The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 14, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1891
Page 4
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THE KBPUBLIOAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1891. ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE of TRAM CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL CJOINO WKST. No. i passenger ;.. o :02 a tn No. 3 passenger 4:3T p m No. o freight — 7 :15 a m No. 13 way freight.... :v il;45am Ko. 5 freight 8 :17 p n GOING BAST. No. 2 passenger 10:24 am No. 4 passenger '.,.,.» o :30 p n No, 10 way It-eight .A 12 :in a n No. 14 freight, 2 :30 p m No. straight, I0:fi5pn . / . Chicago & Northwestern K'y GOING NORTH AND; WEST. Freight accommodation > s MS n m Culnago Mail and Express... .1 i) -M p it GOING SOUTH ANDiKAHT. Freight accommodation • 0 :07 p n Chicago Mail and Express 2 :37 p n Chicago passenger reaches Des Koines a 7 p. m.,' Ohic;ii?o n :i>0 a. in., and Kansas City 9 :3n a, m. Tickets for sale to all points In the Jnited States and Canada. . PROFESSIONALS BUSINESS DIRECTORY, R. ,1. DANSON. W. C. DANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTOKNEY8 AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Ofllce Over Comstock's. B. F. EEED, A' TTORXKY-AT-I.AW, Algona, Iowa. Of- llee in the Oalbralth block, E. V. SWETTING. A TTOHNEY-AT-LAW, Algona. Iowa. Money to loan. W. B. QUARTON, A TTORNEY AT LAW. Otnce ovw Kossnth County Hank. JAS. BARR, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON, ALGONA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., > UYSICTAN and STTKGEOX. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. W. E, H. MORSK. J. M. PRIDE. MORSE & PRIDE. 7 ALGONA, IOWA. • G. T. WEST, M. D., P HYSICIAN ar.d SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, Ollice at, residence. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Thorington streets Aleona.Iowa. T. J. FELLING, M. D. P HYSICIAN and SUHGKON. Consultation in English and German Office and residence over (ioetcli's store, Whittemore, Iowa. E. £, Bayers, D. V. M., Veterinary Physician ® Surgeon E^-Oftice west of the Thorington House, Algona,Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. Real Estate -K DANSON &HUTCHISON Olllee over Kossuth County Hank. Also do a loan and insurance business. C. B. MATSON, Real Estate INSURANCE. OFFICE OVEK CTIHISCJULLES' STORE. For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. - IOWA. A. D. CLARKE & CO. ABSTRACTS, P. L.3LAGKLE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Ollicc with F. M. Taylor. E. G. BOWYER, DKALEU IN WATCHES, CLOCKS and JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Repairing a specialty. Hotel and Restaurant. A. P. MLL, Proprietor. State Struct, Algoua. Lodgiii!,: and meals. Board l>v the day or week. Terms ,*i per ilay, £;s.5o per week with furnished room, $?.r,o per week for day board. Excelsior Wind Mill. Attachment and Feed Grinder. Can be attached to any wind mill. Farmers can do their own grinding. Jos. Iludi & Biios., MATT RICIIAKDHON, Gen'l Agents. Agent, Algona, Iowa. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, * $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a KenenU banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old C'"'utfies sold at lowest rates. W.U. INGI1AM. President. J. B. JONES. Vice President. .LEWIS U. SMITH, Cashier, Directors—W. H. Iiigbam. Jno. G. Smith, J. . Joaes. T. C.irlsoWWes, tewis H. Uwltb, J. W. ALGONA RE PUBLIC AN ALGONA, lotvA, OCT. 14j 1891. KOSSUTH COUNTY MABKETS. ALOONA MARKETS. Oats $ .17@19 Eggs... 15 Cattle. $0.00 @ $0.00 Wheat... .70 @ .80 Flax 75@" .80 Corn 85@.40 Butter 18 Hogs 8.75 @ 4.00 Barley.. .80 @ ,4( Potatoes New .20 Butter .18 Egga 15 Oats 18 Corn 40 Potatoes .-. .35 Wheat 80 Flax 73 Barley 25@30 WHItTEMORE. Oats 10 Corn 30 Eggs 20 Butter 23 Cattle $1.25 @ $4.00 Hogs S3. @4.00 Wheat 70 Barley 25 Flax 75 Timothy $1.00 HANCKOPT. ....$ .20 Corn $ .25 14 Butter 18 .... 3.00 Hogs.. 4.00 @4.25 70 Bin-ley 30 4.00 Wheat 75 Potatoes 30 Timothy ..... 1.00 Oats.. Eggs.. attle Flax.. Hay OUU CIAJliKING LIST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the ournals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following re duccd rates: Moinos llegisrer .................... $2 no <nva Capital ............................... "'2 no Sioux Ciry journal .................. ;....'.' 2 30 veokuk Gate City ........ .' ......... '..,.. 230 Marshall (.own Times-Republican .......... 2 or> Imaha Bee .......................... . ...... 3 35 'hicano Journal..-. ..... ... ............ . ____ 2 30 'bicaso Inter-Ocean ...................... 225 National Tribune ........... ................ 240 Times ......................... i gg MAGAZINES AND HOME JOURNALS. -larper's Weekly ...................... ... .4-5 " Raxar .............................. 4 7r> 4 55 Yoiing People .. 305 • orley's Lady's Hook 305 Jemorest's Magazinu 305 jipplncott's Maii'a/.ina 4 05 ioicntiflc Amei'Juivii 4 or> \mericnn Economist 2 55 Ionic Market Bulletin i 75 lousekeener 215 PAIiXt AND STOCK JOURNALS o\va Homestead 2 in ruirie Fanner 225 'he American Farmer i 70 Vestern Hnral 285 >r}unre Jmld Fanner 225 'he Breeder's (-Hiide and Practical Farmer 1 75 ERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN PUBLICATIONS Amerika 2 40 wen.siva'lrimiiii.'ii ;j 35 owa Stsiiits Z'-itmu; 255 •vitliiod \vitli premium 255 >kaiulini'.ven with premium 3 05 TEACHERS JOURNALS 'eachers World i no 'hcJidncator 175 o\va Normal Monthly 2 25 Educational (jazettu 200 These rates are given for a limited pe- iod and will be subject to revision from ime to time. This is only » partial list. Subscribe now. KBNATOll ALLISON —Will speak at the— COURT HOUSE HALL THURSDAY Oct.22. Tlie last big speech of the campaign. Torch Light Procession —AND— EQUESTRIAN PARADE n the evening. Everybody come out. Excursion rates and special trains on all railroads. LOCAL NEW AND NOTES. The Itutheiiord House is being re- lainted. W. C. Bauson went to Des Moines >n business last Thursday. Mrs. Col. Spencer went to Sioux City esterday to see the Corn Palace. Prank Bros, sell pants and every- hing else in the clothing line at one rice to every body. J. K. Pill & Son, the tailors, announce ome fine bargains in fall and winter uitings in this issue of the HEFUB- ICAN. The Normal School enrollment has low run up into the fifties. There is very prospect for a large school his winter. Jas. Taylor has some of the best 'argains in cloaks and ladies' and hildren's heavy wear. Head all about t in his ad. The first chapter of our new Serial tory. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab vill be found on the seventh page of his paper. Read it. Bring your job work to the Rjonjii- .ICAN ollice. We have put in a stock f new job faces and are prepared to do neat work of all kinds. The Courier accepted and is pub- ishing the very advertisement that ve spoke about last week as having efused. Some editors will publish nytoing for money. Geo. Galbraftb. has''"been away on a business trip to Chicago. Robinson's hardware store is stil the place to buy your stbves, if this cold weather continues you will need a nice pair of all wool pants Buy of Jim Taylor for $3.00, The leading German and Scandi navian papers at club rates with the REPUBLICAN. Take advantage of the fact and save money. In this issue we commence the publication of our .promised new story ''The Mystery of a Hansom Cab" by Fergus W. Hume. It is a'story of thrilling interest. Don't fail to read it. . Hart & Fuller stockmen of Kalo Webster County advertise a stock sale in the REPUBLICAN to take place Thursday October 29. Stockmen will be interested in reading the sale notice. Word comes from Cornell College that Bert Barr stands at the head of the college battalion in target practice, the result probably of his work on the rifle range here as a member of Com pany F. Dr. Bourne sees uo conflict between the Democratic and Alliance platforms and he endorses them both. There is such a thing as a man being rendered politically blind under the proper conditions. Last Wednesday while J. II. Covell and L. C. Murphy were going over the Blackford grade on the way home their horse became frightened and dumped ;hem off the grade. No serious damages are reported. Mr. F. W. Dingley and Miss Emma iordingly were married yesterday . at the bride's homo in Ohio. Mrs. Ding- .ey's numerous Algona friends will be ^leased to know that she is coming back to Algona to remain. The Christian Endeavor Society will mtertain the people of Algona at Mr. r. W. Robinson's next Friday evening. All will be cordially welcomed. Go 'or a pleasant evening and take your dimes. It is for a good cause. The W. C. T. U. ladies express regret at their inability to vote for Mr. Wheeler. On the issue of this campaign there isn't a Democrat among ,he ladies of the W. G. T. U. of Iowa. They are all in the interests of true temperance. This is the time of year that people buy stoves. Robinson's hardware store is the place to get your stoves: .he largest and finest stock of stoves n town, and all going at bargain irices. For further particulars see Mr. Robinson's ad. Columbus Junction went up in fire ^nd smoke one day last week. Algona s likely to go the same way some day n spite of water works. The nest of :rame buildings on State street is a itanding invitation for a big enterprising kind of a fire. E. G. Bowyer, the'jewler. has placed lis card in the REPUBLICAN and so- icits your patronage. He is the lead- ng jeweler in Algona and of course las the largest stock and the best n-ices. Call on him when you want anything in the jewelry line. Just at present he is selling watches at cut prices. "If the Democratic party is beaten iliis fall" Said Gov. Boies in his A.udubon speech "it will be on account of a combination between the Methodist ministers and bootleggers." This is the first time in the history of the methodist church that its ministers have been classed with "bootleggers" or any other kind of outlaws. There are altogether too many small Tame buildings in town. They ought to be torn out and replaced by substantial brick structures. The expense of such a change would be something, but t would add more than the cost of the buildings to the value of Algona real :state and save hundreds of dollars on nsurance premiums annually. What s the matter with several syndicate buildings if one man lacks the neces- »ary enterprise and the capital? Mr. S. A. Nelson the manager of the poor farm brought some samples of ;arden truck to town one day last veek that to all appearances might iave been grown in California or some •)ther land of fabled big tilings. Among the collection was a beet that weighed over 15 pounds and a radish that tipped the bar of the scales at 4i pounds. ;Ve can raise anything in this county 'rom big beets to politicians who can •un simultaneously on two platforms. The democrats held their convention ast Wednesday afternoon and nomi- mted the following ticket: For treas- u-er, T. II. Lantry; for sheriff, J. G. iraham; for supervisors, Silas Roupe and T. Henderson; for surveyor, O. E. tinkler; for coroner, Dr. Busby. The lomiiiatiou for superintendent of .chools was passed, which means, we uppose, a silent endorsement of Miss Carey. The nomination of Mr. Lantry ivas a foregone conclusion, but it was a matter of no little speculation who the democrats would put up for sheriff. We are told that Mr. Graham was not anx- ous for the office and accepts it under protest. The ticket is made up of some pretty good names \but we expsfit, nevertheless, to see tl^e whole business defeated.' Brd, Bailey, of the Bdfcfe eatne over last Friday td ftieefc Wheeler. The outlook for electing the fcntir Republican County ticket is growing better every day The Heading Room will be open hereafter on Sundays from three o'clock until half past six. Gov. Boies is billed for a speech in Algona October 21st. We hope that "the great Tribune of the people will have a good audience to talk to. The Loyalist Society of the Baptist church will give a Proverb Social at the residence of M. B. Chapin Friday evening, October 16. All are invited. It would be a joke on the Courier and Upper DesMoines if they had to answer to the Grand Jury for violating Sec. 6836 of the revised statutes of Iowa. The prospects for a 30,000 majority Republican victory are growing brighter all the time. Every Republican in Iowa is awake this year and will be at the polls election day which means Republican success. Attention is called to our new premium oiler to all subscribers of the RK- PUBLICAN. Read about it elsewhere. This offer is good for a limited time only. Take advantage of it while you have an opportunity. The Epworth League have arranged a series of literary programs to be given at the Saturday evening meetings of the League. Air are invited to attend the meetings of the League whether members or not. The Sioux City Journal remarks that Gov. Boies has not yet visited the Corn Palace. The Governor ought to go over and see the palace. It is a great monument to the bankrupt condition of farming Iowa, pauperized by the business of raising corn. The Wilson farm department in the REPUBLICAN continues to be held in liigh favor by our farmer readers, if ive are to judge from the occasional expressions that reach our ears. The farm department is worth alone more than the price of the paper. lion. Geo. Van Houten, the Repub- ican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, will speak in Wesley next Tuesday evening and in Burt next Wednesday ifternoon. Republicans from this place ought to turn out and help make Mr. Van Houten a good audience at both places. Eddie Richardson, son of Mat Rich- irdson, had the misfortune to break lis arm last Sunday afternoon. He vas trying the experiment of walking i cross the dam at the water-mill, and 'ell breaking his arm near the wrist. L'he fracture was reduced by Drs. vlorse and Pride. Mr. C. II. Knapp, traveling solicitor 'or the Minneapolis Journal, was in ,own last Monday. In conversation vith a REPUBLICAN reporter Mr. inapp gave it as his opinion that pro- libition in Iowa is pretty much of a success. There are 127 towns in his :owa territory and while he finds that iquor is being sold more or less openly n some places, Mr. Knapp estimates hat not more than one-third of the iquor is consumed in Iowa that there vould be in the event of the repeal )f prohibition. Bert Edmonds was in town on a ihort visit the latter part of last week, le took part in some of the corn ydlace bicycle races at Sioux City and made seme good time, taking second :>me in a five mile race. Bert must iave been under the weather or he vould have taken first prize in the •ace. We actually believe that all hings being equal he can beat any other bicycle rider in America in a five mile race or make him pump so hard .0 get there that he wouldn't be good 'or anything for a week after. In another column we publish a 3hallenge from Mr. Geo. W. Miller, of Waterloo, to each and every Democrat in the state. Mr. Miller offers to donate $10 to the Democratic campaign fund of Black Hawk County 'or every instance of an article, joining under the new tariff law, the •etail price of which is now higher han it was previous to the passage of .lie McKinley bill. Now would be an jxeellent opportunity for the Editor of ,he Courier to trot out his "six child•e,n and the increased cost of clothing hem owing to the McKinley bill" 'allacy. The RKPUULICAN'S oiler to ,he merchants of the town for proof ,hat the editor of the Courier told the ;ruth, is still open. An attempt at something like sui- iide was made at the Tennant House Wednesday evening. Mr. J. C. Keller, who is foreman of the J. B. Jones .tock farm, was in town Wednesday and stopped at the Tennant House. Ifter dinner he complained of being ick and went to bed. Along in the middle of the afternoon inquiry was made for him by some of the farm hands but he failed to get up on being jailed. The door was broken in and was found lying across the bed face downward a handkerchief tied over us mouth saturated with chloroform a two ounce chloroform bottle with the cork out, clutcked in his baud. He was iuseosible and was witb Thefe will be a supper iti t&e parlors of the... Congregational church this evening froin six to seven. Rev. Bowen will be out of town on Sunday and there will be no services at St. Thomas' church. W. J. Foo Shun at the Methodist church tomorrow evening. A lecture on the customs and manners of the Chinese, illustrated by stereopticon. Mr. and Mrs. F. II. V.esper returned Saturday morning from Wisconsin where they were called a few days ago by the death of Mrs. Vesper's father. The Woman's Home Missionary Society will meet with Mrs. Perry Wilkins Thursday afternoon at three o'clock. The President is desirous of seeing all the members if possible at that meeting. The farmer readers of the REPUBLICAN should take advantage 'of oui new premium offer and secure the Western Plowman for one year free of charge. Read the conditions of cut- offer elsewhere. Rev. Flanigan and wife ,are now ensconced in the new Methodist parsonage, and report themselves well pleased with their immediate surroundings, as well as with Algona and the people of the town. Remember the lecture by W. J. Foo Shun at the M. E. church tomorrow night. He is an educated Chinaman and will tell about the customs and manners of the Chinese. It will be an interesting lecture. The Smale sisters drew a good house and gave a first class entertainment at ;he Congregational church last Thursday night. It was a good entertainment in every Avay and was highly appreciated by the audience. The following were elected officers of the Young Ladies Foreign Missionary Society on Saturday, October 10th: Mrs. Black, President; Mrs. Cowles, 1st Vice Pres.; Miss Wise,.2d Vice ?res.; Miss Adams, Cor. Sec.; Miss Whitfield, Rec. Sec.; Mrs. Fern, Treas. It doesn't do any good to corner the Courier up on a campaign lie. It is ilways at it again as soon as an opportunity presents itself and if the opportunity doesn't come around'look- up for the Courier, the Courier goes •iglit ahead and manufactures an opportunity. Now the Cedar Rapids Gazette offers o quit opposing the enforcement of he prohibitory law providing the tate central committee will agree to uertain conditions. It is a bad state of iffairs when a newspaper will thus ad- nit that it is openly opposed to the enforcement of existing law. The Upper DesMoines stays right jy the Carroll Herald article—pub- ished it again last week. It is sel- lom that Harvey gets a compliment ike that and he is bound to make the most of it as he intimated last week. Ve suppose the U. D. M. will keep hat standing until it gets another to ake its place. One of the first reports about the man who took chloroform at the Tennant House last Wednesday, was that he was a disappointed candidate for lomination on the Democratic ticket xnd decided at the close of the contention which was held in Algona hat afternoon to end his career for ^ood. The report turned out to be intrue. Court convened yesterday, Hon. Lot ole judge presiding. There are a lumber of important cases on the locket. Among them is the case of the State of Iowa vs. Mike Hubbard and lerraan Rantzow. These men have jeen in jail ever since the cutting af- air last summer, being unable to pro- •ure bail. J. W. Sullivan has been mploye'd to defend their case. E. II. Slagle has recently added to lis valuable autograph collection a erse of the famous poem "Curfew nust not ring to night" written by the uithor, Rose Hart wick Thorpe. He ms also received the autograph of ? rank D. Sherman the poet whose mine often appears as a contributor 11 the Century Magazine, a letter from . D. B. Henderson is also a late ontribution. Capt. Cooke informs us that there s to be a big shoot on the rifle range oinorrow afternoon. Members of the N. G. from both Mason City and Vebster City are expected to partici- >ate. Word was received from Web- ter City last night that some twelve rack shots from the Webster City ompany would be here. Everyone in- erested in seeing some good shooting hould visit the range tomorrow i'ternoou. A telegram was received yesterday vening from the State Central Committee, by Chairman Doxsee, stating hat Senator Allison would be here Thursday evening, the 22ud and would epresent the Republican cause. The elegram caused no little excitement mong Republicans and no little con- ternation among the Democrats as jov. Boies is to be here the evening •revious and represent the Democratic ane. Senator Allison has crossed he Governor's path, several times be- ore during the campaign, much to be disadvantage of the Democratic A good Industrious boy is wanted badly to learn :the printer's trade at the office. Mr. J. E. McNeal, of Irvington, advertises a big stock sale in this issue of the REPUBLICAN. Read his advertisement We would call attention to our new clubbing list. Subscribe for pers through the REPUBLICAN and you will save money. German and Scandinavian readers of the REPUBLICAN should notice that we offer the leading papers published in their own languages at very low club rates with the REPUBLICAN. Nothing has been said about that opera house for a long time. It begins to look as though the enterprise and the capital were lacking. The court house hall is not to be used for theatre purposes after January 1st. Our readers are favored in this issue of the REPUBLICAN with a letter from Mrs. M. II. Hudson, who is on a somewhat extended visit in the 1 east. Mrs.' Hudson expects to return home the latter part of this month. The REPUBLICAN is fortunate in having both an artist and engraver upon its present office force. We will illustrate our local columns hereafter with pictures of local celebrities, and cartoons as occasion requires. West Bend Journal: Frank Potter is soon to remove from West Bend. He will buy hay and grain at the switch near Algona, and will locate there with his family. We are sorry to see such estimable people leave our community. H. A. Clock advertises a stock sale in this issue, to take place at his farm miles north west of Algona, next Monday at ten o'clock. Mr. Clock also wishes to sell his farm and residence property in Algona. See the sale notice. Gov. Boies and the State Leader find fault with the Methodist church for talking out upon the side of prohibition in this campaign. We see no reason why any church organization should hesitate to express itself when a great moral question like prohibition is at issue before the people. Chairman Doxsee received a letter from Col. Henderson Monday in which he took occasion to express regret on account of his failure to reach here last Saturday. He came up to Goldfield via the B. C. R. & N. road intending to ;akethe train from thereto Algona. The B. C. R. & N. train was some fif- ;een minutes late, and Mr. Henderson consequently missed connections.Upon finding that his train was late he tele- ;raphed ahead to the Northwestern agent at Goldfield but the Northwestern conductor refused to hold his train. He then telegraphed an inquiry to Ern- inetsburg hoping to catch a freight train and still be able to reach Algona .ri time to speak. Being disappointed lere he telegraphed Mr. Doxsee that he wuld not be on hand and went on to Spirit Lake where he spent Sunday. It s hoped that the State Central Committee may see fit to arrange another date for Col. Henderson at Algona. The Palo Alto Reporter is of the opinion that patent insides are a good ihing and highly appreciated by the public. The Reporter cites an instance ;o prove that the patent insides are jeuerally read and as generally appreciated by the public. Some seventeen years ago, the Reporter relates one Dr. J. J. Whitney made the issertion that he always read the patent insides of his paper. The Reporter is displaying some anxiety about latent iusides and seems to be afraid that they will fall into disrepute. It seems a little bit funy but at the same ;ime it is not all astonishing that the Reporter has to go back seventeen years to find one single solitary champ- on of "patent innards" among newspaper readers. We don't know how it s in Emmetsburg: the patent insides of the Reporter may be considered to be the best part of the paper. We venture the assertion however that we ian find ten men in Algona who never •ead the insides of our two home contemporaries, to one man that does, and we are not saying very much either for the home side of the U. D. M. and Courier. Eeal Estate Deals. (Published regularly each week.) Win Shaw Adamson aud wife to Leonard Batterson ne rjr i-ai-30. Win f and Chas P Bowdltcu, trustees ro Frank Curtis sw qr 32-100-29. * "• Win T Brown to H Haskett w hi of ne ijr 1-94- James Call an an and wife et al to Frank curtis uw qr sw qr 32-100-29. Jas Callanan aud w et al to c W Waldeck all C*f 18-99 "29. EnosCalviu and w to Andrew I Scott se qv 21- G fe°r C!e ° L U S esw q98 . * Win Fries to B W Haggard e hf of uw qr see 15 •>™ al li d « w !'A°f sw 1'' sec a3 au( l » W of ue qr sec >«• u in i" J It Laird to Hester A deary se qr H-ao-28. oh" w Leetzand w to Frederick Siuionsop «w Jennie and .losle Pettibono to Thomas Rich, se qr of no qr W-QO-SO. Jorintua Pettiuone and U to Thomas Bleu e uf Ofseqr 3U-95-30. Martm Pierce to James Kennedy 120 08-100 feet along e side ne qr e-05-28. Sherittol Kossutu county to Lewis H S W o| se qx sec w, nw qr <>i sw qr see u

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