The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 26, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1891
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VOL. XX. ALGONA, KOSSTITH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1891. No. 47, niBf.TSHKl) F.VEHY WKDNKSDAV JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher, Terms of Subscription. ..SI.BO One copy, one year, In advances .jn.mi One copy, six months, iu advance 75 One copy, three months. In advance 40 Subscription.'! continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Will be iii:',d« known on application. BOOK AMD JOB PRINTING. Tlio equipment of Hie I?KiMnu,ioAN Ofllce for Bopk and'Job Printinir is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. TIIR lim'unucAN lit Hie official paper of Kossiith county and llio city of Algona, "A CORNER ON IOWA.' As Illustrating the Democratic Partiality Towards the River Towns. — The Candidates.- Southeast Corner of Iowa Gets the -The Rest of the State "Not In It." RKL'UIJMCAN STATK TICKET. For Governor HIRAM C. \YHJGELTCU. of Sue county. For Lieut;.-Governor Greo. VAN TIOL'TKN', oE Taylor county. For .Judge Supreme Court. SILAS M. WKAVKB, ol Harclln county. For Railroad Com FHAN K. T. CAMPBELL. of Jasper county. For Supt. Public Instruction,,. HKNUV SAIUN, of Clinton comity. For KeprosentalivR, S-lth Hist. .TonN (i. SMITH, of iCcwHtiUi county. ANNOUNCKMBNT. I i\m u •cniulldutn for Sheriff subject to the action of tbi; Republican Couuty (.'(invention. 11. .1. HUNT. Where the Republican. Candidates are Located, Democratic partiality for the river districts is well illustrated by a couple of cuts of Iowa on this page of the REPUBLICAN, •showing how the Democrats have bunched their candidates in one corner of the state totally ignoring the claims of northern, northwestern and central Iowa. Estherville Republican: If prohibition is wrong- local option is wrong also— when the matter' ot> "personal rights" is taken Into consideration. In this cori- • nection it might be said that the democratic 'platform left out the local option clause but later the leading democrats say it'was omitted by accident. By this , dodge they hope to work both'Classes. IP? ENGLAND DOES NOT RELIEVE IN FEES TRADE. It -is generally believed that 'England is a free trade country, but this is ,terly false as a matter of fact. ^Eng- jand .has (in Great Britain and Ireland) &3-customs districts, each of which has collector and subordinates. London as : n early 1.600 customs officers; Liverpool about 700- L for the two ports nearly 5,300 customs officials. Does that look ike ^England having free trade? And ' ere 'is a list of dutiable articles com- lilecl'from the English tariffs. Alcohol, lie, beer, brandy, playing cards, chicory, chloroform, chloral hydrate, <cigars and '.cigarettes, cocoa, coffee, oobdim, cologne water, cordials, currents, essence spruce, ether, iodido of ethyl, figs, fig iake, .preserved fruit (in spirits), naphtha ickles, gold and silver plate, plums arid runes, raisins, soap, gin, rum, whisky other spirits, wine and varnish; and sides 'these, there are about ninety or e hundred articles, chiefly from Amer\, and principally patent -medicines, hich<are held to be liable to duty at the ,te of $3,36 per gallon. (See "Dock•y's Summary of the British Tariff.") . It is one thing to be free tiade in eoryandi quite another thiug<to be free 'ade ia .actual practice. . We hope that our democratic friends ill weigh these facts.— N. Y. Mail and ',.-:•• '". •• • ' <f ,-• i • ' -a-a"i- - ~jv& •*•••-' -S-'.—'V""" mortgages, 58,859in lots, and$28,105,150 in value nndor Presidents Cleveland and Harrison, and a decrease of C9y,524 iu acres from the administrations of Hayes, Garfield and Arthur. The recorded indebtedness of Alabama stands for the same period: Under Hayes, Garfield and Arthur, 1880-1881: Number of mortgages recorded, 0-1,021. Value, $25,390,816, Number of acres mortgaged, 0,091,817. Number of lots mortgaged, 8,179. Under Cleveland and Harrison (nina months), 1865-1889: Number of mortgages recorded, i>9,087. Value, $155,099,777. Number of acres mortgaged, 9,480,336. Number of lots mortgaged, 20,400. This shows an increase of 20,0(50 in mortgages, 18,281 in lots, $39,29^,931 in value, and 2,785,519 in acres. As the Republicans of Iowa have been accused by their opponents of bad management, as claimed by the mortgages recorded, what can be said of Alabama, where tho Democrats are in full authority and have been for generations? —Counail Bluffs Nonpareil. years. Mr. Hays is clear aftd forcible writer, and the paper will lose none of its popularity or influence wider his control. |ud Palo Alto Reporter: The Algona REPUBLICAN in the near future proposes to use the American press news plates and Nye 'letters aud thus dispenses with ready .prints, Years ago in casjteru. Iowa we worked for an editor who made a business of criticising "patent innards" as the ready prints were then styled, but the boys in the office used to note the fact that over half his miscellaneous sc lections were clipped from -these same ready .prints. any and all efforts in the direction of the best local journalism possible. WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT IT. Dubuque ©ally Times: The A'lgona BLICAST iis improving since Editor W. Hay* jgot control of it. Jos Estherville Republican: The Algona REPUBLICAN will adopt the "all home rint" luxury. A good thing if a :p\il>Isber can afford it. IWesley Reporter.: The Algona REPOB- [CAN announces that after Sept. 1st it |}11 be "all home print" which will p'e a great improvement to that already Valuable paper. • West Bend Journal The Algona KB 3WOAN will soon print all of its paper home. The experiment will be tolled with a great deal of interest by brethren of the P^ss. Boone Yalley Gazette: The Algona IEPIJBLICAN is about to dispense with Ithe ready printand come out as a purely manufactured article. The enter- ^prising young editor believes in being to lie front in all things. fpooahontas Times: The Algona RE- JBLICAN will soon be all home print, will discard patent insides. The UBLICAW is a boss paper, one of the ry best in the northwest, and that it is to. print its own piper all at home iows it is highly appreciated. Independence Bulletin Journal: A jange has taken place in,'the proprietor- ip of Algoua REPUBi^Ajf, one of tt»e, ast of our northern Jowa. exeb&ijgee, Jos. W. Hays, whp for tho past hp the paper, lias bought t£e iaiweit 5. JJaUock and leased the interest «{ pjdrtogc, Mr. M- THE. STAT13 IlEGISTICIl'S COMMENT. State Register: The Marion Register is doing vigorous party work this year. The paper is one of the most successful of Iowa weeklies. It is courageous and outspoken. Among its planks are: The Register is Republican in politics and in thorough accord with the great party to which it belongs. It knows an ism and a traitor to the party when it sees them and it calls a spade "a spade." It gives the home and general news. It is fearless, but courteous, always truthful and fair. It is just the paper you want. ^Subscribe for it. The Marion Register is an eight page paper, all iprinted at home. This "home print" idea is growing in favor with county papers; The Algona REPUBLICAN, which a few weeks ago passed under the control of Joseph W. Hays, announces that .after due consideration it has been decided to make an "«ill home print paper.". The change will toe'inade in September -and is with a view.of gjv- ing the people .of Kossuth county a "cleaner aud 'better paper." WWle the patent inside ltas been an undoubted boon to the weekly press, it has, in .many instances, at least, resulted in what the RBPUBMCAII charges "a let' ting down of the tone of country journalism." The editors yfind themselves at tfce mercy of careless wen who edit with the shears and print the same matter Cor a thousand different papers. Not infrequently matter, politically or otherwise at v»rience with the policy of the papers sending it out, has crept into the columns of the patent inside. Special plate matter overcomes this difficulty and in this respect the REPOBWCAK wil bo ahead of the Des Moiues Loader, which claims (o be not a county'but a state paper, for while the Algona paper will print special plate matter, the Leader prints plate matter purchased, -not by the article, but by ibe square yard. This, with the carelessness of the plate editor at the Leader office, led that paper some time since to print on its fourth page an orthodox editorial from the Register! It is impossible for ^very weekly paper in the state to follow the example of FROM OUE EXCHANGES. Chicago Inler Ocean: Governor Boies opens his campaign at Cherokee, Iowa, on Saturday. As he casts his eagle eye around the horizon there will be corn- corn everywhere. He might, take advantage of.the solemn occasion and repeat his Wall street speech aud tell ^miserable lowaus how the3 r are impoverishing the State bj r raising com.. Tariff Pictures. From'the New York Press, The higher duties placed on cotton hosiery by the Mcluuley bill have been collected only ten months. Here is wha^ the "American Wool, Cotton and Financial Reporter" says about the home industry: "There are lines of domestic transferred seamless goods ranging for ladies from $1.75 Mills Uaiftes ^National Isnaos. The Republican press of the state is now a unit in seeing that the'-al issues are uppermost. The dirt^'v.1 results upon the election next year and upon our congressional and legislative elections and the election of a United States senator to succeed "Wilson in case of Democratic success are enough to bring every Republican in line. The Democratic state central committee and Governor Boies recognize tho fact that national issues are at stake and that prohibition cuts but a small figure. There is no better evidence of this th'an the fact that they hawe imported Congressman Mills of Texas, thto great free trade leader, to open the campaign. Mills made his first Democratic speech of the campaign Thursday at Iowa City. On the same day at the same place there was held a unanimously attended meeting of tho 'Democratic state central committee. Mills is to speak in other places, one of them being at Rock Rapids among the farmers and where there is a great many Pror hibition Democrats. Mills is here as a national figure and in the interest of the Democratic party at large. The fact that he opene the campaign is enough, to convince everyone that the .Democrats consider the national issues uppermost and that they are using prohibition only in certain localities to work upon the prejudices and to keep the real issues away from a, certain class of voters. No Republican can afford to be duped by any such game. . The Republican party of the nation and not of Iowa alone i:s to be affected and it is the duty of every Republican on national issues to be a Republican this year in Iowa.—Dubuque Times. an increase of our imports, stated in the order of the magnitude of the increase, in the following articles: Coffee, tin plate, hides and skins, fruits, chemicals and drugs, India rubber and gutta percha, nngar and molasses, etc. ' There has been a decline in the value of our imports of wool and the manufacture thereof; silk and the manufacture.-: thereof; hernp and jute and the manufactures thereof; broad stuff a and animals. Tlio total valuo of the imports of merchandise last year was $841,005,491. The total value of exports of merchandise was $884,425,405, which shows an excess in favor of exports during the fiscal year of $39,519, I .)J4. There was also an excess of exports of domestic merchandise over such exports the prior 3'eav of $20,941,737. The increase in exports lias been in the following articles, stated in the order of the magnitude of the increase: Raw cotton, provisions, refined sugar, cotton manufactures, copper and the manufactures thereof, iron and fiteel and the manufactures thereof. Tho values of the leading articles of export from the United btates during tho past year were as follows: Cotton, $290,708,898; breadstuffs, $127,608,092; provisions, $138,17(5,638. to $2 that will bear comparison iu fabric with anything that is imported to sell at ' ' . $1.90 to $2 iu full fashioned goods. The Wales furuaceineii makers of employed by the tin plate get $1.75 per day. Those employed making black sheets or plates iu the rolling mills of Piittsburg get $3.50 Bae^^ u day. the Marion Register and Algona LIOAN, hut those who do not should keep a keen eye on the inside pages and see that the tone of the paper U main' tained there as well as in other columns. The people oi Algona ought to appreciate toe change tb%t U to be made in * and give Harty IOWA >'i'i-t;fsiro«. This feature'Of the eens'i* svorlt w -• tracting more .general attention than any other, with the exception 'tit tin enumeration of ithe people. To mi*"" it valuable, it should bo collected and published, annually, if not by each state, then by the general government. lids a labor so vast, and far-reaching in its importance to the investors of the Unit' ed States, congress has called upon th>. secretary of the interior to formulate * plan by which the Census office can be a separate department—reporting it to that body at its next meeting.. Up •to the present the figures showing the recorded indebtedness of the country been published for only two states. f fcese are Alabama and Ipwa. For the ten years in contrast, 18^0-1884, under Republican president, and 1885,1889 under a Democratic president for four including nine months of- President Harrison's administration,, the ex w one of unusual interest. Under Presidents Hayes, Garfleld and Arthur tta recorded indebtedijejs of Iowa fo» the five years shows the number oi mortgages recorded, etc,, ia 1&80-18S4 thus: Jfqmber of mortgages recorded, 343,896; value, $301,^1,696-; number of acres, saortgftged, 16,863,716; number of lots mortgaged, 116,119» Under Presidents Cleveland and Harrison (ftine months) ISSS-lfSfc Number of mortgages recorded; $$4*$)4, Value Number t£ apres wort- 15,904,202. NutoJw at 174,978. an Stole a Saw The calamity organ has endeavored to give a picture of George Van Houten, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. Stripped of its verbosity the organ declares that Van Houten stole machinery in a saw mill and joined the army to escape arrest. That he was deputy when the treasurer of Taylor county was a defaulter, that his farm is mortgaged, and that he entertains the swine of his farm in his dining room. The only surprise in this falsehood in that when the lie was a bornin,' that the organ of such well known truth (V) aud veracity did not make it'more readable by asserting that Mr. Van Houten stole the saw mill bodily, that he WK* the defaulting treasurer of Taylor coun ty, that he was drafted in the army an : stole all the commissaries and that t;..- swine sleep m his parlor. The story • of the silly and utterly untruth; i screeds which marks the every < editorial page of the calamity ory This record is 60 nearly similar to i records of some other gentlemen tb •„ the best proof against its veracity .. that Van Houten is not the editor of u Democratic calamity organ. — Ottnmwu Courier. FIGU11ES. gaged, The New taw Has a "Wholesale Effect on Oar Export* aqd Imports. The bure^tl p|f etsitistics of the trens wry department issued a review of th< foreign commerce and immigration of the United States during the fiscal year ended June 80,1891. It gives also a comparisoa of the imports and exports of the past nine months during which the new tariff law has been in effect, as compared with the corresponding nine months preceding vthe fiscal year. The total commerce of the past year was the greatest in the history o, the government a»d exceeded the tota value of the commerce of 1890 by $83, 191,803. The ponomerce of 1890 w«is th, largest for $»y y©ar in the history of ijhi government up to that time, exceeding the commerce pf the prior year by $159, 806,063. 0«y fetal commerce duytog thepAstfiBcajiysar amounted to - . ^y^tbap. Overdoing It. The attack of the Democratic press upon the business and financial standing of Hon. H. C. Wheeler, the Republican nominee for governor, is a clear case of overdoing it. The recent attempt made to mislead tka public regarding the tases paid by Mr. Wheeler is a case in point. It not only fell to the ground through its own weight, but its movement in that direction was accelerated by those who love fair play irrespective of their partisan affiliations. In our issue of Sunday -appeared an article written by Mr. Frank Motie, a prominent Democrat and citizen of Odebolfc, in which he arraigns the Democratic press for its deliberate misrepresentations and its unwillingness to correcb the false statements which it has made. The article was written for The World-Herald, but evidently contained too much truth to appear in its columns. It was either consigned to the waste basket or quietly pigeon-holed, and a previous statement made allowed to stand uucor- rected. The only reason apparent fov tiis is that the article in question eo- ablished the fact that Mr. Wheeler tood upon the same footing regarding he assessment of his property and the layment of taxes as other good citizens .0 in bis locality. This his Democratic neighbors know as well as anyone, and t ia not strange that they should resent any attempt to make it appear otherwise. It is but natural to demand fair jlay, and this is all that Mr. Motie asks 'or as a Democrat from his party press. 3e does not request Democratic papers ;o extend Mr. Wheeler any further :ourtesy than truth and simple justice demand, but he does vigorously denounce the policy that sanctions the slandering of good citizenship for tho accomplishment of party ends. The article is a cornpleto defense of Mr. Wheeler regarding the matter in question, and coming as it does from a Democrat whose party fealty has never been questioned, establishes the fact that the partisan zeal exhibited by the Democratic political managers ia overdoing itself in fine shape in this campaign. The course thus far pursued by the opposition in malting assaults upon the IIIT tegrity and good name of the Republican nominee is evidence of the desperation of Democracy and proof positive that the Democratic leaders have no hope of success in a square contest and a fair discussion, and that their only reliance in carrying the state is in political roor- backs and partisan tricks. Fortunately for the Republican party they have exposed their plans and uncovered their methods in time for the people to be fully advised and thoroughly equipped to repudiate them. —Council Bluffs Nonpareil. Sine* the new tariff law has been in operation, from Oct. 6, 1890, to June SO, 1891, inclusive, the total value of the imports of merchandise is $630,SOtt,005, compared with $598,769,905 for the corresponding period in 1890, which shows an excess for toe nine months of 1891 of f31,438,l«0. The value of the imports of merchandise admitted free during tho nine months ended June 30, 1891, is |fc95,983,§S5, while the value of such imports for the corresponding period of 1890 w»s |S08, 983,873, showing an increase in imports free during the past nine montha of f86,979,793. During the same period, ended June 30, 1891, tho imports of merchandise paying duty was of the value of $334,249,340, as compared with. $380,786,033 for the corresponding period of 1890. So it appears that there has beeto decrease during the last nine mooths of the fiscal year of 1891 in the value new tariff went into effect of the total value of merchandise imported in this) country 40.90 per cent, camo in free, while during tho corresponding period in 1890 &L82 per cent, was admitted free. It appears that the value of the merchandise imported free during the last nine months of the past fiscal year is greater by $30,000,000 than tho value of such merchandise admitted during the whole of 1890,find nearly $40,000,000 greater than during that period of the fiscal year ended June 30,1880. The export of gold and silver during the last fiscal year was $108,729,288, and imports, $30,312,334, an excess of exports of §7 2,51.6,954. The export of gold during the last fiscal year was $80,363,022. Imports of gold, §1»,246,512, showing an excess of exports of §68, 117,110, the largest excess of exports of gold in any year of our commerce. There has been a large increase in the volume of immigration into the United States during the last fiscal year, the total number arriving being 595,456 against 451,219, nn excess during the year of 104,277. This increase is largely from the following countries: Italy, 23,354; Austria-Hungary, 14,861; G-er- many, 21,122; Russia, including Poland, 28,245. Democratic Educational Campaign. Wheeler is a millionaire. Wheeler is a bankrupt. v Wheeler wears a diamond pin. Wheeler is a dude. Wheeler is slovenly. Wheeler wears whiskers. Wheeler drinks. Wheeler ia a prohibitionist. Wheeler is a stock farmer. Wheeler farms by telephone. Wheeler washes before breakfast. Wheeler buys all his goods away from home. Wheeler is sharp, Wheeler don't known anything. Van Houten is is a farmer. Van Houten isn't a, farmer. Van Houten played tricks when a boy. Van Houten raises only wseds on his farm. Van Houtonis a horticulturist. Van Houten knows as much about horticulture as a man is the moon. Van Houten has talent but puts it to bad use, Van Houten is as ignorant and as uncouth as a cow boy in the wild west. 'Rah fo'r licensed saloons.—Ex. Value of History. What is the use of history if we are to learn nothing from its lessons? We all know that every article which the Americans have succeeded in manufacturing in large quantities under the protective tariff has been reduced in cost to the consumer. Yet we now nave the lamentable spectacle of free trade papers arguing that such will not be the case with tin plate. They cannot name an exception to the rule in the past. Nevertheless.without assigning a single valid reason, they predict that tin plate will be enhanced in price by the tariff. We ask again: What is the use of history to such folks ?—Burlington Hawkeye. ____^ Reciprocity admits free non-competing articles; free trade admits competing articles. Instead of saloons in which to spend money, give us postal savings banks in which to save money. During the nine months sine* An Opportunity. Will be afforded your eastern friends to visit you by a series of excursions arranged by the Chicago & North-Western Railway, for which tickets will be sold at very'low rates. If you will forward to W. A. Thrall, General Passenger and Ticket Agent Chicago & Norlh-Western Railway, Chicago, 111., the names and addresses of your eastern friends to whom the information may prove interesting, a circular giving full details of these excursions will be promptly mailed. Minneapolis Exposition. For the Industrial Exposition to be held in Minneapolis August 20th to September 28tb, excursion tickets .will be sold as follows: On August 31st, Sept. 5th to 12th inclusive, and on Sept. 16th at fare one way for the round trip, with 25 cents extra for admission coupon. On August 25th and on all Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays durin™ the continuance of the Exposition at fare and a third for the round trip, with 35centa added for admission coupon, Catarrh, neuralgia rheumatism and most diseases originate from impure blood. Cleanse it, improve it, purify it with, 'Pe- Witt's Sarsaparilla and health is restored, strength regained. Sold fey Sheetz.

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