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Evansville, Indiana
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TTTE FYAXKVTTLE COTTTEE SATT'KPW A PETE nA inn Health Ta I ks BROADWAY 25 Years Ago Pram (uarlrr BedaesdaH THE WORLD TODAY By I INtX (Nnrlh tmrriran rw -paper tlllancc) Germany Will Claim Share In Control of Straitt April SB HUB I lie Evansville Courier HI OKCUND art EVANSVILLE INDIANA PHONE K21 rrBUSHFD DAILY CD rtH President A HOLLANDKR Vtce-PrtW PON KCISM Editor i i lly WILLIAM BRA BY I) isisnrri iriiri pmsiains tv ihkoksI hesHli sad aii-no 'n 4iarr giss-iuiiu nr irraintrni s-il snnrml l) Hr Hi Nils il tanuwg lell-adilreMrd iiisiuH la emiinrd lllri ahuM bs Itnr! and mm in Ink Oaring In tlu iaiae niinihrr at Intrra Iwnvad only a ire ran he anwr(rd here No rrsls ran atarir la gurnra nut rmilaimaii In notriirituna Adniraa Williasi Biady JJS Madiwn Chiraiix llli tn'crvd inlu mall at lit poalolfka la t'liWiibe Indana JUtVlIiKR OK I KE ASSOG1A I ED l'KKS TM axu-ciird I'itbi la ciuucly eniulrd lo lha ua lor pihlimlion of all nr riitiuitrhr i-irdl'fd to nr not oinrro ci edited la tin paprr and alto tAa Jihj prhs Puhluliisf heirin SllfeOuPftON JUTKS Pfr iVffk a a rn 00 mil 5iiinfly Ic? Wick mt i(n slv If: fir I Or MAIL ONE UIAR tPajabla la Advanocj Pall A fUmdiiy Sunday KaO HM Pf! g-nta 1 and I hit LitryloJ) Boctlt Ei tribody Who Bora News Behind News nr i mai ion WASHIXviTOX April kS It Isn't idleii you ran hnv Imiuiii ami a depression nt the sma time Imt tlliil la wluit we ar Imvlng now The ativcW iiiiiikct MiipHiaril la Im the nutuur cco-liitin Id hariMiicti'r la tmlny rciairllug siinslilii Imaiiicaa mi'Minea hiiiI hurrlraiie aluck vultira Kurnlng are rimuiiig hi the level lit tlm Ihuiiii year of Klocka are selling al the depression level of 1MX Yoil will uni lie I lev It blit non slock is selling nl a price only double Ha minimi earnings InleriiHMoiiiil and earned yd 07 share last year hill I'ccently sold on Hi New York exchange for 12 SO a share Many oilier aiiH'ka are felling Ml only four and five liinca 1 1 10 iheir earmnga while 10 trnua used to lie considered coimei vative valuation Nothing qulie a eockcyid till haa ever happened in modern economic lime Kveryihing else alaiui lniainesn exvept Ihe luurkel' eniuilllies to go up Kveii lo'oji Henderson who la aitllng on lha nrie lid is finding th ltd ever rising higher ami liigncr hciiemh him The governintul a own pi be index registered 11 April com-jinred with nos for March and for yvbru-iy icompared with TS a year auo and In Kiliruaty 1925 The govei nineni eiononiist ate coinfovting ihemselve with the Miit the g'uilui itse will reach no higher than per teiil iioie Inline the end of the year hith Mineral union wage increase and the lax bill ali-eg II may be diffietilt for onlslder lo shaie ihdr i piiui-sin When once these present ccilutcs aie lrikin the whole national ei'inmiie hie dl tnov iil'aiair least on floe: IUi'Uie paymeiii ihe if all buai-russ It a bed in Apul compared to KS a ar age and Jen in IKS givwtem hoom year of hia-i-y So pfipie ate getting nearly a much in my now in wage ami dividends a they got htstoitiai hoom year of ls29 although i now rr 15 per ent lowrf h1u ion ha fallen off slightly due lo ihe ioa! strike may fall more It will almr is: lor April i3l pninig over sitte ntotrh ycail compart with 11J in Mch and It: in nary A': should add up lo ilic greatest bHnn in yvy in1 ihe oik mat ket aught the llerniaii imasbs hc liaiaau vaiupaigu and ihiuki ila a uep tssou Th strong speakuig diiv nf Mr noossveU'a to liiii up morale I Hull Knox Jones Wtiiaii'i is (Xplamed inside as another British a measiiie Bntish empire niumle needed Kvs'ernig not than our they say aenii-offi-v uify Aus'iatian- and New Zealander took blow i ami the dissaiiafacttuu iu v'arbt ra could In heard here Tha baseliall season will npr today In Evansville with the Evans- ville leu ui of Ihe Central lrgQpr playing the leuin from Aluskeg-mc Alich An auto parade will start from the Klk'a club at 1 oT'leuki opening 'the festivities which MU) lie (unilnutfil at Hie Imll park prior1 to the playing of the game I)r Xurnian Haul of Evansville haa Invented a chemical conihimk-' lion which ha claims will he substitute for gasoline and which he says can be sold for eix cents Milan The war la Europe! The Krllkh Isles were raided yesterday kul I) from the glr and by Germaa raker squadrons The lire of 1iH girls in the Bernstein Overall fueiory were endangered when fire broke out In Iho Edward Swondrr Alaltrese company plant which adjoin tha Bernstein factory Citizens are divided on the Chamber of Commerce suggestion that the name of Kvsuaville and Alalp street lie changed Many favor a new name for the street but would cuntlnii the name of the rity William Jlalihr sheriff of Vanderburgh county wae elected president of ell Indiana aherlffa at a elate Hireling In Indianapolis yesterday The stale deinorrailn convention opens in Indianapolis today' Samuel LaCoste or Vlnrepnc will Join the Al Field millet rel High temperature yesterday w( (I and low 4( The first tent show nf the season will be that of the Gentry Brother dog and pony shows next Wediifg day at Washington and 8 ho la-avenue An Easter ball was given st the Crescent club Tuesday evening" Alra August Bchl'aepfer entertained yrsirrdxy in honor of Alii Kpargua of HUlihoro Ohio The High Hat club enjoyed an oiillng at the home of Miss Louisa Shafer Alls Helen Blrk entertained with a dancing parly al the home of her pa re I I)r and Alra Richard Morris haring a honor guest Alma Ann Pennington hernre her return to school In Cincinnati will not make their own decision bill In ronsiilliiiliiii with Russia For about a mouth cooperation with Russia rather than with Great Britain has been Ihe rule ul Turkish diplomacy As regards Ihe sirallx Hie government of Ankara indeed never dared do anything In Ihe past wit limit prevtoua llusalnii approval For no other reasona did they close lliein lo llie British and French fleet ill l'ljD-ti) when Ihe tliterferenc of the latter with Geriiinn-ltussluii trade In Hie Black Sea would have helped Ihe common caus materially Iu practice Ihe German demand If fulfilled would mean thut Germany would take Ilia place of Russia hy the side of lha Turkish door-keeper In vain wulilil Moscow he allowed to send delegates to III hoard ut control which might lie i-reaied Herman will would aasert Itself at every turn Tha question to settled in the ueur future Is Iherefiire whether the two really independent powers which survive In Europe will Incur riaka In an attempt to assign limits to German roiiquest or will lie transformed Into frightened au- compIlccH In the raU'iiIation and deliberation of Ankara and Moaeow the military operation now In progress around the IJliyan-KgyiiHan frontier are sure lo be reckoned aa one of the lilnge on which llie conrik-t revolves Nothing that occurred In the Balkan caught them unaware At the same time they were prone to believe thul west of the Suex Canal General Sir Archibald I Wav ell was going to Klein the tide of the Gurniau-Italiun Invasion and Hie British marl tint power propped hy Hie Greek alliauce would still hold Ita sway The force under that military leader thus will certainly Influence their outlook Hence the new effort of the nazl to wrest from French and Spanish governments naval and air bases which Increase the odds against the British struggling in the desert and on tlia sea It 1 no mere coincidence that at the very moment Herr Yon Tapen raises the problem of the straits with Its far-reaching implications Admiral Francois Harlan Is uminoncd tt meet the German authorities and a Spanish political mission perhaps rondurtrd hy the Foreign Minister Sera no Saner la about to leave for Berlin WASHINGTON' April 25-Tran Yon Papeu tit (ii-rinaii alphas-smlur In Ankara Im not yet sule milted to Hi Turkish government any definite ilemaml roiiecrning ihe control of th Bosporus and Ibir-iliriiellps Ilul accoriliiig to dlplo-lliatlc soil iu vs lie alrraily gave hint that ii would he expressed In Ihe near futiiie The Monireux eiiiivcuilon of July 20 piJti made of Turkey th keeper of the Dnida-ncllea and of the liosiuirus a keeper i-iniiinilleil lo comply wllll a vet of rather complicated rules but In position lo ilu whatever he like specially when a lielligerenl or threatened with Inimiueiii danger ut war The afgiiaiorf of the pijg rou-veniion weie satislied willi dial siate nf aftair Ilul tluee of them liuiiiania Iliilgarm ami Greece have now fallen from Iheir aiaius of Independent stales to become (lie vassal or ilia victim of the lieivh Aa the overlord and the oiwupam of terriioriea directly In-leresicd In the sea passage from lha Meiiitenaneau to the lliuck Sen Germany tukes a very iltirer-enl view of what the duties of the door-keeper ought to be She will claim a share In Hie control of Hi si rails She will not accept a proposal that men of war or merchani-sliips ha grained or refusi-il admission at the discretion of Turkey A share in Hi control of Hie straits means Iu the case of Germany a dominant authority For weeks the ruler In Ankara had foreseen the military culaxiro-! pile wliiih now sliukee ihe Balkan peninsula They never set great hopes on Yugoslavia's and Greece' ability to withstand the naxl onslaught even with the help or a few British divisions Therefore Germany's forthcoming requests are not likely to disgruntle them They promised Great Britain to detend their territory ugainal the German Invader and Induced the Soviet iiniou lo ratify their decision in the devlaraiion wliicli wa publish! on March 21 Itut the whole of Greek Thrace long regarded ns a "one of security" and the buf-wark of the European part of their possessions la now occupied hy Germany and perhaps will he transferred soon to Bulgaria Strategically the abandonment of that of security" ought to make it impossible for Ihe Turks to fight except on Anntollan land Then will they scrap the slrails as they scrapped western Thrace? There already are nigna that they Local Tax Thrift T-nr-yn at cD'a urangcly imlifferrnt to ln its Tiny wnn gi'e nioi of thn nrn: on lo (rdtia uxe studying them n-ora iar rily expressing opinion shorn ihrm about any other tit Th" Taxpovia 4 dors lion of Illinois in onr inn Ding 10 change that or 1 ivi'ion ah-'iit local taics o-e how iirjch inififet in Vn anl so on It found an a-vrtf -r-e of or'r II vicr hi 4e dif-f I '-n lo al budge: 1- our adopted a budget a -vii a limn-oiTy t- j--kJ met: Jig and one of t- upover i''i-iTiob require heavy 'r iVuefore moe im-j- 'u-e-' I rrr-dt'fcr'e iox! iifr if 'ho iewfM pm: poa- -I I- ever Vrfive a-' aaie to oa i ir trt-Tt to i A7fa ar ff'r or a i -Vv i haf Th'ir prina p- TM'f rvcv to t-tiio By WALTER WIM HEIL NEW A Bilk HEARTBEAT The Big I'aradri George 8 Kaufman Ihe playwright studying the scene al 4Mh Street and The Big Apple Musa Hurt hla favorite cullahlier at inlying ihe tardy arrivals at llie Baroyau premiere witli studied contempt Margot Hie-vensou the actress (you'r welcome lailyi amused al Hie Item linking her lo Al Galiel while meaudiTliig along Broadway with her real Inspiration Jerry II Roosevelt no kin lo the Hyde Park people Broderick Crawford standing In Ibe rear of lha lrceum Theater until lha curtain goea up and then going lo hla seat (Bee Hem above re: Hart) Jo Ann Sayers llie darling of Bister Eileen" In the KHC new room Sunday eve'g at -meeting her pals from Int'l News I'nlted Press Associated Preaa and The IjOlions nf Ijnve Mail Alice Faye on Vih Avenue llie renter of Ah-lrar-llon Doris Dudley pointing out Broadway Rose and observing: "The floor man's Honrychlle Haw! The Richard Kollmara (Dorothy Kilgallen) who will lie three In July Bailies In Onr A I ley Carl Sandburg visited lha Blork for the first lima tha other night with Lynn llie Albany lobbyist The Pnllixer Prlxe winner biographer historian anil Great Alan waa inirodurrd to Hherman Billingsley the prop who nodded "lly'ya" and walked on Mr Iyons followed Air Billlugsley and whispered: Carl the "Yeah?" said Ihe 8am Gnldwyn of 53rd Street tell him lo mention ihe Blork Club once In a while" Memos of a Kldnlgkters Over al Club IS one of the bit-playing gals from "Panama waa allowing nff ilepplng an everybody's punchlines Frankie llyere (he squelch expert finally slopped her with: she I folk Panama When the Marx Frerea call II qulta afier tlielr next flicker rancho end Harpo will lie rich Chico Instead of nicking to the Ivories with Ih black keys fooled around with ihe Irnrlea with the black Simla Georgia Prlre and Cain Alarshall (Ihe rich Waah-Ingloii lamidryman'e little girl) are juat aa humid here aa they wer al the Rnney-Plaxa pool deck After 'seven yean of trying every day a horse-player hit a four-horse lung-shut parlay But the bookie blew! Eddie Canior la doing so well opposite Fred Allen (despite the predictor I Fred's sponsor Is reported seeking a different time Margaret Fas Harrliuan got a hum deal In her Jam with a cop She wasn't pinched for refusing to pay a 1355 check as waa said Khe resented audible Next talk In the place and Ihrealened to report mat ter A a result they summoned a cop and filed against her fur lug a ele Xldtonu Tlgnellet It happened In a swank Hotel where Gene KoW' ler ordered a glass of sauerkraut Juice The check for it wee sixty mils He protested (o (lie manager "I know you should have charged me 75 rente but Just trying to he nlre to an old newspaperman I insist upon paying the full price! The manager's Jaw dropped six Inches "Com now" per staled the aarrasllc Fowler "sixty cents forMiierkrent Juice la rldlrn loitsly cheap and when you realize what a fine view of Ihe park I got drinking It I don't think leia than aevenly-flre cents la fair! After all I ran even ere Ihe durka swimming In (he perk The red-fared manager wrote out a check for twenty rents Msahatfag Maralt Tha little atx year-old Frenrh hoy Alhevt Prevot Inst at 57th Htrrrt and a hit nf Paris In the Bpring And the paaseraby grouped almnt him until Officer John Sharea look charge queried a Frenrh man wearing a red rihlmn In hi lapel Allierl said weep ing and then recalling what hie parents had told him be breath' leasly corrected: "No no Ah-maro A passerby pushed a bag of randy Into his lllile hand and he relished it Pretty rhnrn girls Yovey Warren and Mary June Pieter looked sad over the rrnwd'a shoulder a Another lovely knell beside llie little Ion lad and held hla hand tenderly so ha wouldn't lie loo afraid New Yorker are alwaya ao buay rushing huh? Knnnd la Ibe Nhrhll In Ihe Stork a mental nilinia In Radio Franks: "What's he -a teai-lnlie baby?" At Armando's: "They're lypiral of Broadway They had a secret marriage and a front-page dltnrirr" Al Aluntpnrnaise: wonder she's so smooth she's been handled ao! At Barney Gallant's: "Khe'a the kind who can get anything from a man exrept some re- Old Ben Franklin' picture appeared In a New York newspaper the oilier day Ben had made news hy Maying tin 1773) he Imagined neither wetneea nor cold contributes to the ran i Ion of colds Next day tha aume paper had plcliirea of Hr Geo 11 Foster a iiMcterhiliiglsI whose uncanny diagnostic acumen started the "long aeurch within American lalaira-lorlea to nail down Ihe raitae of the coiiiiuun cold" It seem thul a laboratory worker oil day complained of feeling tired sneezing gelling chilly nose sturfed up un-able to smell etc and like a flush taa on gal tiers from the newa-imper story I Hr Foster diagnosed "You've got a chill" and ao gained aa much siwce for hla picture as my coliitiin gets soma days Next day even mora space In the suina paper waa given to pictures of Admiral Robert who said Ills men caught rolda only back home Dr Fridtjof Nansen who never raughl cold in three year of polar exploration and Admiral Richard Byrd whose Lillie America expeditions suffered Tew cold From all of this evidence the startling concluaion la heavy headlines waa that ia a By the fifth day Ihe Dr Victor Helser's picture mom niolixed the page hla best Heller American Doctor' Odyssey' received free mention and the notion of the way to avoid respiratory Infection wa presented thus and people who ait In Kiibwuy trains are alwaya breathing oilier people' breath therefore prefer to eland and keep my head above ihe multitude" And Hun implies If you know no better that Infection occurs via the air that you get tha disease hy breathing the same air others have breathed If that were really so It would lie hopeless to attempt to avoid Infection at any time yon might enter a room or vehicle where any one with any Infection la present The truth la that no known die ease ta spread in that way ts no evidence no scientific evidence to support Dr lleiscr's quaint notion Bo far as Vra know the chief ff nnt the only way repiratory Infection spread Is via droplet or spray that is the germ or virus of the disease le parried In droplets some visible some Invisibly fine of secretion or moisture sprayed forth from nose and mouth during roughing sneezing talking And tliera is good scleniific evidence to support the belief that unless such droplet reach your face your nose or mouth directly the germs or virus In them quickly loss vlrnlenre and hence droplets which may float about in the air are probably harmless even if inhaled Exposure to air at room temperatures or lower temperatures and exposure to diffuse dey-llglit quickly kills or renders harmless any known germ of res plratory disease (More about this later) QIESTIOVS AMI ANSWERS OhstractliiH Over two years ago I was operated on for removal of prostrate and was left ill had shape aa I have to wear a urinal constantly IL 81 Answer I am sorry am nnalde to offer you advire Your physician ran heat advise you I hare monograph "Bros! ra lie Obstruction" which deals with the subject of hypertrophy of prostate anil the associated bladder trouble For copy send stumped envelope bearing your address Frnils and Vegetables NYliat benefit are derived from drinking raw vegetable julcpi I contemplate buying a vegetable Juicer IP M) I know of no benefit other than the hvnefita derived from eating the vegetables or fruits In the normal way In many clrriiinslaiu-ea perhaps eating the vegetables nr fruits gives hene-fldM effect that their Jiileea alone cannot eive Too Neck Vita tala Doe the taking of cod liver oil by people In middle life cause hardening nf the erlerlc end high blood pressure fMrs Al If) Answer Orlainly nnt There la no convincing evidence that "too mtirh" nr even enormous doses of vitamin I) or any other vitamin fnr thnt matter ever does any one any harm iPrsteeird br John Dili Os NEW YORK DAY BY DAY Rslpasr hr MrNsiirht Krmlicsle Inc By UIARIES 1L lHtlSlOM Biith Certificates -r s-rc rfi m)fW --t j'Tntff 4-f 7 ea 1 t--- laV s-h refvda c- i' "i Tiv tr'''vr age i-tnalrr vo'un- ir tr'vary ard 1 act rrnisip -t pTXf hat irarvd a 't r'e tk: they i TV T''-g'-t tvr-rid Tht't a- -ii's' o- '-ftr 1: nocet- tit for a 1 h-t at onra to fct rr r'--d rrn and hate it i rftf'T i forn as pot r-'e The )y who are rtiiinoriug for American ui'piirut'y arc Hsiiig the wiung excuse din siai rd from many official phono-g- ii k-'e Wednesday all baaed on Ihe SCHC on rrific British losses lately re-ivi''e 'iras'ie Ameiciun action One mn-g -essMian who wisely kept himself anonymous ed a dispauh that Id per ceni of American mils to England had thus been lost lately navy department in non-confidential hi estimate the weekly British loasei ai Mi 7-9 S4 tolls Maich Id-1 loTTbl Vni 17-23 3771 2 Man it Mi ih inot available) Apni Apul decline should continued a Ih British tie model uir me their atitiriuated convoy y-'-m ang recently suggested line No responsible quarter here has any Information Ind'i a disastrous change in Ihe onn-vuy pioiiiem up to the moment thia was written- Dr--ib rrd br Xirv ra ins Svndica'r lne Vtproduc-Iks a nor ia pari airicily prohiSurd i NEW YORK So many reader have written apcaklng of their interest in the autograph book that I mentioned recently that I feel I should give this Saturday column to a further peep THIS WEEK IN HISTORY irRII SB This date ia observed aa Confederate Memorial day in Alabamec Florida Georgia and MIskIIuL larking uniformity oilier sotlHW" era stales celebrate this holiday aa follnwa: Louisiana and Tegr nessee June (litrlhdqy of Jef-feraon Davis) North Carolina and Botiih Carolina Alay It) and Virginia Alay 30 Before lha rln-a nf Ih Civil War several snm'auf stales had begun to observe "Mgr ID In memory of soldier who Jmm) fallen hut Virginia la the onlf one to retain this dale In ttf North the fined celebration on May 3 started In 1R6K (Copyright HHt by Earjrlnpapf-In Britan alra Ine) F-'! ftrri tity way it mb -r a perl" In Village VanguaidT "Her figure I tha sort your aye like lo hnld hands Cnprrmht IMI On Hr Mirror tlutrihiilr kr Kill Pfs'iim Ree Oftire Kohert Bnrkliardt and many other Holly wonders Mv old friend and employer Briggs was then postmaster of Lo Angela I visited him at hla office He made a stamp collector's item out of the hook He affixed to one of the first fly-leavea a block of four one-cent Century of Progress stamps and cancelled them with his own personal cancelling machine after taking the trouble to put the cancellation date npslde down so aa to make tbs Hem unique Mr Briggs whs an enthusiastic stamp collector and an xc-llcnt postmaster beldra having been one of the greatest editors I had ever inch He died In Washington in 1936 Georg Marcoux roinfc artist did a halt-page cartoon of two youngsters hunting for treasure One of them ia looking up the "dope" in my book wbila the other digs Burne Hogarth who had done pirate art fur me drew a fierce pirate leaving Just a little room at the top of the page There Alice Lougworth signed very mod-cat ly I 'net Edmund Vance Cooke who wrote last-century favorite kid rhyme about the contributed a hit of playful sarcasm He too is among Lha sign-era who sign no more in this world PARAGRAPHY By Jlllir A surplus of rice reported But cheer up Juic ix just ahead When th nazia get Greece they'll be ready for tome Turkey DRISCOLL Prrtty soon the mosquito will aee if It can pas the ac-ieen teal at St The Stetson of Tomorrow- Today! Many will observe "Write a Letter Week'' by dropping a line to the fish The nazia are finding the liritiah lion leal edible than Turkey will be Eaily to bed and rally to rise and you'll uot im-et litany prominent lolk Mm ciiari'diiesa in th world today la tincd by folk who don't cuaa Hiller divulea Yugoslavia into unit and pusMH them out to fellow gangsters Xi-w stale likkr law said (o have many boles in it Maybe they're bling-liolcs Rinehart Ted Rinehart and Mary Roberta Rinehart were affixed while the bonk was still fresh from ihe press on ibe day of publication Dwight Franklin artist and pirate expert drew a little aketch Pirate Rlackhcsrd on a fly-leaf Harry Clminn the artist who Illustrated the book signed under the frontispiece At Ihe time 1 did not expect to ask fur any more signaiures I thought those would make the lsiok a nice memento lor my own satisfaction Later Induced others directly connected with the hook to sign My wife and daughters to whom it was dedicated and my niece Lillian Blood who had done the typing for me Visiting the English publishers at their shop mar Covent Garden in London I got Mr A Gats-field director of the firm of Chapman Hall to sign the hunk I was no little proud nf the fart that 1 had the same English publisher as Charles Dickens and I wanted to prove It by a signature James Quirk a great New York magazine editor fur whom waa writing at that time signed He waa a good friend and two years later I sadly noted his death below his signature In Hollywood I visited the lot where Blood" was being shot To my asinnishment Director Michael Curtiz produced a ropy of my hook which he waa reading when nnt so busy So I hauled oul my copy and Induced him to sign There followed Ertol Flynn Ri-hHcker roneerned over American you'll- and where he says they are going la nut ail -conditioned The kind of In-i-r rase that Interests Ihe thiraly Imi'i the i as heard ill eliy court but the case 111 which there are 24 bottles America Today c- ATO'aiin is hata httn il notahlr have H'f-rt Wilkin nf Ok litre 5 pf a ha made the other '-i -tt ng twin of aliegiance to a gr- 7- rf rr i c-1 netd of befit inetrurted in of our in: Mttier" he eald "if to teed iht font a tided toward iheir rt ltike s'lvii to Anierl if'i two Kirn they ''a1 fir i'i-fil worid Kinfili-t i war "r-n natfotte and vet-ord the stymie that a wvr ik ihe o'ber wat of hi-mry "J- i- nn a war bdwein but -i life and d-'h i' ''seie between dr-ioif-in and democ rav etate pai( rivil ljb have diai-ie-aieil and the didaiorr hare dei la red their mtention to efface democracy from the earth Thdr 'new order" gives no rcfc eivl libetti's or Inallcniible right of Tile dictators know that they aland chal-l'nrd as long as fire eovernimut rileta anywhere end plans riirnmiia-a Its destruction evi'ir-a re All the riirtatV-rsliip or totalitarian S'atf aiv Utley in an alliance (Axis) egalnst llOCIH' Mil "Tle jmxnt war opf-iatis more like a pestilent then a military conie-t In the historic Mine The nations do not derlaie war they give Iheir victims no notice of attack They work from the Inside a well as the oute'd and they attack the peaceful and Innocent to mailer how diligently ihcy have tried to msItMcin their ncutiaiitv "Tie totality: tan nates have openly chal-len-d and d'lnd all govcinnctite ui in Inure Hi challenge is siiifnlc and all who advise fnaciiiiry end lliwart our govei nineni's efforts for unity and cnopei-atlun with the Allies giving Mnd comfort to the open enemies of o'le sacred InMi'utnns Our people should utid'-i vii nd that thy have no ihoicc "Tie crusading spfut fur fiedora muM he rrvivu if our national life is to lie eserved The liiditfcrrnce rynl im and apathy whuh have hern custrd largely by ih nazi and com-aiu lrt in mr country must lie A 1 fur our way of life must he grcsir than all personal or parly considerations If we ate to prevail (gainst slid reglmeixcd frt tee now heut upon our destruction The patriotism which iicpmd Ihe inm who made Anicrha must now fire our It is en admit aide stsi'tneiu of tha Ideal and bods of present-dav America I eyaaosk Ptrngraphv stiggealed a year sko a federal appiopi lailmi for public bomb shelters And wa repeat it ibis morning I was on a visit to Galllpnlii In search of material for my "Life of McIntyre" in May 1937 when a leaf was signed hy Squire Maiifk Ruth Ransom Julia Pitt II A Rescuer and II Eutaler all old neighbors of Odd Adolphe Menjou haa a modest corner of a page and Priestly English novelist sign on the table of contents Johsnnea Giinnarson signed In Reykjavik Iceland aa did several of the officials scholar and new'i-paper men of the town Chesterton English wit drew a caricature of himself and signed the legend: but not a Montfort Amory who had Illustrated one of iny treasure hooks drew a full-page caricature of me In pirate costume a dripping writing quill thrust in my belt Frank Knot now In Ihe Cabinet la elgned opposite Eddie Cantor Sylvia Thompson end Marie Belloc Lowndes English writer are on wrote tha famous piers I Die" Some day we may find room for another peep at the gallery Hlen-ed be McNsiisht Bvndlesle Ine South western Indiana Civic aasoHnlion will no-i May 2 Evansville Tha prim-ipal aM-aker will la: Colonel lliichciwk director of tha Indiana aelt-eiive service system Evi the most profound seer hasn't nttemplcd to forecast what America fares should England fall a tiiiijedy now within Hie realm of possibility The Stratolincr -nuk Hero ii fho "Het of To- morrow" in our itoro today her ii tho modom itraamlined Stratolinor that dooi wonderi for your 'get-up! See tho Station Stratolinor ioo the hot of Tomorrow today And fitting touch li ih tloek oxdu- livo uioful hot box! A Henderson reader aska what we mean by s-iying April I a fateful month In American lil-toiy The Revolutionary war began on April It the Mexican war on April 24 the Civil war on Apnl'12 ihe Spanish American war on April 2u tin ricclaied war on fieriiiaiiy April 2 and Lincoln was assassjuaied In April Ihe San Tram teeo earthquake ocrurred in April and the Titanic wem down in April Olivia de Ilavlllaud Guy Kilihee one page Josh Wilson Helen Mock Lee Tracy Florence Wichita editor was ill of a had Lake Gall Patrick Cary Grant Icold when he signed and he died Fla ire Hiald Strauss Ed few days later It was he who Woven by hand in the "grand" Mexican mannor Soft fine Colfikin make thorn ai oaiy to wear at they art to look at Vary cool Beat the UzRfE ahead and buy things but In doing so they veiop tisie Ami in this process they ar icat! helped by the contribution made by inainilecturers and merchants It In remarkable how much more anrscilve every kind of ineiebsndise has heroine all the way from peanut bags to costly furniture and Jewelry There ipring la these Wembley Nor'-East Ties 1 took of iprlng in their coloring! There'i ipring to tho fabric too You con cruth thorn twiit them knot thorn THEY'RE WRINKLE PROOF! The Quit Kid- are a gnmp of bright youngster who have a 'mixed the cuuuiry with their ability lo answer questions like tliu lines lie-low See il vuu can beat their percentages-lmt remember that these children are exceplioual Italu your own score to sen If you can equal or beat Iheir combined average of 91 per cent on today's questions 1 We'U brtsk into a gallop on this list and ask what these have in coniiiioii ciiyusc ii-uMang pimo? 2 il: those rlnry ami bonk lilies Jack Is alone We want you tv lclicvs that sitiiaton by finishing the titles: ta) Jack and I th) Jack and If you arn told to make a h('e-liue to your home would you go dlrtsdly there nr go hy a roundabout way? 4 Name an Eddy Ihut is (at a singer and motion picture actor th) a famous -organist and composer (cj Tha founder of Christian Science (2 out of 3i 5 Miat kinnlariiy is there In' the locations of Albuquerque and El 6 If yon had a frog a toad a crab and a lobster and were to separate them into two cages one for amphihiana the other for crustaceans how would you divide them? 7 I'ica and Pika are types of things Which would you consider for the printing of a card? What characterixaiiou won Jane Iiurwell and James Stewart Academy avraid-? St What Is eygiiet In what well 'kiioun poclil by Lcngfellow do you find the ihuiaaer NokoiuU! Ausweis on Page 7 Hend-llalatd Anliqaa toilib Honest Man Iiiuperes surely would have been clad lo meet M'-yirs of Dernier Miss Meyer used to have a cow Perhaps he had more than one but that I not Important The particular cow of this (tory wandeied onto a railroad right of way and was killed And then Meyers wrote a letter to the section foreman of th railroad Thia la what be said: "In making your report on tho killing of my cow you may notify your claim department that tlicie will he no claim filed for tills cow as It w-a nv row that was oul of place and you may cuiiHi'vr it a closed 5 it hune-ty Is to lie recommended to a great m-ny people in many walks nf life Fetter Buying There la a national buying wave A rerent repot ey retail store sale are running 12 to 10 per rent higher thgii they weie a year ago And here is an Interesting tiling about it Th public merchant say Is buying better merchandise lhaa usual This Is what store people cult It mean higher stundnrde and more dureble and a'trgrilve goods a well more money In rlrcuintion we see' what more work and moir money d-Mta to a rigputifcive batiun I'toide nut ouiy go STROUSE-nJ BROS MAIN STREET AT SECOND.

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