The Wichita Beacon from Wichita, Kansas on June 23, 1908 · Page 7
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The Wichita Beacon from Wichita, Kansas · Page 7

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1908
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1908. PAGE SEVEN WICHITA DAILY BEACON HE'S GOING TO BE HER "STEADY. PUNK AT HEAD OF BATTING LIST ..FALBMOITNT PLATES IS HITTING BETTER THAN 0THE2 CHAMPS Hetling Is the Eeal Leader, However Both Holland and Annis Have Had a Slump in Their Batting of Late Sale of Lingerie Dresses 50 Soft Frewh Mull Princes.? Dresses, trimmed with fine French Vul. laces. Colors white, pink, blue and champagne. $8.50 value?. Price, only $4.95 joplin f.l , iEy YCU3N rr: i iftfj enid ! caVt you EL JrlJ V1 W"h wwTKijti ,ii that . jLiissJ kmZM 'j''' YESTEBDAY'S BESULTS. Hatrhlnwon, Tj Oklahoma City O. Other tanmf off dity. 25 Women s Cloth Suits Plsiin Panamas and fanr'y PtrifK. Jacket.- lined with atin or silk taffeta lining's. Lone and short sleeves. $25 Suits, Price, only $9.50 20 Suits, Price, only 6.75 15 Suits, Price, only 3.95 Sale of Women s Wash Suits 2) Women's Summer Shirtwaist Suits, made from plain frinphams, daintily trimmed. AVhite linen collar and trimmed cuffs. Price, only $2.95 WHEBE THEY PLAY T0M0EBOW. Wlchltn at Enid. Hutchinson at Oklahoma City. Topeka at Joplin. Wrbh Cltr at prlnicf eld. Clyde Plank, the Falrmount college player, who is now covering the second rcack for the Jobber. I leading the (am In l.iuinir at the presertt time. H Ih batting- .Ml. In Sunday s Kami! he failed to rei a hit for the first time since, joinintr the Wichira Hub. However. "Hefty" Hetlintr Ih the real leader of the Chump! an he has p!s.yed in every game. Hates, the Fainnounter, who lead the Jobber for a short time, fell way down In the battlnij lint, and Plank cay do likewise, but not nearly so much, a he 18 evidently a better batter than HateH. Holland and Annls have both fallen down In hitting of lute. The averages follow: Sale of Long Gloves IG-button MuUM)uetaire Silk Lisle Gloves. Black, white and tan. $1.00 values. Price, only 75c 25 Pair? of Lace Gloves, wrist lengths. Tans and black, 75c values. Price, only 1 5c Pair Sale of W omen's Long Kimonos .7) Women 'h Long Kimonos, dainty patterns. White grounds, dots and rings. Trimmed with fine !aee. 1.75 values. Price, only $1 .35 LIVED THREE DAYS yesterday After the 'bird lnnin? Chicago did not tjet a hit. Since Smith has deserted the Wait Sox, Corniskey has been hf'T anoi.M r Pet. ii 33 only with their own BubfTiptlon but wiih any others they may b ab! to get f'T iciu. In rnai.y piacen you will r.nd peij,le n ho hfive not tx-ert soil:!; ) ;it all dur-r.if the rr.nteftt and yu wsll do weil to Uet to llic-rn fint. Players AH Plank 2i He'iinir 17 raneil 1'! uelHser 2 Holland ! AFTEB HE WAS STBUCK BY A LOCOMOTIVE. AnntH V ! eye a they manire to read a few linet WHO WA5TS A BICYCLE: Bohn 44 lidilleton i--5 POLICE HAVE F0UB OF THEM: Z"' o ; track. Hut the rv.nntar.t diricuity Whether Taft Wins OH NOT, IT IS CEIITAIN Cerrnak 34a Picked Them Off Htreet Where the find th p!'e after the ii nutnerp.b! ' twir.'er He has made an offer to :- 'Waal.ingtin for J-'aiketiberg. ! -.IfM By securing a slnicle yester lay Wae-jtf, : ner made the two thousandth hit of liifl baseball 'jareer. :ih j .'.14 Rhoily HendrlT of the Enid team vl-Red with frlertdg here yeeday. ;i ! NleholH in not Rettini? away well at .;"3:tf.ird with the M.iiretii. 'vV- STAJDrrJG OF THE TEATlS . j Weitern AnftfM.'intlon. Owner Left Them. i interruption ' r,r"" tne vrr,!'!it utrain John Blain Met With a Fatal Accident While On the Way Home from This City. Htve yoti !ot a wheel ,a;i We Win Armstrong 1 Bates 4: Nichols ft Scott .' 44 Speer Idck Misse -. Clark W Tie j.liee have "K&ll .ere I'" four M-y. !e in a i.iKt.i off ti e .-treets. T .i- w' m ! were four ! lertt.inif ; ralr.M Je . -.rVft where Tl e'r owe.r, y fcj '.'ib'Tl- fore'-tter.' f m. Tr.e re-;Mre at the polii htatler., awalt- n ' he'r om'ners. Tl.e wheel are all It eo'd eor.lplon. a man can ;ut hi eye to. j-very rltr.e tho ear lurches he lo his jicie ar. 1 .1 tuke eeveral m ore'.s of Uie harJ -t fc-.rt of eye w:li to flr. l It oiniiri. o'.f v,jre n ne c , rol ler hi y ; a they are working &lr!.t but the rr.iriute they beln to .he wo.v! r what m the world : the mat-1 r with them. I have known of nv- ral c,-(i, rerent'y where huy rr. n, v. ho - the.r ! little in 'heir work. The !a'ln- trrfctltude of ihoe who have corn under our treatment for the exs!venn of MOIU'HINC WHISKEY, COCAINC. ETC For particular addres THE WHITE SANITARIUM Wichita, Kansas. ..1! . . !Team K ilncludir.g only players now with me team. :t.j . in " Kl.r'iore. w:h b.i.' k frarr.e iMer brake: sr. -th r -'. has ne r.-i ,--t ) riut..- xv l. p i. j Wieiita ' ! .0.4 ! j H'jtchinpon 'Si . ' :Oklahimt City i 3) -. , '. TopeK.t j. :s. I Webb City J3 :i V. I Jopiln 3 al A Spr:ti.'ie! 1 1 :7 r. Enid II X ;.:, j Amerlcaa AMoclatlon. White r-'-:umi;f to hi J.otr,e ttrvilie, K..ti., ait-r vu:t:ntf in thl (ity, John Blain a . ,i In. ..oi.ot;'..-. He r'-oei'-ed w?:i. h refuted ;t) his- death. . .-pei.t the '.:.i tl.e hiK iMer. Mrs W. y- S.oith lorii;.. h.-t-r, :. ind left :er ptrt of !;it 'k for !.is : At Paola. Mr. Hla:n w.-.f to 'hiitii,-'. can As he left , he i H'r'irk by the ehirine id .!!. T:.:ri and rr-'.-elve i fatnl a re l fre.n.e wit: out run, : at- T. ere R r..e i.iark "irr.ferl- 1 ' wle. 1. The foort:. has a t lii k frtkif.e ar.d :.o r.ii.-i ri.ate. have been troubled with the:r eyes. I , ' ouid r.aoily traie the d.fficulty back ;ill,filr but the tinderest of the buds at rt. Scott Sunday ronrnir.r. They also -,o t .ar rcailir.jf." though whtu then are scarce they received many beftutlful and tu :.n 'fv', I"""1"- i'r. liothwell Is passenrer I will tke eventhlnc but the full bl i;n. it - r.d llrket asrent for the Missouri Pa BEABEfG ON CAES i . R00n HELP3 THE EYE DOCTOBj "TJG. ife: railway In this city. a: ' flowers. It !s said that If a row of sweet peas is left er.tlrrly ur.jruaidfrd ie:,d. !!.. k ar..1 chest, v.'.-iy r-ro.el n the for an hour -r o the sparrows win ; SQ0STEES PAID BILLS of Ci'lbB Iiidianapr-Hs Loulnvllle .. Toledo Cfii'.ltlil.'J ! ... Minneapo': . Milwa jke,-. .. Kaiinaa City St. Paul .... on t. ITrj:'." ; ;.i j.i.y i slv.-n tr:p :i o: fcvery dju. WESTEBN JiSSOCIATIOS. Hatrhinnon, "( Oklahoma City, O. Oklahoma City. June 3. The M-ts returned fro-n the road minti any in?er yeHterdav and the Paekers made mmee meat of them. Love i out of the gsme with a sprained writ. T!ie ncnre: Hutchlnt- n 0 J 0 . 9 1 1 S 7 1 Oklahoma CP.y 0 " ' n ' 0 " ' - Wrlshl and Haas; Hofftr and McCon-oeil. WESTERN LEAGUE. Lincoln, '1 Hearer, J. Lincoln, Neb., June 25. Seore: Lincoln ' ' -t 9 1 Denver 0 ' 0 t 0 1 0 0 0 1 S 4 Johncon anaV (cjjat Collar. nun and McDonouifh. ' f " " ' Dea Moloen, 17 Omaha, 1. De Mo'nen. Ia.. June 2i.T"n Molne Ilnntlnst the I'lure Is a Hard Kr, Strain. P.e.-idir.i; on tr-t cr ar.-l train cau" :noro s-iiht fa. lure than any ' hin v. l..-r'- M :r..r.'e v. .-re Toper attet.tion. AS Mi'.', j A.YD HAD MONEY LEFT I llialrman John L. Powell Makea I financial Report. CUT GLSS PBESENTS FOB MB, AND MBS. C. K. BOTHWELLj They Partake ol One of the Season's Luxuries. Flo:.ft, t)oueive. tcardeners ttnd everybody else who raise s.-.-i j.ea , re having no eay time to harvest heir croi bevause of the ,p.trrn .. 1 These little jies' are to hover; bout sweet it vir.e &.I iay and the, rr.ltii.te no ui le ill t-:rt they w.-ip The chairraaii of the Commercial dn! ay a hi has .f :K-ht which other i'i';e '-an R' jron;!r.-r.t local j.hy!.-b-.n w a, Murfy of the e failure. Hi i:.v kt'gatlor.s. American From the MIoarl Paclfle Rallssar trip Jf,vn Powt.n h&i rrnOred art Rnlre, . Leairne. W. observation. len.jzirM Muu-nii-iii ii u,d nrveipis 19 .VI r .-everal ar. The err.idorea of the Mlvsnurl Pac'f. -er,t of the .- -ht s.'jow that a .arsre c:ub '''11041 .., . St. Loui Cleveland ... Detroit .. .. Philttd-!! ! la ! rail-ssy yesterdsy presented Mr. and 1 ar.-l disbtirmeM frr th trip. Th Mrs. Charl.s K. Ibdhwell with cut I ..j.,,, frn7n t ar, , and extra meals Kiasisrare set. The set nor. 1. is of a expenditure .srs fail-ir-- in 'il ler pe j !e oriirir.a'.e in j ion fr'm some neirhboring tree the hal it of readlr.g on "treet car h.r thev have been hldlr.K sr.i be- Mr. Blain wa al!- o be ir -.v.. 1 ;e w,-i. taken to hi hojre. I'jion h: removal to his home :.e .t-;d:lv irre-.v wore, ui?er:r.ej both from extem-; ar.d :rU'rn.l :no.!T:efi. Vor1 uti r--- . ejved ,n the ye.f r il.v !iV hir sf-r thnt af'er :!' rii.t intensely from hi injuries for three Jay? that he had died. Mr Biain i tin-!v-1 by hi wife and four little chiUten. HI" relative In the city are his lister. Mrs ;. W. lb'-K-eter, and a nice, Mis Elhel Mo-F'-eter. The bc.iy will be liiken to Walnut, Kans., fr.r Intern. -nt. P.eaiir.S on tr.tir. is not juite 0 bad, g:n jiUkin the young and tender Ia pitcher and six g.aes, fern dish, ptp all covered and a balance of US.tO kri Sit. broke tUo Weaiern L.-a-n record for .ww y,jrk Mr. unj .Mrs. Rolhwell were rr.irrld turhe-i into th club treasury. out it is harmful. i'l-rM.i.t never think of hurting !ht-!r Ti.ey don't siern to be satisfied with j I.. P't. -J 'f 13 .'.4 13 (?! i . e 45 L. I'ct. J C :4 .:r.- : :i J i'4 .47. : 1 . : 14 4.4 ..'.4 1.. Pi-t .f .:5 .4 it :-"t X .4- 31 44 :a .411 a L. Pel .4 .: .3 e rr . R'Wfm Washliigit n '-' National Leasjae. Cluho W. rhicakf j Plitbura; -"3 ''incinnat ft New Y Tk Phlladelprla i Boston -4 St L-ui 14 Brook. ya WOLFE STOCK COMPANY IS GOING AWAY FOB SUMMEB I OUR JUNE CLEARANCE SALE ; t :i ' I . thia seasjn in runs and h:t. Score: I'e Moires 1" " V " 7 x-17 -1 3 Omaha ... ' ' 1 " 1 1 3 Bumar and Pidel and Raaa; Jiik-son and Lebrand. Sloax City, 3 Paehlo, 3. Sioux C ty, la.. June 3. Score: Floux Cit 0 1 0 1) ii 13 9 2 Pueblo 0 1 040 100O-2 4 1 Furchner and Shea: Jamei and Smith. AMEBICA5 LEAGUE. Philadelphia. t Cleveland, 2. Cleveland, O., June 23. Score: Cleveland o 0 0 0 .' iV-I 4 Philadelphia 1 1 0 0 5 1 17 Chech. Jlhoaden. Hem r-.nd N. Clarke: Ce-ombs, Plank and Power. Detrtilt, 4 rkiriitn, 1. Petroit. June U?. Whit paed Craw Some of the Member Will Return others Will Not. The Wolfe stock c'Ti.i.hhy after a Western Leaaue. W. Another Week of Mighty Value Giving Prices Greatly Reduced All This Week C!ul' ma 1. a .. . Lnc"iri ... ioux Cf:y I. ey. vi r ... . I'ueb.o ... . L'e Moino most Kuccesfful .reason disbands the ia.t of this week to reopen at the New .Vir.itorium in Ausrust. The lat-t ea.. n has been a s'r- r.uou enf for the member of the 1 'ij.j.;.r.y. j Next year' con ',-r. i.y w:il lie mui h c.r.tre.l. Wlh- n R. Todd -:IJ not be ;eau:n man. He has that he ,s pr-'babiv one of ths be-t actor ever a;i-enr:r.R litre in ttotk but I he laiks vefatliit". 3 .13 ford to ffet Cobb In the gixth and the Dlwk cl Kll. blurher Plain toe. blue her style. Psu- Tan nus!a M l n'M 11-10 value.; e. 1 S Asserted Flowers, worth up jar, eyel. gooj fittlna (.Rt Iatr Uxforda. Culn sh: Wuc'r rut' ",'nt'oa i v k "d "cellent wanni; two to . . . ur rswular h" ,W,'T , 't'.Uh''1 6 to II y-'irs: salt I tn Smc a bunch. for l six.s- reg- WW' cowboy heel, large eyelet i; U I u'ar I values j.y vaJuea. Juris Clfiniii retruiar i.O vai jes; prt-: MoS ' 1c 1 r tl M iisle Price, pair tl 4 pair tl H lat named ir.K:e-l and tied the cor 2 M U5 BEST," Two riHes, three hit and a saenfi fly In the eighth decided it in favor Mr. Wolfe is now '.rrhir the ttroit to 1. Alter the third inninn He ).at SAYS LITERARY GENIUS-.- There i.i also :e n : I4jeii t :o mo e.-'. i . i i . - of tbe early one were followed by double play. Both teams I Uiiie 1 nr.n- r.ew ieaj:ne ady. iiona;iy. score: t- gethcr with her hue- iPnnrmrn Amnni Vnsip r,i" In- Met a M.irky ffteAc-a AnotTiee ' ni' h '.I .-tar: ..'.it next season, ..1, dr:ii c Huff will piay star in the J .J!rr White Sumrrer th-eea for k Ladiea' Ho. Supporter. ihiliren, !--autlful!- trimmed I ,n ail colors, regular . . V In !" ar '1 embroidery; sixes values, pa.r II: "i to 14 year. Ketrular " ' t- !! r : each 11 4 a' .ide Hose Supporters, res'- I'-c value. . S . . C- a. X lUru'.ar V n values; u c f: lr Suits and bnirt f'." To the Editor of Th- Peucon. The 01 rnrovervy je-ndlng in The Beacon. i-uncerniriB the merits of the musicians of this city, has arou-l some pany next ; e,r Jane M orjran and her h ishar.d. Le'. Bryant. :il ?o to foloriio for the interest in musical circle, but amors; I s'ltnmer ...itr.n. .,o.e i. t.r- he wr'ter la pr. 'at:( n ar ,r,,.ie.i 111 the literati, of whom '771 Waists at M , ,..,. CCT j .in ity, .11 be With the co: seasi'n. Herbert F III III. whO.e r-i'i Ii n)nt are hundreds sf Interest- I p tlearance trices ct r. r? : 3 ths from 13 fl rcl' -bly Li ir- ..re1,r . that vrru phcu.l 1 A I H rmUM h;in t. play "hea .t at e'oith.e, K.iii. He .ll chief, (confidentially I J .n! n.:nJ tell-inir you that I am the only r-al "we,! of Ehk'Usa und' f:lej" in town, th. Jlfpute 1 painful. We literary genius" occasionally ir.g and piay a iitt. but it i strict. for our own amusement, and no douot it would be particularly discordant at. I offensive to the trained ear of the dis-.iiile of Euterpe. ltroit itimilt-4 0 ChV o 1 0 a v 0 1 J 3 W:itt and Thomas: White aud Sullivan. NATIONAL LEAGUE. t. LoaU, 1 1 Boston, 0 Boton. June 3 Score-- St. Louis ,,,., ; aa e, t, 1 Bhtn 0 0 ( e f" 0 1 0 J 1 Raymond and Ludwis; Boie, Limia-tnan and Smith. Cincinnati, 4 Plttkhnra;, O. PlttKbur. Pa.. J'ire J? Score. PHtuhurir ),.,,. 0 0 - j Cincinnati j.)(io:M 0 Maldx. Yuna; and Gibson, WWn'.er and Sci.'eL Brooklyn. It I'hllndelphla. O. Pr-Hk'n. June J -Sfir: Ph::;i 1.1 pi a ..!.. a v- & Brioklvn o 0 " 11 8 : MiVuiII -n and Jackilts.h: HuUt and Bergen. r York, T: Chlcaan. I. N' Y rk, June 3 rica: J New Yoork -1 rt i " " " x 7 ii LondureT and Klitg; Wills and Brnahen- May In Wlvhi'ri. Hen Reaki and her hubnn-l. Hr.rry K. Hamilton, will spenl tMe sultry days in their former home at i C'.e eland. .. Th.y will W with 'he I in:;;t:gpure' 2. I , .i... Nex,,.. v-: ml 5 Tnmmlntr. Trimn.eJ and Cn. ( Wai-ts. err broidery and lax Ci-r.hasren blue; ry stylish arJ 1 1 ,,.,ri Hat, all e sut ac. Z I tnrrr.el- very pn-ttv effects of and irreatly in demand at pre. ! I I I SUctr. ent.reu.each.,.:, ; J? 1! 3 ? IT1" Ail of our retrular e,,ue up J . 9 , ! I fhlrt Suns: embroidery . M" t 1'' , v 1 .......1 .o.-e.r that a the corr.p ihy rn xt yea Che-ter Wallace 'will sr n hi home In Wiiliamsfor !. Pa. Mr and Mr ; mbol of the science of music consist of not, cleft. -ies, key, time, rests, , thi ,i!.tut. be cnr.ducte.1 upon a . Ar-sT'le. ' "u " l 1 and lar trtmmed suits. Just the lacsj ana r.-.nnnjtrj i.i:o:ae-j f .I II Loftu will -;mmer In U'S n y .-, the rr.axiy real moner-aar. 1 ,hlI,K f , ,r f wr t ear. TJsi Wisi. Jur. cdeannc i ,, J.H I I ir, ite-r.s now beinf offered ,aiue. r-iuced to. each .. . : sneie I rice, each He R::2 . I taf T,ith note, trill, quaver, demi-' Mr. W o.fe an 1 w:.e. .or.rer. -i.-s ,e. ,,..t ...w liir tci!. of Orare Huff, will .Mt hs net. g-:r.g w-ll .n- 3 .ai. r4 v .. ... a,..,. . ,r F '.; lar.VroiJener, Indadte, I the rr' In usinK :h- raw mater :1 ' to L Ar.i'. Snn ..' rh.. o'erstL worl. :ht-e rr-t rru- ' other plnffs Mr sical reniueea evidently r writitut Caste 1 in pi.k.l.if up s few c ! a-t-rs for th. r un air.u--m. nt. an 1 the re- . anJ r.any m w and :-! ; .a; s iur:r.? ult ivcs a sho. k to rc tra.r.ed eye the summer. AMERICAN ASS0CUn05. of the sk:l!ej etymolonist. As the amateur musician Tats and harps in his attempt to render the elasi. In nniic. o the lit-r-irv 1.- .ONLY FOUR MORE WEEKS In- -Kansas City t At Kania City- ' Coj-ntax.n blue. :th white J Jrn Cnr.r Sale 1 V-V -rrrmmx. and cc.lars. Jt7 It, yrd TV" Mercerlied Screen V i " va.uea. June ciear- . , V Petticoats 7c V ' lnc prtc HH " ! r p.eirular value up to lie a j yard. Oar. r nr. 5ale Prion Jo !i ti.JS Merrer.ted SaXeen f mmmmmm 1 j PettKoats 7e v S Na. Don't fail to see tb mur I i Ceanr Siie Barsraics la our B ., """" Ersbroideiy acol Lac Depart- $1 VO Imitation He:hsr- bloom Taffeta Petucwus SV o men-, : 1 1 ' I i l inner, with hi 'lecirr.s. ortgmal ; orthcraph. lack of i:temr- -te. n-1 ve Q,rit jn Qur Piano Contest Art clianapoiis 2. At Mr oeApol: M nrapolls-Louis-Tl"l. Barne postp.ned. min. It St. Paul iit. Patl-Toieda postpon-tl rain. At Jliiraukee Milwaukee 1, Columbua niciue and cr-ude verniar. invariant hee time"" and perpetually Tat." Getting Bojy for the C!oe. never reiievinB the monotony wit.1) a sinirle "sharp." The Cr: in our popular rr! and Let him S"'v' " a "rt " , piano contest have been d' ir.g A LITERART GENIfS. nar,j wrK '.atelr and they are now TTNIOB LEAGUE. r j . 1 r-ttin ridy f-r the ios.. of f? ) K-rbroidered Flounce THIRTY HABVIST HANDS FOB THE WHEAT TMTSFBS Cr.iiiren' Summer Dressea. repuiar 113 selers; sute f to 14; June Os-Tir.s; Sal Pricey each. 75 RerulJ- Me values: sixes 1 to f. sa r-f U Heaiherol'x-m" Tff ta. Pet-il all colors: a. so com- ChiUren Dress In white ml fancy colors: sisea 1 to i; fc.rnier price each Sc June Oa.'nf fait Pr 1 V. -Jt Black pettiPowts, spim-iiJ Talue. sa. pTKl tl fit Riverside baseball t-am J. ftd the Liawood team Sunday afternoon in aa exct!r.; ten Inmn contest- Tie tram i won in the inh ir.n.ns; after two men were down. Hewey. f'rst bserr,i a fr the R;veriJe, lnllnc ; to left f.eld and st-alins; se-uni He b. nation fancr stnis; t c All this e.k we are pvir,c the ntn . - rcipon with h '' on ul-. r-.j tii -ns, as a'nearr -4 !-f and the s-tr' are trortjir. hard Vr this. X...W w:l! be a Fvvi t:me to see rn-jn if the r P' ho i-jbsTtM m th you at each tl Ofrtawr Joe Hsrtr en With Then lt.t 4kt. Pol'ce Officer Joe Xardy-left oer the Frleco railway last n;ht a brought henia br a two bTr by n the b-rtnn' of the cor.t--t. If vou WICHITA CO-OPERATIVE STORE Storjt. This rame pots lis K:vertdes thirty harrest rwi 1 or - ,T" la firat pace it the J inior ie ie, 1 1 Fr-tienr . Mr. Hardv r--Ptir spent bancs; ten t -d wth t2 Lunwooca. a w-k elsltlrc amor the far-ner at Tae score by innr.a-r Salina. Lyons ard r-e-ders. k Te Llnwl I ! 1 4 7 1 farmer complaln-l 'o M- Sar-'r of Ii:vri,c. ... ItlotUlll-i si ur of n.en to .ri't the a. obmin d ther ahcTT'tns for three u month. o to them aain and rt them ' to riT. Many of them w:Il take it f r a yer r...w that they have started ;. fcatter: RteerseJ-. ITiodea and Bone; which caused him to at .er ice mea w.,h ,t JUST OUTSIDE THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT LESEM & DILLON 119 SOUTH MAIN Uawood. Sichiilios; and iie. ' aaa ue c-m u i ie Every irri should rt -nor.g ner rj ' ' . I , , n.m feosi t once now and ssst a.l of them ' ll ofTlrti.-! they Ormia Tctt,,c sr th I a ' CAUGHT AX ZKL ZlAIS. !f wr1hrf f.rr brr. T-il thm of : f-r that 1 cicait iwmthi - 1 WrC Wect o Metier on:.. 1U, comatry. " uc'" J '

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