The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1891
Page 8
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' SKtf t XM NEW •*• m BANCROFT, IOWA, SEPT. 9, 1891. DIHKf-TOHY D. *-> IOKT I'lfr.SV.YTKIlIAN rlUriiCII. holds VK'c.-: iii HIP sclionl Mouse, Sriiuliiy M'nncil .",!;; p. ni.. ni-i'iu'lliML: scrvlcii ;it, •( i>, m ]>r,i\(-r iiM.'i'tln;; Tl'inxdjiv r'vcninir. Kvcrylmdv iimif'ii. KKV. )). U'IU.IAMS. I'iistoi'. ' p>,\ «-* >,\NC!;nKT SWKIHSH I.UTllKliAV CIItMICIl, .... .IIID iiioriiinyiind t-vi'iiiiiK OIHI Sunday •, ill P:IC|I iivotilll jilnl t.'.vn evenini; iiu-Hiiia;.", in il I HO rue, IH>Ol>ie tllOll"- DiiHIi. Mindly H.-iKiol nt IL' r.i. ciu-h Sumbiy ' n»-"<,.. l.nmc •; .MI| Society meets every oliier Friday. Ifi'iv. A. Ki.rsT'un.M, I'MMor.' ' Father Schemiriel was at Algona last Thursday. S. W. Callanan is selling lots of land these days. Guy Tiiylor of Algona was in the city last Friday. F. A. Kenyon was at Algona on business (Saturday last. Don't the "home print 1 ' idea grind F I:K;<: MKTHOIIIST ct vie.i ;it \\ iirner sol . iiu: sor- solnxil house lit Id o'clock u ni i.. HI. niimToir sHiddl house nnil :if Ii>-!i1!;ni(l ;.rh<iol li-inso al s |i. IM. ; allot' l.lipso MM-* ices OH :l;e siitne .Salilialli every two week. 1 ; liKV CilAs. NOI.TI.;, J'astor. PM;-;T !;.\!'i'isT cunicit. of Itimmift, pro;ii'l"i~ * iiiKNervii-'Oiirh ri.inda.v :it Id :.",n a. in. ani3 ii '• r'' V £""' ;ly .• S<;I " J()I «'• '-' "i.. l'<m!s supper I. he Mi-iilay in each niontli at. 1 p. in., pruv- ij|c.>u,iir Ilinrsday evenin-. Loyalists meet i es.lay;, Covenant meetinu (,|,e last I- < i;. e\e,. .:,;;• meai'li moalli. ehoir praetie.e, Kveimij,'. Kveryl.odv invited, ,siram>-- i.'S)!;Uly \U'!C'P:IIO, iiK.v. I,. ,V Oujmt.NH. Pasior. B A e',',''?",;''-, K ' ( '" rl:( '"' I'l'fiiicliin *-» e,\e.i i-unday ;;(, 10 :;:o a. in. and s p. m, cIsisN i ; ,e.eln, :; j.nw.lii.!,' each ^-rvii'o at riUn K v-,,v ' ''• • s '"" ::lv ^I'l'ool av. !•„> ni./K,,: \'<>nn i.eanne mi 'Inesdav I'vpuiti" ii-iver jneetin;; Thm-s.Uy ,vo,,i,, x . d,;!fr""r ( .! ea s a 1 u by i!V,.|iii!K. Ladle's Aid Society meets \Ved,?,, i : '-V f '''i',";"" 1 - ' Vt; " ! '-'-!"l invil-iUioii 1.1 ex- le.nut a n> a!) to ;I|!P.III| Hi-.- services ' S T. .ioiix's CA-nn vices : Inslnic hi .- f e ie tlu'se .ic ri-n,'i;<.'ir. resitlar ser, ion from HI lu ui : ;]ii a m ,1 mass and Minium from to ::!<> to II! ll (l ]'v r I 1 ''!'; ' I' 1 "''" ;<';.''» tl.-i -,»•<<<* f ,.t 7 .H m.,Mar- i, L.itlies ,s, J( ..|,.|-v inputs tlu; lirsl Hundav of l,;o,,th aUer UK, sermon. Vmm^ iji'iie's --,n"i •" '•'"' • S( ' e '"" 1 Sl '" fl ^.v' ti i ,' ! 0 *< J ''" I1 »'. -0'iiW Alen ,, , 7 l ", Ui! V V of everv lnolltl1 ' "°° •' ' S '" Vit '' a o . Pastor. TJ-JSO in AJgonti hun Don't mention mini. G;'o. C. Call of Algona was the hitter part of hist week. C'nllie Chubb was up from last week on a cliickeji hunt. When all the new bells are will anybody bo able to sleep? Miss Alice Farvotir began her scliool in the Lochtu district last week. JI. Sharp of Ilumboldt was looking over Bancroft last Friday and Saturday. C. C. Chubb of Algona was in town last Friday looking after "theiqstetirs. v The horse "Johnny WinkeJ" Kvoii two races at Sura toga and one at Cincinnati lately. Win. Goudey of Bagley, Iowa, "tick to finish the land deal he started a tew weeks ago. . -Miss Hannah Ilaydeen of Swea, has been visiting >yit j .l ft'W'ils ill. town, several da,y. ^.{^ tJie past week. I. J. Bruer's team ran away and furnished excitement for a little last Saturday but luckily no damage was done. Will Hall and \Viie 'were in the city last Friday and Saturday. Will putting up a tombstone over Levi Detrich's grave. AVo hear some very favorable com- .Mit on the candidacy of W.A.Chip- of Portland for county treasurer. \h for Chipman. I. J. ijruer has improved the appearance of his place a great deal by putting down a good wide sidewalk oi plank on the east side. The State Bank people have been putting in their new furniture and counters and will soon be running the Bank in its new quarters. Mrs. T. II. Conner who has been making a visit to the old farm and also Avith friends in Seneca township returned home last Friday night. We acknowledge with gratitude the large number of new subscribers to the Rebubliean and XKWS but then there's lots of room for more, gentlemen. Bancroft will be at the Kossuth county fair with some us line thoroughbred runners and trotters as are found in the western part of the state. Sume may wonder what was the matter with the '-Xicws" last week? The trouble was that our copy was carried on to Eagle Grove instead of being delivered at Algona, thereby arriving too late for publication. Presiding Elder Black was up from Algona last Thursday to hold quarterly meeting at the M. E. church. The meeting was a success and two mem bers were received in full connection and the Lord's supper administered. J. F. Cowan agent for the Marshalltown Buggy company has been here for a week with a line assortment of buggies. He brings the best of references and no one need fear to make a deal with him or the firm of Rhodes ct Carmean Co. which lie represents. Mrs. P. Johnson of lied Wing Minn, who has been visiting here for some time returned to her home last Friday. Mrs. C. II. Johnson accompanied her home and after making a short visit will go on to Minneapolis to lay in a large stock of millinery goods. The, following is the recommend given Winkel's new horse in Clark's Horse "Review. Wiu. A. G. Cobb of Fremont,Nebraska,lias sixteen head of horses in the Independence sale, that are hard to beat. His consignment E. K. Gray too]; in the sights at the county <>cfi.t last Friday. Go to Smidslrom's ii! you want anything in the jewelry line. C. 11. MoivliDiise'fl mansion begins to loom up on the south side. Just i;o(i<v> what Iliclimond has to say in the Is'iiu's this week. Russell & Clement hayo added a new t;ti-am boiler to their blacksmith on tilt. F. i'. Anderson and wife returned home from the state fair last Thursday. John Rolling ,,f Bellevue was here looking filler IiLs landed interests last week. John Xr-wman was bitten in the hand by a, horse and was laid up for a few clays. Ben Haggard and IF. E. Hist two of Algona's young men were in town last Thursday. Mrs. T). Wilson came up from Kenwick last. Thursday afternoon for a short visit here. Willie Musson went to Waltham Minnesota last week where he will work for a cousin. K. Chrischilles and C. R, Schermerhorn of Whittemore were sixing up the town last Thursday. The boys that attended the state fair say that JDuane Tollman's show was one of the principal attractions. McLaughlin-it Co. opened their new store on Saturday last and it is one of -ho finest looking stocks in town. Bufns Davison of Murray Iowa is making a visit at present with his Jrother R, E. Davison and family. Mrs. F. M. Evans started for a visit through Missouri and Kansas with relative .and friends on Thursday last. Mr. Roiling of Bellcvue has been in town for a few days. G. W. Skinner went to Ft. Dodge hist Monday on business. G. V. Davis end Jas. Galliou were at the Hub last Saturday, If you wnnt a picture of yourself that is first, class go to Harper. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Carr of Seneca wore in Algona last Monday. Thos. Sherman spent the Sabbath with his parents at Liverraoro, la. Mrs. Patten and daughter Nellie arc slaying nt the Farmer's Home. Sidney Rist came up from Algona to hear Rev. Thrasher on Sabbath last. Mat Richardson was doing business in the great northern city last Saturday. Clarence Robinson was here working in the Paul lumber yard for a few clays. Miss Eva Whitney and Miss Laura Batterson were at Algona last Saturday. Miss Ida Swanson went to Ledyard on Saturday last where her school has begun. Earl Robinson has becti visiting at W. F. llofius', near Algona, for a short time. G. O. Austin and wife visited friends in Armstrong Grove during the past week. Ncls Martin and wife have gone to Minneapolis for a visit at that place with friends. Will Haggard was up from Algona last Monday and yesterday to see nbotit starting that new democratic paper that we are to have in the near future. We understood Mr. Haggard to say that a place had been rented and that the room at the rcur of the State Bank would be Vised as an office. The; Norwegian Lutherans of Senecn, township had a church picnic and house dedication at the residence and grove of Hans Olson on last Sabbath and a large number of people of that faith assembled and after listening to a very fine sermon by a minister from abroad and also a speech by Mr. Olson. The people enjoyed the day in social conversation, etc., and when evening came everybody was glad they had been benofitted by being present. -Agent for- The MiuBi.»H Eva Whitney ami j\!attie Warner returned home from their eastern trip last Thursday (iftor- oon Mrs, T. W. - „ , T , nev daughter at Lai.' - ri .--ison accompanied M cNee to her home is headed by Byron Sherman 5877 by Saturn by Passueas, his breeding tabulated makes interesting reading. At last, one of the Algona papers has seen something so meritorious in the XKWS that they could afford to copy. Thos. Goody and family returned last Thursday from a visit with relatives and friends at Sioux Rapids, Iowa. The Lutherans and Baptists are both striving to put up $135 bells in their respective steeples in the near future. R. M. Richmond was at Des Moines the latter part of last week buying new counters for the Farmers & Traders bank. Frank Voge-1 who works for Nick Tix of Seneca township was kicked by a horse last Friday and was quite severely injured. J. X. Brown of Blue Earth City was down last week to help open up the store of McLaughlin & Co. of which he is the company. G. W. Smith and wife, Mrs. F. M. Purdy and Mrs. Anderson north of town started for the Minnesota state fair last Friday night. Mrs. G. II. Trotter who has been visiting with her sister Mrs. E. C. Anderson of this place returned home to Illinois last Friday. The new counters and fixtures of the State Bank are being put in and we shall soon be able to announce that they have moved into their new quarters. Rev. Williams started for Rolfe, Io., yesterday to attend the meeting of the Fort Dodge Presbytery at that place. Rey. Blumenthal of Ramsay will accompany him. Geo. Sehaller of Sac county, a brother of the soldier, Phil Sehaller is here selling lightning rods that seem to be quite a success at least a great many are being put up in town. Rev. O. M. Thresher of Whittemore and Rev. Cummins of this place exchanged pulpits last Sabbath and Rev. Thresher's sermons were appreciated by large audiences both morning and evening. Mai lory & Holius have increased their business so much that Mr. Richmond is compelled to build an addition to the corner store. They also had the honor of starting the first delivery wagon in town on Saturday last. Mrs. B. F. Grose returned from a visit with friends at Lu Verne last Saturday afternoon. A. A. Sifcrt stepped off of the train long enough on his way to Ledyard to say "howdy." Miss Clara Burroughs visited Bancroft friends and listened to Rev. Thrasher's sermon last Sunday. Capt. R. E. Jeanson of Swea was in town last Monday and reports that Swea is getting aleng finely. Miss Helen Ilaydeen of Swea is living with the family of Nels Martin and is going to the Bancroft schools. J. J. Kelly was a Bancroft visitor last Monday and Tuesday. Jim can't bear the idea of leaving Bancroft for good. Miss Edith Jordan and Miss Abbie Vinlon went to Algona last Saturday to spend a few days visiting with friends at that place ; G. R. Woodworth returned from a trip to Chicago and from there to Texas and Mexico on Saturday last and reports a grand good time. The genial Hour drummers S. S, Wartman and S. D. Drake have been in town on land business and also on a pleasure trip for a few days. Ed Painter of Iowa Falls has been here during the past week looking at land. He has bought, 100 acres of land near his old neighbor F. B. Ward. Harry Dodge of Irvington was here on business last Saturday. Mr. Dodge is here so often that we have begun to wonder if he will not soon come to stay. A sample of corn from the farm of Mr. Purdy proved conclusively that some corn was out of the way of frost, Two weeks more and Jack Frost can catch no corn. Stephen A. Douglas came back from a visit to Ins parents at St. Charles and friends at Des Moines last Monday. Glad to see. you come back to Bancroft Steve. Henry Wilde has bought Wm. Campbell's place southwest of town for the consideration of $25 per acre. We understand that Mr. Campbell will move to town. McLaughlin & Co. are the ones that have been reserving the large space on the right in our advertising columns, and lO'.VA GOO!) _ The Bancroft delegates started from home about 11.-J50 o'clock and after riding over the beautiful prairies of the beautiful state called Iowa they arrived during the afternoon in the Capital city at about half past eight o'clock, when they immediately repaired to Union Lodge Xo 263 where they were met by the entertainment committee and after a round of social gaiety they were assigned their quarters to begin the grandest of grand lodges of Good Templars ever held in Iowa. One of the first things on the program for the first day was the ed- dress of Grand Chief Templar Hutchins of Des Moines who among other things said that during the seven years as trials and troubles hopes and encouragements of his incumbency the Good Templars had always been "loyal to prohibition, it i s true said he 'that the liquor forces will use plenty of money and in their power down the law" and that that the good templary „ _ OMUO had always stood for the law, like the old Guard, for the last 87 years He announced that there were 11,000 good templars in good standing in Iowa, that the finances were in a healthful condition and sounded the battle cry for the maintenance of the prohibitory law in Iowa this fall. After the reports of the officers were made they Call on him and get prices and, terms. He can suit you in the selection of both wild, and improved lands. S^W._Gallanan 9 Bancroft, Iowa. VISIT THE;- every vicious means to defame and tear lie was glad of the state The new addition to the Farmers Home is nearly completed and Avhen the barn is moved across the street as contemplated and the neAV lawn laid out they will have a spacious handy and pretty place and \vill no doubt reap the just reward of helping to build up the this week they fill their space with a neat ad. Notice it. The Catholic people observe a harvest thanksgiving service today. 'High Mass and a sermon was held at 10 o'clock. This was a meeting to thank God for the bountiful harvest. A. N. StClair was arrested in Bancroft last Monday by Deputy Sheriff Holloway at request of the sheriff of Blue Earth County. The prisoner was taken north on the evening passenger by the said sheriff. A horse belonging to Mr. Bacon that he had traded for, not knowing anything about his antecedents, proved to be a stolen horse and on Saturday night last the horse was taken from the place of A. Dinger who had been working the same since Mr. Bacon bought him. Rhoades & Carmean Co. of Marshalltown, Iowa, have a car load of buggies, carriages and spring wagons at Bancroft which they intend to sell in Kossuth county, buggies They are a reliable firm, Their are manufactured at Marshalltown and are sold by traveling salesmen, who will visit you at your home. Rev. A. G. Ward preaches his farewell sermon next Sunday morning and in the evening he will give a review of bis work in Bancroft during his three years pastorate. Bro. Ward has been one of the most popular preachers ever stationed at Bancroft if not the most popular, and has been the means of elevating and helping the community no small (luring his &ay among us and the of Bancroft will be — I*P proceeded to business by electing an enforcement committee and equipping them with a portion of the Grand lodge tax money that the law might be enforced. A Legislative committee was also appointed to wait on the Legislature. A resolution was introduced asking the grand lodge to father the building of a memorial Hall in Sioux city, when the grand chief templar vacated the chair and said that the grandest monument to Haddock would be a majority of 50,000 votes for the prohibitory law, and that the good tem- plars needed to spend every cent of time money and hard work to sustain the prohibitory law on this occasion. The matter of being represented at the World's Fair was brought up and discussed and a committee appointed to prepare an exhibit. B. F. Wright of Charles City also jokingly begged leave to place on exhibition a picture of his portly self Avhen J. J. Clark of Mason City also asked permission to have his picture taken beside Bro. Wright and that they be exhibited as examples of before and after taking.' The Iowa delegates to the right worthy grand lodge held in Scotland during the summer reported that the next session of the right worthy grand lodge would be held hi 1893 at the city of Des Moines which may be considered quite a compliment to the state for its prohibitory law. The report of superintendent of Juvenile Temples was exceptionally fine and among other things stated that the rum power had defamed not only her work but her personal character. Clinton lodge received the beautiful banner given to the lodge that had the most subscribers to the Iowa Temperance Magazine and the banner was accepted in a neat speech by a Clinton delegate who said Clinton Avas noted for winning banners a Clinton K. P. Lodge having just brought home a fine banner from Sioux City. In the election of officers it could be noted that a greater number of young men were elected to ollice which was a natural result of so many young delegates. This was the most successful Grand Lodge ever held in the state and there were present 350 delegates besides t\vo or three hundred past representatives. TOCK PRICKS ow Ready for Business. McLAUGHLIN & CO., Proprietors Great Reduction Sale. At D. R. Crowel's ECONOMY STORE. TO MAKE ROOM FOR WINTER + STOCK. eTc™ At and Below Cost for 40 Days. "A word to the wise is sufficient." D. R. CROWEL _ _.. Bancroft, Iowa, A magnificent line of new hats and shoes just received at the "Economy Store." D. R. CKOWEL, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable The most stylish rigs in town at the- most reasonable rates. Traveling trade especially solicited. Kinne & Pearson Notice is NOTICE. hereby given that 8. W. Callanan and F. A. Kenyon are not partners in the real estate business. So far as relates to that branch of business each acts for himself and neither has any right or authority to represent the other in any way whatever. This notice is given to prevent any misapprehension that might arise from advertisements in our name P^ishod Jn this paper on August 19, iyai - 8. W. OAM-ANAN, F. A. KENVOK. Call on I. J. B. and see big big stock of rnvrnn » rv-rrsiM •"! AA ii.'rt _' ^* «e. stoves; over 100 oji the flo^, Kinne Pearson for etyljafe JFigs, A Big Of New Watches, New Musical Instruments, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Table Cutlery, Optical Goods. Repairing a Specialty, A. SUNDSTROM. Livery, Feed and Sale T

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