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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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3 WEDNESDAY EVENING. -Yes, indeed ZELLERBftCH WILL POPULAR GIRL GETS-BIRTHDAY SURPRISE PARTY A- Piafflo" MaiBofeMai fm CMIsfessi -V -j, 's The ideal Christmas gift Is a good piano or player PRICES "NOW ON FURS i piano. Jiiusicts necessary, to zne zrue inriszmas spinu The house of Eohler Chase is Jieadquarters for the vrorld's best musical instruments. Whether you- want an inexpensive used upright at $100 to $250 or a or Ilnaba Inii grana at you upwara, ora genuine jfianoia piuuu omur niuu store for-you. The fact that Eohlcr Chas3 represents the IiEADIlTCr at Cdsffrave niSTItTJIIEITTS UT THE IITJGIOAL YOIILD and carries by far the LARGEST A1TD HOST VAIIIED STOCK sialics the selection of an instrument in this" stora goubly fr-TTjri easy, uee ikonier a unaso oexore cuyin Convenient monthly pay OAKLAND, STORE, 12th and FranKlin Sample Suits I AND' SAY, Lest You Take a LoqIc at Those At Specially Low ments if desired f.lrs. C. V-Cross DecIares'That BrothersvWould Cut Her Off From Estate. SAN" FRANCISCO, Dec 6. In her con test of the will of, her father Anthony Zellerbach, founder pf the Zellerbach Paper Company, who died October of this year, leaving aa estate of several million dollars, Mrs. CrossK through her attorneyr Herbert 'i Choynskl, that the will Js a ruse, perpetrated by her brothers, to place the entire estate in the hands of her mother, over wham. it Is alleged, the brothers have perfect control. According to the win of the late paptr merchant his entire iworldly fortunes were left to his Theresa ZeUerbach; three sons, Jacob, Isidor and Heary, being named as executora, No provision was niade for any of the children, although it is averred that shortly before his death Zellerbach, seniorranaf erred Xo his sons bis interest in the Zellerbach Paper Coxa pany, with the exception of $2000. -raid to fce his interest in the'' partnership flrm whichV according to Mrr. Cross, has been out of existence since about the time ef the fire of 1906. i-- SAYS HE WAS INCOMPETENT. The naughter maintains that ner father was of unsound mind on February 50, 1904, when his last will and testament was drawn; that he was not competent; that he was ot, free from undue influence; that he was a pronounced hypochondriac, and that he was under the influence of pertalTi persons, whose names, arj iat knowni -at the time heKaf fixed his sig nature to the will in. -question, whlca has recently been entered for probate. Every effort will be made by Mrs, Cross to have the will set aside, plape the ee CHRJSTY DEFENDS -J-, Other genuine Pianola Planes at 9B7S. 4 I -625, 8T2C, 823, etc Also Pianola T- 1 "7 Piano Granda 1 LlL -l I. I I mjss MAJBEL I The arrived, Koier a cH1t n3 TECHNICAL SCHOOL bean of Mining College Says Theory as Well as Practice Is Necessary, UNTVERSITT. DF CALIFORNIA. Dec -Samuel B. Christy, dean of the college of mining, speaking before' the Mining Association5 night, defended technical education as to pracT tical experience without theory. (Replying to arguments, by R. T- Crane, a prominent steel and iron manufacturer Kohler Sl Chase A birthday" surprise party was given Miss Mabel Hatchwell at her heme la Twentieth street Saturday last, by a number- of her friends from the pities about the bay. 1 TSB K3TABB TTPaiaHTP AT 55 -t, -7 Other ncrisrht Ttlinai i i 'r. Lr "tuPwarar' The recipient is the pretty daughter Policy Ltire holdings of the deceased into an es tate and divide it evemy among an the ebildren. Those Interested la the present contest are: Theresa Zellerbach, widow; Jacob Isidore. Henry. B. Buene, Arthur aad Lily Zellerbach, Mrs. Charles V. Cross, Mrs. Hazel Piatt and Mrs. Sarah jBSBBfc. of Mrs. Gerrish. The borne was tastefully decorated in Christmas style, red and green, being the prevailing colors. V. After a well-arranged program of games for prizes supper was served. The table was beautifully laid out wth poinsettias' and ferns and was illuminated entirely by Japanese lanterns. Clifford Mehrtens entertained splendidly -with his ably as-sisted by Miss Helen Baker, Miss Dolores eFevre and Miss Pearl at the piano. Songs and dances closed the evening's enjoyment. Following are tjie friends who, attended the, affair: Special tti latter a sister oi An mony bach. have large number ot In view of the mass of sensational, misleading advertisements for pianos, which is now finding its way into print, we wish again to emphasize IT IP AYS TO DEAL WITH A RELIABLE HOUSE. Kohler Chase is strictly a one-price houseand our prices are much lower tjian any otfier musical con cern," large or We GUARANTEE lowest for. grade 'and we arefalways glad to show a customer the esact saying made by dealing with us. O'" The Kohler Chase monthly payment plan is the. easiest and safest don't buy ac pianp; on payments1 until you hays our plan. The Kohler Ssj Chase guarantee rotects every; Kohler Chase customer player pianos and good uprights and grands, taken in exchange, which are offered at about hall JURY EXONERRTES MRS, I. RIKOIIIISE CUKord Moller Gladys Todd Florence Billingtoa Helen Baker Dolores LeFevre Mabel HatcliweU Derethy Bnrrns Pearl Butzbach EstherMarchall -Alice BuUbach Sari ColIiQfs Walter Griffith Jack Shaffer Ray Butzbach Hiram Shatter CUf foro -Mehrtens Arthur Bill ington Mr. K. Callings Mrs. Burma price to close them out. S300 Cecfltaw Flayer 600 WefXer Player Ft asst. Qtbes Playee Pia9 mt 420. S44S9, S483, t. 425 iriaeker 2s4 S-4TS CklcktriBK Plaa (Mfl S375 KokUt fc Cku tnaao. fsoe (labler Ptaa. 375 lUvil 1M S304 WlMthrop ZOO ptonler A CampbeU piano Davis Piano. .9187 sao Hoftmaam 1 1S S760 Fischer $200 Uoaarck The above are selected at random from the large stock in eur ''Bargain Itoora." Call early. Woman Justified in Shooting 3 01 unicago, who lately has been writing against technical college educations, he said: reclp for an engineering education would make, a first class artisan, but an indifferent engineer. Mr. Crane, being a manufacturer, looks at it he problem from a i manufacturer's 'standpoint and what manufacturers da sire is a man who can do the same thing over and Over again; This requires no special theory." Profesor Christy said that many young men had come to him deploring the fact that In earlier years they had not taken advantage of a technjal education. "Up to a'eertain point this class sue-ceeds well," he said, "but they feel their lack of -training in later, years." The speaker asserted that a man with the determination wprk hard and do his best, will always succeed whether he has a-technical education or not, but that technical education gives him a foundation, upon which to start. ilTER DISTRICT BILL INTRODUCED Asemblyman Clark Offers' a Measure Eliminating FJaws From Old Law. Franck, Is Judgment of Tribunal. Bacon 12th Street OAKLAND 26 O'Farrell SL, San Francisco CHASE The Leading Music House After a short session this forenoon the grand Jury fully exonerated Mrs. Bankowse. of Livermore," for shooting LEOPOLD SELIGMAN DIES IN LONDON AT EIGHTY NEW YORK; Jtc Leopold. Eellf. man, one of the eight Seligman brothers, whose names have figured In the banking -history of tho: wofld for several 4ecades, died last night in London at the age of SO. News his-death was cqhw tained in a cable, dispatch received by Isaac N. gellgman his nephew. Leopold. Seligman -was Sa res Id eat of California until 1861, when he 4 went to An tone Franck In the forehead, a. the time of his arrest recently lor arson Franck is a prisoner in the county iaU, awaiting hi? trial on' -Ihe. felony eha.rga. Mrs- Bankowse os? a carpenter shop and barn on her ranch near Llyertnora -i i "T1" i rTTTC. i ennn PYPPRT RPTIIRKIQ ttn and food expert, baa returned "from science the Ohio TJniverslty on foo4- Official Agriculture Chemists at whith rUUU tArtni nfii UnUO an extended tour orthe east, At Col- food nalyei3 and adulteration were the TO STATE UNIVERSITY f-f ci a series of tests an erings of jthe AgrieulWral 6cene. Food eial report of an experiment, made at protelda tlje professor furthered the ad- Officials a -d American Nutrition tAsso- this university. coffee and tea analy- vancement of an experiment at present xm i kRSITx OF CALIFORKIAi Dee. ciations. Here he also delivered an ad- sis by assitanta here. JJa also attended under the control of Pr. Osborne of 8-Meyer B. --Jalfa. professor- of nutri- dress -before the students of domestic Ithe jratherlngs of tie Association of 'w Jj. 9 i 4'. 11 mt hiiimuji ui niuiuwuiuiiums i i by fire and sha old the authorities a story that led to the of raacii petting fire the property, Franck London and helped establish a branch, of the Seligman banking business in that was found by neighbors hiding a a. wagon eitv. Maay years ago he retired. but had been in good health up to about and when he was dragged out to confront Mrs. Bankowse he nade a lunge towards her and put his hand upon his hip pocket twelve months agxx Of the eight Selig man, brothers, only two, James and as ff to draw a ravojverjst the same time mwmm mim threatening to kill th- woman. Isaac nowBurvive. FIRST DIPSOMANIAC Mrs. Bankowse. wb was armed, shpt VIOLATES HIS PAROLE Franck, inflicting a scalp wound upon his forehead. She was not arrested and whan Franck. was lodged iri the county Jail he conf essea 9 Sherift garnet that he cau ed the fire that destroyed Mrs. Bankewse's BERKELEY, Dee. 6 The- firs' tion of parole by a -dipsomaniac nmit ted to a State insane hospital from Berk The Booklovers Contest. There is no canvassing or soliciting about it. Voudon't hye to be a subscriber in order: to compete, and the contest is absolutely free! eley has come 'to the attention of the After-the occurrence istrlct Attorney SACRAMENTO, "Dec 8. A resolution was Introduced by. Assernblyman- Clark, on behalf of the Sierra Club, petitioning congTesa ta appropriate for use In the osemlte national park; $250,000 to be expended each year for the next four years, Sierra Club Is opposing a resolution, now before the legislature providing for the re-eessioa of the park to the state. Assmblyman Clark -Introduced a bill repealing the bill for the Jereatlon of municipal water districts, passed 1 at the regular session of the legislature, It was found that the' law then enacted, which provided far ithe organisation- of municipal water districts and allowed for municipal ownership of water plants, was impracticable la many small details, which the proposed substitute measure 1b dlsmed to local police the case of George Ram Xonahue reciuested Bhriff Barnet to ia sey of 1522 Prince street, who-was sent vestigate the shooting with a view to to the county hospital last Au laying the matter before the grand Jury. The sheriff filled his commission and ap gust for fj3runkenness. He was paroUi November 11, and believed to have been cured of inebrlacy. He was found in an HERE ARE TH PICTURE 77 1 Reduced Copies of Two of the Pictures That Hava Appeared fie Fr." pearing before the lnauisatorial bodv- he I detailed the results ef his investigation Intoxicated condition yesterday by Poliee ana aeciarea tnat in i ma opinion Urg. man "Wilson, and today Chief of Police Bankowse only shot Franek in self -de- Vpllmer notified the hospital authorities; who will send an officer to take Ramsey back to the Institution for, further treats jense, oeaevmg at tn ume that the utter intended to kill her. The testimony of other eye-witnesses verified BheriiZ Bar- Wt JZACK riCTUKCS FREEBEAD BELOW Something Quite new in contests. In Is offered by The Call- a real contest, which you. whoever you are and wherever you live, can compete end, win one the splendid prises described in this announcement, See thos two pictures to the right? They are reduced copies of two of the It pictures that comprise the Pooklovers' Contest. One picture appears each day in rbe Call, and each picture represents the title of a book. Contestants simply clip these pictures out. of the paper each day, SelTvthe pictures, and save them until the whole 77 have appeared. Then the series is sent and those getting the correct answers most successfully- wiH; be awarded the 300 great prizes. i That's all there is to ifcrJ It's a game The jCall devised in order to make friends, game for the evening hours, in which is fun and fascination and awards that stake the contest all the tnore absorbing. -r menti pet ff version of the -shooting, whereupon the grand Jury completCy -exoneirated the Livernjore woman any criminality and. order her Phaser of the incident More than 20 of the 77 pictures hay now appeared. Xo vou want to etatt iff H-i' op ANNOUJfCEIEXT. AXXOTJSf CEMENT. Brings Buyers From All Sections of California Closing' Out Sale of Eilers Music House OaHland Store; Greatest Piano Opportunity Ever Heard of in the State. 1 tn tne contest and get all these back picues--and more-ree? jr you oo tnat you will be on an equal plane with those who have been in the contest from the first In order-to aid contestants a Contest Catalogue of 4500 book titles has been published. From this catalogue aH the titles represented by the 77 pictures are selected. Thus all the correct titles are in this Well, with each catalogue purchased The Call gives away 7 certificates. redeemable at any time during the contest for the first $5 contest pictures! Tou can getScatalogue with which to solve the pictures, and the first 85 pictures, too, for 35 centsor 4Q cents by malt. Chen the pictures that appear after the thirty-fifth you can clip out of The Call. 7 Tou don't have to register enroll in the contest. Just send for the cata-ogue and the certificates entitling you to the first 85 pictures- Then clip the ither pictures from The Call, save them all until picture No, 77. has appeared, md send them in, with your name and address ",1 Somebody will win those prizes, and it might as well be you! TO REPRESENT SQIiAXO. VALLEJO, Pee. Supervisor IL J. Wldemenn has been appointed to represent Solano county at the meeting of the California Development Board to be held in Los months PHOTO PLAYS OF GREAT EDUCATIONAL VALUE Lyric Theater Management Aims to Raise Standard of Moving Picture Plays. 1 HERE ARC THE CONTEST RULES AH residents of California, Oregon and Nevada are eligible to enter the contest except employees of the San Francisco Call and members of their lamSliee. iac i flay, for 77 days, there will be published in The Call a picture whjcb will represent the name Of the book. Beneath this nicturo tbera will bo a blank for tta contestant The rules, printed at the right, wiu teu you au you want to Know. or. if to fill In the name pf the book and author. rou stm -do not understand te contest. eejid to the tsooKiovera' vontest xatitor. rbe San Francisco Call. 5 -V- But better ftir out the order form below' right now, and receive the contest jatalogue, the certificates entitling you to the rt 35 pictures free, and a four page description of the contest and the prizes. Cut the picture and blank and fin in the pam and author of the-boose and. your name and address neatly and plainly-in the space provided, 'No restrictions will be placed on the way In which answers to theTictures mar Our greater men and more prominent Even San Franciscans FlocK to OaKland to Se cure Choice of Splendid Pianos and Play-ers Offered at Greatly Reduced Prices. writers, and educators have for many HERE ARE THE' 600 'PRIZES To 6 Awarded Those Solving the Pictures Most Successfully. be secured, Each picture represents only the title of one book- If you ara not certain of the title and wish to send In more than one nwer to ach picture you may do so. NO MORE THAN TEN ANSWEI-o WILL, B3 ACCEPTED TO ANY a tjTrmTT -r TnTT-noir i year claimed that education te rough the eye isrouch more lasting, and ot greater 1 A. aw ii mn A. WAT. I AUKVrnicl HUB WC1 3 TVlit nut. WUab'KfUUBb i if correct answer Is also given. More than one anTr must not be put on tho same Extra coupons must be used for extra answers. AU answers to the same Dicture must be keot together in MimHii? in tii rtt thought producing power, than any other method In vogue- In. numerous colleges and schools ail over he civilised world nature so-called, have been Oakland Is today the piano center ff California. -It will continue. to be We are selling practice pianos, used of course, for as little as $46. $58. $84. It is necessary that pictures be sent in with the answers, in order that all answers may be uniform. Additional pictures and coupons may bo obtained at The Call -of flee, by mail or In person. Answers will not be accepted unless they formed for the purpose, of travel, taking You can have 'your choice- of 5AH the- younger generations, into foreign isre properly filled out the colons appearing beneath each picture. Each climes, well as the many points of Eilers Music House closes our- Oakland store. Buyers have cpme from as far south, as Bakersfleld and from the country north of Sacramento, while we have had as many people Interest In the home country; How many, not only of the younger. children but.also their who have never been outside their own little community, who have srrom Ban ijancisco pure nase ies from Oakland' and sirrroimdlne' never eeen or heard of this and that sec tion of the country, or other' particular cities. It simply goes to show thaO when points of educational value and interest, or else know of these places only through a vAtt 1 Via I AnnAl4nilfir 4 answer must be written on a separate coupon, I When you have all 77 answers fasten them together and bring them er mail them in a neat flat pckae-e not folded or rolled to The Call office, addressed to the BOOKLOVERS' CONTEST EDITOR. Frizes will be. awarded to the con testant sending in the largest number of correct solutions. In the event of two or more persons having the same number of correct solutions, the person using the smallest number of extra coupons in bis set of answers will be declared the winner. In the event of two or loore persons having the same number correct and using the same number of -coupons, awards will be made on the basis of neatness, but if the ties can not be decided in that way the value of the prize will be eaually dived ajnong them. More than one prise will not be -awarded to any one family to one address, but each member of the family may enter the contest and submit a complete Only one complete set (comprising not more than 10 answers to any one picture) of answers may be submitted by any one contestant- Awards will be strictly according to the meritof each separate lisU The names of more than one person not be written on one coupon. All answers will be considered on their merits. The first filed will have no preference over the last filed, provided only that answers to be considered must heresay. magazines and pictures. Kignt here, ana now. is where the "kcmted thef public is ot slow to take advantage of Itr And if we could get the real Jacts of this sale thoroughly Photo play and motion pictures have at last succeeded in bringing all of these Impressive and amazing scenes and characteristics almost to our very doors, opening up new and wonderful trains of thought making -practical experienced travelers of the closest really, good uprights at $138, $164 ana Ji7L. that sell regularly for almost twice those figures, while at $242 and $254vyou will find here upright pianos which-the small dealers will not sell at less than $400 and $425. Player-Pianos, the kind that anyone can plaw artistically with a lew moments practice, may now he had for as little as $2 75. for styles regularly retailed at $550. you can secure a good player-piano that was originally priced at $650, while for. $450 and $485 you-can now secures players that are sold by dealers noted for 'low prices for $750 and $8oo. "You can have your choice of baby grand -pianos reductions of from $200: to rom regular figures. These low prices do not mean that you have to pay all cash for the piano you select. We are entitled to cash at these figures, but if it is not convenient for you to pay all cash, brings one-half or one-third cash, or JtSO, $25 or $20. Even as little as $10 will secure your piano and the' balance you can arrange in weekly or monthly installments. As we must positively -be 6ut of this store by December 15. youican-not afford to wait if you want a piano, eu owe it to yourself to borne at onee? and get you selection. JWe will keep open evenings until Such plays as Arrah-Na-Pogue," by everjr Oakland man who is thinking of buying a piano, our entire stock, would not last two days. We have several times stated the reasons why we are compelled to close our Oakland store right' In the midsV of the Christmas season. The Ells Furniture Company of Alameda insists that they must have our store at 5 57-559 Twelfth street, Oakland, opposite the Orpheum, not later than HRST PRIZE Bungalow and Ixt in Bea atlful Burlingame soon to be presented at the new Oakland iECOND PRIZECash In-TJ. S. Gold Photo Playhouse, 'Lady Godiva," HIRD PRIZE Set of Dining Room Furniture Colleen: Black Arrow." or 53000 J300 .........8275 fee filed within tne time specified when the last picture appears. The awards win be made by the Contt Editor and three well known citizens whose, names will be announced, later. The correct answers to the series of pictures will be fCed with a local trust company or a bank a week prevloua-to the close of the contest. Entry to the contest may be made at any time. The first illustration published November 8, 1911. All communications or letters of Inquiry concerning the contest shouM addressed to the Booklovers' Contest F-ditor, San Francisco CalL fcan Erase! sec. Cal. else showing icebergs of the "OURTH PRIZE Silverware or Jewelry coast of Labrador. The Arab Industry, i MFTH PRIZE Harper Brothers library of Boo ilXTH PRIZE 1 Harper Brothers' Ubrary of Life in the United States Army. All of Intense Interest and educational value -250 iEVENTH PRIZE I Columbia Grafonola "Regent," -with are only drops In the bucket, so to speak. of possibilities attainable by Photo Play industry. We all know that the more we EIGHTH RIZE Columbia Grafonola "Bsgent, with Kecor 11NTH PRIZE 1 Harper B'rothers" library of fENTH PRIZE 1 Columbia Grafonola "ilignoa." with Records. ace able to, in our memory pic ELEVENTH PRIZE 1 Order of Art ture-album, the more we shall be able to impart to those we love and the greater BOOKLOVERS CONTEST EDITOR, THE, CAN FRANCISCO CALL, San Francisco, Cal, Inclosed find 40 cents," for which send me immediately a Booklovers' catalogue, the 7 certificates entitling me to the first S3 pictures Xxea. ar. 4 a four-page description of the contest and the prUea, WEtFTH PRIZE 1 Order of Art Objects miRTEENTH PRIZE 1 Columbia Grafonola with Records. Is our enjoyment Of this life. 50 days in which to dispose of S00 pianos and player-pianos of the celebrated makes for which Eilers -Music House Ts exclusive representative on the Coast. Ve that to sell this number of pianos in the time allotted us nve must sell everyone who is even remotely thinking of buying" a piano, md we have placed prices on every instrument in our stock that will sU, everyone of them "by the -closing date -ivta. C3, Iont waste your money buvlns strengthening plasters. Ciiamberiain's Name Fun Address -WENTY PRIZES Jewelry Orders cf J25.00 (SCO THIRTY-TWO PRIZES-i-Phonographs and Records, fl2.56 Each $400 -IFTY PRIZES $10 Sets of Harper Brothers' Books. $300 153 PRIZES Ib (Two 2 lb.) Boxes Haas' Best 320 PRIZES 2 lb. Boxes Haas" Best Liniment is cheaper and better. Dampen a piece of flannel with it and bind It pre finally close this store. ever the affected carts and it will re lieve the pain, and soreness. For ssia by Eilers Music House, 557 Twelfth street. Oakland. oegood iiroa. Uruj gtorex

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