The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1891 · Page 10
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1891
Page 10
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8 THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEFTEMBEK 9, 1891. THE COUNTY NEWS, Reported by Special Correspondents. TUB RKPUIUJCAN publishes more outside news from tlio country and surrounding towns than all the six other papers published In lu>s- Mith county combined. For the ikncmf t NEWS see pa.c?e 0. To UOBiiSsroNUBNTfl :—All correspondence tortheltKPunuoAN should reach this onice not later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this in mind. FENTON. Stanley Moore is attending school at Decorah Miss Addle Moore visited in east Feutoti on Saturday last. Uert Warner, who has been at Mrs, Tibbetts, will go home today. Mrs. Ilatui and daughter, of Hurt, visited in FeiHon last Saturday, .1. L. lilmit and Fred Denhnrt did business at this hub last Saturday. Silas Wilcox threshod L'TO bushels of wheat froiu nine acres last week. They s;iy wo are to have three weddings In Feutou between now and Christmas. Li-wis Tibbetts, who was shot in the arm, has recovered so as to be about again. Mr. Kdie, the man who had his hip broken, has been taken to his home at Eldora, U. II. Spencer, Col. W. A. Collins and S. C. Spear were hunting In here the fore part of last week. Jacob Xweifel died at his residence in ITenton the 4th, of typhoid fever, and was buried the Oth from the German M. E. church. He leaves a wile and six children to mourn his loss. Fen ton, September 7th. HKBKON. A slight rain Sunday night and Monday forenoon stopped the noise of the threshers. A. new school house lias just been ere cted in Hebron township on the laud of Mr. Lohruse on section 20. Fred Mathers just finished threshing hi? gruin crop. Fred says that farming beats store keeping badly this year and we think it is true •enough. A now house is under construction on section •2S, north of Chubb Baldwins. People are coming and building so rapidly we cannot keej: track of their name. A new elevator is being built just over the line in Eliuore. This makes tl:e third elevatoi in our flourishing border village and there if where they just knock the spots oil'from all other grain markets in prices. We are soon to have a second bank in Elmore our trading point over the way. A Mr, Williams & Co., of the Elmore elevator is em barking in tin; enterprise. He paid $1,000 casl for a bare lot in town so we think he has some faith in this part of the world. Robert J'ringle our genial herdsman, former! of Green, Iowa but now \vell ancli ored in Kos suth is about to bring his family to this seetio of the country. Robert has reason for Ins faith in Kossutli county dirt judging from the crops we see on his t'iinii this year, but lie still persists in telling the Free Methodist brethren that mosquitoes are so powerful in his section that they bore holes in his fence posts and carry them oil oi) their bills, li-ibl'oii, Septs. IRVlNGTON. Mt,s« Delia Reed commenced the fall term oi ohool atthis place Monday. Mrs. •!.. 1J. Robison is visiting her daughter Nlna.nt Round Lake, Minn., this weel<. Mrs. S. G. Walters, of Chicago, daughter of ).. W. -Sample, Is visiting her friends here. VVm. Carter took in the races at Independence, returning by way of Des Moines to at- end the state fair. Mrs. O.rton Bush expects to start for Wllkes, Montana, the last of tills week to join her husband, who has been there for some time. O. .1. Olson has sold out his Interests here to M. H.. Dalton, of Algona. Mr. Daltou is an >ld hand in the grocery business and will no loubt do well hero. Dr. Armstrong savs he don't object to anyone aUing a few sacks of turnips from his patch but when they come with a hay rack or hog •a<ik and four horses it, looks as though they vere tidying to take advantage of a mau's generosity. And \ve think so loo. WEStEY. A number of Wesley people visited the Britt fair last week. Mis.5 Annie Longbottom will teach the school south of town this winter. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly have returned from Nora Springs. Their sick mother is convalescent. Mrs, Fred Anderson has been very sick for snme days but is now able to sit up pure of the time. S. K. l<.mmons. who has been afflicted with some disease oi! the eyes for nearly a year, is slowly recovering. We are looking forward with considerable eagerness to the proposed change in the Algona HE run Lie AN. T. Presnell, living two miles of AVesley, is very low with inflammation of the stomach. It is feared lie will not recover. The last quarterly meeting of the conference year is to bo held in the M. E. church next Wednesday evening. Elder Black will bo present. Tlie beautiful weather of last Sunday tempted several people to go pUimming and others to go hunting. Some came home laden and others empty handed. Mrs. R, Lloyd, who was taken to tho asylum ;it Independence a few weeks ago, is said to be slowly improving, but Mr. Curley, who was taken to the same asylum a little later, has since died. Mrs. Yorker, who has been intending to remove to the eastern part of the state, has concluded to remain in Wesley, and her friends rejoice. She will build a house soon and resume tlie business of dressmaking. Thi'farmers must have "viewed the landscape o'er" with considerable consternation last Thursday morning, when they saw their fields covered with a white frost. It WHS thought at first that the corn and gardens were seriously injured, but it was found later in tlie day that but little damage had been done. Lovers of beauty and neatness are greatly distressed over tlie large areas of weeds that adorn (?) tlie sides of the streets and vacant lots. In some places they grow so luxuriantly on both sides of the walk that they bend over and nearly meet in the middle. A very little time, care and money expended by property owners each year would soon change these unsightly spots to beautiful greensward. Blue grass is far more ornamental than wild sun flowers or even golden rod. School opened yesterday with a fair attend ance, considering tlie unfavorable weather. It rained steadily all day. yet 3ii pupils were enrolled iu the primary room and as in tlie higher room. Wesley now boasts three teachers but they are working at some disadvantage iu the higher room,where two teachers are employed, because the board found it impossible 1 to secure carpenters to finish the recitation room, which shows that Wesley is building up very rapidly But carpenters are not the only workmen in demand. The owners of hay presses Hud il dililcult to get help, mid fanners complain that no one can be hired to work ou the farm. Your correspondent has had the privilege of reading the KEI-UUUCAN from its lirst issue until the present time. We have always admired its steady, uniform course on ail Important questions and especially on the temperance question. One new feature after another has been added until it is one of thu best count; papers published anywhere. The farm de partmeut, edit-.dby Mr, Wilson, is »n espec ially satisfactory feature. We have beard farmers say that Prof. Wilson's farm article aloue were worth to them twice the price o the paper. We believe there is more thai) one family among your readers that would be very much pleased to have special House aud Horn Interests treated Iu tfee BBVUBUCAN in th Wi WH1TTKMOIU3. Was Monday wet enough for you? Mr. A. Schmidt attended thcstate fair. Look out for another wedding in town before Oct. 1. Our photographers repoit a great rush of justness. Mr. J. M. Farley and family attended the state fair. Little Sadie Dailey was on the sick list a few days last week. With this issue the RETUIUACAN becomes an all "home print" paper. Mr. Chris. Bell of the Grand Central has just completed a hotel barn. The Aid Society meets with Mrs A. H. Hotelling on Thursday afternoon. Our yonuj; converts should be especially careful how they spend the Sabbath, .V large am omit of the very choicest hay was marketed in our town last week. H. Ilelmke furnished the runaway on Sunday ; luckily no harm was done. Misses May and Yera Ilotellimr spent Thursday visiting friends at West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Foster have been enjoying : visit from a daughter who resides at Goldfleld Mr. and Mrs. J.E.Beattie will have to vacate the Depot rooms, for the new Station Agunl and family. Dr. Tuttle who has bc-fn visiting friends hen for some time, took the train for the east Sunday evening. A Mr. Bartlett bought a lot in the east pur of town on Monday, and will build a residence thereon at once. A recent ride through the country convince? us that corn must hustle if it gets out of the way of tli e frost. Presiding Elder Black passed through ou: town Monday, ou his way home from Rodma; and Ennneitsbtirg. Miss Lizzie Chrischilles and Miss, France Yager returned from Emmttsburg, where the Jiave been attending the Institute. Rev Cummins of Bancroft exchanged pulpits with Kcv. Thrasher last Sunday. Rev. Cummins was greeted here with a good house. Query : Is a billiard saloon going to be to the mei;tl or moral improvement of the young men of Whittemore, to say nothing of older ones? Corry Ridgeway and wife drove across the country Saturday, to their old home at Pome - roy, where they will spend a few days visiting friends. Bert Williams' new barber chair and sign arrived on Monday. Bert's business has grown to such proportions that he lluds two chairs are a. necessity. There will be a good many new buildings putupin town before snow files, we prophesy that Whittemore will double its present size in the next few years. Mr. Will Lull and Miss Bates, Claire and Miss May Hotelling, and Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Samson, attended quarterly meeting services at Rodman Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Munch's father and several of her sisters who have been visiting her since her recent sad bereavement.tooU Tuesday evenings' train and returned to their several homes. Dr. Felling's daughters arrived Thursday evening. We are glad to welcome young people among us, and hope the young ladies will like Whittemore well enough to make it their permanent homo. Judging from the numerous reports of guns around here lately, some one must dine largely on prairie chicken. If more birds are killed than the hunters know what to do with, just leave them with the Whittemore scribe. Mr. John Adams of Spencer, who has been orking for the John Paul lumber company for month or more, has taken a position with J. . Wilson, and will buy grain at Sargent. A Ir. Bacon takes his place here in the lumber ard. It. J. Malone, who, some time ago, tender- d his resignation as station agent here, was clieved on Monday by Mr. Lathrop from In- vood, la. Dick took Monday evening's train or South Dakota, where he will work for the anie company. We welcome Mr. Lathrop and is family to our town. The vacant lots between Mr. Maltz' corner, ud N. L. Cotton's place, have been recently iurchased by Mr. Maltz, and perhaps we shall ee some new dwelling houses erected on them That is what we netd ; there are a number of amil'ius in town, who do not know where to ecure homos for the winter. Now is the time to invest in Kossutli county ioil. Mr, E. Chrischilles sold a half section of and near Bancroft hist week at $14 per acre. Two years ago this laud cost Mr. I'hrisehilles $» per acre ; these figures speak for themselves, and it will not be loug before chances to buy and in tills county at, or anywhere near those Igures will be a thing of the past. We have been Intending for some time to speak a good word for the Sunday School. We have a good, thriving Sunday School, averaging between forty and fifty in attendance, with faithful and efficient officers and teachers, yet we have children spending the whole day in the streets, who should be in the Sunday School. If parents will not wake up to the necessity of coming out and helping in the good work themselves, let them at least send their children where tliey will be welcomed and receive one good hour's instruction out of the twenty-four. A certain good old book says : "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." The same is true of Whittemore as well as of more important places fu the world, if wt> sow so many beer kegs as are observable at the present time, we are after a while going to reap saloons where something worse than beer will be sold (though beer would be bad enough) and our boys are going in and drinking it,and we be powerless to prevent it. It is a great deal easier to stop the small stream than it is to stop it after it becomes a river. "A word to the wise is sufficient." Let us every one look well to his or her influence iu these and all other matters that affect our public good, for what Wnitte- roore is made BOW, by her present inhabitants, is gojug to iuttueuftpit lejaeJjr f«r SENECA. Everybody is busy and wondering what beam e of the month of August. E. Goodspeed, of Manhattan, Kan.,ta visiting Is brother, S. N. Goodspeed. Mrs. J. U. Carr took advantage of the cheap ates to Ues Moines to visit friends In Cass ounty. D. M. Simpson was called 'last Saturday by elegram to I'eotone, 111., to see his father, who s very low. Three weeks more of weather like the past veek will make the biggest crop of corn that icneca ever raised. Win. Ormiston, one- of our earliest settlers, ins been In poor health all summer but now hiuks hi- is on tho mend. Quito a number of tlie Senccaites took In tho tale fair last week—E. W. Van Dorstou and amily, W. Gideon and daughter, W. Gray, id O'Noll aud Hugh Broiisou. Barley has yielded as high ns 50 bushels to he acre aud wheat 3;.'. Oats arc reported its liuh as 70, all of which are signs that we are ;oing to elect a Republican governor this fall. The ilax crop of Seneca is just Immense. Osborne Bros, threshed C(>0 bushels of good, '.lean seed from co acres of breaking. Andrew Burt reports to bushels per acre, and there are ithers who expect to get close to iio bushels jer acie. The farmers of this place seem well satisfied with the price paid for milk by the Seneca creamery. For tho month of August the price was TO cents per hundred. Now, brother farmers, is ugood time to give the cows a little of those corn stalks ;.it will pay. Besides we can show Gov. Boies that there is more than one way to skin a cat. ft docs beat all what some of these lawyers don't know about farming. Seneca now boasts o£ two steam threshing outfits, one in the southeast part of the township owned by G. H. Hamilton, the other in tlie northwest part of the township owned by W. W. Alcorn, both of whom are experienced threshers and know how to make the business pay for themselves and patrons. Mr. Alcorn reports having threshed I4no bushels of oats for Geo. D. Culler and Sou in the space of five hours, also 500 bushels of Ilax in one day for Osborne Bros. Seneca, September 7th. Scott Wickham has been around town the past few daya smiling and setting up the treats over a fine son. Scott says he is going to make a brilliant fellow out of him. Miss Chesley who a short time ago closed a very satisfactory term at this place lias gone to AlRona to engage In the public schools at that place. Her many friends at Ledyard unite in wishing her abundant success In her new field of labor. Charley Graham Is busy nowaday.* harvesting Kossutli county's chicken crop. They say he can fetch them every time. The heavy rainfall on Monday morning stopped business for a time, and gave the boys a chance to rest, and trade horses. KAMSAY. Oats are yielding from 50 to GO bushels. Wartmau Bro. have a lively trade they are rustlers. Blanche Christopher returned home from Mt Auburn after a pleasant, visit there. Sam and Anis Smith, returned to Benton county after a pleasant visit with relatives and friends In this place. George Johnston north east of Ramsay is having a new house and barn built. F. P. Greeuwalt Is doing the work. W. T, Hall just completed a fine barn for H. Binken north of Ramsay. He will also build a barn on his own farm near here. Dr. Howe looks rather lonely, his wife being absent, visiting a sister in Mt Auburn Iowa. The Ramsay Black Smith is kept quite busy since the rain shoeing horses. Your correspondent, took a pleasant ride across the country last Sabbath the frost lias damaged the corn somewhat, but two or three weeks, of good weather will help the corn wonderfully. Burt Republican. H. B. HA.LTjOCK» JBcUtor. BURT, IOWA, SEPT. 9, 1891. Oats Eggs .23 Corn 40@46 .12 Butter . ...12@.15 Cattle.. $8.00 Hogs. ..$400@4.25 Wheat Flax 80@.85 .$ .80 Barley Hay... . .85®.40 0.00 Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Jurt, Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. 8if Terms to suit purchaser. TXVKT HOMK NEWS. UNION. C D. Ward is back from the state fair. Jennie Thompson is attending the Normal. Lon Boardmau spent Sunday at S. D. Platt's east of Algona. Ueo. Hoflns and mother spent Sunday at Clias. Hofuis' east of Burt. A. Wheeler is better, so much so that he is spending time in the hay iield. Old Mr. and Mrs. Bailey spent last week with their daughter, Mrs. Bilsborough. Libbie Ilotius, who has been at her grandfather's all summer, has returned home. John Siudersou and wife, of Waverly, are •visiting their daughter, Mrs. John Hennings. School commenced in the Jos. Thompson district Monday with Minnie Shadle teacher. Ed Higgles, of Chicago, has bought the Win. Bailey place. U will be occupied by his father. Grandma Pollard has been in Union the past week, making glad the hearts of her many friends. Mrs. Bolster catne from Wesley Sunday and is superintending the housework at Jay Wheeler's. Jos. Thompson and his sister, Mrs. Fletcher Hotius, go this week to Missouri to visit their aged mother. Word has been received Irom Nebraska that C. A. Stow, formerly of Union, is the proud father of another son. W. F. Jeukinson and Andrew Barr, with their families, were pleasant callers atC.D. Ward's Sunday afternoon. Jay WUeeler is quite sick, threatened with typhoid fever, but the Doctor thinks the fever is stopped and will not run its course. Mr. Ditman, who has lived on Dr. Barr's place for the past two years, has bought a farm near LuVerne aid Mr. Blllsborough will move there. Tho hills iu Union, by Mr. Kulin's, present the appearance of being "cut to the quick," every bit of hay being cut. even in the steepest places. They look neat. John Reibhoft did not go to the state fair as reported last week, He got as far as Algona and thought of the work at home and concluded he had not time to go, so he came back and went into the hay Held instead. Elwln Davisou is still reported very low. Miss Minnie Gannon is teaching the I all term in Prairie township. Miss McGovern of Wesley is visiting with Mrs. Casey of Buffalo Forks. Haying and threshing are all the rage these days. The whistle of the steam thresher is heard on all sides. Mrs. Mary Morgan returned last week from a visit with relatives iu Mason and Charles City. She is now teaching a fall term in the Allwegg district. Miss Allie Finnegan of nine Earth. Minn., and her sister, Miss Katie, of Manitowoc, Wis., visited their aunt Mrs. J. J. Gannon, last week, returning home on Friday. LU VEIINE. The new elevator at the Northwestern depot is about finished. Harve Brink is building aniee little barn on the east end of his lots. Warner Eggert is digging a cellar for a large house, some say a hotel. Messrs. Lichtn & Klindt have moved Into their new houses. Dr. Lacey will soon oecu- I py his. Charles Chapman and wife have gone to Lehigh with their sick babe. Mrs. Chapman's father is a physician. Miss Etta Patterson has returned from Green county where she has been visiting her sister for the past two weeks. LEGAL BLANKS. The REPUBLICAN keeps constantly on hand a full stock of the following .Legal Blank forms: Warranty D«se«l, Quit Claim Deed, teases, Heal Estate Mortgage, Chatttol Mortgage, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Original Notice, Lainl Contracts, Contracts for Building School House, Notice of Trial, Probate of Will, Tax Sale Notices, Petition Ulaiiks, District Township Blanks, Oatli Blanks, Blank Receipt Books, Blank Note Books, etc. etc. gff Any form made to order. THE REPUBLICAN SWEA Albion Kurgeson has been quite sick. We need a good blacksmith in our town. Miss Hulda Pearson is home from Bancroft. Hunters were here several days before the 1st A party of young people spent Sunday at the lakes. The separator building is standing idle at present. Miss Helen Haydcn is attending school in Bancroft. Miss Keua Oleson is clerking in her brother's store. Postmaster Oleson lias been uudr the weather for the past two weeks. N. A. Martin and wife, of Bancroft, spent Sunday here with relatives. Elond Anderson was unlucky euougU to lose his watch while stacking hay. Two young men from Hamilton county are opening up a farm three miles west of th e post oillce. Miss Betsey Anderson, the noted revivalist, who was expected to return from Sweden last week stopped in Chicago on account of the illness of her sister. Mrs. Backus and daughter, who have been spending the summer with the family of J. A. Hale, returned to their home in Minneapolis last Wednesday. Mrs. Backus is a sister of Mr. Hale. Swea, September 7th. Mrs.G. A. Ordway drove down to Bancroft on Saturday last. Born to Mr. aod Mr*. Arthur Bigelow Sunday last a sou. Prof. Slfert commenced a term of school the Ogren district on Monday. Marion Stauffer has returned to his farm south of town, to look after his fine crop of ilax. The social at C. A. Ordway's ou Saturday evening last, was well attended aud was much enjoyed by all. Mr. Wills, a new settler about four miles out of town, wilt preach at the sthool house next Sunday afternoon. Mr. Shipley our hardware dealer ayriveg on Tuesday evening the 2nd witu and is now ready for twttoess. the School commenced Monday. Eugene McDonald is home for a two or three week's stay. A. W. Moffat and "Doc" Daily were in our town Saturday. A. C. Cady was a visitor to Bancroft Thursday of last week. Mrs. G. 13. Whitney has returned from her visit to Waucoma. James Hoiius was a caller in our city a short time last Wednesday. The directors of the Burt creamery held a meeting Thursday afternoon. Will Hall, of the firm of Shelley & Hall, was doing business in our town Thursday. Den Paine and daughter Cora are a' Minneapolis this week taking in the Exposition, Will Haggard was a caller Mondaj while the freight was switching whil en route to Bancroft. Jake Nelson, the latter part of las week, was putting on the last coat o: plaster on Mart Ferris' house. Will Easterly is at present at Ode bolt, but is to go soon to Gushing t take charge of tlie station there. Jno. Walker came tip from Algon Tuesday to see the folks. lie left to day for his old home in Wisconsin. Mrs. W. II. Wilder expects to go to Greene, Iowa, this week to visit relatives and friends. She will be gone several weeks. Brahm Watkin's team got tired waiting for him last Wednesday and lit out for home a little previous. No great damage was done. Jay Wheeler has been confined to his bed for the past few days with an attack of malarial fever. He is reported to be gaining. W. II. Wilder, our drayman, has purchased a half acre just east of where his heme now stands and will move his house onto the same in a hort time. John Eamsay has the contract for he erection of a school house on the Id Moll farm this side of the river, le came up Thursday and is hard at ivork at the job. Mrs. J. D. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. VI. J. Mann, Henry Elvidge, Harvey rah am, G. S. Angus, Mrs. Caulkins, George Coffin and Lew Owen were among the visitors at the State Fair ast week. A young man by the name of Kane, who has been working for Ernest Bacon for the past year or so, met with a serious accident last week. He was at the river getting four barrels of water. Starting for home a branch of a tree in some way raked him off the wagon. He fell between the wheels and the wagon with the four barrels of water ran across his chest, breaking the collar bone. Dr. McCormack is attending him and he is doing well. A. D.Billsborough and Miss Ida Cottrell were married yesterday at the home of the bride's parents, Rev. Bowen performing the ceremony. The wedding was a pleasant affair, and the ceremony performed in the presence of a host of friends who united in wishing the happy couple a pleasant journey over the matrimonial seas. Mr. Billsborough is now one of our business men and a permanent feature in our town. Miss Cottrell is a young lady of ability and is worthy to preside over any household. We welcome them to our city. Can't Get Along- Without It. The following letter was received at the office of the Algona EKPUULICAN last Saturday: DBS MOINES, Sept. 4, 1891.—Jos. W. Hays, Algona, la.—DKAU Bin: Please send to our address The BKFUBLIKAN for 6 months. We are attending the Iowa Business College one of the best schools in the west, and we cannot get along without the RKPUWUCAN. Here is luck to you, your paper, and all the people of grand old Kossuth. Address to McDonald Bros. &Co, care of I. B. C. Yours truly. EUGENE MC-DONALD JAMES P. STOW WM. MCDONALD JOHN A. SHAKKFKB. Formerly of Burt, Iowa. TMffK. On the afternoon of Aug. 80, on the road between Burt and John Kerr'a farm, 12 miles northwest of town, a ladies' gold watch and chain. The finder will be liberally rewarded. Mus. 8. J. O'NEILL. Go to Graham's for pumps. Vinegar. Vineirar. For a good article in Vinegar go to & II aliock'e. When in search Millinery, Dressmaking, We will do a general Millinery and Dressmaking business and earnestly request a call *rom all who are In need of anything in our me. ALLJ2N & WOLCOTT. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BUJRT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. 3STOTIOHI. The firm of Benedict & Allen having been dissolved, I shall hold forth in rooms over McDonald's hardware and keep ou hand a new and complete stock of Millinery goods of the latest styles and at prices to suit your pocHetbook, Mns. BENEDICT. For a good article in Tea go to the Cash Store. Burt has a Furniture Store. Buy your furniture of W. M. Cook. good stock and reasonable prices, Don 5 ! Fail To see our line of foot wear for Men, Women and Children. A Dandy in a Ladle's Fine Sfloe for $1,75- Oil Grain Shoes in all sizes, cheaper than you ever saw them. Truly yours, Icliolson & Buell, G-EO. E. MARBLE Still runs a AT BURT. Fresh Groceries always on hand and a good assortment of General Merchandise. I have on hand a large stock of Which I am closing out at a price that will make you smile. Try me if you want rope. G. B. WHITNEY, BURT, - • • IOWA. STOP -AT THE- BDRT HOTEL! M, L MAYHEW, Proprietor, Qood Accommodations. Livery Feed Stable in connection with hotel. \A/ A KI WAN The Burt Meat Market ELVIDtCE BROS. Prop*. .. i*—. v 1 " aai Qrod Meats

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