The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1891
Page 5
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AT ATUMTIC fasGS&S&ssaa'e&i «.—.•**>—tt-esasaastffiWSS«S«S±r±I.. . .rf. _....„. Full Text of the Speech of the Bril liant Third District Congressman a ter tantiy inrarewiuB M*" "•" ^S*«£ESSffl-* BR On the Issues of the Campaign in Iowa, at the Case County Fair. Blander Boles Shown Up In His Trae Colon as a Great Slanderer ana Wriggler. Hit BIBHOUB SqutrmlngfB Is His York, Council Bluffs and Oner- okee Speecneg. 1890 toere were 20, a decrease of 66. there were 8 distilleries; In 1890.none. _____ __ THAT IB WHAT IS THB MATTES. « SOOn take CUlVCT rOOt, if J—' ••— The Democracy were in power and back catre » soon^»£££» awwOL No. 8 and Bald It was toe saloons. Governor Boies sajs."The I**' 18 x ' 16 Dutch standard, and he said toe people not to be enforced," I charge toat by tie S 0 ;. 18 ^^ £,„ of toe kind, 16 or below. I records given, he and his party are reBponal_« £*£ fire grades of sugar last week from the for Its non-enforcement [Applause]. I have naoT s j o hn Hancock & Son, to- shown/that under Republican governors and ^^"^^ && certificate, showing five management the trade was going down, down, eetner ^ ^ M ^^ down and the first year of Democratic rule in g^"^^^.^, below toat color** which Iowa, it began to go up, up, up t Now, fie*ay6, b ^ ^^^ ot m , sUte "what do we propose to do in order to enforce w»o u« ,^ ^^ ^ legg yBfc toelaw?" He demands a fair "•»" toom »•- ££ eptiDg the McKlnley bill haB madegranu- jmbBeaM. I will give.It toi him fcon^thto JBcep > ^ ^ ^^ ^ pooreet fellowjn platform here and now. we wm aeie»i T ^_. ^^ anni . nim m iey excluded toem. Germany had ex- toem. France had excluded them. , had excluded, them. Belgium had excluded toem, and so on. The meat Inspection bill did away wito toe excuse to keep out meatt and we put through toat meat inspection bill BO toat excuse could be done away with, it was In toe interests of toe masies, of the farmers Ot this country, but you found toe Democratic ttartyajBolId against toat as toey were against Bivlng pensions to toe old crippled soidlersol toe Union. [Applause ] Tne committee or agricultural colleges had passed a bin gtvlng KSJKO annually to each agricultural college.In toi states oftolB Union. There Is yet anotoer .. . __ »_i-_j « A « TVi*» -f •.mmcirA i Governor Boles and toe Democratic party. [Great applause |. I want to Bay one word in ihia^connection further. It is a lor g time eince laws were enacted against murder, tat a, manta killed once In a while In spite ot that. We have lone had on toe statute books and at common law, Btatutes atcalnst grand ^and petit larceny, but there are a good many of the boys Sat steal yet. We have now attempted-not alone In lowa-but toe civilized world has attempted to ' GBAPPEB WITH. THE Companions oi BroJUMtum lowm Under B»p«bi»cwi and Democratic Bnl*--Tli« much else ™- t his No. 9 was No. .iw ^u«~>« there was not any of it used before living witneeseB, overnor uoies wito one of two things, ignorance toat toe governor of Iowa L not be hitched to, or snob falsifying no man should be hitched to. But he is friend of mine. [Laughter.] He was In court, telling as I have as. He to?In court now and I ne mm a llttie delicate attention, bat I 7 OBAPPLBwiTHTHBUQirpBTBAwio -y -^ * f .j eehoo a to defeat him. and when we consider toat In toe United States w ^ ";" "" frleiic i 8 , toere are more saloons than school houses; wuw » ""* . WOB £ ABQTJT PABTIEB. when a Democratic paper "nounces at Clinton ln ^ sUte we hW e toumbs »"j».»"_5!»»gfi-gjg,SS. " £•%SK'.°*"^ a "»^'»°~" rnor asserts— ', where it has been [Applause]. No one, f« " not %^/ a\uva>r>.w «taaot«|f Violation o* tn« Constitution In Ignor tnc tB« Secretary «* S«at^-T*« Beoord* or su« National Far- Uw la Congreee. _j'Atlantic, last Thursday: ~Mr President: I know toat tola Is RepubH- ^S&^^'«S e S^^^^^^SSSi caf day myself. I used to ^ow when^hebees tLJJ|Jl«UDOJ • *^w v***i irom the north, dwfB *w D»jr iui«w A« AU U » H — controled In some way. My friends, toe Democratic party boasts toat toey are toe party of —-Sue temperance. We hear It everywhere tof* Governor Boies gives it in his speeches, but when you grapple wito toe widespread appetites of men you have a harder task than when vou erapple wito murder, grand or petit larceny IttakeBtime and work and patience, but toe figures I have given to the Democratic narty tola afternoon show toat In toe short space of time from 1884 until toe last year of »>• •n««i<h of Governor Larrabee, we had accomplished wun- the ipeech of «£"£££ wito toe ^ialation now upon our * Now Governor Boles toe etoer day S« TnnnntHr there IB nu lolling "«" r*,~ J ?lSS«i ^S^/oSS^SVhere-^or must not be $°.« n _™_™*;_"w£".;. handsomely, he goes . ,LJt3Uaa»o*»*"f •-•-——— nave KU« Also a Bimon pure Let me say tois thing about Hh»rtoTReSucan"«^hM^odup *j^^^**£2y£3S2£ _ _ 7XO AD J**" •»•••»••——— von "asked "fon The farmers of these rn states asked for help In their irrigation. W"e"eave them 13,000,000 to develop litigation In toe Dakota* and other western states where toe farmers were Buffering. The ;'BUlIon dollar CongreeBl" We don't care If It to. The country Semanded It; toey wished for It [Applause.] _™.,- TAKE ANOTHER JHHStO. We find toat In many of the western states, west of toe Missouri, the crops had failed Mid toe homesteaders were not able to comply witn toe requirements of law to secure their homesteads. We passed a Joint resolution, the same as a law, which provided toat time should be extended to every homesteader where toere had been a failure of crops. Did Van Wyck tell toat yesterday t And yet. he lives In toe benefited by toe faithful kindness of the nbllcan. congress and toe Republican pi bureau of animal industries, we i»vo yu. that on Its feet, giving special a* tention to all the great Industries connected ••• toe development of animals. _ " •-' experiment stations. We gave •• appropriation bOL A matter day." TEanghter^ I know It by the* happy, sfesss 1 G&SI *'• SK'»• •^^g^ssjsrs^ ss^^ 1 '^^^™ ——— * fiOiC IAT^*"J p b ^j^-w*»i*w Sfc^^^ttEUTertl^SartoStta- firflfp?eSKaTtoTstaterair? I feel at home to toat company. I left the corn fieWs of Iowa „ l a good deal to power and I fancy that in HUB pars 01 u« «•« toere will be a good many Ash sticks after him on election day. [Langhtor.J He had a good deal to aay here because a fellow at Mt. Pleasant had been convicted, sent to l»il and he pardoned him because his daughter died. He painted a painful etory and every Republican aympathizes with the human wrewh, whoever he may be, Into whose family toe band of deato enters. I touch not toat I poo appreciate and Bympatolze wito the Governor ri^i..^ v.r.t tt tim v&ntji tn Hvmnatoize with otoer IHnstratJona from -; its Intent and purpose temperance sentiment. 'Good"] We have sause until 80,000 to Governor Boles, isb*a "enough. [Laughter and ap- plau*e,J Now wehave to b)gln%nd climb up Jnd these temperance men In toe name of jna- - and toe humanity toat toey appeal lor, Ud st md wito us to OT 8 ^"?"'^ 0 " 1 ^"* onud. [A.ppl»UBe.] Now, about this Weaver •nartv—t its ~Weaver-Donnelly-v"*n Wyck Pa'W* J to Weaver^toemotoer "J^eUyta^ & know. He stood by __ long as they kept him Senate. The farmers of tired of old Van and then toe got tired of toe Republican • I have seen him; but friends, W CANNOT HAVE A PABTT There are lots of big, husky here'but toere are none of you tog party *1 by,yourselves;'We ^ W a careful P^pleintoeeefourteeatowMWpfl?^ es ^/^Voidiers among toe com atalks of tola -— 2."S®®£SSsaw "•»• Bass 1 . «•.«—._. ^SSSbsas^aa MK^wwss?** 2 ?? srdKfta ^•ss-srsassawg t in Ca s coanty eniorced resting upo^fn™? opposed to »t. teotlve p oUc y O f toe Republican party and »"» purchase money jnenareinfavorof it toan are "ggy blIJty lhe 2° t ; re1n . <veT cu t down toe tariff since 1 ;««-»S«?25?, f ". A?? that it to » dangerouB^Bpo KT'aSof million8 of dollars, we find to. Governor Boles raise one eoquen »W«f behalf of toe sufferings oftoe daughters of toe tens of thousands destroyed by toe liquor teaffiol [Applause.] He waB « dumb as an SysterontoatBUbJeot I have been curious to "" HOW MAirt MEN HAVE BEBH PABDONBD by Governor Boies and wrote some time agcrto toe secretary of state to T,I«« B *tve me from toe records toe number — c , Governor Boles' administration Now, If the Democratic parg your ^ OW8 , stand by toem. If party does, stand by It, but *£&& wito these side shows. . a» IteS bSen c^rio^ to don't go fooling ^SiS^STSSSS^ SKaE'^fiB^ • These side shows, my ITICDUB, mm •*" «". *h« toe roof over toe great Ni LVB BBBH PABDONBD ned by some mata circus; ^ loTt _ u:e jA^^1^8. P lokea np some bad hab [ wrote some time agcrto 8« ne '» 1 .fj^^belonglo'toe big circus. The S'oreorteBBf'NOTT Bo^me^e to please give me from ^^.^^Li^^ing ItsowncIrcuB, and Now; it is best to be honest ber of pardons dorlog KeP^bUw party is runmnKiw ^ ^ju think-more of me if I tatetration. I wiU here a pretty Uvely tot of tumblers you^ve toanlf yontbinklhavemi ^ _ e . rl _ one million dollars we to &e toners, i»ho, they «l; we ate trying to rob. Look *t toe close famnyrela&niWpDetweett toe BepubU. SuipartFand toe farmer. In addition to toat, icok at toe Conger pure lard biU. louknow EOT earnestly you desired that; how hard you wcSadfor ll* Wegot It through the House Dutlt was a fearful battle. The Demoeatto fought It Ineh by inch. Whyt Because were usin their cotton seed oil and put- HS i uon't mean uio v**»r "• ^ souto holds toe Demoeratie party in its unopening grasp, but m sp«» _* toem we put it through toe house. We tried toe Butterworto anti-gambling bllL Then aealn toey filUbnstered on toe Bntterworto bfll, toe meat Inspection bill, etc, BO four days were exhausted before we reached toe Ben Butterworth bill, but we stuck to It. It la right and worm uiu, u to ^^ yoQ oa ^^ ^^ wry other subject toat protects „ „ toe farmer of my state. I WANT TO SAT A._WOBD on toe temperance I see lots of them- aruuuu mo w_u »*.«.» many of them Bke their glass of beer._.._—.-=- terl lean piok toem outwhetoer toey have on their badges or not. [Laughter.! There-are a mod many old boys who-tonotnke ProhiDt- ttouliaramps toem and Interferes in their performances* little, tlAUghteriT I know^now want these good people to go away and thb* I ima saint. We dSthe best we could to keep •w » DBU.W__ it __ grea t National head, but we bad habits and we havejQot we are all " stituttontohave ; the pap the secretary of state as com

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