The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1891
Page 1
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1 The Only ALL HOME PEINT ,i» THIS PART OF IOWA. More County CorresioMeiee IN THE REPUBLICAN THAN ALL OTHER in Kossuth" county VOL. XX. • ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1891. NO. 49. ALGON A REPUBLIC AN (Official Paper of Koasitth County and the Oitji'of VUBLTSHKU KVKHY WKDNKBDAV JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance ............ 81.50 One copy, six months, in advance .......... 75 Ouecopy, three months, in advnnce ........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages nre paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment o£ the REPUBLICAN Ofllce for Book and Job I'rintinu is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. THE BKPUBMOAN is an AM/ HOME PKINT paper. No objectionable patent Insides. _ THIS ISSUE CONTAINS: 2d Page— Telegraphic News, State and National. 3d— Literary—The "Bill Nye" Letter. 4th— Algona Local News. 5th— Additional Algona News. 6th-The Bancroft NEWS. 7th— The Wilson Farm Department. 8th— County News and Burt REPUBLICAN. • B13PU1JMCAN STATE TICKET. For Governor HIRAM C. WHEBLKB. of Sac county. For Lieut.-Governor GKO. VAN HOUTKN, o£ Taylor county. For Judge Supreme (Joint, SILAS M. WKAVEK, of Hanllii county. For Railroad Com FHANK T. CAJIPBELI,, of Jasper county. For Supt. Public Instruction,.. HRMKY SAIIIN, of Clinton county. For Representative, 84th Dist. JOHN G. SMITH, of Kossuth county. For Senator, 47th Dist A. B. FUNK ANNOUNCEMENTS. Iain a candidate for Sheriff subject to the action of tlit) Republican County Convention. It. .]. HUNT. At request of manv friends T am a candidate for Treasurer, subject to the decision of the Republican Comity convention. \V. A. CHIPMAN. THE COENFIELD TICKET. He raises Corn at a Profit. Senator Allison speaks in the Auditorium at Spirit Lake this afternoon. The Emmettsburg Democrat of last week ventured the prediction that the Senator would "do no harm." The prediction will probably be verified as his speech will not be calculated to make Democratic votes, or help «tuo Democratic cause. We have little patience with the narrow guage partisan journalism practiced by the Democrat. Senator Allison is an able man and when a little patent inside Dem ocratic county newspaper like the Democrat cornea out with the insinuation that a man of the acknowledged ability of Mr. Allison is incapable of making a speech calculated to produce the slightest impression, just because ho happens to belong to the other political party, we can only conclude that the editor is either trying to be funny and succeeding only in so far as he is making himself ridiculous by a failure in the attempt, or else giving an exhibition of that would be dernagoguery so universally affected by our Democratic contemporaries. THE J- G. SMITH CONTROVERSY. The Algona Courier has succeeded in getting up a controversy with one or two of the professed Republican papers of the county on the subject of J. G. Smith's former political affiliations. This discussion, whether the outcome be to establish the fact that Mr. Smith has always been a straight up and down Republican, or otherwise, as charged by the Courier, can only result to Mr. Smith's disadvantage and the disadvantage of the entire Republican ticket in this county. Our contemporaries are not sharp enough to see this, and so continue to lend their assistance to the Courier in employing its little game of trying to dissatisfy Republicans with Mr. Smith's name and scatter the suspicion as widely as possible that he has not been, and perhaps is not now, a straight all around Republican. If the discussion was liable to prove of advantage to either Mr. Smith or the Republican party, the Courier would not show so much solicitude to keep it going. It makes very little difference to the REPUBLICAN what Mr. Smith's past political record may prove to have been. The real question is not what Mr. Smith has been, but what he now is. We think the Courier will agree with us on that point for the Democratic state ticket is made up almost entirely of renegade Republicans. The Courier charges that Mr. Smith was at one time something of a Democrat in his views and political asso ciations. Even if the charge were true, and we understand that it is not, there would be no more reason for the Republicans of this county to scratch his name from their ticket than there would be for the Democrats to scratch Gov. Boies and the rest ot the ticket.on the grounds that they were formerly Republicans. The REPUBLICAN is interested in what Mr. Smith is, and not in what he has been. Mr. Smith is the regular nominee of the Republican party and stands by his own profession as squarely upon the Republican platform as any man in Kossuth county and if elected he will represent the principles of the Republican party. What more could any Republican ask for? This discussion that the Courier has succeeded in arousing is only a blind to create dissatisfaction and make Democratic votes. It is to be hoped that the other papers will begin to catch on and stop playing second for the Courier's little game. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report,. ABSOLUTEDf PURE GOTO Galbraith's .Their stock is all new, bought for cash from some of the best factories. All will be sold cheap. They are headquarters on, always keeping the largest and best assorted stock, in latest styles, aiid also a big stock of trimmings to match. BOOTS AND,SHOES of all kinds and descriptions. Big stock of good goods at low prices. CARPETS—Large stock of Brussells, all wools, cotton, chains, hemps, oil cloths, etc., at lowest possible prices. CHEAP COUNTERS—The 5c, lOc and 25c counters are loaded with bargains. Ladies' Misses' and Children's cloaks and jackets. New goods'are now coining in. Millinery—Miss McCall is now in the city selecting new stock. Underwear of all kinds for ladies, misses, children, men and boys. Go in and see the mammoth double store of GEO. L. GALBRAITH & CO. THE SIOUX CITY CORN 1 3 ALA.CE, 1331. and no amount of statements by the Upper Des Moines to the contrary can make it otherwise. As to the merits of an "all home print paper" vs. a paper with ready made "patent insides" the reader will now have an opportunity to judge by comparing the REPUBLICAN and Upper DCS Moines. "One reading will satisfy the most skeptical." IDEAS FROM EXCHANGES. Inter Ocean: John W. Bookwalter, the Buckeye millionaire manufacturer, predicts that wheat will go up to $1.50 a bushel before winter. Here is another blow at Calamity Boies of Iowa from a fellow Democrat. Boies will soon begin to think that both man and Providence are against him and his calamity campaign. There is nothing so successful in a red- hot campaign as a good supply of lies. Until all are proven false, they answer as we'll as the truth, and this keeps the opposition busy, and gives them no opportunity to get ix good steady work for their own man. The Democrats have long since learned this truism and are acting accordingly.—Manson Journal. Emmett County Republican: "One Al- goua man lost $300 at the fakir games Friday. Another, a young man, lost all his money and had to borrow more to to take his girl to the circus." This is a sample report from papers wherever the .Wallace shows have been. People will have sport, if they are obliged to tackle show fakirs to get it. Now why wouldn't it be a good plan for each county to have a "county fakir" and keep all this monny at home? Wags are requested not to turn this item at tun expense of the newspaper brethren. If he will tell the readers of the Capital specifically and without dodging, just what foreign market is closed to American corn because of the tariff, and just why the tariff makes the price of corn lower, we will pay him $5 per column for his production. Just so long as it is to tlie political interest of the Democratic party to make it appear that Iowa is a state of paupers, just so long Iowa will suffer in her material interests. The industrious people of Iowa should rise up in their might and put the calamity party to death. Additional Algona Local, THE BEST FLOUR If you do not use it, try it. For sale by E. J. Gilmore THE GROCER. A Nice Line of Fresh Groceries So does Van Houten. The Normal School—Its Brig-lit Prospects. The interest taken in the school by those already enrolled is the best indication that the . Northern Iowa Normal school, under its new management is a success. It is one thing to get students, by liberal and judicious advertising: it is another, and a no less important, in building up a school, to hold students when they have been secured. There can be no doubt in the minds of those who know tbe merits of the present faculty that they are thoroughly competent to awaken and sustain tlie interest of. the classroom. In point of numbers the school has exceeded the expectations of those who knew the condition in which Mr, Chaffee found the school. The enrollment has already reached 35 with new registrations every day. There is an excellent outlook for over one hundred students for the winter term. Algona is destined to be the Shenandoah of Northern Iowa. ALWAYS KEPT ON HAND. Some Special Bargains in Toilet and Chamber Sets. Have You Used Van Houten's Cocoa? It is Nice. THE GRANGE STORE. This is the first "all home print" issue of the REPUBLICAN. We allow it to speak for itself, and leave our readers to judge if it is the improvement over tbe Old REPUBLICAN that we have. given them reason to anticipate. Corwith Crescent: The Algona RE< PUBLICAN is about to drop patents and be printed all at home. We commend tbe scheme. Tbis matter of patent in-or- out sides, or even ready made 'plates, is more of a nuisance than we of ten admit even to ourselves. Tbe principal* redeeming feature is cheapness. On tbis page appears a cut of tbe 1891 Sioux City Corn Palace. It is to eclipse all of its predecessors in the matter of size and tbe grandeur of »tbe scale upon which it is constructed. Tits palace of 1890 covered about three fourths of an entire block, but tbe palace of tbis year is to cover two full blocks one on. either side of the street as shown in the cut. Tbe street is to be spanned by a great arch surmounted by an immense 4jQJ[ne. 8lou* City bas a world's reputation, for ' I* «B»«^ •"»«*•!-• COMPARE THEM. Upper Des Moines: The REPUBLICAN complains that its local contemporaries have said nothing about its proposed plate "innards." Inasmuch as the change was being made to get up a cheaper paper and reduce expenses, the Upper Des Moines thought silence very complimentary. It had no desire to call attention to the fact that its contemporary was carrying too much sail and was about to cut its reading space down to smaller limits. As to the merits of plates vs. patent insides the readers will have an opportunity to decide for themselves by comparing the REPUBLICAN'S "innards" with those of the Upper Des Moines. One reading will satisfy tbe most skeptical. The REPUBLICAN is very willing to have a comparison of tbis issue made with the Upper Des Moines or any other country paper that uses patent insides. Every paper from the State Register down, that has noticed our proposed change, to "all home print"-—with tbe exception of the U. D. M. and Courier- has conceded that tbe change would result in an improvement of tbe REPUBLICAN. Our Algona contemporaries profess to be of a different opinion. The REPUBLICAN can make its own argument: We have no disposition to debate the question with either of our Algona contemporaries. We wiU only call tbe attention of tbe Upper J>es Moines to the fact that the REPUBLICAN bas no "plate innwrds," or "i»nird|"o| any other kind, that tbe "change" w«a opt made "to g«* up a .. Spirit Lake Beacon: The Beacon reiterates its prediction of several weeks since that Iowa republicans will elect the governor and both branches of the legislature. All this democratic talk about a republican landslide is mere bluff and moonshine. The sliders can't be located. When you ask for a bill of particulars as to those who will change party relations it is declared thut while it may be all right here, in other parts of the state it's all one way, as it were. The new recruits are as bard to locate as the ague in Indiana. With a full republican vote, and it may be depended upon tbis fall, we can spare six to ten thousand votes and still win. But there will be no such loss or anything like it. We will largely recoup ourselves by recruits from tbe democratic camp who can't stand the attitude of tbe party on the saloon question. A good many republicans who voted for Boies two years ago won't repeat their folly. Tbe situation is more than favorable to republicans. If republicans do their duty, and they will, there will be no accident in November, Crossed Bin Owu P»tb. Iowa Capital: We must call tbe reader's attention to the fact that Governor Boies crossed bis own path at Cherokee, when considered with the remainder of bis speech. The mate part of bis speech accredited all the Iowa, ffr«aers' woes to the tariff, and in tbo above be lays our * 44 Into the Eivor. A traveling man was at Burt last Wednesday with several trunks of samples. Wishing to make Algona the day following, he hired M. L. Mayhew to drive him down early Thursday morning; All went well till they came to the river crossing at the water mill. Workmen have been repairing the bridges at that place and had posted a notice at the north end of the grade saying that the crossing was unsafe. But the traveling man was in a hurry and decided to risk the crossiner. 89011 they went. It seems that teams have crossed on the second dam, or the dam by the iron bridge, and Mr. Mayhew attempted to follow suit. When about half way across the right wheels ran up onto the dam and the wagon and contents were tip^ ped over- into the river. Then there was a time. It was well along in the afternoon before they got the trunks out of tbe water. They were too heavy to handle by band and ropes were secured and tied to the handles of the trunks and hailed out by the horses. The trunks contained samples of dry goods and tiMJy were, of course, badly damaged. He took the evening train for Emmetsburg, and did not have time to open, his trunks here. Good Quality Free City Delivery LOW NEW REAL ESTATE FIRM! Danson Bros, & A, Hutchison, Call on us we have calamities to him ty eland still Re say* w « want enwgb to A farm of 160 acres five miles cast of Algona and two miles from Sexton, is offered for uk #t a bargain. Reason for sale: Owoerliafl invalid and now ia Cell- for you. Those wishing to sell wJH do well to list their laud with us. We have now for sale ^P* ^r V *& ^i£* ^|F H^4B^ ^f • ilHpjip wlP ^4fewli. ^^fww^ff* ^PwWiSlMpF^i* ^pC"^^^WiPP'

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