The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 2, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1891
Page 6
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WTHORN COPYRIGHT OY AMERICAN PBESO ASSOCIATION, 1801. CHAPTER XIII. AN ENTERTAINMENT. after anot£ 7 SK I£tl^-?^" «S« this duaSHf^a SSF-*? «*** individual guests. the - »" «- _ it is aroused it can attend to its a without being in the least disturbed the- dm of external things. SaUie smiled and chitted Mly as as usual, while her real thoughts if n« LM ran about, but K " *£ ^mediately No S ?°. had i4 don ° this by tho neck ' waa once more , a ougts sn of were ranging to and fro through the floated nnnJv twsu « I»Per, which past, and questioning the future in a Jd^dllS K>6awd ^^vault- manner ' 8 ' S7«c staggered, turned partly round and would have fallen* Count do Lisle knocked at the dc-or For a minute or two there was no answer Ho knocked again. "Madame Tient, he said, "pardon me for disturbing yon, but the guests are beginning to arnve." The door was opened slowly llio beautiful Sallie stood there pale with distended eyes. She stared at him' presence, AS it she hardly realized his 1Ji ,,,, auu , but after a moment she put out her hand and clutched him by tho sleeve. She drew him into the room. _ "Why did you put me here?" sho said in a husky voice. "What was it?" "Are you ill? Is anything wrong?" ho asked anxiously. ''That mirror!" she continued. "I saw -I thought * * * Oh .'what was it?" tee^StS" 1 tllrOUSl1 ^ ""* hw "The mirror?" perplexed. She turned as if with an effort and ^oVte*^ 1 -* ™°— as fully, two manner that those who saw her standing there m the soft light, glowing and sparkling, would have been astonished to even suspect. Civilization seldom can show a fairer scene than lay before Sallie's eyes that Jailing. The guests seemed to have done | or their best to render themselves harmo- Tlirnici -ITT-I 4- >> <tl,«J_ .• , mient. The beau- ceiling. The man took the ejyw .t 1 ^^-?^^" 5 ^^ at it and put it on the floor again bal- n r» r*i-n r+ i4- , t • i •» — l**5«M.H. UU'l" ancmg it on its end. Then, lifting his he pointed downward at of the egg. Presently a steam began to issue from the apex, like a vaporous pillar and aug- ' 111 **s\ !***-** „ J »* >. " an- s and satins, as they might have done a nundred years earlier, but thov i for their plain black and white and good humor. Everybody was ing Interested. There had from tiful girls were WerT^fol * S W" ^ ™« ™* =1 fore; the women with taste in Swe^e I ^ - --^ "^. * irth ' Ifc *>w took never so tastefully dressed as this night- the women with jewels never before so shone and glittered. As for the men, they could not army themselves in silks dress were on a revolving „ WUMJ exceedingly rapid, and it was seen that ., — - t * -—i -v tr«a OCUU liLUtli it was assuming shape and solidity; and -" 0 *"•«-* co u<ru. j. uere nau from the first sv • r i • ""*" cuii > Iiei ^iSl^Sr 2 «p»pSS «,„! livolicv tone. Tl.o coimmnv t|S£ *,,£?J ?. W '* e ' ?»l«in>e<l Mrs. ,. ,. -— •;- amazement the audience it stood before them as a Human figure—a beautiful girl, enveloped in a white robe as soft as mist. Hue remained erect and apparently un- riSw 0 ^ 8 ° f he -' enviromnenfc > her dark as if, just created, she were away, the true Van"because, « w«« going to pass an evening that it would remember, and that whatever ex-1 wicked!" pectatums might be aroused, the count ±>n was quite able to surpass them without «r,n ° T , .- * much exerting himself. Everything went 5, ' . und ewtand it, madam," said forward easily and without: w*-i. - - ' ^ count > who sat beside her m™'H™ tendency to make Sallie the ' " Sh ° had not have gone well. Some of ™ 10 lad bee ^ not far frotn ing themselves, whispered to one other that nothing else was to be expct- ed of a woman like that; she had taken nwrf^TM i haVia ? formerly been the owner of the house to force herself upon the count (who was too polite to deny anybody anything), and O f course she had made an exhibition of herself Meanwhile, General Bristowe, Mr. Bov' lance, Mr. Montague Gtossott and other gentlemen wero discussing tho jugrferv performance, and had formulated at least two theories to explain the whole mystery. But all agreed that it was the most astonishing thing over witnessed m New York, and when Dr. Venables appeared with Sallie on his arm, looking pale, but smiling, and entreating the general pardon for having so misbehaved, the complexion of affairs resumed its former geniality. The tables had been removed, the music stormed and palpitated, and tho people who danced began to look at one another and beat time with their feet, as if apparitions, wizards and bloody daggers were but a diverting preliminary to real enjoyment. _ Society uniformly deprecates serious views, and, if its spirits have been dashed for a moment, laughs much the more lightly the But while the ball was at its height Halhe took an opportunity to withdraw You a PICNIC Too! Not a BIER but a COAL Picnic. If people tell you we have no coal they do it to keep you from buying the best coal in town. Our coal at $3 50 per ton IB cheaper than second vein coal at $2. We have no Su^-in2 n « e mn i 8 m f/ y is as good as ano ^er' S and Snrp S,Vn«i ¥ m ™*™* fr ™ us. We have the handiest 5 T™? J?iv° r 1 .° ading ' We halldle onl y toe best grade of Iowa and Illinois soft coal and all rail Pa. hard coal PAUL & GRAY so moment Yes, I know tho story," rejoined the count quietly. "But it was not told in the evidence that when that man left the house, neglecting to latch the door behind him, another person, who had been hiding in the shadow of the porch, slipped m unseen and went tip stairs to the library where Harry Trent sat. One of the witnesses, I think, testified that she had seen a short man with a dark beard speaking with Trent late night." that ,, - — ^«u hitch, and the count.was the most unconcerned md care free person in the house. He lever gave an order, or seemed to have a thought save of pleasure at the pleas- ire of his guests. His bearing was m-o- lounced perfect by the best critics pres- 51lL firm Orvmr* £„-,... ,.:,1. -1_1 A beside her, smiling, is all illusion. It doesn't really take place. These jugglers 'This ent—and here—«i some formidable addition ho were have the „ their audiences right point, so that one im- lees all that the juggler wanta to see, and yet remains, in the ordinary sense, awake. But you he repeated, lookin; unobserved, making a private signal to the count as sho did BO. Ho followed uer to the east room, where for a moment they wero alone. "I have to thank you for a delightful evening," sh» said. "I can never forget "The pleasure has been mutual," returned the count, bowing. "I feel that I know you so much better than I did before I came here." Sallie continued. "Before you had seemed mysterious and enigmatical; you were something like a prince in a fairy tale; you might undergo transformation at any in fim ATI f. -i T> 4- rt « u«i i_ -i • . •*_ "That evidence was not believed. But suppose it .were true, how would it affect me? I fear your imagination will get you into trouble, Count de Lisle!" "Men's clothes are sometimes worn by women, and a false beard is easily come moment into a hobgoblin, or a wisp of straw! But now—well—now I there can never characters that develop upon acquaint™™ 1he ladies soon fell in love with ance. ae autiquo mirror reflected their _ standing together in the zr y -, Af j? :i p:irae sh °* ave * fi ^ laugh and put her hand to her head "I was asleep, I suppose; it must have been men ;ire a dream— a nightmare. De-id dead!" and she laughed again. ''Yon are not well," h 0 S!t ,;a. "You bettor lie down on tho bod for an or two and rest, I will soe that •» • l*i " v ° "•* uim; his house was so nice; he was so m °e, and . so inconceivably rich. The all liked Uim none the less. It is difficult to like a man who enter- not on the other side, was seated. "Do you mean to tea me that woman is a dream?" she asked in a low voice. "I know her." Probably each person present sees •with a different face, according to "• own nature or mental state," the our Sho Rest m that room!" sho exclaimed 10 gave him a very searchin ion were speaking about while ago," she observed would think you h;. * * * Ah, well! of my head. Come, J am readv. Don't be afraid, dear count. I " to the emergency." . In fact she recovered her soU'-po.sses- sionvery rapidly, and was alert than usual. The incident mirror had aroused everv later good or evil, in her nature. mind, which was lance, ghosts a •'Any one a presentiment. Von'11 think I'm out :i ready. Don't shall bo equal cerned, is simply an inexhaustible mine" of enjoyments. Within ten minutes of the appointed hour every guest invited was either in the house or awaiting their turn to enter. _ The door by which they came in was in close proximity to the dressing rooms, where the most skillful of lady's maids and valets left the guests nothing to do but to stand still and be put in order. A broad hall led through a pair of semi-transparent curtains to the reception rooms. When all bled, twenty-five beautiful dressed in eastern passed among the _ trays on-which were'uttlT'cupsTS crystal, containing an a.mmn«« K~, It was Ugain in a mo ' " but she is flesh m the same under- 'Sho is Olympia Raven. How came she here? She was not among the guests. Perhaps by way of the ma'ic mirror!" ° The count smiled. "You must ask her yourself," said he. "Do you give me leave?" "Undoubtedly!" Sallie rose at once. The count also age. ous. evc'n more of the « quality, And h „„ i , . , . strongly materialist and logical m us bias, applied itself wi to th of ruo of the mystery. Sho did not believe i tfhoats and she ha.l not b,eu ask-ep. y ( she had scon in the mirror the refUio ceiebral essions-tere were enough; but the more she thou shewast t she was that it was real. She ,'ht of tin !onvinco(' had so a 4-Vnf n f f T .-s ~° — ""' '"""• lca 1UCU \va that of Keppol Darke. But how was tin T^r\OC7i Til 1-1 *J ~\~\T -r ••'-' • * »• ii»3 LUtl possible? Was not Keppel Darke 1 body found in tho railroad wreck, matter; this was cither Kop pel Darko or it was Bomo o: lu -,,'J actly resembled him. Whichever it , iS ft W*««»co to tantially the same. It could have been no accident; there was a and a purpose behind. Somo power tile to her was at work. Wrs tho aware of it? HOW could he butt a ol it? Then ho was hor enemy_h* r de-idlv enemy; Ami 1,, hu a inviL he r here ami had placed her in that room, w"fch desiyn of - We ". ° , hur a SC!ire? No ' "t g her warning of battle- the that Of that. Of "It is no use my trying to fathom his motives yet," said ,S,,llio to her if "i must wait and watch. Perhaps h u meant only to try an experiment on me- ho has some problem to solve, and wonl t «t t by my behavior. But what concern has he with Kepp,l Darke* WJwt s the ooJect of Keppel Darko linu S e]f-iv--.rS I saw was re,ll y ho? Count d« Li lo would be a powerful friend-am] ale r riblo enemy! There is almo;st noting that a man of his resources conJ.l ni > t - lc ! comphsh. Yes, and cannot I h,o £ eomphsh something? Havo not women no more beautiful or clover tlian I worked miraclt's beforo now? And I have nothing to fear. KIM may come back from the -r ivu will, but Harry Trent will even if lie did * * * you, Mrs. Vanderdonde!" ure, Miss Fitz-Munviy!' umvdl? What a pity, Mr. it-s, IIKO a fairy palace." For, all (lie while that ,'iaJlk- bating a mutter of vital intni-^ i.•> seliUhu had byc-n standing near t' company, carrying "ittle cuj antaining an aromatic bever- too exquisite and ethereal <nd besides the ladies it, but its effect was marvel- It worked a change of heart in everyone, and a change for the better Following up this success the boys nre rented bouquets to each of the P a holder of wrought gold fili« her initials worked in it, girls gave a "buttonhole" of design m miniature to the Hereupon a sound like a bells rang softly close at that the apparition which our juggler has produced yonder is not real flesh and blood. She has sentedto make trial of it. kindly con- n with •cij.., . .,, "» *- I maintain tnat it is an illusion only." "Don't go near it, my dear," said Mrs. Vanderdonde. "You'll be turning into an apparition yourself if careful!" i *& you're not ex- similar gentlemen, peal of silver hand, and on There was a rustle and murmur of ««. cited expectancy throughout the room Jugglery to match this exhibition, though not unknown in India, had never 11 • i J •*•*"•-"-• nu luuiu, 1 111(1 OT1 all sides, yet invisible, was heard ttie great doors leading to tho dining hall were withdrawn, and thefra^ra beheld by any of the WIU11)B Meanwhile the apparition stood ss, wrapped in its white robe with unwinking eyes fixed on vacancy.' Sallie stepped forward. Sho held her closed fan in her right hand. A dls As w,» " thev wero delicate up P upon the company. passed the threshold music to and remote, as if the flowers waging together. Such a feast should begin with nothing less than nightingales' tongues, and w 1 ^ a p pi es of the Hesperides. aftr^7 10thh '' ta boeu withdrawn aftei the last course it was revealed that the great table was composed c ot sixty small square tables joints of a serpent-each acconmiodat- ng four persons. Now the fifty Ttrrirt -!•»-! 4-1,,-. .i.__ «._.•' t f ??° re - The J' u ^ lOT still on ms mat . Aa Sallie approached he bent forward and drew ^character on the floor think be any doubt between ns as to our true relations to each other. "I am glad to hear you say so," responded the count courteously. Sallie eyed him for a moment, and then stepped close in front of him changing her tone of polished sarcasm to one of intense earnestness. "I can be a good friend and a good enemy," she said. "You have nearly everything that a man can wish for, Count de Lisle, but it you had twice as much it would still be worth your while to make a woman like me your friend. And I am ready to 3om hands with you on any terms you propose. What motive can you possibly have to antagonize me? I have done you no harm. If I have harmed any friend of yours it was unknowingly, and I am willing to make reparation. Come! shall we be allies? Am I so repulsive?" balhe certainly did not look so at that moment. There was something, not angelically, but superhumanly attractive in her eyes and aspect. To see her now was to understand how some women rise to the highest points of social or political eminence with nothing but themselves to help them-themselves or the devil. Beauty, brains and utter trn- aorupulousness in combination make a dang eroug powei>) beforQ ^.^ strongest men have weakened The count looked at Sallie,'and as he did so he removed his gold rimmed eyeglasses. This altered his appearancenot a little His eyes were powerful, and it seemed to Sallie that she had met their glance before somewhere-but when or where she could not determine. The count looked at her keen, handsome race, at her white neck and arms, at her graceful figure i n its golden hued dress; ae was fair. But, in- his countenance grew by,'said he, with a slow, inquisitorial smile. "With means and a will one solves harder riddles than that in three years, Mrs. Matchin." "Take care, sir I" she exclaimed, her eyes flashing in her white face. "You are saying what you can never prove! I can only suppose," she went on, controlling her emotion by a desperate effort, "that you have been made the victim of a cock-and-bull story by a man who is believed to be dead, but whom I now know to be alive—Keppel Darke BANCROFT, |QWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures enlarged at reasonable prices. T. M. OSTHANDER, Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Has his barn reiicly for the sick and lamo liorq es. so bring them along. Charges reasonable. R. M. RICHMOND, President, A. B, RICHMOND, Cashier, the He is here under your protection, and is rash enough to play ghostly pranks on me— with what purpose I won't attempt to guess. But he is an escaped convict. .Let him look to himself! I will denounce him." "I give you full leave to do so," the count answered unconcernedly. "But I must tell you that there is only one escaped convict in this house, and that is myself. Is it possible you have not recognized me? I am Keppel Darke." Sallie stood motionless, many thoughts whirling in her brain. ° "My claim to be Count do Lisle is also legitimate, however, as such things go " he went on. "But a woman like you should have a better memory. It seems you have likewise forgotten your friend Alonzo Garcia, though you must have known that he lived many years in India, and became an adept in Indian magic. * * * But the denunciation! .Let me call an audience." He stepped to the door and pushed it open. General Bristowe was passing talking confidentially to Miss Fitz-Murray, who was leaning on his arm. From the distance came the throbbing of the music, playing a waltz. "Pardon me," said the count to the two, "here is a lady who has something to say to you." "Oh, Mrs. Trent," said tho general, coming forward, "are we to lose you? You're all right, I trust? That juggler was enough to scare anybody " "I only wanted to say-I didn't mean to disturb you-I was going_to have a little tea at my house tomorrow after- BANCROFT, IOWA. The place to make your Farm Loans, buy, sell or rent a farm, buy, sell or rent >rame land, or anything in the real cs- n? ft * Also write insurance, sell tickets to and from Europe. ES~Ournew fireproof vault will soon ° f Call and see us. BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. BRONSON l hush . who m the costume of their countrWat east as designed by color loving artfsts !ad been attending during the dinner vheelod these tables into " ' with the apparition Sallie f ! earne s«y at it. A fell upon the assembly. No one 0 , th . ink or whilt ^« to stretched forth her arm and stem "You say you are willing to make ~ aua you> t00 ' Miss They bowed and expressed their acknowledgments. Sallie drew her Jcloak round her, took the count's arm and (To be Continued.) -- - - »-< e >•-«• How's This. Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS. Undertaking a Specialty. GALLION BROS. the guests, reseating were served with coffee. Few of loticed the entrance of a small lackbeard^whotook them man, only the but the u ng m an unknown tongue, this a piercing shriek some Follow- pp)>no/i i™, ~ ° "*""="• was hoard, one starf e nf a r 0men pr ° Sent ' Ever * uuu btartea, many sprang to their fe>*t i^!^! d ^- Saffiewas^t the ,«,„... id her head slightly. ™ui y ,?? Come bacb to the ballroom with mo,"he continued, "and tell the you for any o^oYoitanrth??^ ^oTTe ri^n^i^'* Catan-h a c n ur n e 0t b ° are "Why-should I tell them what they already Imow?" y "Dp they know that you were never tTSi SS!. to*™*™ d-ew^ Jan, a close fitting o the d !-<T all, Darke Le wore a white ,_ „ jacket, with sleeves elbows, showing a lean, brown orearm, loose white zouave t miser? ithered at the knees, and a pan of slippers, turned up at the toes of fine silk of a peculiar olor and many feet in length Jonnd round his waist. A fold in the shape of 11 scrnpnf «,.,.. his left wrist H ] u 1 ^, . ab W01 ' u on and it soon became evident- timt ti ' count's friends were to be Sated t exhibition of oriental jugglery After making a low salaam to the man, holding his bare before him, began to rub the his hands slowly together, and moments a fine gold cord au- dangling between them and srudua ly lengthening till it reached^ S i ',li l 1UCrt '^ e<1 ra l ri< "y. coiling itself ci* it did so, until as much of it bo contained in a hat lay at th hand no Japanese ' • -*j*i^u., AOilVlIlH But Sallio grasped in «« longer her fan, but a long dagger hilt an the "Carry her into the east room » eiM ZX£ ££&&?&£ all your threats and entreaties, to make you his wife; that after his death whlh a v Seda b } mdleof P»Pers, among which ypas a will purporting to be hist to bo discovered in a drawer of a piece of fm-nriture m a Philadelphia hotel? And Wl]a you tell themthat 4 iswillwas a forgeio', copied from a genuine will written by Trent himself, but deeding his fortune, not to you, but to another woman whom he designed to m Foi that woman's name you substituted your own; and you yourself hid it in the room*at the hotel which, as you happened to know, Trent had once occupied. SL-rr 8 , of that ^ n ' ami ° f tho certincate of marriage, also a forgery, but wirwton on aprinted form which you had procured while traveling in France you imde good your claim to the estate! Will jtou tell them this?" v" 1 !^ 11 repeat no such foolish tale, plied EWhe steadily. "How could I have foiged » copy of tho genuine will unless i had bad the genuine will to copy froi"' WP "tho",',^**' V^-'V"^ 8 " Toledo, 0- s^SW^^"^ S!i^°«-14i^±^ 2S»-«£M- & ; Hall's Cure is taken mssu per bottle. 47-50. Done anywhere lr> tho County At Bed Rock Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of Water Pay. LEGAL BLANKS. The BEPUBWCAN keeps con- r stantly on liaiid a full stock of the following Legal Blank forms: Qlllt Clalln „„„ «»»tttel Mort° f Mo "K«««. Orlelua! Contl ' l *«t«. Ceutracts for liou-e, N o«ce of Trial > Tax Salc Notlcefi - 1 ' otltl «» TowiwlUp Blanks, Oatl, understand "Great RoyL, ; was d a, uiat a yard iu thus mauuf actured, w V'wonderfully "aoieter had been lich the manspread &.'5=r B^F K?sssari»«a= trust there will be nothing Mrt' has great courage." ' "1 dare say she sedation, and tfeera w« of that?" "I will tell you, since you have forgotten, said the count. "You found the genuine wffll among Harry Trent's papers on the mght that he was murdered " "Indeed! I was with him on that night then, it appears?" ' "You were. You were the last to see him alive. He was ali vo when you took the Japanese knife from the table and passed behind him and drove it into his neart. It was you who murdered Harry Irent, Mrs. Maichin!" She laughed. "You amuse me," sho saia. 'You seem not to be aware that there, was a trial for that murder, and the evidence showed that but one person was admitted to the house that night, and that was a rnfm-th© »Mm who iva* fougol guilty and - " etc. otc. form inudo (o order. Tills

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