Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania on June 16, 1911 · Page 4
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Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1911
Page 4
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4. MOUNT CARMEL ITEM, MOUNT CARMEL, PA., FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1911. iiiic if ty Iron Bed at Factory Prices WINDOW $12 beds for $8 -$9 beds for $6 $6 beds for $4 WM R IRWIN W U . W . . ... ... WESTERN BIO-GRAPH MAJESTIC Great . Olograph western, "The White Rose of the Wilds," or a story of (he hills of the West. An unsuccessful old gold miner is stricken down, leaving three young children to care for themselves. They are a bog of seventeen, a girl of sixteen, and a girl of eleven. The boy inheriting his father's determination, insists that they remain, for he is sure there is gold to be found. Later his efforts are rewarded, and he rushes off to the agent I to file his claim. While he is away I a trio of thugs break into the cabin, i but the pure innocent girl so impres-i hos one of them that he drives the oth- "THE IMMORTAL ALAMO" AND WESTERN THEATORIUM TONIGHT A THRILLING AND 8ENSATIONAL ROMANCE BASED ON THE HISTORICAL EVENT, "THE SIEGE AND FALL OF THE ALAMO'' FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE ' The Alamo is an historic building in San Antonio, Texas, erected in 1744, for a mission, used for religious purposes until 1793, when on account of the great strength of its walls, it was converted into a fort in the struggle by Texas for independence. The most sanguinary and heroic conflict of the border warfare, which merged into the Mexican War, occurred there the or tix'i nwnv Her clear eves of Inno- cence awakens bis better self, and he .conflict which for years was familiar he may return goes away, asking if when he has proven himself worthy. Also a decided feature, made by itlie Selig Co., "Jim and Joe," author cf Human Hearts. Scenes laid on to Americans as the Thermopylae of Texas. A body of Texans, under the command of Col. Wm. Barrett Travis, took refuge in the mission iu 1836, when attacked by the Mexican forces YOUNG CHILD DEAD Prank, the two months old child of Mr. and Mrs. William Griscavage, south Poplar street, died yesterday morning from pneumonia. The funeral took place this afternoon. Services were held in St. Joseph's church, interment in the parish cemetery, Undertaker Lucas in charge. SUNDAY SCHOOL HOURS Announcement is made that beginning next Sunday, and continuing throughout the summer months, the Church of God Sunday School sessions will be held at 9:30 a. m. Beginning next Sunday, the Primitive Methodist Sunday School will begin at 11:30 a. m., immediately after the morning church service. upon Ills men to deliver a message to Gen. Sum Houston, Lieut. Dickenson volunteers. He is no sooner gone, than the spy cunningly presses his suit, much to the disgust of Lucy Dickenson. Despite her repulses, he would have overpowered her, save for the timely Intervention of Colonel Travis. The spy is forced to leave the mission. He goes to the Mexican Army with information of the mission, which he gives to Gen. Santa Ana, on the condition that when the Alamo falls, he may choose whomever he desires of the survivors for his bride. In the great scene the mission falls and the only survivors are a few women .among whom is Mrs. Dickenson. The spy held Santa Ana to his promise and next day the marriage is about ; BOYS' ORCHESTRA FOR DANCE j Mexican army was 4,000 strong. The to be performed when the reinforce-Stefan brothers and Starinsky, vie-; enemy took possession of the town ; ments arrive under command of Lieut, lins, cello and whistle, will play for and finally stormed the mission and I Dickenson. The Mexican spy is can-w free dance at Gable Priest's, 400 after a siege of eleven days the his-jtured, and Lieut. Dickenson avenges 'north Maple street, Saturday night. ; toric house of worship fell, and such, his wife's honor with the sword, i Everybody is invited. The four boys ' w ell known braves as Col. Wm. Bar-j "The Carrier Pigeon." A sensation-I i the orchestra are from 7 to 13 ; rett Travis, Col. Jas. Bowie and David ; al story of thawest in which Alice years old, and come from Froeland Crockett, met their death. Joyce and her pet pigeon play an inl and Mahanoy City. 2t The romance follows: Lieut. Dick- portant part in thrilling rescue from enson had with him at the mission : Indian ambuscades. "An out of the his pretty wife, for whom Senor Ne- ordinary Western feature, depicting varre, a Mexican spy, feels a tender Indian raids, excellent feats of horse-regard. When the Mexicans besiege, nianship, etc. Alice Joyce as Mollie. and off the Gulf Coast. Mae Mantell ! aer uen. oama .ia, ..u will sing. Always cool and comfort- to force the Texans back to allegiance able-The Majestic. jor kill them on the spot. The Tex- , ans numbered only 140 men while the LICENSES TO WED Marriage licenses were issued at Western Btograph, Majestic today. 'Miiii't'ii i i ii" Munniii iiiii GIRLS WANTED ! New Hands Paid by the Week while Learning. Apply to CUMBERLAND SHIRT MFG. CO. Fifth and Walnut Sts EASTON PAIR WEDDED HERE Ray Danbury and Miss Mabel Reich-ard, of Easton, were married in the Presbyterian parsonage, this city, Wednesday evening by the Rev. Dr. William Hansom. They were entertained at the home of Mrs. IT. J. Hov-enstine, east Fourth street. the court house to the following Mt. Carniel couples: Frank Lloyd Harner tne mission and Colonel Travis calls Get into line, follow the crowd. and Miss Bertha Karbley; John Mayczak and Miss Veronica Kodian. TROLLEY RIDE TONIGHT Don't forget the trolley car ride to Shamokin and Maysville Park this evening, given by the Bible class of the P. M. church. . REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE UNION NATIONAL BANK At Mount Carmel, in the State of Pennsylvania, at the close of business, June 7, 1911. RESOURCES Loans and Discounts $402356 73 U. S. Bonds to secure circulation 125000 00 Premiums on U. S. Bonds.. 1500 00 Bonds, securites, etc 196986 87 Banking house, furniture, and Fixtures 20000 00 Due from National Banks (not reserve agents) 706 09 Due from approved Reserve Agents C2192 02 Checks and other cash items 2333 76 Notes of other National Bands 5325 00 Fractional Paper Currency, Nickels and cents 2C3 94 Lawful money reserve in Bank, viz: Specie $29367.50 Legal tender notes 8400.00 37767 50 Redemption fund with U. S. Treas. (5 of circulation) 6250 00 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid In Surplus fund Undivided Profits, less Expenses and taxes paid . . . National Bank Notes outstanding Due to other National banks Due to State and Private Banks and Bankers Due to Trust Companies and Savings Banks Dividends unpaid Individual deposits subject to check Certified Checks Cashier's checks outstanding $125000 00 80000 00 15712 37 125000 00 3810 03 C. A. Parry & Co. Specialties Home Dressed Fresh Shoulders at 10c Callie Hams . .10c Best Compound Lard . 10c Pure open kettle rendered Leaf Lard . . 12c Try our Steak, put up in the Parry way. All meats strictly fresh And of the Highest Ouality All orders delivered promptly by our sanitary delivery system. Markets -123 N. Oak St. 135 S. Oak St. Cor. Fifth and Vine FORMER ATLANTIC LEAGUE PLAYER IS KILLED HATCHES EGGS IN STOVE i Bloomsburg. Pa., June 15. Mrs. Wil liam Hartman proved again that neces-, sitv is the mother of invention when' Albany, X. Y., July 15. First base-she found the mother hen killing the "'" Arthur Brown, of the Albany lirst two peeps that she hatched out. State League baseball team, died to-Taking the remaining thirteen eggs, ht in a hospital from four bullet niwwt tr, h hnteherl. from the moth-! wounds received he told the police at Grossman's Continue to hold their reputation of Big Values and Little Prices.Each week brings forth many new bargains. It docs not pay to miss these sales. Muslin, unbleached, full yard wide, regular 7c value, special at 5c yard. Bleached sheets, 72x76, a good 75c value, special at 50c each Turkish towels, full bleached, size 40x36, regular 18c value, special at 12 'c. Unbleached toweling, 18 inches wide, part linen, special at 5c yd. Unbleached toweling, extra heavy quality, regular l()c value, special at &y c yard. Fnll yard wide standard percales, in light and dark colors, special at 10c yard. Wash goods, lawn and dimity stripes and checks, a very fine fabric, special at 10c yard. Childrens' 75c rompers and play suits, in a large variety of styles, at 50c. Corsets, various models and stylus, prices range from 50c to $5.00, very special values during this sale. Indies' lawn kimonas 1234c Ladies' 39c corset covers 23c Indies' colored lawn dresses 89c Ladies' low neck short sleeves cross bar waists 49c Boys' Wash Suits, sizes 3 to 10, all colors aud white 45c Ladies' silk waists, $2.98 kind at $1.89 Ladies' percale wrappers, the $1.00 kind at 69c Indies' muslin night gowns 33c Ladies' black magnolia taffeta petticoats 45c m Electric Irons! Electric Fans! Buy an iron and give your wife some comfort Westinghouse irons reduced to $3.75 American Irons $4.00 WE SELL GLOBES Edison Electric Company Office: 31 E. Second St. Hours: 8 to 12 A. M.. 1 to 7 P. M. 3r er hen, she placed them in the stove and every one hatched. WROTE BLACK HAND LETTERS Presiding over the United States Court at Williamsport, Judge C. B. Witmer sentenced Harry Force, of Wilkes-Barre, to serve six months in the Xorthumberland county jail for sending Black Hand letters. Force admitted sending .Black Hand letters to Sarah Cole, of Messhoppen, threatening direful things if he were not the hands of John V. McStea, a Xew Orleans actor. The shooting occurred at a rooming house on Pearl street, where McStea said he found his wife in an apartment with Brown. McStea arrived here tonight and proceeded directly to the house, and asked to see "Mrs. Brown." In a statement made after the shooting he said he heard his wife's voice upstairs and rushed to the hall above. There he declared, he was brutally attacked by Brown. Getting the worst of the struggle JOHN BACHES HELD FOR FURTHER HEARING gireu $3,000. The letters were turned over to the postofflce department and McStea says, he drew his revolver and Inspector W. H. Calvert detailed to fired at Brown. Four shots took ef land Force. Total $860681 91 Total $8G0GS1 91 State of Pennsylvania, County of Northumberland, ss: I, George E. Berner, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. GEORGE E. BERNER, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th day of June, 1911. II. O. MOSEH, Notary Public. 'My commission expires Jan. 16, 1915. Correst Attest: PETER A. STIEF, A. J. SCHNEIDER, Directors. A. F. JOHN, With Resources of Over . . $860,000.00 Capital, Surplus and Profits over . $220,000.00 we can guarantee absolute security for money deposited. We pay 3(o interest on time deposits. DIRECTOR8 THOS. M. RIGHTER, II. S. ROBINS, DAVID CAMP, E. TASIN, O. B. MILLARD, L. W. WEISSINGER, ISAAC GOLDSCHMIDT, BEN WIRT, PETER A. STIEF, AUG. J. SCHNEIDER, D. D. BOLICH, E. E. WHITE, GEO. J. MOLESKI, GEO. E. BERNER, JOE GOULD, E. W. SAMUEL, - 2 . ; - p " A. F. JOHN. Read our serial 8toiie9. 23 00 ! M fff-L. L-i -a-I'Z?? TirTI'" 1 900 oo I lSLWMg5K i w f u . . . s - - -'i w w u m mm 1360 0' FEWER BAKINGS H ' In extra loar or two can De Daked trom I r li u.t.i.. n :.i . .l K I Ljaiiivi rr evsici l iuui vvhiiuui icai uiai mey 1S$ V I I I Made from the best of wheat and by the fifPlfm I I most modern metnoas Known to milling science. fkVaiM I I Costs more than ''ordinary " fiour; but you J$o I J won't object to the small additional cost , ffn when you become acquainted with CS ' ' I its superlative goodness. SlZ'ir w Am. feet, two iu the abdomen, one in the I arm, another in the leg and a fifth went wild. Brown sank to the floor where he was found an instant later by an officer who heard the shots. Mc Stea was placed under arrest and his wife held as a witness. Brown's home is in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., where he was born and started his professional baseball career. He later played with the Detroit American League team, Montreal Eastern J League club and the Trenton Tri- State League team, from which he was purchased by Albany two years ago. He was 26 years old. Mrs. McStea is 23 years old and a native of Albany. She was an actress and while in New Orleans two years ago married McStea, who was stage director at the theatre where she ap peared. She has been in Albany since April. Her stage name was Mildred Barre. Brown was well known in Mount Carmel, he having played first base for Shamokin in the Atlantic League several years ago. On a charge of assault and battery preferred by August Toys, John Baches was given a hearing before Justice lleed last night and held for a future hearing. BIG CROP OF BUGS Between the big crop of locusts and the vast production of potato bugs, the season of discontent is slowly manifesting itself among the grangers. They say that the crop of bugs is the largest in ten years. It will take frequent spraying to save the potato vinos from total destruction. Foley Kidney Pills contain just the ingredients necessary to regulate and strengthen the action of the kidneys and bladder. Try them yourself. For sale by J. B. Young, F. J. Tye. Advertise your wants in the Item BEES SWARM UPON TOP OF MAN'S HEAD Berwick, Pa., June 15. It was a ticklish situation in which Fred Hag-enbuch, a local bee fancier, found him- j self today when bees swarmed the top of his head, covering the entire top of it. Afraid to move, he remained quiet for more than a half hour before he succeeded in getting them to rise by gently stirring a stick in" the swarm. For a second time they swarmed, alighting on his neck. It was several hours before he finally I got rid of the bees. WILL FIGHT TONIGHT Steven Tanney, of Exchange, will meet Buck Geary, of Girardville, tonight in a ten round go before the West End Club at Shamokin. SPECIAL NOTICES COW LOST A brown and white hornless cow lost. Please return to Regina Longo, 6t Marlon Heights. FOR RENT Six rooms with all conveniences. Apply at ITEM office. If LOST A Fuhrmann & Schmidt driver's delivery book. Lost in town, or on road to Dooleyville. Reward for return to Clem. S. Lucas. It Gift 1 -rA fill fl or a dainty addition to your own table Nothing will compare with 1835 R.WALLACE Silver plate that resists wear. Replaced at any time if unsatisfactory. Reduction Sale We are ready for June presents. We have the goods to please the public. A beautiful selection of Cut Glass, to be sold at factory prices. "1847" flat Silver Ware a specialty. Engagement and Wedding rings in great varieties. All goods reduced to lowest prices. J. T. Liachovvitz 136 South Oak Street. J. C. Broghamer Jeweler and Opitician Our Moat Prices Are the Lowest and the Quality the Highest. These Figures Will Interest You All hams, per lb IGc Rib roast, per lb 14c Veal 10c to IGc Veal steaks 20c California Hams 12c The Best Steaks 16c Pure Lard 13c Compound 11c I WILL GIVE YOU HOME DRESSED BEEF AT THE SAME PRICE. Telephone your orders on either phone and we will deliver it free of charge. C. II. Herb 412 West Third Street. REV. MARKS MARRIED The Rev. William Marks, pastor of the Tnitod Brethren church at Iiisler-i'le, and Miss Fannie Spence, of Gettysburg, were married on Wednesday at the home of Peter Marks, llo south Chestnut street, by Rev. S. L. Rhoades of Sunbury. DON'T MISS THE First Annual Half Price Jewelry SaJe a' FACTOR'S SEE WINDOW DISPLAY 3T"S) 26 NORTH OAK STREET

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