Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 5, 1912 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1912
Page 8
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.- 8 . FRIDAY EVESTKG. OAKLAND TRIBUNE JANUARY 8, 1911 DISSENSION MARKS MEETING i OF BOARD OF EDUCATION - r - J ' Children's Felt and J A Oakland's Mosi Progressiva S(oro , Patent Leather HatsY Directors Annie Brown and Harry Boyle Displeased Because They Were Hoi 19c ".7 Value to $1.00 ''" Odds and ends, from our regular stock, stylee thafire becoming and . haU that are Just the thing for, the . coming rainy weather."' Invited to School Site Confab - d. E. Cor. 13th and Washington Ste VM L acaaarfc iiMn4 ; , This delightful fruit, which comes m the valuable premium bringine wrappers, . is all picked; whe npe, witn siovesi ' Each oranee is perfect Otherwise it would be rejected and sold as a ."second" not as first-qality"Sunkist."' ' - ' - "Snnkiif'-'are the prize oranges of best proves in California. . - ".' , ; Seedless. Sound and Solid Deliclously juicy no seeds nrm ana penect. sweet as oniy tret-ripened oranges cam be. Yet they cost no more thaa oranges of less quality. , Insist on Valuable "Sunkisf Wrappers , Yoo are sure of retting the genuine when you insist on the Mln.hle wraooer marked Snnkist 'which covers every orange. Thousands of enterprising housewives now furnish their dlnlntf tables with"SunkUt"silverware real Rogers' by merely savin the wrappers and sending to us with stamps or money order to partly pay cost, packing, etc ' "Stmkist'! Lemons of Same High Quality . Thin-skinned, extra juicy and each comes in a valuable -Sunklst" wrapper. Tbey go tanner man otner lemons ana con bo mora iaaa the ordinary. Reeipe booklet rr upon request 1 Get This Solenoid Rotters' Orange Spoon - 1... a MM . . .. ... n i m ..InriMH.rll. rtt . wm i ! . Ht! and wad tbem to as. with 12e la stamps to belp par cbarrea, packing, etc.. and wa J; f will send yon tbia genuine Rogers' ailvar orange spoee, rot sac additional acod U wrappera or trademarks and 12c in atampa. ITi . . .Kni .mlku Inr ik acnt thronrh tha mall. . A ? omuusi errcnuums I ftpooa tVeVS'. Bead for foil detcrlptios, aumber ol wrappera and amount ".'-. . ' a casn necessary ascnrsacaaraa. A w .. miiii.vji. a i j k. . a . m . i ,1 .' lsj5Mtrat o7wUIOi 0ssejj ' vywer a was irMswuf , V Jt a i . - bbu B J California Fniit Growers' Exchange Mi vfe LB1LAUU. " - 0 ST Detective Starts for Seattle to Secure Custody of G. M. Rogers. - : r-- . Innpclor Rlcharfl McBorley will lave today for prattle to obtain cuatody of .George It Rwft .l?l..tte..;. ealf of Oakland who . was arretted In that rl,Z.-0n an Oakland Information that he had swindled Mrs. Mtfrgi Lahr of thla city by means of a boarua check eal out of tins. McBorley will go first to Sacramento to obtain the signature of Governor Johnson to the requisition for the extradition of this prisoner. Mrs. lhr says that she commissioned Rogers to. sell a lodging-bouse for her. He did so, receiving a check for 600 on a Kama Ro bank; wait unto the check could be seat to Santa ' Rose for collection, Mrs. Lahr accepted Rogers' personal check for tbe amount, . lest his commission, and at' legeg. .that she subsequently discovered that the real estate man bad but $U0 to his eVedit In the First National Bank. uiwn which Institution he had drawn the check. Rogers left the city Immediately following the transaction, which took place last September. He left his wife and sonfarithout Informing them of his det tlnatlon. 1 J Rogers, who Is a member of several lodges, at one time conducted a saloon at El Faso, Texaa, and earlier In his career was a cook to a mining camp at Mag'". Nevada. THIEVES ST&T WATCH AND PIECE OF LEAD PIPE Indignant because . they .were not in-vlted to attend a meeting of the Grounds. Buildings and Equipment Committee, which was caned for the purpose of con-ferring with Comthlssioner ef Public Works Harry 8. Anderson, to select a supervising architect for the new . school houses to be erected in this city. Miss Annie Florence Brown and Harry Boyir de-manded an explanation last evening at the regular session of the board of edu cation as to why they were not asked to meet with the other fllrectors. School Director Boyle wanted to know who was running the school department and pro tested against the recommendation made by 'Anderson to permit J. J. Donovan, who haa been chosen the architect for the new city hall, to direct the work on the new school buildings. "We want to select our own archl tect," said Boyle. "We were fleeted to attend to matters pertaining to the schools of this city and I don't see why we are not allowed to run the business of the department We should decide who should supervise the work on the new struftturea.-and not Harry 8. Ander son." The name or the architect was withheld from Directors Brown and Boyle until last evening. It was the first intimation that they had received that J. J. Donovan would be the srchltect. "When' a matter of such great Import ance aa the building of new schout houses Is concerned. 1 think, the entire board of education should be consulted In the matter," said Miss Brown. - "It Is not fair to the public nor to the directors omitted. I had no Invitation to be present, neither did Mr. Boyle. I don't know who cailcd the meeting. All I know Is that I received no notice of the special committee meeting, t Commissioner Andersen, who was summoned to appear before the board, explained that the charter made it obligatory upon the board of education to make I requisition upon the commissioner of pub- lie works for plans when new building! were to be constructed. Anderson stated that the board could not give these details without first consulting an expert and that in the conference be bad suggested that an expert be employed. Despite the protests by Director Boyle, the motion to appoint Donovan carried. He waa the only member of tho board who voted against tbe measure. PASS RESOLUTION. The resolution which was, framed at the special meeting by the Grounds, Buildings and Equipment Committee, wss adopUd by the board of education. It follows; Whereas, The charter makes It obligatory upon the board of education to make requisition upon the commissioner of public works for plana and specifications and estimates for a new school building, or for any addition to school buildings when such buildings are io o coiwiruvi- Mrs. A. P. Astot of 09 Sixth street, reported to the police this morning that a .thief had entered her room and stoles a watch and gold chain valued at 120. M i. Hyde of S2 Thirty-fifth, street report. ed that thievee had cut away lead pipe Not' wishing to ' valued at 114 from tbe house plumbing. Don't Poison Baby. FORTY TEARS AGO almost every mother thought her child most have PAREGORIC or laudanum to make) it sleep. These drags will produce sleep, and a FEW DROPS TOO MANY will produce the BLEEP FROM WHICH THERE IS HO WAKING. Many are the children who have been killed or whose health has been ruined for life bj paregoric, laudanum and morphine, each of which is a narootio product of opium. Druggists are prohibited from selling either of the narcotics named to children at all, or to anybody without labelling them ' poison," The definition of "narcotioM is i "A medietas which relieve pain and produces sleep, but which in poison-ma doses produces stupor, coma, convulsions and death." The taste and smell of medicines containing opium are disguised, and sold under the names of " Drops," " Cordials," 44 Soothing Syrups," etc. You should not permit any medicine to be given to your children without you or your physician know of what it Is com posed. C ASTORIA DOES NOT CONTAIN NARCOTICS, If it bears the signature J9 -of Chaa,H. Fletcher. SV ZLS7!r Genuine Castorla always bears the signature VctYTucJUte The Shop That Saves You Money ffinii Just Received a Large shipment of Burt&PackariMen's 1(orrectShape"Shoes Dr. Worth's Cushion Sole Shoes aire the very latest styles for men, thenewest heels and toes,-Corn-lines in gunrnetal, patent colt and winter tant blucher or button styles. r to.V These Ks XWs) A with Regular 14, S5 and SS values; one , price; - no more, no Ires. $2.50 Ladies'NewSampleShoes LADIES' BLACK SUEDE BOOTS LADIES' BLACK SATIN BOOTS ' LADIES' RUSSIA TAN BOOTS LADIES' DULL' LEATHER BOOTS "LADIES' PATENT COLT BOOTS All 14 and 16-Button Styles; $5.00 and i: v -'.. $6.00 values. .Iv--- ;-. " Handsomest samples d the factories. High toes,. Cuban heels, Goodyear welted soles. 5.00 Evening Slippers $2.50 In all shades to match any costume. ' V IX" 1. " , NO MORE XO LESS a bomb In the school last year, the boar J of education acted upon the communication sent to the directors by C. E. Kayes, principal ot the scnoot en behalf of the self-govrmnt commlttea. The matter waa referred to Superintendent of Schools J. W. McClymonds and ths high school commlttae before ths meet ing last evening,, and the board' as a whole voted to comply wth the wishes of the students' committee as expressed In the following appeal, signed by Miriam Elder, Secretary, of the organisation: ernment committee today on a charge of having exploded a bomb In the Oakland high school building on December I. 1911, shortly after 1 o'clock. He admitted his guilt Immediately, but Insisted J hat none of the other boys suspected had any thing to do with the affair. t After very serious consideration It was the committee's unanimous decision to recommend to you that Byron Quayle be suspended from the Oakland high school for six months, and that he should not be seen upon the premises during six months. In his annual report. C. N. Bhane, attendance offlcer, gave the following figures: Homes visited. 101S; business houses visited. 205; schools visited. 393; children at home lawfully, 105: children at horns unlawfully. 212: children kept at home owing to sickness, 29: children forced to remain at horns on account of poverty, J5di truants, 8; children Interviewed on streets. 430; attendants placed in school. 90; children taken out of work, 10; children reported to charities, 21; citations Issued, 9. 61 m SELECTED Officers of the Telegraph Avenue Savings Bank of Central Oakland, Telegraph avenue and Torty-nlnth street, held an ejection of officers and directors at their annual meeting tnis week. At that time the following were chosen for the ensuing year: W. B. Thomas, president; Dr. Charles A. Dukes, first vice-president; Dr. A. 8. Kelly, second vice-president and cashier; H. L. Adams, assistant cashier. Board of directors The officers, to. gether with the following: J. W. An- nis, E. Cavanagh. Z. J. Hatch. P. McDonnell, W. E. Smith. L. H. SdoU. P. Casserly, E. H. Dettner, Alva Mc- Broom Jr.. M. J. Mulvlhill and R. SolarL The election resulted In the return t A ftffir rf q 1m n. Ka fnf!0-, T"? Zu hL .ta tl el V having charge of the bank's pajuy, giving in aeiaii ,. affalra Dr. A 8. keiiv an class rooms, the typs of the building, the nnmhar nil width of the stairs, and Whereas, It Is not possible for the board of education to determine all these things wthout expert advice, ana Whereas, It Is presumed that the com mlulntior nf minltfl wnrkl will need ex pert advice 'In the preparation of the nlana and ananlflra.tio.na when the board of educatloa will have made requisition upon him. for same, and Urh.r..i Th tintrt advice that Will be needed by the commissioner, of public works In preparation or me piana i likhr tn k tha advice needed by the board of education In making the preliminary requisition; now, therefore Be It Resolved. That the commissioner of public works he and he Is hereby requested to furnish to the board of education a suitable peravn to give said board advice In ths preparation of the preliminary requisition for plans and specifications for the following named school buildings: School to be construct-sd on College avenue, new building on property owned by the board of education on Thirteenth avenue, a new building at tha Lockwood school, a new primary building on College avenue upon a lot to be purchased in the neighborhood-of Peralta Heights, an addition to the Washington school, a building for the new site to be purchased In the neighborhood of Fifty-fourth and Market streets and sn addition to the Longfellow school. NO SITE PURCHASED. Believing that the directors were ready to select ths site for the new Manual Training and Commercial high school. Director Harry J. Boyle made a motion that the board buy the property on East Nineteenth street and Nineteenth avenue. Director F. B. Cook seconded the motion, but when It was put to a vote It was lost. Dr. A. 8. Kelly and Miss Brown asked the board to wait until the appraisement had been made upon the site. The other members of the bosrd slated that they were not ready to vote upon the queston of the new location. Upholding the recommendation of the student body of the Oakland high school to suspend Byron Quayle for discharging affalra Dr. A. a Kellv succeeds Alexander Vander Naillen Jr.. who previously held the office of cashier, but whose connection with business j affairs in San Francisco forced his resignation of the office. Alva Mc-l Broom Jr.. took Vander Nalllen s! place on the board of directors, and! M. J. Mulvlhill is a new member of I tne board, but aside fronw these changes, the personnel ot the officers remains the same.' - ' The report of the Institution's sf-faira, made at the annual meeting, proved a satisfactory one to the stockholders and directors, showing a noticeably successful year. The bank waa Incorporated on August 27. 1908, and opened Its doors for business on April 1, 1909. "We have found that a bank in this section was called for," was the declaration jf W. B. Thomas, the Institution's president, who haa held that position since the bank opened its doors, "and have found a good indication of the flnanclaf security of the times in the number of new people who are coming Into the bank and building up this territory." I Of HERMIT PIMPLES DISFIGURING HE FBI SHUNNED ENDS Face Completely Covered, Blackheads, Too, Lasted Four Years. Used Cuticura Soap and Oint-ment and face Is Now Smooth. R. F. D. 2. Psrtamouth. H "r bothered wits pimples and blackheads is the worn way ror over tour years. My face sad arms were completely covered with them. The pimples would come out ea my face ssd fester all up. Tbey would scab over, and nuke my face sore, besides bring so disfiguring thsTl ihunaed my friends. I tried facial cream balms and baaxolos with do effect "One night I asked a trlend what waa annil far plmpks. and hs advised me to try Cuticura Boap and Cuticura O lot ment which I did. I would wash my face first with hot water and Cuticura Soap, and then put on some Cuticura Ointment, let It stay on Ave minutes, and the wash my face again with tbe Cuticura Soap. It weuld draw tbs blackheads out as nice, sad the pimples, eh say, it was one grand relief to go among ay friends and be jolly seals. After using two cakes of Cuticura Boap and two boxes of Cuticura Ointment, my (see Is as smooth as If there never bad been a pimple en It. I cannot speak too highly of ths Cuticura Soap sad Ointment, and I hope ethers will profit by themes much as I have, I know they will after giving them Just one trial" (Signed) Arthur K. Caswell. May 0, 1911. ' Cuticura Soap and Ointment are sold by druggista and dealers . throughout the world. Liberal . sample of each mailed free, with 32-p, book on skin and scalp treatment. Address, "Cuticura." Dept. T. Boston. Tender-faced men should shave with Cuticurs Soap Sharing Stick. E SQUIRREL FEST That the federal a-overnment la deter mined to exterminate all ground squirrels from Alameda and Contra Costa counties within the next few months became evident tm week when Inspector Jo . n)H received instructions thatyfnis raumy would be divided into fouf dls Mia wan sn inspector in jpfiarge of vnarr tne four men vM ne assistants, two for each, a-nd ney will report to Chief Inspector Haes. who In turn will be responRlble ' to nr. Rurker In wmrge or tne t nited States hospital and marine corps with headquarters In San r rancisco. """" or the energies of the department has been made In the bar lur lne ,)me t,ng, experts hav- utm eni nere from the Interior wi -re me campaign Is not considered quite so urgent. At this time It Is con-Ideved that fully 80 per cent f the rodents have been deatroyed and that with an Increased force of men at work It will e only a matter of a few months at the most when the two counties will have been freed of the peats HER SUITOR STAYED TOO LONG TO SUIT FATHER MTLWACKER. Jan 5. - Berause a suitor for the hand of his daughter Insists upon remaining In his home until IS o'rtork Burtday nights, the home ef Robert and Erma Ulber has been disrupted, according to testimony of fiber In district court. "There was peace in the house until this young man came Into our affairs." said Ulber In court. "We have only four rooms and the young man stays Sunday nlahts until i o'clock. That Is too lonir. I r.r, - . . . VJfc Bu u wuir monnay momma at 6:S0 nVlnrk when I am kept awake most of the night ' Tho court acquiesced In the contention of inter that the visits of the suitor Wero long, .but refused to taks a hand other than recommending that the suitor ne requestea to carry on his wooing In a wmeperea conversation. Our Great Annual Clearance Sale lis proven to be one of the most successful we have ever conducted. Not only on account of the large volume of business done, but also from the satisfaction expressed by the thousands of pleased shoppers who visited our store. New bargains are placed on sale every day. The assort-ment and values are as good as they were the first day of the sale. x i, All Remaining Trimmed Hats MUST. GO. Prices have been cut from rip-lit to left to effect soecdv clearance. Every new style shown this season is included; also some direct importations from New York and Paris. Black Velvet QO Shapes OC Values to $4.50 Trimmed Fur Hats $1.95 Values to 17.50 Trimmed Hats $1.45, $3.95, $4.95 All our remaining Trimmed Hats have been divided into three different lots and have been placed on three different tables for your convenience in selecting. $5.00 Hats Now $1.45 $12.00 Hats Now $3.95 $15.00 Hats Now $4.95 mm Annual Clearance in Shirt Waists Hundreds of Waists of all descriptions are included in this great trading event. Stylish Waists of the choicest materials and in the most advanced ideas will be offered to you at the following prices: At 50c $1.00 to $1.75 Waists, slightly soiled or mussed. Fully 200 beautiful Waists of lawn, linen and lingerie, some plain tailored, others fancy trimmed. Tou should secure several at this Special Price of 50c. At $3.95 Unusual values await you at this price. About 75 high-grade all-silk messalines, chiffon embroidery; fancy lingerie and all-over lace Waists, dainty and exquisite creations In the latest of novelties; worth easily (.00 and $7. SO. Now Special. $3.85. At $5.95 Twenty different styles and each one prettier than the. other. High-grade silk. net. chlfTon and marquisette models, some in tailored effects, others with fancy yokes, long or sleeves: regular $15.00 to $20.00 values. Special, $5.95. $2.00 to $3.00 Novelty Waists 95c The immense variety and the beauty of the styles offered in this showing is incomparable. Waists of all descriptions, made of lawn, madras and striped flannels, some plain taUefed, others beautifully trimmed with Valenciennes, Guy lace, etc., in high or Dutch necksIong or three-quarter sleeves. Unusually strong values at, each . . , sft lv Cloaks, Suits and Dresses 100 100 150 SUITS Values to $15.00 NOW SUITS Values to $20.00--NOW SUITS Values to $35.00 NOW S 7.45 S 8.95 $12.50 7 f i Ql YMi r5h, Credit nMiw j jrf. With "V A ki us 11 w) vAin pnr r) Credit Is, ...TO-. ex-N. j Good w - Us DR. JORDAN TO SPEAK ON "CASE AGAINST WAR" BERKELEY. Jan. 5. Dr. David Rtr- joman, pres'lent of Stanford University, will deliver an address on "Ths Case Against War," In the Berkeley High school auditorium on the evenlna- of Fri. day, January 12. He wilt speak under the auspices of the Civic Center com. mlttee, recently oraanlsed tv tha n. kelsy Board of Education for the giving of publlo entertalnmente in the schnoia. Dr. Jordan Is a Well known aiwuV.r 1 behalf of world peace, a subiant iiim which he will address Berkeleyana, DISCOUNTS on all our high-class furniture. REMEMBER you will find our discounts just as we advertise. Special prices will be found in our Carpet and Rug Department. WATCH OUR WINDOWS. This is the time when you can buy good furniture for very little money. It's our clean-up time; we don't like to have . 1911 stock here when our 1912 goods arrive. Our furniture is always a good "buy''; the money is in it at our regular prices. NOW WE'RE increasing the value you get by allowing 25 to 50 per cent discount for the entire month of January. $1500 Free - Automobile - $1500 Free To be given away FREE January 31, 1912. On display in our window. Five- Passenger Buick Automobile. Hurry and get your tickets. Open till 10 p. m. Saturday. ' . .' Qtropolillon 567-69-71 tFurniturg Fourteenth Street Id. L 1 HAWAIIANS TO HELP - IN FIGHT ON PEST EACRAif EN TO. ' Jsn. . - The state hoard of control on ths part nf the state tvatardajr authorised State Controller Nye to advance $8500 to tho Hawaiian covern-ment to pay half expenses ot ths cam- Sal en which is to be waged against tne ledlterranean fruit fly on the Islands. Seventeen thousand dollar will bs spent on the-work. , ' - As the crusade against this dargereus pest wss prsctlcallv inm.t... v . Governor Frear of Hawaii' hi iJ , . tl!e .fact that CallfornU 111 be Vn'al 2l more than the Islands Cause Z MJ commercial frulls. banana. nd Bil? spples. aretiot molested by the fly .J7Y the state lo ,h.r. part oi the burdeS X ii ft i i 1 ( 7. irfiiliii'ig, li.1i.,- W s.J ft L ...... .

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