The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 19, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1891
Page 7
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Some Bargains in Suitings!, IENCH t GERMAN WORSTEDS In Suitings and Pants G-oods. 'ants Goods a Specialty. Fine Line of Full Suitings, Coat and Vest Goods, etc. It will Pay You to Gome and See Us before Ordering Suit. MERCHANT TAILORS. NEW REAL ESTATE FIRM! «on Bros, & I Hutchison, MUHIO AND AllT HALL. COLLEGK HALL. SCIENCE HALL. ClIAl'KL, LIBKAUY AKD MUSEUM. IJOWitAN HALL. Cornell College, ML Veriaon, Towa. Call on us we iiave Special arrangements are - nmlefor opHonal «tiid!«,."l>oii««A beautiful, healthful and ve7y accessible; twenty^* el .Synced mlfesso^ w Sffi' * u^r n7 ^ ^libi*^, l^^to^T,,l hundred and seventy-live students annually : Library (10,000 VOLUMKH) AND HKAUTNO KOOM CONHTANTLV OI-K.X TO KTUDKNTS. "«.i«>i> BOW JUAN HAl<ri is equipped with the uect modt-ni improvements, and funii.slies first-class accotninodHtioHs for'iii hundred vountr bidics at. vcrv low tn-ir-'ni. rm'l mi j*mr t.. ~1..,11.%.. t..».,!.".*«... I *„, ... ft. . «..«.«»...... .»,.„. I,,. Mf .*l*li.,.. r.....,! 1 1*. -.1. -•• . ., . , ," •""»•«» * « J vfuiif^ Kiuii .-> fllivcl.v l\i\Y JU 11,1.1* leini. Hoard, including rmmslied looms, an <r> to *a.n« per week.. Necessary expenses for a term, luc-liullng. everything but clothing, need.< tor catalogues, etc., addJess, I'rc-isUlf'iit WM. F. K1N<»,LUD., ait. Vcrnoii, Iowa. ' TUITION, including incidental lees; §11 to 512 not exceed $r>0. Vail Term open* Sept. Kith, 1 K) for you. Those wishing to sell will do well to list their land with us. We have now for sale THE COUNTY NEWS. To CORUESPONDKNTS :-^All coin-spondence for the KEPUHDICAN should reach tills office not later than Tuesday ovtning. Please bear this In mind. All communications to the HEI-UWLIOAN — including news letters— must be signed by the author to insure publication. 15, Of Wild and Improved Land Good Quality, Free City Delivery LOW Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutcliiixs, President. Vice-President. J. C. Blackford, Cashier. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Of Algoim, lowii. [^"CAPITAL $50,000.00. Money always 011 linud to loan at reasonable rates to parties wlio can furnish first-class security, Directors—Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutching, J. C. JMao]cfor<1, Win. K. Ferguson, O. B. Hutohins, Philip Dorweller, A. D. Clarke. FARM LOANS. We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even $100 at any time wlien interest falls due. This is Iowa Money, aud 110 second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable, the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time aud save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address, H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. r LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages, West of Thoringtou House. M. Z. GROVE, WlANAQiB. // 0 This space is reserved for Dr L. K. Garfield, who will sell U any bicycle not represented by " X '' 9 ^v^ F. L PARISH ani Tin S PECIAL ATTENTION will be given to all Kinds of repairing, including Tinware, Gasoline Stoves, Guus, Pumqs and Clothes Wringers. Am also prepared to put in Furnaces and do plumbing and Gas pipe fitting. Iron and Tin roofing. Prompt attention will be given to ail kinds oi work in my line. South of court House. F, U. PARISH. WESLEY. Special Correspondence. A parrot is now on duty at the post office. S. E. Grove and family spent Sunday at Clear Lake. Mr. Jackson Wright is quite sick with, inflammation of the bowels. Pearl Yorker is quite sick at the home of fier grand father, M. Corey. Mr. aud Mrs, Will Gillespie are the happy parents of a ten pound boy. The Reporter office id receiving a new coat of paint, and the sign "Lager Beer" will be "no more." Tbe catholics have purchased Mr. Holland's brick house and lots adjoining their property for $1000. A. heavy hail storm passed over here last Thursday, that played havoc with the corn crops in different sections. The Ladie's Aid society is doing a good work by promoting sociability aud at the same time rajsing funds to carry on the church work. Frank. Slagle, of Algona, was elected principal, of the Wesley schools at the meeting of the board last Monday, and Miss Pcttibone, af Algona, and Mrs. Colby are the teachers for next year. Dr. Hill, of this place, and Dr. Cole,of Britt, performed a very successful surgical operation on Mrs. E. E. Thomas lafit Saturday. She had been in very poor health but is now in a fairway to recover Mr. Curley, father of 0. Curley, living northeast of Wesley, was sent to the insane asylum last week. His infirmity was due to old age. He 1ms been insane for a long time but not violent until recently. Mrs. Heal, who is leader of tlie Band of Hope, had the young people at her Louse last week and entertained them very pleasantly. She evidently understands how to keep up the interest in the best things. It is expected that we shall soon have a Kepublican club organized at Wesley. This is a move in the right direction. Look out for some good work in the interest of the Republicans when this club is organized. tf There is some fellow in this town who had better go a little slow or he will get Uncle Sam after him. The mail box in front of the post office was broken open last Saturday night and a number of signs torn down. 'Such business will not be tolerated much louger. The building referred to above is to be frame veneered with brick. The foundation now completed is of Mason City stone and cost'$1,000 Jacob Johnson has the contract for putting up the wooden part of the building, at $4,400. Have not yet leained who will do the veneering. It will be a fine building when finished. The Swede Congregational and Baptist churches are prospering and the Catholic church is unusually prosperous. At present the Catholics how services every Sunday in Kunz's Hall, but a large school building is being erected in the south east part of town, a part of which will be used as a church until a church edifice can be built. We have a good pastor for our M. E. church and his sermon yesterday morn- jihg showed very plainly that he has a deep interest in thewelfare of the people. If the church members will hold up his bauds and second his efforts much good saaybe done. A good jpllace for the members to go to work is in the Sunday school. Try to make it so interesting that the young men and boys would rather be there than standing around on the side walks or playing base ball. One of the good things we intended to mention sooner is the fact that the merchants are taking more pains to burn up the litter in front of their store*. Formerly they left papers and other trash to blow about and litter, the lawns of their neighbors. We think the Alliance Store set the example of bumftAgup. aod clearing away. The town people will have to look weft to their laurfls whjen the farmers begin to run things. Mr. Keller's family, on fteir way home owcfeurcb, yesterday, Jae$ with quite a serious accident when roa4 track ia the no; " seat of t. tb,o ground — Sullivan is about seventy years old and was quite seriously hurt. Her home is near Philadelphia, she is here on u visit to her brother, Mr. Keller. Mrs. Keller was insensible for some time but was able iw walk in about two hours after the accident.. The Indies were taken to Mr. Hopkins' and cared for by Dr. Hill and the neighbors, and sent home about sundown, Mrs. Sullivan on a bed and Mrs. Keller in an easy carriage. If editors, or shall I say if the people, were as anxious to hear what we think as to hear what vre do we might write you long and perhaps interesting letters. Why are news items of the unusual, the startling, the criminal, most eagerly read and most sought after? I believe many a town, especially many small towns have had a bad name fixed upon them, simply because the bad things that the bad people of the place did were the chief items sent to the newspapers. Reporters seem to think no effort too great to hunt out all the crimes and all the Wood curdling accidents tlmt happen and publish them to the world. Is it true that the majority of readers prefer those things? Don't you suppose if as much pains were taken to hunt out the good, the kind, the benevolent and generous things that are done from day to day, people would learn to take an interest in them, and the young learn to imitate them? 11'cel certain many a criminal has been made by constantly reading of crimes; then why should not people be made better by reading of the good things done by the good people of the world? Wesley, August 17th. locations; parties continually coming in here are unable to find', homes for their families. The houses would be a good investment for their owners. Special Correspondence.. Chickens are getting ripe.. Fred Lieb is on the sick list. W. E. Petitt rides in a nesv buggy noAV. Col. R. H. Spencer was a caller in Fenton today. Those that have threshed report that grain is turning out good. Mr. and Mrs. S. H, Sorrensen rejoice^ over the birth of a boy babe. Dr. Pride was up and examined Mr. Ediclc, the man that got hurt at Deh- nart's.and found his hip was broken. Lewis Tibbetts. the young man who was shot in the arm, is better. The doctor thinks he will be able to get down home this week. FENTON, Aug. u, i»m. Eeal Estate Deals. (Published .regularly each week^) John Anderson and wife to Josef Doleschal s .lit' of ne qr and lie qr of se qr ^i-ya-2!). James A Archibald and wile to W C Danson & A. Hutchison se qr 1M-U6-28, Hester It Angell and husband to Martin J Uyersou ne qr ol sw qr 17-97-27. 0 M & St P il'y Co to .1 II Garlton se qr 33-09- WHITTJiMORK. Special Correspondence, Look out for some more weddings. The foundation of the Baptist church is finished. Geo. Burton is clerking for J. T. Creighton. H. Rogers is working for A. Schmidt in the capacity of tinner. Go and see the new furniture Mrs. Carlisle is receiving almost daily. Our bountiful crop is nearly harvested and threshing is commencing. Misses Minnie and Jora Newman are at Emmetsburg attending the institute, Mr. Arthur Tellier, of Algona, is rusticating in A. H.iHotelljng's hay fields. The Misses Hotelling went over to Emmetsburg Tuesday to visit the institute. The Ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs. 0. M. Thresher next Thursday afternoon. A little child of Mrs. Kishbaum was buried in the Whittemore cemetery on Monday. Mrs. H. P. Hatch is enjoying a visit from her sister, who is accompanied by her husband. Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett started for Ohio last Wednesday to spend a few weeks visiting at their old borne. Mr. and Mrs. J, V. Wichler went to Clear Lake Saturday morning to attend the state camp meeting, returning Monday evening. John Beshe brought his little boy into town Monday morning to have Dr. Phfclps set his broken arm. The little fellow bore the operation manfully. Rev. O. M. Thresher and mother, Mrs. White, are enjoying a visit with friends from Michigan. We understand they have come to remain some little time and that when they return Mrs. White will accompany them to her old home in the east. There is altogether too much drunkenness on our streets for a prohibition state and it is giving a very unenviable reputation to our town. It is not the kind of place that the better class of home seekers will wish to locate in. Our harness ma,ker, whom we reported about two or tbiee weeks since as having gone east to get niarried, has concluded not to return for the present. His stock has been attacb,e4 for debts and Whittemore again numbers a harness shop among her present n%e4^. Several new: buildings are to be put up in town. Mrs, Wfcitehorn has purchased a lot on Main street and purposes to have a good sized building erected thereon, we understand l&p Lena (or perhaps she won't be Mm |*B»a then) intends to open a millinery estAblishment in it as soon as it is finished; that is just what Whitte- J U Carlton and wife to Frank B Ward se qr 33-90-28. James Callaiiau and wile et al to E S Johii- sou nw qr of se qr 5-!)i-'JS. Fred 0 Penner to J K. Fenuer ne qr of mv qr and 11 hf of ne.qr and se qr of ne qr 30-98-28. John Hopkins and wife to b A Patterson nw qr 28- 97-27. James H Hiunnill and wife to S D Drake and S S Wart man nw qr 18-100-29. Sheldon Hlgley to C. F. liijjleynhf of se qr and se qr of se qr 33-aa-yo. A U illllyer and wife to B F Burtls n hf of se qr and se qr of se qr 32-95-27. J B Jones and wife to Geo li Clarke und hf of w lif of nw qr and e hf of se qr 31-U9-29. J.B.Jones and wife to John H Randall nw <ir of sw qr and 11 hi of ne qr of sw <jr 28-95-27. J B Jones and wife to John Merske s GO acres e hf of sw qr 28-95-27. Kossutli county to M S Cunningham se qr ol ne qr 8-97-27 Fred K Meiugei" and wife to Henry Schurc nw qr of se qr 9-91-30. J) K Petteugill and wife to Nels Martin se qr 14-98-29. S It .Raymond and wife to Thos H Lantry und 5U of lot 5 of sub div of lot 2 14-95-29. Henry T Buuyan to Gideon Tracy se qr of se qr 31-100-28. Charles G Smith and wife to Cyrus B Ward u hf olseqr 20-90-29. , Sheriff of Kossuth county to Jerusha Curran se qr of lie qr 22-94-28. Gideon Tracy and wife to Lorenzo D White se qr of se qr 31-100-28. Francis White and wife to S S Wartman and S D Drake SW cy 9-99-27. W S Weese and wife to Frank .Hughes s hf of ue qr and se qr ol nw qr 2-34-28. Lorenzo D White to Gideon Tracy se qr ol se qr 31-lUO-liS. E M liogers Young and husband to Robert Prlogle se qr of se qr 7-99-27. Clias H Morehouse and wife to F M Smith in Morehouse's addition to Bancroft lots 1 and 2 block 1. F fl Patten and wife to Ueo F Stone in Zoel- les add to Lu Yerue part of lot i block 3. E L Ward and wife to G T Johnson in Morehouse's addition to Bancroft lot 8 block 2. B L Ward to N A Martin in Call's addition to Bancroft lots 13 aud 14 block i. RILEY.& YOUNG'S Combination.SLAT and; WIRE FEME.. It Is-a fence-tor-open countries, for it cannot be blown down. It Is t-lie fence for low lands, for itz cannot be -washed away. It destroys no ground whatever, and if beauty be considered.: an advantage, it is the neatest and handsomest farm fence in-tli/e world. In short, it, combines the pood tiunlltifcs of ii!l fences in an eminent degree, and ;«! soon ns introduced will become the -popular-fence of ih« country. It is beauti-. ful and durable It i-i strong sind will Inn-ease, the price of:your furin far. more than, any other fence. It will last much longer tutu*, any-other- fence. It is a preat addition, occupies less ^ ground, excludes '.ess sunshine, has no super-- loi-'tw a font*, --It in eti-onjioiir t,lm>), anyntlier fence and will turn any .stock no matter how breachy. It is plainly visible, and i»,._notdan- frerous to stock like barb wire. The best horse... fence in the world. U, will protect, all crops', from a half pro\vn chicken to a wildxix. It is. the most uniform, and by comparison, of-'cost much the cheapest. Kept for sale In all parts '.. of Kossuth county. Made by Kiley & Young, AlKona-,.lowa. Iriera Iota ALGON A k IOWA.. * The year isni-i?92 will open September-ist.- with an entirely new corps of teachers, with the former course of study thoroughly revised, into- Normal, College Preparatory, and Gom<- mercial Courses, and with important changes,; in the plans of the school. Under its new man-.. agewent the NOKTHKRN IUWA NonsiAt* SCHOOL will aim to give the preatestipossible- benefit to each indivldu&i, of the following- classes of students: 1st. To those who wish to.take a three-years? 1 course of study with a vtow to fitting themselves for the best po.siiiiiws KS tenoner?. 2nd. To those wliose tfme and means are,limited bin. who need: a drill hi the common- branches and an insight into'the Elementary Studies of the J'rufessftm to enable them to do, good work iu our district) schools. 3rd. To those who, wish to make tuorangh preparation for coltege : Our three years! - 0ol- lege Preparatory Courser offers special: advantages and fits its uriuluatus for entrance into the. Collegiate Department: of any college in the- state. 4tli. To the young men and youug •women.: who desire an edueafton equal to that afforded, by our seminaries : The Academic, or Sollege Preparatory Course gives to such the choice of- elective studies from either of the other cows*- es, In place of the languages, if desired'. 5th. To those who wish to make preparation for business r The iuitructor chosen for this department is a graduate of one of our best Business Colleges—has been a successful; teacher in the same college, and lias.had prau-- sical business experience us well. . Oth. To those who wish to take up studies, without entering upon a regular course tfcere is a wide range each term from wliieh to select,, and other classes will be founded ia any study- desired. ' Much care lias been used in selecting instructors in ELOCUTION, Music-, PAXNTIKGI and STENOGRAPHY. The Principal will send to any wishing it the. 18M-1802 Announcement, and witt answer fully all letters of inquiry. V. V- " more needs.s; J. B. Seattle building to and building to to the new enterprise, soon build a new store jmodate Ms growing bu- JQoetcb will also erect a Who says we are not weawd nowarei«»e dflitrable ^s^^w^^ Great Opportunity. Ladies of this and surrounding towns are invited to call at the "Rutherford House" where they can see one of Chicago's Industrial teachers, who can interest them in the system of work, being carried on in all the schools in that city. They cut all their garments by measure by a system so simple that a girl of ten years can learn. She wants to leave a good worker in every town, and will give lessons until Sep. 1st. Call and investigate. Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all kiadred complaints are dangerous .if allowed to run any length of time. So it is the duty of all parents to keep a medicine on hand at all times that will effect a positive and permanent cure. Beggs' Diarrhoea Balsam is guaranteed to do this. Sold and warranted by F. W. Dingley, Go to "lilsts' Jiacket" for bargains. DeWitt's Little Early Risers »e.vei gripe or cause nausea. Mild but sure, assist rather than force. Best little pill for sick headache, chronic^constipation-, dyspepsia- Sola by JDr. Sheetz. Bh^towwsL cure all Aliments' «^^™ ^B™* SB|^pB»^^f -/ THE YELLOWSTONE PARK ill The Northern Pacific Wonderland -einbrae/es a list of atraottons simply uuequalled, The Twin Cities of St. Paul and MUm«upott» at the head of navigation on the Mississippi, Duluth, Ashland and the Superiors at the -head of Lake Superior; to tue westward; the Lake Park Begion of Minnesota, the Bed River-YaJ- ley of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone ^rational Park. Bozeman and the Gatlatin Valley, Helena, and Butte, Missouia and tlie Bitter Root valley, Clark's Fork of the Columbia, Lakes Peiid u Oveille and Coeur 4'Aleue, Spokane> City and Falls,Palouse, Walla Walla; WgBena and Yakiuia agricultural districts. Mt. Taeoflia aud the Cascade Mountains, Tacowa, Seattle. Puy- alluu Valley, Suoqualnie falls Puget Sound, theOolumbUKivev, Portland w ' "*" niette Valley, Gray's Bailjor and , , Harbor and City of South B«nd. Vletei-ia Vaucouver's Island, Alaska on tue ^wth, Callforuia ou the south. The Northern Pacific runs two daily . i rains with Dlniug Car aud complete pul Service between St. Paul and ^aauua Portland, via Helena and Butte with TUvo Tourist and Vestlbuled_PuUiaaa Sleepers and to Chicago via Wisconsin C*ut»'al first class through sleeping car service in ixectiou with tue Chicago, MUwaukee Paul By. . Pas^eugei's from the east leaving St- I<o the torouoon aud Chicago in W """" will wake dose connections wltii ' traia out of St. Paul at 9:00 a. day ;ieaving OjMcagp at niglit, con be made with Train Wo. i, leaving the uoxt aftei'uaon,

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