well worthy the patronage ht receives, as he has not only had tei. years experience in buying and selling land and locating hundreds of neu settlers but he has also done much t. help develop the country and make the town by opening up many new farms for rent and erecting many store build ings, which he still ovvns,thus showing his faith in both town and country. Ii will do you good to consult such a man as this if you are seeking a home or a location for business. Mr. Richmoiu is president of the above named bank and we understand has the controlling interest and the management of this institution. BUSINESS LOCALS. NOTICE. The merchants of the town of Bancroft will take notice to keep their places of business closed on Sunday according 'iO the ordinance passed by the town Oouncil. W«. MUSSON, City Marshal. If you want to hire a livery rig, Kinne & Pearson have just the outfit for you. '"'all om them. Sioux City Corn Palace, The 0. M. & St. P. By. will continue to sell excursion tickets to the Sioux City Corn Palace until October 85tb. Return coupons good until October 86th. Look Here! 0. K, JJaUory has plenty 0| old corn or sale. " * _j—Energetic young j»an to branch office. «-•-" — A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales In any part of the county. 20 Jais experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. yeais BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic -work guaranteed. Pictures en- urged at reasonable prices. T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary + Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Mas his barn ready for the sick anrl lame horses, so linn;; them along. Charges, reasonable. Can bo made In 6 months Tunisoh's A tlus- .m\/\J\f ""» Charts and •• Wall J Maps. Particular free. Address: H. C TUKISOM, Cbicago/flls. LEGAL BLANKS- o FOB SALE o ' ' At REPUBLICAN OFFICE A man who has practiced medicine for 40 years, ought to know salt from sugar: read what he says: TOLEDO, 0.,.Tan. 10,1887. Messrs. F. J. Cheney & Co.—Gentlemen:—I have been in the general practice of medicine for most 40 years, and would say that in all my practice and experience have never seen a preparation that I could perscribe with as much confidence of success as I can Hull's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by you. Have prescribed it a great many limes ami its effect is wonderful, and would say in conclusion that I have yet to find a case of Catarrh that I would not cure, if they would take it, according to directions. Yours Truly, L. L. GORSUCII, M. D. Office 215, Summit St. He will give §100 for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured with Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken internallv. F. J. CUKNEY &Co., Props., Toledo O. by Druegists, 75c. 51—54. A New Book from Cover to Cover. FULLY ABREAST OF THE TIMES. WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY A GRAND INVESTMENT For the Family, the School or the Library. The Authentic 'Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, comprising the issues of 1864, '79 and '841still copy, righted) lias boon thoroughly revised and enlarged, and as a distinguishing title, boars the name of Webster's International Dictionary. The work of revision occupied over ten years, more than a hundred editorial laborers having been employed, and over $300,000 expended before the first copy waa printed. SOLD BY ALL BOOKSELLERS. A Pamphlet of sp'eoimen pages, illustrations, testimonials, etc., sent free by tho publishers. Caution is needed in purchusint j. dictionary, as photographic reprints of an obs.'.U i, mid comparatively worthless edition of WeUster are being marketed under various names and often by misrepresentation. f GET THE BEST, The International, which bears tho imprint of G. & C. EVJERRIASVI & CO., PUBLISHERS, SPR5NCFIELD, EVJass., U.S.A. GALLION BROS. Done anywhere in the County At Bed RocK Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of Water Or no Pay. F. A. KENYON BANCROFT, IOWA. F.A. BRONSON Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS, Undertaking a Specially. BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running 1 under new management. -Agent Oall on him and get prices and terms. He can suit you in the selection of both wild and improved lands. Livery, Feed and Sale The finest turnouts furnished on short notice and at reasonable figures Give us a trial; we are sure to suit. ••• «uuauie u B uies. G F . I . If you want the "News" in every sense of the word, about Bancroft, and want a County paper that is the best, get the together for the price of one County paper. Don't forget that we do Job Work, advertising, get out fine stationery etc. etc. Call on J. A. FRECH. NORTHERN IOWA NORMAL SCHOOL, Nine competent instructors. Normal, Business and College Preparatory courses. Students will find classes in any study desired, whether taking regular course or not. mJS? ^ni wd i ie ^ 0 5 Wlnt ff T K m i Antbmetic,* Grammar,* Political Geography Phvsical H story, General History, Algebra,* Geometry, Rhetoric, Latin,* German* Chemistrv A«?W History of eduction, Book-keeping,* Commercial Law, Business PracStud - bewi8t -*' 4str( "Beginning and advanced classes. Special 8$j$jes: Elocution, Jfysjc, Art, Shorthand *nd Type-writing, f fourteen weeks, opens Peoesnbgi 8th, J.89J. [ Catalogue fiod fuU iafomatioa. J —_ -jograpny. U. S. Astronomy, Psychology,

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