The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1891
Page 8
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THE REPUBLICAN: AL6TONA, IOWA, WEDNE8DAY, OOTOBJBft », 1891. THE PREMIUM: TAKERS. A Record of the County Fair Pve- minm Awards. (concluded from last week.) 1>EI'ABTAIKNT C. SJIJCK1' AND SWTKK. Class 1. Buck 1 vear old. 1st A T, R«lt,on, 2nd 1) Wal- :ia?e mfewes. l«t 1>, ai.dAI.BeIt. ,on Five lambs, 1st W H KliiR, 2nd l> Wallace. Lamb. 1st D Wallace, 2nd W H King. •Glass 2. Poland China sow 1 year old. 1st Geo E Ash- .elford. hoar over 0 months. 1st! A fleld 2nd Uco E Aslioltonl. uhcster White sow. 1st B F Smith. Boar over six months, 1st Geo Clock. Sow with i>iRs. 1st GeoE Asliel- ;ford, 2nd A W Hlgsby. Five pigs. 1st B F -Smith, 2nd KelbliolT Bros. DEPARTMENT 1). 1'OTILTKY. cla-ss 1. Plymouth Hock fowls 1st W M JleaUierehaw. • Chicks1st J K Dutton. 2nd W M Heathefshaw. Pair turkeys 1st W,M Heatliersliaw. Geese 1st W M HeaUiershaw. Ducks W M Ueathershaw. •Guinea hens Is;, F M Taylor. DEPARTMENT K. GRAINS. ClilSS 1. Wheat 1st L Witham, 2nd W M Hcathershaw •Oats 1st and 2nd W M IJoatbewliaw, "« Clark. & Sou, J (J KawBon. taylor. Embroidered chair «f8 L A Sheet;.. Toilet set Mrs Jas Taylor. Shell work Mrs 0 W Qoddard. Foot rest ut Nellie Taylor, 2nd Mrs 8 8 Potter. Rlst's Racket for bargains in underwear and notions. E K Hall, Corn 1st J Ji Mc- Class 1. Display school work Ollle Wllkenson, map of Brazil, Grace (Jafney. Map Congo Free State, Grace Gafney. Map Kossnth, Sylvester MC- Ohesney. Penmanship, Julia Hall. Original story, Simon Gafney. Solution of problem, Annabel Gafnev. Hook of drawings, J A Freeh. Busy work, Josle Pottlbone. Music Miss Fahnestock. DCPAMTWENT DISCRETIONARY. Koll Babl is Mrs M tfavs, 2nd L E Potter. Ool- lectlon cacti Mrs M Hays. Pair Langshan fowls 1st and 2nd F M Taylor. Potato ,«tarcn Mrs 0 Byson. Woolen yarn Mrs C Hyson, Head rest 1st and 2nd Mrs Jas Taylor. Hest drawn work Mrs H A Palmer, Knit rugs 1st and 2nd Mrs B A Palmer, celery A E Kennedy. Egg plant A E Kennedy. Housewife Mrs W H Kennedy. Ground peaches J K Dutton. Black Spanish fowls ,J K Dutton. Ground cherries J B Dutton, Fancy work Mrs F Fox. Silk embroidery sewing machine work J B Wlnkel. Domestic machine J li Wlnkel. Dusting bag Mrs L A Hawvel. Collection geraniums Mrs John Grove, Xenlas Mrs John Grove. Pweet peas Mrs John Grove. Autograph quilt Mrs John Grove. i'lc- cilill C B Hutchlns. Russian sunflewor 0 B Hutchins. Pieced ctuilt Cora Heathershaw. Buckwheat V A Witham. Haystacker Ernest Jones. Astors Mrs M nays. Coxcombs Mrs M Hays. Dahlias Mrs M Hays. DEPARTMENT SPECIAL. Class 1. Boys under 10 years, potatoes, 1st Howard Wallace, 2nd Fred Jones. Onions, Bert Heathershaw. Class 2. By girls under 10 years, layer cake, Nettle Hist. (Jallco dress 1st Mary 'Potter, 2nd Miss Mann. Biscuit M ettle Rlst. Class 3. Lund's premium for display of grain, F A Witham. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. WANTED, A BOY To learn the printer's trade at the Rffi- PUBLICAN office. Furnished Rooms to rent at reasonable prices. 52tf Mus. P. A.. WANTED A girl to do general housework. * MHS. GEO. E. CLAKKB. Horses for Sale. A. M. & Q. M. Johnson have some fine young horses for sale. Terms to suit purchaser. Stoves, Stoves, Stoves, IN THIS LINE THE For Sale or Trade* Will trade or sell my house and lot near Normal School in Algona. Write or see me. A. C. CADY, Burt, la. 1'eas .am. Clover seed 1st . ., Wallace. Barley 1st W M Heathersbaw. I'ei 1st J G Kawston. iieaiis 1st am 0 luilm, 2nd i, WHliiim. V-KOETAULES. Class 1. Sweet potatoes 1st F M Tnylor. Irish potatoes -1st Jit Button, Mrs H Michael, 0 Sessions, A Taylor, U A Wallace, R K Hull, C A Brewster, NM Mann, John Haines. A li Kennedy A Tavlor A Taylor. Mrs U Michael. Jivelina .Stewart, C Sessions, A Taylor. EM Hall, 0 A. Brewster, Khmey. J FmneBan, John Haines. Joseph Thompson. Kuwsou, Itawson, and J Flnnegan, L Witham. A Taylor, 0 Sessions, A J Belton, Belton. Onions 1st Nonine. Hutchison, A E Kennedy, Mrs 0 Kuhn, 2nd Kennedy.Keu- iiedy. Beets 1st J 11 Duiion. Carrots 1st A K Kennedy, 2nd J H Dntton. Parsnips 1st A K Kennedy. Tomatoes lst.0 A Brewater, J Mn- neKan. C A Brewster. A E Kennedy, Hawsou, Bawson, A E Kennedy. Cabbages 1st A Haw- vel,2nd A E.Kennedy. Squash 1st I, Witham, ,2nd A. 1, Belton. I'umpkius, 1st D A Wallace. Music melons 1st Jake Wlnkel. Red peppers 1st A E Kennertv,2iid Mrs S H 1'ettlbone. Oauti- flower 1st A E'Kennedy. Ulsjilay vegetables 1st Mrs M Hays, 2nd Kawson. Sugar beets ls.t . ; B F Smith,.2nd J H Duttim. Turnips 1st D A Wallace, Jas young, 2nd A K Kennedy, J It .Dutton, DEPARTMENT G. vmuTS. Classi. Display ten varieties 1st D S Miller, 2nd An- .tliony Uurant. l°ive varieties 1st N M Mann, 2nd JL> S Miller. Three varieties summer apples 1st Anthony Unrant, 2nd Mrs C I! Hutchins. Display from one orchard 1st D b Miller, 2nd .Antho.iy Durant. Sample winter apples 1st Durant, 2nd Miller. Fall apples 1st L Wltham, .2nd Mrs Kanisey. Crab apples, six varieties 1st Durant. Crab 1st J U Hawsou, 2nd N M Mann. .Grapes 1st Wm deary, 2nd Miller. J'lums 1st K M Mann, 2nd J G Kawson. Dlil'AKTMENX H. MACHINERY. Class 1. Machinery display 1st A M & U M Johnson. Bee hive 1st Win deary. DKI'AIITSIKNT I. MACHIMOllV. Class i. Articles manufactured In county, farm wagon 1st A M & Ci M Johnson. 2nd r.rmlliw & Niuou- lin. Platform spring, isf Bradley & Nicou in. Two seated cavriagu 1st Br»dluy & Mcouliu. .Single can-lane i.41 Bradley & Ni joulln. Open dougiry 1st Bradley ic Nicuulin. Cabinet work, lst£ Leasing. Brooms, lstuiid2ud John Holm. DlSl'AUTMEST J. BUTTER AMI) CHEESE. Class 1. Ten pounds of dairy butter, 1st .Mrs DA Wal- Jace Cheese home made 1st F A \\itliam. Creamery bulturist F A Wilcox, STATEMENT —OP— THE FIRST MMAL BAKK, At Algona, In the State of, Iowa, at the close of business, Sept. 25,1891. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts §90.843.29 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured— 2,321.45 U. S. bonds to secure circulation '.. 13,000.00 Due from approved Heserve Agents $10,329.87 Due from other Nat'l Banks $7,403.11 Banking-house Furniture, and Fixtures 0,030.00 Other Heal Estate, and mortg's owned 2,938.00 current expenses and taxes paid 48G.12 Premiums paid l,»50.oo OheclH and. other cash items S 3JT.06 Bills o£ other Banks.... 4,380.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, and cents— 81.03 Specie 2,184.10 Li'gal tender notes 4,000.00 11,042.09 Uedemption fund with U. S. Treasurer (5 per cent, of circulation) 585.00 Total 8147,943.53 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in 50,000.00 Surplus fund 4,500.00 Undivided profits 1,519.04 National Bank notes outstanding 11,700.00 Individual deposits subject. to check 508.127.09 Demand certili'tes of deposit 12,102.80 80,230.49 STOCK 8A1E—EVERYTHING GOES. The undersigned •will sell at public auction at his farm formerly known as the "old Crose farm" located 2£ miles south of Algona on the main road to Irvington at 10 o'clock a. m. on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1891, the following described property, to-wit: Horses, cattle and hogs; one span of good work horses. 40 head of cattle, consisting of steers, cows and calves, 10 head of prime shoats and about • 30 chickens. Will also sell all farming tools and utensils, including one binder, oneMc- Cormick mower, one 12 foot Sterling horse rake, two lumber wagons, one light wagon, one top buggy, one pair bob sleds, one cutter, one corn planter, two corn plows, one stubble plow, one breaking plow, one harrow, one hay rack, set of double harness and other articles not mentioned. TERMS OF SAIJ5. All sums of $10 and under, cash;over $10 twelve months time will be given at 8 per cent, interest on all notes with approved security. A discount of 5 per cent, for cash will be allowed on all sums over $10. Free lunch at noon. J. E. D. A. HAGGARD, Auctioneer. For 1891 Takes the Lead. During the time I have handled etoves, for over 20 years, I'have found no brand that gives the universal satisfaction that the Garland Stoves and Ranges do. I have a larger assortment of these stoves this fall than ever before, and for prices I only ask to have them corny ared with others. I have Second Hand Stoves Which will be sold very cheap, from $3. up, but not one Garland in the lot. Wood and Iron Pumps, Dairy supplies, Guns and ammunition, Husking Pins of all descriptions, Heath <fe' Milligan mixed paint. I am agent for Baker Barbed Wire. I am prepared to do all kinds of Metal Roofing. Tinware Repairing promptly attended to. To those contemplating building, I would like to figure on your nail bill. I can save you money. Try me and see. Total . $ 147,0-19.53 State of Iowa, County o£ Kossuth--ss. • 1, J. C. lilackford, Cashier of the above named bonk, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. J. C. BLAUKFOKO, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of Oct., ism. UAUUNKU OOWLKS, COKUKCT—Altest: Rotary Public, AMBKOSK A. CALL,, j 1). it. HUTOHINS, V-Directors. WM. 1C. Fnuuusox. ) I I'AJiTHY STORES,. v Class 1. Hop bread 1st Mis A L Belton, 2nd Mrs 1) A Wallace. Salt rising 1st Mrs J U Hawsou, 2nd Mrs Hamsay. Graham 1st Mnj (5 B Hutchins, 2nd Mis Kaiusiiy. Coin bread 1st MM J li Jones, 2nd Mrs 0 B Hiacliiiis. Molnssus «:ake 1st Mrs C B Hutchins. Uiugor snap.-. 1st Mrs J K Jones, 2nd Mrs L A !-Uoc't/. Biscuit 1st Mrs BeHou, 2nd Mrs C B liutchins. Chili sauce 1st Mrs J K Jones, 2nd Mrs U M Johnsons. Jellies 1st Mrs G M Johnson. Preserves 1st Mrs (•) B Hutchins 2nd Mrs li M Johnson, Pickles 1st Mrs b M Johnson. Canned fruit 1st Mrs G M Johnson, 2nd Stella Cleary. Bulcod beans 1st Mrs J U Kawson. Apple pie 1st Mis John Drove. Vinegar 1st Mrs S a Potter, 2nd John Uamsey. Angel food 1st Airs Jus i-attersou, Pickles sweet 1st Mrs C B tiutchiiis, 2nd Airs 8 8 Potter. Pumpkin pie 1st Mrs i, A Sheets. Catsup Mrs 0 B Hutchins, 2nd Mrs Hamsay. Cookies 1st Mrs D A Wallace, 2ud Mrs 1. A Sheetz. DEPARTMENT L. DOMESTIC. Class 1. Comfortable 1st Mrs J K McNeil. Pieced (juilt 1st Mrs 11 8 Lanadon,2nd Bossiu Doduo. Quilted quilt lat Mrs Itaiusey, 2nd Mrs L Uod«e. Pieced fluilt by irirl under 15 Ella Kanisey. Knit spread Mrs Sheetz. Hag carpet 1st Mrs T H Connor, Snd Mrs C A Brewster. log cabin (juilt Mrs a Blackford. Crazy quilt 1st Mrs Sheetz, 2nd Mrs JBWmkel. Crocheted skirt Josie Pettibone. Hooped floor mat Mrs U P Witham. Sewing tnacuine work J B Winkel. Pillow sham out- UUOB Mrs U M Johnson. Pillow shams drawn work Mrs F M Taylor. Splasher 1st Mrs Jas Tajlor, and Mrs W H Kennedy. Knit slippers Ollle Wilkluson. M. A recent cut in the price of watches enables Bowyer, the jeweler, to supply you with a watch at.ifi reduced price. 1-3 E. Reeve & Co. have now on display a complete line of fall and winter styles in millinery. Call and examine them. People with impure blood may be said to exist, not live. Life is robbed of half itsjoys'whon the blood is loaded withim purities and disease. Correct this condition with De Will's Barsaprilla, it is reliable. A dumpy girl mayn't suit the taste, Of the man who is courting a stately belle: But remember the girl with the waspish waist, A waepish temper may have as well. You never tried De Witt's Little Early Risers for constipation, biliousness, sick headache or you would not have these diseases. Gilmore, the corner 12 cents for eggs. grocer, is paying De Witt's Sarsaprilla destroys such poisons as scrofula, skin disease, eczema, rheumatism. Its timely use saves many lives. AN IDEAL WIFE. A $35O Sealskin Coat for tlie Lady Coining Nearest the Kcqiiirements. Every lady sending fifty cents for a three months' trial subscription to the Ladies' Pictorial Weekly, may enclose a sarnplq of her handwriting (not lees than six lines,) for the delineation of her character in Prof. Wickle's Grapholog- ical Prize Examination. The single or married lady possessing, according to delineation of her handwriting, the most characteristics necessary for the making of a good wife, will be presented by the the publishers of the Ladies' Pictorial Weekly with an elegant genuine Sealskin Coat, costing $350.00. To the lady standing second in the examination, will be presented a first-class Ladies' Gold Watch, costing $85.00 To the lady standing third will be given a silk dress pattern, of the best quality, costing $45.00. Fourth, China dinner set, costing $40. To the next five, Opera Glasses, costing §10.00 each. To the next ten, handsome Parlor Lamps. To the next twenty, beautiful Mantel Clocks. To the next thirty, beautiful Plush Workboxes, and many other articles, a full list of which is published, with the rules, in the Ladies' Pic torial Weekly. An elegant Silver Tete-a-tete Kettle is given each day to the lady whose handwriting is received, and upon delineation, is pronounced the best of those received that day. The regular price of this publication is $2.00 a year, and it is equal, in every respect, 'to the high-priced illustrated English or American magazines. Three months^ trial for fifty cents, postal note or U. a. two cent stamps. No copies free. Address the Ladies' Pictorial Weekly, Toronto, Canada. 52-2 Hotel and Restaurant. J. P. HILL, Proprietor. State fjtreet, Algona. Lodgins; and meals. Board V>v the day or week. Terms .$) pe r day, S3.50 per \vp,el< with furnished room, S2.50 per week for day board. F. L. G " OVE LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Carriages. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. .Best of Horses and, West of Thorington House. S PECIAL ATTENTION will lie given to all kinds of repairing, innludiiifr Tinware. Gasoline Stoves, Guns, Puniqs and Clothes Wringers. A?II nlso pi-f-purcd 10 put in Furnaces and do plumbing and <!as ripe Ilttlng. Iron and Tin roofing. I'rompr nftftirion will be given'to all kinds ot work in my line. South of court house. F. L., PARISH. FARM LOANS. We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the bur-rower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any time when interest falls due. This is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address. H. HOXiE, Algona, Iowa. Don't storm the system as you would a fort. If held by the enemy, constipation, tfontly persuade it to surrender with De Witt's Little Early Risers. These little pills are wonderful convincers. Our fall stock of boots and shoes, harness, blankets, robes, gloves and mittens Is coming every day. F. S. STOUQU, Sioux City Corn Palace. The C. M. & St. P. Rv. will sell tickets to the Sioux City Corn Palace and return for $4.28: Selling Oct. 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15,16, and 17. We can not afford to deceive you. Confidence is begptteu by honesty. De Witt's Little Early Risers are pills that will cure constipation and sick headache. Our heavy team harness are made at home and of the very best oak tanned leather and warranted. F. S. STOUGH. Kossutli County ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bouslit and sold. Collections made promptly and a funeral banking htisiness transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old at lowest rates. LEGAL BLANKS. The REPUBLICAN keeps constantly on hand a full stock of the 1'ollowiug Legal Blank forms: Warranty Deed, Ouit Claim Deed, teases, Keal Kxtnto Mort^ui^e, Chatttel Mortgage, Satisfaction »f Mortgage, Original ^ptice, Xiiind Coiitrivcts, Contracts for IJuilding 1 .School House, Notice of Trial, Proliate of Will, Tax Sale Notices, Petition lilaiilts, District Township lilanks, Oath Itlanks, IHaiilc Receipt Rooks, J'laiilc Note Books, etc. etc. f01111 made to order. THE REPUBLICAN Ask nrf agents for W. L. Doiifflas Shoes. If not for sale in your place auk yom dealer to send for catalogue, secure tilt autl net them for you. NO SUBSTITUTE. .£3 PAINTINGS AND FLOWERS, Class i. Animal painting from copy 1st Mrs J K Jones, 2nd Mrs J Al Pmle. Landscape ID oil 1st- Mrs H E Stacy, 2nd Josie Pettibone. Klower paiut- \ lug lu oil 1st Mre J M Pride. 2nd Mrs H K Stacy. •Crayon drawing 1st Mis J it Jones, 2nd MrsJ M Pride. Charcoal drawing Airs H K Stacy. Water color paiutiag Mrs / U Jones. Painting •on silk Mrs o W (ioddard. Variety ol flowers 1st Mrs M Hays. 2nd Mrs L A Sheetz. Uouuet Mrs W H Kennedy. Verbenas Mrs W U Kennedy. Pausies J U Huwson. Phlox J G Haw^ou. Petunias 1st Mrs M Hay*, 2nd Mrs W H Kennedy. House plants Mis 11 E Stacy. Paper flowers Mrs 0 W Goddard. Oil paintings Josie Pettibone. Millinery Matson & McOall. Photo' graphs J F Nicouliu. N. W. H. INGHAM, President. J. B. JONES. Vice President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, Directions— W.H. Inghani, Jno. G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Olirischilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Barnet Devlue. THE ODELL Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all kindred complaints are dangerous if allowed to run any length of time. So it is the duty of all parents to keep a medicine on hand at all times that will effect a positive and permanent cure Diarrhoea Balsam is guaranteed FANCY AHTICLES. class i. Embroidery 011 flannels 1st MrsEBlackford, 2nd Mrs TH. \Vadsworth. Crochet worn Mrs Frank Walker. Worsted tidy Mrs 0 W (iod- dard. Cottou tidy 1st Nellie Taylor, 2nd Josie Pettibone. Fancy banner Mrs w li Ifemiedy. Fancy tidy 1st Josie Pettiboue, 2nd Nellie Taylor, Faucy apron 1st Stella. Cleary,smd Carabel Kamsey. Pin cushion lut Mrs L A Sheet/, 2ud Mrs Jas Taylor. Handkerchief box Mrs W U Kennedy. Fancy basket 1st Mrs Edgar Hall. 2nd J B Wliikel. Drapo 1st Nellie Taylor. 2nd Mrs Jas Taylor. Knit iuee 1st Mrs D A Wallace SndMrs G M Johnson. Stamping Ollie Wilkenson. Outlining 1st Mrs li M Johusou, 2nd Ollie Wilkeusou. Tray cloth 1st Mrs H Putsch, 2ud MjrsJUASbeelz. Carriage aiguaaist Mrs It A Faliner, 2nd Mrs A W bterzbacU. Lamp mat J8t Mrs Jas Taylor.2nd Ollie WilkeusQU. sbawl Stella, Oleary. Bracket lambrequin 1st Mrs 0 W Gpddard, aad Ollie Wilkeusou. Needle work Ollle Wilkeusou. Silk embroidery m Sir? JU A Sheetz, aud OWe WUkeiiscuj. m% en>bioJ4ery * tra I- A Snseu, and OWe WUteussa. ™ f -~ this. Sold Dingley. to and warranted by F. do W. It Is Always the Gun. The city sportsman now repairs, To wood and field on slaughter bent, Fires, misses every time, and swears: 'The blamed gun don't shoot worth acent.' Investigate their merits. De Witt's Little Early Risers don't gripe, cause nausea or pain, which accounts for their popularity, —says (or say) they would not run a drug store without these little pills. Cheap farms, rich soil and healthy climate. For particulars enclose stamp and address C. A.. RAGLAND, Real Estate Agent and Att'y at Law. 48-8 Stockton, Cedar county, Mo. Catarrh, neuralgia rheumatism and most diseases originate from impure blood. Cleanse it, improve it, purify it with De Witt's Sarsaparilla and health is restored, strength regained- Sold by SUeetz. Typewriter. Type and $15 for the Writer will buy the Odell with 78 characters, t.._ .... single case Odell, warranted to do better work tuan any machine made. It combines simplicity with durability, speed, ease of operation, wears longer without cost of repairs than tiny otlier macuhie. Has no ink ribbon to bother the operator. It Is neat, substantial, nickel plated, perfect, and adapted to all kinds of type writing. Like a printing press it produces sharp, clean, legible manuscripts. Two or ten copies cau be made at one writing. Any intelligent person can become an operator in two days. We offer $1,000 to any operator who cau equal the work of the Double Owe Odell, Reliable agents aud salesmen wanted. Special inducements to dealers. For pamphlet giving indorsements, etc., etc., address Odell Type Writer Co., 338-354 Dearborn St. Chicago, 111, Buy the Best. Buy Bonaparte Yarn. Buy Bonaparte Blankets. Buy Bonaparte Pants. Buy Bonaparte Flannels. Buy Rockford Cotton Socks. Buy Racine Woolen Hosiery. Buy Lamb Knit Goods. Buy Stanley Knit Shirts. Buy Good Boys' Clothing. Buy Lion Brand Overalls. Buy Lion Brand Jeans Pants. Buy Lion Brand Duck Coats. Buy Grinnell Gloves and Mittens. Buy Broadhead Dress Goods. Buy Rochester Ladies' Shoes. Buy Our Durable School Shoes. Buy Milwaukee Boots. Buy Best Grade Rubbers. Buy St. Paul Fur Coats. Buy the Best. Buy of JOHN REED. S3 SHOE THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEY? H Is a seamless shoe, with no tacks or wax thread to hurt the feet; made of the best Hue calf, Btyllsb and easy, and because we make more shot's of this yraila than any oilier manufacturer, It equals huud- sewed shoes costing from SI.UO to S5.UO. 4UK. 00 <« fn ii in u Hand-sewed, the finest calf «J>\29>* shoo ever offered for @5.UU; equals Freucb imported shoes which cost from $8.00 to Sl2.uO. A 00 Haiul-Mewed Welt Klioe, Hue calf, stylish, comfortabl _ .. _ _., le and durable. Til shoe ever offered at tbls price; same grade torn-made slioes costing from $(i.uu to $9100. Sfi'S 50 1'ollc.e Shoot Farmers, Railroad MPU 2[Jc3»o and LetterCarrlersall wear them; /luocalf, seamless, smooth lusUle, heavy three soles, uxtuu- t-lDii edge. Due pair will wear a year. fl» *•& 30 flue calf) no better shoe ever offered at u£)d£j> tbls price; one trial will convince those \vlio want a shoe for comfort and service. (&O £5 and $2.00 Wui'Utuemiiu's shoes Jyd5» are very strong aud durable. Those v/ho liiivo elveu them a trial will wear no other make. O.TkW<fi> Sii.OO and Sl.?5 school shoes are raUjiDI woru by the boys every where; theysell 0,1 their merits, as the Increasing sales show. U <QirliAa 43.00 Hand-Mewed shoe, best S.-3S3U IV7P Dougola, verystyllsli; equalsFreucli i.:iported shoes costlugfrom $I.UO to $U.UU. Radios' ^,50, 82.00 aud St.75 shoe for M isses are the best flne Dongola. Stylish and durable. f'uiHlou.—See that \V. L. Douglas' name and i.f :co are stamped on the bottom of each shoe. W. I* DOUGLAS, Brockton, Moss. F, S, Stough, Agent ALL WOOL We have the reputation for selling the Best $3.00 Pants $1,000 Address : Can be made in o months selling Tuuisoii's Atlases, Charts and. Wall Maps. Particulars free. H. C TDHISOH, Chicago, ffls, to call at my store when in need of Stoves, Tinware and Hardware. HENRY WINKIE, JB. D. B. AVEY, HARNESS -:- MAKER And dealer in HOESE SUPPLIES. IN IOWA. Title REPUBLICAN club rates with the leading papers published" m ^# i: RIFLES V- •-'•'. f) FOfV SALE ' EVERYWHERE Neatly done on short notice. At Lacy's old stand, opposite nant House, Algona, Iowa. And today vre are selling a pant better than ever for that NEW HIM money. MA! if b V JUetof Information andab-/ t of the laws, showing How to/ • i Patents, Caveats, Trade/ Copyrights, tent MUNN| * Broadway. New Twfc. JAS, TAYLOR, ,^w^ it

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