The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 14, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1891
Page 1
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CHAPTER I MtSfERYOFAHAKSOMCAB PAGE 7 OP THIS ISSUE, A G&BAT. SERIAL STORf; More County IN THE REPUBLICAN THAN ALL OTttBE f At BBS [In Kossnth County VOL. XXI, ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1891. NO. 2. GOV. BOIES WILL ANSWERED. Will deliver a Rousing Republican Speech il Court House Hall at ALGONA, Mr. Alia son is one of the Of the day and 110 one sliould fail to liea,r the issues of the campaign clearly and forcibly presented, and the •speech of Governor Boies Completely Answered . By annan who ranks next to In Statesmanship :R,a/Les Grand Torch Light and Corn Stalk Parade at 7:30 o'clock p. m. Music by the Band and Glee Olub. Let the farmers come—bring your boys and corn stalks. Join our parade and hear the best speech that will be delivered in Algona this year. Arrangements are being made for Special Trains north and south after the speech. ALGONA REPUBLIC AS (Official Paper J>f • City of Kosauth County an&;tlie, EVBUY WKDNKSDAi' .JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. •• One copy, one year, hi advance S1J50 One copy, six months, in advance 75 • One copy, three months. In advance........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped :and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made known on application. BOOK AMD JOB PRSNTIN-C. The equipment of the BEPTIBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printini? is unsurpassed m'tins part of Iowa. Steam power. .Tup. KEPUBLICAN is an AIJL HOME PRINT paper. .No <4fcjectionable patent ill- sides. The State Register applies the following lines to Gov. Boies in his uncertainty as to whether the paramount issue in Iowa this year is .corn or whiskey. He stoorl a spell on one foot fust, Then stood a spell on 'tother, An' on which one hc'felt the. wust He couldn't have told ye, nuther. Last week's Courier contained the alleged interview with Phil ySchaller in regard to Mr. Wheeler and 'tiro story that he did not pay tois taxes.-The Courier published the whole article, notwithstanding the fact that the interview had been denied in toto by Mr. Schaller. The Courier is engaged in -the'Democrat- ic campaign and of course refuses to be honest. Highest of allfin Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. v .THIS ISSUE .CONTAINS: 2d Page—Telegraphic New$, State and National. 3cl_The Bancroft NEWS. 4th-Algona Local News. 5th—Additional Algona News. 6th—Literary—Tih© "Bill Nye" Letter. 7th—Tdhe Wilson Farm De- ipartmerat. 8th—County N,ews and Burt {REPUBLICAN. A TAU< ON JUSPUHE-ICAN STATE .TICKET. Governor... iHiRAS&C. WHEELER. .of Sac couuty. Tor Lleut.-Govesinor GEO. VAN HOUTEN, off Taylor counts'. For.Judge Supreme Court, SILASBl. of Kavdln county. JTonEailroad Conu .FRANK T.I of Jasper county. For Sspt. Puulio liwtructipn,., HK»aiY SAUIN, • of OlUitou county. For Itepreseutattve, 64th Disk JouXtf*. SMITH, - . of KoajutU comity. , For Senator, 47th Dist.... A. C. FUNK COUNTY TICK33T. 'The latest quotations are for a big Republican victoiy in 2tfew York, a bigger one in Ohio, and an old time 'Republican 'mgjority in Iowa. -New York Republican papers prophesy 'the'election of Fassett, with increasing .confidence. Republican Ohio is..reasonably confident thet.MfxKinley will -be elected Governor and< every thing seems 'to 'be <coming to•wards Wheeler hose -in Iowa. Such (landslides as took, place last year are 'bound to produce a seaction. and the re action is taking place. -Democratic proph- •Goies-havo failed to eome true .-and the people remember , <those .prophecies. •"YouiC&nt't fool all of the peqpla all .of the time." 67 .-.cents per acre? Another stipulation of the iron :clad lease runs as follows^ "Said second party agrees to pay for; the-uso of-said land as .follows: Thirteen- and one third bushels of the soundest' com raised by him each year of said tenn<foreacb.:acre planted to corn to be delivered in'the cribs of said first party, and'toibe weighed on .his scales, weight to benseventy-nve poundssper bushel and to be so delivered between October 15th and November-15th of each year." After; planing half-the land in .corn at a loss: of 67<eents per acre; and after giving 13J4 bushels °of .corn for every acre planted in payment for the privilege of being compelled to raise corn "at 'a-loss in stead 'Of a profit," where does the poor tenants reward for his labor come in? The Lord deliver the tenants .of Iowa from fiuob. .inhuman landlordism. , M STEPHENS Tfor Treasurer. W A. CHUPMAN Vor Superii*tendent of Schools .B F HEED Tor Supervisor. H C HOLLENBECK For Supervise! 1 J O lUwsox for Coroner., • •!>« L A Sasw. 1 ;? JFov 'County 'Surveyor - 0 A TELUEB i: . ANNOUNCEMENTS. I tun a candidate for county •superintendent. BKKTIIA OABEY. I ain nn Independent candidate for the office of Sbericr. A. F. are told that several advocates of Dii\ Bourne the-Democratic stool ijwgeon candidate »for the legislature', deny that he made'the statement in Ms letter of acceptance that there wa • QO ; esseutial difference between the A.lliance and Democratic platforms and that he endorsed them 'both. We ireprint, the doctors' letter that all who .doubt .may see how completely he has -surrendered himself to the Democratic party. The Doctor'* letter runs as follows;: UNIOK TOSTNSHIP, Oct.' 1-st, 1801. —Messrs J. J. Wilson* C. L. Lund and Ph. Dorweiler, -committee.. Gentlemen; Yo«r letter inf,oraiing me of my nomination for representative by the Democratic party is received. lu reply I would say that I am thankful for 1 the honor conferred, and that I accept the nomination. I see no conflict or essential difference between the Democratic platform and that of the Alliance party, and I approve and endorse them both. ' • Very Respectfully, . Wi T. BOUBNE, The Governor's diatribes against the churches ara having the effect of driving them, one after another^ jfoto a prominent position agaiost the democratic party. At a recent session of the Cedar Rapids Presbytery held at Goldfield, the following resolution was adopted: Resplved, That we as a Presbytery recognize the crisis in the temperance situation, and we promise ourselves, and we encourage our people to pray, labor and vote for the maintenance of the present prohibitory law. The issue is pretty weU defined and understood. It is the home, the school and tbe : cfeurch—every influence for spbriety and, happiness—against the saloon. Jt ig a, question "of law, against tbe 4e- fiance of law, subordination against in- the State of Iowa against Tbe Dubuque Times of last Friday printed a facsimile of the irpn clad form of lease, used by Gov, Boies in contracting witb bis tenants. Among; tbe other stipulations of the lease is one'that runs as follows. "The party of tbp second part agrees to properly prepare for and plant at least one-balf of tbe tillable land thereon to corn," ~" ' ity of a landlord tenant to put land in corn, when according to bis own figures tbe tenant bad to lose on tbe corn that be,was compelled to raise, 67 cents for every acre f to say nothing about the rent be had to pay bis landlord for tbe privilege of raising cpm and Dr. Bourne, the'Bemocrat-lHdependent; candidate dor the legislature, i« assuming i an attitude that would do credit to any political •contortionist that ever Developed an appetite i or office. The d«ctor has been known .as a lifelong prohibitionist and temperance man. There is uo doubt but that the Democrats remembered his record as a prohibitiomist and eadorsed his nominfition with the hope of holding the prohibition following of the party in line. But of course the S)emocratic.can- didate had to .endorse >the Democcatic platform, and the ;donto? was bro«ig))t before the public by tl>8 Democratic managers ina. letter of .aaceptftoce a«qd jotroduced in the grand unrivalled coo- ^tortion act of the «ampai@H. In retura foe the Democratic nomination the doe- tor was compelled to .«ign an unqualified endorsement of the Democratic plat- fown for the very plain purpose of holding the whiskey vote, notwithstanding the fact that prohibition is the conspicuous issue in the campaign th!s year, and tUat the Democratic platforrn .declares positively in favor of its repeal Now the question arises; what are the Doctors actual convictions on the pro- Think of th.e who would compel a "at least one-half" of hie hibitio.n question, tlje event of his and what will he do in election—wjiich is not losing money, the Governor How Jttucn rental doea extort from bis ten ants after compelling tbew to plant at leajt ol tbeU ta cow at a Ion s ol enumerated among the probabilities? Supposing for the sake of argument that the poctor should be elected, will he stand by his convictions and vote for the maintenance of prohibition, or will he stand' by his pledge to the Deraocratic party and vote for its repeal? Oae thing is clear in regard to Pr, Bourne, he wants office and he wants it most all- fired bad. It is a bad state of affairs when a candidate for a public trust will sell put bis independence and do vio lence to bis own honest cftunetions for the, bjribg of a parly A farmer from up the country, with brindle colored hair, came into the RE- FUBLICAN offloe one day. last week and after instructing the editor to "stop the paper" he proceeded to set forth his retisone for wishing to have the paper discontinued.' He first sang a tale of woe, -telling how poor and ipoverty stricken he was-and how he couldn't afford to pay for any newspaper. He laid the responsibility lor his poverty-struck condition at the >door of the monopoly Postering Republican party and -wished 4'or an era of sub'treasuries dealing out ;au unlimited quantity of two per cent loans. Our brindle haired friend is a type of the class of discontents who are taken up with the "plenty money" sohemes of the Ocala convention, the "flub Treasury" idiocy and kindred Allans for getting -something for nothing »and acquiring wealth without labor. If-our euto Treasury friends -would spend apportion of the time devoted to drearningout crazy financial policies, in industrious intelligent toft they -would see no need of sub-Treasuries aqd aa unlimited issue of paper to esable thorn to pay their debts in .cheap money. What have <thei farmers of Iowa got to-complain about anyway:? .Something of-course, but not everything. Every class have their just grievances but the Iowa farmer has as little cause for complaint as any body. If our briodle haired farmer' friend will <rv and forget tfce wild idea that a.nation can make itself rich by' starting the presses to stamping out un-; limited paper money; If he will forget the Ocala convention scheme to fill his ppckets with two per cent money, and tend more intelligently to the cultivation of the soil be will achieve the success that always comes to industrious toil and see less need for sub-treasuries and an unlimited issue of paper money. A CHALLENGE. If any person will produce from any store in Iowa an article of American manufacture, on tbe like of. which the McKinley tariff levied an increased duty, and the retail price of which is now 'higher than before ibe duty was increased, I will give ten dollars to the democratic are selling Never Rip; Stylish Cut; Easy Fitting. You may buy a pair of them, wear them for two months and for every suspender button that comes off we will pay you ten cents. If they rip in the waist band, we will pay you fifty cents, If they rip in the seat or elsewhere, we will pay you one dollar, or give you a new pair. BEST in the World, TIRTST .A. ONE-PRICE CLOTHIERS. county central committee of Black Hawk county, Iowa, tbe person accepting this challenge, if he fails to prove his case, to pay ten dollars to the republican county central conioiilteeof Black Hawk county. This, I think, is a fair, honest proposition and will test the two theories, at at present time, at least. To give this proposition widejjublicity, I respectfully ask the Chicago Times, Dubuque Herald, Des Moines Leader, New York World and other democratic papers, as well as all republican papers, to place this prop- ositiou in thejr columns. 'O. W. Miner, Waterloo, Iowa, JBody Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Ideal Ingrains, Extra Superfine All Wool, Extra Super All Wool, Extra Super Cotton Chain, Extra Super Union, Cotton. Ingrain*'", Hemp, Mattings, „••-,. or Bag Carpet, Lace Curtains, #""*» Chenille Curtains, Raw Silk Curtains, Turcoman Curtains, , Smyrna Rugs, Fur Rugs, ' Cocoa Mats, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Until you bave seen and examined Quality, Style and Prices, as esb us on tbe FAIR GROUNDS, September 23, 24. 35, or any day tbereaflgsf our store on west State street. '; The Grange Store, T cv* ,1 J ~

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