The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1891
Page 5
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THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, BEPTKMBEU ao, l«>l. 3Demoeratlc Representative Convention. The Democratic Eepvesontative con- •Vention was held in this city yesterday .afternoon. A. C. llipley,, of Garner, Was made chairman of the convention, .and J. W. Sullivan, Secretary. An in- iSotmal ballot on the legislative candidate was taken and Dr. Bourne and *C. L. Lund each received a number of Votes. Mr. Lund then withdrew his name, refusing to be a candidate and moving the nomination ot Dr. Bourne. Mr. Bourne was accordingly endorsed, and will be" expected we suppose, to •run upon the Democratic platform. Mr. llipley made a little speech upon assuming the chairmanship of the convention in which lie said some funny things. lie said something to the effect that he was almtjst fifraid to own that he was a Democrat when he first • came to Hancock County, Democrats were then so everlastingly in the minority over that way. But he was emboldened by the fact that he had shot in the right direction in 1801, and so he decided to let his politics be known. • On account of his war record he is not •,so obnoxious to the people of Hancock • County as the average Democrat. Heal Estate Deals. (Published regularly each \vcok.) Mftleuda Wilson lo Edward O. Winkcl.lot 4 in block 2:1 Cull's add to Algotia $ 000 . J W Curtis to Martha (HUinKham. com at the He corner <if lot 12 Fisher esbifesec 14-flfi-2o, theiico north to HIP. nmthliuc of the youth hull o£ lota of the subdivision of lot ii in see U-on-zii, thence cast along the line of lot 2 of the subdivision of said lot 2, thence, south to I lie, south line of lot 12, produced to sbirtin;; point . John aud Kate Kraun to Hidftway & P.oyle se qr of sec '£1 and 1:1; qr.sci; 2li 1)5-30 ... 33-10 lEdward 1C Ware nud wife toCiisw E \Vnre s lif and nw qr of us i\r and .se qr sec 2fi- 05-27, w and so qr of sw qr and e iif and aw qr of se qr sec iB-nri-aT uwqrof no qr of sec l-im-an mid se qr of sec 2 Ilio no qr of ne qr sec 3 w hf of nw qr of sec \> w lif of sw qr and ne qr of nw qr sec l!)-l)5. A A Hall and wlte to " Grant Henschoter. n lif of nc qrxec 21-00-2H 1200 .JOStahl to Margaret stalil. cohi at sw corner of lot 14 block 1 of Call's wld to Bancroft, thence north :w rods, tlience west 8 rods, thenev soutli :tn rods, tlience east 8 rods to place of bcKinnini; tiOO W C Tyrrell and wife, to Win M Mcdnire. • swqrof nw qr and uw (ir of .swqr.sue 31-08-27 000 •CM & St P Jty Co to Jesse A Hnniiston, w hf of sw qr. ne qr of sw qr sec 21 HS-28.. 4s!0 -Jas Callanan and J 0 Savory to Alonzo Hiiiniston. e Iif of se qr of sec 20-!)8-28.. 580-John Hesabroau and wife to Hist T\vp of Buffalo, coin at nw corner sec 12-97-27, thence s l<> rods tlience. east id rods, thence north m rods. Uience west 10 rds to'place of beginning 20 'Sarah 11 Reynolds aiidliushiind to San ford Carr, se qr of see 2H-1HO-27 1000 Clarence Merciless and wife to J (, and .1 E Mereuess, si!qrseo30-UK-2U 2000 Alviiui Carpenter to Sheldon 111/jley. lot 3 ' and 4 in block -j Cull's add to lianeroft.. 900 O C Walker ct a! to Corona M l)«nsou,s rods W/ t feet north of the ne corner lot 1, block 3 original plat ot A.lgnua thence west fiKn rods, thence n 4 rods t; feet. tlience e 3 rods and HI feet.tiience suutli 4 rods U feet to place of lietsinuinji 200 F T Perkins and wife to Win Dooring, sw SCO 21-U7-2!) --100 <H Austin and wife to H W rhelps, beg at a point la roils of tlie sw corner <>f lot 14 Call's add to Haucroft. running w 4 rods, thence n 40 rods, thence e 4 rod-, tlieuce south 4(1 rods lo place of beginning 100 Jli Merrill to llnnry ('. llolente^-k, lot 2 in lilork 14 in to\vn<!f Wesiuy -I!i0 Helen U Cone to Tlios K ConUe. w lif of sec 10 and ne qr seel!I-!)S-21) 072(1 J Callanan and .1 'i rtavery to -i A qr of ne qr sec:!i !i.V3i>, iiuii. i-h'.un.. . 10 Thos If Cuoke to Frank Nolle, w lif sec 139821) WKI Nils Monson and wife to I'eier V H.diolin. W lif of SW qrol MM: l'.-'.if-:-;iO W(l Do\VittCole and «ilc to (ito V llalloway, uw 11 r of sen aa-iw-ax - (i() " People with impure blood may be said to exist, not live. Lil'o is robbed of half its joys when the blood is loaded with im purities find disease. Correct this condition with De Will's ilarsaprilla, it is reliable. Bftinbridgu Globe: lie walked in and put down a dollar, a silver dollar, that clanked like a carriage wheel in the stillness of tbe sanctum. Said he: "There, take it aud credit iny subscription, quick." "What's the matter?" we said. "Well," said he, "last, week I was tish ing out on Spring Creek; a thunderstorm came up and it rained and thundered, and lightning Hashed all around me. I crawled into a hollow log to escape it. The rain made the log swell up until I w«s fastened in and nearly squeezed to death. Suddenly I remembered that my subscription to the Globe was not settled up, and I felt so small about it that I was able to back right out of the log at once." .LADIES Call and see our new stock of Fall Mil- aerv. E. REEVE & Co. A BIG MEETING. Won. J, If. Fttnk Addi-cSsfts an Enthusiastic, Republican Meeting At Wliittemore Last Wednesday. County Chairman Doxsee, John G. Smith and a dozen other Republicans went over to Wliittemore Wednesday evening to listen to a campaign speech by Senator A. B. Punk. They were disappointed in not hearing the Republican gospel expounded by their popular candidate, but enjoyed listening to a splendid speecli by Hon. J. II. Funk, of Iowa Falls. Senator Funk was not aware of the mistake that had been made in putting his name on the. Rlst's Racket for bargains in underwear and notions. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. WANTED—A work. irl to do general house- HS. W. K. FEUOUSON, WANTKI), A MOV To learn the printer's trade at PUHMCAN office. the ItOOIttH to rent at reasonable prices. 02t£ MMS. P. A. McOAiA. SA1.M. A farm of 100 acres five miles east of Algona and two miles from Wexton, is offered for sale at a bargain. Benson for sale: Owner is an invalid and now in Gal- Stoves, Stoves, Stoves, bills, and not until Wednesday movn- ing was he apprised that he would be expected to speak at Wliittemore. lie cauie over from Spirit Lake by the evening passenger and arrived during the progress of the meeting. The people were called together by the inspiring strains of the Wliitte- more band, and the hall was soon filled by an audience composed mainly of Republicans. N. L. Cotton, one of Kossuth County's popular teachers, presided over the meeting and called for music from the Algona Glee Club. The latter responded with a song which elicited much applause. The speaker of the evening, Hon. J. II. Punk, was then introduced. He delivered a very effective speech, treating at length the tariff, silver and prohibition questions. His exposure of the folly of the free silver and the fiat money propositions was especially praiseworthy, and the frequent applause evoked by his good hits showed that he carried his audience with him. No one could be present and not see very clearly that the Republicans are wide awake this fall and that Wliitte- more Republicans are starting in for a winning campaign. At the close of the speech Senator Funk, who was discovered in the audience, was called to the platform. When he came to the front he received an ovation, which he gracefully acknowledged. lie made but a few •remarks, but what he did say was well said and timely. He made feeling acknowledgement ot' the debt of gratitude he owed to the Republicans of Kossuth County for the compliment which had been paid him by their unsolicited support for a second term. The two Funks came over with the Algona delegation and were the guests of John G. Smith. Senator Funk remained in Algona during the Fair and was present at Dolliver's meeting Friday night. The Senator expresses himself very confidently regarding the certainty of Republican success'at tl>6 polls next November. He feels sure that the Republican majority will be a good deal above 10,000, and he says that men who are in position to know of the tendencies of political feeling express equal confidence. ifornia. 49-tf Inquire of R. J. HUNT. WANTIil) A girl to do general housework. * MHS. QEO. E. CLARKE. For .Sale. Hay press for sale. 51 lay r il-52 M. M. CADY. Horses for Sale. A. M. & G. M. Johnson have some line young horses for sale. Terms to suit purchaser. For Sale or Trade. Will trade or sell my house and lot near Normal School in Algona. Write or see me. A. C. CADY, Burl, la. JSALK. We will offer at public auction, Friday, October 2nd, 1891, at Prairie Lawn stock farm, commonly known as the J. B. Jones farm, 3 miles southwest of Algona, Iowa, the following property: 140 head registered Short Horn cattle, consisting of the entire J. B. Jones herd of cows, heifers, bulls aud calves 80 head Poland China hogs, 2 good work horses and harness, also the hay and feed on said farm. Terms—Approved note running 1 year at 7 per cent, interest on all sums of $10 or upwards. A discount of 8 per cent, will be made for cash. This will be a splendid opportunity fwr the farmers of Kossuth and adjoining counties to improve their stonk by purchasing from this fine herd. II. B. 'CUNNINGHAM & Co. Col. John Scott, Auct. 50 52 STOCK BALK—EVERYTHING GOES. The undersigned will sell at public auction at his farm formerly known as the "old Crose farm" located 24 miles south of Algona on the main road to Irvington at 10 o'clock a. rn. on Tuesday. Oct. 20, 1891, the following described property, to-wit: Horses, cattle, and hogs-, one span of good work horses. 40 head of cattle, consisting of steers, cows and calves. 10 head of prime shoats and about 30 chickens. Will also sell all farming tools and utensils, including one binder, oneMc- Cormick mower, one 12 foot Sterling horse rake, two lumber wagons, one light wagon, one top buggy, one pair bob sle.ds, one cutter, otio corn planter, two corn plows, one stubble plow, one breaking plow, one harrow, one hay rack, set of double harness and other articles not mentioned. TKRJfS OK SAt-K. All sums of $10 and under, cash;over $10 twelve months time Will be given at 8 per cent, interest on all notes with approved security. A discount of 5 per ct'tit. for c.ash will be allowed on all sinus over $10. Free lunch at noon. J. E. MuNKAL. D. A. llAGGAUD, Auctioneer. •+ IN THIS LINE THE -* Garland + For 1891 Takes the Lead. During the time I have handled stoves, for over 20 years, I have found no brand that givey the universal satisfaction that the Garland Stoves and Ranges do. I have a larger assortment of these stoves this fall than ever before, and for prices I only ask to have them corny ared with others. I have Over 30 Second Hand Stoves Which will be sold very cheap, from $3. up, but not one Garland in the lot. Wood and Iron Pumps, Dairy supplies, Guns and ammunition, Husking Pins of all descriptions, Heath & Milligan mixed paint. I am agent for Baker Barbed Wire. I am prepared to do all kinds of Metal Roofing. Tinware Repairing promptly attended to. To those contemplating building, I would like to figure on your nail bill. I can save you money. Try me and see. Hotel and Restaurant. 4. P. HALL, Proprietor. Stutc Street, Algon;!. Lodging :iml meals. Hoard l>v tl»« day or week. Terms Si pnrdny. .*.'!.. r in per week with furnished room, §' per week for day board. F. L PARISH. M. Z. GROVE. JOHN GROVE LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West of Tliorington House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. FARM LOANS. S i'HCIAI, ATTENTION "'ill lio jrivpj) to all kinds (if repairing;. iiirliiilln» Tinware. (Jits- oline Stove*. Huns. I'umijs inn! I'lnHies Wringers. Ani also iire.pai'cd in |>ul In Kuriincos and do pluinliinii and Has pipe I'.ttlnij. Iron and Tin rn<>l\i>!_'. Trompt attention will lie iiivi'ii to all kinds ot rt'ork in my line. South of court house. r. L. PARISH. W« can now makfi hums on Improved frauds from one to t«i year's time and give tlic borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any time when interest falls due. This is Iowa Moimy, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will pnablo the borrower to ie- duco his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount. paid. Money furnished at unc« on perfect title. Call on or address, H. HOXI12, Algona,'Toxva.' Investigate their merits. De'WiU's Little Early Risers don't gripe, cause nausea or pain, wliich accounts for their popularity, —says (or sav) they would not run a drug store without these little pills. Peterson's Weekly: "What are you crying about?" asked c, kind hearted stranger of a lad who was standing in front of a newspaper olllce weeping as if his heart would break. "Oh, dad's gone up stairs to lick the editor." "Well, has he come dewu yetV" pursued the geulle Samaritan. ^^^ "Pieces </f him have," exclaiined^the boy, indulging in a fresh burst of tears, "and I'm minute." expecting the rest every iinery. For many years Mr. B. F. Thompson, of Des Moiu'es, Iowa, was severely afflicted with chronic diarrhoea. He says; "At times it was very severe; so much so, that I feared it would end my life. About seven years ago I chanced to procure a bottle, of Chamberlain's Colic, Cliolera and Diarrhea Remedy. 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