Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 6, 1911 · Page 12
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 12

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1911
Page 12
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FRIDAY 1 EVENING. OAKLAND TRIBUNE OCTOBER 6, 19U. to- Beaufcv . ... . ..... . ? : : . .. ... . .. .. .. . . . 3 ...... . .. w " i ... , . ... ,. . . . . , , . . i S O Ci E.T Y it : y Massage as an Aid : . v ... il vr .. I ! UNIQUE and thoroughly enjoyable event In the social -whirl took place this afternoon when Mrs. Giles Nelson Easton's much an tlcipated "Neighbor hood Tea" took place at 4 o'clock. The guests included more than a hundred representative society folk of Lakeside, Vernon Heights and Adams Point. ' The Jackson street home .of the hostess -was a beautiful setting for the gowns of the guests, yellow chrysanthemums and artistic arrangements of autumn leaves with greens being the . principal decorations. Preceding the tea a breakfast was served the sixteen matrons who formed the receiving party for tjie afternoon. Mrs. Easton's affairs are always marked by original features and she Is a . frequent and delightful hostess. Today's function was one of the most elaborate and Important social events' this year. 8 8 i& MISS MURIEL STEELE COMPLIMENTED. Miss Muriel Steele, the beautiful fiancee of Wesley Gallagher, was made the honored guest today at a handsomely appointed luncheon at which Mrs. Walter Starr was hostess. A dozen guests, friends of Miss Steele's from San Francisco and this city, enjoyed the menu and the social hour which followed. Mrs. Starr is one of the most gracious of Oakland's younger ma-" trons. Miss Steele's marriage will be an event in the social world, and preceding it she will be much feted by members of the smart set of the bay cities. J J & LEAVES FOR PANAMA. A marriage of interest to a host of friends on both sides of the bay will be solemnized October 12 at Colon, Panama, when Miss Clara Smith of Berkeley will be married to Emil Drewes of San Francisco. The young people had planned a pretty home wedding for the early winter, but owing to the fact that Mr. Drewes' business will keep him in Panama Indefinitely, they decided to have the marriage there. Miss Smith left for her future home on Monday and her marriage will take 1 place upon her arrival. A large number of friends and relatives gathered at the station to bid her arewell. .OAKLAND CLUB'S CARD PARTY. - A club affair of next week will be the card party which the Oakland Club has planned for Wednesday afternoon. - The affair will bring together a large number of club women who will enjoy an (hour or two of bridge or five hundred, followed by tea. Mrs. C. S. Chamberlain, president of the, club, assisted by her OLD-TIME MEDY DARKENS THE HAIR Gives Color, Lustre to Faded and Gray Hair; Dandruff Quickly Removed. t' 'MRS. AUGUST HAXEBEKG, who assisted in receiving the guests j Sirs. Hugh Hogan's tea yesterday. From time immemorial, sage and sulphur have been used for the hair and ; scalp. Almost everyone knows of the lvalue of such a combination for darkening the hair, for curing dandruff and falling hair, and for making the hair grow. In olden times the only way to get- a hair tonic of this sort was to brew it In the home fireplace, a method which was troublesome and not always satisfactory. Nowadays almost every up-to-date drug-feist can supply .his patrons with a ready-to-use product, skillfully compounded in perfectly equipped laboratories. The Wyeth Chemical Company of New Tork put up an ideal remedy of this sort, .called Wyeth's Sage and .Sulphur -Hair Remedy, and authorize druggists 'to sell iti unde-r-guarantee that the money wiU be refunded if it fails to do exactly .as represented. If you have dandruff, or if your hair is turning 'gray or coming out, don't dejay, but -get a bottle of this remedy today, and . see what a few days" treatment will do for you. This preparation is offered to the public at fifty cents a bottle; and Is recommended and sold by all druggists. Special agent. Owl Drug Co., ISth and Broadway, Washington and 10th streets, lfith and Pan Pablo avenue. board of directors, is arranging the details of the party and it will doubtless be a brilliant success. Sections of eight tables each have been reserved by Mrs. H. L. WTiitehead, Mrs. F. R. Chadwick, Mrs. F. R. Hanglton, Mrs. Leon M. Hall, Mrs. James Ellison, Mrs. W. D Smith, Mrs E. I. Bartholomew, Miss Theresa Russeau and Mrs. Nellie Nelson. Among those who will assist the board members in receiving will be Mrs. Harry East, Mrs. Cora E. Jones, Mrs. C. S. Booth, Miss Lucy Kendall. Mrs. A. , W. Baker, Jr., Miss Bessie Wood, Mrs. L. C. Tates, Mrs. A. J. Patterson, Mrs. William Westphal, Mrs. John Mole, Mrs. Sturtevant-Peet,' Mrs. R. L. Lenz, Mrs. David Bortree, Mrs.'E. H. Forrester, Mrs. G. W. Harrison, Miss Grace Treyr and others. . ELABORATE TEA. This afternoon President and Mrs. Benjamin Ide Wheeler presided over an elaborately appointed tea at their handsome new home on the campus from 4 to 6 o'clock. This was the first large formal affair given in the new presidential mansion. Mrs. Phebe A. Hearst, one of the regents, assisted in receiving the guests. The invitation list numbered 450 and included the regents ot the university, the members of the faculty and their wives and many representative people of the bay region. Jl AT THE COUNTRY CLUB. The Country Club will be the scene of a brilliant assembly on - Saturday evening, a large number of dinner parties having been 'made : up preceding the weekly dance; which will assume more elaborate proportions than is usual. In a way the occasion will' open the season at the club, although no formal plans have been made for such an event. Beside the Taft dinner party, which will jiumber 100,- reservations have been made vfor 150 guests who will form the smaller parties. DINNER-DANCE LAST NIGHT. An enjoyable evening was spent last night by nearly half a hundred of the younger set, who gathered at the family home of the Philip E. Bowies' in Clare-mo rrt. A dinner-dance was the pleasure offered in compliment to Miss Amy and her brother, George Bowles. TO CELEBRATE FOUNDERS' DAY. Many Oakland era will be present to morrow afternoon at the celebratt ( of Founders' Day at Mills College- jDr. Benjamin Ide Wleler, president j the University of Calillornia, is to dellvi 7 the address of the dety at 2:30 o'cltfK- in Lisser hall. For many . years the J celebration of Found trs' Day has been, observed in May, but the date has. now been changed to the fall months since the discontinuance of the seminary In order to more nearly conform to that anniversary of tiie date of the I gift of the college-to the trustees by the Rev. Ctyrus T. Mills and Mrs.' Mills, the founders, in October, 1877. . - COMPLIMENTARY BRIDGE ARfTY.: Miss Gladys and'. Miss Beralce Bifooka "have asked & large number of their friends for a ; bridge afternoon on October 14, out of compliment to Miss Grace Aenner. The marriage of the guest of honor and Gerald Brooks will take place In Alameda on October 2S at the Ren-ner home. Rev. Frank Bush officiating. .6 J J SORORITY DANCE TONIGHT. The ' members of tbie Gamma- Kappa Club will give a dancing party tonight at the Home Club and have issued a large number of cards -for - the affair. The ballroom will be beautifully decorated in yellow chrysanthemums and Mariposa lilies, carrying out a -scheme in the club colors. The' patronesses for tiho affair are Mrs. F. H. FIshbeck. Mrs. Charles Kinard, Mrs. Lucy Vance, Mrs. J. E. Clark. Mrs. Varney and Mrs. Frees en. ' J 9 J SERIES OF COMPLIMENTARY AFFAIRS. Miss Muriel Williams, the much entertained fiancee ?of Waltej Ratcllffe, will be given the first of a series of elaborate affairs in her honor taking plaoe next week, when Mrs. Mary Hanson Smyth and Mrs. I. R. B. Grubb unite as hostesses at- one of the largest bridge afternoons of the month. Mrs. Smyth and Mrs. Grubb are entertaining across the bay and are Including in their invitations many of the smart set from San Fran cisco and Oakland, as well as Berkeley. Miss Williams announced her betrothal to Walter Ratcllffe early in the summer. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allston Williams of Berkeley. She spends much of her time across the. bay with her grandmother, Mrs. H. A. Williams, who presented her to society last winter. J J J MISS FRICK ANNOUNCES ENGAGEMENT. An Interesting announcement yesterday was the . engagement of Miss Gladys Prick, daughter of George W. Frick, county - superintendent of schools, to A. W. Shepherd. Shepherd is a former New Tork man and Is connected with the Southern Pacific. As a bride-elect Miss Frick will be much entertaiaed previous to her wedding, which will be sSme time in the early spring. Oakland Boys and Girls MNS FANE ON AMATEUR STAGE (ft yfeSK K i ALICE PDGUR t I Although not yet in her teensiAlice Helene Pogue is .winnlsag a place In the amateur dramatic world. At a recent Juvenile performance given by a" com pany of talented childi-en Alice was one of the most conspicuous characters. Her dancing , was one of the reatures ol the entertainment. In a song and dance skit entitled, "The Boy Who Stuttered' and the Girl Who Lisped." Virginia .Marvin and Alice Pogue were much admired and praised for their interpretations of the roles. . ' - - TV Established-1 879 OPE Friday O !'.'"' V of the new establishment of ' I . ..'.-" Artnand Qameai - .. ' - ". t f - . .' f ' . ;4 P - as an exclusive Specialty, Shop'9 for Ladies9 and Misses - Wear . Latest creations in Coats Suits Gowns Dresses, Waists A 233-235 Grant Ave., x ; bet. Post and Sutter V San Francisco. BASKETBALL GAMES LAUNCHED FOR SEASON The basketball season has started in the local schools, where the girls have already, played a number of fast contests. ' Many basketball fans witnessed the battle between the Cole and Piedmont girls' teams yesterday afternoon in the Piedmont court, where the Cole school team won the game 'by. a score of 10 to 2. It was played in thirds. Both teams did good work -and were compli mented upon the sportsmanlike manner in which they conducted themselves. The lineup was as follows: Piedmont Margaret Leach, Mercedes Carpenter, Genevieve' Carpenter, Madeline Johnson and Helen Short. Cole Bergetta Henrickson, Emma Holub, Orace Waters, Myrtle Garns, Ethel Garns, Janet Norman, 'Agnes Mc-Grath and Maggie Johnson. Today the Cole school played a game with the Emerson girls. By LI LXlAN RUSSELL, COopyrlcnt: 19X1: By, Lillian Russell. - r ' ' ts HE blood is the life current. Whenever it stagnates or stops disorganization' begins and bjr some. means or other the current must be set going agafn. fThis is one effect "which .the skillful: tnasseur ? produces -by friction. Massage stimulates -the lymphatics to greater. activity, causing, them to carry off thej waste. material which accumlates rapidly when they .are sluggish. As thist waste material is really dead organic matter, it acts as an irritant and poison in the system, v .;r w:-?V.--l-',---..'i. Still another important fact of massage is the reflex stimulation of the vaso motor centers. .The vaso ttfotor system is made up of a vast network of countless nerves and liervelets, reaching to every part of the. body, "and controlling all the processes of nutrition, secretion anJ excretion. In health this system works perfectly and automatically, but in disease or 'as one grows older it begins to act irregularly. The circulation is enfeebled and the application of massage is jieeded to stimulate, action." As soon as the stagnated blood begins to move, various excellent .effects manifest themselves." The hot dry skin becomes moist, the internal-heat which was burning up the body is radiated rapidly and all the poisonous products and tissue waste are- eliminated. Scientific massage is not charlatanry. It does riot promise the impossible, but it does promise great relief in diseased, and weakened conditions of the face; as well 33 the body. ; There is no guesswork about lit nor can it be practiced properly , by an ignorant or inexperienced person. Long study and" thorough training-are the first requisites, . " - ' - , Many persons ate under the false impression -that massage meahs rubbing. The; worst-effect .of this confusion ol terms is that" those who do not know the difference take for granted that every treatment labeled massage is'therefore scientific, and that the operator possesses special knowledge and experience. Massage is a science. The competent-masseur, ,must possess" a thorough knowledge of the bodily organs1 and all other functions, 'and of the relation of each to all the others. Therefore he must be educated along the same lines-as physicians, before they will instruct their patients to this treatment. Remember, if you would keep young and. beautiful you .must exercise every muscle inyour body. V - J V'tr-' - T n s y.:' LILLIAN RUSSELL Copyright Photo by Schloss I. T. M. D. rTJnder separate cover t am sending you by maid recipes for an astringent lotion for preventing oiliness of the skin on the face and , for an . excellent; curling: fluid for keeping the hair wavy' In damp weather. Here Is the recipe for a gbod tooth paste: Eight ounces ' precipitated chalk, four ounces white castlle soap powder, four ounces orris root powder, "forty drops oil of sassafras, and eighty-drops oil of bay. Add honey suf- ficient to form paste. rosy, cheeks .If you will practice deep breathing exercises night and morning, exercise dally In the open air, eat simple, nourishing food and sleep from eight to ten hours every -night. Take all' the -outdoor exercise possible. If you will send me a letter,,, with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I wiU send you a reclpdvf or the cold cream which I ise ialmost constantly In the theater. sion of character., You never sse a decisive person with thick lips.-This is the recipe for an: astringent., salve for $ckllps: Melt one ounce of cold cream in a double boiler,, using no more heat than Is re-f quired to keep the mass In a fluid state. Add one gram of tannin In powder and one gram of chopped alkanet root and let It steep for five hours. Strain through cheese- 1 cloth into a. Jar. and stir-until cooL 1 Rub Into the Hps night and morn- ; lng. - ; j . MISS WORRIED .To reduce1 i your, nose bathe It with the follow- . lng lotion several times a day.-or even oftener, letting' It dry on: One hundred grams of mallows water, two and one-half grams of ben- " soate of soda, ten grams of glyce-rin, and five drams of alcohol. Mix- " thoroughly. Wet a piece., of ab-. sorbent cotton -with this prepara- . tion and bind over 'the nose at -night: ' One-half dram of muriate of ammonia, one-quarter dram of tanlc acid, one ounce of .glycerin and one and one-half ounce of orange flower water. The ammonia and acid are' dissolved in the- ' glycerin before the orange flower water is added. X. T. Z, I thinkyou will have AN ADMIRER Thick Hps often come from mouth breathlng. Hold the lips firmly andcultivate decN (V A. "M. TV not tmt nrt1r on your moles until it is entirely : healed from the previous applies- ' tion. I think about twice a week," or even less, would be ofteji enough. The cure, Is permanent. CHARGES HER. HUSBAND ATTEMPTED MURDER SACRAMENTO, Oct. 6 Mrs. Alien Schapp obtained a warrant last night for the arrest of her husband, A. B. Schapp, a park foreman, charging him with an assault with a deadly weapon with intent to commit murder. The alleged assault occurred yesterday morn ing at the home of Mrs. Joseph Belmont, when Schapp is. alleged to have called at the Belmont home looking for his wife. He' fired a revolver at her, the bullet penetrating her nightgown. She had sued for a divorce. NOTE. CAUSES SUICIDE. MARTS VTLLE, Oct. 6. Letters from his sister, Georgia Logan, written from Tacoma, in which she told him that she was to be executed last Tuesday fof the murder of a girl, caused Elmer Logan, a negro boy, to commit suicide in this city. In the letters she says v.she killed the girl hv a quarrel, and that vhe had . been convicted . and sentenced iu do juuigvu. eh xormeriy uvea in - - A woman can manage to look half way presentable ln most anything but white stockings spattered with mud. " OPEN AIR SCHOOL FOR TOTS IS OPENED , The kindergarten of Fruitvale which was organized by Miss Marion Stemm is the first institution of its kind to be conducted In the open air. nfteea boys and. girls are enjoying their-' Weaving work outdoors, where : accommodations have been made for their' comfort - and health.. y-:' - vx . --.r-- Since the. tots have deserted the classroom the mothers say that they have noticed an .improvement and the open air. scheme - has met - with ' the ' approval of the parents. : ; Sweethearts Marry After Half Century CHESTER. Pa. Mrs. Lydia Mundy, 65 years old. of this city,' and John McFad-den. a prosperous' farmer of Kansas City, Kan.,, 73 years of age, who" were :- sweethearts fifty years ago.' were married today In'Sf Michaers Catholic churchthe cere mony, being performed by the Rev. James TImmins. t - The; couple had not seen. each other In forty-five years : until three -eeks 'ago. when Mr. McFfcdden came here to visit his- son. The ld spark, of , love broke out afresh, and , aftera - brief ' courtship they decided to wed.. . , - Mrs. Munday ' had ;ben a widow three years. Mr, vMcFadden was -married twice before. . . .... ... - : --.. , U: S. WOMEN CANT POSE., " .'CHICAGO. "American women do not know how to pose for a photograph. Thai-is the reason the world does not know that they are the . most beautiful s of all women.'.. - ' This expert opinion was- given today by Rudolph . Iuhroops of " Berlin, Germany, who is spending several days In Chicago on his way to St- Paul to attend the annual - convention of the American Photographers Association. Dent's New Glove $1.50 The First Shown in Oakland These are a mannish "P. X. M - English cape glove with a large single horn clasp. Are perfect fitting, durable and stylish come in tan, gray and willow. Absolutely the first shdwn in Oakland, the pair ;..1.50 Women's Mocha Gloves $1.1 5 Ireland Bros, genuine velvet Mocha P. K. gloves, with Paris point embroidery. Are in beautiful shades of gray. Are dollar fifty value3. Special ............ . $l.i5 All the New Umbrellas hea".t Tempting Prices SilK tnu,aai je e Thread ry- ?v ys -J. 1: J. Z5 Phoenix guaranteed Silk ; Hose for women cost no more now than Lisle Hose. They are real thread silk with a soft shimmery." elegance that adds attraction to their guarantee of : durability. Come in' black, tan and white. Box of four pair, $3.00. Guarantaed for 3 Months' Wear 35 Moss umbrellas present sn-' perior points! "of workmanship. They' are made : especially 1 for; us and in the matter of quality, appearance and price 'are the best obtainable anywhere.1 Fall 1 shipments are now here. ' Childrehs Umbrellas ' 50c to $3.00 i Women's: Umbrellas -J 50c-to $25 Men's j Umbrellas v 50c to $25 Umbrellas Repaired arid Recovered , eadquartercv for Onyx! HoGlery - - - - U I P nwii.'HWiJMH'iw juU W!ibi nw wmmmjmmmMimmmwmLimmwumum'k!iimmm .mwwww. nw.u i m ."w is jih 'uai'jiiiw.wwawiw mm 459 13th St., Near Broadway 459 13th St Near Broadway N

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