The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1891
Page 1
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The Only ALL HOME PRINT IN THIS PAUT OF IOWA, VOL. XX. More Comity Cormpntee IN THE REPUBLICAN THAN ALL OTHER in Kossiith County ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1891. NO. 51. IALGONA REPUBLIC AN (Official Paper of Komutli County and %Cltu of Alumia.) PUBMHHElJ EVKItY WRDNKSD/VV |JOS, W, HAYS, Editor and Publisher Terms of Subscription. fOne copy, one year. In advance $i.5f I One copy, six months, in advance it ?One copy, three months, in advance 4C f Subscriptions coiiiliine till ordered stoppct ['and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates 1 Are reasonable und will be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment ot the HKIMTBIVIOAN Ofllce fo: Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. THE KEPUULIOAN is an AT-Jj HOME PKINT paper. No objectionable patent in- sldes. THIS ISSUE CONTAINS: 2d Page—Telegraphic News, State and National. 3d—Literary—The "Bill Nye' Letter. 4th—Algona Local News. 5th—Additional Algona News. 6th—The Bancroft NEWS; 7th—The Wilson Farm Department. 8th—County News and Burt REPUBLICAN. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. For Governor HIHAM c. WHEKLEK. of Sac county. For Lieut.-Governor GEO. VAN HOUTEN, of Taylor county. For Judge Supreme Court, SILAS M. WEAVER, of Havdiii county. For Railroad Com FRANK T. CAMPBELL. of Jasper county. ForSupt. Public Instruction,.. HBNKV SA.HIN, of Clinton county. For Representative, 84th L>ist. JOHNO. SMITH, of Kossuth county. For Senator, 47th Dist A, B. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Iain a (candidate for Sheriff subject to the action of tire Republican County convention. It. .1. HUNT. At itxfiiest-of many friends I am a candidate for Treasurer, subject to the decision ot the Republican County convention. W. I am a -candidate for county superintendent. BEKTHA C AHEY. 'CaiMl.wiate for sheriff, subject to the action-olthe Democratic County Convention. A. 'C.- I am a 'Candidate tor the office 'Of County Superintendent of schools, subject to the action of the HppuUHcau County Convention. B. >F. HEED REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONA'ENTION. A«ftm;e»tion.of tlieRepublieaihs >«f Ifossuth county, Iowa, -wall be held ait tlie court house hall IM Algona on Friday, Oct. B, 1801, :iit one o'clock p. an. far-tlie purpose of placing in nomination candidates lor the olltee of Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, SheriiV, Surveyor, Coroner and wo Supervisory. The basis of representation will be the same as that of the last Republican convention. Eaeli voting precinct will 'bo 'entitled to the I'o Ho wing nuinbei of donates : Com', No. dele'. Algona 1st wftvtl, Gardner Ooxvl-es. 'Chn 4 •• an.d •- ]}. V. Heed 4 " 3rd •" .1. B. \Vinkcl a '• 4tli •'• K. H. Clarke 4 Burt, .f olm Kerr 4 Buffalo, • R. 1>. Latuoreaux 2 Cresco. <». A. Potter 3 Fen ton, M. Weisbrodt '2 Greenwood, tt. Mayu-e r> German, Henry Isenberger 2 Gavfleld, M. Hayes a Hebiwi, A. CtoMdilcli 2 Harrison, -J. H. bengstou :2 Irviugton. A, L. Belton 4 Lotts llreek N. C, Taylor i> LnVerue, I. P. Harrison 4 Portland, K. Baeou .a Plum Creek, Frank Paine -3 Prairie, J. LongUottom 1 HiverdiUe, M. O'ltourke -a •Ramsay, K. A. Howe a Seneca, W. W. Aleorn a Sweu, U. A. Ericksou a Sherman, <*. M. Parsons -s Union, K.D. Patterson .3 Wesley, <'ail Olesoii 5 \Vblt Cemore, N. L. Cotton 4 Total No. of votes 80 The committeetiwm in the different townships are requested to call their eaucu*c.s Wednesday, Sept. aotli. at such hour and place a* each may decide. C. M. DOXSBK, County Chairman. P1URIARIES. Algona, 2<l AVard-At the Wigwam. Wednesday, Sept 30, 1 :'M p. 111. B. F. ItKlCD, Com. Algona, 3d Ward—At Normal Hall, Wednesday, Sept. 30,7 :30 p. m. J. 11. WINJU.KL, Cora. Cresco—At the J. B. Jones' school house, Wednesday, Sept. 30, B p in. O. A. POTTKB, Com. Irvington—At Lloyd's school house, Wednesday, Sept. so, -i p in. A. It. BELTON, Coin. I Plum Creek—At Uice school house, Bentem- i ber 23d, at i p in. F. H. I'AI.SK, Com. Whittemore—At Whittemore school house, Sept. 30th at 7 :30 p m. N. L. OOTTOX, Com. Buffalo-At Center school house, September SCtli at 4 p in. it. L. LABioitKU.\, Com. IitiVevne—At News office September 30th at 4 p m. I. P. HAjmisoj*, Com. S\vea—At Bergstrom school bouse September 80th at 8 p m. c. A. KuiticiisoN, Com. Pprtland—At Fox school house September 30 , at 3pm. EUNKST BACON, Com. . Prairie—At Longuottoni school House Sep[ tember sotu ut 5 p in. J. LONGHOTTOM, Com. jj' Se«eca— At Center school house, Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 7 p m. W. \V. ALCOUW, Com. Ramsay~At Ramsay school house, September aoth atip m. K. A. HOWE, oom. Harrison—At Bengteon's school house Sept. t!th at l p m. J. B, BENGTSON, Com. Burt—A* Burt school house Sept. 30th at4p JOHN luaut, Com. Greenwood—At Mayne's law offloe, Heptem- er aoth at 7 ;30 p in. t>. MAVNK. Com. lUverdale—At Stewart School House, 4 ('clock, Oct. 1st. M. O'itousiijs, Com. \ Shenimu—At Curren School Bouse, i o'clat-k, ept. 2u. U. M. FAUSONS, Com. Ifierniau—At Center School 4 o'clock a., Wednesday, Sept. 30. WM. CLEMENT, Com., pro tern. — At Friuk School 7 o'clock p. , Saturday, September 2e. S. D. PATTBBSON, com. teuton—At Weisbrod School House, at 8 p.m. 'uesday, Sept. 30. ' WB19MBOP, THE ALGONA Daily Republican devoted to the fair and the news of the fair will be issued Thursday and Friday mornings of this week. The small crowc in town to day has made the issue of a daily paper this morning impracticable. The Democrats raise the argument against Mr. Wheeler Unit he is in com fortable circumstances and are opposed to Mr. Van Houtcn because he is a poor man. A model of consistency is the Iowa Democracy. The Upper Des Moines' efforts to show that the REPUBLICAN is opposed to Mr. Smith and Senator Funk are too ridicu lous to be worthy of any answer. Neither Mr. Smith nor any «f his friends construed the REPUBLICAN'S editorial to mean anything other than what it actu ally did mean, i. c., what it said. When the U. D. M's shakiness on the tariff question and prohibition are remembered its action in trying to make this a cam paign of men and not of issues is readily understood. The REPUBLICAN does not consider it necessary to enter into a de fense of either Mr. Smith's or Senator Funk's character. The best thing the Upper Des Moines can do is to stop talk ing about any and all candidates and go to work for them and the issues they rep resent. ABOUT MB. SMITH. The Britt Tribune suggests a few very important questions that have been over looked by the editor of the Courier ia his cross examination of the Upper Des Moines in regard to Mr. Smith. The U. D. M. will of course take pains to see that these questions are immediately answered for the benefit of the public who are interested in knowing all about Mr.Smith's pedigree way back for several generations. The U. D. M. editor prides himself on his shrewdness and acuoie'ia in things political acid will no doubt understand the importance of clearing up these matters for Mr. Smith. With its ability to see around a corner and through a knot hole the Upper Des Moines will certainly be able to answer the Tribune's questions about our ©an didate: The Tribune says;: The Algona Courier has been .pro pounding a democratic catechism -to Hon. J. G. Smith lately. There are several questions that Mr. Smith has not yet answered. Mr. Smith, <pteaee rise, Now then:! First: Who billed Cock Robin? Second: Where was Moses when the light went out? Third: Where is Tascott? Fourth: What was it that Ttaadeus 0t War saw? Who 'did William Tell;? And what was it that Timothy seed? Fifth: Who was Cain's wife.? And how do you know.'? Sixth: In case .of a tie vote on jjotet ballot would the democrat -et«al ecorns from a blind sow'.? If not who -says so'.? Eighth: When it is cock crow at Baffin's Bay. and euckers are miming -at Oshkosh, what time will the «ows come in at Okobogee? These questionsfihould be answered at once so that the demo cratic portion off the Farmers' Alliance will be able to vote intelligently. COENEEED ON A FALSEHOOD. The following foundationleee story, concocted in tho same D«moonvtic- laboratory that is turn ing out the tlMwwanc and one lies of the -campaign, was pub lished in the Algona Courier of last week: Van Houten has been ordered to leave the stump. The Republican «-anagers are convinced that his -liiteranceeau'e injuring the party and that to permit him to continue will only increase the certain democratic majority on the entire state ticket. It is very rough on Van, and as he has already fully exhibited liimself and his capacities to the people of the state, his withdrawal from the apenking campaign at this time will teave little effect. A certain Republican who .places « higher estimate upon the influence <jf the Algona Courier than is accorded Uy this office took the trouble to write to Chairman Mack, of the State Central itommiltee enclosing a clipping of the ibove from the Courier. The following etter from Chairman Mack was revived yesterday morning by the Republican referred to, and left at the RE- UBLICAN office. It shows pretty clearly the character of the campaigning in which the Courier and the rest of the democratic newspapers are engaged -his year. Mr. Mack's letter is as follows: Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 21, 1891. Dear Sir:—Replying to your favor of he 19th enclosing clipping from Democratic paper, which states that VanHou- .en has been ordered from the stump. That clipping is simply an example of he regular Democratic style of cam- )8igning. This is in line with the work hey have been doing for years. It is not true in any respeqt either as to what t says nor as to what it implies. Mr- Van Houten has been actively engaged a the speaking campaign for over a, month. He gpoko twice last Saturday at Winterset, to a large meeting in the afternoon, and at St Charles ia the even During the rest of the campaign he vill continue as he has commenced and peak once nearly every day, and when >racticable makes two speeches a day. le is doing good work and making a ood impression wherever he goes, by his straight-forward m*ote' utterances and his thorough knowledge of state ,nd national issues. i Yours jery truly, : ™ MACK, ' Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. ABSOLUTELY PURE JOVENALI8TIC (JOUETESY AND DISCOURTESY. The matter of changing to an all home print paper is something of an experi ment with the REPUBLICAN and we have felt an interest in ascertaining the degree of appreciation in which the change would be held by our patrous—subscribers and advertisers. An all home print paper costs money and we have naturally felt a desire to know if the increased expense of onr venture would be warranted by an increased public appreciation. So far as we have been able to ascertain, subscribers and advertisers are well suited with the change and regard the REPUBLICAN as a much improved paper. Having an interest to know how the change would be regarded by newspaper men we enclosed a card with the copies of the first home print issue sent to exchanges requesting a marked copy in case the editor saw fit to make any comment or criticism upon the new REPUBLICAN. With but two exceptions, which we notice •elsewhere, exchanges, from the dailies •down to the smaller country papers, have been unanimous in voting the new RE- PTJBLICAN an improvement and a good thing. We reprint two sample comments below which are indicative of the light in which the change is held by our country ^contemporaries. The following is from •the Morning Sun Herald: The Algona REPUBLICAN has taken a long stride in advancement by discarding its patent insides and making the paper all home print. This move in any paper is an illustration of enterprise and prosperity, and a determination not to trudge along in the same old rut while the world is advancing along every other line. If anyone thinks that the change is made from a patent to all home print to cut down expenses, they will get left, as it costs almost double the amount tc print all at home. The Herald cLiauged from a patent to home print two years ago last August, and there has never been a day that the move has been regretted. OUT subscribers as well as advertisers have liked the change and altogether the paper has attained a better standing among the Ihe journals of the state. The people of .Algona, we are sure,' will appreciate the REPUBLICAN'S change, and we bespeak success to the publisher. The following honest comment is from the Spencer News: The Algona REPUBLICAN appeared last week for the first time as tun .-ail home print paper. Certainly the readers will not complain of the change. They get fully as much reading and that which is ot more interest to them. We 'do not 'believe the publisher, bowexer, will .find <it profitable, and predict that lie wiM sooner or later return to patents; «M'W <we are glad the experiment is beimg tried, for if it'Can be done at nearly the same expense nine publishers out of every ten will prefer to have entire control of alll their'Col- umns. < To a newspaper man the 'home print, in appearance, is an improvement over the patent iusirles. In amount and quality of home news, including county correspondence, the REPUBMCA'N is'egual if not superior to any of our exchanges. It is still a six column quarto, or rather, two sk'column folios, a style we do not like. 'One part or the other is forever slipping ^way, and if either gets lost it is always the part one wants. Our -dailies give us-enough trouble of this kio-d. F-OT the success of his enterprise, Bro. Hays has our'best wishes. In ratber strange contrast witla the honestly .expressed opinions of the Herald and News printed above are the comments .©if the Vinton Eagle aad Carroll Herald, tw_o country newspapers that use the foreign manufactured insid-ea. The Herald eharges us with sending out a label to exchanges asking the editors to "puff up" the REPUULICAN. A more unjust and uncalled for thrust could not have been made by the Herald. The discourtesy of its editor is something new .n journalism. We admire honesty in journalism as well as every where else and ;he editor of the Herald is dishonest in liis comment. The real animus of his editorial is apparent in the wind up, which charges that the REPUBLICAN with its shabby make up and poor print looks ike'it Uad been "run over by a prairie fire." The fact that the Herald is a patent nside paper was very little excuse for the editor to forget the usual amenities exist- ng among tfie fraternity in the attempt to cast a slur upon the home print RE- •UBLICAN. The editor of the Vinton Eagle is another man who refuses to' see any merit in an all home print paper just >ecfluse he is running a sheet with patent nsides. He indulges in sundry comments upon the REPUBLICAN that are almost amusing, coming as from a "semiweekly" paper that sets scarcely half the matter for its two editions that the RE- BLICAN sets for one. TUe REPUBLICAN values the opinions of the State Register and other dailies of the state along with the country papers that are disposed to be honest ahead of such authorities as the Herald and Eagle and will continue the REPUBLICAN as an all home print paper. Our occasion for this editorial is simply the desire to let our readers see in what estimation the change is regarded arncng newspaper men. We have referred to the comments of the Carroll Herald in connection with the clippings from the two other papers printed above by way of contrasting an honest and a dishonest criticism, journalistic courtesy and discourtesy. THE GAZETTE'S VILE CAMPAIGN. And still Democratic editors refer to the Cedar Rupids Gazette as a "Republican paper." Its latest efforts in the interest of the saloon party of Iowa have been in the line of a personal attack upon Mr. VanHouten, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. The Gazette in a recent issue with a full seven columns of caricature and the lowest character of partisan abuse assailed Mr. Van Houten because he is in moderate circumstances and works as ten thousand other Iowa farmers work for an honest living. The editor of the Grand Army Advocate published at Des Moines, who is a personal friend of Mr. Van Houteii, in the last issue of his paper made a lengthy editorial comment upon the business in which the Gazette along with the Democratic papers of the state is engaged. We publish the editorial in part below which is valuable in that it shows the character of the campaign which the Democratic managers are trying to force upon Mr. Van Houten and the rest of the Republican ticket: The family of Mr. George Van Houten, residing a few miles back from Lenox, Taylor county, may be one of those representative families of goodly, glorious Iowa. Hv lives in a small farm house which does not seem palatial when photographed. He has a few choice Jersey cattle, not very sightly in a picture. He delights in shrubbery and small fruits, which look like a bramble in a background, and his chicken coops and pig sties seem to be close to the back door in the perspective of the lenses. In fact, Comrade George is only a small farmer with a large family and no surplus. But he was made a candidate for a state office. For many years his public spirit and usefulness have made him conspicuous. A good parliamentarian and a quick and ready observer, writer and speaker, George has been in demand. He has been for a dozen or fifteen years constantly "kept at it" by the State Horticultural Society, the State Farmers' Alliance the Sons of Veterans, and now by the Republican party of Iowa, until this fall his "place" may be lacking in •niceness and his children in neatness in the everyday dress of their homely, honest, independent-toil. Last summer, at the Annual Encampment of the Sons of Veterans atOttumwa, Comrade Van Houten said to the writer hereof, in a confidence born of former acquaintance "My time has been so engrossed in things which pay scarcely any salary that I feel almost crushed by the honor bestowed on me here, (the Colonelcy of the Department). You know I am .poor, and my family large and young yet, and when you, in your friendship, speak to me about running for state office I shrink from it simply because / am too poor," The .Sons of Veterans retired to their homes full of the idea of making their comrade, George Van Houten Lieutenant Governor of Iowa. He was honorably nominated. He is making a good canvass, and, being a soldier and a Son, is bound to "get there." With no other show of smirching this man in his honorable car.eer, two men have been despatched from a distant city on one of the most •dastardly missions that ever disgraced the politics of any state. One of them •carries u camera, the other writing material. The-work must be done while Van is away. While the one obtains views of the Van Houten home, coops, pig sties and children, the other is interviewing tho little urchins as to the parents' home matters, necessities, debts etc.., and carefully noting down the childish answers. On. their return from their ghoulish embassy an engraver and caricaturist is put to work on the batch and the whole is served out in seven columns to the public in a late Cedar Rapids opposition newspaper for tho purpose of winning votes tiway from the victim. Who are outraged by this scavenger episode in partizan politics'! 1 Everyman in the state who has ever been poor; every farmer who has ever had a rough hog pen or a prairie barn; every horticulturist, Alliance man, Veteran or Son of a Veteran; every man who reveres the memory of a Lincoln or any other illustrious man who commenced life in poverty; every man who abhors a vampire or a midnight scoundrel; every man who stands 011 two feet and has a boot with which to kick a sneaking dog, repudiates the meanness of such an act as this and feels that not to reprobate it would be to consent that our national, state and local politics are things all bedraggled with filth and crime and open to methods in comparison to wfcicU the assassin's knife would be honorable. Fine Line Gentlemen IF YOU WANT SUIT or Please step into the store of CHRISCHILLES&HERBST And see the best assortment of those goods ever brought to this market. We Guarantee THE LOWEST PRICES ON All Our Goods Louis Lessing, —Proprietor of— THE OLD RELIABLE FURNITURE HOUSE. ew goods constantly arriving-agent for the leading Sewing Machines and Organs—latest styles in Baby Carriages—the lowest prices in the city. Undertaking: a Specialty. Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Ideal Ingrains, Extra Superfine All Woo] , Extra Super All Wool, • Extra Super Cotton Chain, Extra Super Union, Cotton Ingrain, Hemtt, Mattings, Lace Curtains, Or Ra S Carpet, Chenille Curtains, Raw Silk Curtains, Turcoman Curtains, Smyrna Bugs, Fur Kugs, Cocoa Mats, Carpet Sweepers, our store on west State street. The Grange Store, Ambrose A. Call, D. H. *«t*l».. J. C , B1|Mfl ^ Vice-President. . FIRST NATIONAL BANK o.

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