The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1891
Page 5
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THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1891. Rlat's Racket for bargains In underwear and notions. Mr. Dollivcr's Speech. It is fortunate that Mr. Doxsee of the Republican County Central Committee was successful in securing Mr. Dolliver for u speech Friday evening— the evening of tlie last day of the fair. The bare announcement that Mr. Dolliver is to speak is usually sufficient to draw as large a crowd as can he accommodated in any hall in Algonti. Many farmers will probably make it suit to attend the fair during the day and the speech in the evening who would not otherwise attend either. This is to bo Mr. J)ol livers only speech in Algona during the campaign and no one can afford to miss it. ln- AS much as both the court house hall and skating rink had been previously engaged for Friday evening arrangements have been made for the meeting at the Wigwam, which will accommodate a large number of people. Ke- served seats will be provided for the ladies. Don't miss one of the best political meetings of .the campaign. OYSTERS Fresh by the can or dish at Ladendorfs every Saturday. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC, WANTED—A work. irl to do general house"us. W. K..FERGUSON. Edmonds the Favorite. This morning's Register reports that Bert Edmonds is ahead at the end of the second night in the 1'J hour bicycle race for the championship of Des Moines. Uert has covered Oo miles and 11 laps at the end of the (irst four hours. The Register says:— The favorite is Edmonds, who is enthusiastically applauded (-very time he gains a lap. His endurance is phenomenal for a young man. Tie rides in good form and is apparently as fresh at the finish as he was at the start. ]3ut the contest for second place will be a hot one and Edmonds may be crowded for first place; before the race is over. Farmers' Alliance. There will be a meeting held at the court house hall in Algona on October 3rd, 18!)], under the auspices of the Iowa Farmers' Alliance,to which every farmer is cordially invited to come and bring his family. The aims and objects of the Alliance will be discussed by State Lecturer Will N. Sargent, young men and women arc especially invited to be present. In this day when all classes are organizing and combining, it is high time farmers were looking after their own interests. While others^are enabled to live in luxury ,the closest economy is required for tlie farmer to secure the necessaries. What is wrong and how can it be righted? The power is within yourselves! Come to this meeting and see if yon cannot "benefit yourself. Don't fail to bring your wife, she who lias to share your labors, let her also share your effort in self-betterment. Meeting begins at 2 o'clock p. in. l Estate Deals. l regularly each week.) Simeon N mid Kva M Onnovor to Jas Gfil- liuiiiii and ,hiH G Savory ,e lit sec 22-HP-29.S fill Ki-unk Wiiiluo and \vifi- to .Tacofo Winkol, loi,sr>. ii !in,i 7, In block «, in original town (il AlKoiiii ................................. 400 Allen 10 Hnyt to Win V .lonklnson, so. i\r of se <ir SP.O •>•> and no qr of no (|i\sec a7-!>(!-29 ISoo •I Al YoKiiir In H K Ji'jinson, n lit of s\v i|r Mild so, <|i'<>r s\v <ii- sec 27-100-30 ........... 1200 O V liiiilfi-iind wife to Jacob Dtihl.s lif of . S(K! 2-!I.V 2s ......................... ...... (iJOII Krastns A Itonsoii to .( 11 Stcg(?o, so qr of .sec !)-iix-L'!i .............................. 1200 W V Hyde to Krtwiii-d Smith, w lif of nc qr SCO 1!l-!ll-'J7 ........ ..... ........... 1200 Jas Calliinan and .1 o Savory to Nils Nordin, quit claim w lif of no <H' sec i:i-fi!)-!t<). 1 licrlina Wliitohorn lo ,J M Kartey. lot 12, In block 1:1, in town ol 1 Whittcnicre ........ 325 liarbara JUlarvci- and h lo Win Shnidcr, s hi oi so qr sec 7-1)7-27 ................. 800 W V Wlllcox and \vilo to .lacob O Isen- iHTtfei-, sc qr ot sec 25-D8-27 ____ .......... 2400 Jacob Winlu'l and wifo to Frank WluUel, e llih-ij of lot, 4, in block 2«, in town of AlKOlia .................................. 2HOO Kllxubotli W. Cook (o W. H. Norton, undivided lif int In IHV qr sec IH-!I8-2!I ..... . . 825 W II MonUins to (ico M Johnson, slilof s« qr sue 5-011-2!) .............................. 1000 James Callanan and wifi: and .T C Savcry to (-ico Wells, quit claim Hcqrof nvv qr sec :u-!iy-27 .............................. 10 Thomas l.indscy to Geo Wells, u\v qr of sw; :it-!iu-i!7 ...... ........................ iiW) K 0 Kobcrts and \v to Kpliraiuo Jlilswmh ~" w lif of se. qr, n lit of KW qr st-c 22-!«-2!i. . 3200 .Kinm.'i.T Uaino.f and Ii to Theodore Anderson ,n lit' of seiii-uf sec -Ji-1 mi-, •;«..: ...... C Hyson to Mattio Warner, nw qr of lie qr sec l!i-.')8-2,t .............................. 500 Western Town [,ot c» and T) A. IHiell to Win 11 Schaell'cr, lot 21, block ti ......... 75 Western Town Lot Co ot al to John Kil- wurd*, lot 10, block 4, town of Bancroft. 250 Arthur 11 Stow to Comfort T' Sfow.'lho und hf of lot 14 in blk C in Kurt Iowa ......... 100 Western Town Lot To and 15 A Bnetl to 0 1'Slow, lot 13, block5. Hurt, lowti ....... 100 Western Town Lot Co and 1) A. Knell to C P Stow, lot 12, block fi, Hurt, I r >Wii ....... 55 W 15 'J'il.n.s to c I' Stow, n w qrof sw qr of sec i:j-!)7-2!l .............................. 12GO Jos Thompson and w to jiary 15 Munch o'/£ invj.i L'y-!)7-2s ........................... 1000 Al i- i-iil'cles and \v to .los c',4 uuU n !a SC?,i HWii se!-i 28-08-23 .......... '. ...... 2500 Western Townl.ot co and 1) A P.iusll to r, i- Slow Its 15 and lu bile 5 town of Hurt. — 150 J) Welanp and \v to Henrietta ,1 Cooke anil Kli/abuth W Cook ql cl nw',1 18-1I8-20 ____ 5 Henrietto ,T rooke to w 11 Norton und half interest . sw!4 18-!)!I-2'J .................... 850 Goo call exr et al to .Ino Kil wards It !) blk 4 250 Lucie D Austin to Jno Buyer s '/« mvJi WANTED—1150 acres wild land in Kossuth county. Write me description; state price and terms. A. C. SMITH, 50-51 Quimby, Iowa. WANTKI), A HOY To Jcnrn tlie printer's trade nt the REPUBLICAN office. Call and see our new stock of Fall Millinery, E. BKKVB & Co. I'AKM Ij'Oll 8AMC. A farm of ICO acres five miles east of Algona and two miles from Sexton., is offered for sale at a bargain. Reason for sale: Owner is an invalid and now in California. Inquire of 49 tf R. J. HUNT. For S Hay press for sale. 51 52 Stoves, Stoves, Stoves. IN THIS LINE THE *» M. M. CADY. UOVSCH fcir .Sale. A. M. & G. M. Johnson have some fine young horses for sale. Terms to suit purchaser. For .Snlo 01- Triulc. Will trade or sell my house and lot near Normal School in Algona. Write or see me. A. C. CADY, Burt, la. Our fall stock of boots and shoes, harness, blankets, robes, gloves and mittens is coming every day. F. S. STOUGII. SAI;J<;. We will offer at public auction, Friday, October 2nd, 1891, at Prairie Lawn stock farm, commonly known as the J. B. Jones farm, 8 miles southwest of Algona, Iowa, the following property: 140 head registered Short Horn cattle, consisting of the entire J. B. Jones herd of cows, heifers, bulls and calves. 30 head Poland China hogs, 2 good work horses and harness, also the hay and feed on said farm. Terms— Approved note running 1 year at 7 per cent, interest on all sums of $10 or upwards. A discount of 3 per cent. will be made for cash. This will be a splendid opportunity for the farmers of Kossuth and adjoining counties to improve their stock by purchasing from this fine herd, H. B. CUNNINGHAM & Co. Col. John Scott, Auct. 50 52 For 1891 Takes the Lead. During the time I have handled stoves, for over 20 years, I have found no brand that give,s the universal satisfaction that tlie Garland Stoves and Ranges do. I have a larger assortment of these stoves this fall than ever before, and for prices I only ask to have them corny ared with others. I have Which will be sold very cheap, from $3. up, but not one Garland in the lot. Wood and Iron Pumps, Dairy supplies, Guns and ammunition, Husking Pins of all descriptions, Heath & Milligan mixed paint. I am agent for Baker Barbed Wire. I am prepared to"do all kinds of Metal Roofing. Tinware Repairing promptly attended to. To those contemplating building, I would like to figure on your nail bill. I can save you money. Try me and see. 3li- sno looo Jas Henderson and w to I'"rdk liotteher ([t cl n w'.i 14 ij(i- yd ......................... l Klla (r Yutighn to JIMolinson w'/.< sw!-i ii7-27 Fannie Ii SIiijilu and h to David i-rice ii'/i se',4 15-'Jli-27 ............................. !)00 KdnaTjiiilhaway to Oeo Urch swJi 10-05-28 2800 K(lii;tT;iatliaway to JnoUi-ch nw'-i NHI5-28 OTOO JohuJlilenn to WllSti-lckler swK 14-27-28 1000 WKJovdan am! w to JcStahl commencing at s\v corner It, 14 blk 1 call's add to Bancroft and running tinmen nortli :iS rds thence west 8 rds thenoo HOIII Ii :i8 rils tlience east K rds to place of be,u,iiiniiii; .. Western Town Lot co to 1'reil calkins Its 1C and 17 blk 2 Ledyard .................... Lester (! iiuntley to c Bryson It G blk 33 Algona ................................ 215 000 90 Winkel's trotting horse Byron Sherman is lii-re now for service. At Frank Winkel's darn. 50 1 AUGUST POST Secretary, J. B. FUIIKOW, President, Gilrwin, Io\Vii. Moultou, Iowa. The Weather ami Crop*(.Report for last weuk.) The daily average temperature of the past week was over i) degrees above the normal, making it the hottest seven days ever recorded in this latitude in the second decade ol ! September. There was a full week of unobscured sunshine. It was a golden diadem, crowning a most bountiful seiisou! There was no rain by day. nor chill at night, and in the drying winds the rustle of the corn blades was like an anthem of rejoicing. In the State at large fully three- fourths of the corn is practically secure, and more than the usual proportion of the crop is being cut and .shocked. About ^5 per cent is yet more or less immature, needing from one to two weeks to fully ripen. There is a larger per cent of unripe •corn in the districts wherein there was the greater excesa of moisture in July and August. The present prospect is that the State, as a whole, will produce 85 per cent of a full crop of sound corn. Bain is needed for pastures and to facilitate plowing. Cut price's in Ladies' line shoes for ten dnys at P. S. Slough's. i "0! how I dread to sec rny hair turning gi'ay." is a remark made by so many ladies. If they only knew Unit 75 cents invested in one bottle of Bcggs' Hair Kenewur would not only cheek it at once, but givH it, a luxurious and glossy appearance, we know that they would not hesitate lo buy. We guarantee every bottle. Sold by F. W. Dingley. Old jmjx'i's to l»nt under your carpet at the IMiL'UiJLrC.VN oiliuc. You never tried De. Wit.t's Little Early Risers for constipation, biliousness, sick headache or you would not have these diseases. ruutic SAT,E. The undersigned will offer at public sale at his piece in Plum Creek township, nine miles northeast of Algona, commencing at 10 o'clock, on Wednesday, Sept. 30, the following property; Two lumber wagons, 2 bob sleighs, 2 drags, 2 corn plows, seeder, disc harrow, 2 set harness, sewing machine, gasoline stove, dishes, and other articles too numerous to mention. Also nine head of horses—1 seven year old gelding, 1 four year old gelding, 1 live year old mnre, 1 eleven year old mare, 1 two year old marc, 1 yearling mare, 2 two year old geldings, 1 sucking colt. Twenty-four head of cattle—8 milch cows, 13 head grade two year olds, 8 head calves. Free lunch at noon. Terms—All sums of $5 and under, cash; over $5 a credit of twelve months at 8 per cent, with approved security. Five per cent, off for cash. W. B. FIIATT. D. A. Haggard, Auct 50 31 A. P. HALL, Proprietor. State Stroet, Algona. Lodging and meals. Hoard l«v tlie day or week. Terms .Si |mr<i:iy, .?:! no pnr week with JEurni.slied room, $v.nn per week for day board. THE ONLY IOWA'S GREATEST HORSE SALE. Will occur at Blairsbui-g, Hamilton Co., Iowa, on line of Illinois Central II. R. Oct. (5 & 7 1881 at 9 a. m. at which time Col. W.- C. Leiuert will sell with- OttJt reservation his celebrated herd of Perclierons, American bred 9, Roadsters, Trotters, breeding stock aud business horses, com- pojs4 oU8 stallions, 59 brood mares, 37 fillies, 7 geldings, and 19 suckers. ThisiWili prove a grand opportunity for horge men aad farmers to purchase high, br^d, tlioyottgUly sound animals at a reasonable rate. For wany years Mr. B. F. Thompson, of DCS Moines, Iowa, was severely afflicted with cbrooio 41%rrboca. He says; A At Ujnesit was YSMF severe; so wuch eo, that I fe»re4 ij M?Md end my life- About seven y^firs &£Q E chftnced to pro* -*• . ..^T-,. rB.Vi . ^j It Investigate their merits. De Wi It's Little Early Risers don't gripe, cause nausea or pain, which accounts for their popularity, —says (or sav) they would not run a drug store without these little pills. Sioux City Corn Palace. The C. M. & St.'P. Ry. will sell tickets to the Sioux City Coru Palace and return for $4.28. Selling Oct. 1, 3. 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 10, and 17. The SwpHts is an unllavored and free smoker. Call iitLudendoiil's. AYe can not ail'ord to deceive you. Con fldence is begotten by honesty. De Witt's Little Early Risers are pills-that will cure constipation and sick headache. The Sioux City Coru I'alacu. On account of the Corn Palace, to be held at Sioux City, from Oct. 1st to 17th, the Chicago & North Western R'y Co. will, on frequent dates, sell excursion tickets at the very low rate of one fare for tlie round trip. For all information as to dates of sale, etc., apply to agents C. & N. W. R'y. Our heavy team harness are made at home and of the very best oak tanned leather and warranted". F. S. STOIXHI. to call at my store when in need of ' Stoves, Tinware and Hardware. HENRY WINKIE, JR. Cheap farms, rich soil and healthy climate. For particulars enclose stamp and address C. A. RAGLAND, Real Estate Agent and Att'y at Law. 48 8 Stockton, Cedar county, Mo. Notice to Graders. Hi'ls will l>e received jit the auditor's office to build a grade and ditch a slough on tlie south Hue of section as-ou-20. Also on the southeast quarter section n-05-29. Bids received until September lie, 1891. T). A. BUEFX. DO-51 Committee. D. B. AVEY, HARNESS •-:- MAKER And dealer in HOESE SUPPLIES. Neatly done on short notice. At Lacy's old stand, opposite nunt House, Algona, Iowa. Ten- ( S GREATEST 3 1 Horses at Public Auction , October 6th and 7th, 1801, At 0 o'clock, A. M. Have received their Consisting of GLOTH1MG for. men boys, and children, HATS, ' F. L PARISH, S PECIAL ATTENTION will lift given to all kinds of repairing, including Tiiiware, Gasoline Stoves, Guns, Humqs and Clothes Wringers. Am also prepared lo put in Furnaces and do plumbing and (Jas Pipe iltting. Iron and Tin rooting. Prompt attention will be given to all kinds ol work hi my line. South o£ court house. F. L. PARISH. 'WOODWORK? CHICAGO. 2! UNION SQUARE. N. Y. **}^'%SgT&££ LOUIS LESSINQ, ALGONA, We have the reputation foi selling- the Best $3.00 Pants CO., IOWA. r Cpl. W. O. Lemert wih *cll without reservutlon tote' celebrated herd of Imported Percherong, American bred Perobe- ro»% Roadsters, Trotters. Breedlug Stock and 18 Buy the Best. Buy Bonaparte Yarn, .. ; Buy Bonaparte Blankets. Buy Bonaparte Pants, Buy Bonaparte Flannels. Buy Rockford Cotton Socks. Buy Racine Woolen Hosiery. Buy Lamb Knit Goods. Buy Stanley Knit Shirts. Buy Good Boys' Clothing. Buy Lion Brand Overalls. Buy Lion Brand Jeans Pants. Buy Lion Brand Duxik Coats. Buy Grinnell Gloves atjd Mittens. Buy Broadhead Dress Goods. Buy Rochester Ladies' Shoes. Buy Our Durable School Shoes. Buy Milwaukee Boots. Buy Best Grade Rubbers. Buy St. Paul Fur Coats. Buy the Best. Buy of JOHN REED. IN IOWA. And today we are selling a pant better than ever for that money. JAS. TAYLOR. LEGAL BLANKS, The REPUBLICAN keeps constantly oil hand a full stock of the following JUegal Blank forms: Wiu-rtttity Deecl, Ouit Claim Deed, Lenses, U«al Estate Mortgage, Chutttol MoTt- SatUfuctloH of Mortgage, Original , Laud Contracts, Ceutractg for School HOUJMJ, Notice of Trial of Will, Tax S#te Notices, District To\v»sUJj» Blaafce, Fresh Fruits Glassware Groceries Crockery Flour Sell all of the above and sell aheap. SOME BARGAINS IN CROCKERY AHP GLASSWARE, M. Z. GROVE. JOHN LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STAtl Best of Horses and Carriages. West of Thorington House. M. Z. GROVE, 1 FARM Wecan uow make lo*ns fin year's time a»4 give tte Uon'ovyer l roysd e prtvJi

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