The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1891
Page 6
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NEW •T. A.. iriilCCI-I, Editor. BANCROFT, IOWA, WEPT. 23, 1891. Chicago & North-Western K'y. NORTH SOUTH wlxpd n iiiim ixtlxert r. 0711111 wnvfrpiftlit....ji .Mum way freight....K isain -r 4 ospm rsussnnnci- a O.ipm CHURCH W.l?Kl!T01iY. I'HKSiiVTICIHAIf cinrucii. holds .SPI-VICI-S iii Mm school house. Stiiuhiv ilnl .". i>. ni.. proncliiiur servic.i! ;i,l: -I 11. m' or incclfiiB Thursdny evening. Kvervlunlv Ml. KKV. 1). WM.U.UIS, 1'astor. " DAxruoi-T swKmsir UITIIKHAN ritnuon «-» ine.'iiiia morning iwt \ »,v«niiifi; one Sunday in pfi«li inoiilli ami two eveiilni! incciliiL's in ii Jiionih. Kiinday Hcliou! at 1i> ni. oiieli Siindav, badies Aid Society meets every oilier Friday. ______ lti:v. A. Ki,KST'i!o:\r, 1'iislor. P*«KK JUKTirunisr Cirtrncif, I'reaohlii" " ser^ •• vii'.t lit Win-tier school house at in o'clock fi. in. .;u Bancmlt school house at 2 i>. m aixl at I'.ratlaml school house at s p. in. • all of these s on the same iSahliath every two weeks , JVoj/r.K. 1'ustoi'." in IIAIT.IST ciiUHPji, of Hiuici-ori:, preaeli- servics each Sunday at 10 ::;o a. m. and ' " y !S( ' luml ilt 1L> '"• I ' orils - S "P or H.-V « • •• ' is - S "P or tlte first MIIK ay in ejieli mouth at 1 p. m., p rav- er meufins: Uhursday evening Loyalists meet on uesdny evening. Covenant meeting the last 1' UliiyeveiiniK in each month, choir practice ' l!i:v. L. A. CUMMINS. Pastor. «V>n,i'i''i •••"• ••;-•••• /x >,i>iuiiii invftalioH is extended to ;il! to attend tin-so services JJKV. A. p. WAKO, 'Fustor. QT ..JOHN'S CATIIOI/IC cnuitcH. fe K uliir scr- .V. Diet's: Instruction iroin in to m :::i) a in HIS,i mass and sermon from 10 :30 to la. Holy iiiasseach muniinj; in t)iu week ,it 7 a, m..RIar- iieu I,;uiu>'s Society muots the l\rst Sunday of Sn^i'^,!" 1 ," 1 V llt /i r t '' le sei '" 10 "' Young lyiu'iie.'.s ooGit rv ineers the .second Sunduv of every montli after tlie sermon, Youm; Men'" Socie v inccts the tliml Sunday 'of everr month a tC T.I1P UMI'Mlilt) 1.'.rrt)... I., >,1 ,, , • '- . , >•<»« Ik.1-1-1 i. Jvvcijoodv is invited to attend lees. FATHKU A. J. SCUKMMKI,, Pastot-. Land is booming. W. C. Danson was in town yesterday. Everybody is going to the County Fair this week. A young child of Wm. Ilaarsh is reported at being very sick. A great many farmers report corn as out of the way of the frost. The Phoenix is having a big run. Why? Because they advertise. A. Carpenter has bought 80 acres of laud north of his present farm. B. A. Myers, (he former grain dealer of Algona. was in town the first of the week. Mrs. II. Austin visited friends in Buffalo township last week and the first of this week. Mrs. E. E. McGinnis and Mrs. I). A. Ellis were expecting to start for South Dakota yesterday. ° Charles Mernfield is the proud happy father of a bouncing baby boy that arrived last Saturday. A. J. Carlisle, of Whittemore, was in Bancroft last Monday and yesterday to see—well never mind. The "culclmwed" Bostonians de- A little child of B. F. Hayden's is very sick. REPUBLICAN RALLY. HON. 0. C. PETEESOU ;,, i. .. BM?rof? l parted for the, wild and wooly plains of Nebraska last Sabbath. Cliff Stockwell, one of Kossuth's best teachers, is learning the Drug business in the Pioneer Drug Store. Mrs. A. E. Paul, of DesMoines, who has been visiting with Mrs. S. W. Callanan, returned home last Saturday. C. E. Mallory sold his Burt township farm last week for the consideration of $4,000 cash. The farm contained 200 acres. W. L. Wolfe has been making a successful canvass for the Iowa Deposit and Loan Company during the past week in this town. The Board of Directors of the Independent District passed a resolution allowing public political meetings to campaign be held in the school house in the ab- ' £<r\i^rtrt i-\fi f. 1. r .J-J . 1 _ ^ .. Barslou and Anderson that's the ticket that's hard to beat. T. II. Davis is in town visiting with his niece, Mrs. F. M. Pudge. The train service has finally been so arranged that a person cannot go to (Ylgoim and back the same day. O. 11. Moulton is here to look after his land and also to visit with his brother, W. D. Moulton, of Fenton. Some relatives of Mr. Weinberger of Ramsay came over from Germany last Wednesday and will make the North End thoir future home. Alex Carpenter sold his place west of the railroad to Sheldon Iligley for the consideration of $000. Mr. Carpenter will immediately build on his farm west of town. That distinguished legislation body known as the Greenwood township board of directors (Anti Independent District) held a secret meeting in the PhoMiix Sample room on Monday last. They hired the room for this particular purpose. A law suit between G. F. Ilolloway and Swan Hanson was tried yesterday. J. W. Sullivan appeared for the plaintiff and W. B. Quartan for the defendant. The cause of the suit was a land sale in which the plaintiff claimed commission. Through the kindness of Tlios. Sherman we were shown through the new- State Bank and we are sure that no finer rooms could be found in northern Iowa. The main Bank room is 24 feet square and is furnished throughout with solid oak furniture. The coun- LOCALS. If you want to .hire a livery rig, Kinne & Pearson have just the outfit for you flnll rttt *1in%vt .yvru. Call on them. T..ook Hero! C. E. Mallory lias plenty of old corn for sale. _ # De Witts Sarsapriltft cleanses the blood increases the appetite and tones up the system. It has beuefitted many people who have suffered from blood disorders It will help you. If you want to buy your nails and hardware cheap, give Bruer a chance to figure on your bill. New harness cheap. Also all kinds repairing done in harness line at Bruer s. ' # Don't storm the system as you would a fort. If held by the enemy, constipation, gently persuade it, to surrender with De Witt's Little Early Risers. These little pills are wonderful convinccrs. I have the Garland. Real Estate and Leader stoves.—I. J. B. * -Agent for- Callanan & Savery Perfect action and perfect health result from the use of De Witt's Little Earlv Risers, a perfect little pill. Glidden wire cheap at I. J. Bruer's. * Call on I. J. B. and see his big stock of stoves; over 100 on the floor. * I. J. B. sells the Cedar Rapids Wood Pump. * A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales in any part of the county. •><) years experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. SEPTEMBER 26-th, at t : ao P . m . In English and Swedish Languages, SCHOOL HOUSE HALL I'ICKEJ) tT!> IX THE STKKET. •is good. There- are about fifty land seekers in the north end. Geo. K. Green was at Algona last Saturday on business. Dr. W. E. II. Morse was up from Algona last Wednesday. ^11. Austin went to Fort Dodge last Friday to attend conference. II. M. Richmond's addition to Mallory & Holms' store is enclosed. B. F. llayden, of Burt township, is getting up a new barn 2± foot square. Ed. Schwartz, of Wisconsin, is in town visiting with his relatives and friends. John Sullivan took Winkers trotter Byron Sherman down to Algona last Monday. R. M. Richmond's bank and land room is beginning to make a line appearance. E. L. Ward's house in the south part of town is enclosed. O. E. Bliss is doing the building. Wm. Hill, of the Deering Reaper works, of Chicago, came last Thursday to work for Graham. W. A. Chipman and wife, of Portland, attended the Davison reunion in Bancroft last Thursday. 13. F. Crosu lies very sick of fever and ague and at the time of this writing is getting much worse. Sain'l Maynt! will quit the law business in the nt.-ar future and dcvok- his thru- to real estate and collections. G. (.). Austin has built a new side walk in front oi' his hotel which adds much f the appearance of the place. Miss Xrllic Walker, of Algona, came, up lasr Friday t<> make a visit with her former associate, Miss Vinton. of this pi act-. Aigniia. boasts uf <,ne, () f their mcr- chanl.s paying h.> L > f ur e ggs, when. Pshaw! wwhave been paying ]-2c for at least a month. G. F. Hollow-ay Knld a half section of land in Ramsay township to Robert Murray, of Delavan, Minn., i'tir the consideration of $12.£o per aero. The Misses Mabel and Blanche nay- tier, of Burt township, visited their grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Sweet, the latter part of last week. A family from Ledyard whose name' we could Chjj<H:H,:.l day laat,.,; i'uunul ervices. _• c£ C^) S~lL E™ U4Xs \-t .»\\-.^l ll^'dj sence of a better place, Rufus Davison, who has been visitlnt, here with relatives, likes the country so well that he will probably buy some land and join his many relatives who live in noble old Kossuth. We procured some corn last week raised on the farm of E. S. Streatei and placed it on exhibition to show that at least the field where it was grown was out of the way of the frost About twenty people surprised Geo Bliss by a birthday party at his home last Thursday evening- and received the following presents: Gold pen and pen holder, cuff buttons, silk handkerchief and necktie. One of the ilrst things that Bancroft needs is a City JTall where public meetings of all kinds could he held. A. A. Call, of Algoua. offers to give a lot free if some one will build the hall. "\Vlio will make the lirst move. There will be a farewell ice cream social at the M. E. Church to night, Rev. and Jlrs. Ward will be present to say good bye as this will probably be their last visit to Bancroft. The XK\VS wishes them God speed. Rev. Cummins, of this place, and Rev. George Jones: of Storm Lake, exchanged pulpits last Sabbath. Rev. Jone;; preached two very acceptable icrmons at the Baptist church of this place, and immense audiences greeted him. The Catholic people have bought live acres of land south of the Bancroft cemetery for a seperato cemetery of their own and expect to have tbe bounty Surveyor lay it out in lots next week, and also to have a fence put iron nd it. (Jus Schmidt, the genial and hard working harness maker who worked for was the following officers President, P. M. Bar- ters are not straight but present the corners as one enters and there are two wickets one for collections and one for cash. The directors rooms is 10 x 12 and will also be used as a private office" The vault is fix 8 and is absolutely fireproof while the doors are double and made of chilled steel. This building is Bancroft's pride for more reasons than one. The first meeting of the Republican club of Bancroft was held in Anderson's carpenter shop last Thursday night. The constitution of the Iowa League of Republican Clubs adopted and were elected: slou; Secretary, Prof. E. C. Anderson; Treasurer, J. B. Johnson; Vice presidents, II. X. Renfrew and AY. E. Jordan. The regular meetings of the Club will be held on the first and third Mondays of each month. The club has a membership of 70 voters, besides several minors who are Republicans. The first regular meeting was held last Monday night when a committee was appointed to secure a place of meeting for Hon. O. C. Peterson, who speaks here next Saturday night. Upon a speech being called for the President arose and made a fine speech for the party in general and J. G.Sinith for representative in particular. The meetings have been enthusiastic and we believe the club will meet with sue-, cess. BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en--—-•« •• VA ik J^ t«l«A CH.J IfCCUt larged at reasonable prices. T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Has his barn ready for the sick and lame horses. so hrmg them alonft. Charges reasonaule. Call on him and get prices and terms. He can suit you in the selection of both wild and improved lands. S. W. Callanan, Bancroft, Iowa. VISIT THE- BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. CA1U> Or THAN'KS. To the many friends wiio so f;ener- nisly contributed to aid me in liiy ve- :ent trouble with lire, I desire to express my heartfelt thanks. 13. F. IIAVDKX. Fri- Algouu hist week with oight seekers, and located live of them irohii- west G.oIdiierg,..Ola. kelson, Mike I. P. Brucr. of this place, started for Tracy. Minn., last Friday, where lie will open up a harness shop of his own. Tin; XJKWS follows him to his new home and wishes him much success. SajmiclWaynu was attorney for the plaintiff in a law suit in Swea township wherein B. A. Anderson was plaintiff and soiru- herders were defendants. B. A. Anderson won the case and received judgment for forty- thrt-e dollars. It was a case of trespass. Miss Agnes Randall, instructor in music at the Algona Normal school, was in Bancroft last Friday. AVe are inforwied that shu has a class of nine in vocal and instrumental music in Bancroft, and with a good prospect of more. She is a graduate of tho Cornell ConHtTvatory nj Lptrlr yocpfeiJBl instru me-ntrfl llfrlslc aiTH is^iracc'hmnlishe Friday-last a-- irised,. i • i * aiyl son-m-hiw, son and wife,'---Hlifutf,:333'-'J)itiv!sbii v 'und wile Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all vuulred complaints are dangerous Jf nl- owed to run any length of time. So it is tbe duty of all parents to keep a mod- cine on hand sit till times that will effect i positive and permanent cure. Ik-gjrs' 'iiar.'hoen Balsam is guaranteed t.o°do liis. Bold anrl warranted by F W )ingley. Marie Twain. Tliis noted humorist lives in Hereford Conn., iind by his own writings has made life more pleasant to thousands. By the use of Mailer's Sarsaprilhi & Burdock thousands of lives have been lengthened and both are entitled to tho thanks of mankind. For sale by Dr. L. A. SLeeiz. Ancient Kfy]>i. Some of the most startling, interesting discoveries of the life and customs of buried Egypt are now being made through extensive excavations. These, discoveries are exciting a great interest. Macy discoveries are, however, being made in our country that are not less strange and remarkable, among which we may mention that of Mailer's Pain Paruly/er which effects entire relief, and in many cases a complete cure of that terrible disease rheumatism, and which also relieves pain of all kiada. For sale by Dr. L. A. SheeU. Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS. ITutlerbiking- :i Spechilty. STORE PRICED Business. MCLAUGHLIN & CO., Proprietors B Done anywhere in the County At M RocK Prices, f We guarantee— ale. At D. R. Crowel's ECONOMY STORE. -- TO MAKE ROOM FOR _ TOCK At and Below Cost for 40 Days. "A word to the wise is sufficient." D . K- C ROWEL, Bancroft, Iowa. A magnificent line of new hats and shoes just received at the "Economy Store. D. R. COAL $3. for 2000 Ibs. of COAL Or no Pay. ihc Boone LUMP Coal $3.5O !! at $4.50 Respectfully, , EXCHANGE COAL & MINING Co. Of New Watches, New Musical Instruments, Clocks, Jewelry, , JJ:7 JJ/O • •' J ..'H "' U; ••;_ •;••:••?;••< o • '.'.:-J .J-:ij ,11 BANCROFT, IOWA. Wonderful. E. W. Sawyer, of Rochester, Wis., a |iad one of Ids horses badly cut ami burned with a lariat. " The wound re- uset-. orse A. SUNDSTROM A pamphlet of. truct of tbe laws, abuwiuu OUUiu Piitenu, Caveuts Jl -J Q J f. H a i !) •; •., , V The finest'turnout^f ur; .8HAOJ

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