The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 2, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1891
Page 7
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tor/A. **"? flle * 9 o, the folk8 ta tha •«*•«"•* *> tl <n " ead< » ttftd 10 twenty. r , ha 7 68t8 °' w««7tMa« nica. en land his dorahad been Mat D Would have "taken a hbtoestead" of two in A criae. Ill thto glorious aoctlon; this botmtlful *«• tion ; raising section that Boles Had about, When he said that h«r farmers were filled with dejection. AM prayed to the Lord that "their corn wouldn't sprout." Her fleWs all n'tassle with maize In its frultlne; Say. Welcome i to nil who will yield up their toll. • Jfl wchanffe for a plenty, thoro'a no uso disputing. * "sweat of their brow" for the "fruite of tho soil." the Queen of all states, acd bar farmers ,' make money; As *ver her fields on thotr gang plows they fiat, Bbo'e the land that is flowing with milk and with honey. In spite of the fact that her Governor lied About this great section; this bountiful section; This corn raising section that Boies lied about, When ho said that hor farmers were filled with dejection. Aad prayed to tho Lord that "their corn wouldn't sprout." — Wapsie Index. Boles' Groat Game The action of Governor Boiea is nn- ffliestionably a great game of political- bluff, with the intention of using the lama in the approaching campaign. The Courier's investigation, however, tB given at length in our news columns, • the ntter insincerity of the move. 1tfhe fact remains that the enforcement lofSJ-udgments, thus made legally bind- ling, is in the hands of a Democratic Iderk, ^ a Democratic sheriff, and la Democratic county attorney. The ourier's interview with County A ttor- bey Walsh is significant. While we ve Mr. Walsh credit for the state: "that if there is any money to be 1 secured for the county purpose to try to get it," yet he states that action must first be taken by the other officials fcefore it can come to him. He makes the significant statement further, that v it ia extremely doubtful if anything kcan be collected of Jordan; and The ICottrier ventures tho prediction that Sthe whole matter will end as it com. [tnenoed, in bluff. Whea it becomes |taM»ra that this revocation means 1 nothing; that not a dollar of tlie fines | trill be collected and that Stormy Jor- |lan will continue in the future ae ' Baring the past few months under e Democratic city administration to dispense liquors across his thousand-dol- * tar bar, the action of Governor Boies - : Will loose its -weight, and his utter in- linoerity will become apparent. The amount of Jordan's fines thus suspended has been erroneously published throughout the state aa from ^5,000 to f ^30,000. Mr. D. H. Emery, who was the attorney for the Law and Order informs us that the total aonnt of the fines thus suspended did ot exceed $7,000. The Courier is bav- Qg a detailed list of them prepared and ~"! publish the same in another issue. ' After signing the above agreement Jordan was released from jail and left th« rtate. He opened a saloon in Kansas City, but for some reason closed it out and. after traveling around|for some time .came back' to Ottumwa and reopened hia saloon after the famous original ipackage decision of last fall. He has .lince been continuously in business in this city, and has regularly paid his monthly fine in the city treasury It ia evident that the notoriety which be has attained M a violator of the law and of hia owa solemn obligation has determined Governor Boiea to sacrifice him in the interest of his (the governor's) political prospects. The fact remains that Jordan's saloon is no worse than a dozen others in the city of Ottumwa, and the people of this city would be glad indeed if they could see in Governor Boies' action the [slightest element of sincerity or the faintest desire to rid the state of the saloon curse. The collection of the fines now rests with the Democratic county clerk, sheriff and county attorney. County Attorney Walsh, When interviewed upon the subject.said tie knew nothing about the governor's btion and of course could take no steps iujtil the matter was presented to him Officially. , Se said if there was any fines that poold /be secured for the county he would tr,y to get them, but he thought tfcere would be a poor show to collect •nytbing like |7,;000 from Jordan. The latter, &e said, bai all bis property in fcte wife's same and was execution Be thought, if anything was J, it would probaWy have to be by installments, and be thought if Jor- ftan should offer to settle at 50 cents on " > dollar, he would recommend the '; to accept it. Mr. Wafcb stated that be did not know just what the '$1868 were. If they were injunction cases the attorneys prosecuting them < Were paid for collecting the fiues aud i be held responsible. Asamat- of law he should have nothing to i with the cases until the county clerk I the sheriff had acted in the ioatt«r, \ Courier. Cedar Rapids Republican oor- remarkg that that "the content between the plow-hwuWf «Ud $ta jug-UaoiJle ticket." The same party wbioh is now Cryifig, 'Prohibition ia a failure!" ia 18«4 'de- larftd the war for the union was ft fill* tire, They were mistaken, theft j they are wrong aow. We do not doubt that the Btetaocf at- c politicians of Iowa wouldi tw glad to ee the prices of farm produce go ddwii to the very lowest notch, and* prices of other goods go up, if thereby their chances of gaining power would be increased. The St. Louis Stamping company-Jin advertising for tin-plate workmen who are familliar with the business, and of- *ers "wages double the price per box >aid in England for the same work." Here is the result of a protective tariff •higher wages, but no increase in the price of the product. The Tipton Advertiser thus "touches np"fhe, "calamity" candidate, "Governor Boies did not get around to speak at the Iowa City blow-out. Too bad 10 could not have been there with his Dottle of brown sugar. It would have been ridiculous, of couase, but it would have been consistent, you know. ' When sugar fell in price last April, when the McKinley tariff went into effect, the Dubuque Herald and other Democratic papers said in their chagrin at the failure of their doleful predictions to the contrary, that the decline was probably only ternporwf , that the price would be put up again. The restoration of the old prices has not put in an appearance yet and there is every reason so believe that cheap sugar has come to stay. The trade reports of Pernambuco, Brazil, received by the Bureau of Amerian Republics, record the sale of 2,000 tons of sugar,t;raded Nos. 13 and 14. for export to the United States. It is asserted that no exportation of sugar of so high a grade has been made to the United States from Brazil for forty years. The Bio News attributes this directly to the reciprocity treaty. - ; - »•-<•»•-• ---De Witt's SarBaprilla destroys such poisons as scrofula, skin disease, eczema, rheumatism. Its timely use saves many lives. Iowa State Fair. On account of the State Pair to be held at Des Moines August 28lh to September 4th, the Chicago & North western R ; y Co. will sell excursion tickets to Des Moines and return at the very low rate of one fare for the round trip. Tickets aud further information can be obtained from agents C. &N. W.B'y. 47-48 For many years Mr. B. P. Thompson, of Des Moines, lown. was severely afflicted with chronic diarrhoea. He says; 'At times it was very severe; so much so, thnt I feared it would end my life. About seven years ago I chanced to procure a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy. It gave me prompt relief, aud I believe cured me permanently, as I now eat or drink with out harm anything I please. I have also used it in my family with the best re suits. Por sale by Dr. Sheetz. 48.-51 * Get your visiting cards the REPUBLICAN office. at Perfect, action and perfect health result from the uso, of De Witt's Little Early Risers, a perfect little pill. Chcnp farms, rich soil and healthy cli mate. . Por particulars enclose stamp anc address C. A. RAGLAND, Real Estate Agent and Att'y at Law. 48 8 Stockton, Cedar county. Mo. Rare lwv.q;<itiis for you at "Kists' Kiicket.' Old papers at the REPUBLICAN office 25c. per hundred Tho While House Stables. The American people are always inter ested in anything that pertains to the White House. We are reliably informec that the stables contain u full assortmen of drugs and medicines and they also (so the head groom says) keep a bottle of Hal ler's Barb Wire Liniment, which is the most successful liniment they have eve used. Por sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Gilmore, the corner grocer, ia paying 13 cents for eggs. Where! What! When! Why righ here, now and all the time, is going on struggle with disease for health and Hal ler's Sarsaprilla & Burdock is the most sue cessf ul opponent that science has thus fa discovered. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz A Night School. There will be a regular session of the NORTHERN IOWA NORMAL SCHOOL,from 8 to 9:30 p. m. for the benefit o thosewhocannot attend during the day. ClasseslnCommercla Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Practical Grammar and Penmanship, Classes In German, Literature and History. Other classes formed, when demanded by not (ess than six students. Two to five evenings a week, Tuition $$ per study for twelve w0eks. Term opens Monday evening. Sept, 7th. Apply for further In fprmatlon to P- Wl.Chaf- at Off let of Norms A tv*»fttng for Iowa farmer** A dispatch in regard to th« Kentucky election last Monday states that "whtb he Alliance was supposed to be bae!< if the People's has done but Uttle for it," That la just as everybody expected. The Alliance in Kentucky i« he Southern Farmers' Alliance, and It Was used as a stool-pigeon trap t» catch lepublican votes in last Monday's-ek-c- ion, while all the Democratic members of the Alliance voted the regular Democratic ticket. The dispatch also.states hat the Alliance votes "came mostly torn the Republican party." Tha Ken- ucky election should be a sufficient warning to all Iowa Republicans to avoid the Southern Alliance trap in the 'eople's Party in this state. Every Democrat in the People's Party tnove- nent in Iowa will vote the regular Democratic ticket on the sly in November. Weaver, Westfall and Wheat are manipulating the People's Partyentirely' n the interest of Blunder Boies'and tfcs Democratic party and they are all three o receive their rewards ia fusion nominations for congressmen next year. It can be safely e%id that not a dozen men in the entire: str.te of owa who voted the Democratic ticket ast year will vote the People's ticket his year, and yet there are thousands of Democrats working in that; movement oday and denouncing -'both the old Hurties," just as Weaver, Westfall and Wheat are doing, to induce the Repub- icana to enter the Democratic trap! It B the most brazen and conscienceless political movement that has ever been naugurated in the United States. It was originated by southern Democrats ,o be used as a stool-pigeon trap in Re- rablican states, but will not be permit,ed to interfere with. Democracy in Democratic states. Th» entire object of the southern Alliance in its People's ?arty stool-pigeon trap, is to defeat the election of a Republican president and congress in 1892 by dividing the Republican vote in the northern states. It a attempting to steal the livery of the Alliance to serve the Democratic devil in. The National Farmers' Alliance is an entirely different organization. The National Alliance is wholly in the interest of the improvement of the business and social conditions of the farmers, and the reform and purification of all parties through members of this useful brotherhood, working through their .own political parties. That is the reason why Weaver, Westfall, Wheat and all the other political demagogues are steadily working to break down the real farmers' organization. They have no use for any association that they cannot hold as stock in trade for their own political preferment. The Kentucky election gives positive proof that the Southern Alliance is wholly Demo-1 cratic, and is only used as a stool-pigeon trap to catch Republican votes. Iowa's real farmers see the dangers involved and they will work in their respective parties and keep their Alliances in their, legitimate work as their articles of organization prescribe.—State Register. Notice, tttt(l •' 1 . Riivefy. i))nin- " ait •fan.son.i^feiKla.iit.lii the - , 8titt(J " r ., County, October term, A. iL mil. to Ofttl tlelnlioldt .iHnson, defendant. i,iri? l /in'' e , ll ?. l ' cl) y "rtiflod tliitt the petition of Walntina In tbo !,!>,»<„ entitled li/is been nlert In the ofliw of thu floik of the District Court of thP Mtiiic o'sriowH. lii and for Ko.ssuth county, cwlinlnj: of y,,,| r ,lic sinn of two liim- di-edand forty doihira. HS money Justly due from von and intcrou tliercon at ten nor' cent. from theilrst d:i,vnf AiiKiist. A. I), IW4. compounded annually, rt « your four promissory notes glynn tollm Atnnrlcun Kinlnrmit Com- tmny and eiulorsni i,iM>Jiilntlff.s. and the further sum ot forty didlm-fi livxcs nald liy pliiUitllts on the land of dcii-n^ftnt for Ills .nsn as provided in the mortgiiKc In-roninfter descrllicd and the further sum »,f fon.y dollars iiUoniey'M fees as provided In said mJirtnatro and for it .'lueree of foreclosure of a moi-i-jjaso Kivcn l>y -said defendant to secure said noto-s cm Hie following land In Kossutli county, lown lo \v!l, : Tho south east ofi'ihe north went quarter of section fifteen (If.) m township ninety-nine (0!)) of riuige t\vciit.v-iiiiie-(2!))r>tl! p.m., Iowa, and for all imiprtr roller. And that unless yon an pear tlipreto ami dolVnd lip.forc noon of thn second day of lli«0ctnuurti!rm. A. 1)., W.ll, of the said court winch will commence at Aigona on tho isrn day of ootolier, A. l)., ism. default will be entered iwiilnx* yon and JiulKinent and decree, rendered Uiertsan. ,T. J. I) A VIM, •*S-r>it Attorney for i'laliitilt. Admiui.strutoit's INatice of Final .Report. . In the matter of tha.-wtate of J.orou/.o 1'rice. deceased : To all the heirs or.; creditors or the above named estate : Yon are hereby notUlcd tliat on or before the first day of October. A. I), iwn, said administrator whl tile with tlie clerk or the district court of Kossutl) county, Iowa, his tlnal report. and ask to l>e dischargei! : and you are further notified time all objections theivio must be llled with said ulerk, oil, or before the, tlrst day of said term of said .court, which will -convene and be Jtoldcn nt, Algoim, in Kossuth Cdimty, Iowa, on the i:;tli ii»vy of .October, mil. or said report will In- annruved-iind said administrator discharged jiml Ins bonds i-elc,i.sei). 4«-fiy ADJUISON KisilEM- Adm. Tax Sale Notice. To Ua«Knit & Alias : You are hereby notified on tbn i;ib day of December, !««;, tli« Tieusurer ol Kossntii county, Iowa, al ',i tax sa.U^liold.en a't. the court house In Aluona in .said 'county, sold the following desci'ihcdiieal estate, siUiale,d in said county, to H. .1, Dauson lor the duliminent taxes thereon, yiy, : v\ est ;! acres of cast 11 acres of south half of southeast quarter of section is township 9.'), north of rani^c a«, west of 6th P.M. lowu, and thav ilm ceriillcate of sa,le thereof has been assigned to the imder.sisned, who is the lawful owner and holder tlieivof, and that the riglit 01 redemption will expire and a deed be made by tlia treasurer of said county, conveying said I'MMiiises 10 the uliucisiKncd, pur-. suant to the sliimte in sueU.vasus. maiiu and provided, tmlws leilcmptlon irom such sale bO' made within Uiiriy days of the completed service of thib'awticc Dated July 'JU, A. O. isui. '48-50 \V. f Sleepy - THE BEST FLOUR MADE If you io not use it, try it. For sale by B W a THE GROCER. A Nice Line of Fresh Groceries ALWAYS KEPT ON IL&3TJX Some?Special Bargains in Toilet and Chamber Sets, Have You Used Van Hou&en's Cocoa? It is Nice. SOMK HISTORY. Away back in the fifties the Democratic press declared that ' 'slavery was of Divine origin."—They lied. Further along, they declared that '•Lincoln was a butcher, Grant a sot, and 'war ;i failure."'—They lied. Before the election of Grover Cleveland to the presidency they promised a reform administration, reduction ot taxation and economy iu public expenditures.—They lied. , In '88, they eaid that tha election of Harrison meant disaster to the country and a season of ouainess depression.— They lied. A year ago, they were shouting themselves hoarse over the financial distresses which must follow the passage of the McKinley bill. Everybody can now see that—they lied. And now in 1891, they are claiming that prohibition has ruined the state; that Iowa farmers are a set of fools who year after year raise crops at a positive toss of 67 cents per acre, and that the re-election of Boies will, in some mysterious way, which they never try to explain, bring about a season of thrift and happiness to the state. How long will t'Jjis system of falsifying fool the people? Isn't it about time for intelligent voters to say to the Democratic bosses: "Your story may be true, but you'vo fooled us too often and we can't follow »*ou farther," for fear you are—lying :. ia.—W apaiejtnde The Ciirl Now, John, if I say "yes" its on one condition—will you promise? You had better say yes—well, its that you will get me, a bottle of Haller's Pain Paralyzer. Why? Because its the best thing for headache and rheumatism I ever heard of, and then it's so nice for babies when they have the colic and diarrhea. For sale by Dr. L.A.Sheeta. .': QUl i>q.j»ers to put uuder your carpet nt e HEl'UJJiaCAN oftlce. RJLEY & YOUNG'S Combination SLAT andlIRE FENCE. It Is iifeiice for open pounSii't-s, for it: cannot be blown dmvii. It. istlio f.wcp lor low lauds, for it ejimim IIP vM.sVi'ii ;nv»y. Ir, ilcsti'Dy.s no ground whjittvrr. ;nnl il'livniity lie considered an !t(lviu:t::;:c. ir, is thiMic»t«st iind Immlsomest farm ICDCB in tlie \voriil-. )n .short, it-combines tlio Kood <|Uiililics of i'-l fences in :iii eminent di'sjvoi', iiinl its sooii ii« Hitrociucoil v.'ill become the ))(i|iul:ir IVnce ol' tl>» country. It is beautiful and dnnbl" h is strung JUKI will increase tin: |>rh:e of your J'urtn far inoru tluin any other feniH'. It w.ll last imiiili longer than any other fence. Ir- is a jiiyal addition, occupies less ground, excludes less sunshine, has no super- Tor as a fence. It is stronger ihan any other fence and will inn; any stock no matter how brnacl'y. It is plainly visible, sun! is not dangerous t.n stock like, barb wire.. Tho best horse fence in 1 lie. world. It will protect all crops from a lialf Ki'"'>vn ehic.ken to a wild ox. It is the most uniform, and by comparison of cost much tlie cheapest. Kent, for sale iu all parts of Kossuth cuiiiiiy. Mane by Ililey & Young, Algona, Iowa. _ w tUe lawa. sliowtagHowto Obt«iln Pivteate. Cuve*tg,- li - Coyrights, sent ICYCIES. Li\mtS'GENTLEMEN. flppu CATION- // _ _ This space is N reserved for Dili. K. Gtuiiekl, who will sell U uny bicycle not represented by A'jts. iuAlgomi F. L PARISH. S PEOtAI- ATTENTION will he given to all kinds of repairing. Including Tinware, Gasoline Stoves, timis, Punuis and Clothes wringers. Am also prepared io.pu(, Iu Furnaces aud do plumbing aud ()»%, pipe fitting. Iron and Tiu roofing. JVompf attention will be given to all kinds ot .vorlc in' J»y U(je, South of court house. . F, L. PARISH. i VSUI1 *.**£& to $&. \: ^;4>"" %*,&*.> UfR * Groceries Crockery Sell all of the above and sell cheap. SOME BAEGAINS IN CKOCKERY AND GLASSWARE. NEW REAL ESTATE FIRM! Call on us we have for you. Those wishing to sell will do well to list their land with us.- We have now for sale Of Wild and Improved Land THF. 1 JLlJj Good Quality, Free City Delivery LOW LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE Best of Horses and Carriages, West of Thoringtoa House. M. J.. QROVi, FARM LOANS. We can now make loans ou improved Lands year's time and give the borrower the privilege o| loan or any part thereof in even Sioo at any time w due. Th is is Iowa Money, and no secoft4 one & Of - re«t falls taken. This plan ol making a loan will enable the borrower/to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount patd. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call <>u 01- address, H. HOX1E, Alyoua, Iowa. Ambrose A. Call, P. W» JButchins, a. Q t President. Vice-Presideot. FIRST NATIONAL BANK

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