The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1891
Page 8
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IOWA, Wbl>M',HI>A V THE COUNTY NEWS, HenortPd by Special Correspondents. THK KErriiMoAN publishes more outside ttCWS fr-om the country and surroundinR towns Minn all the six other papers published In Kos- fclirll county combined. For the Bancroft NR\vfl see page o. _ To CORUESI-ONDENTS :—All correspondence lOf Hie llKPtniLTCAN should reach this olllce not hirer than Tuesday evening, rleasc bear this In mind. Mrs WHStTSY. Steltses' baby Is very sick and said to be Hen Hopkins has gone to Lawler to assist the station iijrent at that place. Thn enthusiastic! Republicans are taking steps to orgiuil/e a Republican club. Mrs. Heurlch, Mrs. Humps' mother, has boon very ill hut is able to he up again. Mr. Stnder's house, formerly occupied by Mr. Barrett, Is now the home of Mr. linixer and family. Mrs. James James, who has been confined to the. honsci for a week or two, is now able to resume work. Mr. While is enjoying a visit with his father, mother and sister, who came from Jasper county last week. Mr. Bert Matson, of Algona, passed through town today on his way to eorwith to attend to some legal business. Some very line melons have been raised in this vicinity. They are ottered for sale at the restaurant and post olliee. Mrs. Mann and Mrs. GalTuey from Irvington visited their cousin, Mrs. liooduow, and other relarives here last week. Some of our citizens are trying to make arrangements to haveallax mill put in at this place,. We hope, they will succeed. Mrs. J. V. Hill has erected a beautiful monument over her husbands grave in the Wesley cemetery. It is of dark Georgia marble. 15ert Eddy has gone to Prairie Du Sac, Wis. , to visit, relatives. He will return wit'j his mother, who has been making a long visit at that place. We see a great number of gentlemen from Algona and other points in the county on our streets of late. It seems to indicate an approaching (election. Mr. Taylor, one of our oldest and most respected citizens, is under the doctor's care. His old friends are watching with considerable iinxiety for some improvement In his condition, Mr. Johnson is running his steam hay press under diflicultie.s. His well does not afford sufficient water for his engine and he is torced to haul water from Mr. Humes' well to keep up the necessary supply. When Mr. Oleson returned from his weeks trip to Chicago and saw the improvement made in Wesley during that time he remarked it would not he safe to remain away two weeks, as lie would not know the place when he returned. JI. c. Hollcnbeck has purchased the lots between Mr. Kimx's block and tnc post olllce In the spring he will join Way & Barrett in pulling up a brick block, one room to be used for the Wesley Savings Hank and the other for Mr, Hollenbeck's restaurant and furniture store . REPUBLICAN EALLY AT SWEA. Hon. (). C. Peterson \vill discuss the issues of the campaign at the Center school house on Friday, Sept. 25th, at 7:80 p. m. in the Swedish and English languages. Mr. Peterson is a talented speaker and no one should miss an opportunity to hear him. SWEA Several cases of lyphoicl fever arc reported. John Thomson Is very sick with brain fever. 11. M. Kichmond WHS up on business Wetlnes- Charles 11. Hall ran down to Algona on the passenger Thursday. John II. Beukman arrived on Thursday last, and will SOOH be ready to invite the patronage of tho people. 1'raiik Green and family returned the last of the week from a short stay with friends in Southern Minnesota. Granni.s & Palmer have threshed in the neighborhood of 2.000 bn. of flax, about half of their entire crop in this region. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. "VVitmer, of ihi.s place, died on Thursday. The funeral services were held at Hancroft. Among those of our citi/.eus who attended the Faribault Co. Fair the last of the week, were Kred Johnson, Grant Fiuch, Dau Dobson and Wm. Bahse and family. Dr. l.a Grande has been with us the past week or two and looking us over with a view of locating here. The Dr. comes to us well recommended, holding a diploma from the IJo.val University of Ireland, and a certilicate of honor from Queen Victoria herself. AVe have a place in our village for a competent physician, and should Dr. La Grande prove himself to be such, he will have no cause to regret settling here. The town has been fairly gorged the past week with people. Besides the regular corps of working men and the surplus necessary to make up the threshing crews of Dunlap Bros. and Gnumis & rainier, quite a number of prospector.? and pleasure seekers have, readied us to add to the embarrassment of the situation. May barns, elevator doors aad every other available roosting place has been used, so no one has been compelled to lay out though some have enjoyed for a night, or two, the ex- tveme luxury of a hard lloor bed and a pillow of hay. The new hotel building however, will soon In: completed, which is a promise of better accop.iouation.s iu the near future. Ledyard. Sept. .'I. Olof I'esirson and his best Rirl spent Sunday in 8\ve:i. Miss T.illln. Johnson, of Hancrott, spent Snn- diiy with friends. II. Ki-iifri'.w visiicd with U.K. Jeanson and family Saturday and Sunday. Miss Jennie Thomson, of Seneca, is visiting with hcrnnole, John Thomson. Miss Kva Anderson lelt Wednesday for a visit, with cousins at Vasa, Minn. Mrs. II. Uenfrew and grandson of Hancroft are visitiiiK with dipt. Jeanson and family. The families of O. Johnson and A. Clementson have been down with the typhoid fever. W, W. Wilson and Nils Martin were up from Haneroft the llrst part of the week buying fat cattle. Miss Anna Hlchmond lias returned to her duties as governess in the family of Captain Jeanson. Andrew Dergreen and August Carlson have bought 204 acres In sec u-mi-ao which they will improve next .spring. Mrs. Ellen Wilson and daughter, Alma, came up from Algona the llrst part of the week for a short visit with friends before leaving for Stockton. Cal. , Swea, Sept. in. UNION. Jay Wheeler is very low. Jos. Thompson is still grinding out sweet cider Mr. and Mrs. Nichols are spending the week at Minneapolis. Charllf Godden and wife called at Mr. Ward's Sunday afternoon, Mrs.Sarchett is out from Algona assisting Mrs Wheeler in the care of her husband. Tom Dalton, of Algona, visited at G, L. Carroll's Sunday, also Lawrence Wolcott. The arrival of a little daughter at C.D. Ward's last week makes Grandpa Schenek step lighter than ever. Myron Clapsaddli; was very much surprised on last Sunday morning while eating breakfast in ins bachelor <iuarters to have his brother from Leland, Illinois, step in. .lames Godden, the only unmarried son of old Mr. and Mrs. Godden, will work the old home place for the next year. All of the lest of a large family liaving gone for themselves. Willie Kox was leading a three year old colt to water last Tuesday. It pulled away from him and turned around ami kicked him near the right temple, inflicting a wound which Dr. 1'ride sewed up, He is doing very well at present. It is said that a farmer in Shelby county, Mo., who recently died, had a clause in his will setting aside $KIO tu pay for the Shelbina Democrat being sent to a neighbor during the neighbor's natural life. The neighbor had borrowed the dead farmer's paper every week for year s This should be a lesson to chronic borrowers. Union, Sept, 21, Burt Republican. 1-1. B. I-IALHiOCK, Idditor. BURT, IOWA, SEPT. 28, 1801. Oats 20 Eggs 13 Cattle $3.00 Wheat.... 70@.75 Flax $".75 Corn 40@45 Butter 12(».18 Hogs...$4.00@~4.25 Barley .. . ,80@.83 Hay 0.00 tltJUT HOM13 NEWS. Millinery, Dressmaking. We will do a general Millinery and Dress- mnklnrr business and earnestly request; a cull from all who are in need of anything In our ALLEN & WOLCO*T. l-'KNTON. ,1. 8. lleid spent Sunday :it Cylinder with his brother, E. \V. O. Brunnimpr, of I'alo Alto, was a visitor in Fenton Snndriy. Miss Adams, of Wesley, is visiting with her uncle, 1. P. lYtitt. J. Holt/, sliippc-d a ear load of oattlu to Chicago hut Thursday. 1). A. lini'll has purchased the north oast (inarter of suction 21. Tto (.'re.unery directors hold their regular monthly meeting today. Miss Nettie I'lihner visited a few days of the past week \\ith her brother, Willis. Mrs. O. 0. Tibhits has the carpenters at work repairing the home and building a eoal house. ,1. ij. Blunt took his cousin to Algona last Friday, where she took the train for her home in Wisconsin. J. M. Moore and Win. Peck sold a part of their hay. which they just linished cutting, at Sf\.'l~i per ton in the stack. Fenton, Sept. in. AVUITTEMORE. Jlev. Nolte failed to materialixe. Miss Lucy Kawson spent last week with Mrs. Thrasher. J. Iloltx took two cars of tnt cattle to Chicago last week. The work on N. L, Cotton's new house ia progressing rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Lilhbridge have anew daughter since Wednesday. Andrew Drews will build a large new house on his farm south east of town. Aug. Malt/, commenced hauling the lumber for his new dwelling on Monday. i'ev. V. c. Thomas has been appointed to It'll the M. K. pulpit at this plaoe. Kev. Thrasher made a short trip to Hawarden the. last of the week, returning Monday. Mrs. Corry P.idgeway's father and mother are visiting her. Their home is at Pomeroy, Iowa. Ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs. O. M. i'hrnslitr next Thursday afternoon at the usual hour. Dr. Tuttle has returned from Minneapolis and is niinlu ;u the home of his sister, Mrs. A. II, llotL'lUng. Senator Funk speaks here Wednesday evening. Everybody turn out and hear a good Itepublicau speech. Judging by the loads of lumber going out of town in all directions, some one must be doing a great deal of building. (1. K. Boyhi returnee, from Wisconsin last week and reports that Mrs. linyh; Is some better though still very weak. We understand tlmt John Faishum will move his family back to town, so that his children can attend our excellent school. Mrs. J. V. Whlchler enjoyed a visit over Sunday, from her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Humphreys, of Marathon. Mrs. J. 1C. Kawson and Mrs. J.K. Beattie circulated a subscription paper in town last Teesday and succeeded in raising about $14 to bo applied on the Pastor's salary. Little Sadie Dailey has been very sick with malarial fever, but at this writing is considered better. Dr. Phelps has been attending her, and Dr. Pride, of Algona, was called Friday night. There are nearly as many in attendance;at the Christian Endeavor meetings lately, as there are at the presxching services. The young people are benefiting themsetvef as well as others by t lie active interest they manifest in this line of Christian work. \VhiUemore. Sept lil. Corn is "getting there." Den Paine lias the lumber on the ground for his hay barn. Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Nichols arc home from their Minneapolis trip. Supt. Bertha Carey and Mrs. May Newton were in our city Wednesday last. We omitted mentioning last week that there was a new boy in the family of Jno. Kerr. Carl Norman of Algona was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jtio. Burg Saturday night. Percy McDonald spent Sunday at Welcome, Minn., with Real Young and family. Wm. Strickler has bought a lot north of the Mayhew ham and is erecting a barn thereon. Charley Cottrell was up from Algonu and spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. A. D. Billsborougu. Eugene McDonald left Monday for Des Moines to resume his studies at the Iowa Business College. Mrs. 8. J. O'Neill is licking postage stamps and managing the post office in the absence of the post master. Jim Andrews and Charley Schryver have recently purchased a bran new steam thresher and outfit throughout. Our meat market has passed into the hands of Wm. Elvidge again, who "will take possession in a short time. W. B. Pratt of Plum Creek township, will have a public sale Sept. 30. Mr. Pratt intends moving to Oregon. Jay Wheeler has had somewhat of a set back and is not gaining very fast. We hope, however, to see him out again soon. Editor Hiuchon, the man that kicks hard because his clothing costs so much, and Recorder Smith were on our streets between trains Friday. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Nichols left last Wednesday morning for a weeks visit in Minneapolis. Mrs. Nichols may go from there to her old home in Wisconsin. Read Whitney's ad. It's been pretty warm lately, but cold weather is bound to come soon and you will want a stove. Whitney talks about stoves and has them to sell. The ladies of the Buffalo M. E. Church will hold a cap and tray sociable at Mrs. F. J. Fowler's on -Saturday evening of this week. Proceeds are to go to the Doane Memorial M. E. church. W. M. Hallock of Algona has sold his 120 acre piece of land southeast of town to Albert Clifford and J. 0. Noah of Floyd county. These gentlemen will return this fall and occupy the land. J. N. Easterly, accompanied by Mrs. Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Lem Stockwell, left yesterday for Des Moines, to attend the Crocker Brigade reunion. The reunion lasts two days and a good time is anticipated. Isaac Bunker the other day showed us a pan of tomatoes of the telegraph variety, the si/.e of which is worthy of mention. They will run in weight a trille over a pound. In the words of the agricultural editor, we say "next.'.' A. II. Stow left Tuesday morning for the far South and West. He will stop a day or so with the boys in Des Moines and ticket from there to Kansas City. He will probably be gone ull winter as he enjoys better health west of the Missouri. Wm. Elvidge is the man that found Mrs. O'Ncil's gold watch that she lost. Her watch came back to her simply by the judicious use of a little printer's ink through the columns of the Rm-unucAN, It is a fact that it pays to advertise, and it pays best through the RKPUULICAN. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt, BURT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. • 3STOTIOE. The firm of Benedict & Allen having been dissolved, I shall hold forth in rooms over McDonald's hardware and keep on hand a new and complete stock of Millinery goods of the latest styles and at prices to suit your pocketbook. Mns. BENEDICT. Closing Out. We have decided to close out our entire stock of BOOTS and SHOES And handle more GROCERIES And shall sell at Until they are all gone. Cornein and see us and we will save you money. They are bound to go quick and "first come first served." Cady & Haliock. m RE! Burt has a Furniture Store. Buy your furniture of W. M. Cook. E2TA good stock and reasonable prices, Don't Fail To see our line of foot wear for Men, Women and Children. A Dandy in a Ladle's Fine Shoe for $175 Oil Grain Shoes in all sizes, cheaper than you ever saw them. Truly yours, Idiolson & Buell, G-EO. E. MARBLE Still runs a AT BURT. Fresh Groceries always on hand and a good assortment of General Merchandise. IHJi'i'AI.O J''OKIC. Mr. T. J.yons lius sold his farm and will move farther n.irtli. (Jiles ami Y.'illse started with their new steam thresher Tuesday; Charley Smith and Ht-rt Mathews wore callers uj> this \\ay last Sunday. This is ju*t the kind of weather we need to get llie eui'i) out of the way of Jack Frost. Mr. A. J). Clarke aud Mr. Taylor passed through here Thursday on their way to German township on business. Another sale of leal estate is the Hatch and Stephens place of too acres, bought by Mrs. tioveru, frojii Illinois. Consideration ••jis per acre. Buffalo Forks, Sept. 19. "Oh! how dreadfully yellow and greasy my face is getting." Say do you know this is ull caused by a disordered : liver, and that your skin can be changed from a dark greasy yellow to a transparent white by the use of Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood MakerV Every bottle guaranteed by F. W. Dingley. If you want an uullavored cigar, smoke the Sweets. For sale at LadeiidorH's. AVlieeler Corn. I). W. Arnold of Waukegan, 111., was here last week looking after his farm interests, returning Monday. Coming up from his farm Monday morning he brought a sample of corn. "That's good corn," said he. "That's Wheeler corn, and it's ahead of Illinois corn." Mr. Arnold is the owner of a 420 acre farm almost joining our busy burg and is better pleased with 'his farm this trip than ever before. He says com here is better than in Illinois, and takes back a ! ,few ears to prove it. He leased his farm for another year 'to Mr. Foster, the present occupant, Wh.o'is making money as well as Mr. Arnold. When in town call on Whitney and se his new line of HEATING STOVES Remember he always has on hand a full line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware. Capt. W. A. Abbott, who has loug been with Messrs. Percival & Hattou, Real Estate aud Insurance Brokers, Des Moines, Iowa, aud is one of the best known aud most respected business men in that city, says: I fan testify to the good qualities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Having used it in my family for the past eight years, I can safely say it has no equal for either colds or croup. 50 cent bottles for sale bv Dr. Sheet/. 48 51. -AT THE— RIGHT NOW! Aiid by so doing secure the Opening Chapters of our Next Serial, Soon to Appear, entitled: This is one of the most intensely interesting stories recently presented, and is one that will prove irresistible to every reader who peruses the opening lines. IIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllCI ELEGHNTLY ILLUSTRATED By one of the Leading Newspaper Artists of the Country. We append a few of the illustrations, with brief" extracts from the adjoining text, from which some idea can be gathered of the highly dramatic nature of the story. Samuel Gorby, of the Detective Office. The following extract is taken from the introductory paragraphs: •A crime has been committed by an unknown assassin, within a short distance of the principal streets of the great city, and is surrounded by an impenetrable mystery. Indeed, from the nature of the crime itself, the place where it was committed, and the fact that the assassin has escaped without leaving a trace behind, him, it would sacr.i as though the case itself had been tr.hcn bodily out of one of Gaboreatt's novel:;, and that his famous detective Lccocq o::!y would be able to unravel it. On the £-th day of July, at the hour of twenty minutes to two- o'clock in the morning, a, hansom cab drove up to the police station, in Grey street, St. Kilda, and the driver made the startling statement that his cab contained the body of a man whom he had reason to believe had been murdered." The incidents are then described in detail. "• • <Tho letter, however, v,-^3 r.ot to bo found in the desk, nor was it in the sitting room; they tried the bedroom, but with no better result; so Madge was nearly giving up the search in despair, when suddenly Calton's eyo fell 0:1 the v.-crite paper basket, which by somo reason they had overlooked in their acr.:"'.:. • "Ho-,v long has that wasto paper basket been standing Kho that.'" ho asked, pointing to it. * * * "Circ weeks," repeated Calton, with a look r.t ll-.-.t".;-?. "Ah, and ho got tho letter four wccka K£O. Defend upon it, wo shall find it there."" Madgo gavo a cry, and, falling on her kneos, emptied tho basket out oil tho floor, and both she and' Calton. wero soon as busy among tho fragments of paper as though they were ragpickers. # * * Suddenly a cry broke from Madge, as sho drew out of the mass of paper a half-burnt letter, written ^ The Half-Burnt Letter. " on thick and creamy -looking paper. "At last," she cried, rising off her knees, oncf •tnoothiiijj it cut. "I knew ho had not destroyed it." ^ "I'll givo you money to save me," she shrieked; "good money—all mine—all mine. See—see—'ere—suverains," and, tearing her pillow open, she took out a canvas bag, and from it poured a gleaming stream of gold. Gold—gold—it rolled all over the bed, over the floor, away into tho dark corners, yet no one touched it, so enchained were they by the horrible spectacle of the dying woman clinging to life. She clutched up some of the shining pieces, and held them up to the three men as they stood silently beside the bed, bub her hands trembled so that the sovereigns kept falling from them on tho floor with metallic clinks. "All mine—all mine," she shrieked, loudly. "Give me my life—gold—money—cuss ye—I sold my soul for it—save me—give me my life," and, with trembling hands, she tried to force the gold on them. They did not say a word, but stood silently looking at her, whilo tho two girls in the corner clung together, •I Sold My Soul for It." and trembled with fear. Fuu SALE 'CHEAP—One cook stove and one heating stove. Both nearly as good as new. H. B. HALLOCK. Go to Graham's for pumps. Little Giants! 'Little Giants! Little Giants! are the pills that do the work successfully, effectually and permanently. We warrant every bottle to give satisfaction. Bold by F. W. Dingley. go to Viurqpir. For a good article in vinegar Cady & Hallock's. Catarrh, neuralgia rheumatism anrl most diseases originate from impure l>lond. Cleanse it, improve it, purify it with De Witt's Sarsapafilla and health is restored, strength regained. 'Sold 'by Sheetz. BDRT HOTEL! M. L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. "Fitzgerald!" gasped Morelancl, growing pale. "I—I—what's that?" ho shrieked, as he saw Whyte's coat, all weather-stained, lying un ;•. chair near him, and which he im- mediat -ly m'o;;:>i2ecl. "That is tho ropo that's going to hang you," said Ivilsip, quietly, coining behind him, "for tho murder of Oliver Whyto." "Trapped, by G !" shouted the wretched man, wheeling round, so as to face Kilsip. He spraug at tho detective's throat, and they both rolled together on tho floor, but the latter was too strong for him, and, after a sharp struggle, ho succeeded in getting tho handcuffs on Hoi-eland's wrists. The others stood around perfectly quiet, knowing that Kilsip required no assistance. Now that tlier i r?/- no possibility of escape, Morelaud (teemed to become* resigned, and rose/ sul- ienly off the floor. And They Both Rolled Together on the Floor. The Burt Meat Market, ELVIDCE BROS. Props. * Fresh and Cured Meats Always on Hand, Id ASH PAID FOB HIDES, Watch for the Announcement of the Opening Chapters! U IMIWIW-F i |iinim^B^«SP .Don't on Any Account Fail to Read this Great Get your Printed at the Republican Office We do all kinds of Job Work aud will : give you satiaf action.

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