Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 26, 1908 · Page 33
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 33

Oakland, California
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Sunday, July 26, 1908
Page 33
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SUNDAY MUKN1IMU, p OAKLAND TRIBUNE. JULY 23, BUiwim '0 APARTMENT HOUSE OF 50 SECTIONS WILL BE BUILT IS TO ERECT LARGE FLATS ERECTS HOME T - V f - v - . II ISLE CITY NEAR THE LAKE A t,,v . .- I , ..." , i 4 2 n. ,- -ii t - - 34 m ri tt rr COmlY sEcmm ELEGAN HOME "THE LAKESIDE" APARTMENTS, BEING ERECTED FOR MRS ADA CHRISTENSEN AT THE CORNER OF ATHOL AND LAKE SHORE AVENUES. W. A. NEWMAN, ARCHITECT. The "Lakeside," a flfty-room apart- t merit-house, is to be erected at Athol and Lake Shore avenues, the permit having , been taken out this week. William A. Newman is the architect. - Mrs. Ada Christenson is the owner. iThe work of excavating for the foundations of the new Lakeside araptmentg ihas Just begun. Architect Neewman has given much study to the careful planning of this building, and the result will be a cherry, light and convenient arrangement for every room in each apartment. ALAMEDA REAL OPTIMISTIC ALAMKDA, July 25. Alameda real es-tate dealers have taken renewed confidence in the city's future during the past week. With the return of many residents ,from their summer vacations, the market .'has livened up somewhat, and it is con-'fidently believed by the majority of those who are prominent in local real estate circles that the next few months will see ;n change for the better in the Alameda 'realty market. The numerous improvements which are goiftg on have a great deal to do with 'this, they declare. The many residences i being built on all sides, the street work land general improvements being done 'constantly by the city, the prospective Ipostofflce and other large buildings, including the AdclDhian club building, for (which the ground has already been broken, the plans for electrizing their rall-'road lines which -the Southern Pacific are already beginning to carry out, and the iextensive harbor improvement plans all 'these things will have a great deal to do with Improving the Alameda realty market, and making Alameda an even more v Progressive and thriving city than it is 'now. RUSSELL STATES VIEW. Along these lines. Secretary Russell of (yesterday: "The merchants and citizens of Alameda are fully justified in being op timistic. With so much building going on, aw-with so many improvements being planned and carried out, our ' city is 'bound ' to forge ahead at a tremendous rate within the next six months or a (year. I am confident, for one, that Ala-'meda will soon come into her Inheritance. Alameda has the location, the environ-iment. and the possibilities of a large and flourishing city. All that we require to 'complete the work of progress here Is unanimity of purpose on the part of all our citizens. Then Alameda cannot help (forging ahead, and the realty market will undoubtedly be benefitted." Prominent among the private improvement work In Alameda is the club house !of the Adelphlan Club, being built in a central location. When complete It will t -We ;4 j. . . . r PRETTY BUNGALOW WHICH HAS BEEN ERECTED ON ALCATRAZ AVENUE BY BALDWIN BROS. THE BUILDING PERMIT RECORD FOR Summary of building permits applied for at the office of the Board of Public Works for the week ending Wednesday, July J, as compiled by Walter Fawcett, Secretary. One-st6ry dwellings 26 42,190.00 One and one-half story dwellings 3 6,600.00 Two-story dwellings 7 25,825.00 Two-story .flats 9 34.600.00 Three-story 50-room apart - menU 1 16,000.00 Three-story 30-room lodg- - lng bouses 1 17,500.00 One-story 84 -room temporary building 1 4.000.00 One-story barn. 1 . 2,500.00 One-story warehouse .... . . 1 900.00 Sheds and workshops .... 1,376.00 Alterations, additions and - repairs 29 9,736.00 Total ..................IS $160,126.00 REPORT BY WARDS. First ward Seoond ward ..... Third ward ...... Fourth ward ...... Fifth - ward Sixth ward Seventh ward .... .81 12 6 .......16 6 f $37,270.00 886.00 26.410.04 1.480.00 EA92S.00 1.560.00 24,606.00 Total .... .86 $160,136.00 BUILD! NQ PERMITS. ' I William Dshl, one-story, ' four-room dwelling, north side of Forty-eighth StreetlSO feet west of Snattuck avenue; f7. ; 'Vr-c"----- F. T. Adams, one-story five-room dwelling, north side of ' Sixty-first street. 138 eet 3t of Canning street; $2000. : Mrs. 6. Hertcenham. two-story six-room with all modern Improvements and conveniences. This building when completed will present a very charming adaption of the Spanish renaissance style of architecture. The color schema of the exterior will be a warm cream tint of the rough cast plaster surface with deep sienna trimmings. The interior woodwork, wall beds and furniture will be carried out In antique oak finish in e, style harmonizing with the exterior. It is safe to predict that this building, to cost over $20,000, will meet with ready approval and wUl be a crdit to thelty. ESTA1EMEN FOR FUTURE be one of the most attractive buildings in Alameda. George T. Morris, an enterprising merchant at Willow station, has built a now two-story building in which to carry on his business. The uprer story will be utilized as a residence. HOME BUILDING. In regard to the transactions of the last week, A. S. McClellan, with the firm of C. A. Banta, says. "The real estate transactions of the past week have been comparatively light. But they have been of a very satisfactory nature by reason of the fact that they represent home buying or hotne building. It is surprising the number of people who come to Alameda from a distance to purchase suitable residences. On the other hand, many have com "from neighboring towns and cities, attracted by our excellent climate and lovely surroundings." It is the opinion of many that building has never ben more brisk. Mr. Judd, of the firm of Judd & Scott, declared yesterday that there was more building now going on in Alameda than for several years. "The people are able to build now," be said, "because lumber has come down to a normal figure. LABOR CHEAPER Furthermore, labor is not so exorbitant as it was some time back. The more building we have in Alameda the better off the city will be. Such improvements as the prospective postoffice will undoubtedly benefit the community, and will raise realty values. It Is probable that something will be done in the matter of the postoffice site next month, as the government inspector is to be here at that time to look ove rthe ground preparatory to selecting the site. "The improvement of the waterfront is bound to help that end of town, and in-, cidentally, the entire city. The people of Alameda always granted some such step to be taken and our city will undoubtedly be greatly benefitted." REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. The folowing real estate transactions In Alamela have been reported: DEEDS. Jame Murphy has transferred to 1. dwelling, north side of Forty-fourth street, 175 feet west of Telegraph avenue; $2,850. Elisabeth McCloy Loughery, one and one-half story eight-room dwelling, south side of Napier street, 250 east of Piedmont avenue; $3000. W. M. Alexander, elevator, norOwest corner of Sixteenth and Filbert sertts; $900. J. F. Bernardo, repairs, 787 Willow street. $100. D. Rennerl, one-story two-room dwelling, west side of West street. 100 feet north of Forty-seventh street; $100. MANY ALTERATIONS. Thomas H. Fitzgerald, alterations, 163 Flfty-flfth street; $400. Q. Barberls, alterations, - ICS Tenth street; $125. . Louise D.- Dowle, two-story twelve room flats, north side of Forty-first street, 390 feet east of Telegraph avenue; $5000. Mrs. Orra J. Krause. one and one-half story six-room dwelling, east side of Randolph avenue, 45 feet south of Mil-bury street; $6800, ; ' A. A. Tleslau, one-story six-room dwelling, east side of Regent street. 4420 feet north of Alcatras avenue; $2000. - A. : F. Dillet, two-story thlrteen-room flats east side of Euclid avenue 233 feet north of Van Buren avenue; $5000. 44 Mstllda Brown, alterations. 566 Twenty-ninth street; $135. ..... Convent of Sacred -Heart, , cjicken house, northwest corner of Second- and Harrison streets; 27S. , C P. Mengel Will Build on Bast Fourteenth Street, Near Fourth Avenue. C. P. Mangel haa bad plan drawn for a two-flat building on the north aids of East Fourteenth street, west of Fourth avenue. Work on the building will start the first of next week. The structure will cost 13700. The plans were dsnwn by Architect A. V. Alder of this city. : The dining-rooms are 'to be paneled and beamed ceilings. Ail the rooms are to be extra large and the flats will be modern throughout. This is the fourth building which has been erected in this block in the last year and a half. C. E. Young has Just completed, a flat building containing two apartments on Fourth avenue, near East Fourteenth street. BUILDING STILL BRISK IN BERKELEY, AND PERMITS TO VALUE OF $32,000 WERE ISSUED DURING WEEK BERKELEY. July 215. Building in Berkeley continues brisk during the summer months. Fifteen permits have been Issued this past week, with an aggregate value of nearly $32,000, and making a total of sixty-two permits issued this month to date. The permits for the most part are for average amounts of $2000 to $3000, and in no case is there one of over $5000 for the past week. In the north section of the city resident numbering in the neighborhood of. thirty are nearly completed, representing a value of close to $150,000. In the south end several new stores and hemes have been started or are nearing completion, ' with an estimated value of $60,000. The factory district along the water front has been the scene of activity the past two weeks, and several new additions have been made to the factories with an estimated value of. about $6000. Ground has been broken and work on the foundation of the - Atchison business block on University avenue, near Stanford place, representing, an outlay of $60,000, has been started BERKELEY NATIONAL. The Berkeley National Bank building, at the corner of Shattuok avenue and Center street, Is- taking on its proper proportions. The stone work is completed as far as the fifth story and fhe work of plastering has been started. The outside dress of the building is composed of TifTanv pressed brick above the first two stories, which is composed of manti-limestone. The modeling and carving on the stone was designed by A. Vincent, who for a number of years was a designer under Augustine St. Gaudens, the great American sculptor. The bank building is to be six stories high and composed of especially reinforced steel frame. The floors are to be or ren concrete. The bank will be able to move into its Charles Wagner property on the northeast corner of Pacific avenue and Jay street, 25x101. . Mary Taylor has transferred to E. M. Tibby" property on the south side of Lincoln avenue, 58 feet west of Ninth, 25x150. James H. and Llsxle Young have transferred to James P. Fopplano property on the north side of Haight avenue, 440 feet west of Fifth street. 34x155. Samuel E. and Minnie Knowles have transferred to W. W. Randall property on the east side of Lafayette street 157 feet north of Santa Clara avenue. 50x108. Annie and W. Hammond, Jr have transferred to E. T. Ellis property on the north line of Central avenue 100 feet east of Pearl street, 40x146.' Mary Sullivan and Margaret Knudson have . transferred to Catherine Twlgg property on the west line of Oak street. 317 feet north of Santa Clara avenue. 60x160. Margaret Knudson and C. Twlgg have trnnaferrid to Mary E. Sullivan property on the west side of Oak street, 21 feet south of Railroad avenue. Hartwi? and Antoinette Traube have transferred to Adolph "Hecker property on the west side of Webster street, 69 feet north of Haight avenue, 1x100. Mary Eldredge has transferred to Tfllie Adams property on the south side of Pacific avenue, 137 feet west of St. Charles 35x150. Jane. Edward and Llllle Frederickson have transferred to Mary A. Murphy property, lots 2, 3 and 18, b'.ock 2, map Jens and Mead Homestead tract. Abble M. Silvester has transferred to Elisabeth A. Silver property on the north line cf Central avenue. 7 feet west of St. Charles, 50x148. Wm. Harnden, P. S. snd E. A. Bru-guiere have transferred to Olga Nelson property on the northwest side of Grove street. 90 feet northeast of Encinal avenue, 10x149. Christina Henrlckson has transferred to Olga Nelson property on the northwest side of Grove street, 100 feet northeast of Encinal avenue, 20x149. George C. and Alice Hunt has trans THE WEEK CLIMBS W. M. Warner, one-story five-room dwelling, east side of Thirteenth avenue, 90 feet north of East Twenty-seventh street; $1800. C. J. Pfran, one-story five-room cottage, south side of Fifty-second street, 330 feet east of Dover street: $2009. Nellie - Roe, one-story six-room cottage, north side of Sixty-third street.. 40 feat est of Moulton avenue; $3000. Julius Piatt, alterations, $30 Walswortlj avenue; $250. ' J. C McLeed, alterations, 830 Fourteenth street; $360. ..J. Ftublno, one-story ban, 37 Wood street. In rear: $75. . ; C. T. Kinsman, alterations. 1007 Sixty-first street; $150. j John Hansen. : alterations, 100S - Eixty-flrst street; $150. : . Oakland Cstlfornia Towel Company, boiler and engineroem. corner Twenty-eighth and Filbert streets; $400. .. B, Lleener, one-story etgjt-rooxn dwelling, west side of Vernon avenue, 300 feet north of Moss avenue; 14200. BANK ALTERATIONS. . H. T. Atkinson A Co., two-story lumber shed southwest i corner of Seoond and Webster streets, in rear; $359. The Unlen Savings Bank, alterations, northeast corner Thirteenth aad'Bvoad way: $3106. : : William Labadie, alterations, 1422 Myrtle street; $200. i . - r , Or. Olmstead, alterations, S60 San Pablo avenue; $160. , ; Wagner Bros.,' alterations, southeast Charles F. Banta Has One of the Prettiest Bungalows in Alaznedaf ALAMEDA, July 35 One of the elegant new cottage homes In Alameda. Is that of Charles F. Bants, on Pacific avenue. The surroundings add materially not only to the appearance of the cottage, but to Its value as a home. One of the attractive features is a large oak in the Street line, which spreads its branches far over the roof of the dwelling and affords an excellent shade, A cording to custom in Alameda, this tree is considered the property of .the owner of the home, who maintains an electric light to prevent accidents from collision with it at night. The cottage consists of fire rooms. It covers a ground floor space of thirty by fifty feet- It is in . the modern bungalow style and the Interior is especially attractive. The living room contains a large wood fireplace. This room opens upon the reception hall and thence upon the dining-room. The interior woodwork and finishing are tasteful and elegant. new quarters the early part of September, and the remainder of the building will be ready for occupancy about the -1st of Decemmber. OXFORD STREET CAR LINE. The change in the traction company's car system, in switching the Telegraph-avenue cars off Snattuck avenue and running them by way of Dana and Oxford streets, has caused the building demands on University avenue, which is now the terminus to increase. The new system is running smoothly, and with the koperati'm of the Shattuek-avenue cars on Snattuck avenue to the end of the line, instead of stopping at Bancroft way, the plans of the company have become completed. The Knights of Pythias of Berkeley have incorporated for the purpose of erectinar a fine new castle halL which will he situated at the corner ofGrove and J Addison streets. The new strcture will' cost $25,000, and stock is now being soldi at $10 a share. Plans for the building are now being drawn, and several architects will submit plans and specicflations in the next two weeks. PERMITS. The permits Issued for the past week follow: i H. L. Hasseitlne, 1717 Russell, one and ' a half story eight-room dwelling, on the ) west side of Cherry. 160 feet north of; Russell; cost, $8300. ! Alvira J. Rideout, lSl5 Josephine street, ' two-story ten-room flat building, on the east side of Josephine street, 200 feet ; south of Berryman; cost. $5000. A. G. Kleso, 1700 Seventeenth street, Oakland, one-story four-room cottage, on the , west side of Flamange street, 1050 feet north of Hopkins; cost, $2053. TO BUILD BUNGALOW. Thomas A. Badge, 1324 University avenue, one-story three-room bungalow, on i the north side of Addison, 950 feet west of Sacramento; cost, $600. ferred to Adelaide Brusxone property on the south side of Lincoln avenue, 90 feet east of Third street, 30x135. F. S. snd Josie Kelley has transferred to Con. O'Donnell property on the southwest comer of Santa Clara avenue and Carolina street, 126x128. F. S. Kelley has transferred to Josie Kelley property on the north line of Central avenue, 417 feet wet of Grand avenue. F. S. and Josie Kelley has transferred to Con O'Donnell property en the west line of Park street, 60 feet south of Buna Vista avenue, 60x107. F. S. Kelley has transferred to Josie Kelley property On the southwest corner of Grand street and Alameda avenue, lOOx 150. L. and J. Pettejean. A. and L. Christiansen have transferred to Elisabeth G. Mills lots 6 and 7, Bishop and Hart tract. Frank and Magdalene Howlet have transferred to Otto W. and Mary Degen property on the east side of St. Charles etreet. 50 feet south of Buna Vista avenue, 106x"i5. Milton E. Willis has transferred to Leon A. Konigshofer property on the south side of Santa Clara avenue, 350 feet east of Willow street, 60x217. Lizzie C. Yates has transferred to John S. Gutleben property on north line of Central avenue, 25 feet east of Hlght street. 60x126. Allen D and Amelia Wilson has transferred to T. B. Draper property on the west line of Webster street, map Alameda Marsh lands. Edward Genrty transferred to 3. L. Gould 'property on the northwest corner of Alameda avenue and Lafayette street, 150x43. ' Lincoln B. and Rosa Oriltltts has trans ferred to Louis Griffltts property on the south side of Beuna Vista avenue, 200 feet east of Walnut street, 50x150. Edward M. Shaw has transferred to Burton. L. Wilcox property an the south side of Clint avenue, 14 feet east of Lafayette street. 14x137. George Hammersmith has transferred to Emily Quinn property on the east aide of Park avenue. 319 feet south of San Jose avenue, 37x123. UP TO $160,126, AND 0RKLRNDrS PROGRESS MERRILY corner San Pablo aad Sixteenth streets; $75. Aetna Realty Company, alterations, northeast corner of Tenth and Broadway, 110. City of Oakland, one-story bare, east side of Fallon street between Ninth and Tenth streets; $2500. Mrs, Ida Chrlstensen, three-story flfty-room apartments, northeast orner of Lakaabor and Athol avenues; 115,000. BIQ FLATS. C. R. Lewis, five two-story eleven-room Bats, south side of Nineteenth street, 160. 180. 210. 240 and 270 feet west, of West street; $3600 each. Heiene B. Lang, one-story six-room bungalow east side of Staten avenue, 2(0 feet north of Qrand avenue; $3780. Emanuele : Marande, - ene-itory four-room dwelling east side of Kirkham street, 14 feet ' north of Fourteenth street; $1000, . J. and M. Ciamney, one-story four-room cottage, east side of Dover street, 80 feet sooth of Fifty-third street; $891. Annie E. Shaw,; one-story six-room cot-tags, east aid of Twelfth avenue, 400 feet south of East Twenty-eighth street; $1975. O. W.t Lucas, one-story five-room bungalow, west side of XlUegaa avenue, 560 feet south of Wootoey street; $1550. MANY BUNGALOWS, . Annie l Pfran g, 'one-story five-room cottage, north side of Porter street, 200 feet east of Dover street; $20000. A.--F. PoJrlar. abed, south side of Polr- F. I. Matthews Has Plans Drawn for $10,000 Residence at New- . ton and Lester Avenues. F. I. Matthews is to erect an artistic ten-room residence at the corner of Lester and Newton avenues. The residence Is to cost about $10,000. - The plans have been drawn by Arichl-tect William A." Neewman and opera tlons are to commence in a few days. There are many desirable features connected witlh the arrangement and design of this hondsome house. A large wide veranda attracts immediate attention. On the first floor is a fine reception hall, with parlor, library and dining-rooms connected by sliding doors. All the rooms are well .arranged for convenience and are to be elegantly furnished. Five largo bedrooms with closets and bath are located on the second floor. Two balconies give grand views of the lake and adjacent hills. A heating plant is to be Installed and, the building when completed Will be one of the finest additions to this section of the city. I Stewart A. Campbell, Masonic avenue, near Santa Fe, one and a half story six-room building, on west side of Masonie avenue, 105 feet north of GUman; cost, $1000. Mary M. Huns, College, near Derby street, two-story seven-room dwelling, on the south side of Alcatraz, 350 feet east of College; cost, $3400. NINE-ROOM HOUSE. Wikter Rossi, 1608 Derby street, two-story nine-room dwelling, on the west side of Seventh, 291 feet south of Alls ton way; cost, $1600. Jchanna Sheehan, 1746 Francisco street, oie-etory three-room building, on the southwest corner of Grant avenue and Bancroft way; cost, $1200. TEN-ROOM RESIDENCE. George V. Boris, 1813 Berkeley way, one and a half story ten-room house, on the west side of Walnut, 230 feet north of Delaware; cost, $2650. Edward Huskjnson, one-story six-room building, on lot 15, block 3, on the north side of Uplands, 150 feet east of the north branch of the same; cost,' $3000. L Kennedy, 2700 Howard street, San Francisco, one and a half story nine-room residence, on the north side ' of Stuart street, 100 feet east of Regent; cost, $4800. C. Falkenstrom, 1635 Felton, one-story four-room residence, on the north side of Fulton, 150 feet west of King; cost, $700. $1900 QUEEN ANNE. W. S. Gilbert, ' comer of Vine and Grant, one and a, half story seven-room residence, on the south side of Vine, 100 feet wst of Grant; cost. $1900. . C. W. Johnson, 1630 Qrove street, one-story five-room house, on the south side of Cedar, 117 feet east of Grove: cost, $2000. Charles AhlgTen, 1425 Ninth street,, one-story four-room building, on toe west side of Eighth BtreeL 54 feet south of Channing way; cost; $500. Louis H. and Llszie Wessel has transferred to John Jones, property, lot 13. map of Alameda. Wm. H. and Emma pollard have transferred to Louis Wessel property, lot 73, map of Alameda. Conrad and Lina Roth have transferred to Earnest A. Peterson property on the north side of Wodd avenue, 247 feet east Of Everett street. RELEASES. J. F. Herrick has released to Thos. H. and Kate G. Judd property on- the northeast side of Lincoln avenue, 250 feet southeast of Broadway. Emit Heuermann haa released to Sarah E. MacRae property on the east side of Benton street; 190 feet north of Santa Clara avenue, 50x77; also property on the south line of Powers tract, west of Stanton street, 82x106. Alfred Brown has released to Andrew and Lena Chrlstensen property on the northwest corner of Park street and San Jose Avenue, 60x104. RECONVEYANCES. Henry and Julius Landsberger have reeonveyed to Chaa. L., jr., and Ethel Taylor, property on the west side of Bay street, 250 feet north of San Antonio avenue, 50x150. OBJECTS TO THE CALLS OF AGENTS Editor of TRIBUNE If every man's house is his castle and the basement is part of the house, why has a rat crusader the right to come in my yard, kick the dog and go into the basement and look Into trunks, boxes -of clothing, etc.T The whole of ray yard is in plain view from the side gate, and If It is in a sanitary condition, why should the inspector come in at allT If there wer rats on my premises It would certainly be to my Interest to get rid of them, But during my two years residence In Oakland 1 have never seen a rat, and X am far from blind. While the city is ridding us of one plague, it would earn the eternal gratitude of the housewives of Oakland if it would turn its attention to another the plague of agents.- The door bell Jingles constantly. "Lady, would you like to ier street, 276. feet west of Snattuck avenue; $60. : John A. Brewer, one-story stable, east side of Summit avenue. 250 feet north of Linda Vista-avenue; $50. Mrs. , M. Hslr, alterations, southeast corner of - Seventh and Adeline streets; $300. - A. C. Dean, alterations, 1721 Ninth avenue: 1200. ' j. v-.-i v ":- Loul Kelchotd, one-story workshop, south side of Fifty-eighth street. 180 feet west of Grove street; $125. . H. C. Austin, one-story seven-room Cottage, west side of Thirteenth avenue. ISO feet north of East Thirtieth street; $2365. J. C Fosslng, two-story, eight-room dwellllng, east side of Oakland avenue, 100 feet north of Moss avenue; $5000. Pacific Canning Company, one-story warehouse, west side of Pine street; 100 feet north of Twelfth street; $900. P. M. Getehell, additions, 481 r Cherry street; $125. ' -s- " J. Bruno, one-story barn, west side of Miles avenue, 300 feet north of Summers street; $150. - EIGHTY. FOUR ROOM BUILDINO. . A. Eyeeier, one-story three-room bungalow, north side of Forty-eighth-afreet, 177 feet east of Cherry street; $500. -' German OM People's Home, one-story 84-room temporary : buildlnf g, north side of Hoipkin street, 700 feet east of Alston avenue ;$400o. . ; 7. A Rogerson, two-story five-room avenue, 90 feet south ' of East Sixteenth treet; $17.Soe . . v ' 7?P . r' 'f?, v f f I 'aSfwif -imiJ TEN-ROOM .RESIDENCE TO BE ERECTED FOR F. I. MATTHEWS AT LESTER AND NEWTON AVENUES. W. A. NEWMAN, ARCHITECT. PRETTY HOME TO BE BUILT Mrs. J. C. Smythe Has Plans Drawn for Residence in San Pablo Park. Mrs. J. C. Smythe has had plans drawn for an attractive bungalow which she la to have erected in San Pablo Park. The residence is to contain five rooms. Everything is arranged for comfort and convenience. The plan shows a fine veranda, large living and dining rooms, with paneled wood wainscoting and built-in buffet, columned arches leading to the dining-room, fireplace seats, flower. boxes in the windows, screen porch and' many other features for a very pretty and comfortable home, at a cost of $2000. William A. Neewman is the architect. buy a fine rug? "Let me show you my scaps and perfumes today." "I am selling the best sewing machine made." "Can't I sell you a piano or even a hand organ?" One day there were two men and four children taking orders for tens, coffees and spices, and seldom a day passes that does not bring one or more agents from some picture gallery. TO get rid of some of the most persistent of these, some friends bought the coupons, but found on presenting them at the "shop" that they either lad to get expensive pictures or pay for the poor ones in advance and throw them in the Are when finished. Now, any housekeeper knows when she wants any of these things that agents sell, and by reading the advertisements in the daily papers she can find just where to go to buy them, and moreover, she does not pay for her purchases before she sees them.- S. E. J. T j jjjpynl 1 1 1 ! FLATS TO BE ERECTED BT C P. MENGEL ON EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. A. V. ALDER, ARCHITECT. Fred Tate, three-story 8 9-room lodging house-,- south side- of Fifteenth street. 75- feet east of Jackson street; $17,500. Dunn estate, alterations, 107 San Pablo avenue; $50. -. . , . - James Rogers, 'one-story live-room cottage. South side of Santa'Fe a venae, 391 feet west of San Pablo avenue; $1300. W. w. Chllds, alterations. 663 Twenty-seventh street, alterations; $300. E. E. Greenman, alterations, 1217 Sixth avenue; $65. " - - -j- . FLATS;BBING,BUJLT. ' Fritz' LorenzeVi, ; one-story . three-room cottage, ' southwest . corner of Sixty-second and Freemont streets, $300. P. Rapolll. additions, 4220 West street. Annie Petersen, one-story four-room cottage, east aid of Twelfth avenue, 229 feet south of East Twenty-eighth street. $1800. v ; . Thomas McLean,, one-story nve-room cottage, south side of Fifty-fourth street, 163 feet east of Qrove street. $2000. H. ' D, Webster, . two-story nine-room flats, south side of Fifty-fifth Street. 211 feet west of Shattuok avenue. fSOOO, George R. Chambers, two-story eight-room dwelling, south side of Santa Rosa, 160 feet west of Oakland avenue, $7800. Mrs. Alice Brady, two-story nine-room dwelling, southeast corner of -Bayo Vista and Monte Vista avenue, $4(75. - Mow Lee, alterations, 371 EIbth street, 1150. ..... A. Robinson, additions, 295 Herman street. 3300. 1 ' f 1 l"f" ' t . . BUILOUUSl GREAT fill) Baldwin Bros, of Berkeley Are Erecting Home of an f Artistic Style. The bungalow shown herewith, which has attracted much attention, has Just been completed on Alcatras avenue by Baldwin Brothers of 1426 Bancroft Way. Berkeley, who are making a speciality of building artistio homes. It is a typical California bungalow, combining grace, beauty and comfort. Its low expansive roof at once suggests home comfort and shelter. Its clinker-brick terrace walls with broad pergola beams lend an air of refined elegance. , The large sunny living room, with old fashioned fireplace, the theory dsn with cozy seat and : built-in bookcases, the spacious dining-room with Its built-in buffet and the lnlaM-ardwood floors, together with the beamedNeeilings and hammered copper electric lanterns are most Inviting and captivating to lovers of artistic beauty. ' The tiled buffet kitchen with cooling closet, flour bins, cupboards, spice closets, etc, will delight any woman's heart. Stairs to the attic, with Unestcloset beneath, separate toilet and tiled bathroom with easy access to the bedroom complete this little American palace. t The bungalow style of architecture has taken possession of the field to stay aad is recognised as the most homelike, comfortable anld convenient style of residence that has ever been produced. MARCHES ONWARD W. H. Flske. two-story Ave and sin-room flats, Mt side of Feralta street, 90 feet south of Twelfth street, $3500. W. J, Woerner, alterations, 214 Ban Pablo avenue. $60. Gibson AS Ingram, additions, 1156 Madison steret, tl60. , - - - Lillian perger, V'one-story five-room dwelling, " nortUeaet corner East Nineteenth street aad Tenth avenue, $2000. John H. Peterson, one-story four-room dwelling, south side of Kale avenue, 152 est east of College avenue, $800, j p. Knudsenone-story two-room cottage.-east side of. Manila sOeet, 338 feet north of Eost Twenty-first street, , $1900. - Dr. 4. H. Heeth, one-etory five-room dwelling, west side of Eighth avenue, 8S feet north of Eaat Twenty-first - street. $1900. ' A. - Stelnmann, two-story four-room dwelling, east side of Marshall street. 33 feet north of Stanford avenue. $1300. HAVE TO ENLARGE. P. Heaty, two -story seven-room dwell lng, southeast oorner Feral ta and Thir teenth streets. $3800. A. B. MoCullagh, aitaratlons, 631 Twenty-fourth street, $360. O. Randall, alterations, 116 Fifth streeV $60. . - Ed Charleston, on and one-half story seven room dwelling, southwest eornei of Genoa and Aileea streets. $2500. Dr. Mary Johnson, alterations, 1212-12X1 Broadway. $U20. Mrs. W. M. Osborne. resMasl.'aj, Xtl SlaMl etxet. . S&a, . f.

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