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4D Friday July 2 2004 BUSINESS Abilene wwwreporternewscom Microsoft security flaws renew calls for alternative Web browsers By Aiflck Jenfanun Associated Press Browser frequency Microsoft Cotp has dominated Hi hirwMiir 1 uJil to UiO W6D DTOwSOT maiKfn WTOT KS Internet Explorer IE lea frequent target for hacking due to its popularity of marketing at the Internet monitoring firm AlertSite uses the Mozilla browser partly because of security concerns hid he accepts having to run IE now and then are you going to go someplace where going to avoid Microaoft he tent or fill out Web forms Ullrich said Last week a computer virus designed to steal valuable information as Web users typed it into their computers passwords and the like spread through a new technique that converted popular Web sites into virus transmitters And this week researchers discovered another password-stealing program hidden behind popup ads Microsoft was still working to fix a lingering vulnerability from last virus and while a repair for the flaw enabling this Trojan infection was issued in April many users had yet to patch their systems IE is a frequent target fin: hacking because of its popularity WebSideStory Inc says 95 percent of surfers use it globally The browser is closely Integrated with Windows operating system and Outlook e-mail program creating more room for programming error and making solutions more difficult Though many of IE's functions are not unique IE tends to be more permissive in running code flexibility that helps Web developers create fancy features but allows hackers to more easily find weaknesses A major Windows XP upgrade known as a service pack is due out this summer and would plug some holes in IE Last week's outbreak would not have occurred had those software plugs been installed said Gary Schare a Microsoft security directoc Microsoft also is developing a specific fix for the new vulnerability but Schare said testing takes time He called it premature for independent security experts to recommend that people explore alternatives Even if those recommendations were heeded It's highly unlikely Microsoft could be unseated as top dog in the browser business After all IE comes with Windows computers Many users don't care enough or know how to find other browsers most of which are free or ad-supported Opera Software ASA which offers the No 3 browser for Windows saw no significant change in downloads this week Tt's not that consumers are so loyal to Microsoft but more they are said Geoff Johnston an analyst with WebSideStory which tracks browser usage "With it there really Is a cost to Users who install alternatives wlQ find that some Web sites simply won't work Moviellnk LLC says its online movies need technology specific to IE and America Online Inc shuns its own Mozilla-based Netscape browsers for new conferencing tods Browser-integrated toolbars from search leader Google Inn and others are only available for Internet Explorer Many sites wok on alternatives but display items incorrectly often because developers fail to test on them they know is it looks good to them on their own browser and their own browser is most probably Internet said Jakob Nielsen a Web design expert with Nielsen Norman Group: Ken Godskind vice president NEW YORK been a bad week for many users of Microsoft Cotpl's nearly ubiquitous Internet Explorer browser A pair of virus attacks exploiting its vulnerabilities has led security experts to recommend that Wfeb surfers consider such alternatives as Mozilla and Opera Continuing to use Internet Explorer is playing foe lot- tq rx" said Johannes Ullrich chief technology officer of the nonprofit SANS Internet Security Colter The respected research center is among security groups recom-5 mending other browsers as long as a key vulnerability in IE remains unfixed leaving it capable of running malicious code been hidden at a number of popular Web sites Switching browsers may cause problems but less so than follow-I ing Microsoft's temporary pro- script ion of cranking up security settings which may cripple the ability to access multimedia con But sites have gotten better about designing for other browsers said Porter (Bendinning an Internet consultant who promotes adherence to Web standards Until recently he said banking applications rarely worked on anything else And leading Web application developers including Opera Apple Computer Inc and Macromedia Ino are collaborating on better plug-in technology to rival Microsoft's Christen Krogh said users would get the same functionality no matter their browser Mark Rasch chief security counsel for Solutionary Inc fovors alternatives for no reason other than to create heterogeneity" which dulls the impact of any single virus attack growth areas including Internet support and wireless data service That work is now handled largely by lesser-paid contract winkers some of them overseas SBC and the union will also work together to bring technical support jobs in India and the Philippines to the United States when the current contract expires in two years In addition the deal guarantees no layoffo of employees currently on the payroll for foe life of the agreement and calls for 5Riporter-35eto LASSIFIEDS $1' THE ifr CffijH3IEE ealthCare Unlocking the potential of erode oil Most products from refined erode oil are fuels used for energy but key Ingredients for paints and inks plastics lubricants roofing materials and medcal supplies are also petroleum based Looidna for New MpVINIIlfl dAFl IWW Team Members: Coamlto a Fario-ririvan Ganarel Predtoa looking for two M-ttma (tonttohygtontotot to work Locust Pick etc 2149 254-639-2511 MnMyWnUXXLGOnl "fir' toddtor Items STAR 2001 Ford Taurus SE powtf wlndowtiwH Air CondHoning CD Ptayar nod ItoyiMMg COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE 2 364 MapsaraKebtoat Kets-AKCia hit Stwetmetal Roofers Laborers 9176996230 Experienced Hep need- asr for govemmenl Job Pay per ecale Apply in jMjrucking IUransportatioiJ Accepting appe for a UmT locii orwng ponBOfii Ctaia minimum 21yri of ap and old- Mi Oman onwio rd1yraxpHaa6 a Denial bane-401 No phone 5001 EOE mm Lots of RISING WIDE July Friday 730 sm fleTyke ootnaa much witti US' in fhsrxty and ton anvkonmanl Salaiydopandanfon axparianca owl PtoaM Respond To: Box 1760 POSnSO AMeneTX 79604 by July 12ft OUTPATIENT REHAB TECHNICIAN Experience in Drug Screen Colecion andor Breath Alcohol Testing $4800 1997 Honda Accord 4doorautomttc powor windows a locks AC I Globe! browser 878 888 088 Safari Oppra' 888 Microsoft 80URCE: WxbSktoStoiy AP But alternatives can' become targets too as more people use them said Chris Kraft senior security analyst at Sophoslnc Abetter solution is to reconsider whether browsers ought to have evolved into Swiss Army knives of the a development that can and has backfired an users rehiring of several hundred waters laid Off by SBC in the Midwest and Southwest Last Sunday the company reached a tentative five-year deal with the International Brother-hood of Electrical Workers which represents about 11500 SBC workers in Illinois and Indiana That contract awaits approval by IBEW rank-and-file On Thursday SBC shares fell 11 cents to dose at $2114 on foe New York Stock Exchange US consumption of refined petroleum products 2001 In millions of barrels per day Residual fuel 08 I AP Reive said let people know going on" Whether the rising expense of chemicals plastics and other raw materials will damage'the economic recovery is a matter of debate: ability1 to begin raising prices suggests they may be able to defend themselves so long as demand remains strong But executives say the Impact on them could worsen if the price of oil which traded as high as per barrel last month and natural gas which is steadily trading above $6 per 1000 cubic feet remain at levels for much longer Some plants could be traced to shut down and more jobs might move overseas Swift said Lehman Brothers said hi a recent report there Is only limited evidence of pricing power for the chemicals sector and that despite steadily rising demand energy costs will continue to crimp the profit margins at least through the third quarter But many economists including Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan have been sanguine about ability to absorb higher energy costs without dire consequences citing improvements in fliel efficiency and the dwindling importance of manufacturing in an economy now dominated by the service sector Moreover petroleum-based chemicals and materials and the products made with them are not more expensive across the board executives said because US manufacturers-must compete with rivals making goods less expensively abroad and retailers must be cautious about choking off demand Oniyl to 77 Newdtshweehar L5 toys home furniture oaoy aama a mors 81506 Job Dutiee Inckide Pro-emptoyment end Poet- Lifting and OmCai Horn Requked Furnma Poei-on Monday Thru Friday in Outpeliant Onto win Job opportunity Raady-Mh Driver naad- oTr wLFullmepoaNoneah Trans Mix Conaato 6 MtoWsCas leader In Friday Ofllvl Bern-? S201 Uano8t acroaafrofnCamatot SjarsjB gSLJK' 91k Iadtoaetoto more Htahway 277 325-793SM0 Tram Mix Concrete Is an EOE Contract Conttaiued from ID Worken will make higher copayments for medical services and prescription drugs but they will receive $1000 bonuses to help offoet those costs Union retirees under a different plan from active workers will receive $2500 The deal also gives union workers access to jobs in SBCs Energy Continued from ID the price of oil costs Goodyear an extra $20 million per year spokeswoman Trlcia Ingraham said adding that the two single-digit percentage price increases are Paint manufacturer Sherwin Williams Co -of Cleveland framed the impact of rising energy prices this way: For every 10 percent increase the raw material costs for a gallon of paint go up more than 1 per cent That nudges up the retail price spokesman Bob Wells are starting to see more and more of this rippling said Kevin Swift chief economist for the American Chemistry Council an Arlington Va-based trade group whose membership Include the largest producers of plastics coatings fertilizer and other petroleum-based products The producer price index for finished goods a measurement of wholesale prices increased 08 percent In May the biggest jump since March 2003 the Labor Department reported in June And rising prices for a cross-section of consumer goods and services from milk to lumber to document shipping have raised concerns about creeping inflation In an effort to head off inflation the Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised its key shortterm interest 025 percentage point Brokaw has an item on every night about the cost of gasoline but I think the tip of the said Norman Davis director global energy purchases for International Paper Co the largest forest products company and a large consumer of fuel oil used to run Its plants think people are so focused on the price of gasoline that they see the other Until recentty makers of petrochemicals plastics and other raw materials had difficulty passing along higher costs to customers such as home ftir-nlshings auto parts and electronic gadget manufacturers But as the economy strengthens and energy prices remain stubbornly high the ability to share the cost burden with others grows of us at some point are going to have to reflect that higher cost of (natural) gas just a matter of timing" Alex Strawn manager of energy purchasing for Procter Gamble said speaking on behalf of the Process Gas Consumers Group a trade unroof CD fitayar nswUrsa 106K EsoaHoni CondMoni 6495 325-518-8629 or 325-677-6809 L-37S912 For sale: 1997 Z-71: V-8 57 Mar auto bansmtoeton 4 wheal drive -176400 mltos WoSffi- 1 0wner Price Reduced to $6595 Cal 3250926200 AJ1 A amannon 0400 L-301456 fTOPPiESri I 34 Border Coda I IMKatoto 3 months old 3 matos2famabs 1 Working paianto Had I shots wormed $50 or bast otter I 326721-2894 I Columbian Red Tailed Boa wh and aquarium 5M long famale $250 FIRM Only Sarious Inquirias 325024640 834ltanlson Avs liJSSlUl brick home 2 Mng areaa Iraptaca gavj age large petto with inground swimming A yog nompBo ywgy AJi anrinhfar a nun apiwwMwr ynsm storegashad Caltorsppolntmant6 $106000 Anson Ganaral Shala Layna 101 Hx174 inGarwfMHoaptal Family Sat 56 MoektogtM Bedroom Fumitore TV Lotaof Mlac Emptoymant Nodes XIV Education Satvtoa Cantor Is taking fora Petroleum products yielded from one barrel of crude oil 2000 Jet fuel Residual fuel oil 189 Other energy related Non-energy- 087 SOURCE: Energy Information AdmWtomtton elation that represents manufacturers of steel to textiles to glass "Now as the economy ramps up it becomes more and more difficult to contain those Strawn said Marshal Cohen a senior retail analyst at NPD Group Inc a market research company in Port Washington NY expects higher energy costs to reverberate through price of everything from socks to hats" by next falL He anticipates apparel made with nylon and other synthetic materials to be most affected Chemical maker DuPont last month raised the price of a resin used to make packaging and adhesives a move spokeswoman Heide Rowan attributed to increased demand and higher prices for two raw materials: ethylene derived from natural gas and naphtha derived from oil Similarly Solutia Inc of St Louis has cited higher energy costs in announcing price increases for several of its petroleum-based products Including nylon carpet fiber Mohawk Industries which produces carpet ceramic tiles and other synthetic flooring materials has raised prices on many products more than once this year and added a ftiel surcharge on deliveries said Monte Thornton president of the Calhoun Ga carpet division Gregory Reive the sales manager at Builders Carpet Outlet said the shoe raised prices for nylon-based carpeting in February and again in May The carpet retailer has also Introduced a $25 delivery charge to cover higher transportation costs "We hide it support poatton iaar mo nwpr -I 1 fun requm on required 1 ary range $1525-1900 par month Appication 71 2AM Bogin- I Corv nlng data 73004 Corv Riverside Bivd Friday 53 Saturday 612 -M-i CBHW OViBSy oomputor some fumNura I iHfuu i 4 tttounr i 1 Eli pfScafiom ESTATE SALE 782 Chandctsar Saturday 8-1 Dryar Mtonv Tooto Houao- -M mm omM nMMsnoBBf 325670-5499 I 325-793-2240 wIfi Grout laaaakingi for career mindad tadhrlduato In imfaaaiMial Usauu ftidu mnviMrai nwvy uwy nrfc flihnMintnonfint WHtrainri good Willow Homs For Sals 8350 Wlow Rktos Rd Wylie Schools Great Nalghboihood 4bsdraomsand 2 battia Carpal and Tito Flooring Wood Burning Fire Place Fenced in yard with meiabiifire smImi wnraonMnlli rMfiNon Oindi ttwougfwutttwHoma $144000 PtoaiaCal 325601-0271 L-381510 Sales H3outhsidp6j Family Sale Hoylake Saturday 8am-7 out last Saturday but back this LhreHn Nanry Housekeeper naadsd Inqubtos or rasumaa to: AWtana- Preferebty bHIn- mduncanOkxwstsrloom gMl Mon-Sal morning on SatSun Soma AAamctovar Vacancy PEACHES Ready You pick Bring boxaa 115twahaL Eda 325-529-4268 Lots Church 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L-381623 dtotor Works reauma 214-722-1622.

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