The Wichita Beacon from Wichita, Kansas on September 30, 1898 · Page 2
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The Wichita Beacon from Wichita, Kansas · Page 2

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1898
Page 2
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THE TTIOIITA DAIL1 KUCON Fill DAY SEPTEMBER CO. 1S03 ! 1 i.i ILES SAYS HAY, American Soldiers Did Xot Suffer aiid Die in Camp Eecanse They Wanted To, Or From Their Own Neglect. INSULT TO THE BRAVE. While the General Does Place the Blame, Ho Not Repudiates the Statement of " Secretary Alger. but that a f s"it to a finish wiil r.ot U permitted. The city will !e o;nn fiT ail of iriiimate eport for V.x cr.tertait.mer.t of the vis-.tors. It is ur.J; r?uxJ tint s ror.g efforts are beins made to get the big fighters to meet in AlK-ght-ny at that time. NO CHANGES. ' Chicago, Ills., Sept. 30. Tihe Daily News Vir.g;on special says that General Oijka, a: a. reception given at hie home last, right to his comrades of the Medal Cj-jrlouor Lfgion, denounced as false the dain iia-t volunteer officers and soldiers Wre themselves responsible for the eick-. tiess in the camps. VThe volunteer troops of the United B&jes in the war with Spain," eaid he, ''were as brave and as patriotic a body of.fioldiers as ever took the field In any c4swaign ttie world has ever seen. The ibaWes they fought Wire won as gallantly any recorded in history. And yet -the PSjU which our soldiers had most to dread wfcsjnot bullets, but disease which ewept cfetr our camps and destroyed hundreds where bullets killed one. Our soldiers entered into the fever a:ricken camp as they wjn4 up the hill in the face fit the enemy wti'' a ccurage and devotion ttiat must open, to them the glorious pages of his tofyi Those who say hat these, mm sickened end'' died because they wished to; thoss waft blame the soldier and officers of our army for 'the disease and dealt that dev astated our ranks; those -who assert tfiat our"'60ldiera suffered through their own fault; insult a quarter of million of the Ibravest men 'that ever carrl.d arms bs-naath the sun. IThese men did not suffer and die because they liked it, and who ever says th.ey' did, insults our army and .the men who- officered It. It is an affront to reason. I liaYe nothing to say of the blame tor the dea h of ithose brave men." TIIE CATHOLIC CHimCI! WILL XOT DI3TTO3 CON'DITI ?N3 IX XDV TEKKITOKY. Washington, Sept. 30. Tje condition of the Ciuolac diurcti throughout lie country will in conaidsred at the annual meeting of .he archvish .pe of .he L'ni.ed States, waiJi will be 'held at In Ca.hGr.c uni versity, bgin:ii;s Oe.ober 11. A full at tendance of the leaiing figures of the cfeurcti ia expected, including Araibiihop Keir.r, io has one from 'Home to attend the annual gathering. The director? of the university hold their annual meeting a: lie same time. It ia understood Chat the archfoishops will deal with little outside (.f routine affair of the chur.ti as there are no large questions pending. It is said that the meeting will cot deal with the questions of Catholic authority in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine. So far as Cufba and Porto Rico are conceited, -they are und..r an established Oatholio arcihbishoprie, whitfn will not b distufted In ar.y way. -The church authority ia centered1 at Santiago, that being the old capital of the Island, and til arch-b!uop of Santiago has two suffragans, one t Havana and another Ui Porto Rico. The bishops at t'he two latter points, as well as 'the archbishop of Santiago, will remain in control f Catholic affairs. The purpose is to avoid upheaval." sucti as would result from a eudden change in the governing powers of the church In the3 quarters, to that no changes will be male until they come about naturally by death or retirement. The Catholic authorities are expecting early word from Ritme a o then?w arch bishop of Santa Fe, 'who tikes the plac? of Archbishop Chapelle, now at Njw Orleans. The nominations for the Santa Fe 'archbishopric have ben pent to Rome, au'.houh the name selected may be out side of those on the nc-m'.n&tlpg list. The rcecol death of Ae bishop of Harritjurg Uavesa vacancy In that norf. Which, how ever, will not be filled f ir some time. YESTERDAY'S GA31E8. VEHT SLBI1G Chicago Treacher With Chosen Associates Visits Dens of Iniquity in the City on the Lake and DRINKS GINGER ALE. Giddy and Gaudy Females Appear in l'leiity. Suggesls Some Other Amusement Must Be Found. Chicago, 10; Louisville, 2. Baltimore, 13; Brooklyn, 1. Boston, U; Philadolphia, 10. Cleveland, 7; Cincinnati, 2. Washington, 12; New York, 1. NATIONAL LEAGUE STANDING. Won. Lost. Per. Ct, ATROCIOUS MURDER. Boston 93 I Baltimore 8-3 Cincinnati 83 piK NEPHEW BECAME INFATUATED Cleveland 77 i; WITH HIS UNCLE'S WIFE. Fort -.Worth, Tex., Sept. 39. Word has Just bftqo received here of an atrocious ereek, near El Campo, Texas. The murder-ed man was Otto Harmes, an old German farmer, who, It is claimed, was mur flered,by his wife andi .Julius Harmes, his Washington Vie-phew. The Information comes that Julius St. Louia became infatuated with Mrs. Harmes and they decided! to put the old farmer out of (the way. It Is eald Julius hit him on the Ibead with an axe one night when, he waa Bleeping, and, a."siated by Airs. Harmes, dragged the body to a cornfteid, piled brush ver ft and started a fire. The story fur ther says that Julius and Mrs. Harmes re turned the next morning to find the fire bad gone out and Harmes was alive, but Unconscious, and that they then piled corn-ptalks iover him and burned him to a crisp (after which they buried his remains. Both - toave, fflllce been arrested. Chlicaga 78 New York 72 Philadelphia 69 Pittsburg V. 07 Loutsvitlo 64 Brooklyn GO 4fi 35 45 4S CI 89 C3 fi C5 72 75 80 92 93 - "mm ADOPTS A NATIVE, .074 .047 .599 ,D'',2 .553 .552 .515 .482 .457 .385 .333 .261 TO .,,' EASTERN STAR. ELECTION OF OFFICKR3 TAKES IN " ALL SECTIONS. 1 Washington Sept. 30. The election of Officers ''of the order of the Eastern. Star today resulted as follows: kMost." worthy grand matron-Mrs. Hattie IX Ewing, of Massachusetts. .Mostworthy grand patron-Nathaniel A. Geargart, of Duluth, Minn. !,.jiloBt right worthy associate grand mat-Iron Mrs. Laura B. Hart, of San Antonio. , Right worthy associate grand1 patron L. Cabell., Williams, of Washington, v'RlgH worthy grand secretary Mns. Lo-raline J. Pitkin, of Chicago, (re-elected.) Klght worthy grand treasurer Mrs. Harriet A. Ercanbrack, of Acamosa, Iowa, (reelected.) iWorthy grand condustress Mrs. Made-laiae B. Conktn, of Plnesvllle, Ore. IWorthy associated grand condustress Mx, Ella S. Washburne, of Racine, Wis. PORTO RICAN BOY. 18 GIVEN LIEUTENANT CRAWFORD. Washington, Sept. 30. Lieutenant Crawford of the signal corps, has returned from Porto Rico, bringing with him a thirteen- year-old native named Ramon Dlaa. The boy was given to the lieutenant by his 'orto Rican mother, and will be educated the home of the lieutenant, in Little Rock, Ark. Ramon visited Presidont Mc- Kinley today with his guardian and trlfd to talk with the president. He speaks only a few words of English. He says he Is an Americano sojer,' and greatly admires the blue uniform and cap which his guardian gavehlm, He has never before known what Is It toi have a full suit of clothes. Ramon is known as the mascot of the ignal corps. at SHE CONFESSED, NOT DaUTijrttBS 'AUTHORITIES DO (OREDXT HER STORY. Rtohmond, Ky., Sept. 80. At their ex Bmtoing trial at Beattyville the Roaches, Charged with forging checks on Jonas tWagersv- a prominent merchant of Wag fcrsriUe, Estill county, :o the amount of 12,500, ! were Steld to the grand jury !n bail of 700 eatfi, and, failing to give It, they -were remanded to Jail. Mrs. Roache fwhd attempted ito shield her husband and brother-ln'la :w by confessing to th for- rerjt, wa lent to Jail with them, al.hough It i beWeysd she Is not guilty. NATIVES ALARMED. CIIMJ WON'T SURRENDER Till EM TO PERU IF SEE KNOWS IT. New York. Sept. 30. A dispatch to trie Herald from Valparaiso, says: There is a possibility that the protocol with (Peru will not 'be approved by cai- greeB. It was stated here that action naa betn delayed mntil it can be determined whe.hir n4:rate be1s exist to the provinces of Tacrva . ,or. Arlca, wMoh the protocol would surrender to Peru. In casm de posits ehouldj ibe found 'the protocol would probably be Indefinitely postponed. It is believed the question Will be deter mined this week and that tbe congress will then diacues the Hns.rument and act favorably upon it. TO RETAIN REMAINS. BRIGAND CHIEF THREATNES TO t. ATTACK A TOWN. London, Bept. 30. The Shang Hai cor- rspond'ent of the Dally Telegraph sa.ys: Yu Man Tie, a brigand chief of Szechuf province, threate.ia to attack Schunking tomorrow. The natives are greatly alarm ed. - THEY CAN SPAR, NOT CORBETT AND M'COY MUST KICK, HOWEVER. Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 30.-Pollce Superln Undent Muth of Allegheny, says that Cor bett and McCoy can spar here during the week of the Knights Templar conclave, C ns?y 111 rill Cure sick '. headache, bad taste lu the. niontlir coated tongtie, gas In tiie stomiich, (Uitren mid Iniliemtion. lo Hot weaken, but have tonic effect. !S cents, SIM only 1'ilU to Uke with UooU'a uiu)iwillik. NITRATE BEDS. CUBAN-AMERICAN LEAGUE OFFIC IALS PROTEST AGAINST REMOVAL. New York, Sept. 30. This telegram was sent to President McKinley by the Cuban- American league: The Cuban-American league believes that it voices" the earnest wish of the people of both the United States and Cuba when it urges the United States not to per mit Cuba's most interesting and sacred relic, the remains of Christopher Colum bus, to be removed from America.' NO EXCITEMENT, THEY JUST CUT OFF THE HEADS OF SIX REFORMISTS. London, Sept. 30. The Pckin correspond ent of tine Times, telegraphing Thursday, says: Six reformists, namely Kang Yuwael's brother, one censor and four head clerks of the cabinet, including! a son of the governor pf Hupol, were executed today for allegedconsplracy against the dowager empress. There Is no excitement here ar.d everything Is proceeding as usual. WON'T SPEAK, Chicago, Sept. 30.-The unusual spectacle of a minister of the gospel sitting in beer halls and absorbing the sights of midnight revelers In thetr gayest hours was revealed to the email coterie which accompanied Rev. J. Q. A. Henry on the rounds of all th allnlght downtown satoor.a. Dr. Henry after the meeting to the old Waverly theater hi West Madison street, ar.d a passing glance into a few saloons along that thor oughfare in which women and music are the drawing cards, sought the center of the city, and In half an hour vls'ited four places popular wOth the mysteroes of Clark street and neighboring avenues. In the party with Dr. Henry were two detectives, three newspaper men and L. E. Joseph and Charles Peters, appointed by the Young People's Christian Temperance Union, to accompany the reform leader. The first place visited was the Waukesha, a basement saloon in the heart of the city, which for a number of years has had, K is alleged, a bad reputation. There were about twenty women and girls of different ages and of varied stages of unattractiveness sit ting In the Waukesha when Dr. Henry en tered. The party went in by twos, and at different times so that no suspicion was attracted, n-verybotly ordered dr.nks or clsars, the clergyman taking ginger ale. Various couples entered and went out while the investigating coterie was present. There' was suggestive echoes from prtvate rooms, an occasional burst of laughter ard a busy flitting of (waiters with trays into these, secret recesses behind closed doors. Fr'.drx-h's basement saloon, Clark and Madison streets, wa9 Inspected. There was a giddy eet at the tables. Flashily dressed girls were on all sides. Dr. Henry drank a second glass of ginger aie, took an inventory of the scene for future refefence, an dthe party passed out. The Mendota, Clark and Lake, ai'io a basement resort, was sought. There were not so many girls there, but the class was even worse than seen at Frtdrlch's. One girl, with a broad brimmed hat and tail feathers waving high in the air sat down at tho table with the pastor and two reporters. She ordpred gtn and drar.k It down with a gulp and seemed greatly disappointed when her new friends bade her good night and left to ramble northward. ' The O'.ymp'.a was the best place on the program. Dr. Henry has long upheld mat the low vaudeville performances In saloons and theaters are responsible for a good deal of immorality among the young. Here was discovered a fair sample of this class of amusement. Upon a etage at the west end of the hall dancing and shrill singing was going on. Superannuated women, whoe haggard and forlorn appearance even thick daubs of rouge could net hide, sat at tables near the platform waiting their turn on the boards. Probably fifty other girls sat about the hall and saw these sights. Not a few were young, one or two not much beyond thirteen years of age perhaps. A couple ostensibly mother and daughter, occupied chairs at a table somewhat removed from the rest. Beer was being drunk here, as to the other nlact. by the gallon. Some of the girls drank whliskcy and many cock tails or rln. A niano piayer filled In the Intervals "between acts," with crashing, mad discords. The Olympia bad both music and vaudeville, the Waukesha had an or chestra, but the other resorts seemed to be getting along well enough with simply wine and women. Dr. Henry said that there was no t neces sity of proecutlig the Investigation farther. "I have seen enough," he said to a reporter, "to convinoe me that city ordinances are being disregarded and violated with apparent sense of safety. I am also convinced that some sort of entertainment will have to be Introduced to take the place of theae beer halls and dens. The city has forbid the congregating of women in saloons, the selling of liquor to women in grogshops, the resorting of low characters In dramshops, and the Introduction of music there. In the Olympia, for instance, there was not only piano playing, but vaudeville of a low sort.' Women m short skirts kicked up before the eyes of man and woman, boy adn. girL Everything done on such a tKage Is suggestive and conduc ive of degredation. Such sights and auch surroundings are not for girls or youn men and boys. They doprave men who havs reached the ripeness of years. I am not surprised by what I have seen. I know that these slghta are nightly scenes in Chi cago, and ithat there are countless others Infinitely worse. But the evil must not on'y be stamped out. A proper substitute must be discovered that will satisfy ar.d enter-taJn the floating crowd of men and' women who form the major portion of the patrons. The meeting in oU Waverly hall was at tended by a thousand people. Father Cleary mad a powerful plea for temperance and municipal purity. Dr. Henry delivered an oiher Dhiltiolc against common ve and law Infringement. He rapped the city gov. ernment sharply a number of times, stating that W the present regime saw fit to k't such freedom and1 rncense rule, the voters at the next election (would rise up and put in new set of men. mmmk mWmm PllllTlHtO MM) 4 preclude the possibility of competition. Our prices have set the clothing buyers of the country to talking. Everyday we entertertain large numbers of intellectual and economical customers, who come here because here they find the largest selections and lowest prices. We are not content with selling as low as competitors, but we make it the effort of our lives that our prices be lower than any. Here is a list of bargains that will cause you to stop and buy. They are but samples of this magnificent stock the largest and handsomest in the west. We are sure to save you money. 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