The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 12, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1891
Page 1
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, x \ .../, VOL. XX, ALG-ONA, KOSSTJTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1891. No. 45, PUBI/TSHFiW EVEttY WKDNKSDAV JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year, in advance ............ Sl.GO Ono copy, six months, in advance .......... 78 One copy, three nkontns, in advance ........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates \V1J1 be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of tho REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing Is unsurpassed In this part of Iowa. Steam power. THlo UEi-unuoAN Is the official paper Kossuth county and the city of Algeria. ceive way. tion. enthusiastic support over this There is no doubt of his re elec- of STATE TICKET. For Governor ............ HIKAM 0'. WHEELKB. of Sac county. TorLleut.-Govcrnor ....... GBO. VAN HOXJTEN, of Taylor county. For Judge Supreme Court, SILAS M. WBAVBB, of Havdln county. For Railroad Com ....... FBANK T. CAMI-UELL. of Jasper county. For Supt. Public Instruction,.. HENlir SABIN, of Clinton county. i For Representative, 8«h Dist. JOHN U/SMiTir, of Kossuth county. /' One of the neatest daily papers for its size in Iowa is the Webster City Daily Herald. It is scarcely a month old but is suggestive of the opportunities offered by even our smaller cities, for hustling journalism. It is a newsy paper and ought to have strong support by the people of Webster City. The Republican party of Iowa and tho Democratic party stand so far apart upon the great issues of this fall's campaign, that the most undesirable Republican will represent tho principles of the Republican party better than the most desirable Democrat. It is a question of electing a Democrat or a Republican. Don't let there be any scratching on the Republican ticket from personal or any other reasons. from the whole Spanish West Indies, including Cuba'and Porto Rico, and exported to them$13,835,77o,of which $3,109,438 went to Porto Rico alone. During the year 1889 she imported $285,015 from both San Domingo and Hayti, and exported $1,318,450 to them. The figures show that the United States is a much more important market to these countries than Great Britain is, and their governments see the advantage to be gained by becoming large importers of American products. . The latest treaty admits a long list of our products into Cuba and Porto Rico free of duty, and deserves careful study by every one interested in the, development of our export trade, B Sale From Gov. Boles' 1 New York banquet speech on raising corn in Iowa, in which he stated that the entire value of the crop •when .marketed had averaged for five 'years sixty-seven cents an,.ticre less than the actual cost of production. "27ic ''actual cost of producing this cereal, tlic most profitable of all that are raised within the state, has, during the same period, exceeded the entire value of the crop when harvested, saying nothing whatever of income from the capital invested in the land required to produce it.". " What is true of the production of corn in Iowa is equally true of all the great staples raised on her farms.' 1 ' . Webster City Herald: J. W. Hays who has just assumed full control of the Algona REPUBLICAN makes some very valuable suggestions to the Republicans of Kossuth county, in which he urges unity of action. The Republican is one of the strongest weeklys in the state, has always been well managed, and under the sole charge of Mr. Hays will in the future be* right at the head of the procession in the newspaper field as it has in the past. ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT. After due consideration we have decided to make the REPUBLICAN an "all home print" paper. The change, which •will be made some time in September, has been suggested by the desire to give our readers a cleaner and better newspaper, and altaost dictated as a matter of necessity. The "patent inside," while it has been a boon, to country editors in enabling them to "fill up," has resulted in a general letting down of the tone of country journalism. A well edited "inside" is hard to find, and while the REPUBLICAN has had as good a service as we have ever seen in a country newspaper, it has 'been altogether unsatisfactory. No editor using foreign prints can exert entire control over the general character or quality of the matter furnished ' Tor the inside of his paper by the ready print house. He must take just w.hat his print house gives him. No newspaper that uses patents can present anything better than a cheap and "job lot" appearance. The "patent" is made in the sanctum of some "ready print" establish ment under contract to furnish "insides" for a thousand different papers. It is neyer othewise than cheap in appearance and the quality of the reading matter it contains. We are through with the "ready print" and there is no argu- Now Minnesota papers are to have a "Tama Jim" farm department edited by Prof. Willet M, Hays professor of agriculture at the Minnesota state agricultural college. Prof. Hays is a graduate of the Iowa State agricultural college and is an agricultural writer of acknowledged authority. No better evidence of the regard in which the "Tama Jim Department" idea is held by the press and people conld be asked for. ^The Iowa papers x securing Mr. Wilson's services have been fortunate. The Sioux City Journal, in its issue of Monday morning of this week, performed a valuable service to the Republican party in showing the drift of sentiment throughout the state. Through its large'corps of special correspondents the Journal interviewed hundreds of representative Iowa men on the- great question of the hour—prohibition. The result of the interviews as indicating the beat of the public pulse is most encouraging to all who desire the success of the Republican party. With scarcely an exception the Cedar Rapids platform is satisfactory to the nine tenths pf the Republican party who are in favor of prohibition. The prohibition plank is strong enough to suit the most radical, and many old time third party prohibitionists will vote the Republican ticket this fall. The general bolt of the anti- prohibition Republicans so confidently expected by the Democrats is not going to take place. Many old .time anti-pro hibitionists have come to believe that the only .consistent thing for the Republican party to do is to stand by the law it h'as WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT IT. Sioux County Herald: Jos. W. Hays, who has been conducting the editorial department of The Algona REPUBICAN. has purchased a half interest in the paper and leased the other half and will hereafter have entire control. Mr. Hays is a forcible writer and the REPUBLICAN always stands up squarely for Republican principles and Republican policies.. Humboldt Independent: Mr. Willis Hallock has sold his interest to Jos. W. Hays who has been the nominal editor for some time past. Mr. Milton Starr has leased his interest to Mr Hays for two years and Hays will hereafter be the sole-guiding star of the REPUBLICAN. We extend the compliments of the season to Mr. Hays and hope he will like the place. Boone Valley Gazette: The Algona REPUBLICAN has changed hands. .' The old firm of Starr & Hallock has been dissolved and by lease and purchase the paper passes into the hands of Jos. W, Hays, who will hereafter assume full control. Mr. Starr has been in the business twenty years, and Mr. Hallock about half that time. They are both fine gentlemen and first class newspaper men, and their retirement is much regretted by all. They leave the paper in good hands. The new editor and proprietor, though young in years, is one cf the most brilliant of his kind. He has the ability to succeed and he has flattering prospects for a bright future. We will sell our entire stock of Ribbons at prices heretofore unheard of, commencing And continuing one w0ek, at following prices, viz: No. 5, 5c. + No. 7, 1 Oc. + No. 9, 12, 12|c. Remember these are all New G-oods, all Silk and all the latest Colors, Shades and Tints. We have also placed on sale a lot of At-away down prices. Ladies Vests at 20 and 35 cents each, worth 30 and 50 cents. Also a lot of light Coats and Vests for hot weather, at greatly reduced prices. Do not fail to inspect our Remnant Counters for ams Dress Goods, Ginghams, Cassimeres, Repellents, Shirtings, Flannels, etc. 'ment against the proposition that v the | framed and hitherto supported. While REPUBLICAN will be a better paper with out it. . The REPUBLICAN will continue to be a B\X column quarto paper, but every letter will be printed in the REPUBLICAN office and every line will be worth reading. We have made arrangements to publish regularly at least one page of telegraphic news which will include a comprehensive summary of the news happenings of the week. This page •will be of value to all parties who do not have access to or time to read the daily papers. As a literary feature of the paper we shall keep running regularly one of the latest serial stories from some of our best modern authors. As an additional literary feature we have made arrangements at considerable expense, to publish the weekly letters of Mr. Edgar W. Nye—Bill Nye—the famous humorist, Mr. Nye is now acknowledged to be the foremost American bumoris.t. Allot bis letters are copyrighted and he writes exclusively for the American Press Association, of whom we have purpbaj&l the privilege, to use jibe letters, No otbjr - paper within the territory of the REPUBLICAN will be allowed to publish.' the letters while we retain tbe franchise. All these changes and improvements in tbe REPUBLICAN will cost money, but we shall feel fully compensated for any increased expense if we are able to give our readers a better paper and one fully worthy of an Jnc,re,ftse4 pa*rQ n age f roni tbe general public. The total value of pur commerce for tbe fiscal year 1890 escjjeded tbe total value of tbe commerce o| i§S0 by 1159,006,066, our expj^ ^eef^ng our imports in value, to tbe extent of fS9,5|9,914. "If ^e dp Qpttm; We cannot sell." ___„ •"• Senator Funk was unanimously renpnv inated on the first ballot at tbe genaio,- rial Convention last Fri&x, fbis fc. satisfactory to every - Mr. ~ not endorsing prohibition from personal choice, they will vote ,for, and work for prohibition this fall in support of the pledges of the Republican party. The avowed anti-prohibition Republicans while dissatisfied with the platform will not leave the party in anything near such numbers as was expected, and on the other hand hundreds of prohibition Democrats will vote tho Republican ticket. The result of the Journal's investigations is most encouraging. Corwith Crescent: Starr and Hallock, whilom of the Algona REPUBLICAN, have sold and leased the plant to Jos. W. Hays who for the past year has been the editor of that paper. He took possesion and control'of the business Aug.lst. The REPUBLICAN has held a high place in newspaper journalism during its life, and under the control of Mr. Hays, we predict its future course to be upward and onward, giving forth no borrowed light or uncertain sound, it will continue to uphold jthe principles of true Republicanism. We are sorry to lose Messrs. Starr and Hallock from among the. newspaper fra- iernity and we can only wish them success in whatever undertaking or calling they may enter. Mr. Hallock goes to the coast on account of his wife's failing health. Emmetsburg Democrat: Hallock of the Algona RPPURLICAN has sold out to Mr. Hayes, who has also leased Mr. Starr's interest for two years. Mr. Hallock goes to California and Mr. Starr will devate all his time to the postoffice. Success to Mr. Hayes. - We have just received a lot of'Ladies Sailor Hats. Your choice for 25c, Yours for Bargains, Hays, who for the past year has been the paper's editor. Starr never could be bought, borrowed, bullied or buncoed, consequently had plenty of enemies as they go in the newspaper business but he eventually came out on top—because he always chose the right and stuck to it. Mr. Hays has proven himself a good all-round newspaper rustler and the paper is thus left in good hands. Lu Verne News: Last week's Algona REPUBLICAN contains the valedictories of Milton Starr'and Willis Hallock. Mr. Hays, by purchase and lease, has secured control of the business. The News bids each of the retiring brethren a kind farewell. Lohrville Enterprise: The Algona REPUBLICAN has passed under the full control of J. W' Hays, who for the past year has had charge of the editorialdepartment. By lease and purchase, Mr Hays assumes the interests of the proprietors, Starr & Hallock, in tho paper, and will hereafter be sole arbiter of its destiny. The REPUBLICAN is one of the leading county weeklies of Iowa, and Mr. Hays has shown his ability to keep it up to the present high standard. We wish the "new deal" the best of success. WHEELER'S FARM AND FINANCES. PROGRESS OF AMERICAN RECIPROCITY. New York Press; We now have reciprocity treaties with four distinct principalities in the American hemisphere: Brazil, Cuba, Porto Rico aud San Domingo. Matters are progressing favorably for the conclusion of similar treaties with Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Reciprocity with Chili must be delayed till Chili decides which pj|rty to her civil war is to govern her, apd the financial condition of the Argentine Republic, since the embarrassment of Baring Brothers,'has been such as to make any reciprocity arrangement with he? impracticable for the present. The following table shows the amgunt of our exports to. and our imports from, the countries with which treaties are already concluded, for the fiscal y^ar pf 1890: Export's. imports. iiriwU.. , .$n,m,W So9,4i8,T«j Cup;.-.- 12,<JU8,60U 03,801,591 Porto Bleu 2,247,706 4,063,620 tiUU JjOUliUjJO 1)20,091 1,1)51,013 Totals • $37,740,350 eilU.124,9aO There is evidently a good deal of margin there for increased American export trade eveu OD tbe free trade theory that "if we do not buy we cannot sell;" a theory which, however, tfceae figures $>»• tradict. Great Britain, in the last fiscal Hancock Signal: The Algona REPUBLICAN has changed hands and is now under full control of J. W. Hays, who has been its editor for. the past year. Mr, Hays has bought an interest aud leased of Milton Starr, "JTh'e people of Algona may be proud of the REPUBLICAN as it always works for the interest of Algona and Kossuth county. We wish the REPUBLICAN and its new manager continued prosperity. Toledo Chronicle: Milton Starr, after having been engaged in newspaper business in Algona for over twenty years, has leased his interest in the Algona REPUBLICAN to J. W. Hays, who has been editor of the REPUBLICAN for the past year. Willis Hallock, partner of Mr. Starr, has sold his interest to Mr. Hays. While Mr. Starr will -be missed by the newspaper fraternity, his, successor has already proven himself 'to be a good substitute, which is sure indication that the REPUBLICAN will take no step backward. Bancroft Register: Tho Algona REPUBLICAN passed into the hands of Jos. W. Hays last week, he having .bought out Willis Httllock's %n4 leased Starr's interest. This will epabjs Bm? Hays to manage the whole business of the paper and give him opportunity to know just what Ue is doing. The flrai of Starr & Hallock is dissolved and Willis will go to California this fall. Success to all. Statement from Ocleliolt Published the Democratic Chicago Herald. in Northern Vindicator: Jos. W. Hays is now editor and sole proprietor of that sterling paper, the Algona REPUBLICAN. he having purchased Starr & Hallock's interests. Mr. Hays is a vigorous writer, and under his control the paper will be. kept up to its present high standard of EJierit. Cumberland (Wis.) Advocate. By lease and purchase, Mr. Jos. W. Hays, who has had local charge of the paper, assumes entire control of the Algona (la.) REPUBLICAN, one of the cleanest, brightest and strongest weekly papers in northern Iowa. Mr. Hays is a hustler and will make the REPUBLICAN a success. Pooahontas Rjacord; Jos. W. Hays, who has for a long time edited the Algona REPUBLICAN, last week bought a half interest and leased the other half thereby gaining control of the paper. Mr. Hays is one of the brightest youug editors in this section and the Record predicts that Access will crown his efforts. year reported on, imported f85,853,140 from Brazil and exported 133,751,743 to -Brazil, sjelliug nearly three times a^ nw^pb Bownet County RepubHeafl: Milton to her as we do, while buying ]&& tfe*a Slair, for twenty years connected witb tbe Jilil i« wucb from ft*r- Pwiog ti)« »aw« ] 4Ji£OA4 JJSHPUBWCAN. bp \&iap$ bia intef- Great Britain imp^t^ only imwlest^dWiUlsHallocksobJbi*^ J. w, Renwick Tinjeji; J. W. Hays, for the past year editor of the Algona REPUBLI CAN has lately purchased the one-fourth interest of Mr. Hallock and leased Mr. Starr's interest fop two years, so that he now has full control of the paper. Mj. Hays has proven, himself a very capable editor aud the REPUBLICAN under his care has become one of the best local papers that gracejour exchange table. He bas done this in, the face of the keenest competition (for we know of no town in Jowa that supjprts three such newsy, sp,Uy papers %$. AJgona) and it is eiwy to believe that fce will make the paper a marked succea# la yw future. Beal Estate Deals. (Published regularly each week.) John Anderson and wife to C A tioss s lit of lie qr and ne qr of se qr 21-99-29. Stephen Booth and wife to Fred Harms nw qr 11-94-30. Stephen Booth and wife to "WmKabaswqr 11-91-30. Wm S and Clias P Bowdltcli, trustees, to Geo Wells se qr 3i-»9-27. KlUm ,7 Harber exr et al to H N Brockway and J M Elder e hf of nw qr. e lit of s\v qr, w hf of ne qr, w hf of so or 30-100-28. IJlleu J Barber and h et al to H N Brockway and J M Elder e hf of uw qr, e hf of sw qr aud w hf of ne qr and \v hf of se qr 30-100-28. Edward Copper and wife ec al to D H Lohnis SW qi 20-100-2J. f Geo K, Clarke and wife to A W Mollatt sw qr 36-98-21). P A Haggard and wife to Eugene Corsell aud Chas Yuckley u hf of 7-94-28. W L Joslyn to H A Joslyn ne qr 28-98-29. J L Kamrar and wife to Edward Heller uw qr qr and w lif of ne qr H-ioo-29. John L liowland Exr et al to H H Brockway and J M Elder e hf of nw qr and e hf of sw qr and w hf of ne qr and whf of se qr 30-100-28. Sheriff of Kossuth county, Iowa, to Homer J Holcoinb se qr aiid e hi of sw qr 35-98-30. A F, J H aud G 0 Call exr et al to Jos Dolen in -Western Town U)t Go's ilrst addition to Bancroft lot 5 In block 18. Geo W Hunter and wife to A D Clarke iu Al- goua Reservation 1 according to Auditor's plat, lot 12, block l. Susie Lawson to H 0 Eckart and Uev J Henessy m Call's ad to Wesley, undivided 1-ii lot 3 block 3. F L Taylor and wife to Benjamin Smith iu Cull's s ua-tb' Bancroft, lot 3 block 2. Kobe It Wilson to A 1) Clarke m original town of Algona, lot 5 block 88. '— >-«<>»-« " Go to "Kiata' Kavkot" tor bargains. Wa» It Suicide. Why marriage is sometimes a failure is an interesting and important question to all; and everyone, married or single, should read the absorbing story with the above title, by the poet-novelist Ella Wheejer Wijcox, written »n that popular author's most forcible style,which is published in the September number of that .always bright periodical Demorest's Family Magazine, There are nearly 300 illus- tratious, besides a beautiful water-color, "Play bay, Pa!" which appeals to every admirer and devotee of baseball. Letter Heads, Bill Heads, Note Heads, etc., at the REPUBLICAN office. Editor of the Chicago Herald: Having read the account of the'special correspondent of the Chicago Herald in regard to the mortgage on Mr. Wheeler's farm,' his way of doing business etc., we find a good many statements that are not correct. We do much business with Mr. Wheeler and think we know perfectly as to his financial condition. A part of Mr. Wheelers farm is mortgaged for $60.000, which he obtained from the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance company at 6per cent, without commission or other charges. This is all there is against his farm. He has never given a mortgage on his crops or on any personal property. While the records show $70,000, he has paid $10,000, and as a matter of fact owes but $60,000. We know that Mr. Wheeler recieves each year, in payment for his imported horses, long time notes, running i one, two and 1 three years, to the extent- of $40,000 or more. Our understanding is that he carries the mortgage on his farm for the purpose of obtaining mopey at a low rate of interest, enabling him to carry his farm. produce to such time as the market ia satisfactory. We know that he has often carried the products of his farm for a year or more before marketing them. This enables him to carry his bills receivable. . Mr. Wheeler has $75,000 worth of real estate here on which there is no incumbrance and we know of bis having purchased real estate to the value, we thick, of more than flOP.OOO within the last ten years, outside of his holdings here, and the same is unincumbered. Mr. Wheeler QQW hag an agent in Europe purchasing fifty-five , horses in France and England, which will be here nest month, and he has imported horses on hand. He has 1,000 cattle, mostly Polled Angus grades, 150 horses and mules and a large amount of bills receivable, all of which amount to over $100,000 in value. Sincere fca?§ known Mr. Wheeler be 1*8,8 not been engaged in any other business b«t farming^. except that of importing horses. It amounts to this: ffcatjfr, 1891, enable him to PS has been abundantly able fjr yearetopftyo^tb§ ** 'feS iSv ^F^- §jpffllp -^P*? -MWS^^W *~* *A« *a_i '^.

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