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The Montana Post from Virginia City, Montana • Page 4

The Montana Posti
Virginia City, Montana
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THE MONTANA POST, SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 1867. TheMontana Post. I. W. Pafcl and Proprietors.

Of.r,at the Citf Book Store comer of Wallare Streets, Citf. miles, where we captured a low and such old too, without seats, and a streak of snow they set before us. A man who lasted to Ureen river, where wp pot have eaten that breakfast, would a Moire meal.fat on old This, as you Herewe took a common two-horse i may suppose. us into a very without seats, and started up Bit humor, which was considerably creek. The memory of this night's ened by the gay and festive officials haunts me yet, like a horrible dream who insisted on was a complete realization of Arte- a man with his wife and child into Ward's of Horace Uree already over-crowded coach.

ley's ride from Carson to Placerville. pious wnti ry tired, sore and halt dead ascending, in which I distinguished sleep when we started, and the road name of Ben Holladay quite to cross during that night full a ly.) All squeezed in, however, million gullies running into Bitter Creek, bid adieu to Denver. I cast longing ASKETCH Ofa Trip to In return trip up the to Port Benton, Montana. byoraxyiixk sttaht. Deer Lodge city for Virginia John (irant's wagon.

He having agreedto deliver Judge Dance. Worden for andmyself there the shortest space of it in three fifteen inches deep from to Milot's. at the crossing, deep drifts on the divide, partially bore up the we could not have crossed. Had fun. Johnny is a bully man Staid in Virginia city till the 1.7th inst.

ana then left snow storm just before daybreak per besidesmany pitches and slopes, all plen- looks back on the huge old Rocky garnished with cobble stones, tains, with Long's Peak towering The driver remarked at starting, that he its fellows, to the west, while off to behind time and must drive fast; south-west Pike's Peak loomed up. his whip and off we went; whew! I and cold-looking in the clear, fast was no name for it; in vain air. When i turned my gaze down we told him we were not in a hurry, and river upon the vast level plains him to drive slower, aa we were reached to the horizon, I felt like I so sore and tired that the jolting nearly putting out to sea in an open us. Says he, Boys this coach is i Those grand old mountains and I'm bound to put you through feeling of sadness entered time if something do n't break day by day I watched them recede thought.) And he did put view, till at last they sank beneath through, aa our aching bones attested horizon, leaving the world a level yip, crack, to me; while on the left glided that a gulley, the fire flying in strangest of all rivers, the Platte; from the cobblestones, and we out a tree or bush to mark its about four feet into the air and across this level bed of an ancient on to one another and the wag- which would be much better if it bed to keep from bouncing out. Up had about a hundred fathoms of bank, across a rocky ridge, around a upon it, so that one could navigate point at a killing lick, the wagon more comfortably than in one of the turn on two wheels, and af- Holladay's us a magnificent view of the ice agents-generally make them Carry Bitter Creek, some forty feet below us coaches.

down a long slope at an awful pace. I Down the interminable Platte bottoms, telegraphic. Overlandmail cold weather and into a bottom of crossing alternate slfeaks of snow and andfrequent squalls of snow, till we it. anotuer flight into the air; groans' dry ground that mark the course of the west foot of Dry reek di from gome unfortunate cuss who had furious winter storms that howl and here laid two days and nights buttea where he and a fer- wastes; passing daily, hourly, a horrible storm of wind and snow, heartfelt, ejaculation from another aaddest of all commentaries on the ha wind blew so hard that neither man Jn to tne future welfare of Ben. dian poliev of our government, in beast could valk against it and the Holladay, and you have a faint idea of i and charred ruins of was so full of fine, driving snow that that woetui njght.I and fences, with their accompanying onecould not see fifty yards, and it was Tne general appearance of the country cluster of graves bv the roadside, cold, besides.

This is thr storm woujd give anybody the horrors, rests ay that is mortal of those so many of the Sun River uarren.desolate table lands, without a men, women and children who. and to have DM single or any willows worthy of the faith in those often-repeated and all over the mountains. nalne an(j tne closest scrutiny failing sufficiently-to-be-exeerated treaties made won-sjsjfct hours going six miles Dry detect a blade of gras8 and the water canyon, with two teams and a the WQrst feature of an it con8igt8 of made of few planks. al t8 of water epsom salts, which we our baggage snow Mxla concentrated lye and sulphur. twt-ntytothirty in ravines, with depth of four Here is the first place saw horses sit down on their like dogs, to rest, at every alxiut every five steps.

The some of them soon learned it. preferred to stand up and evidently got their breath much quicker by sitting Cree InSnake river valley there was a going on, and the country with a slush of snow and low place and ravine being the crossing down to it was perfectly awful, they us into a sixty-hundred with four little rats of mules it. and as a natural in every low plaee or and we compelled to get snow and water up to our hips the out. I verily feet and legs would they 1made one drink do me, and would have with that had I known it was. The cause of the is, that the country is one vast field.

Huge ledges eight and thick crop out at a little the road, as I was told. I specimens of it at the stations, was apparently of good quality. the precocious boy, who being asked his name by traveler, replied What! haven't heard my name yet They call me the tough cuss from Bitter And from the many stories told of by the I is a tough sure enough. however, at Alkali on the Platte, that can double the Bitter creek boy, or any other year old tough cuss on earth. His fame reached us from afar, and after ening to him awhile, I him to checks, for he could be bya craw of agents (appointed by government) from some town, and who know less of the real nature and of Indians than a ko these farces of treaties by few men make fortunes, those ers who form the vanguard of are swindled out of their I listened at almost every this of to the extending through a long years, of the horrible massacres that cry to Heaven against policy.

I felt like imitating of John Moredockof shouldered his rifle and went years afterward with the the last Indian of a certain band belt, having sworn never to quit while one lived. Therenever will be any or any safety for small and isolated settlers among western until their is completely broken, and fear our Government instead laughing it to scorn as they do now. didn't. At Blackfoot crossing station, snQW oQ Ureen and for thirty five Every attempt to treat with an Indian thoughtthe chance of much dinner slim, as there was only a 7 by in which dwelt a woman and 1 orforty miles it gradually deaper I reached the depth of fifteen, inches, at the west of Bridger's pass. No snow pi aftercrossing the summit from there Platte river.

my hat were all asleep, crossing at midnight; went eight seventy-fi ve miles (to Atchison) a hat. No snow about North from there to Medicine Bow was but little the weather caught a terrible wind storm between Medicine Bow plains next day found a to death on Laramie plains, from Fort Halleck poor fellow got a square meal at Big Laramie river, as proof that such is the case. Now and had a pretty girl waiting on the ta- is a base slander on the Western people, don'tknow how many children. count them several times, but moving about so that 1 couldn't my amazement, however, she got excellent dinner, to which we justice that the mules with us before we got fifty the house. From there the decreased, till at Ross' was none, and so on, to where we took a sleigh but having lately all melted off, to walk eight or ten miles up while the horses could the sleigh and baggage.

In goes by contraries the climate changes so that where the sleds and there is no snow, and where is. there you have to ride wagons, carts, else that's withoat seats, compelling you on the mail and your baggage. About time that. utterly worn out. (it being generally to sleep unless you are in this you fall into a doze and begin that you are being torn in a band of wolves, or are stretched rack in inquisitorial this time, the wagon gives a your uncomfortable seat flies you and you come side of the striking the chin, or yon give a strike your unfortunate blow in the stomach with Then are heard curses both against the Overland.

It and deep sincerity maledictions are uttered could their taking effect. I would not standin Ben. Holladay's shoes for two started on mailcontracts. FromPortneuf canyon to Salt Lake Citythe snow was deep, and the fog fromMalade creek on was very dense. AtBear river the agent put two more jiassengersinto the sleigh, which was alreadyinconveniently full.

The Judge hada notion to him and he deserved it. Were eleven days and nightson the road from Virginia city to ireatSalt Lake city; suffered much lrominclement weather and crowded vehicles; two feet of snow all over the countrv, and a very dense fog the ocean. Country dry and dusty, had then been hanging over the covered with a sea of yellow grass; for two weeks, and did not once i except far up the sides of while we were there, so that Worden mountains. didnot get to see the lake or valley. On, past big and little in the city from eleven o'clock on creeks, which are lovely beyond all unlay night, January 27th, till Tuea-1 scription and are sparsely settled evening.

January 30th, before we At Little Thompson I get tickets on the Overland mail Mariano, the Mexican, pass in an tor Atchison. Stopped at the Salt driving r. fine team and House saw many Montana folks i on more style than anybody; thought the city. I invested my Henry's Fork of Green river in 1858. in apples wanted to see the I didn't weep.

On. through the but there waa no performance sunset and twilight to Denver I staid, although Julia Dean Hayne Colorado, which we reached the verv night I my o'clock in the morning. We chartered beds, and slept at the Iett at 7 o'clock p. m. January 30th rate of two weeks per hour till en tirely bottom less to Bridger, but o'clock, when we got up and went road was well broken and we made the dining-room of the Planters' House.

from; before he is thoroughly vanquished, it convinces him that you are afraid and he makes treaties so as to of supplies in the shape of annu itiesand presents laughing in his at your folly, and that he will make you the process over and over is also a great deal said and at Washington and elsewhere in to the effect that the whites guilty of great wrongs and the Indians to provoke them hostilities, and a tew (worse than which are every week all over the oldest the Union.) are picked out and cited blebesides, all for two dollars. No consequence Big and and in the region round the Black Hills at night snow saw a light in the thoughts of Koad arms ready to repel an attack, not much show to do so. as of passengers crowded into a no chance against a few armed with double Fortunately for us no made, and we crossed in safety glorious supper at midnight at at the east foot of aforesaid hills some steep spurs between Cache la Poudre river, down one the mules ran about two miles speed, in the dark coach ground seven or eight times in I went to sleep about half and slept the sleep of the just, great amazement of Dance and on whom the Might of the mules operate as an opiate. I am to have a happy faculty of very adverse circumstances ye in the morning reached la Poudre and got a good in the smallest house 1 ever a table and eight people U-autitul valley and Indian summer: man feel glad that he's alive. along here reminds me of Deer Ixxlgi; valley from creek to creek, only there on but one side; the plains reaching off on the other like goodtime.

At Bridger they put our on a sort of hack, with no top to it completely seats, pasjiengers and the hands and hang across the load cold, and in that way to beyond Ham's laboringunder the delusion that going to have- some delusion was effectually we tried to drink the swill called coffee. Why. an old into Platte river would coffee than that for five miles thanwhom, as a class, there does a more generous. hearted, dealing Maple, The true state case is this As the settlers way into the western wilds express sanction of our necessarily encroach and destroy the hunting grounds Indians, who become with and discontented thereat. trirle is often sufficient to wrath to open war.

And yet the Government, and posit ive duty it is to roving tribes, (a thing that no deny must happen in some providing them some other means than the chase, which will not sufficient for much longer. Yet instead of this, and assisting to develop fabulous wealth of our that are even now sums into the coffers of the it stands idly by and accuses pioneers of wantonly noble Indian to hostilities for purposes, and denies them its and very nearly its aid also little is given is done in such a vaccillating manner that it amounts to nothing. Thereis another crying evil that it lies in the fact that all functionaries that are the United States for the come from the Eastern are of course totally ignorant of peculiarities and resources the country and people over are placed. This is owing to preponderance of influence in Congress by the States, which enables them all their favorites and these positions, and just about they begin to know a little things the administration they are removed to give room favorite of the new party in power. Nowit is plain that these filled by men who are not native, and to the manner who have resided many years in over which they are to preside who possess a thorough its resources, capabilities and who are prepared and capable of the interests of the people and forcing the attention to these things.

While appointees have no interest hearts are East, where most leave their families, and all for is to draw their salaries and little as possible. ReportedExclusively for by W. V. X. Co.

Frkkmasoxryin tiik by those who ought to that at present, in round numbers, are about 1.250.000 Free and Accepted tionalYacht iansH from of the world. In England are two or three thousand persons Masonsscattered upon the face of globe. Of this number some 150.000 are severesnow States in England, 100.000 in Scotland, and to Reject the Constltu- in Ireland There are about 600.000^tlonal Amendment-The rre.l- of Europe 800.000 in theUnited States, and 50,000 in England vysnow in mew lors-max MmIn ated everv year: and Papal allocutions severest snow storm and feminine denunciations, 183ft, occurred yesterday.j standing the Masonic body is said to be say that the everywhere T. Sun. SouthernStates resolved to reject the coosti- tutionalamendment.Virginia has lost two-fifths of her OnJanuary 1st, at 11 o'clock a.

the negroes since will receive the members of the Cab- Foreign Ministers, Judgas of the Su- Court, Senators and Representatives. ThePresident has issued a proclamation that after January 1st, vessels of States will be subjected to the duties as the French, in porta TheSenate and House committees are con- apart in their views of the Wells project. Avigorous effort will be made to two houses in securing the admission of single Southern State, or number of them, shall accept the constitutional Some of the representatives of assert that this proposition bs a never been made by Congress, and there growing desire that it shall be made as possible. JarrcHHoNCity, Dec. from Lafayette county has been in with Governor Fletcher.

In of the fair promises that the that county will unite in enforcing and driving out bushwhackers, the entered only a small force to be Dec. house of diet will discuss on the dralt of an address of the States. rescript has not allayed the entertained by Hungary, the promises and acknowledgments of na- rights contained therein. The the diet for the re-establishment of the has not been complied with. Re- is impossible.

It concludes by his majesty for means and oppor- for effecting a satisfactory compro- yacht Henri- arrived at Needles, off the coast, at evening. The Fleetwing arrived at 2 and the Veeta at 3:30 this a. m. The TO-TXvy (official.) LISTOF LAWS Paaaedat the 3d Sesmlon of LEOISLATIRE. Thefollowing: is an official list of the Laws and Private Acts, Memorials passed at the Third Session of Legislature, begun and held on day of rTovember, 1866, and ending on day of December, 1866. ANACT 1.Concerning Corporations. 2.To provide revenue, and collecting for Territorial and county purposes. 3.To provide for the funding of the Montana Territory. 4.An act entitled an act concerning 5.Defining the judicial districts of this assigning the judges, fixing the place of holding the Supreme nnd and limiting their jurisdiction, and purposes. 6.Prohibiting certain games.

7.Requiring criminals to perform labor. 8.Providing for the change of venue and criminal cases. 9.Defining the Council and Yacht Squadron extended a magnificent districts of the Territory of Montana and cordial reception to the crews. News of portioning the members of Legislative thereof. theirarrival was sent at once to the Queen, special request.

This morning the Club fired a salute of eleven guns of the winner, the Henrietta. the has issued an address calling on of Rome to demand a Republican Government. rumor that the powers will interfere in the affairs of is repeated. The Times believes a grows likelier every day, but adds, if question should come up, be disposed to let matters take without nnj effort to shape them wishes. Queen of Spain is to select ministers who have confidence either party.

The affairs of Government 18 said to be in imminent peril. list of all the 10.In relation to contracts, bills of change, promissory notes and accounts. 11.Allowing additional compensation certain officers of this Territory. 12.To amend an act entitled an act to ulate proceedings in civil cases in courts justice of the Territory of Montana. 13.For tLe better observance of the 14.Supplementary to an act in relation notaries public.

15.Providing for the payment of jurors the courts of Montana Territory. 16.To amend an act entitled an act ting executors and administrators. 17.To repeal an act entitled an act lating the probate court of Deer Lodge anact entitled an act certain officers in the Territory of providing for the manner erf their elec- highofficers, members of Congress, and gradu- tion, declaring to whom resignations shall be atesof West Point, who joined the been completed, and will be sent to on the opening of the session, after ThePresident says he has been by Col. Weatherby of South gave no advice whatever about action constitutional amendment, being Southern Legislatures should act from any Dibun, Dec. letter of Gen.

o. the Fenian Military Ireland, in which he denounces James as a humbug and rascal, created sensation in Ireland. have been east of Rochester, on the New Railroad, to-day, on account of snow. Cityof Maxico, Dec. is still He has not yet come to any respecting his future movements.

is required to be completed Paris.Dec. is rumored that States has entered into Spain for the ceesion of the island of will open in person, Feb. 5th. is semi-officially that the great powers will not with the Turko-Grecian difficulty at It is also stated that Lord Lyons instructed by the British any further acts of hostility, or secret, against Turkey. ordered his letters to be sent to to Gibralter.

French is expected to leave Cherbourg Cruz. official edict, Prussian Poland her rights under crown, has been published in the organ. NewYork, Dec. trustworthy sources, that been sent to Minister Campbell at and that ere this he is en route to join President Juarez. Lieutenant-General Sherman Stevensis preparing important will be introduced immediately on of Congress.

Radical looked for in judicial quarters. It is they intend to declare several laws the statute-book as unconstitutional. is alarmed, and sever.l jurists in are considering the propriety of taking immediate action to avert The President is said to have with several judges of the with regard to the position assumed toward southern States. When to the commissioner of South that the Supreme Court would amendments unconstitutional, he is sup- I to have spoken the Mr.Hooper intends to press his bank after the re-assembling of and will strenuously oppose any the $300,000,000 national banking capital. Itis alleged Massachusetts has in national banks, while the has only $50,000,000.

ThePostmaster General has re-convened Board for officers of the Pay Dec. Mills, at Fishville, were destroyed yesterday. Loss $50,000. Insured. the office shall be deemed the manner of filling such vacancies.

19.To repeal section thirty-two of an to elections. 20.To change the county seat of and to legalize the acts of the of said county. 21.To provide for a census to betaken year 1S67. 22.Authorising the people of to hold an election for the purpose and permanently locating the seat of Jefferson county. 23.Concerning penal bonds.

24.For the payment of freight on books. 25.Authorizing the people of Gallatin to establish the county seat of 26.Prohibiting the Territorial issuing warrants without express of law, and for other purposes. 27.To amend an act entitled an act for of the seat of government in and Territory of Montana. 28.In relation to officers failing to as required by law. 29.Entitled an act for the support of 30.To authorize the Governor to assessor and collector for the county under certain conditions.

31.To protect bridges, mills, dams, reservoirs, Ac. 32.To invest religious, charitable and societies with certain powers of corporate. Thkonce powerful Six Nations down to a population of residing at different places and central New generally cultivate farms with and suecers, the valuation property amounting to three and ten thousand doUar.i, and appreciate the of is seen by the fact that they hundred and seventy-two twenty-three schools. IrleiiiorialMand RcHolutioiiN. 1.Memorial to Congress asking for the of post-routes and postoffices Territory.

2.Relative to the commission appointed with the late auditor and treasurer Territory. 3.Requesting His Excellency Green to repair to the seat of our on our behalf. 4.Asking Congress to amend the so as to extend the jurisdiction of of the peace. 5.Relative to C. L.

Craig aud E. S. for services rendered as clerks at the 3d lastj session of the Legislative Assembly of 6.Relative to the payment of the for publication of proclamations. 7.In relation to the distribution of 8.To change the name of and county seat. 9.Fixing the hour of adjournment.

10.Praying Congress to appropriate and fifty thousand dollars to buildings. 11.Memorial for an appropriation to the national road across the Bitter Privatel.a\* incorporatethe Lemhi 2.To authorise James M. Bailey, his assigns, to construct and maintain a on the Hell Gate river in Deer 3.To authorise John Lenan, his heirs and associates to construct and a toll bridge or ferry across the Hell 4.Authorizing John Wilson and R. E. their heirs, assigns and associates to and maintain a ferry across the 5.To authorise J.

J. Tomlinson to a ferry on the Yellowstone river. 0.To authorise D. A. G.

Flowerree or and assigns to keep and maintain and a ferry accross the Missoula river. 7-To incorporate the Fairbanks town 8.To incorporate the Helena and company. 9.To authorize A. A. Brown, John A.

G. Lee, their heirs, assigns and to construct and maintain a in district in Ophir gulch, Lodge county. 10.To incorporate the Deep 11.To incorporate the Blackfoot 12.To divorce Martha A. William, tirf Willi ams from the bonds of matrimon 13.To authorize Charles Francbco P. Abbott to construct and on Sun 4 14.Allowing John M.

Castner for boarding certain prisoners. 15.To confer certain powers in the town of Helena, of 16.Authorizing Henry Whaley, Jossak and William E. Tiemey and to establish and maintain a toll Cave City, in Cave gulch, to said gulch, in Meagher county, 01 17.To incorporate the Missoula Milk Owens wagon and bridge company 18.To authorise Thomas A. Holmes M. Brown and their assigns, to establish a ferry across river, between the counties of and Meagher.

19.To authorize Henry McFarland. assigns and associates, to establisi a ferry across the Missouri rivtr 20.To authorize H. P. Truett to construct a bed rock flume in gulch. 21.To authorize C.

D. Loutecenheizer J. Burr, their heirs and assigns, and keep a ferry on the Missouri river mouth of Trout creek, in Meagher county 22.To incorporate the Missouri river lumber company. 23.To incorporate the Silver Bow 24.To incorporate the Madison bridge 25.To authorize Constant Guyot to and maintain a toll road from Blackfoot river to the ten mile and 26.Authorizing Samuel Bressler, their associates, heirs and assign; and maintain a toll road from City, in Madison county, to Sterling, Springs district. 27.To authorize Fountain Donan ffl and maintain a toll bridge on the river, in Gallatin county.

28.To amend an act entitled an act to the town of Montana City, in county, Montana Territory. 29.To authorize Samuel Weir and his to construct and maintain a across the Madison river, near the the same. 30.To authorize L. H. Warren, H.

James Sinclair, to construct and ferry across the Big Horn river. 31.Authorizing the auditor in favor of A. Leech, William M. John S. Rockfellow and John II.

Min; 32.To amend an act entitled an act the Bannack ditch and mining 33.To authorize D. A. G. Flowerree, Arick, their heirs, assigns and associates, and maictam bed rock flume gulch, Edgerton county. 34.To invest the St.

Louis and company with certain water 35.To incorporate the Helena City 36.To incorporate the Montana mining company. 37.To authorize Henry Gasset and to construct and maintain a ferry across the Jefferson river. 38.To incorporate the Clark's fork and wagon road company. 39.To authorize John A. Culver and L.

their heirs and asairnt and maintain a ferry oa 40.Authorizing Ray W. Andrews to a ferry across the Missouri river. 41.To repeal an act entitled an acr to pasturing stock on winter grass lands Lodge county, Montana Territory. 42.To incorporate the Brown's gulch Bow water ditch company. 43.To authorize U.

Clay, Graves and their associates to construct a wagon road. 44.To authorize John Swartz, John R. C. Clark, their heirs and assigns and maintain a water ditch Lodge creek to Butte and Rocker Deer Lodge county 45.Entitled an act to amend an act act to incorporate the Little Prickly road company. 46.To authorize J.

C. Kerley and Todd, their heirs and assigns, to maintain a water ditch from to Red Mountain City, in Beer 47.To authorize George Roff and John and their associates to establish toll road and bridge in 48.Entitled an act to authorize Owen and M. P. Lowry to establish and a ferry or toll bridge across Sun river. 49.To incorporate the Virginia and and fluming company.

50.To authorize Robert Tingley and and their associates to construct road around the Falls of 51.To incorporate the Grasshopper and mining company. 52.To incorporate the Beaverhead and silver mining and 53.To authorize A. 8. Lee, Ira Brown Taze, their assigns, associates to construct and maintain from Blackfoot City in Deer to Lost Horse gulch in 54.To authorize J. H.

Ming, J. L. J. A. Johnson, their heirs, assigns sad to construct and maintain a toll Edgerton and Choteau counties.

55.Entitled an act granting to M. P. Lowry, P. M. Brown the right to establish and maintain road in Lost Horse gulch.

56.To authorize B. F. Price, and William H. Rodgers to maintain a toll road from Nevada Territory, to the sonthem of the Territory. 57.To authorize J.

A. Johnson, C. F. ttieir heirs, assigns and associates and maintain a toll bridge the Hell Gate river. 58.To incorporate the Montana herewith affix my to this declaration, and order printed and published for the the people of the Territory, and all may concern.

THOMASFRANCIS of the Territory of Montana. Summons. DISTRICTCOURT. First Jadieial MONTASATERKITORV, County, B. Noteware, plaintiff, vs.

John 8. fendant.mmttWt^The people of the United States, of the Montana, to John S. White, the au YOUare hereby summoned and the complaint in the above wflich has been filed with the Clerk at his office in Virginia City, aforesaid, on or before the first February, A. D. and if you complaint within the time in this action will ju.Ijrinent ram of five hundred and eighteen Interest and costs of suit.i ht Thisaction is wrought to recover a WITNK5S my head and 1 the BaU C.urf.

thU first day ol a. a 5 a. i). raw. pkck.


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