The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1891
Page 1
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L WATOM FOR TIE OPEHIM OHAPTEK8 OF OUR Hef Serial Story. More County CormpMence IN THE REPUBLICAN THAN ALL OTHEE PAPEBS In Kossuth County VOL. XXI, ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1891. NO, 1. ALGONA REPUBLICAN (Official Paper of Km»utU County ana the City of .ttocnta.) J'OBMSHED BVEBY WKDNKBDAVT JOS, W, HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, ono year, in advance $1.50 One copy, six months, in advance 75 One copy, three months, In advance........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment o£ the KEPUBLICAK Office for Book and Job Prlntinn is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. THE KKPUMLICAN is an Ai/r, HOME PRINT paper. No objectionable patent insides. . THIS ISSUE CONTAINS: 2d Page—Telegraphic News, State and National. 3d—The Bancroft NEWS. 4th—Algona Local News. 5th—Additional Algona News. 6th-Literary-The "Bill Nye" Letter. 7th—The Wilson Farm Department. 8th—County News and Burt REPUBLICAN. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. For Governor. HIBAM C. WHEELEH. of Sac couuty. For Lieut-Govern or GKO. VAN HOUTEN, of Taylor-county. For Judge Supreme Court, SILAS M. WEAVES, of Hardin'county. For Railroad Com .FRANK T. CAMPBELL, of Jasper>county. For Supt. Public Instruction,.. HKNHY SABIN, of Clinton county. For Representative, 84th Dist. JOHN G. SMITH, of Kossuth couuty. For Senator, 47th Dist A. B. FUNK REPUBLICAN COUNTY TICKET. For Sheriff. M STEPHENS For Treasurer W A CHIPMAN For Superintendent of Schools B F REED For Supervisor H C HOLLENP.ECK For Supervisor J O RAWSON For Coroner .DnL A SHKETZ For County Surveyor 0 A TELUEB ANNOUNCEMENTS. I am a candidate for county superintendent. CAREY. I am a candidate for sheriff, subject to the action of the democratic county convention. A. C. SCOTT. Spirit Lake Beacon: What a shining mark for the fool killer is the distiller, brewer or wholesale liquor dealer .who is blowing his money into the Iowa democratic campaign fund if "there is more liquor sold in Iowa than 'before the prohibitory law was passed." REPUBLICAN and every one else who is in favor of a clean newspaper will accept this statement without qualification. 3d, The publication of all such advertisements is a misdemeanor punishable by a heavy fine under the revised statutes of Iowa Sec. 5336, governing the publication of obscene literature. 3d, Advertisements of this class are invariably accepted at about half of the regular rates charged home advertisers. 4th, With scarce an exception the medicines and methods of treatment advertised by the "specialist" quack doctor are worthless and fraudulent. In support of this statement we advance- the testimony of several of the physicians of this city whose professional judgment will not be questioned. To take up the points enumerated above more in detail: In regard to the first fact mentioned above, no argument to establish our proposition is necessary. No man who subscribes for a family newspaper wants to have its columns filled with that character of literature, whether it be in the form of an advertisement or the scarcely more objectionable reading matter of tjie style to be found in such disreputable papers as the Des Moines Graphic. The fact that objectionable advertisements are published by a majority of the newspapers, particularly the dailies, furnishes no excuse for an editor to admit them to his paper. It is the settled, policy of the REPUBLICAN to keep its columns clean of all such matter. Within the past -month we received an electro from a Sioux City "doctor" engaged in the same business of Dr. Hathaway. The electro was accompanied by a letter enclosing a draft and instructing us to run the advertisement nt our own rates. The draft was returned with the information that the REPUBLICAN had no use for such advertisements— they were objectionable. Our columns are clean of everything of the kind and we intend to keep them so. We have uot ye.t reached the point where we are compelled to take that kind of advertising. The publication of all such advertising matter is to be condemned not only by reason of its indecent character, but also for the fact that it is a serious misdemeanor under the laws of the state. Section 5336 of the Revised Statutes of Iowa reads as follows: Whoever prints or publishes or causes to be printed or published or circulates in this state, any advertisement of medicine, drug, nostrum or apparatus for the cure of private or venereal diseases, or shall circulate or distribute any newspaper containing such an advertisement or notice mentioned in this section, shall Highest of all in Leavemftg Power,*—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. LOUIS LESSING, —Proprietor of— THE OLD RELIABLE FURNITURE HOUSE. ABSOLUTELY PURE New goods constantly arriving—agent for the leading Sewing Machines and Organs—latest styles in Baby Carriages—the lowest prices in th% city. Undertaking: a Specialty. In a letter to the Courier Dr. Bourne accepts the .democratic nomination endorsement and swallows boih the alliance and democratic platforms. The doctor sees no conflict or essential difference between the two platforms and sighs, we suppose, for more endorsements and more platforms to swallow. The plan of endorsing everything that endorses you is carrying the reciprocity idea to a ridiculous extreme. The Dubuque Times charges that Gov. Boies uses an iron clad form of. lease in contracting with his tenants, made especially for himself, and that the "great tribune of the people" as Col. Clarke called the Governor in his Algona speech/ requires more of bis tenants than, any other land owner in Grundy County. The Times wants to see one of the leases and offers to donate twenty five dollars to the Home for the Friendless or any other charitable institution that the Governor may name, the day that a copy of the lease reaches the Times office. The Times asserts that the Boies tenants are the most unsuccessful' of any tenants in the county, because of being the worst ground down by their landlord. There are thousauds of renters in Iowa who would be glad to see just the kind of a contract that the Democratic candidate fpr Governor requires of his tenants. IN THE INTERESTS OF PU13LIC' MORALS. On the last page of the Upper Des Monies, in the last column and near the foot of the column will be found an advertisement of -'Dr. J. N. Hathaway specialist Sioux City, Iowa, private, skin and nervous diseases," to which we call the attention of the public for reasons which will be apparent to the reader as lie progresses iu the reading of this article. Before preceeding with what we have to say in direct reference to the Upper PeaMoines and the advertisement in question, we would call attention to several facts that are true of all advertisements of the class to wbicli the Dr. Hathaway advertisement m the Upper Des Moiues belongs. 1st, They are immoral, indecent and obscejae, to the extent that they should Beyer be allowed to appear in the col- be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000 nor less than §50 or be imprisoned in the county jail not more than one year or by both fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court. . We charged above that all such advertisements were usually accepted at about one half the regular rates charged home advertisers. We kuow this to be true of such ads in general and. the a$ in the U. D. M. in particular. How do we know it? Because we were offered and refused the very proposition on the Dr. Hathaway ad. that the U. D. M. accepted. With reference to the fourth point mentioned we interviewed se^&ral Algona physicians, and succeeded in eliciting opinions as follows: Dr. Pride gave' it as his opinion that all advertisements of the kind under consideration were the advertisemnbts of fraudulent doctors and fraudulent medicine. Dr. Garfield made the positive .statement that all "specialists" of the stripe of Dr. Hathaway, were, eo far as his knowledge goes, humbugs without a single exception. " Dr. Morse testified that so far as his knowledge of the Dr. Hathaway stripe of specialists goes they are engaged in the business of fleecing the people and impose more upon the credulous public than any other class of swindlers who succeed in getting their business advertised in the newspapers. To sum up our argument against the publication of "objectionable" advertisements; they are indecent ua4of an im moral character; they cannot be published except in violation of the law of Iowa; if accepted at all they are taken at a reduction from the rates charged home advertisers; lastly, the editor accepting such advertisements assists \he humbug doctor in defrauding aud fleecing the patrons of his own paper. The REPUBLICAN protests against the publication of such advertisements in any newspaper. The busiaees of the quack doctor cannot thrive without the aid of the press and we insist iu the interests of a humbugged public that the aid of the press should not be quite so liberally accorded. Wheu a newspaper gets down to the point ih^jtwill take objectionable adve»tisK^,V,'$-W rates it ought not to be entitled to very much sympathy if it lost its grip upon the patronage of the public. in order to catch some of the farmer vote. Editor Bailey of the Britt Tribune tells about the convention in his chnracterissic vein. The Tribune says: Last Thursday according to program, the great "What is it" "occurred" iu the opera hall. The train from the west •brought in a lot of solemn looking melancholy men, old stagers of the vintage of long ago. They were generally bald headed and knock kneed more or less, but the eyes of some of them betokened a determination to accomplish something funny or bust. They were headed by Hinchon, editor at the Democratic Algona Courier, who acted as pilot and guide. They were met by I*ay Bowker and Wallace Hardy, two aggressive and stirring young Democrats of Crystal Lake. They made their mission known to no on except to call aside a few of our local Democratic politicians, and at 1:30 p. m. eighteen assistant Democratic Kossuth sore heads met in "mass convention" assisted by Bowker and Hardy who "massed" for the voters of Hancock County. They immediately formed themselves in groups of from three to five and a conversation was earned on for the space of nearly an hour, that ye editor could not "catch on to." We moved our table down next the "multitude" and "prepared to report. • As they were every man of them total strangers to us we could judge them only as to outside general appearance and size them up as they ventured to speak aloud. Hinchon—whom we discovered by inquiry of a sad eyed dejected looking man with a bad breath, 'made himself especially numerous during the hour of council. The meeting was finally called to order by an old gray headed pilgrim whose knees knocked together like Belshazzer's when he saw the handwriting on the wall. Bro. Hotius was called to the chair aud Democratic Fay Bowker was "in it." Ch'n wanted to know if any of the pilgrims had any further pleasures. They had, and trotted out their horse in proof. Dr. Bourne proceeded to make a ."hark from the tombs a doleful sound," "calamity," "rlamtheluck," Oh! Lord, give us office," "anything to beat the Republicans" speech of short duration, but it contained a wail of disappointment and pent up feelings of one who has long striven to get there, 'but had heretofore failed and expected to again. He put in a plea for the dejected, down trodden farmer, and told how they used to own three-fifths of the wealth of the country and claimed that because the manufac tiiring interests had built up cities, factories aud mining industries, rail roads, etc., worth millions of dollars, employing thousands of nonproducers to eat the products of our farmers, and that these industries, the homes of these employes, and the personal property and wealth of the cities now exceeded the value of the farm property, that this was a sure.indi- cation that farmers were getting poorer. He might have gone back farther and said that for several months after the landing of the Mayflower, the farmers owned "all the wealth" of this nation, yet as they now own but a portion of i't the pilgrim fathers were each worth three times as much as any farmer in Iowa today. This would have been equally as good logic, and would have been equally swallowed by his large arid appreciative audience. * # * * * Isn't it singular a lot of old disgruntled, defeated, played out nine spots of 'Kossuth county should come to Britt and assume to nominate an independent candidate for the young Republicans of Hancock county to vote for? Isn't it singular that no Alliance in Hancock county knew of this move until the old seeds came down with their man and nominated him here? Did you ever hear anything about this move before? Did anyone except our secretary of the county alliance know that there was a call for an independent move? Keep your eyes open. The Tribune will keep you posted on the situation just exactly as it is. There is a "hen on" don't you forget it. We acknowledge Mr". Fay Bowker's right as a citizen, a farmer, or an alliance man to call the farmers together to listen to a speech by Mr. Bourne, but we fail to see by what right he calls a portion of the alliance and signs the call as secretary unless authorized by the balance of the alliance, and if so why were not the rest of us notified of this move? The Tribune editorial is hardly to be commended for its forcible inelegance but it shows up the character of the "mass convention" pretty clearly. Called in the name of the Alliance and attended by but two men in Hancock county and some seventeen from Kossuth including the democratic managers who went along to see that the democratic program was carried out. How many sensible farmers will be deceived by the scheme to make a vehicle of the farmers alliance to be used by the democratic party iu riding into power? haVe seen the Democratic assault on VanHouten, and as you have close association with him in your horticultural work throughout the state, will you give my readers an expression of your opinion of that gentleman?" "Yes, I am willing to express myself upon that subject, I am well acquainted with Van Houten. I have read the personal attacks to which you refer, and unhesitatingly denounce them as utterly false ..and infamous. I am not a Republican and have little in common with that party in the state; but I shall defend Van Houten against such vile assaults. I know the man well, and probably a dozen times in the past five years he and I have roomed together at hotels, at boarding houses and in private-homes. We usually pair off together, although we differ in nearly everything, especially in politics and religion. But he is an honest man and a man of intelligence, I consider him authority in horticultural matters and know him to be strictly honorable in his dealings. I have met Mrs. VanHouten and like her appearance, also the boys, and they are bright lads. The only sin that I can lay at Van Houten's door is that lie is not wealthy— Were he not a poor man these assaults would not have been made. I know him to be a fine parliamentarian and a good speaker, though not an orator; he is of quick perception and very conscientious. I cannot act witli the Republicans, but am of the People's Party; bull am so fully impressed with Geo. Van Houten's manliness and honesty, that from the time he was nominated I resolved to vote for him." A TALK ON FRANK BROTHERS are selling All Wool Pants at Never Rip; Stylish Cut; Easy Fitting. You may buy a pair of them, wear them for two months and for every suspender button that comes off we will pay you ten cents. If they rip in the waist band, we will pay you fifty cents. you one . n, we w pay you ts. If they rip in the seat or elsewhere, we will pay dollar, or give you a new pair. BEST in the World. BRITT PEOPLE'S CONVENTION Jt was a great people's contention that the Democrats got up over ft! Britt to Every reader of tjie [ »owi«#te a candidate tot them toeed<aie, VIEWS AND INTERVIEWS. Hampton Chronicle: John 0. Ferris, of Hampton, one of the leading horticulturists of the state, being an intimate associate of <?eorge YanHouten, the Republican candidate for lieutenant Governor, we sought an expression from on »subject which is now attracting 'Mr- Fer^ £>$ eaur&e yew Hinchon the Algona Courier man—he of the mouth, and brain cavity—writhes in virtuous indignation over our burlesque on his catechism to Hpu. John G. Smith. Hinchon asks questions because the gray matter of his brain was diluted by na- taVe'to suctr a degree that his reasoning powers will not admit of his ever answering one. The Algona REPUBLICAN has had him cornered up so he would'nt wink if you stuck a pegging awl in his eye for the past four months. But he bobs up serenely after each downfall and bleats just as loud as ever. He now poses very strongly as an Alliance man. The mere name democracy is sure death to any ticket in Kossuth County. Therefore Hinchon has collected every sorehead republican and assistant democrat that he could and warbles sweetly "Alliance, Alliance." We want Mr. Hinchon to understand the editor of this paper was raised on a farm, that he has spent forty years of his life on the farm, tilling, the soil by the sweat of his own brow, that he owns as good a farm today as the sun shines on, bought by his own labor and that of his family, and paid for from the crops raised on the farm. And when sucli a yawp mouthed blatant demagogue as Kinchou begins to criticise us for poking fun at democratic voters, inside an Alliance or out of it, under the guise of Alliance sympathy, ' we want him to understand that we have been a member of the Farmer's Alliance ever since it was organized and no one despises a demagogue more than Alliance men themselves. The mission of the Alliance is to work for Alliance principles each man in his own party according to the dictates of his own conscience, and not go cavorting around with gimlet legged democratic editors forming "independent" parties as assistant democrats, striving to lead the unwary brother farmer hoodwinked into the folds of the great unwashed, that has never accomplished anything good for the farmer, or our country generally, and can't point to one judicious law today enacted by their legislation, at times when fate and poor judgment has given them the chance. We have no objections to being criticised by farmers from a farmers or alliance standpoint but we notify Hinchon right now that his Alliance bleat don't scour with those who till the soil fora livelihood nor with the editor of this paper. Mr. Hinchons' flings at the readers of this paper arebut the diaphanous vaporings of a diseased intellect. We venture the guess that our readers are fully as intelligent and also as numerous as are the Courier readers and that the Tribune exerts about as good an influence on the community at large and mankind in general as does the democrat for revenue Courier with its Alliance hankerings. Come again when you feel like it. —Britt Tribune. Practical Ideas Cheap. 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