The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1891
Page 6
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THE CROFT NEWS .T. A. Editor, BANCROFT, IOWA, AUGUHT 5, 1891. TAI.ES OF THE TOWN. Hurrah for Funk! F. A. Kenyon sports a new sign. Ellis has sold that 'ere cyclone trotter. Wallace & Go's show have billed the town. Davy is devil in the Gimlet office no more. Grain sacks may bo seen in all directions. Lon Whitehill is building himself a new barn. Barslou for Sheriff, and don't you ever doubt it. W. II. Biley, of Algona, was in this city last week. J. W. Case went to Wesley on business yesterday. J. W. Blakebrough was at Algona last Saturday. Will Hough, of Algona, was hero last Saturday. D. A. Haggard was in Bancroft two days last week. Harry Phillips says ho feels lonesome. Too bad, Harry. Prof. Anderson was a visitor at the hub last Monday. C. W. Goddard and wife drove to Algona last Monday. Didn't the Burt sporting editor get "riled up" though. Kossuth will run on the Keokuk Derby on August 11. llev. D. Williams is building a new barn in south Bancroft. J. M. Cunningham was an Algona visitor last Wednesday. Miss Alice Farvour visited friends in town on Sabbath last. Miss Hattie Ormiston returned from the normal last Monday. Jas. Ilofius spent the Sabbath and Monday at Algona visiting. If Wesley can't play ball they can import thoroughbred horses. llev. Nolte preached at the school house last Sunday afternoon. S. J. Callanan started for Des Moines yesterday to be gone a few days. The I. O. of G. T. installed their new officers last Saturday night. M. L. May hew, the Burt hotel man, was in Bancroft last Wednesday. There is some lively competition going on among the lumber dealers. Miss Hulda Pearson went t9 Swea last Saturday night to make a visit. Ellis says his legs are so long that they stick clear through the sidewalk. A new iron tower Aermotor adorns the implement grounds of J. B. Johnson. B. F. Wickwire and wife made a short visit to relatives in Ledyard last week. 11. N. and I. J. Bruer returned from a short visit in O'Brien county last week. E. C. Anderson was at Mankato this week to buy a new stock of'line stationery. Miss Ida Hunt will close a successful term of school in Greenwood next Friday. Dr. McCormack, of Burt, was in town on Monday last and reports Burt as booming. Fred Caulkius, the lumber man and real estate dealer, spent the Sabbath at this place. If anyone in Northern Iowa keeps a better hotel than O. T. Bingham we don't know it. Bancroft will become a sporting town one of these days as a result of *• that race track. D. 11. Crowel and wife returned from the musical festival at Clear Lake Monday evening. Jas. Stowe and lady and Win. McDonald and lady took a drive up this way last Sabbath. llev Cummins preached a very forcible sermon on the subject of "Habits" last Sunday evening. Father Hughes, of Blue Earth City, was a guest of Father Schemmel, of this place, yesterday. A brother-in-law of J. B. Mousel was to arrive yesterday to occupy Nels Martin's old residence. II. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Smith and E. E. Gray and lady were at Ledyard last Sabbath. Fred Waterhouso, the Algona cigar man, was in town last week taking orders from our dealers. Prof. A. A. Sifert of Wesley is working at the hay business near Ledyard as a means of recreation. Perkins did not win the Algona vs. Burt game did he BurtV You dare not deny but that he did. The Ladies of the M. E. church give a lawn social at the residence of Mrs. A. J. Berryman this evening. The Mirsses Ida Swanson, Anna llichmond and Alice Farvour came home from the normal last Saturday. B. D. Sterling and Peter Ilimers were at Sterling's old home in Elysian, Minn., last week and the first of this. The regular Covenant meeting of the Baptist church will be held next Friday evening. A full attendance is requested. A number of Bancroft Good Temp- lars intend to go to Wesley and attend the meeting of the District Lodge at that place next month. E. L. Mantor was in town last Fri- 4z*y sad says thait fcg will go to work as lorttyp The I. O. G. T. had both installation of officers and initiation last Saturday night. G. W. Skinner started for Cleveland, Ohio, last Saturday for a visit with relatives. Bert Edmonds and Chas. Palmer were in Bancroft on their bicycles last Thursday. C. F. Bacon was here from Wesley last Saturday, on business of a sporting nature. John K. Shellenberger, of Ilumboldt, visited this proud city of the north, last Thursday. V. J. Williams, of Dubuque, the hustling machinery man was, in Bancroft last Thursday. C. C. Chubb, the cattle king of Harrison township, was seen on our streets last Thursday and Friday. llev. Luce, of Livennore, is expected to succeed llev. Ward as pastor of the M. E. church of this place. llev. A. G. Ward was at Ledyard Thursday, and on Sunday last he organized a church at that place. J. E. Paul, of Algona, was here last Thursday. Some say Clarence has entered the political arena. A. II. Dorweiler, the efficient clerk in Jas. Taylors store, spent the Sabbath with Photographer Harper. B. B. Warren and J. W. Wadsworth were in the north end looking after tho political situation, last Thursday. C. W. Goddard lost a valuable cow on his farm west of town during the rain and lightning storm of last week. J.B. Winkel, Forest Stough, Mr. Dingley and Dr. W. II. Morse all of Algona were in Bancroft last Monday. A collection of $23.25 was taken at the M. E. church last Sunday evening for the benefit of superannuated ministers. A rain and lightning storm did considerable damage to crops and killed some live stock in Swea township last week. Lookout fora boom edition. This town is growing too fast to think of confining the NEWS to one page all the time. If you want a new pair of boots or shoes just bear in mind the fact that B. F. Wickwire has a large and bran new stock. The chief attraction last Sunday afternoon was the ball gitme in which the lloberts brothers were the principal actors. Bancroft has more children and dogs than any other town of its size in northern Iowa. That's better than saloons though. Thos. Gammon, Bancroft's heavy batter and left fielder, went to Algona last Thursday to take in the last days of the Normal. Doivt forget to call on the editor if you want the Algona Republican, BANCHOFT NEWS and Burt Republican, all for $1.-50 a year. Don't borrow the NKWS, but subscribe for the great Republican weekly of the county and get the NEWS free. Call on ye scribe. Frank Sale the trainer and jockey of Kossuth started with his horse for Keokuk yesterday where he is entered in some important races. Mrs. Wm. Musson started for AValt- ham, Minnesota, last Friday to visit her son Thomas and her daughter Mary, who live at that place. Sheldon Iligley came back from Michigan last week Tuesday, for a visit with his son Charles. Mr. Iligley is as hale and hearty as ever. If you see a smile on ye scribe's face it is because of so many new subscriptions to the NEWS. We are willing to be made still more happy though. Tho family of W. E. Jordan and the Misses Grace Anderson and Lillian M., Lillian V. and Ella Johnson drove overland to Algona last Thursday. Miss Maudie Whitehill gave a party to her many little friends at her home last Saturday afternoon, and the children all report a splendid time. Master llobt. Underwood, who has been visiting with his sister, Mrs, E. G. Seymour, of Ramsay township, returned to his home in Eldora last week. A. Siindstroin, A. F. Steinberg and Thos. Gannon went to Fairmont to do some crack shooting at the tournament to be held there yesterday and today. Miss Eva Parker returned to her home in Algona after quite an extended visit with her sisters, Mrs. S. P. Hartshorn and Mrs. II. W. Roba, of this place. The Blue Earth dentist did not seem to have a great deal of work in "• this town so he packed his goods and departed on the second day of his proposed stay. A gentleman from Cre.sco, Howard County, was here last Thursday looking after some horse thieves that stayed all night at Kinne & Pierson's livery as they passed through. * Co., of have been unable to learn, has built a line residence and other improvements on his now farm south of tho old Sands farm. Frank Bronson has raised his building up to the level of tho street and put a foundation under the same which gives the. place an improved appearance. Tho Germans of tho North End are getting up a Grand Harvest picnic to be held Avfgust 15th, at Greenwood. We have no doubt but that it will be a grand affair. P. M. Barslou, B. F. Crose and Samuel Mayne attended the, Republican County Convention last Friday and on their return seemed well satisfied with the work done. Frank Echelbargor is building a new residence east of his shop. Messres. Grose and Phelps are the carpenters. How does seven buildings a week sound for a booming city. The Misses Lillie and May Ward gave a birthday party to their little friends last Friday afternoon, and the children 'enjoyed themselves hugely at the M. E. parsonage all the afternoon. P. 11. Crose was not here visiting as we stated last week but was here to get married to Miss Angie Hunt. We are glad to make tho correction, Dick, and wish you a long and prosperous voyage on the troubled sea of life. The lawn sociable at G. W. Smith's last Wednesday evening was a very brilliant and pretty affair. The grounds were hung with Chinese lanterns, which gave it a line appearance and it was a financial success also. The "devil" at headquarters took four lines of the account of the picnic at McDonald's and attached it to the item with reference to the party at Johnson's in last weeks issue. We say this that no one may blame us. The niciiiy friends of Jas. Patterson, formerly of this place, will be glad to learn that he is building up a good business at Thornton, Iowa, and was recently elected Chief Templar of the I. O. G. T. lodge of that place. Will the mantle of Joseph fall upon Jacob?— Algona Courier. It hasn't dropped yet, but the camels hair cloak of John, of "locusts and wild honey" fame, has entirely hidden the patriarchal form of Isaap. ... W. H. Couch, a hardware drummer of Kansas City, got wet in the storm at Fairmont last Wednesday, and when he arrived at Bancroft ho was taken with rheumatism and had to bo hauled to and carried into the train on his way home. The running race between G. F. IIol- loway's pony and the Wesley horse on Saturday last demonstrated the fact that a small pony is no match for a large horse in a race. The Wesley horse is a professional and won the race with ease. Wm. Gourley, a Scotchman from Guthrie Co., was here last week and bought three eighties of land in Greenwood township, of F. A. Kenyon. Mr. Gourley expects half a do/en relatives and friends to follow him when he moves here this fall. T. M. Ostrander and wife gave a birthday party to a few friends last Thursday evening. The guests left Mr. Ostrander a fine watch charm to remind him of the 47th mile post in his life journey. . Every body said that a good time was had. At the Clear Lake .shooting tournament last week the following general averages were made: Grim 204, Budd 203, Sundstrom 195, Georgeson 193, Gilbert 191. It will be seen that Mr. Sundstrom is getting to be one of the crack shots of the state. Hurrah for Bancroft. If this town keeps on, it will become as noted for its fast horses as Independence. Wo have u son of Longfellow, a fine yearling daughterof Nut- Avood, Marnbrino a fine trotting stallion, besides G. F. Ilollovvay's running horse and last but not least Ellis' cyclone trotter. Mr. J. A. Winkel, of Bancroft, Iowa, has sold to Martin Coonan, of Emmetsburg, Iowa, the bay suckling colt foaled May 8, 1891, by Kossuth (son of Longfellow and Magnolia Clarke by imported Conwell) dam Fanny Doty by Lord Clifdeu (son of imported Buckden) her darn Cally 11. by Bay Dick for $400.— Live Stock Journal. Minneapolis Journal: A woman in northern Missouri received only six votes for county school commissioner. She offered a reward of $50 if the depositors of the votes would reveal their names to her. The same day she offered the reward 789 men culled and told her they voted for her. She says she will contest the election if she convicts half the country for lying. Who says woman is not fitted for politics. Burt tries to make a point by saying that Bancroft always imports players, which Bancroft lius never denied hi any way. Burt is the "ever ri and others to help them, and after all this turns around and does an enormous amount of loud mouthed kicking because other clubs do the same. McChesney is a Burt boy in your mind Mr. Ilallock, and that is the only way ho is. Say Burt, we allow the Manager to run our ball team as all cities do, while you let the Captain do it all. That's the difference between a city and a one horse town. Next time you talk about the Captain of tho Bancroft toatn arranging his own games, please remember that Bancroft is not a one horse town nor do they have a one horse ball team. The Manager still says he will arrange a gatne with you if you want it. Goo. II. Daniels lias bought half interest in the Economy Shoe Store of A. M. Potter, and after August 1st that establishment will be operated under the management of Potter & Daniels. An immense stock of goods will be purchased and the Economy will be kept conspicuously at the front as in the past. Mr. Daniels is a man of good business ability and there is no question but that Mat and George will make a strong team. Success to the new firm.—Webster City Freeman. The Lu Verne News' correspondent at this place succeeded in getting up early enough one morning last week to milk Mrs. McGinnis' cow and drink the milk before people who were more leisurely in their habits of arising were out of bed. Some have thought very queer that Frank's girth measurement should have increased so much lately, but then if he gets all the new milk he wants to drink every morning, and the beautiful sunrise thrown in, we do not see why he should not increase in me, fatness and all the other qualifications necessary to be recorder in chief of the incorporated town of Bancroft. Quite an excitement was caused last Friday morning by the announcement of the failure of J. Wallace & Co., but it was found that the failure was not caused in Bancroft as the creamery here was paying well; but owing to causes unknown to us the creameries did not pay well at other places and the firm failed for a*large amount. It is believed here that the liabilities of the firm in the north end will amount to $5,000, at least a large proportion of which is due to Bancroft merchants. E. S. Streater and C. C. Chubb had a mortgage on the Bancroft creamery and utensils and are continuing the business. 11. M. Richmond immediately secured a bill of sale of some property of the defunct firm to balance what was due him and other than this the creditors have received nothing so far. The worst feature of the affair is that the working men have not been paid off for some time. TT J. HAS A FULL LINE OP Agricultural Implements, Wagons, BUGGIES, Etc,, AT BANCROFT, IOWA. Also a Full Line at BURT and a small Stock at LEDYARD. J. I. Case Threshers, Wm. Deering and Milwaukee Binders and Mowers, a full line of Rock Island Plow Co. goods, Racine Buggies, Carriages and Spring Wagons, Sterling and La Belle . Wagons, Eclipse, Carter and Revolution Wind Mills. And Come let everybody remember that we are not undersold in our line, including Dry Goods, Millinery, Hats, Boots, Shoes, Groceries, etc. Us a Trial, D. R. Crowel. BUSINESS LOCALS. Go and look at Graham's. at those LaBclle wagons, If you want to sell Clarke and Skinner. Rnal Estate, go to Kinne & Pearson for stylish rigs. » Have' you seen the new Deering? Go to Graham's. for Sale. We have six good work horses for the farm which we will sell cheap. CLAHKE & SKINNEII, Tlie Phoenix House is being thoroughly renovated, repaired and painted, and is the best hotel in town. Rates, $1 and $3 per. day. Transient custom a speci- ality. Sample rooms in -connection. 0. T. BuiarrAM, Prop. Go to Barslou's for ers, $1 per- box. the famous crack- Our Iowa teas are just as good as those imported teas we hear so much about, and if you will buy live to ten pounds of us—as you do of those importers—you can have them just as cheap and have the homegrown teas here in Iowa. Yes, we can sell cheaper, as we save the freight over the seas. And stackings for men, women and children—they can't be matcli- . cd any place in this town for prices. Clothes pins one cent a dozen, aud pins to pin your clothes at one cent a paper. All these are to be found at Barslou'sCash Store Bancroft, - Iowa. Insure your standing: crops against hail. Now is tho time to make yourself sale. If you want to hire a livery rig, Kinne & Pearson have just the outfit for you. Call on them. and If you want a good square meal, no brown sugar, go to the Phoenix. Granulated sugar at Barslou's, 100 Ibs. for $5.50. Kinne & Pierson, men. the Bancroft livery- Don't you want your picture taken? Yes you say? Why go to Harpers. Get you a farm of Clarke and Skinner, before tho price goes up. • A bran new line of buggies, at J. G. Graham's. G. W, SR1NNER, Manager. E. F. CLARKE, Sec. Bancroft Loan and Trust Comp'y Negotiate Farm Mortgages. Write Insurance. Sell Real Estate. Next Saturday, you will find a nice line of crockery and dishes, at Barslou's. To and for the People. Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? Do you want to trade or sell your farm or other property ? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved laud on long time with but little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest aud favorable terms? Do you want anything ia a legitimate line of banking? For any and all of the above, please consult K. M. UichmoiKl at the Commercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders' Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable The most stylish rigs in town at the most reasonable rates. Traveling trade especially solicited. Kinne & Pearson. F. A. KENYON, A Big ImMNin JR. M. JL ^Vuiir Of New Watches, New Musical Instruments, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Table Cutlery, Optical Goods. llonairiug a Specialty. A, SUNDSTROM. Loans and Insurance. Phoenix Livery, Peed and Sale ^^mm^^ w^^^p ^^^^p VRIi^W IPBMIHIMPIJ^ ^ff^^^^^w ^^^^^••'*u»i<- j club that iwt to The finest turnouts furnished on short notice and at reasonable figures, jive us. a trial; we are $ui$ to suit.

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