Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 1, 1911 · Page 42
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 42

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 1, 1911
Page 42
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ft REAL ESTATE K:$JPACES!43 .TO VOL. LXXVI OAKLAND, V CALIF, NIA, SUNDAY MORNING,- ; OCTOBER 1, : 1 9H. NO.42 i . , , , ? 'f - I 2 OF SITESrARE Offices of Dealers in Property ? Have Been Crowded with Buyers. Prosperity Continues to Walk nana in .nana wun Progress- ' -Tn another part of thls'-department of flHB TRIBUNE wOl be found a.sbowing of f amount of business don In the c6Bdera office of this . county and In a general way the deeds which are there recorded, whlclx Indicate, to a certain de ffree, the 'volume of business done hy the ealty dealers In Oakland and vicinity. i !?Of course. It Is Impossible to ascertain .mount of money-, which changed lianas In the transactions .for the, reason Jthat. for a couple of. generations, it has been customary, m naming- xne oonswr- tlon for the passing of deeds, to set the amountiAtfXhA nominal' one or ten aoi-ilafs. This, of course, , in no way repre-Mnta the nrlce of the;;property and as a consequence. It Is Impossible to gtre any approximate Idea of the volume of busline ss which- has been 'transacted, during the week.' either ' as represented by the deeds filed or: by the known transactions fwhich have not . as yet been admlttea TO filing in the office of the recorder. ' v WISDOM OF OLD CUSTOM. -i'T'hrS nuestlon bf the ? wisdom of con- 'tlnuing the custom of placing a nominal consideration for the sale of. property upon deeds has been under discussion Dy .the Oakland Real Estate Association. i Some of the "members favored Its aboli- tlon. and thet substitution of the : actual . which nassed in the transaction. fwhlle others opposed It. v Opposition was L - . .ai t a an talned by the purchasers ; of property to (have the:srenra3pMro Iniew how mucl . khey patd-fof. their piirchasjav ? c : ' Those ' who : favored, the f publication of Ithe- actual sum Involved declared - that jthe placing of any other sum on the deeds was. In effect, att attempt, to deceive and, jat the same time, prevented the, pub-jllcatlon of the real amount of business 'done by the realty dealers of the city. It 'was pointed out that In Los Angeles the .dealers voluntarily furnish lists for publication of their sales and la every ln-, stance gave at the same time the value lr y,m i tMnniMtnh. It VU also ShOWU Jl Oiat In some of &e northern cities the .dealers did the same thing and as a con sequence It was possible for them to learn at the end of the.' week,- the -end of the month, or the end of the year, the num- !ber of thousands or millions of dollarsi that had- been represented ;,by realty transactions. ' RESOLVE OF ASSOCIATION. , IV was also pointed " out - that In this . .'cltyi by means Of. the : records kept in "the building department of Oakland, such . showing : was possible with'- respect to the weekly, monthly sad yearly rans tsvctlons in that office and that' the show-ling -had been the means of advertising Oakland, unexcelled; by any other-means employed, and bringing this city , to the attention of people in other, parts jot the country. It was also shown that eastern (Journals copied 1 the building figures and commented upon the same in a most com-fpllmentary manner.;. Some , of "the mem-bera held that If the Volume- of the real lestate business .of"-thls:-iclty;"and vicinity Iwere similarly treated and disseminated. It wp uld be commented upon . by the realty papers of the country -and t the benefit which would accrue from- such publicity would be Incalculable. ..: The result of, the discussion was that hereafter the members of the association will, place no figure upon their deals Un less they put those which reveal the lm-1 View of the new retoforced concrete east, f i i : i 1 ; i mum J i' i i.i. ii Mi-wirrT.w'Wrff; f ;'','???r? Ill " - -v ; lit ' " : ; - 5 4 i 1 i . 'l : :. Upper picture represents the beautiful p3 and Moss avenue. The" lower pictures: a ! portance or otherwise of the transaction. There ; Is no" person . enga!ged . In - the realty business In; this city who .has not been ' busy, from the earliest j day 7 of - the week, up to the closing of his office last night. Some of the dealers, -of course,' made a better rhowlng than-did1 others. mainly because they might, have, had more attaches working ;f6r, them tasn - otbara. but In so far as a canvaes of the 'dealers could - show - the -re 'condition-of affairs. the returns for the' week were everywhere satisfactory.: . . . ,. .r . Sales-of -realty, and . Improved - property are, not a matter of a moment.. ..Sometimes they require' patience of the heroic degree, for weeks . and - months.. rThe purchaser, as a general thing. ; at the present time, is of the Missouri type. He hotel five stories in l height which Is corner, of Broadway and Nineteenth ! II ..--5 ... . v W f r o- - i Ai. i f i v lifpf r-. . ti.' t1 '--i . "r'.HV 1 1 pPhtji i-eoriresV to. je i"shwn.-V Smejttmes.s Insistent, .even to the thinness of a nafr. In trying to have his ideals satlsfleij and -that '(means .work, -requires an alrno-. Infinite variety of .'.lots and houses ' to him tp-vseJect from and, eyen thni t ifter hours " and ;' days have ben : expexaS l.ln trying:;, to : accommodate Mim.i It- - (-not Impossible : that he ' may bo . suited of an.' hour-by a rival who. haa neitlf the resources mor the patience of thk Van who has failed to: close the ideal. -i 3Tet It Is 'a-pleasure to -record f tnai tne aeaiers, lfcrge ana small. have done a j lucrative - business and each ; of them-has, been, given commissions for the procurement of other lots and residences now ne&ring completion' at the south- I : street; : - - v. j .-' i i ' & - " . - it ' '!Mii i ' t ! V ' v ' T " 4 tee 1 iqlaat the entrse to new Mom views of some 'of the?rpniantic spots to efpuhtf in Wi 5STDHY :? -.-. i4 Work og- Placing Steel at the Securityv Bank & Trust -v BIdg. Progresses. . . . ' . ' . ' In an; adjoining- cxrtumn there will be seen the, picture of . the . five-story apartment house atl the- southeast corner of Nineteenth street and Broadway, -which fcrnow n earing completion. This is to be one of the finest structures of the kind. in . this city or vicinity. .It'is, of Reinforced .concrete, arid has a frontage on "Broadway of 84 feet by -90 feet on . Nineteenth. street---In the rear. there is a-court '0 feet in width; There " are . 1 2 0 'rooms. ; These will he divided into bachelor quarters arid .'apartments .-containing two. and three rooms The building is owned by Mrs. Flora B.v Kramer. Oeorge ' Bauer and Mrs. Max W. Koenig;.' There Is an excavated "basement, which will 5-jbe used as a storage place for the stores which are to be located on the first floors. and' fpr boiler rooms. The Tirst floor ; may be- subdivided Into two large 'storesor four smaller ones; one of the latter facing. Nineteenth street. The structure was designd by -iaj-chl-tects EhJgettl & Headman and built by Nelson & Bauer. It will cost $SS, 00 6, has already been leased. and will be ready for business- on the "first of the next year.- ! V" - t.-;--i.U4 iWork- In earnest has ' been -eon?-menced -Tsn ' the ; ne': structure- of the Security -Uahfc" "and - Truf t' Company at the north east-corner of Broadway ii ana 'jciievenia - streets, and. i- betng pushed - with energy; - Liess-than two weeks have elapsed since the steel forf has risen to a height of almost four - stories and is making an excellent ap-1 pearance. I2tir more stories are y et to : be constrO-ted and the architect Is- of tha.opSson that .-he "will havej the- frame in a condition which-wilt,1 I ! prevenJL-U "from belngr affected by the f ' cornhrrs of . unpleasant -weatherr. The i structure will' be one "of the finest of ' ; the. skyscrapers in this city anil .be welcomed to the ether lare fiuajiciali . . r-Institutions, -all - of -which . are eitiiatea i 1 i"ith:n a Ft.-ne's throw f tlie groir. 5 ! tuT. iirsr. . T'e -s;T9-ca..ti; Eiructurel mm NT HOUSE Is. at tiaasl thrilling. : f or the reason that the .workmen,. from time, to-time, display ' a X fearlessness. , in walklne d atone - the Iron -.beams .- at '. a giddy heignt. ,wnica causes a J.large -number 6t. people . at all h ours - of . the, day to stand, on the opposite ' corner and watch them, with amazement depicted on :every - countenance, 'becausei if any step there 4s no means of . saving him from being"? dashed to; death on , the Iron . joists - and beams in thev stories beneath.;- - ; . .- ; k" ;r IWIUTj OPEIT MISSION'. --sBJgf : FRANCISCO. . Sept. 30. A mission will, open -at St.' Mary's" cathe dral Sunday v mortiing; bctober . SthJ at the 1 1 o'clock - mass. ; : . The'5 mission "will - be-eonducted by two Paullst Fathers from- New Tork Rev. Bert rand -14, ; Conway . and Rev. Thomas :F.' Btrrke-'Tbey -are -the lead ers and most' eloquent : members of ; w Residence built by Home Building i f i Broadway tthe iriteHor of the parK the ? far-famed -Pftnllst 'Missionary Band";-and havef achieved remarkable success throughout "the country This wilLbe the flrsti mission conducted-tij them on the JPacifla Coast. - 3u ' - s- hBtRGliAR BOB IiESEDEXCE. s PA. , Herbert s of 2&24 Oough street Fro- ports, the j-burKlary , of her5olnO.Jiast nights ill.c valuables , taken .to ; the amount of $20. I PROTECTIVE UEGIOX 3rEETS. . Oakland . Legion. No- ; 1905 'held -af j large-and enthusiastic 'meetings Wed nesday evening in-Maccabee -Templev Those present witnessed- a large -class lhjtiated into thevmysterles of the ,or der. Elmhurst degree team,- who put on the. work, were jp torthe usual perfection. "--There: was dancing and -a banquet, interspersed with many good talks. The next meeting jwill fee Wed-nesday. evening. Z" " Department of Realty Syndlcatefor -sr: 1 OIKLfllO ill: InlWGl r. . - .. .,-v;. ........ . M 7 .(3 :V,. n( t J'4?-'- ;T .. . . -'.T T--f 'I'- "-. t City Beautiful Now Has Thirty-;' ? .: vsix Breathing .. cic 1 v ' Spaces. -.. 1 Picturesque Lake Merritt Is tha BacKgrouna lor w iqo : ' Slopes of Green, Oakland - has - now t public rwltsT though there are thousands of people ln,r the community who have never been aware. of. the fact. ' These have an aren.4 of 345 acres of which 185.22 are land and 160 water. The water park is other-,, wise known as Lake Merritt.' There la h liberal force, of men at work . nearly all the ..... time Improving these pleasur r grounds and the. work which .has bn, done on them, since they came pndor' the control of the Oakland Park Commls-. sion is remarkable, when, the short pe-; ; rlod' of ' time is taken into consideration,; as also the , comparatively small amount of money which has j; been,, expended la, their-upkeep. A ,.,.". The parks are , as follows: Adams Park Mont eel to and,.:; ..Gran t. avenues; 2.20 acres. j Aloha .: Plasa Newtorl' anpA-ihol ave. nues; .6 of an acre. '' j- -,.:.'-V Athol . Circle East Elghleenthstreet and Athol avenue; .3 of an acre. Athol Plaza Second! avenue and Lake-f shore boulevard; ,9 of an acre. ' - . Brooklyn Plasa Fourteenth avenue anH . East Sixteenth street; .9 of an acre. vjj , s . BUSH ROD! PARK. Bwshrod Park Fifty-ninth street ac!t Shattuck-avenue; 17.91 acres. - - Boulevard Park Fourth arenue, between .Bast Twenty-first and East Twea ty-third; 2 acres. dietwood - .fiara Aoami ana x'erry. . streets; .8 of an acre. Chlcchester Plasa Adeline and Sixty first streets; .2 of an acre. v- ... - ' Clinton, Square East Twelfth, street and 61x1 i avenue 2. 40 acres. City Hall Plaza Fourteenth street and San Pablo avenue; 1.10 acres. 1- De SYemerr Park Sixteenth and Ade- line streets; 10.40 acres., East Shore Park Orand and Cove ave-. nues; 11 acres. . . . - v- - 1 A . . HARRISON SQUARE. i Harrison Square East Sixteenth street and Seventeenth avenue; 1.82 acres. San .Antonio Park East .Slxteenthi ' street and , Seventeenth avenue; 11.1 acres. " .. : Jefferson" Square Seventh and Jeff or-. son streets? 183 acres. - - ' Lake Shore Harrison Boulevard. Karri- -soft- street ifrom Twentieth to Twenty-., fourth -streets; 1.70 acres. -"..- .. -- Lakeshore Willows Between . Oak and Lake Merritt; 9. acres Lafayette Square Eleventh : r. and ferson streets.- L83 acres. 1 J i ft 1 1 w . - ; Lakeside Park Between 1 Grand ' avenue and Lake Merritt; 45 acres. w Lincoln Square Eleventh and Harrison . streets; acres. . jtv. "v - Madison Square Eighth and Madisom streets; 1.S2 acres. ; Mosswood ' Park Moss " avenue ' an-? Broadway; 11 acres. ... !" " ' Oak Glen Richmond avenue from Moea avenue south; 2 acres.-, - Pine .KnoJl -Lake Shore boulevard ni ; Wayne avenue; 2 acres. ... i Per&lta Park Twelfth and Fallon streets'; 20 -acres. J . -l . : Rldgeway1- Plaza Gilbert street ' arid? 1 'Ridgeway avenue;. .8 of an acre. ' Union Plaza. Thirty-fourth And peralt streets; .VG. of . an acre. - - '." -i WEST.- OAKLAND PARK." ' WVest Oakland Park Eighth and Wood' streets IO.87 acres. - 1 ' iRockridge l.M . acres. -.tj. . ; il( Bella Vlsta Tenth and Eleventh ave- -nues and East ' Twenty-eighth street i,, 3 acres."" .." - - - ' - ' ' -' ' - I. IJnda -vista,.'. : Jt ' J j Edge- Lake. -1 - -,-. r; ; - -.."7 . . Mandana Boulevard', and Cottage; t r acres. :'- .,' -1 . t... Lake "Merritt 160 acres! 'f f VARlETy" SlttaJ Of - course.- some - of ' tbes i-v r rather limited In. ii, but? Kt jthe tame time they afford people an opportunity to find a breathing potrln the immediate vicinity. of their Homes without tavlne: to1 travel miles or the' purpose; "Whwre it is not possible to have settees' supplied, the spots are beautlOed and kept in perpetual' verdure and foliage at all 'seasons of the ' J (Continued on Page 45) , f' Sirs. E Mejla, on Shafter avenue.

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