The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1891
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WU--"t--- The Only ALL HOME PEINT IN THIS TAUT OF IOWA. More Count? Cormpottdenee IN THE REPUBLICAN THAH ALL OTHER PAtBBS In Kosatith County VOL. XX. ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1891. NO. 50. ALGON A -REPUBLIC AN (Official Paper of ICossttf/i County and tlw Cttv of 1-tJBtTSHKl) KVKUY WKDNKSDAV JOS.W.HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year, in advance ............ Sl.BO One copy, six months. In advance .......... 75 One copy, three months, in advance ........ 40 SuBscVlptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment or the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printlim is unsurpassed in this part o£ Iowa. . Steam power. TUB BKPUHUOAN is ail AM, HOME PRINT paper. No objectionable patent m- sldes. THE COMING CONVENTION. Tho Republican county convention is called for October 2nd. Lot it be remembered that the fate of the Republican ticket in Kossuth county this fall hangs largely upon the way certain people act between now nml the time for that convention. The REPUBLICAN stands independent of all factional affiliations and the THIS ISSUE CONTAINS: 2d Page—Telegraphic News, State and National. 3d-Literary-The "Bill Nye" Letter. 4th— Algona Local News. 5th—Additional Algona News. 6th—The Bancroft NEWS. 7th—The Wilson Farm Department. 8th—County News and Burt REPUBLICAN. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. For Governor HIHAM C. WHEKLKU. of Sac county. ForLieut.-Governor «KO. VAN HOUTBN, of Taylor county. For Judge Supreme Court, SILAS M. WEAVER, o£ Hardiu county. For Railroad Com KUANK T. CAMPBELL, of Jasper county. For Supt. Public Instruction,.. HENHY SAT.IN, ol Clinton county. For Representative, 84th Dist. JOHN (i. SMITH, of Kossutli county. For Senator, 47th Dist A. B. FUNK ANNOUNCEMENTS. I am a candidate for Sheriff subject to the action of the Republican County Convention. At request of many friends I am a candidate for Treasurer, subject to the decision ot the Republican County couvi.'iition. I am a candidate for county superintendent. BEIITIIA CAUBV. RKrUBMCAX COUNTY CONVENTION. A convention of the Republicans of Kossutli countv, Iowa, will be m;ld at the court house hall in Algona on iTritlay, Oct. 3, 18«1, at one o'clock p. ni. for the purpose of placing in nomination candidates for the ollice of. Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, Sheriff, Surveyor, S~1 mini* m> « 11 il *-Hr/A QllllAl>\riu/1t'^ 'PVlf llilVlQ fit Coroner and two Supervisors. o£ representation will be, the same as tUat of the in Each voting pre- oilers a few words of plain talk in interest of the Republican party. Any attempt to disguise the real condition of the Republican party in this county.would be useless, for the facts are notorious. There has been bad business in the Republican establishment and it has got to stop, or an assignment might as well be made in favor of the Democracy. The campaign in Kossuth county this fall is not going to bo a campaign of prohibition, the tariff question, or other party issues. It is to he a question of organization or disorganization. Under ordinary circumstances the county would be overwhelmingly Republican, n nomina tion fully equivalent to an election. The matter of electing the Republican ticket now depends upon the matter of an harmonious convention and an harmonious campaign. Are we going to have an harmonious campaign—will the Republican ticket get a majority in Kossuth county this fall? It depends upon the men, and the friends of the men who are asking for office. This wire pulling and trading business to capture a convention and this knifiing and scratching business after the convention has got to stop. The REPUBLICAN is running no candidates for nomination for the county offices but the men who have the greatest personal strength in the party, whoever they may be. No man should bring any other credentials intq a nominating convention but those that tell of his own strength in the party and his own ability to get elected in case he receives the nomination. Personal matters should have no weight in caucuses and conventions. We are talking about an ideal state of politics, perhaps unattainable as long as men make and recognize political enemies, but there is no reason why a certain portion of the Republican party should steer away as far as possible from that ideal. We want to see every Republican in the harness this fall and a united pull for a good, round Republican majority. Courier's talk about Mr. Smith will only add to the smudge and keep the smoke going. The attempts made to straighten out Mr. Smith's past record may have been well meant, but they were foolish, impolitic and injudicious. We rcsubmit our proposition of last week that the only question in regard to Mr. Smith that should be of interest to Republicans is the question of what he is and not of what he has been. At our solicitation he has promised to prepare a statement of his present position upon the questions of this campaign. The statement will be published in the REPUBLICAN over his own signature, that all who may be disposed to doubt his integrity as a Republican may know just where he stands. Let the talk about Mr. Smith cease until this statement appears. last Republican convention. cinct will be entitled to the followin of delegates Algona 1st ward, 2nd " 3rd " ' '• 4th " Burt. Ilultalo, Creseo, Fenton, Greenwood, German, Garfleld, Hebron, Harrison, Trvlngton. Letts Oreck Lu Verne, Portland, Plum Creek, Prairie, liiverdale, Ramsay, Seneca, . Swe;i, Sherman, Union, 'Wesley, "Whitiemore, Com'. number No. dele'. Gardner Cowles. Chn 4 )!. F. Heed 4 .1. ll, Winkel y K, if. Ghirke 4 John Kerr 4 R. L. Lamoreaux '* O. A. Potter :* M. Weisbrodt u 8. Mayne ^ Henry Isenberger' a M. Hayes '* A. Goodrich J.«. bengstou a A. I,. Helton -i N. C, Taylor 12 T. l\ Harrison * K. Haeou 3 Frank Paine 3 ,1. Umgbottom 1 M. O'Uourlce ^ K. A. Howe « \V. W. Alcorn a (). A. Krlekson '•'• G. M. Parsons a a. 1). Patterson :s Carl Olcson B N. L. Cotton 4 Total No. of votes SO The coinmitteemcn in vliu different townships are iviiucsted to call their caucuses Wednesday, Sept. iioth. at .such hour and place as each liiay decide. C. M. DOXSKE, County Chairman, ARIES. AIi;ona, 1st Ward.— At G. A. R. Hall, Wednesday, 8ept. ao, 7 ;30 p m. ' GAHDMEU COWLKS, com. Alg-onu, 2d AViird— At the Wigwam. Wednesday, Sept 30, 7 :30 p. in. B. F. RKKO, Com. AlKinni, :td Ward— At Normal Hall, Wednesday, Sept. ui>, 7 :UO p. m, J. B. WINKEL, Com. AlKona, 4th Ward— At court house hall, Mon- nesday, Sept. ai, 7 :ao p. m. K H. CLAKKK, Committeemau. Creseo— At the J. B. Jones' school house, , Wednesday, Sept. ao, 8 p in. O. A. POTTEU, Com. lrvin"lon— \t Lloyd's school house, Wednesday, Sept. so, 4 p in. A. L. HELTON, Com. Plum Crook— At Rice school house, September 23d, ut 1 P m. v - u - PAIMS, Com. Wulttomore-- At Wlilttmnore school house, Sept. 30th at 7 :'M p ui . N. i,. COTTON, Com . Buffalo -At Center school house, September 30th at 4 p in . K. !'• LAMOHKUX , Com . LuVerne— At News ollice September uotli at 4 p n i._ I. P. JlAUttisojf, Coin. Swea— At Jiergstrom school house September 30th at 8 p m. C. A. KKUICKSON, Com. Portland— 4.1 Fox school house September 30 at 3 p m. KU.NKST BACON, Ooni. Prairie— At Lougbottom school house' September 30tli ut 5pm. J. LOKUIIOTTOM, Com. Sevieca— At Center school house, Wednesday, Sept . 30Ui at 7 p m . W . W . A LCOKN, Com. Ramsay— At Harasay school house. September aotli at 4 p m . E . A . HOWK, Com . llarrisou-At Beugtson's school house Sept. 28th at 1 p m. J. B. BKNOTSON, Com. Burt— At Hurt school house Sept. 30th at 4 p in. Joax IvEiiu, Com. Greenwood— At Mayne's law office, (September 30tli at 7 ;30 p in . B. MAVNK. Com . THE ALGONA DAILY REPUBLICAN The REPUBLICAN will issue a daily paper during the fair next week, It will be a morning paper and an. excellent advertising medium. There will b,e three editions of the daily and 1,000 copies will fc§ printed of ea.cb edition. THEJ. G. SMITHCONTROVEESY Last week the REPUBLICAN contained an editorial under the above caption that has been the 'subject of considerable comment, owing to an intentionally false construction placed upon it by the editor of the Courier in his paper of last Friday. We have come to hold so little respect for the Algoua Courier and its methods of doing business as to deem a reply to its trash of last week entirely unneces- sory.and altogether uncalled for from the very complete manner in which its efforts to create a discord between the friends of Mr. Smith and the Algona REPUIILI- CAN miscarried. We have further deemed a reply unnecessary from the fact that the editor has admitted to a, prominent Republican of the first ward— whose name will be furnished for refer cnce if anyone doubts the truth of our statement—that he had deliberately placed a false construction upon the editorial in question and that ho very well knew it was not intended as the slap at Mr. Smith he had suggested in his paper of Friday. The editorial in question was simply a remonstrance with one or two of the county papers for aiding the Courier iu its efforts to force a personal campaign upon Mr. Smith. Ever since Mr. Smith's name has been placed in nomination this discussion as to his former political record aud his present integrity as a Repub lican has been going on! It has been charged that the REPUBLICAN was unfavorable to Mr. Smith's election on the very slim grounds that we have taken DO part with certain other of the county papers in the attempt to clear Mr. Smith from the Courier's insinuations and justify his past political record. The REPUBLICAN holds to the opinion that the time to settle the question of a candidate's claims for the confidence of his party is prior tq the nominating convention," not after the party has become committed to the candidate's support aud election. The REPUBLICAN has considered the issues of this campaign to be not what Mr. Smith has been in the past, but what he stands for now and the principles he professes to represent. Any discussion as to what Mr. .Smith has been in the past can only result to his serious disadvantage and the disadvantage of the Republican ticket, as we stated last week, by diverting attention from the real issues of the hour and casting suspicion upon his present principles and motives. No candidate was ever bene- fitted in any way by tbe carrying on of a personal campaign. Wherever a big smoke is ascending people naturally look for more or less fire. ' It is much easier to make charges than it is to refute them. THE DEMOCRATIC DODGE. Editor Republican: There is force in your suggestion of last week that in the contest for the legislature nothing is to be gained, by following up tiny trumped- up objections to Republican candidates made by Democrats in the line of a personal campaign. That these objections are dishonest is proven by the hearty support heretofore extended by the objectors themselves to the candidate against whom they are now gravely urged. What Democrats have confessed by word and act to be unworthy of consideration, they can hardly expect Republicans to now make the great overshadowing issues in the campaign. Not only are the wordy criticisms insincere and irrelevant, but they are plainly intended to fill the air full of dust that the real issues shall be kept as much out of sight as possible. There never before was a time when the Democrats were so anxious as now to play Republicans for suckers. They never before were so desirous to make the campaign for the legislature a purely personal campaign, in Republican districts, and thus to secure for their candidates an even show for success. There never before was exhibited on their part such a patriotic desire to inquire sharply into a Republican candidate's occupation; to object to him because he earns his honest living in this or that useful calling; to make inquisition into his pastimes, to the end of disclosing whether .there is not iu the way in which he chooses to spend his hours of relaxation and recreation a reason why he would be, this year, a bad man in the legislature; in short, to make purely per sonal and inconsequential matters—with Republicans—the great battle cries of the campaign. There is every reason why Republicans should decline to dignify this nonsense by treating it as of consequence. I have noticed, as on« of the peculiarities of Democratic campaigning in this county, that the appeal to faction, to personal feeling and prejudice, is all the time made to Republicans, never to Democrats. The Democratic voter is expected to slick right to the party text and every time to cast a straight party vote. Democratic politicians, while they expect Republicans, or a class of them, to make personal likes and dislikes, and the personal issue in its various forms, paramount, because they have so sized them up, expect on the other hand that, Democrats to a man, and on all occasions, will observe the significance of elections with an eye single to ultimate Democratic *"• I ascendancy in county, state aud nation. The Democrats of this county hold themselves above the level of mere personal disputes in the political field, but tliey shrewdly profit by the tendency, among Republicans alarmingly prevalent, to disregard all interests in politics that are not personal. To illustrate, it would be idle for any Republican to go to a Democrat and seek, by any appeal to personal THE COI.. Kl'ENCEIi MOVEMENT No name yet suggested for a place on the Republican county ticket this fall has been accorded a more general Republican endorsement than the name of Col. Spencer. The Colonel has not set himself forward as aw aspirant for the office of county treasurer. He had his mind on his cows and hay interests and was a very much surprised man when the people begun to talk about the treasurer's oflicc in connection with his name. There is no more popular man inside or outside the lines of the Republican party in Kossuth county than Col. Spencer. He is popular among Democrats as well as among Republicans. The Republican convention could select no man with a larger personal following than Mr. Spencer, and withal no man more worthy of the office. Mr. Spencer expresses himself as willing to be a candidate if his nomination will work to the best interests of the Republican party. He is not hunting for oflicc aud if nominated and elected it will be due to the instance and the personal efforts ot his scores of per sonal friends. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. PENITENTIARIES AND IOWA. Cedar Rapids Republican: If those census bulletins don't stop coming soon there won't be enough left of the argument from statistics of population to warrant our statistically inclined governor in even so much, as alluding to movements of population as supporting sa- loonism! Here comes bulletin 106, telling us all about the convicts in our penitentiaries. Taking its figures by states and pitting them against population by states, and finding the comparative ratio of prison inmates to population, xve find the case against the governor's statisticians to be almost as strong as that presented in the bulletin showing the relative number of inmates of county jails to population. Compare Iowa with her near neighbors, since thrt is the governor's favorite form of showing that prohibition has blighted Iowa: Convicts. Population Ohio 1,(V.'2 3,072.310 Indiana ...i,:ii« a.nia.-lin Illinois 2,012 a,8ao.B5i Michigan i.iii"!) Wisconsin 5i;j * "'" MInnesr/tti -12T Missouri 1 .liCf) North Dakoia Educational Department. Special Clubbing Offers to Teachers. By special arrangement with the publishers we are able to offer, the leading educational publications of .the country to the teachers of Kos?uth 'county at about half rates if subscribed fiqir in connection with the REPUBLICAN. ; Every teacher should take at least one or. more of the best teachers' journals <ind keep abreast, of the times in the profession. Subscribe for your papers through the REPUBLICAN and we can absolutely save you money. Write for our circular giving special clubbing rates to teachers. Last year the REPUBLICAN undertook the experiment of a Teachers' Department and met with some measure of success in the cooperation of the teachers'of the county. We have decided to continue the educational department with this issue. At least one column of the REPUBLICAN will be free to the teachers The Weather aud Crops. (Report lor hist week.) The daily average temperature of the week was ;•> below normal. There was an excess of sunshine, and the warm dayn counterbalanced the effects of the cool nights, making it generally a favorable week for maturing the crops. The rainfall w;is generally deficient, large portions of tbe state reporting no precipitation up to Friday: There was, however, a. slight excess of precipitation reported on the 7th and 8th in a number of counties in the Northern Central and- Central districts. The rain on Friday night was quite general, but not heavy. .. Corn has made fair progress, and its present situation in the state at large may b,e_ stated as follows : About one- third of the crop is sufficiently matured to cut and shock, or substantially safe from serious, harm by frost. Eight to ten days of good ripening weather would place two thirds of it beyond danger. The'remaining third needs all of September and a little of October to get through in good shape. The 1.301.820 '.>,U79,m 102,710 . i,«58,nio l,!)l 1,800 73 South Dakota..... % Nebraska aso Iowa «U Now try your hand at percentages and yuu will find the ratio of prisoners in penitentiaries to population by states, beginning as far east as Ohio and running westward, is as follows; Porcon t;itfc in Ohio Indiana, Jllniois of the county for the discussion of such subjects as may be of interest to the friends of education generally aud the teachers of Kossuth county particularly. All news matter properly coming under the head of the Educational Department will be found hereafter in this column, and we will be glad to receive and publish at any time school reports and all other news notes of interest pertaining to the schools and teachers of this county. .0(1044 00(101 00052 001113:1 .00030 .OUHIili .()0tt)2 antipathy against his party candidate, to induce him to so vote as to assist in giving the Republican party a larger share of the Iowa delegation to Congress than it now has. No Democrat could, by such an appeal, be induced to so vote as to give the Republicans a greater chance of retaining the presidency. But Democratic editors and buttonholers are at work to-day to induce Republicans to play the traitor to their principles and to betray their party iu just these particulars. We should have a campaign this fall that will make it certain that if any Republican votes against his principles he will not do it ignorautly. It is time that by some means Republicans shall be induced to vote the Republican ticket. S. Wisconsin Minnesota Missouri North Dakota, prohibition —-. South Dakota, prohibition Nebraska Iowa, prohibition It is thus seen that, with one single exception, prohibition Iowa's percentage of penitentiary inmates is smaller than that of any other of the states named; that prohibition South Dakota shows the smallest percentage of any; and that license Missouri shows the largest, and license Indiana next to the largest percentage of any. We do not present these figures as conclusive, nor would we maintain that all the figures we have presented point conclusively to the success of prohibition. Hut we do "maintain that the figures from time to time presented in these columns and in the other Republican papers of Iowa quite as completely and overwhelmingly refute the Faulkes Inter Oceau figures upon which the governor bunks, as do the practical facts developed in the [owa press upset the figures of Commis sioncr Sovereign relative to farm losses upon which the governor with equally traiige fatality so heavily leans. and any attempt" ai refutation of the i&.—, i", ..-,-''* Carroll Herald: Stormy Jordan, superintendent of Otturawa's "Road to Hell," is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Senator from Wapello county. Isn't it enough to make decent Democrats vote a decent ticket when such a piece of animated corruption and fiendish de bauche can expect office from the Democratic party'? We wouldn't belong to such a party over aiglit. WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT IT. DCS Moines Daily Fews: "Very band- some aud altogether creditable" is the proper verdict on the Algona REPUBLICAN, now an all home print paper. Livermore Gazette: The A.lgona. REPUBLICAN, comes out with an all home print this week. All home print with complete control ofyourcolumns is a nice thing when you can afford it, and we congratulate the REPUBLICAN on having reached that stage in the game. We poorer editors must stick to the old plan. "Men are nothing," Jdoines News, "itj tWs We everything." the Des issues X ..... The Algona REPUBLICAN is now an "all home print" paper, the "patent insides" having been discontinued with its issue of September second. Since Jos. W. lla\'s has been editor aud publisher of the REPUBLICAN it has been in a prosperous condition. It is one of the staunch aud successful Republican papers of Iowa and deserves patronage.—Dubuque Daily Times, Times Republican: The Algona REPUBLICAN displays enterprise by coming out iu improved form as an "all home having discarded "patent Jj is an excellent local paper its town. TO THE TEACHERS. Contributed. Teachers, do yo-i talk shop? Do you feel at a loss in conversation unless the subject be school methods, school books, or something in the direct line of your daily work'? Are you one of the many who help justify the impression that the teacher is narrow minded? Your work interests you, of course, if you are doing it conscientiously. You must, necessarily, think of it often outside, the school room if you would be of interest to your school, but you must not forever talk of it, if you would be of in terest to others. You are living in a wide awake world. You are supposed to be fitting the youth in your charge to fill their places well in such a world. How poorly will you accomplish your work if you know little and care nothing of what is being doue by the thousands of other workers, while you are poring over your text beoks. Read regularly the newspapers and best magazines. Read books that are in aud books that are out of your line. Grow broad first and your professional height will take care of itself. Perhaps you lay some blame on your patrons and friends that your conversational powers are limited. Perhaps they fotce you to talk school topics when you woiiht gladly avoid them. They meet you with: "Is school out for today?" "How many have you enrolled*" "How do you like teaching?" and the thousand and one variations of the same interrogatories. Well you are deserving of sympathy if such is the case. But it is you who must open the minds of people wh'o place so losy an estimate upon your ability to talk. Have something ready for such an occa sion; quickly change the theme, and show that you are pretty well posted on one or two other topics. Or, if you are inclined to revenge yourself,_ turn interrogator yourself for a moment. Ask the farmer who has been questioning you "How many cows he milks; what time he gets up; where he is going now; how he likes farming, etc." He will go away a sadder but perhaps a wiser man. Byrou divides mankind into two mighty tribes—"the bores and bored." You wil sometimes find yourself a member of the latter; you need never belong to the former. present outlook does--not warrant the expectation of securing more than 70 per cent, of sound,merchantable corn, though the belated fields'would yield much valuable feed for stock if cut and shocked before freezing weather. Other crops are doing well. Plowing and wheat sowing are in progress. The potato harvest is begun in some localities, with heavy yield.; To OUSEUVKBS: Please make a careful study of the corn situation, and report next week the proportion of the crop that is safe, and how much time is needed by the balance. Alg'ona Cyclers. AH members of the Algona bicycle club and all other cyclists in town, both ladies and gentlemen, are requested to meet in front of the court house this evening at 7 o'clock for an hour's drill in riding. It has been arranged by the club to give a parade during the fair, and it is desired that every wheel in town should appear in the parade. If the parade is to take place with any show of success, a little preliminary drill in riding is absolutely necessary. All who wish to take part in the parade will please turn out this evening, by order of the captain. Sioux CJty Corn Palace. The C. M. & St. P. Ry. will sell ticket to the Sioux City Corn Palace and return for $4.28. Selling Oct. 1, 8, 6, 8, 10, 13 15, 16, and 17. For Sale. If you want an organ, book cupboard rocking chair, feather bed, wasu bow and pitcher, hanging lamp, water barrels wiadows, 019. cheap comje mow Invariably Gives the News. The Republican convention to nom- nate county officers will be held here n the 25th. The Courier tekes pleasure n being tbe iirst to announce this iu- eresting item oi' news. Indeed the Courier is always first with the news. As a news dispenser the Conner .is iernbly reliable, as usual. The Re- Hiblican convention is called .for Octo- jer 2nd, as will bo seen by the call jublished elsewhere in this The lourier is a great local newspaper. The last issue contained in the way of 'county news" two items from Fenton, four from Union, six from Bancroft, slipped from the Register, with just a [air batch of news from Wesley. A paper that does so well by its county patronage it, deserving of a big support* THE FAIR. The fair this -year promises a better" exhibit than last. With the large list of liberal premiums offered a good exhibit in all departments ought to be expected. It has been a prosperous year for the farmers of Kossuth county crops are uniformly good. Farmers can afford to leave their work for a few days and help to make a success of fair in advance of all expectations. It is expected that the r^ces year will be better than usual. track has never been in better dition and some of the fastest in this part of Jowa, will be There will be some good races, an4 W6 promise the people aud all around fair. NOTICE. A meeting of the Reading ciatiou is called for Thursday at 2:30 o'clock for- important By request of Mjis. " Mas, mm

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