Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 14, 1908 · Page 1
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1908
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BURNS TAKES CHARGE OF CLAUDIANES ON THE TRAIN RENO, Nev., Aug. 14. Peter Claudl-anes, . wanted In San Francisco for alleged complicity In the dynamiting of the Oakland home of James I. Gallagher, the former supervisor who is the star witness . for the prosecution, in the bribery-graft cases, passed through 3iere today oa Encicjoliro AGGQQintecl VOL. LXIX mum ttiii mmm v . . ' -,...':,..,. ' -O G&ffMOQ a mmvrw nh n n nfi nnnD rfin-ffiiipffu Pimkhmpnflniiril Print. r. U II Illl II II II fi ll w w II .III 1111 III. .Ill II II II II. I I . I I I I I I II H IBBIIB , I I I I I I I II II II II II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I II 1 I I I 1 1 I I I I I ii III III! II M MMlrBHBBHJHMJIIIIII II ..bum -mm. oifiw. tiiira OOP COUNTY 0 Congressional Delegation Is Solid for Re-Nomination of 'Knoivland The Convention Will Take Place Tomorrow. . VAL.L.EJO. August 14. The Republican County Convention in Solano county will convene tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock in Benicia to rr.ake nominations. Frank R. Devlin a 111 be nominated for Superior Judge. 3.' R. Cronin of Benicia will receive '.he nomination for the Assembly. At a meeting of the Vallejo delegation, which will have eighteen votes at the convention, here last evening, a resolution was unanimously adopted declaring for "the re-election of Hon. George C. Perkins as United States senator and. for the instruction of the nominee from Solano to the As WALKED IN BARE FEET, THEN SHE FELL FROM THE PERCH OF SUN BATHJOHER DEATH ThoughttoHave Lost Balance While Asleep CHICAGO, Aug. 14. As a result of over devotion to health promotion, Mrs. Nancy Balleon of Oak Park, is near death. While taking a sun bath yesterday Mrs. Balleon fell from a scaffold she had built" outside her room on the second story of her home on which she was lying. Mrs. Balleon had been Interested Jn a "i Wouttt Talto Two Mad Dogs And Knock Their Heads Together" AND NOW THE SKEPTIC IS DEAD FROM HYDROPHOBIA XE"W TORK, Aug. . 14. In Christ Hos pi tal Jersey City, Conrad Steingrueber a niiufacturer of embroideries lies 4ea of hydrophobia. The doctors ay he, cannot live more than one day. " On tast Monday Steingrueber began to show tymptom of hydrophobia. B0LD,H0LP-UPMM . IS SHOT W BERTH CHICAGO, August 14. Leonard Smith, alias Wm, Fay, was : shot and killed today in an attempt o rob a west Madison street ' saloon. It was broad daylight and the street was oo-Uied by many - peedtrlans when the overland train In charge of Detective George Burns and J. F. McCarthy. iWm. J. Burns met the detectives and Claudianes at Sparks. He would not permit the Greek to talk to newspaper men. The detectives nd their prisoner will arrive at Sacramento this evening. . f 1 If I II 1 I II II II I I I (I I I II II 11 I Ml I f 1 II I.I I I I II IU L ) . UJ IIU U- L IU NJ L IU ' IUULII IIUUI R . ffltiMS sembly- to work and vote for his reelection. The delegation was unanimous in all Its work. The delegation elected to the State Convention will support B. F. Rush for State Senator. He also will-vote for the re-election of -U- S. Senator Perkins. The Congressional delegation is solid for there-nomlnation of Hon. Joseph R. Knowland. In the selection of candidates for the office of Supervisor, the Fiist District delegates nominated R. O. Pierce. The Second District delegates nominated Henry J. Weedman, incumbent. number of health exercises. After taking a walk in the morning in ' her bare feet, exercising on the parallel : bars and taking a cold plunge she has been in the habit of spending several hours in her Improvised ; porch. - It is supposed that while -she was dosing she rolled from her cot off the scaffolding. She is suffering from three broken ribs and concussion of the brain. The man's neighbors say that he mentioned having been bitten in the leg by a dog a few days ago. He did not believe there was such a disease as hydrophobia, he is remembered to have said. T would take two mad dogs' and knock their heads together," said the manufacturer, according to a friend. Smith, accompanied by two companions, entered the saloon. Their command to hold up bands was met by Iawrenee McGraw, the bartender, u.'th a fusillade of shots. - one of which lodged in ' Smith's abdomen. The other two were arrested, . . Kiss Luddg to il TRTJCKEE. Aug.. 14. Miss Ethel Im&-wlg, the young Stanford University graduate who was kidnapped by her mother at their noma In Morris. . 111.. to prevent her -marriage to Professor Fred- Jerlck Fltxgertld of the faculty of Cooper lAledical College, passed through this city today on., the overland limited on OAKLAND. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY EVENING. AUGUST 14. 1908. Lrllo cDo 11 o THROWN BY RII1IV Distinguished Oakland Surgeon Meets Tragic Dealh When His Mount Takes fright at Car. NEWS PROSTRATES HIS WJDOW Brother Physicians Make Heroic but Futile Efforts for Hours to Save His life. The life of Dr. J. P. H. Dunn, the well-known physician and surgeon of this city, came to a tragic close last: night at 10 o'clock at the East Bay- Sanatorium, from injuries sustained by being thrown from his horse, while riding to his home after a professional call in Claremont. The doctor's skull was fractured at the base of the brain and although a corps of surgeons, eminent in their profession and all close personal friends of the Injured man, did all that could be done by means of a surgical operation to stop the hemorrhage which had been occasioned by the in-Jury, the patient passed away without having regained consciousness. THE ACCIDENT. The fatal accident, took place at 8:30 o'clock at the intersection of Thirty- first - street , and Telegraph avenue There, the doctor's mount, a spirited animal, - which had. recently been purchased fn Pleasanton and which had not become accustdmed to the strange sights and . sounds of urban life, became frightened at a northbound car on Telegraph nvenue and shied toward the curb on the west side of .the thoroughfare. The pavement at tha time was slippery; from & Aeavy mist.; The animal plunged and t slipped and : the doctor, who because of rheumatic affection , of , the, arm and shoulder was unable to keep the animal on Its feet, waa shot forward out of the saddle, falling heavily to the roadway, his head striking the pavement in a manner which fraetured . the ' skull and rendered the unfortunate man -unconscious, r . . i RELIEF COMES.' The accident was witnessed by the crew and some of the ; passengers" of a street car. ' .The frightened hone, after regaining Its feet, : ran .away riderless, but was subsequently captured and returned to the stable. ." The crew of the street car ' bore tfie Injured man to the East Bay Sanatorium, only a short distance away. 1 DOCTORS SUMMONED. ; : :. ' Dr. Carl Krone, who la 'in charge of the Institution. Immediately uramoned a number of leading surgeons to his assist ance, and - among those who ' responded were Dr. O. D. Hamlin. Dr. K. M. Ewer. and Dr. (Frank Adams.. For an hour and a -.half; the 'surgeons . "Continued on Page 2. larry ProLMgerald at Cap her way to the coast. - Miss Xudwlg .waa seen on the train' and la - quoted as saying that she is going to marry -Professor Fitzgerald and that i the -ceremony will take. place -at Sacramento, where she was to arrive at 5 o'clock this 'afternoon. i 4 : . Miss Ludwlg stated that ' she . did not know whether her mother" was; following mm J II Ho r lM if" 4V I: 5 111 - I - Ill " v PR. JASIES,P. IL'DTJNSr, ' - -Wtao Was Killed By Being Thrown, lYom His.Horse Last Night, CASE APPEAL IS DENIED Appellate Court Will Noli Grant y a Change Li Order Re garding Administrator. ; SAN ..FRANCISCO, - August; 14. The arpeal of Catherine . Colton DaUgren. who on " a -writ . of cer tiorari petitioned the . appellate court to annul ' the order of the superior court of ; Santa Crua appointing the First Federal ' Trust Company special ' administrator of the estate of the late Ellen M." Colton, on the ground ' that ' the 1 Santa" "Cruz court lacked Jurisdiction,' has been de nied. - - . ' - ' " J ' " 4 .- 1 This action of Mrs. Dahlgren fol low a.-' her r petition - of last -December, when she , asked to be appointed . ad ministratrix of the estate, after, tfie removal -of '.Walter -r J.- Bartnett.- vlco-president - of the - California I Safe . D-rosit and - Trust- Company, ? who . was recently convicted of Lypotnecatuis itallonjgiit her, or -not-and ' declined to discuss the incidents at her " borne, when she was carried . off. by... f orcci The young woman traveled alone from Chicago and - had only a sultcase with her. . . ' j , It U understood that Professor Fltsgerald is awaiting Miss Ludwlg in Sac- . ramento. '-. -;: X 1 BIG WIS DSCUSSEDPL Getting the List of Advisory Committee Ready CHICAGO,; Aug. 14. All of the western members of the executive committee of the National Republican Committee were waiting -at , the Auditorium. Annex, to see Chairman Frank. H. Hitchcock, when he arrived here todajK from. Hot Springs, Va.. fresh from' his conferences with Mr. Taf t. . The v western , members of the executive 'committee are- Senator W, E. Borah . of., Idaho, Frank O. Dowden r of Illinois, Victor Rose water of Nebraska and Chas. Nagel of Missouri. . Mr. Hitchcock took up with them details-': for the -'western., campaign, and the westerners'. will continue the- conferences tomorrow with chiefs of the various divisions-, of the - national - committee - who are expected-to arrive tonight to be present at the .opening of Western headquarters in the Harvester Building tomorrow. It is likely that Mr Hitchcock win be ready to "announce ..the - personnel . . of the ad visory committee which is to aid -Treasurer 8heldon -in. gathering fund for the campaign, before be"Heaves Cslcago Sunday night; - -The meeting of the-heads of the var binds and stocks ' to -the . amount t $"05,000 : belonging? to ' the estate : and sentenced to ten years in San Quia- REPRIEVED BY GOV; GILLETli -v SACRAMENTO, :' Aug. , 1 John W. Finley, sentenced to die on the gallows at . Folsom prison - today, ' and reprieved by Governor Glllett, was one of the convicts engaged In the ' outbreak of prisoners at Folsom ? In 1903. -. Turing the 13 for Contempt of Court In Connection With Charge of Jury Tampering. BY JUDGE LAWL0R IN LOKISION fourt Holds That "Artifice and Perhaps Clever tfeans" Were Not Contempt of Court. (Special to The Tribune.) SAN FRANCISCO, August 14. Su perior Judge William T. Lawlor, in a lengthy decision and argument which took him the entire morning ' court session to deliver, decided today that William J. Burns, J. T- Lawlor) and R. C. Schindler were not guilty , of contempt of court as alleged by Abra ham Ruef. It will be remembered that on July 0 an order to show cause was is sued by Presiding Judge Sturtevant against Burns and his two sleuths up on information furnished by Ruef that they had been tampering with the jurors on tl)e panel of department 11, in which court the former boss was about to be tried. RUEF'S CONTENTION. In support of his contention, Ruef made an affidavit; in which he said "lhat he had no primary knowledge of the fact but that he believed that Rudolph Spreckels is personally Interested in securing the conviction ot this defendant, as is also Francis J. Heney and William J." Burns, who is personally and privately connected with the prosecution." . In addition to this, affidavits . were Cled, sworn to by William C. Bleecr-er (Contined on Page 2.) APIS FOR ious divisions of 'the national committee which will be held tomorrow In the new western quarters, is expected to ' prove one of -the -most - Important gatherings of the campaign. ' ' cave-inata r. All travel over the Jnaln line from Stockton, ; Sacramento : and Livetmore was stopped today , by a landslide at the Southern Pacific tunnel three miles east of Altamont.' The eastern end of the ttonnel caved In some time after midnight-. It was found .by a trackwalker in tlnM to flag ,- the first , tralnover . the line this morning, vi? i?': ? : ? " - Wrecking, trains from the West Oakland Tarda and " from U verm ore yards were .rushed ' to, the scene and It is estimated at " Livermore and at ' the ' office of the Superintendent . at the pier that traffic wm be delayed "for 'forty-eight. ; v..-. . ; : 'i outbreak William Cotter. a guard. - waa killed and other officers injured by knife wounds. Some of the convicts who wer engaged in - the break have been executed. -The case of Finley Is on appeal to the Supreme Court ' of the United States. ' . - " (Mmr No. 176 finally Halted by Pistol Shots. One of a Gang of Youthful Thieves Who HaVe Been looting OgarStcres. - (Special to The Tribune.) SAN FRANCISCO, August 14 whlS&m , Taylor, an - 18-year-bld lad. ' who gives', his ' occupation as a i.team-ster, "but who is said by the police to be one of a desperate band of - thugs who have been infesting the Mission district for months past, was arrested this morning .by, Policeman Charles Gallivan of the Southern station. Before he finally, succeeded in landing his man, however, the officer was forced to pursue hlni for, five blocks,' through devious byways, "over j fences and ud back stairs until ; he was at length captured on a roof at the corner of Minna and- dllbert POLICEMAN SHOOTS. ; Taylor, with five companions, -broke open the iron grating in the clgr stand of John J. , Smith of 201 .NJntii street at 6 o'clock this morning and was making away with a quantity; ot cigars when the gang was observed by Policeman Gallivan. He gave chase-and the six men separated . Into pairs. Selecting Taylor and another man to follow, the policemain set out in hot pursuit. After a run of a little over a block the two men separated and Gallivan pursued? one rafter .'taking time to fire a shot after his fleeing mtnnanton ' 4-. . - COMRADES ESCAPED. - iRepeatedlyhe called on hls'jman ti halt,' but , no . attention was paid to the order . and he . fired, foux ' more shots, but the .distance ' was' too great and none of them took effect. Wlien at 'length Taylor was brought to bay d ho turned upon the officer, ready ,for a .fight, but the latter, pointing- hit . revolver -at him, made him throw up his hands and he was later booked ; at the Southern station on a1" charge of burglary. . A " posse of officers. Id charge of Oorporal Bralg, scoured th neighborhoods for the other; five men, l. ut un to noon thev had not ttnttn captured.;""?'; MMMtM,l MIM WEATHER FORECAST. SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14. Ssn V Francisco and vlclnltyi Fair tonight and Saturday; fresh west wind.. Santa Clara . valley: Fair tonight -e- and Saturday; light north wind. - Sacramento and 8an Joaquin val-leysi Fair, warmer tonight; fair Saturday; ngm nortn wins. Southern California: Fair tonight and Saturday; light southwest wind. hours. Passengers1 from. "Livermore are sent to the tunnel and transferred around the tunnel and thence to train to this city: Main line train, are being dispatched over the ba yshore lines through Port Costa, -i . - '.' -. . . . The cave-in la presumed to have' been the result of a movement of atravi of. the mountain started by the Weatern Pacific grading operations there. It will probably be necessary to brace the tunnel before trains can pass through In safety. , The Southern Paclfie announced this afternoon that alt valley trains would be run from Oakland by way -of Martinet until the tunnel is repaired. There wiii be no difference in the train . schedule with the exception that the people in tn Livermore valley will have to come tt Saa Francisco vy an Indirect route. FENCES 0 X. s

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