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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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FRIBAY-EVENING, i OAKLAND TRIBUNE FEBRUARY 9, 17 1 LEGAL NOTICES. LEGAL Nj OTTCE8. tTO'iVBOAT: CHICK iS WIFE PLEADS Ifj PASTORS HONORED PLANNING FOR A CITY BEAUTIFUL SIIIWIII IHIMIISF AiySSESSORS i iiiiiniirn LHUWUttLU Weeping Woman Pro-bation for Passer of Bogus Rushing past-several deputy sheriffs who attisrripted to restmin-; her, Mrs. James O'Connor," with -tears In her eyes anfl-a weeks old lnant In her arms, stood at the bench before Judge Ellsworth In thevcrlmlnsJ depirtjiient 'of the Superior Court today pleaded that her husband be not' scit to' the penitentiary just as court was aoout to' pass sentence. Tor a moment the proceedings were Interrupted; spectators rose to their feet in expectancy and the bailiff loudly rapped 'or order.

need nd so do tlie ehlldren. Judge," she exclaimed. Is not a bad man and he has promised me that he 'will turn over. a. new leaf and not get into 1 trouble again.

'Flease do net take him away from I NOOC NT MUIT SUFFER. "I grearty regret the circumstances," replied udge Ellsworth, as tears came to his eyes, "but I must do my duty. Sometimes happens. tht the innocent must suffer along with the guilty and It seems that way In this case. The crime was wilfully committed and the law provides that tha prepertrator punished.

The officers have also reported against admitting the prisoner to probation. It Is hereby decreed that James O'Connor be confined In the state's prison at Can Quentln for a period of two years." O'Connor turned' away and "was handcuffed to Ernest Kethley to be taken back to the county Jail, when his 5-year-old daughter ran lupto him and was taken up in her father's free arm. Deputies gently took the child down and led O'Connor away- TO SEEK CHARITY. mother told the Court later that she wruldhave to go out and work for tha support of herself, while the children would be taken care of by charitable or ganlzatlons. Of Connor sentenced for having passed a check for $1S.

He had been in similar 'trouble before, according to the.Ulstrict escaped Borne ago-O'Connor was in the automobile repair business in San Francisco -but went through financial reverses and recently had been living on Oak street In this city. 7 WV- D.Curtlrr 'was sentenced "to one year in San 43uentln by Judge, Ells worth for having passed a flotitlous check on T.r.F. BarbaU. The -arlma was his second offensei And he has already ssrved 84 days Windjammer Arrives in Oakland Harbor With 000 Feet of Lumber. 'busydaVon the LOCAL ESTUARY Webster Street- Drawbridge Is Opened 58 Times for Passing Vessels.

Anothw of th towboat class, waa addad to the fleet of the, Oakland Launch 4 and Tugboat company when the Launch Chick dashed from the way of the Gor- ham Engineering Works Into the estu-ary late yesterday. The proved a success in -every way, the new vessel riding the water in a manner pleasing to both her ownera anil th o-atharari anec. tators. The Chick is a trim craft 3 feet In length, ten feet in breadth, with a draft of 6 She is propelled by a 20-hbrsepower engine. The craft has a pilot house forward.

This will give the crew shelter during the wet, and cold toeesaa. A.v 'A- i ThCMf 'M toake the place vi ine jone soio several weens ago oy ihe' company toR Axman for the pur- hMB e9 mm.ln ih. -destroying of Rlncon The vessel. VM be In charge of Captain Barry arid a crew of one. The keel for another' vessel a trifle larger thanhe Ghlck, was laid at the Engineering Works this The craft also.

bemg. built 'for the Oakland Launch and Tugboat company, and will take, the place of the tug Atlas sold several weeks ago1 by the company. The ew boat 'will be named the Colon and will-be a '4? foot, craft. BIG LUMAER. CARGO.

With 1,100,060 feet of lumber, the four masted schooner Minnie A. 'Came ar rived -late yesterday from' Port Ludlow. The. windjammer was 28 a. out Ludlow of Captain Nelson.

This is the largest lumber brought Into this port this year. to Captain Nelson, the- vessel had hard weather during the greater part at the run and was continually washed fere and aft by giant combers. She was uri damaged when she came Into the vessel ran up the stream yesterday In tow of the tug Pilot she was literally swamped lumber, entire decks being eovered, with ilumber up to. her pilot- house. Yesterday was the busiest day in the Inner harbor this year.

The Webster ttreet bridge made a total of 18 swings IWilLHelp in the Task of Equal izing Assessment v. Roies. Committees to kid the city and county assessors In equalising the assessment rolls will be appointed by Chairman- C. Gorman of the Alameda County Civic Association, following the. regular meeting of the association 'last night.

The committees were suggested by County Assessor Horner and will aid him in the collection of data on Improper assessment alleged to exist both In the cty and county. The naln work of the committees will have "to be done previous to March 1, It Is declared, as on that date the actual work of assessment will commence. It Is hoped that the. Improvement clubs and other civic' organizations In 4he Intervening time will lend all possible aid to the association to help secure unbaised assessments from the appraisers In the assessors' offices. Twenty-eight Improvement clubs were represented at last night's meeting and efforts will be made to Increase the representation at the next one on Thursday, February 15, Owing to the short time before the beginning of the work of assessment, It has been decided to hold weekly meetings of the association.

A number of the delegates present brought forward additional instances alleged Inequalities In assessments. It was asserted by the speakers that If corrected these inequalities will result In an Increase In the total assessed valuation of property In the county of some and a corresponding reduction in the tax rate, from $3.28, the present rate, to not more than $2.25. C. W. Chllds representing the First Ward Improvement club speaking for his organization declared against any discrimination of taxes In the annexed district and against the lowering of the rate on unimproved, property.

E. B. Pollock of Seattle appeared before the assoctatlpn. with an explanation of the Somen system of equalizing- assessments, now In operation In Philadelphia, Columbus, Cleveland and Denver, but owing to the Impossibility of inaugurating a new and elaborate, system of judging values within the very short time remaining before the making of assessments the association did not consider. the matter in Chairman Gorman also announced the personnel of the newly appointed committee-of the organization composed of H.

N. Gard, Merchants' Exchange; W. A- Wann, Progress and Prosperity Fred L. Shaw, Santa Fe Improvement club; R. E.

Hummel, United Improvement John W. Phillips, Manufacturers and Producers Fred L. Beed, Vernon Rook Ridge Improvement club; Dr. J. H.

Pond, Thir-teenth Avenue Improvement club. EDO FF RENDERS HIS 'FOURTH ANNUAL, REPORT In hla fourth annual repdrt ai rt0vr of tlhts, California. a defunct. corporation. Jam WAnlt ha Ixfniim.J th.

Superior Court that the total reduction lo.oreauors curing tno rour year ending January 20, 1912. amounts' to In a list nf comnA.rntH.ji itnumanti i shown that while there was $1,057,150.4 nun creauors on January zq, i90j. the day Edoff qualified as receiver, thsre Is now due but. 1323.780 U. Vnr I.

at years there has been a gross operating ivynnM tlQQason now ui VH 111. amount pfj Indebtedness capt; dan McLaughlin AT SAWTELLE HOME SAWTELLE. Captain Daniel McLaughlin according to official records, was the- last survivor of the landing party which raised the American flag at Monterey, died, at the National Soldiers' Home today, aged 83. Captain McLaughlin also commanded the first type-of bat designed for use as a submarine. This wa the Bancocas at He also served with Admiral Dewey on board the Mississippi during the Civil War.

Coffin; inq Woman patient at the Tewksbury hospital and Abraham had received, word that She was Investigation today showed that his wife was still alive and that th mistake had been due to the fact that her name and the name of' the dead woman were somewhat similar. Empty mm IIWWIIIIIII A seen In these parts. Included in the ves. sels passing in, and out. were stwm tcheners Flfleld, Saginaw, Daisy, Elizabeth, Temple E.

Dorr. National City, and the seheener Minnie of the steam schooners, dls. charged at the Hogs Lumber Company's although. De Fremery wharf Sunset Lumber Company's wharf and concerns were visited by these -vestals before discharging at the Hogaa 'Company's Wharf. The vessels when at Vh Koan ware two deep.

shark in estuary. While sitting la the tower of tha Webster street bridge this Traffio Keeper AI Benton and Towerman D. P. alonv and upon aatd cublic highway un der the direction of said Board ef Su pervisors and the County Surveyor or said County Of Alameda, and no change of said public highway over which said street railroad la to run shall be made In any way except by and with the consent and approval of said Board of Su pervisors. -Section 19.

In case said street rail road shall be operated by electricity, tha poles used upon eald public highway la tne construction tnereor snau oe or most approved pattern In use for electrical railroads and ef wood. Iron or concrete, and all wires used In connection with the exercise of said franchise, except underground wires, shall be of sufficient height and elevatioa above the ground so as to avoid obstruction to the ordinary use of said public Section -11. Cars -must be operated over said' street railroad In each direc tion at least once every thirty (30) minutes between -tht hours of six 18) o'clock A. M. and eleven (11) o'clock P.

M. of each day. Section II. All mall carriers In tha employ of the United States Govern ment, at all time while engaged In tha actual discharge of duty, shall be permitted and allowed to ride on the cart of said street railroad without paying any sum or money whatever for fare or otherwise, Section IS. Said Oakland Traction Company, Ht successors or assigns.

must, durlnr the life of the franchise hereby granted, pay to the County, of Alameda two per cent f2) of the grost annual receipts of said Oakland Trac-. tlon Company, Its successors or assigns, arising from the use, operation or possession of such franchise. No percent age shall be paid for the first five 48) years succeeding the date of the but thereafter such percentage nan pe payable ra tn event said payment Is not made said franchise shall be forfeited. Section 14. This ordinance shall taka effect and be In force thirty (30) dyt from its final passage, uponMhe publication thereof In accordance with law being made before the expiration of tha said thirty Passed and adopted at a meeting of the Board of Supervlsnrt of tht County of Alameda, State of California, held on the 6tn day or February, D.

1913, By the following vote: Ayes: Supervisors Bridge; Foss, Kel-ley. Murphy and Chairman Mulllns 6. Noes: None. Absent: None. 1 JOHN F.

MULLINS. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of -the county of Alameda, Statt of California. Attest: JOHN P. COOK. Clerk.

(Seal.) By A. E. JOHNSTONE," I Deputy Clerk. NOTICI TO Estate of William Duncan; deceased. Notice it hereby i given- by the under signed administrator with tha will annexed of the estate of William Duncan, deceased, tc? the creditors of and all per sons' having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchert within four (4 months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator with the wjll annexed at office of Abe P.

Leach, room' 1118, Union Savings Bank Building, Oakland, California, which said office tht undersigned selects as his place of business In, all matters connected with tald estate of William Duncan, deceased. H. B. MEHRMANN. Administrator with the will annexed of the estate pf William 4e ceased.

Dated, Oakland, January 1st, 191). ABE P. LEACH. Attorney-at-Law. Union Savings Bank Oakland, for Administrator.

Date of first publication: Feb. t. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Victor Van Hoeche, deceased. Notice It hereby given by.

tHo undersigned administrator of the estate of Vlc tor Van Hoeche, deceased, to the cred itors oi ana an persons naving cinimi tgalnst the said deceased, ta exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within fout (4) months after the first publication this 'notlctuto the said administrator at the office of Abe P. Leach, room U1S, Union Savings Bank Building, Oakland, California, which said office tht under-lgned selecti at his place of business In til matters connected with said estate ol Victor Van Hoeche, deceased. H. B. MEHRMANN.

Administrator of the.ettate of Victor Van Hoeche, deceased. Dated, Oakland, February 1st, 1911. ABE P. LEACH, Attorney-at-Law, UnL.n Savings' Bank Building. Oakland, Attorney for Administrator.

Date of first publication: Feb. J. 1913. NOtlCE TO CREDITORS. Estate of George Deake Weleh, de Ceased.

Notice It hereby glvan by. tht under signed executor of the estate of Oeorgt Deake Welch, deceased, to the creditor! of and all persons having claims against the aald deceased, to exhibit them wltb the' necessary vouchers within ten (10) months after the first publication of tbti notice to tht said executor at the offlct of Chapman Trefeihen. room 612. Osk-land Bank of Savlnga Building, Oakland, California, which said office the under-signed selects a his place of business In all matters connected with said eatatooj George Deake deceased. GEORGE DEAKE.

WELCH Executor of the estate, of George Deaki Welch, deceased. Dated: Oakland. February 8th, 1912. CHAPMAN TREFETHEN. Attorneyi for Executor, room 612, Oakland Bank of Savings Building.

Oakland, -Call-" fofhla. NOTICE OF TIME SET FOR PRCVlNa 'WILL. ETC. In the matter of the rstate of JosepS Oresta, deceased. 'nf Hm ut tnw npnvlritr wilt mtn Notice Is-hereby given, that a petition -for the probate of- the will bf Joseph Cresta, deceased; and for the Issuance to falmelita Cresta of letters testamentary thereon hat been filed In this Court, and thtt Monday, the 19th day of Vebruary, A.

D. 1912, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, at the Courtroom of Department No, 4, oi tald Court, at the Court Home In tht City of Oakland, In mild County Of Alameda, haa been set for the hearing of said petition and proving said will, when and where any person Interested may appeal and contest-the same. Pmed, February 1912.

JOHN P. COOK, Clerk, i By W. W. CRANE. Deputy Clerk.

DIPERT ft STIEFVATER, Bacoa OUkland. Cal. i NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. TM la tn mtrtlfv ttint E. A.

Kober It. not connected with the Xlsmeda County Improvement Company. Incorporated, Jn any capacity whatsoever. He Is not au A transact anV hllfllneut nor ta collect any money for this company. Feb.


NOTICE. Xntn. I. fc.ra.hv vlvan that T. havtnai purchased the drug business known at Highland Drug Store, located at 843T E.

14 lh will not be responsible for any c1pM or ohllcatlons contracted by former owners after Jan. 9, 1912. (Signed) W. S. Mci'i iiajl.k.

'NOTICE OF SALE. Tbi to certify that I have mild my grocery business at S4th and Adeline. All OinsisnumH um ij before February 10th. 1 VV, 1. NOTICE TO ATTORNEYS.

You are hereby warned that your In- are never delayed when -left with ut fw attention. The prime essentials accuracy, qua vla-ht nrlciM. (Signed) TRIBUNE PKBLIFHINO In vh.wnf. I hmv ran A and af fllfari HIV official aat. nc tn th Countv and Stiita tha and the vesjr In this cer tificate first ahovt written.

MI COM-. MISSION NEVKH E-VriKKS. Notarv I'-ihlle. HE WON'T LIMP NOW. No.inore limping for Tom Moort et Cochran, Ga.

''I had a bad tor en my Insten that- nothing teemed to help till I used Bucklen's Arnica Salve," he writes. "but this wonderful healer soon eured. me." Heals old, running tores, ulcers. bolls, burps, cuts, bruises, rciema of piles. Try It 2a tttu at.Oacood Jixtttw PUBLICATION OF AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF SUPER-.



The Board of Supervisors of the Coun tv of Alameda do ordain as THAT WHEREAS, on the Sixteenth day of October, A. D. 1911. the OAKLAND TRACTION COMPANY, a corporation, filed with the Board of Su pervisors of the County of Alameda an application In writing for the franchise hereinafter set forth: ana WHEREAS, thereafter such action waa taken by said Board of Supervisors urion said annllcatlon of said Oaklana Traction Company In accordance with the law In such case made and provided, that thereafter, to wit, the Fifth day of February, Ai D. 191J, after due ndtlce grven aa provided by law, said waa by- resolution, of said Board of Supervisors duly -passed and adopted at a meeting of said Board held on said Fifth day of February, A.

D. 1912, duly-struck off, and awarded by said Board of Supervisors to said uaKiand Traction comDany as me nign est bidder therefor for the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty (2B0V Dollars in United States Gold Coin: and WHEREAS, said Oakland Traction Company deposited with the County Clerk of the said County of Alameda and ex-off clo Clerk of sa Id Board or su pervlsors. In the manner and within the times provided by law, the full amount of Its said bid of Two- Hundred and flftv 8Sol Dollars- and WHEREAS, said Oakland Traction Company dldi within five days aftor said franchise was so award to it, aa aforesaid, file -vlth- said Board of Su- nervlsors a bond running to saia voun iv Af. ilam.ilf In th rtAnfcl Slim of TWO Thousand (JOOO) Dollars (said sum of Two- Thousand 2000 Dollars- th amount theretofore fixed by said Board of Supervisors as the penal sum of such bond), with two good and sufficient turttles. -conditioned -in- all respects at required by law, which said bond and the sureties thereon were amy ap proved by said Board of Supervisors; NOW' THEREFORE, the Board of Su pervisors of the County of Alameda do oraaln at follows Section 1.

The rlaht. ranchlsa and privilege Is hereby granted unto the Oakland Traction Companyi a corporation. its successors and assigns, to lay down, construct, maintain and operate a street railroad with an necessary ana convenient stations, side' tracks, switches, poles, wires, icennectlont and appliances, along and upon that cer tain route in the Township oi uaKiano, County of Alameda, State of California, which said route is aescribea oy us cen ter line as to wit: BEGINNING at the Interjection of the Northern boundary line-of the- City of Berkeley with the line of The Arlington Road at said road Is thown on that certain map ontltled "Map of The Arlington Road, -from Berkeley to Lot 1, San Pablo Rancho," filed on the 9th- day of March, 1908, In the office of the County Recorder ofAiameaa ty, California; and- running thence Northerly, along the center line of said The Arlington Road to the Intersection of said center line of The Arling ton Road with the Northerly boundary line of the County of Alameda. Section Said Oakland Traction Company, its successors land assigns, Is herebv granted and given the above mentioned right, franchise and privilege to lay construct, maintain and onerate aald street railroad for all pur poses to which street railroads are usually detv-oted, Including the to carry passengers thereon for for the term, of fifty (60) years, from and after tha data when thil ordinance. takes effect.

Section 't. Said street railroad shall nf ulnrla or double track, and the rallt. shall be laid In a good an substantial and workmtnliKe manner, and said street railroad shall, be constructed In. such a manner as to present 'the least' possible obstruction, and inconvenience to the traveling public, and the cars run thereon shall be of the most approved pattern -lor comiori, con- Section 4. Said street railroad shall he operated by electricity or such other Improved mode of operation as may be authorised by law, except steam, locomotives.

Section Si- The tracks, side tracks and switches shall not be more than Ave feet wide within the rails and must hae a space between them sufficient to allow the crs to pass eacn omer rreeiy, ana when permanently laid shsll' be as nearly as possible InMhe middle of said road. No stations shan be constructed within the. lines of the public highway without the approval and consent of said Board of. Supervisors. Section 6.

Single fares on said street railroad shall be as now provided by law. Section- 7." Said Oakland Trsfttott Company, Its successors or assigns, must plunk, -pave or macaoamize, or omcr-wise improve, with the same kind of material with which other portions of the public highway adjacent are Jra-oroved. the entire length of the ald public highway used said track or tracks between tne rails ana tor two feet on each side thereof, and also between- the tracks where Is more than one track, and keep the same con stantly In repair, flush with said publlo nucnwny ami wmi nu stair Oakland Traction rompany, its successors or assigns, after five (6) days' btlce to repair or. improve the entire of said public highway used hv salH. railroad, or any portion thereof, as apye provided, shall forfeit to the said CWUtf.v of Alameda ten dollars per dav for each and every day that said Oakland Traction Company, or Its successors' or assigns, shall neglect to comply with the aforesaid condition.

Becttrm 8. Work to. construct said street railroad shall be commenced In good faith within four (4) months from the of the taking effect of this ordinance, tnd If not so commenced within said time, said right, franchise and privilege, hereby granted shall be de-elared forfeited, and work to construct said street railroad shall be completed within three (3) years from the date of the taking effect of this ordinance, and If not so completed within 'said time, said right, franchise and privilege hereby- gvantedshall- uncompleted portlop thereof be abandoned with, the-consent and approval of said Board of Supervisors, and provided that for good shown, said Board of- Supervisors may by resolution extend the time for-thf completion of the work to construct il! street railroad net three (2) months. Section 9. Said DAIand Traction Company, Hi successors or assigns, shall lay tha tracks for said street railroad Bl UK Rev.

Leland D. Rathbone and Rev. R. F. Carter Are Guests.

'Rev. Llahd D. Rathbonp of Berkeley, superintendent of Home mis-iona of the Congregational church, and Rev. Ray F. Carter, assistant pastor of the First Congregational church of this city, -were the honored guests at the neighborhood dinner given last evening by the Ladies' Guild of Olivet Congregational church In Rock Ridge -hall.

College avenue and Lawton street The repast wag followed by a program consisting of musical and literary numbers. Rev. I D. Rathbone was chairman of the They, dining apartment was decorated with sprays of greens, wild currant blosoms arid willows. Violets scattered upon the tables completed the floral settings.

Mrs. Errjest Almonds' headed the decoration committee. The arrangements for the social were made by Mrs. George Gould, chairmanr Mrs. Turner, Mrs.

Harold Everhartj Mrs. Ralph MitcheJl and Mrs. C. N. Shane, president of the Guild.

iiilislf In Fact Three of Them Were Concerned in Escapade of Bookmaker. BERKELEY, Feb. 9. That It was a San Francisco gltU-Wljo Mrs-Frank Bain of "283 Regent street, wife of a noted bookmaker, to make a hurried visit to the, San Marco hotel across the bay two nights ago and interrupt a meeting between the and Bain was" the statement of the wife at her home this morning. Mrs.

Bain added, "I am sorry this trouble has arisen on account of my little girl who Is In school. The trouble is all over however." 6a(d Bain, when seen a little later at his residence, "A woman, who has. had it In for me for two years has caused all trouble. The young lady I met lives at home and is all right. I am sorry that ahe has been brought Into the Our domestic affairs have been straightened out." The troublemaker" telephoned Mrs.

Bain, concerning the meeting between the bookmaker and the other wo man. The wife's appearance caused an exciting in tne notei where the pair were laughing ind chatting when she arrived. Frank Bain was one 'of the most successful bookmakers In the country during the palmy aays of horse racing an his permanent home has been tn Berkeley for several years. SAN LEAN DRANS VVANTV5-CENT FARE SAJ LEANDRO, Feb. S.

r-' The San Leandro Chamber of Commerce will endeavor to have street car fares fromfhere to Oakland reduced to five cents and a committee will be appointed at the next meeting to take up. the matter with officials of the Oakland Traction Company. If the committee is unsuccessful petitions will be circulated among the residents of San Leandro calling for the requested reduction. Weep Over Mourn for Feb. 9.

Abraham Levine and his three children were weeping over the coffin bought for Mrs. Levine, the wife and mother, when Abraham, opening the casket for a last look at his wife, discovered that the body was not there. Mrs. Levine had been a ND "TJpon the remodeled stage of the John Fremont High' School the senior that Institution will Impersonate the celebrities of the vaudevlll world In their, annual which Will he held March in the Assembly Hall of the school In Melrose, The young performers who have been selected for the entertainment were successful In securing manuscripts of th-various sketches which were presented on the Orpheum stage. Vernon Dent will appenr tn the character of Sam Mann In New Leader." The school boy gave hii Interpretation of the character before Mann while he was at the local playhouse, and the 'actor declared that It was the best Impersonation of him that he had ever seen.

The cat in "The New Leader" follows: Vernon Dent, new Charles Fern, the stage manager; Thomas Rohlniron, the man; Anson Weeks. AI Goodwin: Ruth Slavan, Hasel Goodwin: Celeste Hill and Merle Watson, La Vere sisters. Bliss Jackson In a pianologue, will feature a composition of his own, "The Jitney Crawl." Jackson has quite a reputation around the bay In musical circles and his admirers are due for quite a surprise. Jessie Pratt' dancers will give something; new and original In the way of fancy dancing. 1 The- Midway Quintet will render a "Symphony- In Piano, Bliss Jackson; banjos, "Congo' Samuels, Will Joe Bush; drums, Hal Baxter.

Vernon Dent and fCftrlea Fern In Bellboys' Union," 'assist by Miss Vera Moffltt, Miss Hnsel Clarke, Miss Helen Hartman and Clifford Cole. Jack Wurts's German band Is a laugh from, beginning teend. The hand will OAKLA VARIETY STUBS TO IIIERS1IED BY PUPILS' Oakland to Be Made Ready for Opening of Panama-" Pacific Fair. In preparation for the numerous visitors who will come to Oakland at the time of the Panama-Pacific Internationa! Exposition. Mayor Frank K.

Mott la planning to Initiate; campaign for the beautlficatlon of Oakland. To this end Mayor Mott is considering the creation of two advisory boards or commissions, consisting of prominent citlsens. The commissions will be known as a civic art commission and an outdoor league and will act as advisory bodies to the mayor ana City Council. 5 It la planned to create a beautiful park surrounding Lake Merrltt to Wing setting for the new JoOO 000 municipal auditorium, is to be placed on city property jputh of the Twelfth street dam. Plans for new auditorium, for the erection of which $500,000 has been provided by a municipal bond la-sue, will be called for in the near fu-f ture, when-a competltlveeontesHnay 5 the best meant of obtaining an artlstlo design for the structure.

The matter Is jn the hands of City Architect J. J. Donovan. Mrs. Fredericf Crandell, Released From Blackweli's, Hears News.

NEW YORK, Feb. Frederick crandell, nee McManus, came to New MwJT and learned for the first time that her husband was an heir of the late Edwin Hawley and a prospective millionaire. She was sentenced ro the workhouss last January for "disorderly conduct and mallclour the outcome-of a tenement house row. The children of the pair have been at Chatham, awaiting their mother's Young Crandell once waa one the late railroad millionaire's favorite nephews, but they quarreled lh. 189 when Hawley learned of Crandell's attentions to Miss McManus, then a telegrtph operator In the.

offices of. Southern Pacific railway, where he was employed-Since Hawley 'died Intestate, CrandeJI will receive share of. tha estate amounting, It, Is said, to. mere -than $3,000,000. WALTER McCREDIE IS MARRIED IN NORTH VANCOUVER, Feb.

-Waltr McCredle, manager and part owner In the Portland Club of the Pacific Coast ana pan owner or tha Portland Club of the- Northweattrn' was married last night, to Mrs, Etta Rslti of Portland. The ceremony was performed at the heme ef Judge W. W. McCreedle ln city. few Intimate friends were present.

ANTI-SALOON WAR ON AT MARTINEZ MARTINTO. Feb. The war of the Anti-Baioon League against the selling of liquor in Contra-Coita county it on, officials of the league declaring that by July of this year the sale of liquor will be in violation of law. HOLD 80CIAL. S.hapt:r, of ths American Institute of Banking held Its first -regular menthly social meeting last nlBht.

Georire B. Dickie, superintendent of playgrounds in Oakland, addressed the chapter on th work and plans of the department and a talk was lao given by W. W. Keith Industrial agent of the- Key, Route -system on traffle mattrm 'in ftubLnt rH mini-i Woodson, the young Easterner who holds rrmny records ror, ms speed work, on the typewriter, also gave a demonstration of his skill. I Two -jennis courts will be Installed In Bushrod Park playground by the Oakland Playground commission In, the spring, New.

games will be IntnduMd bv Miss Johanna Johnson, director of th iri- department at Bushrod, who will also re vive tne rolk dancing In March. The children will soon begin rehearsals for the May day festival, which will be one of the most attractive events of the season for the hoys nnd girls. Last year the celebration was held In De Fremery Park playground. Sixteenth and Adftlne streefs. This year there will be an elaborate entertainment in Moeswood Park, which was recently purchased by the city for a playground.

No definite plans have been perfected for the opening affair. Severs! months ago Superintendent Playgrounds Geo. E. Dickie announced that th May day outing will be held there. Tlie pUygroond equipment Is due to arrive from the East prior to that date.

v'. PROLONG GIRL'S LIFE WITH VACCUUM CLEANER CHICAGO. Feh. IAi. vacuum- cleaner, with an equipment for producing artinciai replratlon.

was the means employed at a hospital here yes-terday for prolonging: a young woman's Ufa hours. At vthe time the resusclttthm W8fS began 'the patient was what had beefc tclentlflcally ermei "Incompletely dead." Rnlrfi.ttnn. h.nrt irtlnn mwA pulse became almost normal. While' twa Bhvslclani' wnrkwd with the machine over the patient 'today two othert performed an operation. After the the machine was stopped for a moment and the patient died.

lh nun IS HI van CHILDREN TO BE9IK REHEARSALS FOR iy -BOYS -AND' 'GIRLS Municipal Band Under. of Paul Steindorf to K-m Sunday. Announcement was made today of the program for the regular Sunday afternoon concert given by the municipal park band Lakeside park today. The program by.the Oakland Park' Banl, Paul Btelndorff, director, and Dexter M. manager, is -as follows, weather permitting: ''Star (The audience Is requested to rise and remain standing during the rendition of this number.) 1.

March, Oate Welden Overture, Ltpht Uppe J. Dreams of Childhood. oil' iiv-v 4. Siamese Patrol. Lincke 8.

Grand Phantasie, Bohemian Balfe (By req uest.) 1' S., Mlgnon. (By. Selection, The Chocolate Soldier. Oscar Strauss 8.

(By request.) Paraphrase, Xa tfRv rviiissif Awakening of the xv. uainp miemo, jjance or tne De- Imn the 'Sundays concerts' are rglveh a whiib muincr wm ny irom tne nag pole at Fifteenth and Broadway and a white disk will be placed on the Orand avenue cars in addition to the red disk. F.KvMOTT Preparation Unifer Way for the nnuaj umner of the Anti- Tuberculosis League. The annual meeting of the County Society for the Studv ventlon of Tuberculosis wilt be held Mon day evening at 7:30 o. m.

In th. of the society. 625 Seventeenth Oakland, for the purpose of electing dl- rectors for the coming year. All members are urged to be present. The preparations which are being made for the annual dinner of the eiety on February 1J, "show that It is to be a successful affair.

following excellent sneakers have been Invito i. address the guests: Mayor Frank K. Mot. Thomas E. Hay-den, Dr.

Jessica Pelxotto. Hon. W. H. uonanue, Rev.

Clifton Macon, Benjamin F. Woolner. Members and friends are" requested to send In 'their replies ttmet. HAYWARD HETURNS CERTIFIED CHECK HATWAItD, The e-erjfled cheek, for S12.800' deposited with -the City -Clerk W. Garretfon-by 'the W.

Halsey'. Bond Company payment for bonds recently Issued for a' new fire system and flrehouse. was ordered re. turned the company by the board of trustees last 7he" concern had oommuntcated -with the eltjr dark saying tliat It did hot wish, to buy the JnSa jewing to Ihi ilee-tron proceedings. 1 THIODORg MARKS YORK, Feb.

Marks, was'-reporte. thla morning as1 so 111 that he was not ex-ptetea to through the-day. 'He hat besrf suffering for, soma time- rum me pnage. rney ran-down stairs onto the bridge proper and found- a small pulling at a Ash line. Benton and Sullivan, In true sportsman style, teok hold of the line and hauled It in.

According le Sullivan and Benton, hooked on the nd of the line was a shark weighing at est 5 pounds. The shark, according to ti two men. was as hi tha i hn hooked it and was a ferocious looking 'ja-l men- lne youngster explained to rjiht rescuers that he had Just received the Use from a friend and hVcrossmg the had thrown it overboard. He felt fierce tug and let out a yell, thinking -that tie hd lassoed a. whale, and then and Sullivan appeared on the scene.

-The youngster laid the big fish over hls-shoulder-and marched for-the Oriental section of the city, where he de- dared he was going to' sell it to a "chink." The. Key Jtotile. ferry boat Claremont j'tnt, on the -ays the Moore and Scott shlpyamfls this morning. She will, be overhauled and painted. The steam schooners.

Carlos.Fairhaven, Marnhfiold and Daisy (Jadsby are Long Vharf picking up And dlscharglnjr freight and Th "team schooner tCatherine at the Sunset Lumber Company's wharf, dis- 'charging 50,000 feet of lumber. inn neaatacK company's ttni Sea Prince ran up tbo stream yesterday, with a ooal barge in The barge was laid' at the Park street wharf on the Alameda side. Richmond to Co-operate With County in Placing Products at. World's Exhibition. CHMONB, Feb.

delegation ot Richmond business men Journeyed to Martinez today to meet with the county supervisor and discuss the Contra Costa exhibit at the Panama-Paeifle Kaposi, tlon. Exposition Commissioner John Birmingham, who has the exhibit in charge for this has been busy with the preliminary steps and has asked the help and oo-operatlon of ''all bulrss men of the county In the matter. -mond was the first city In this sect.i.n to ask; for exposition space at big fair and if is proposed to make the exhibit one that will attract widespread attention from the hundreds of thousands of visitors whn will timii Bvvviii4i iiiavi Owens, the industrial commission and the rent, estate men are all prominent In' the work of gathering together such an ex-nosltlon nf th ma Blchmond industrlts as will be a credit in iiiu me people ana the state, and are leaving no stone unturned te bring this desired end' aboutr 1 The com'-mlssloner with the aid of the county board will arrange for a m'agnlfleent dls-f'ftv of the acrlciiltural anrf t'yd products nf Contra Cost's 'county Vort wwMte' Of. IEETK pNSEf DENTAL PARLORS V'. tu vAttanot if.

ti KiW Ith ao4 ttk (tr)t, OUUas." 4 fkeae AtOM. i niiPiiirnPMrii i yr.n r- Painless Dentisjiy 'KIDS' SEEK FAME ON THE DIAMOND CHARLES WOLLIX. Youngsters ranging In ages from. 7 to IB years have caught the baseball' fever. During: the four seasons of the year the lads be seen with tha In their hand or umpiring Many of them aspire to become champion Ditchers or tatrbers in the big coast leaguei.

Charles wouin, who ig 10 years of-uge, ssy that baseball ny other out-d6or sport. Boys In all the grammar uhools are preparing for' the annual athletic smset. which will be held Jn the spring. date has been set for the composed of 2j pieces and' thre wlll. be several soles." Jack Wurt will be tho leader." A Frank Book's acrobats and- club twlng-rs have an original net.

i 'The- Plrha ninnies," Irt- plantation toiige, will close the performance. Tha Quartet 'Is composed of Jauk' first Laland Burgulid, snc- ond tenor; iiarltone; Frances Archer, bass. "The Pickaninnies" will -be tUtti un der the direction of Miss Buiv.baub'ti tnd Mist Week --rr etrrDoaif-, wt it 1 "i J. I 'I. -i' i- i i I lit'.

I'. 1.

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