The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1891
Page 7
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BBMUBSENTATIVE CONVENTION. , jrohu G. Smith Nominated. Representative Convention of the 84th district, consisting ot Kossuth and ttancock counties, was held at Brttt yesterday and Mr. Smith is the Republican nominee for representative, On the first ballot Mr. Smith received the 14 votes of Kossuth county and Mr, Sapp the 10 votes of the Hancock delegation. Mr. Smith being the choice of the convention his nomination was made unanimous. The f ollowiftg resolution was adopted by the convention. Be it resolved by the Bepublicans of the 84th representative district in convention assembled, that we hereby endorse the state platform of the Republican party adopted at the Cedar Bapids convention, and pledge to the nominees of that convention and to the entire Republican ticket, State, Senatorial, .LW^jLlUL/tUXvll UJUU,n.\JU<) KJU«VV^ KJV»»»«.ITVW*.*«.- I Representative and County, our most earnest, hearty and cordial support, and we pledge the people of this district £o carry out every pledge and plank contained in the platform adopted in the Cedar Rapids convention. . <«> . THE CITY SCHOOLS. up his reputation for being tha best solicitor and all around Balesmatt in this county, l"he firm is nOW Shelly & Hall. The fact of the parth^hlp Wa« not made a matter of public Mews until within the last twoorihree days. Mr. Hall has been on the road most of the time during the last four weeks and has laid the foundation for a business that will wan-ant the firm in enlarging the present quarters of their factory and securing several workmen, as Mr. Shelley with the help he now has is unable to turn out the monuments as fast as they are sold. The ilErimmcAX is glad to chronicle these facts about the Algona marble works for it requires just such things as new and successful enterprises to build up a town. "We are in for everything of the kind and will be glad to say a good word for every man and ev- LOVE6 FRUIt. ery man's business that helps to build up Algona and bring capital and enterprise into Kossuth county. Editoi Following is the assignment of the teachers in the city schools, for the ensuing year: Koom 1, Miss Tillie Gartner. Koom 2, Miss Lilliau Decker. 'Room 3, Miss Alma Ohronholm. Koom 4,MIs8<Ollie Wilkinson. Boom 5, Miss Jennie Bailey. Koom 0, Mtsrf-Cora Wise. ' Room 7, Miss Wattle Ohesley. Boom 8, Miss Edith Gall. Room 9. Mrs. L. M. Horton. Room 10, Miss Eva Whitney. Depot school, Miss Josle Pettlboae. _ Special Instructor in vocal music,. Miss Jennie Faunestock. On account of the crowded condition of the schools the board has decided to open a new room at the commencement of school, on Sept. 7th. Respectfully, W. II. DIXSON. TWO WHY'S. Died. On August 1st, 1891, Jessie B. Hill, of consumption She was born at Indianapolis, Ind., in February, 1866,and came to Algona in 1876 where she has remained and grown to mature womanhood. Her unassuming, affectionate and sympathetic nature secured for her the universal love and respect of all who knew her. Consumption was the result of an attack of pneumonia about two years ago. She died a firm and devoted Christian, fully believing in the great reward that crowns the faithful, and obeyed the summons gladly, leaving a message for each of her friends. She has been a member of the M. E. church of Algona since 1885. gh« Want* * Stow Where Sfcft Can It Cheaply and eat It o« the Spat. "New Yotk has a big standing fruit standing anny, I fi&aa*" eaia a woman the other day, "aadlknowof no other city where sack fine fruit catt be procured at one comer, anyway, of almost every block of buildings in the town, and at all seasons of the year. These open air fruit stands do an immense trade in the>aggregate, I am sure, and paying low reats as their owners do, they are able to sell fruit more cheaply than people who keep regular fruit stores and pay proportionate rents. "Such a merchant, when he thinks of his landlord's bill, must often envy the poor man who sells just as good fruit across the way under the cover of an awning or an umbrella, and is able to I set a cheaper price on his commodities, | because his expenses are so small. "I have often thought, however, that merchants who .keep fruit stores might add largely to their revenues if they would provide tables and seats where their customers could sit and devour the fresh fruit when they buy it. Many people are attracted by the sight of purple grapes, rosy cheeked peaches or mellow pears as they pass by the windows where the fruits are displayed, who long to sink their teeth in the luscious things, and yet do not like to do so in the street and cannot be bothered carrying the frnit home. Moreover, they do not feel like buying enough to make it worth while sending it home, so they pass on and forget it. • "Now, if they knew that inside the etore there were a table and a chair or ToldofcAt. Just read wtoat follows and then reflect: McCORMIOK Harvesting Mach. Co., Establ'd18M- J. I. CASE threshing Machine Co - 184ft: A. A. COOPER, Iowa's Pioneer Wagon MaKer,184t, P. P. MAST & CO., Cutivators, Seeders, etc. JAMES SELLY & CO., Corn Planters, etc. D. S, MORGAN & CO., Clipper Mowers HEARST, DUNN & CO., Planters, etc. IMS, 1S34, 1860, DALY MANF'G CO., Disc Pulverizers, JOHN DEER & CO., Plows, etc. J.R. JONES, - - - 1864, ism Why did Hiram Wheeler leave his native country in 1864 and remain away until the close of the war?—Em- uaetsburg Democrat. . Probably, because lie wanted to. Why did ilk-ace Boies remain iu this •country frona the begining to the close of the war, and raise corn at a loss of 67,cents a bushel, when he might have •enlisted and made thirteen dollars a month?—JSmiaetsburg Reporter. A New Alg-ona Mrm. No business enterprise in Algona has received more of a substantial boom •during the past month than the Algona Marble Works. Mr. Shelley, the proprietor-erf the marble works, discovered that he could use a partner to .good advantage in his business and iound a very suitable partner in the person of Mr. Will Hall, who can back Resolutions of Sow*? Veterans. The following resolutions were passed at the last meeting of the [Sons of Veterans and a copy furnished this paper with a request for publication: "VVeereas, one who was once an honored member of Chas. Gray Camp, and who is still our brother, has been called to part with his life companion, be it liesolved, that Chas. Gray Camp in the full spirit of F., C. & L. extend to Bro. E. II. Slagle its heartfelt sympathy in his hour of sorrow and bereavement. The Twin City Jockey Club Races will beheld at Hamline, July 22d, to August 8th. Excursion tickets to St. Paul will be sold by the C. M. & St. P. Ry. for a fare and a third for the round trip. two that they were welcome to use, with perhaps a trifling extra charge for table, napkin and finger bowl, I am sure women especially, who are out shopping and who like sweet things and fruits, would often and often drop into such «tores and buy a peach or two, or bananas or oranges, etc., and eat them on the spot. "If one goes into a restaurant and orders fruit, one pays a big price for it, too big; but if I, for one, could buy luscious ripe fruit at all seasons of the year in this way at the ordinary rates, I would be only too glad to eat it on the spot, standing up at a plain, unvarnished luncheon counter if need be."—New York Tribune. After looking over the foregoing list of Manufacturers and Dealers, all! represented by the man who pays the f re%ht, you cannot fair to appreciate thfe, you can reap by buying your implements-of the Oldest Implement House in : w»them..B*wfc. I represent the best go®ds made in each department. Half Bates To Sioux City. On account of the Annual Meeting of the Knights of Pythias at Sioux City, the Chicago & North-Western R'y- Co. will sell excursion tickets to that point and return at one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale August 10th, llth and 12th, good to return until August 16th. For further information apply to Agents C. & N. W. R'y- 44-45 Look! Look! Pive per cent, off for cash on all goods except sugar. A Plcfele That "Was Not Ei»t«n. "My most embarrassing experience," repeated the young lady thoughtfully. "Well, as nearly as 1 can remember, it, i was connected with a pickle. I was a., guest at a dinner in Washington. Itit was not a very formal affair—merely) formal enough for the gentlemen present', to wear evening dress. There was a* dish of dainty pickles near me, andiE took one—a baby cucumber. It wag- about big enough for two bites, andil tried to cut it with my fork, whensudr denly it launched itself like a skyrocket across the table and struck the immaculate shirt bosom of a very particular swell opposite, fairly in the middle. i "I don't quite know how it could have • I happened so fortunately, but conversation had been going on so briskly, that no one save the man who had taken me into dinner saw who was the author of the aoriaent. 1 never blush, a ; £act, I trust, not to bo set down seriously to my «Ksflcedit—and I managed t to so skillfully dissemble otherwise that nobody, with the exception I have mentioned, suspected me at all. "None of the other guests. were so ill- bred as to take visible notice* <af the occurrence, and the talk wents on almost uninterrupted, .while my victim administered surreptitious wipes to his manly chest in a hopeless attempt to remove the stains of pickle, To this day I am unsuspected, as the author of the mischief,"—Washington Star. [\ r »/- V*^. ,\ Thi&space is reserved for Dr L. K, &arfield, who will sell U any bicycle not represented by Agtei in Algona In Swiss, Viennese, White and Colored Ham- burgs, Flounciiigs, Allovers, jDtc.. Laces, Glows, lifts, Ribbons, UibreM T' 1,000. Remnants of Lace and Embroideries for oae-half their value. \) Ambrose A. Gall, President. D. H. Hutching, Vice-President* J. C. Blacfct'ord, » Cashier. Light Brown Sugar, 25 Ibs. for Oranulated Sugar, 21 Ibs. for Sweet Corn, 3 cans for Peas, 8 cans for String Beans, 3 cans for Strawberries, 2 cans f or Salmon, 2 cans for Tomatoes, 10 cans for Crystal Rice, 22 Ibs. for Rice, 22 Ibs. for Good Coffee, 4 packages for • 4 Crown Raisins, 13 Ibs. for English Currants, 14 Ibs. tor • Regular 35c. tea, 6i Ibs. for Sal Soda, 10 Ibs. for $1.00 1.00. .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 1.00 1.00 1.00 .96 1.00 1.00 1.00 .25 SHOES Of which I have a good line. Men's Shoes from 95 cents to $3.50 and Ladies Shoes and Slippers from 30 cents to$1,25 in Slippers and from $1.86 to $3,00 in Shoes, Men's Overalls from 35 cents to §1.00; Shirt*? 35 cents to $1.00. 'toiddHtoi to ft* per o^<^to cash The first complete translation of the Bible into the English tongue was effected by John Wyclifie about 1880. This was the Lollards' Bible, and a large number of manuscript copies must have been written and, circulated, for 170 copies are still in existence. There were also many transcripts of certain books, as well as of the whole Bible. WycliHe could not go to the original texts, so he translated from the Vulgate, or accepted Latin version. It was not «i perfect performance; but the reformer was prevented by death from revising it, as he doubtless intended to do. The revision, therefore, was undertaken by John Purvey, and completed in 1888, It is curious that the whole of Wycliffe's Bible was not printed as one book until 1850, when it was published under the editorial care of the Rev. Josiah ITprshall and Sir Frederic Madden. —Chambers' Journal, OfiAlirmia.Iowa. {^-CAPITAL $BO,OOO.OO. Money always o reasonable rates to parties who can furnish Unit-class security Directors-Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutching J. C. TJlackforcl, C. B. Hutclilns, Philip Uorweller, A. 1>. Clarke. •? n liaud to loan at Win. K. Ferffpson, We can now make loans on Improved Lands from, one to ten vear's time and give the borrower the privilege, of paying tne wfioie loan or any part thereof in even $100 \\\ any time, whan Fnterest falls due This Is Iowa Money, and no seo.ond mortgage, or coupons are taken.. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time und save the. interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at ouc« <m perfect title. Call on or address, FARM LOANS. H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. Z GROVE . z. GROVE - GROVE . ^ .—* » - c>:EeO 7^^E BEOS. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. RiLEY & YOUNG'S Combination SLUT and TOE Best of Horses and Carriages., West of Thorington House. • It is a fence for open countries, for . be blown down. It is the fence for low. tends, for it eannot be washed away. It destws no ground whatever, and if beauty be co an HOmntaBtt. it is the neatest and !»£ farm fence in the world. In short, the good qualities of all fences in degrees and as soon as introduced wUfcfcecome the popular fence of th« country. W is beautiful and durable. It is strong and wilHucrease the price of your farm far more t an, any othei fence. It will last much longer than any othei fence. It is a great addition, occupies less ground, excludes 1 less sunshine, has no isupei- lorasafence. It is stronger than W "fc^A fence and will turn any stock no .matter how breachy. It is plainly visible and is not dangerous to stocklike b'ub wire. The best horse fence in the world. U will protect all ciops from a half grown chicken to a wild ox. It is the ! most ; uniform, and by conwsrtoou of cost much the cheapest. Kept for sale U i all paits of Kossuth county. Made by KUey &iouug, Algoua, lowa. ^ _ ^___ Wonderful. E. W- Sawyer, of Rochester, Wis., a prominent dealer in general merchandise, and who runs several peddling wagons, bad one of his horses badly cut and burned with a lariat. The wound refused to heal. The horse became lame and stiff, notwithstanding careful attention and the application of remedies. A friend handed Sawyer some of haller s Barb Wire Liniment, the' most wonderful thinghe ever saw to heal such wounds. He applied it only three times and the sore was completely healed. Equally good for all sores, cuts, bruises, and wounds. For sale by Dr. L. A. Shcetz. Ask my audits for W. •. rr not for gale, in your place asl yoiu to seud.for catalogue, !•. Doiiarlas Shoes. asl^ yoiu secure tlio . and eet llicm for you. B2TTAKE NO SUBSTITUTE Protections for Gunners. Experiments are being made by the navy tlepartrnent vatb, a new system of protection for gunners in exposed places on men-of-war during action. From a Pennsylvania factory has been procured a peculiar description of wire webbing made of interlocking steel spirals wnicn, is remarkably flexible and strong. It bears some resemWanca to old fashioned chain armor, and it is proposed to use curtains of this material to protect gunners behind shields from fragments of exploding shells, She resisting quality X wm give a toe Folding Work -.Tabte, 80x88 toohes, standing 36 moto ail ted wood, worth $&5<V to buying f 85.00 wortfc of goods at my wfciok is eaual to IS per cent, off for oaab. (Mva nfe a trial as my goots are ftrjt-elass in <m*yy wpect. Thanking you aU lor pa^t favors, Band your children they will fee as yourself. Remember the Special , of the iiettingisbejievedtobeeijualto a solid plate of iteel aa inch thick.— Ex- Shoe Sale, Saturday, August 15th, and that it is no trouble, to show our goods. I am, change. •rue Great Qrlpff The great 0*loS diamond which surmounts the Bi«si«a imperial scepter is the first iii ewe and the third in value iu the •world* It onjoe formed the eye of the idol in > temple near geringham, India, aniwajJ stolen byafrench adventurer. "Ifc weighs 185 karats, and is valued at |8,889,41Qi» United Statescur- • ™ a r - • % — i •> s _ rency.—§*» 4 gtroug Mladea View. p^per eays the judge Ancient Egypt. Some of the most startling,and interesting discoveries of the life and customs of buried Egypt are now being made through extensive excavations. These discoveries are exciting a great interest. Many discoveries are, however, being made in our country that are- not less strange and remarkable, among which we may mention that of Bailor's Pain Paralyzer which effects entire relief, and in many cases a complete cure of that terriable disease rheumatism, aad which also relieves pain of all kinds. For sale by Dr. Ii. 4. Bheeta. F. L. PARISH. Tin Slwj, The Northern Pacitlc Wonderland embraces a list of atractious simply unequalled. The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis at the head of navigation on the Mississippi, Duiuth, Ashland and the Superiors at the head of Lalce Superior ; to the westward, the Lake ParkKeeion of Minnesota, the Bed River Valley of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Parkt Bozemau and the Gallatln Valley,. Helena Bozemau and the alan aey,. ButteiMissoulaand the Bitter Boot valley k's Fork of the Columbia, Lakes Peud d' ne, Spokane City and Walla Bis Bend and tricts. Mt.Xrawoma and WHY IS Tim . A DOUGLAS and Clftrk s i.-v*»v v/«. v*»v. «—.—— Oreille and Coeur <d ' Aleiie Falls, Palouse, Walla Wi,.- Yaklrna agricultural districtb. —..—-——--, the Cascade Mountains, Tacoma, Seattle, Puyallup Valley Snoqualme Palls Jruget OOUHU; ^S^^^^^^S^^A Harbor w»d City ot South Bend, Victoria on VanwuveiVisfiiud, Alaska on tbe north, and It la a seamless slioe, with no tacks or \yijx t to liurt the toot; made of tlie best flwj calf, Bt> I and easy, and because we mako more sliai'it of tli grade than any otluif manvfaaturer, it, equals sewed shoes costtau from $1.00 to 85.0U. OOOciiulue Il»ml-Howod, - » ^4w«*»wjv. * **** ****** same grftdo as (?U8- imported shoes which cost from SSJWtoSU-*- „ «fcA 00 HaiHl-fJewetl Wtilt Hlip«, flue calf, »•»• gtylUn, comfortable <mU durable. ,TUu uest shoe ever ottered at this price \ sanv*—•'" "• " 11 °- tom-mttdQ aliouii costlutf frqm SU.OO to «S<» 30'Police Hhoo; Farnicw. . . , « 0 'Police Hhoo; Farmers. "HalltwttU »en anil Letter Curriera oil weartUonii fine coif, mooth lusltle. heavy tUv«e solus, (;*te»One pair will wear ft J-BMV . -•_ , . i uo 'altered o$ tnis price -, ono trial will convince tnosa them a trial will wear uo other make, »4,OO and *1,»5 ftCbopl Bbocs < VVOHIicy the boys everywhere; they i P pas?e y iigera Jrom the east Jea.vlng.8t. Lo«l8 ia the fomoou and Chicago uVthe altemoou. Stougii* Ag^sl as You?s to i/ .T is, BEATTIE. ^^jf^^^^^^^fj-^^^ ^^p-^jp^^^pr* Mr. reserved Ws OsoiaiQa. J fcm't we why it is judges jnTSMWtay put off deciding a point; u»ta the neifc d^y, ^Mrs. M*-^ll Judges have DtetrtctPa8senger Agents of the Northera aomc Railroad "viU tafe pleaswe in supplying Vv 1*1 te to aUOVv HUUioaa *«i ***v MMVWWW best nSIp yet published of AlasfcHust out Twaio. TUis noted humorist Hves ia Conn., a»d by bis own writings Uas ma4e life more pleasant to thousands. By tae use of Haller's SarsapriUa & Surdook thousands of lives have been, lengthened and life made pleasant. Bo*-we benefactors and both «ra enUD*4 of w South o| ooui't , PARISH. 01 work la my line F, Can be made in 6 mouths gelling Tuuisou's e», Charts »»a W*i»

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