The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1891
Page 1
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WATCH FOR TIE OPENING OHAPTlliS QP OUR New Serial Story, More County Cormpnfleiiee IN THE REPUBLICAN THAN ALL OTHER In Kossuth County VOL. XX, ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1891. NO. 52. ALGONA REPUBLIC AN (Offldal Paper of Kossuth County and the City'"/ 1'TJBIiTSHEl) EVERY WEDNESDAY JOS, W, HAYS, Editor and Publisher, Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year, In advance ............ Sl.jjo One copy, six months. In advance .......... 75 One copy, three months, in advance.... .... 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. THB KEPUULIOAN is an AM- HOME PRINT paper. No objectionable patent m- sides. THIS ISSUE CONTAINS: 2d Page—Telegraphic News, State and National. 3d—Literary—The "Bill Nye" Letter. 4th—Algona Local News. 5th—Additional Algona News. 6th—The Bancroft NEWS. 7th—The Wilson Farm Department. 8th—County News and Burt REPUBLICAN. Des Moini-s is a larger place than Sioux City by upwards of 12000 inhabitants, tind yet it is safe to say that far more whiskey is consumed in Sioux City under the Palmer method of license than is consumed in DesMolnes with a more or less effectual enforcement of prohibition. The Democrat who intendg to vote for the licensed saloon this fall "in the interest of true temperance" ought to find food for reflection in the case furnished by DesMoines and Sioux City. Partial prohibition vs. the licensed saloon. The thing for the people to do who have the interests of true temperance at heart is to turn in and help enforce the law that has outlawed the saloon. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. For Governor HIRAM 0. WIIEHLEK. of Sac county. For Lieut.-Govcrnor GKO. VAN HOUTEN, of Taylor county. For Judge Supreme Court. SIT-AS M. WEAVER, of li&rdin county. For Railroad Com FRANK T. CAMPBELL, of,Jasper county. For Supt. Public Instruction,.. HENHY SAIJIN, of Clinton county. For Representative, 84th Dist. JOHN (i. SMITH, of Kossnth county. For Senator, 47th Dist.. A. B. FUNK Chicago Inter Ocean: Editor Faulkes, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, addresses a formal editorial letter to Candidate Wheeler, with a string of (juestions as long as your arm, demanding to know what he thinks of everything ever heard of in au Iowa canvass. The letter is polite enough, for that matter, and Mr. Wheeler's silence will be equally so. Mr. Wheeler was nominated on the Cedar Rapids platform, and by any one carry ing a pocket edition of the same it can be readily discovered where the Republican nominee stands. The Inter Ocean has probably never heard of Editor Hinchon, of the Algona Courier, and his questions to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith seems to be as : little worried by the Courier's inquisitiveness as Candidate Wheeler by the questions of the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. ABSOLUTELY R/RE "THE CUSS LIED." ANNOUNCEMENTS. I am a candidate for Sheriff subject to the action of tlie Republican County Convention. Ji.«)« liU-NT. At request of many friends I am a candidate for Treasurer, subject to the decision ol the Itepublicun County convention. „„,., \V. A. CHIl MAN. I am a candidate for county superintendent. BEBTIIA CAUEY. I am a candidate for sheriff, subject to the action of the Democratic County Convention. • I am a candidate lor the office of County Superintendent of schools, subject to the ac tiou of the Itepubllcan County Convention. . , . 13, .b i IvBKD REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. A convention of the Republicans of Kossuth conntv, Iowa, will be held at the court house hall iii Algona on Friday, O.qt. 3,18»1, at one o'clock p. m. for the purpose'of placing In num- i'lation candidates for the cilice of '.treasurer, 'Superintendent of Schools, Sheriff. Surveyor, Coroner and two Supervisor^. The basis of representation will be the same as.that of the last Republican convention. Each voting, precinct will be entitled to the following number of delegates: • , . Com'.. No. dele' Algona 1st ward, and " 3rd " " 4th '• Burt, Bultalo, Cresco, Fenton, Greenwood, German, Garfleld, Hebron, Harrison, Irvington, . Lotts Oreek Ln Verne, Portland, Plum Creek, Prairie. Riverdale, Ramsay, Beneca, Swea, Sherman, Union, Wesley, "WhiUemore, Oanlneir Oowles. Olm 4 H. P. Heed 4 ,1.K. Wlnkel 3 K. H. Clarke 4 John Kerr 4 H. L. Lamoreaux a 0. A. Potter 3 M. Weisbrodt a b. Miiyne 5 Henry Iseuberger a . M. Hayes li A. Goodrich a *J. H, bcngston- •-2 A. L. Helton ; 4 N. 0, Taylor 2 1. P. Harrison 4 K. Bacon 3 Frank Paine 3 0. Umgbottom 1 M. O'Rourke 2 K.A.Howe 3 W. \V. Alcorn 2 o, A. Erickson a G. M. Parsons 2 8. D.- Patterson 3 Hurl Oleson 5 N.U Cotton 4 The Total No. of votes 80 commltteem<*n in the different to'wu- i arc requested to call their caucuses Wednesday, Sept. 30th. at such hour and place as each may decide. Oo ^g% u . VUIMAKIJSS. Algoiia, 2d Ward-At tli,e Wigwam. Wednesday, Sept so, 7 :uo p. in. B. 1'. REED, Com. Algona, 3d Ward—At Normal Hall. Wednesday, Sept. 30,7 :'M p. in. J • &• 'W IWKEL, Com, Cresco-At tlie J. U. Jouid.' 'school house, Wednesday, .Sept. 30, 8-j» m. • U. A; The Courier got inquisitive last week and wanted to know why we had not published the communication or statement promised from Mr. Stoith. We don't know that it is any of the Courier's business and do not feel called upon to answer the question, but will do so just the same. We asked Mr. Smith if he would supplement his remarks at the time of the convention upon his political position, with a statement in the REPUBLICAN that all who might have had any suspicions aroused by the discussion the Courier had succeeded in starting, might read and have their minds, put at rest. Mr. Smith promised to write something for the REPUBLICAN as soon as he had leisure and we suppose he will do so. The Courier may rest'assured that nc manifestation- of impatience on its part will tend to precipitate matters and put Mr. Smith to scribbling. He will write when he gets ready and when he does write he will have the use of the REPUBLICAN. As to Mr. Smith's position: If he makes a statement in print we suppose it will simply be a reiteration of his statement before the convention. He has unequiv- ically committed himself several times!' already to the platform and principles o the Republican party. The REPUBLICAN has several times called attention to the fact that .Mr. Smith stands by his own profession squarely upon the Republican platform, and we have inquired several times what more any Republican could ask of Mr. Smith. 'When the Courier answers that question satisfactorily it will be time for Mr. Smith to get excited and make some more statements about the position that the Courier is so anxious to know about. He is the regular nominee of the Republican party and it is to be supposed that he is running upon the Republican platform. He cannot do otherwise. Does the Courier expect Mr. . Smith to go back upon his pledge to the convention, and announce ,that he is running for the legislature on the Republican ticket and the Democratic platform? Any further attention to the Courier would bo inconsistent with our own theory of dealing with that uews- paper. Last week in connection with quoting one or two comments upon the all home print REPUBLICAN, we mentioned incidentally that we had sent out a card with the first all home print issue of the REPUBLICAN asking exchanges in case any comment or criticism was made upon the change in the paper, to "send us a marked copy." The proposed change in the REPUBLICAN had been so widely mentioned by the country press that we felt a very natural curiosity in ascertaining just what comments or criticisms would be made upon the change itself. For some reason which we can only surmise the editsr of the Carroll Herald saw fit to make an attack upon the REPUBLICAN and charged that the "young editor sent out printed labels asking exchanges to puff him up for his home print venture." "The young editor" did nothing of the kind and the editor of the Herald knows it. The Herald editoi indulged himself in the privilege of writing down an uncalled for misrepresentation of another editor and another editor's paper — a privilege that is too often abused by members of the fraternity. In other words, and to speak more plainly, the editor of the Herald did something very plainly suggested by the caption of this editorial. The Herald wound up its little article by saying that "the REPUBLICAN with its shabby make up and poor press work, looked like it had been run over by a prairie fire." We leave our readers to pass upon that statement of the Herald for themselves. It was a dishonest statement and showed the spirit of the Herald's entire article. Of course, both the Courier and Upper DCS Moines quoted from the Carroll Herald and gave the article prominent place in their columns. The U. D. M. put up the article along with sundry comments, under the caption "The Bubble Pricked," and the Courier worked over the U. D. M's editorial, and came out Friday with a piece entitled "A Dead Give Away." Both papers called attention to the fact that the REPUBLICAN had been given an extraordinarily large number of complimentary mentions by the press of the State recently, but the "bubble was now pricked" and "the game given dead away"; the notices had been asked for by the REPUBLICAN and granted by the other papers, whose "puffs are cheap" from the State Register down. The U. D. M. and Courier represented the press of the state to be engaged in the soft soapMbusiness and ready to dish up taffy to everybody for the asking. That is quite a compliment to the candid press of Iowa. The Courier in its blundering way paid the REPUBLICAN an unintended compliment, for which we wish to express our thanks. The Courier said: "If you you know. We the democratic party flnd it impossible to see what good the republican party has done this country >ecause we have always been on the wrong side of every popular question before the American people, consequently our eyesight is not very good. It wouldn't do to tell the truth about the republican party in that respect you inow. We the democratic party have always A TALK ON ANTS FRANK BROTHERS are selling All Wool Pants at .50 & 3. found it impossible to tell the American working men any thing near the truth about the republican tariff system, if we should every one would vote the republican ticket. That is why we don't want to tell them the truth you know. We the democratic party find it absolutely impossible to see why the Republicans don't vote their own ticket regardless of good or bad candidates. We the democrats would gladly vote for the devil if he was heading our ticket. That is our policy you know. We the democratic party flnd it impossible under the present condition of things to raise corn and produce drunkards at a profit in the state of Iowa. We the democratic party find it impossible to see why one of those nice saloons erected between the church and the school house wouldn't be the right thing for the young men of Iowa. It would be a safe place to leave good "morals and spare change, beside paying the taxes, you know. We the democratic party find but one thing possible this year and that is this, that it may be impossible this year for the good*'people of Iowa and Kossuth county to vote the democratic ticket. Never Rip; Stylish Cnt; Easy Fitting.. You may buy a pair of therfi, wear them for two months and for every suspender button that comes off we will pay you ten cents. If they rip in the waist band, we will pay you fifty cents. If they rip in the seat or elsewhere, we will pay you one dollar, or give you a new pair. BEST in the World. TZR/3T .A. WUlttemore-At WhiUemore school Uoiise, Sept. aotli at 7 ;30 p in. N. L. COTTON, COUK Buffalo-At Center school house, September it. L. LAMOKBUX, Com. sotliaMpm. 'qlllce September 8Qtn at " i soljonl liouse September o. A. EB»iofcsoN,.pom. 4pm 8wea-At Ba aotii at § P ia. PorHaud-At Fo* school Douse September 30 at 3 p TO- BWWKSX BACON, Cow. J'rairie— At LoDgboWoin school house September sotfa u.t o p in. J. koMQucgrroji, Com. Seneca— At Center school house, Wednesday, Sept . 30t li at 7 p m . W . W . A MJQHN, Com. Ramsay— At Kanisay school Jjousfi, September sotli at 4 p m ... K . A . HOWE, com . Burt— At Burt school house Sept. 30tli at 4 p BJ. <Jo«jf to.E«B,Corn. Ureeuwood-Afc Mayno's lawoiape, (September 30tlt at 7 ;3» p m . B. MAYWJS. Cum- Klverdale-At Stewart .'School House, jp'clocU, Oct. 1st. German— At Center School flouse. p, ro., Wednesday, Sept. so. * Ww. CuoiBN'i', Cojw., Dtou—At WeteMod School \AN HOUTEN VINDICATED. The State Register Sunday contained a column communication from 'Lenox Iowa, the home of, Geo, VanHouten. The alleged interviews with the citizens of Lenox' are denounced by the men tticmsplves aa the basest of lies and. exaggerations, It was a piece .of business worthy of just such a sheet as the Cedar Rapids Gazette, The following statement fitpued by upwards of 50 of the citizens of Lenox—ir respective of party formed a paty of : the communication: The business men /and citizens, regard,; 1 .less of party, of Lenox, lovya, the home of Cteo. VanHouteu, Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, des.ire .to say to the citizens of Iowa that the repent statements appearing in the Cedar Rapid? Gazette concerning him are misleading, false and calumnious of m upright and respected citizen o| our vicinity. Our people are in truth proud that our county is called upon to furnish the candidate for so high and honorable an office, and w,e wish >ft this way to express our confidence in his integrity and high ability. lie has done much unselfish work for the uplifting and Advancement of his fellow farmers and fellow., men, and no language is too severe to condemn the villiauoue personal attack of trie newspaper referred to: It is & great occupation in which the Democratic papers of the state are gaged, i$ this campaign—tin of me Republican, <?.&». ever publish a paper that is worthy of praise, it will be given without your asking for it." In the same article the Courier mentioned the large number of complimentary mentions that had been given the REPUBLICAN, hut IJinchon overlooked the fact that the ."label," that the Carroll-. Herald misrepresented as being a beg for puffs, wus never' sent out until nearly all of th'e' "compliment tary mentions" by -exchanges, referred to, had been printed, WE THE DEMOCRATIC P.AJITY. EDITOR, REPUBLICAN: , The great Napoleon once said, that the word "impossible" did not exist except in. the minds pf old women. Na- .ppleon found his Waterloo, proving that hj9 was mistaken in his supposition about the word impossible. Evidently Na^ poleon didn't know a/great deal about the condition and make-up of the democratic party in this country, if be had, Ms phraseology'would have been different. The democrats find a good many things impossible and here is a sample copy of a few-We the demoeratrie party find it impossible to tell the truth about our political opponents, (U wpujd defeat our own pandedates, you know). We the democratic .party .find U impossible to vuo pur political campaign without whiskey. It makes vojterf you know. We the democratic narty Had it impossible to elect our candidates except by mlerepreeeotaUoA aj4 lip, this meaos we use in the north, ia, &e awtti the The Weather and Crops. (Report for hist week.) The daily average temperature of the past seven days was about 15° above the normal, and with one ex-, ception it was the hottest week of the year. For the last decade of September it was wholly unprecedented in this State. The amount of sunshine was much above the average and the precipitation WHS generally very light, a few localities reporting a fine shower on the 24th. .The prevalent droughty conditions have materially affected -the pasturage, shortened ihe supply of stock water, and retarded plowing and seeding of fall grain. The corn crop is practically secure, and not more than the usual proportion will be soft or chaffy. The total, yield will be beyond the most sanguine estimates made a month ago. The acreage in Iowa has undoubtedly been over-estimated; and of tho, amount actually planted there has been a redaction of five to ten per cent occasioned, by flooding, hail and wind storms, depredations of cut-worms, etc. But making due allowance for all these drawbacks, this State will probably produce 800,000,000 bushels of sound, corn this year, As nearly all other crops have been exceptionally heavy, the year of .grace 1891 will score a record as the most bountiful all-around crop season ever known in the history of this <State. . The yield of oats will probably exceed 120,000,000 bushels, and the State will produce fully 20,000,000 bushels of potatoes. •• , •. An increased acreage of winter grain Will be sown if tliQ drought is broken withiiv a week. « Clubhiuerand.Preraium Offers. ' By special arrangement with the publishers of a large, number of the leading newspapers, farm and home journals etc., including German and Scandinavian publications, we are able to make some unparalleled clubbing otters to both old and new subscribers. We will also offer a large number of premiums to both old and new sub,scribers besides a good selection of pKK3iiu3« $01' securing subscribers. Our clubbing and. premium lists will .be conjptefafci; within the west few days. Wptf loy circular giving lull r take ONE-PRICE CLOTHIERS. Fresh Fruits Glassware Groceries Flour Sell all of the above and sell cheap. SOME BARGAINS IN CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE. Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Ideal Ingrains, ' Extra Superfine All Wool, Extra Super All "Wool, Extra Super Cotton Chain, Extra Super Union, Cotton Ingrain, Hemp, Mattings, or Bag Carpet, Lace Curtains, , Chenille Curtaiiis, - , . 'Raw Silk Curtains, ; Turcoman (Curtains, Smyrna Rugs, ; • Fur Rugs, Cocoa-Mats, ' . Carpet Sweepers/ , " '; •'' Curtain Pol Until you have seen ajad examined Quality, Stylfe apd Prices, as exhibited us on the FAIR' GROUNDS, September 28, 24. 25, or any day thereafter our store on west State street. The Grange Store. LOUIS LESSING, ^r-Proprjietor ojW THE OLD REUABiE FURNITURE New goods constantly arriving-^agent for ing Machines and Organs—latest styles in Baby Gar* i riages—the lowest prices in the city. " ' ' ' ' i * .. .' ''_, Undertaking; a Specialty Call ID, FIRST NATIONAL BANK

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