The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 2, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1891
Page 4
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and DEPARTURE ot TMtfiS, MILWAUKEE AND 8T, PAUL, WHS*. 1 passenger ........ . ............ 6 -M am 8 passenger ...................... 4 :37 p ta ofrelght ......................... 7 :15 a m iswayfreight ................ ii:45am 5 freight .......................... 8:17 p m GOING BAST. N«. 2 passenger ...................... 10:24am No. 4passenger ................... 9:30pm Nfy 10 way freight ................... 12:15 n in N(/. 14 freight, ........................ 2:30 p m No. sfnslslit ......................... 10:fi5 pm Chicago & Northwestern K'y. O*INO NORTH AND WEST. Freight accommodation ............. 9 :55 a m Chicago Mall and Express ........... 4 :05 p m GOING SOUTH ANl> KAST. .Freight accommodation ............. fi -.20 p m Chicago Mail and Express ....... ..... 1 2 :20 p m Ohlcago passenger reaches Des Molnes at 7 p. m., Chicago a :r>o a. m., and Kansas City 9:30 a, m. Tickets for sale to all points In the United States and Canada. PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTOR! B. .7. DANSOtf . W. 0. DAMSON. DANSON BEOS., A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Office Over Comstock's. ~" B. F. REED, A TTORNEY- AT-LAW, Algona, Jowa. Of- llce in tiie (Jalbraitli blocl;, E. V. SWETTING. A TTOUNEY-AT-LAW, Algona. Iowa. Money to loan. A TTORNEY AT LAW, Ollice over Kossuth County Hank. JAS. BARE, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON, ALGONA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. •W. E. II. MOHSK. J. M. MORSE & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SUKGEON, Algona, Iowa. Oflicc at residence. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Thorington streets Aleona.Iowa. T. J. FELLING, M. D. P HYSICIAN and SUHGEON. Consultation in English and (German Office and residence over Ooetcli's store, Whiitemore, Iowa. E. E. Bayers, D. V. M., Veterinary Physician i Surgeon ^-Office west of the Thorington House, Algona, Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA.. IOWA. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. ABSTRACTS. ('.'an be made in 6 months telling Tuuison's Atlases, Charts and TV a 1 1 Maps. Particulars free. H. C TDH1SOB, Chicago, ills. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. 1'assago tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W.H. INGHAM, President. J. H. JONES, Vice President. LEWIS 11. SMITH, Cashier, Directions—W. H. Tnghain, .Tno. (i. Smith, J. B. .Tones, T. Chrisehilles, Lewis II. Smith, J. W. "Wadsworth. Barnct Uevine. K IDU'8 GEKM. KKA.UICA.TOU~ Positively cures all diseases, because it kills the germs, microbes, and all miimalciilue (in the human system). The air inhaled, water drank, vegeta- ,bles and fruit eaten, are teeming with these to the naked eye imperceptible littleworms,known by the above names, causing catarrh, consumption, diabetes, liright's disease, cancers,tumors, and all so-called incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption, catarrh,kidney troubles, syphilis.) Retailed In .S'2,8a.$5si/es sent anywhere on reel, of price, or C.O.D. if desired. The Am. Pill &>Med. Co, royalty prop's, Spencer, Clay Co. la. Sold wholesale and retail •jn Algona by Dr. Sheet/., druggist. 20-9-yr ,JL89L KOSSUThcO. MARKETS. To Correspondents: Be careful to quote the prices actually paid the day the report Is made. Al-OONA Data $ ,22@28 Corn. Eggs 12 Cattle. $ 2.00 @ $4.00 Wheat... .80 @ .85 Flax 70 @ .80 40@ .45 Butter 18 Hogs . 4.25 @ 4.40 Barley.. .85 <a .40 Potatoes New .75 Oats...Eggs 12 Cattle 4.50 Wheat 78 Flax 80 Hay, loose 4.25 WKStKY. i .22 Corn 40 Butter 12 Hogs 4.25 Barley 40 Timothy 05 Rve 70 LEUYARIJ. Butter 12 Oats 21 Potatoes 70 Flax 87 Eggs 10 Corn 40 Wheat 84 J1ANCBOFT, Oats $ .20@22 Corn Eggs 12 Cattle 3.00 Flax 80 Hay 4.00 Potatoes 60 $ .40 Butter 11 Hogs.. 4.00 @ 4.40 Barley 45 Wheat 75(380 Timothy f.OO WHITTEMOKK. Oats 23 Corn 45 Eggs 12 Butter 20 Cattle $1.25 @ $4.00 Hogs-' $4.@4.40 Wheat 82 Barley 42 Flax 89 Hay, .. $4.50@o.OO LOCAL NEWS AM) NOTES We would call attention 1,0 the fact that we sue located here permanc'iilly, for the manufacture aud sale (if cemetery work in Marble. Granite and Stone. We now have and intend to keep iu stock a fair Hue of finished MoiiU' Mients. Headstones. eU 1 -, and will guarantee all work to be equal to the best. We are the only manufacturers of cemetery work in Kossuth Co. Therefore,please ;:ive us a call before placing your order and be convinced that by lair aud'liouorublo dealing, we are worthy your patronage. ALGONA MARBLE WORKS, 8HEILEY fc HAUL, Proprietors, Jtwt id** it., Afe •&•, IVY* "All home print" next week. Licensed to marry, A. L. Hunt and Garde 13. Kinney. Sain McClellan is going to start a peddling wagon soon. Recorder Smith and wife spent Sunday at Belmond, Iowa. Miss Gertie Hibbard of Emmetsburg is visiting her sister Cora. Bert Barr will enter Cornell College at the opening O f the fall term. . The fall term of the Northern Iowa Normal School opened yesterday. Jas. Taylor and wife returned from their Wisconsin trip this morning. Bailey Bros, have an elegant line of glassware at prices that are down. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Clark, of Livermore, were Algona visitors Monday. Take one last, Ions, lingering look at the REPUBLICAN'S patent insides. Miss Maggie Winkel returned last Thursday from her visit to Prinaghar. There will be services at the M. E. church next Sunday morning and evening. Prof. Doderer was a caller last Saturday forenoon on his way back to Bancroft. E. J. Gilmore has au ad. in this issue. Have you tried the famous Sleepy Eye Hour! 1 He sells it. Yesterday was a bad clay for prairie chickens. Everybody was out'hunt- ing, and hundreds of birds were killed. O.W.McMurray, who has been working at Forest City all summer came home and spent last Sunday with his family. Postmaster Starr and family went to Minneapolis last Friday to visit the exposition. They returned Monday evening. A big pile of old newspapers on hand at the REPUBLICAN office that we will sell out at two and a half cents a do/en. The Young Ladies' Foreign Missionary society will meet with Mrs. Black, on Saturday, Sept. 5. A full attendance is desired. The hour of evening service at the Congregational and M. E. churches has been changed from eight to half past seven o'clock. W. M. Colby, of Wesley, was a pleasant caller Tuesday morning. He reports all quiet along the political Potomac at Wesley. Wilfrid Jones is home from his eastern trip and is once more at work in the First National Bank. He is looking much better. The Republicans of the third ward will meet in the Normal building next Friday evening for the purpose of organizing a Republican club. Fourteen Kansas babies have been named Jerry Simpson. A facetious exchange inquires if it was because they all happened to be born without socks. The Courier speaks of the Democracy of the county as "a mere handful" of men. There are more Democrats in Kossuth now than there will be in November. Mr. Milt Hollabaugh the new foreman of the REPUBLICAN office arrived Saturday night and will assume control with next week's issue, our first all home print edition. In a few weeks we will commence the publication of a new serial slory, one of the most popular stories of the day. You will want to read it. Watch for the first chapter. The J.M.B. of the M. E. church will give a Shingle tea at the residence of Rev. Whitfield next Friday evening. If y9ii want to know what a shingle tea is you will have to go and see. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gilmore go today to visit at their old home, Paw Paw, 111. Mr. Gilmore's business will permit of his absence for only a week, but Mrs. Gilmore will remain for about a month. The weeds are getting pretty high along the side walks in certain parts of the town. A little application of the scythe would be a good thing. Doift let the streets grow up with "weeds and thistles." J. C. Blackl'ord took his Sunday school class of little girls to the camp- ineeting Sunday. It was a merry load of fourteen that left Algona in the early morning and to say that they had a good time would be putting it mild. The Rev. T. F. Boweu goes to Emmetsburg next Sunday, and there will coosequeatly Ue no service at Uie Episcopal church except School, which will meet at the usual hour. ftev. Whitfield reports that the Liv- ef more eampffieetlrig w«s very>suc8eia- ful in point of the number of people in attendance and the large number of conversions. Groceries are something that you have to use every day in the year. Buy them where you can get the best and get them cheap. Buy your groceries of Bailey Bros. Our types said last week that Clarence Paul and wife would soon remove to Iowa Falls where Clarence would take a course of medicine in the University. It should have been Iowa City. Mrs. Bessie Starr Kiefer will lecture on Temperance at the Congregational church on Thursday and Friday of this week. She is one of the best speakers on the platform. Come out, every one, and give her a full house. Arthur Waldo who has been working at the case in the REPUBLICAN office for the past three months left Monday morning for Minneapolis for a "lay off" of a month, when he will return and resume his manipulations of the type. Rev. G. W. Story who formerly taught school several years in Irvington township was in town between trains Tuesday. He is now president of the Iowa conference of the Wesleyan Methodist church and resides at Rock Island. Speaking about the state fair in general the State Register says: "Numerous applications for gambling devices of one kind or another have been made, but Col. Sessions has told them all no. The society permits no traps to be set for the unsuspecting visitors." Mrs. W. II. Conner complains that she is having hard luck with her butter customers. Not but that they are good pay and the butter a first class article, but the customers leave town. Mr. Hallock, of this office is the fourteenth one who falls on this list. The "Bill Nye" letters are published in the special Sunday editions of many of the leading daily papers. A good proof of the estimate in which Mr. Nye's writings are held. The Bill Nye letters will be published in the REPUBLICAN regularly, commencing with next week. The Courier thinks that the patent inside of the REPUBLICAN is the best part of the paper. The Courier uses about as rocky a patent as we have ever seen. We would advise our contemporary to change and buy his insides of the Chicago house where we have been getting ours. Ed Gilmore is now doing a rushing business at his Corner Grocery. He has just received another carload of the celebrated Sleepy Eye flour. He has in stock Van Houten's cocoa in pound cans. Try a package of the same and be convinced of its excellent qualities* See his ad. Pete Johnson has torn down the front of his old wagon shop on west State street tui-d is erecting a two story structure in its stead. The new building will give Mr. Johnson more room for his growing business and will look enough better than the old one to draw trade of itself. Read the advertisement this week of the Night School. The young people who can spend an hour, two or more evenings each week in taking up some line of study, are thus offered an excellent opportunity to benefit themselves. Call at the office of the Normal School, or adclii'ess Mr. Chaffee for further particulars. Wm. K. Ferguson has purchased the lot east of the Ladendorf restaurant, the place where J. B. Winkel sells so many of those Domestic machines. We understand that Mr. Ferguson will, in the near future, erect a two story brick on the lot and have a first class store rooia for rent. It will be a good location fon some one. Prof. Chaffee has- decided to organize night classes rn the commercial branches, which will be under the direction of Prof. Cartoon. A mimber of people have, expressed themselves as desirous of learning (German. A night class in German is- to be organized, also classes in as many other branches as demanded. The- night school gives promise of being quite popular. Mrs. Fred Dormoy received a letter one day last week from Mrs; Cramer, conveying the sad; news that Prof. Reed, late of the Northern Iowa Normal School, while working in a saw mill in Idaho in some way got his left hand caught and run into the saw, taking it nearly off at the wrist. After the accident he had to ride 25 miles in a lumber wagon to find a surgeon to amputate the hand. The last Courier has another lecture to the "Democrats of Kossuth" on the subject of the Caucus and what it is for. It is to be hoped that the Democrats of the County will soon commence to catch on and learn how to act at a caucus. It would be too bad if, after all of the Courier's offorts to enlighten them, some fool set of Democrats would mistake a political caucus for a prayer meeting. Mr. W. A. Chipman, of Portland township announces in this issue that he is in the field for the nomination for County Treasurer. Mr. Chipman is a thorough going through and through, straight up and down, all around Republican and a mighty strong man among tlie Republicans of Portland township. He has lived in Kossuth county tea years and spent all of the ten years on a farm. Mr. Chipman is a good man, and, by the way, there are a number of good Republican men iu the field for the county offices. The Franklin County Recorder takes exception to a recent statement of the REPUBLICAN to the effect that there was not a single all home print paper in Northern Iowa, and claims to be a paper of that description. We make an exception in favor of the Recorder, the Charles City Intelligencer, and one or two other papers that we have discovered since looking into the matter. They are few and far apart. Of couree they are all numbered among the leading county papers of Northern Iowa. ate doubtless many young people in Algona who will be giadof the opportunity afforded them for taking up one or more of .the studies named. Prof. C. E. Caritonwilt have charge of the classes in Bookkeeping, Commercial Law, Practical Grammar • and Penmanship. Miss Adams will teach German and Literature, and Mr* Chaffee General History and;one or more other classes that will b§ formed if desired. Since we published the j poem for Mr. Campbell last week he has had another attack of inspiration and written some more poetry. It came on him While in the potato patch digging potatoes. It will be remembered that there are some potatoes mixed up with the Angelus, the famous painting that-sold recently for so much money. It may be possible that a potato patch is potent for inspiration. Mr. Campbell's potato patch poem has to do with prohibition and might make an effective campaign article but there is a little too much of it for the crowded columns of this week's REPUBLICAN. * Yeoman Will buy the Turkeys. Fort Dodge Messenger: Congressman J. P. Dolliver and Capt. J. A. O. Yeoman, whose names were frequently associated as opposing candidates for congress in the Tenth district three years ago, are the parties to 'a novel bet. The question involved is the election or defeat of Governor Boies this fall. Congressman Dollivet maintains that Governor Boies will be ex- Governor Boies after January 1st, while Capt. Yeoman is equally confident that his title will continue to be. "Governor" for two years more. Ac-' cording to the conditions of the wager the loser is to furnish the winner with a weeel barrow load of turkeys for distribution among his political friends. The load is to be locomoted through the principal streets of the city to the county court house, the loser furnish- the locomotive power. The barrow is to be decorated by the, winner with such inscriptions as his party principles may dictate. At the court house the winner will receive the turkeys and formally present them to his Mends with appropriate remarks. lion. R. M. Wright will be master of ceremonies. Move Suckers. Spencer Reporter: At Spencer the inevitable "shell", man was with the circus, and a number of Clay county people have less money and more experience on account of his e»»ing.' It .was the same old gaca& and the same old result. Most of the victims were from the country, and some- of them were ripe in years, if not in wisdom. One who contributed liberally toward stuffing the fakir's purse- is an> ardent advocate of the sub-treasury scheme, who wants to borrow money of the government at 1 or 2 per cent. It is estimated that more than S1000 changed hands in a very short time. It seems, useless to warn people agadnst such men, for experience proves that about so many are always ready to be victimised. Palo Alto Reporter: At Emmetsburg the fakirs who are along with the Wallace circus took in the usual'crop of suck«rs last Saturday. They., say that the Emmetsburg sucker is ; more gamy thaai the Algona fish as the latter squeals. The manager refunded $237 to fellows that were fleeced at Algona. If it were'not wholly useless we would add, "Don't try to beat the other fellow's game." A*e You Interested In Mttslc? It is the intention o! Miss Bandall, the teacher In music at the Normal School to organize a class insight singing which will be open to all parties who desire to join. All interested will meet at the Normal School buM- ing Thursday—•ttimorrow—at seven o'clock for the organization of the class, which will meet regularly twice each week. The tuition will be but $1.60 for the term, per pupil. __ M»»»-J—; Council Sleeting. The City Council met in regular session last Saturday evening and allowed bills to the extent of about $600. Most of the money went for sidewalks aud the city well. It was decided by the Council that the levy for city funds should be six mills on the dollar and f two mills on the dollar for water tax. The council adjourned without further business of importance. »»>- . Annual W. C. T. U. Meeting-. The annual meeting of the Algona Woman's Christian Temperance Union will bo held in the reading room on Friday afternoon, Sept. 'llth, at 3 o'clock. Officers will be elected for the ensuing year and other business of importance will be transacted. It is desired that all members be present and all who are interested in the W. C. T. U. and the reading room. - > <»n Real Estate Deals. (Published regularly each week.) Hester B Angell and hus to Martlii J Byerson ne qr of sw qr 17-97-27. Julia G Blogden and lius et al toAdolph Closz neqr 21-07*27. Geo C and w, Louis C and w, David 0 and Julia Clarke et al to Adolli Olosz ne qr 21-07-27. .James Oallanan and w et a' to H fiaakett nw qr of near 1-04-27. James Oallauan and w et al to John A Wll- stoek sw qr of se qr 3-90-27. • Andrew Clarke and wile to Seth 0 Newcomb n lit se qr 35-05-28. Frank O Fries and w to Geo B Woodworth nw qr ol nw qr and se qr of nw qr and ne qr of SW qr 15-09-28. K P Fox and wife to Susie Maher nw qr of hw qr and se qr of nw qr and ne qr of sw qr and s lit of sw qr and sw qr of se qr 23-05-27. A It Hillyer and wife to B E Burtis u hf of se qr and se qr of se qr 32-05-27. Albert U Hackman to Jolm B Dutton w 70 a ol s hf sw qr 23-05-29. Geo W Hanna and w to Pi«trlek D Butler nw JUST HOW MAN WILL FLY NOT sv to John Merske s 60 a e M The Weather and Crops. t>Report for lust week.) The past week has been the cold'ast August week experienced in Iowa within the past twenty years, the average daily deficiency in temperature being about ten degrees. Light frosts are reported as occurring in every district of the state on the 23d and 24th inst., and at numerous points on the 22d and 2'Jth. The amount of sau- shine was generally below normal. Very light precipitation is reported for all parts of the State, but the amount is- sufficient, and in some localities the prevalent humidity and cloudiness caused damage to grain in shocks and stacks. There has been no material damage by frosts, only the tenderest vegetation being injured in exposed localities. But the weather has been unfavorable for maturing corn, about thirty pe-j cent of which is too isar behind to ripen under normal weather conditiOBS in the coming month. Two or three weeks of favorable weather will place the bulk of the crop, beyond danger. Potatoes are generally doing well, bat a tendency to rot bas been caused by excessive moisture in a few places. ' qr 10-U4-27. J B Jones and \v Ol S\V qr 28-95-27, J B Jones and w to Snsie Maher ne qr of no qr and s hf of ne qr 28-05-27. E V N Kitlledge and w to Lora C Pangbnrn nw qr o£ ne qr 28-99-27. Frederick Mlnzer and w to Henry Schurz-nw qr ot se «ir 9-94-30. tieo P Wilier to Joseph Gorde shf ots&iii- 31-98-29. Thos F Musson and w to John A Nash o M of sw qr sec 4 and n hi sec 10 all in 08-29. Fred 0 Minogue to \Vm M Merrltt and Geo S Sargent u»d hf of w hf of se qr and sw qr o£ ne qr and ne qr of se qr 3-t)!)-27. D E 1'etteugill and w to Nels Martin se qr 14-98-29. Frank Poiupe and wife to Bertha Krouse se qr 27-97-30. F W ParUwige to Philander M Aldenshfof ue qr and nw qr ot se qv 2ii^98-27. J C Silvery eb al toll Uaslcett nw qr ol'iie qr 1-94-27. J 0 Savery et al to Jolm A Wllstoek sw qr ot se or 3-U9-27. Verske Yon f\envlen to Hlnrika P Meyer sw qr of sw qr 5-98-27. John A VVilstoek to FreiVC Minogne w hf of se qr and sw qr cine qr and, ne qr se qr 3-99-27. Cyrus I) Ward and w to Win H Bally nw qr of se qr2(i-Oi>-!£). .) (j Jilackt'ord et al to James A Archibald in original town of Algona lot 8 blk 57. Win Brninmoml and w to-Alice Simmons in Zoelle's addition ti>LuVerne lot — block 5. Ambrose A Call and w to Agnes Russell in town of Uancroft lot 8 block-2. Ambrose A. Call fc-w, to lieury & Bernardina Va.skuiu towti of Bancroft Call's south add lots 1-4 block 1. Henry Klind & w to Amanda Henrietta Uin- ler in town of LuYerue lot 1 block 8. (Hias. it. Morchouse'&.w to James Gallion in Morehonse'-s add to Bancroft lot 7 block 1. Nels Martiu & w to- Matthias Nenimers in Bancroft lots 1-2 block (t, It. M. Klchuiond & w to N, B, Nemmers in Call's add to Bancroft lot 2 block 1, ' • Lewis H. Smith etal to Blinda Whltehorn in Whitteinore loi 12 blo*ic C. Western town lot company to James Wood in Ledyard lotl block 3, Western tuwn lot company Oo. to John J. Kelly m Bancroft lots 17-18 block u. Western town lot Oo. to- tiermun Lutheran cluircli of LuVerne in Whitteiuore lots 12—u-7 8-g-io-U block u. -*«* Little Giants! Little Giants! Little Giants! are the pills that do the work successful!y, effectually aud permanently. We warrant every bottle to give satisfaction. Sold by P. W. Dingley. If you want an unflavored cigar, smoke the Sweets. For sale at Ladendorif s. for Hale. A. ill. & G. M. Johnson have some line young horses for aale. Terms to suit purchaser. C. M. & ST. P. EXCURSIONS. 6Uf BY ARTIFICIAL SOAKING, The night session of the Normal school, advertised this week ouht to » very successful feature. Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all kindred complaints are dangerous if allowed to run any length of time. So it is the duty of all parents to keep a medicine on hand at all times that will effect a positive and permanent cure. Beggs' Diarrhoea Balsam is guaranteed to do this. Bold and warranted by F. W. Dingley. Go to "Itisttt' Kacket" for burgalu*. NOTICE TO SETTLE. AH parties knowing themselves indebted to the firm of Starr & Hallock are requested to call at REPUBLICAN office and make immediate settlement by cash or note. WILLIS HALLOCK, Collector. You never tried De Witt's Littlo Early Risers for constipation, biliou*n*M, sick headache or you would not Uave these KxpOMtiou. For the; Industrial Exposition to he held iu Minneapolis August 26th to September 28th, excursion" tickets will be sold as follows: On August 81st, Sept. 5th to. 12th inclusive, and on Sept. loth at faro one way for the round trip, with 25 cents extra for admission coupon. On August 25th and on all Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the continuance of the Exposition at fare and a third for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission coupon. • lowu State Full'. For the State Fair to he held at Des Moines Aug. 28th to Sept. 4th, 0. M. & St. P. R'y. will sell excursion tickets at one lowest short line fare. . Special Harvest Excursion. On Tuesday, August 25 and September 29,1891, Special Harvest Excursion tickets will be sold at one and one-third of the regular first-class one way fare. Minnesota State Fair. For the Minnesota State Fair to be held at Hamline, Sept. 5th to 12th, excursion ticket will be sold either to St. Paul or Minneapolis at fare one way for the round trip with fifty cents added for admission coupon. Sheetz issues regular Co's guarantee to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Erud. The Sweets is an unflavored and free smoker. Call at Ladendorfl's. "Oh! how dreadfully yellow and greasy my face is getting." Say do you know this is all caused by a disordered liver, and that your skin can be changed from a dark greasy yellow to a transparent white by the use of Beggs' Blood Purifter and Blood Maker? Every bottle guaranteed by y. Ct« Will Succeed f et, Snys »n Invwtl- g«tor f *»<* Hl» ToyttffJnj tVIll ne on the Aeroplane Principle—Atutmlia Has Come N«ftf to Solving the Problem. Maa will yet learn how to fly. Pro* feaaor Langley, secretary of the Smithsonian institution, so declared in an address delivered before the National Academy of Sciences. This ought to give much encouragement to thinkers Who hope that mankind will some day secure domain in the element of birds, just as it has already done, thanks to the evolution of submarine boats and diving gear, in that of fishes. The distinguish' ed scientist referred to expressed confidence that the contrivance of the future for aerial navigation would be on the kite principle. The air possesses elements of buoy* ancy which have not been recognised hitherto. There is no truth in the popular conception that a body heavier than the atmosphere cannot be suspended in that medium without motion. A kite of sticks and paper is much heavier than the fluid which it displaces, but it is sustained aloft. You can find an example much more striking, however, in the eagle or the frigate bird, which, though an animal of considerable weight, remains poised in the sky upon extended pinions motionless for hours together, so that a telescope may be trained on it. Thousands of feet above the earth it is sustained without movement of a feather, though in a rarefied atmosphere. This is possible because the suspended fowl has an instinctive knowledge of the way in which to utilize the air currents for its support When man has learned how this can be done he will be able to fly. The most advanced investigators in this subject reject the balloon and all other such lifting devices as impracticable; a gas lighter than air can never be safely confined within a receptacle that is not weighty, and the same objection applies to a vacuum. Ballooning today is about where it was when it was first invented, and in the nature of things it never get much further. Aluminum is light for a metal, but it is several times too heavy to be successfully utilized for such purposes. Pray, what has become of those aluminum trains of cars that were to be run through the air from Chicago to New York at sixty minutes the trip? LESSONS FROM BIRDS. There is a school of flying naachine inventors who may be designated as the "flappers," inasmuch as their idea is to sustain their contrivances by the flapping of birdlike wings. But they doubtless forget that the best flyers among birds do not support themselves by flapping. On the contrary, they only resort to that performance when it. is necessary for a start. The eagle, if launching himself from ievel ground, is obliged to take qtate a ?un first; then, flapping his wings with a violent muscular effort which he could not keep up for long, he gains a sufficient altitude to render it possible-for him to strike along the plune of an air current which holds him up. Floating with librating pinions from one air current to another, he is lifted, with an occasional broad sweep of his powerful wings, to the upper aerial regions, where he simply floats, opposing to each movement of the suspended ether the gentle force necessary to maintain him in his stationary position. These principles which the eagle ap* plies for purposes of flight are perfectly understood in the theory of mechanics. It is only necessary to adapt them witbj suitable apparatus in order to give to human beings like powers. True, the' bird is lighter in proportion to its size* than is man; its bones are hollow andi filled with warm air from the lungs. But the difference in this respect is- not very material, and it may easily be compensated for by bigger wings. Power t» flap them is not what is required, inasmuch as the start can be made from a height; what is wanted is the knowledge which inherited experience—"instinct"—has given the fowl as to how to* adapt the angles of the wings to the air currents. A PRACTICABLE MACHINE. This is precisely what Professor Lang- leyr has been experimenting with. What he'is attempting is to produce a machine- adapted to flotation upon the air currents like a kite. You can find a very simple illustration of the principle he is working on in the trick done with playing cards by the prestidigitator Herr- laann, who throws them from the stage ioto the highest gallery of the biggest theater in the United States, distributing them one after another among the "gods" of that select circle. How does be do it? Simply by skillfully utilizing th& air currents. The scrap of pastboard is heavier than the atmosphere, but, judiciously projected, it mounts to a great height and .distance with very little force. It would etay up, too, even if thrown outdoors, supposing that it possessed the intelligence necessary to accommodate its siirfaco to the winds. What can be. done in this way may be accomplished on a larger scale. Lest this proposition be disputed it will be sufficient tp refer to a flying machine patented iu Australia. It weighs altogether nineteen pounds, and its backbone is a loag copper cylinder two inches in diameter, fiJU4 with compressed air. The compressed air supplies power for a email engine weighing ten pounds, at the rear .end of the cylinder, which works a fan propeller. To the backbone on either eide is attached a great wing of light material, 60 that the whole apparatus resembles a big butterfly with two fans for a tail. This contrivance has been made to fly horizontally 860 feet; Of course it ia only a beginning, but all the same he» is the nearest approach to the practicable jiving machine of the future thus far »> taioe4.-WwUingto» Star.

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