The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1891
Page 4
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THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1891. ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE of TRAINS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL. OOIJIO -WEST. No. i passenger G:02am No. 3 passenger 4:3" p m No. (I freight 7 :15 a in No. 13 way freight ll:4. r , am No. 5 freight 8 -.17 p in oo wo BAST. Nc, 2 passenger 10 :24 a m No. 4 passenger !> :30 p in No. in way freight 12 :ir> a m No. 14 freight 2 ::«> p in No. 8 freight 10:55 pin Chicago & Northwestern K'y. (10INO NORTH AMI) WKST. Freight accommodation n :5"i a m Cuiciiao Mail and lixpress 4 :<>5 p m HOINOSOUTH ANU KAHT. Freight accommodation (> :20 p m Chicago Mail and Express 12 :uo p in Chicago passenger roaches Das Jloines at 7, Chicago (i :r>o a. in., ;unl Kansas City 9:Wa. m. TlcUots for sale to all points in tlie Jnited Stales and Canada. PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY. K. .!. DANSOM. W. C. J)ANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTOli.VICYS AT I/A\V, Algona, Iowa. Ofllee Ovor Comstock's. ___„___ A TTOHXKY AT-I.AW. iiue in tho (ialUraitli Algona, Iowa. Of- E. V. SWETTING. A TTOUNEY-AT-LAW, Al(5ona. Iowa. Money to loan. vO" QU AETON; A TTORNEY AT LAW. Ol'licu ov*r Kosstith County I'.anU. ALGONA REPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, SEPT, 16,1891. KOSSUTH COUNTY*SIARKET8. AI.OONA MARKETS. Oats $ .21@22 Corn 40@.45 Eggs 13 Butter ...."... .1C Cattle.|2.00 @ $4.00 Hogs . 4.00 (n) 4.30 Wheat... .80 ((6.85 Barley.. .35 @ .40 Flax 80 (16 .85 Potatoes New .25 AVKSLKY. Oats $ .20 Corn 45 Eggs 13 Butter 12 Cattle 93.00 («> 4.00 Hogs 4.25 Wheat ;...?3 Barley .35 Flax 78 Timothy 1.00 Hay, loose 4.25 live 75 I.KDYAItlJ. Butter 10 Eggs 11 Oats 18 Corn 40 Potatoes 35 Wheat 87 Flax 80 Barley 35(?t38 Oats 15ANCKOFT. .$ .20 Corn Cattle 3.00 Flax 7,j Hay 4.00 Potatoes oO $ .40 Butter 10 Hogs.. 4.00 ft} 4.25 Bin-ley .30 Wlica't 75 Timothy 1.00 Oats WMITTI5MOKK. 22 Com 45 Eggs 12 Butter 20 Cattle $1.25 (<o §4.00 Ho.srs $4.@4.50 Wheat ....SO Barley 35 Flax 85 Hay, .. $4.50@5.00 JAS. BARE, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SUKGKON. AMJONA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN mid SITUGICOX. Ol'llcfi next door to Ford's Warehouse. Alfjona, Iowa. %V. K. U. MO1SSK. •'. M. I'llIDE. MORSE & PRIDE. ALCONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., P HYSICIAN ar.d XUUGKON, Algona, Iowa, Office at, resilience. ' DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist& Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner o£ State and Thorington streets Alaona.Iowa. P T. J. FELLING, M. D. tlYSICIAX and SUKOKON. roiisiiHatiou Clubbing and Premium Otters. By special arrangement with the pub- Ushers of a large number of the leading newspapers, farm and home journals etc., including German am Scandinavian publications, we are able to make some unparalleled clubbing offers to both old and new subscribers. We will also offer a large number oi premiums to both old and new subscribers besides a good selection ot ri!K^MU5is for securing subscribers. Our clubbing and premium lists wil be completed within the next fev days. Write for circular giving ful particulars and take advantage o some one of our offers. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES don ire over (ioclch's store. Whitli-inore, Iowa. E. 3. Sayers, D. V. M,, Veterinary Physician ® Surgeon west of Hie ThorinKion House, ii. HOST! L'AL Accommodations. DANSON & H UTOHISON Ofllco over Kossuili Cimiitj l.iuik. loan mid insurance Imsiiu'ss. Also do a C. B. MATSON, Real Estate, SI Farm Loans -:^' STORE. OVER I •••! information in rcirard to binds in North- ui•.-...-rii luwa, write to tlie' Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, Amy Pcuguet returned Monday frou the east. Mrs. Mary II. Carter is visiting Elkader, Iowa. The Courier is reminded of the fate of Ananias and Sapphira. Rev. Whitlield left yesterday at noon for conference at Ft. Dodge. License to marry lias been issued to Joseph Brass and Alice Green. Mrs. .S. J. O'Xeiil. of Hurt, was seen in Algona Thursday of last week. Bert Barr left Monday at noon for E. J. Gilmore returned this morning rom his visit to Illinois. The REPUBLICAN expects to publish daily paper during the fair. Miss Eva Kamrar of Webster City s visiting Miss Edith Clarke. A Grand Pair will be given at the link Second night of fair, Sept. 24. Dr. Win. Junes and Hon. John Law, oth of Forest City, were in Algona Tuesday. O. C. Hill visited Bancroft Thursday ind took several orders for work in the ailor line. Fred Willson went over to Cylinder Monday to buy grain for tho elevator it that place. Mr. Willson will remain ndefinitely. Eugene McDonald, of Burt, who is uie from Des Moines Business Col- ege for a few days' vacation, visited Ugona last Friday. llev. Davidson will preach next Sun- lay evening, Sept. 20, on the subject, The Principle of Prohibition—Bibli al." Tho subject is of especial interest nut will be treated in llev. Davidson's isual thoughtful manner. Capt. P. C. Bailey arrived home from lis trip Thursday evening. lie spent some time in Michigan and also in New York state, where he has a farm. At the latter place he reports the crops jood and the outlook for the farmei very bright. Among the other funny things that happened at the speech Saturday was Mr. Clarke's compliments to his audience at the opening of the speech. He spoke about his ''largeand intelligent' audience. Two-thirds of them Avere Republicans. Mr. James A. Archibald advertises tc sell his stock and farming utensils a public auction a week from to-morrow The sale will take place at his farn two miles north of Sexton. Mr. Archi bald will move to Algona and take life easy for the remainder of his days. II has earned a rest. J. II. McXall thought that Fridaj afternoon would be a good time to re shingle one side of his roof, so he wen at it. About half way through, it com nienced to rain, and before the job wa linished Mr. McXall was a pretty we man. Don't count on the weather sig Cornell Colles where he enters as ALGONA. IOWA. A. D. CLARKE <fe CO. ABSTRACTS. P. L. SLAG-LE, Manufacturer o£ ami iloaler in Harness .and Harness Goods, Al.UOXA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city anil farm property, iir-ike collections, etc. All luishu'ss of ;t private nature strictly coiiliiUMitial. Ollice \\ itli K. M. Taylor. Kossttth County Bank ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, Incorporated inidi-r; $50,000. i) laws of Iowa. Freshman. Miss Augusta "Winkle who has been visiting in Des Moint's for several weeks returned today. Miss lleu'a Bigelow, of tlie KKL'UIILI- CAX force, is spending the week with her brother near Ledyard. S. S. Sessions is doing the county in the capftcity of secretary of the Agricultural society, advertising the fair. Mrs. T. "W. Gilbert and daughter drove over to Eagle Grove today where they will visit relatives for about a week. The third ward 'Republicans meet next Saturday evening in the Xonnal hall to discuss the tariff question. Meeting open to all. Arthur "Waldo returns this evening from Minneapolis and resumes his work at the case in the KKI'IMILICAX office tomorrow morning. Mrs. Henry lias purchased tlie tract >f land east of Geo. Minkler's resilience, something over one lot, and is putting up a neat residence thereon. Orville Minkler is doing the work. Mrs. A. Hough is expected home from her California visit about tlie first of next month. In a recent letter she tells of picking peaches that measured over eleven inchts in circumference. Deposits reecived, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. 1'as^age tickets in or from the old countries solilvrt lowest rates. W. II. IN(>iK\M. 1'resldrnt. yj li. .JONES. Vice President. ,• «" j.liWIS II. SMITH, Cashier, Directiurs— W. M. Ingham, Jno. (i. Smith,.!. B. Jones, T. Clirischiiles, Lewis 11. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Harnet Deviue. We would call attention to the fact that we are located here permanently, for the manufacture ami sale of cemetery work in Marble, Granite and Stone. \Ve now have and intend to keep iu stock a, fair Hue of linished Monuments, Headstones, etc., and will guarantee all work to be equal to the best. Wo are the only manufacturers of cemetery work in Kossuth Co. Therefore.please ;• ivu us a call before placing your order and be convinced that by fair and'honorable dealing, we urn worthy your patronage. ALGONA MARBLE WORKS, SHELUEY & HALL, Proprietors, State St., Algou'a, luwa. Geo. L. Minkler will move his family to Cylinder in a few weeks for the winter. Mr. "Winkler has a good job in the creamery at that point and the creamery company is building a house for him to live in. llev. W. II. Dorward, Baptist pastor at Carroll, preached Sunday and will fill the Baptist pulpit at this place next Sunday morning and evening. The HioruKLicAN acknowledges a call from the gentleman. AVm. Ileatheishaw, of Bancroft, has just puthis name on the llKi'iniucAN's growing subscription list. He tells us that he will have a line exhibit of bronze turkeys at the county fair. These are line birds, and Mr. Heathershaw will have some for sale. Chairman Uoxsee lias succeeded in securing some Republican campaign thunder for use in the near future. State Auditor Lyon, no preventing providence, will be here some time next week. The state central committee named Thursday evening, the ^4, as a date for Mr. Lyon, but it was found impossible to secure a hall for that evening and Mr. Doxsee telegraphed yesterday for another date. As we go to press he had not yet received a reply to the telegram. We received yesterday morning a well written contribution, entitled, "We, the Democratic Party," or, "Impossible."' It contains some very suggestive things for the people to think about in connection with the Democracy, and will be published next week. A rush of other matter prevents its publication in this issue. • Miss Bertha Carey, when coming down from tlie north Friday, on the noon mixed train, wished to get off opposite her home. Whether she has had experience enough in jumping from Northwestern trains or whether she has made friends with the conductor, deponent sayetli not, but the train stopped to let her off. Albert Clifford and J. A. Xoah of Floyd county, old neighbors of Levi Toothman of Burt, have purchased the farm of 1^0 acres, formerly owned by Willis Ilallock, located one and a half miles southeast ot Burt, consideration $1800, and will take possession immediately. They won't have cause to regret having left Floyd county to take advantageof fifteen-dollar land in Kossuth. Superintendent Carey presents her name this week as an independent candidate for the office of county superintendent. While the Hiai'un- UCAX will probably not support an independent candidate in preference to the regular party nominee, whoever he may prove to be, we have no disposition to criticise Miss] Carey's administration of the ollice of superintendent. Very little can be said against her conduct of the oilice. She is a thoroughly capable, woman, and has made a good superintendent. llev. Whitiield preached a farewell sermon to his church last Sunday morning. He has been pastor of the Methodist church for two consecutive --— r The normal school enrollment now numbers 40. Attend the county fair and see what Coasuth can produce. Dunson and Hutchison are having a mlletin board made like C.B.Matson's. Miss Jessamine Jones and Fred ngharn left Monday for the university it Iowa City. Remember that the ladies of the .leliof Corps will serve refreshments hiring the fair. The Ladies Homo Missionary Society vill meet with Mrs. Win. Ilallock next Thursday afternoon. The ladies of the Congregational ihurch will serve a supper at the jhurch tomorrow afternoon. Hon. J. M. Bailey, of Sioux Falls, a lephew of Capt. Bailey, died at Free- K)rt, 111., and was buried yesterday. Miss Maggie Winkel left on tlie 10:30 ;rain this morning for Mason City to tttend the wedding of her friend Miss Berger. The ladies of the Episcopal society ivill serve a 15 cent supper at the Grange hall Thursday evening, September 17th. Harrison Warner brought into the tiispuiiLiCAN office last Saturday two large and handsome tomatoes. The two together weighed If pounds. The fourth ward Republicans had a bad night for their organization—Friday. In spite of the rain a few turned out and succeeded in starting a club with J. B. Jones as president and Will Brunson as secretary and treasurer. "Isn't Joseph sharp?" said the last Algona Courier. If the fool killer ever comes to Algona to attend to the newspaper men, we venture to say that there will be a shaking up around one or two newspaper establishments besides the llEL'uivucAN office. The Royal Arch Masons at the regular meeting Monday evening selected the following oflicers for the ensuing term, J. R. Jones M. E. P., Dr. W. E. II. Morse K, II. Hoxie S, J. W. Wadsworth T, W. II. Nycum Secy, F. M. Taylor C. II, O. E. Palmer P. S, 'dias. Cohenour 11. A. C, P). A. Buell M. T. V, P. L. Slagle M. S. V, C. B. Matson W. 1st, G. II. Lamson, Tyler. The Bancroft NKWS suggests the names of Prof. Anderson as a candidate RIst's Racket for bar* gains In underwear and notions. Attention is called to John Reed's advertisement of bargains in the dry goods and general merchandise line. The real estate business seems to be a little dull just at present, if the number of real estate transfers being made is any indication. A Grand dance is advertised to take place at tho old skating rink next Thursday evening. One of the attractions of the fair week. Between his half moon sign and bulletin board, Mr. Matson ought to get a large share of the real estate business that is going. Alpheus Chapin took in the Minneapolis exposition and returned Monday morning with the report that the exposition is quite an affair. Will Haggard, who has been in Chicago the past few days, reports that he luis purchased an outfit for the new paper to be started at Bancroft. The run off about the OYSTERS Fresh by the can or dish at Ladendorf's every Saturday. first issue will be first of October. C. B. Matson has placed a bulletin board in front of his real estate offices on State street, whereon the fluctuations of tho real estate market are recorded as fast as quotations are received from the Chicago Board of Trade. Mr. II. A. Jennings, who lives four miles northwest of Burt, will sell his stock and farm machinery at public auction, Wednesday, Oct. 14. There seems to be more than the usual rush of auctions this fall. S. B. Shadle is the last one to add to our collection of largo potatoes. He brings in one that tips tlie scales tit two pounds. He also left word that if anyone brought in a larger one he had more potatoes to dig and might find a still larger one. When you have occasion to make a purchase of any particular line of goods, always pick up the newspaper and see if anyone is offering special bargains. If you expect to buy anything in the hardware line read J. B. Robinson's ad. It will pay you. Jim Taylor has an ad in the Risi'Ui!- LICAX this week that will make the The G. A. 11. Post will hold a catnp flre this evening. Captain Davidson of Hull will be present and a rousing time is expected. D. A. Haggard will sell a lot of choice school house seats promptly at two o'clock p. m., on Saturday, September 2(ith, in front of the court house. The Ladies of the Baptist Aid Society will give a chicken pie supper at the parsonage Tuesday evening Sept, 22nd, from 5 o'clock until all are served. We are entirely too busy to monkey away any time in a discussion with the Algona Courier and our Des Moines insidea contemporary might as well know it first as last. Life is too short to be fooled away. Some of tlie finest and largest heads of cabbage that we have seen were raised this year by the old gentleman Minkler. They sire of the Mammotli Marblehead variety and some of them will nearly fill a half bushel. Every teacher ought to take at least one of the leading Educational Journals. Teachers will find something of particular interest in the IlKi'tri!- LICAN'S EDUCATIONAL Department in another column of this issue. Dr. Morse has been engaged by Prof. Chaffee to deliver a series of lectures on physiology before the students. The lectures are free however to all who may wish to attend them whether students of the Normal school or not. The lectures will be given regurlarly at 4:30 p. m. every Wednesday. The first lecture of the course this afternoon. for the office of county superintendent. The suggestion is one that will beuc- corde:! considerable public favor. Prof. Anderson is a man of ability and thoroughly competent for the position. He has the advantage of a large personal acquaintance in the county and a large following of personal friends that will make him a strong candidate in case he should'receive tlie nomination. Wm. P. Winter, of Bancroft, arrived home Friday morning from his visit to Maine. lie was accompanied by his brother Joe and wife, who will spend a couple of months in the west. Mr. Joseph Winter is an old veteran; a member of the 19th Maine, and proudly wears his corps badge, a three-leaf clover pin. The two brothers had not met for S4 years. Speaking of his eastern visit, William said everything looked about as it used to only too xnuiU. He brought home several relies with him, among them the sword of n sword-fish. Another exhibition of the Couriers characteristic cussed ness was given to the public last week in the attempt made to pervert an editorial in the EKLTBTJCAN into something reflecting rather seriously upon the political record of Mr. J. G. Smith and the horse sense of the editor of the lli< Wo have known bad boys in our time who were always exerting themselves to turn the most innocent utterances heard into something vulgar and obscene. The Courier man's journalism makes our memory run back to those unregenerate boys. Courier man's eyes bung out if he really believes all the stuff he was printing awhile back about the McKinley law having increased the price ot! woolen clothing. Mr. Taylor 'advertises to sell a pair of all wool pants "better than ever" for &>. The J. B. Jones' herd of shorthorn cattle, consisting of 140 head, will be sold at auction Friday, Oct. 2. Col. John Scott, of Nevada, auctioneer. The sale notice appears elsewhere in this paper. Mr. Jones' herd of cattle is well known and needs little advertising. Parties desiring to improve the strain of their herd should attend the sale. Several of the boys are planning to make a "century run" some time in the near future on their bicycles, which means—to those who are not up in bicycle terms and expressions,—a run of a hundred miles in sixteen consecutive hours. Tlie trip will be to Mason City and return. It will be, an interesting event if the boys have sufficient sand to attempt it. Letters remain ing uncalled for in the post office at Algona for the week ending Sept. 1: A. Buhl, Jas. Bernit, A. D. Grow, Geo. Gilbert, Chas. T. Gibbs, Mrs. Phebe Hill, II. J. Ilensel, Mrs. Ellen Clark, Miss Betsey Bromson, Miss Mary MilJer, Jno. Gotel, Annie McCorm. Mrs. Richard Young, Mrs. Minnie White, C. II. Turner, I. AV. Stan ton, A. F. Stevens. J. L. Blunt of Feuton township will sell all of his stock, farm implements, and household goods at public auction W. C. T. U. The officers elected at the annual W. C. T. U. meeting were: Mrs. S. B. Hamilton, president; Mrs.M.C.Bailey, vice-president. The remaining officers will be chosen at the next meeting. The following platform was adopted: "That we organize as the independent W. C. T. U. of Algona and Heading lloom Association." There seemed to be a general desire to increase the int- erestiuthereading room for the coming year and, it' arrangements can be made, to keep it open ouch evening. Mrs. Mary II. Carter lias kindly placed a large and handsome Webster'. 1 } dictionary in the Heading Room for the use of readers. WAN T E D, FOR SA L_E_,;_E TC^ A. WAKTKD work. to do general house- MKS. W. K. FERGUSON. WANTED—150 acres wild land in Kossuth county. Write, me rlescriptioo; state price and terms. A. C. SMITH, 50-51 Quimby, Iowa. I'AKTVl FOtt SAJU:. A farm of 1GO acres Jive mile's east of Algona and two miles from Sexton, is offered for sale at a bargain. Reason for sn!e: Owner is an invalid and now in California. Inquire of 40 tf R. J. HUNT. IlorKes tor rtule. A. M. & G. II. Johnson have some fine young horses for sate. Terms to suit purchaser. For' .Salt; or Tjvi'lc. Will trade or sell my house and lot near Normal School in Algona. Write or see me. A. C. CADV, Burt, la. years and has done much to build up the charge, especially in a iinancial way, having succeeded in entirely freeing the church of debt and building a handsome parsonage. It is not known whether he will be returned to this appointment another year or not. In case he is sent to another charge there will be many warm friends behind who will regret to see him go. The Paragon Theatre Company will be here for a week's engagement commencing with next Monday night. From the press notices the company has been receiving, we feel confident in assuring the public that it is a clean company and worthy the patronage of the Theatre going public. The company recently played a week's engagement at Anamosa and we clip the following comment from the Journal: '•The company was greeted by large audiences and deserved them. The tone of their playing was pure, but had the most impressive seriousness, the most sparkling humor, as the vein of the moment demanded. Such standard plays as Linwood and Queena and Jonathan Coburg, were strongly interpreted. The Paragon Company is composed of first class people ia a personal sense." Col. Clarke's speech at the Court house hall last Saturday must have been very disappointing to tho Democrats. Mr. Clarke is an able man and, had he been given an easier task than that of justifying the Democratic party for its fostering of the saloon he would doubtless have had easier sailing. The whole speech was a laborwl effort to show that the Democratic party wus mightily in favor of temperance and had discovered the right method of controlling the evil. The best way to throttle the monster," Mr. Clarke thought, was to license it to exist. He talked for about an hour in the effort to show that the license system was right because the McKinley bill imposed a tariff on imported liquors. The speech abounded in many other vagaries, one of the most amusing of all being his comparison of the Democratic 'license system of controlling whiskey with the plan of taxing the people of Algona to build a system, of water works. Xo one would think of prohibiting the use of water, the Colonel said. It was taxed, licensed. There was just as much sense, he thought, in prohibiting the use of water as a beverage, as there was in prohibiting the use of whiskey. More people were killed annually by the use of bad water than by the use of bad whiskey. He piled up a lot of statistics, as Democratic orators usually do, which, prove little or nothing when they were sifted. We lack space to give tyie speech their comment. Tuesday October Oth. He has disposed of his farm in Fonton and will probably leave tho county and engage in some line of business in town. Just what, lie has not yet determined. Wo are much in hopes that he will decide to remain in Kossuth County. And now the editor of the Courier admits, when questioned by a first ward Republican, that he knowingly placed a false construction upon the REPUHUCAN'S J. G. Smith editorial. When the REPUBLICAN gets to the point that it will deliberately He about a contemporary, it will have sense enough to stick by a lie when when it has told one. In what a ridiculous light tlie Courier's admission to that first ward Republican places tlie few Republicans who accepted his intev-v pretation of tlie REPUJJMCAN'S editorial. The Algona band gave its first open air concert last Saturday evening at the Democratic rally and made a very creditable noise. We have a better band now than most towns affpf & and the boys have only been in practice but little over two mouths. By some mistake or other, tue frays played Marching Through. Georgia;, which, (seemed so entirely out o< giiee &t » Democratic rally as to hg almost Ipwj- Marching Through <3$S$|||ft.W$8 U$£ a vei » v P 0 1 >U " about r |t§a they weie Was "a 1'VIiI.KJ SA1.K. We will offer at public unction, Friday, October 2nd, 1891, at Prairie Lawn stock farm, commonly known as the J. B. Jones farm, 55 miles southwest of Algona, Iowa, tho following property: 140 head registered Short Horn cattle, consisting of the entire J. B. Jones herd of cows, heifers, bulls and calves 30 head Poland China hogs, 3 good work horses and harness, also tlie hay and feed on said farm. Terms—Approved note running 1 year at 7 per cent, interest on all sums of $10 or upwards. A discount of a per cent, will be made for cash. This will be a solendid opportunity far the farmers of Kossuth nnd adjoining counties to improve their stock by purchasing from this line herd. II. B. CUNNINGHAM & Co. Col. John Scott, Atict. 50 59 i'um,ic HALE. The undersigned^ will oiler at public sale at his piece in Plum Creek township, nine miles northeast of Algoua, commencing at 10 o'clock, on Wednesday, Sept. 30, the following property; Two lumber wagons, a bob sleighs, 3 dr&gs, 3 corn plows. s>eeder, disc farrow, » set harness, sewing machine, gasoline stove, dishes, and other articles too. mimei'ou.8 to mention. Also nine head of horses ^J seven year old gelding, 1 four gelding, 1 five yw old mare, 1 year mare, yearling mare, sucking colt, tie—8 '" ' year olds, noon. Terms over $5 per cent, per cent, P. A. two year old m, par old geldi TWBty-four head 13 liend grftdj| two ,yes. Free Ijyieb, at 8 of $5andDBde,r,c»6it; of twelve montttgjkt8 approved security. r cash. W. J}. ttWJ ,rd, Auct. 5051 ersigned will offer f si'ftj eight miles at north of I Algola and wo \cing at 10 o'clock, on Tluu tb, the following property?; wagons, two horse toj; . „ ongue and thills, double an harness, pair boh sleds, com sU« grind stone, large cupboard, ous other articles. One bay Me 3 years old. oue black Mesie ' with foal ipriug colt »t side. '. cows, three culves. Eleven boj sucking pigs, joQ chickens. 1 #t 110.0 U. . Terms—All swaa uadc'r f 5, $a a cix'dit of t$eta$ months a cent, witJi spp,r<3f$(l security, vff for a«$/TJ. A. ' '»A" *•" ~"fi££,?"; t,* ,?.*

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