The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1891
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VOL. XX. AIGONAJIPUBUCAN PUBLISHED KVJCKY WKDNKSDAX 1 JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance SI.BO One copy, six months, in advance 75 One copy, three months, in advance........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stocked > and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Will be made known on application. OK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBMOATT Office for Book and Job Printing Is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. THE BKPUBMOAN is the official paper of Kossuth county and the city of Algona, REPUBMCAN STATE TICKET. For Governor HIRAM 0. WHEELER. of Sac county. For Lieut.-Govornor....... GEO, VAN HOUTBN, of Taylor county. For Judge Supreme Court, SILAS M. WEAVEB, _ of Ilardin county. For Railroad Com FBANK T. CAMPBELL, _ - . of Jasper county. For Supt. Public Instruction,.. HKNBY SABIIT, of Clinton county. For Representative, 84th Dlst. JOHN O. of Kossuth county. ; ALGONA, EOSSTITH COUNTY, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1891. No. 44, ANNOUNCEMENT. ' This issue inaugurates - a "new" REPUBLICAN—now in the sense that the future policy of the paper will not be influenced by anything that the Algona RE* PUBLICAN has been in the past years of its existence: new in the sense that under the present management it will recognize no former affiliations and know no former enemies if it ever had any, a few words; The REPUBLICAN will {stand hereafter for what it is, and not /for what it has been. Under the new management as under the old, the policy of the paper will be independently its own. It is only justice to recognize the |arge measure -of success enjoyed by the paper under the wise management of Mr. Starr, who for nearly twenty years has been connected wrth the REPUBLICAN, and who has brought the paper up in that time to whatever measure of influence and prestige can now be placed to its credit. Mr. Starr has been a successful newspaper man and his name deserves a prominent place in the news| paper history, of Northern Iowa. Mr. Hallock in his connection with the REPUBLICAN as foreman and local editor, has done not a little to build up and fortify the present liberal patronage of the taper. He is a first class printer and to I nim belongs the credit for whatever of excellence, the paper has presented in neatness of appearance typographically. 'The REPUBLICAN has much that is satisfactory to look -back upon and will be satisfied in the future if it is able to achieve the equal of its past success. It is not necessary to state that the REPUBLICAN will continue to be Republican in politics. We believe in honest journalism and have no disposition to deny the real grounds upon which we stand. We believe that the Republican party, whatever of error there may be in its doctrines and principles, is more nearly in line with the best interests of the American people in general, and the farmers of northern Iowa in particular, than any other political party. Until the Republican party is ready to place foreign ahead of American interests, until it sells itself for the money and votes of the saloon and turns its back upon tbe best interests of the home, the politics ;of the paper will be unreservedly and, unqualifiedly Republican. It has been the misfortune of the Republican party of Kossuth County for ie past few years to labor under a State ^of disorganization and disharmony suffl< to bring ruin and disaster to any ''party organization. Just now would be a good time to stop and think a little. It is a question whether the Republicans of tbe County will stand together on tbe same platform, and fpr tbe same candi- f 4ates, or whether tbere wiU be the same I Bide opposition "':*«$;• scratching and feniflng at tbe potts tbaJ w<> have bad for [several years. It is r question whether - or tbe faetios shju ^joe first. ffo county politic^ the Rm«WP4*r stands for no man and no man's faction but for best interests of the Republican party. future Further words in regard to I of tbe REPUBLICAN would bo i wy if not superfluous. A > in Northern Iowa has taught me in tbe future of this section $f > state and decided me to r , if not perm k« REPUBI4CAM everything tbat -• • _ r -:- -_ the interests of Kossuth county and all Northern Iowa. Thanking the public for the numerous favors I have received in the past year while managing the paper for Starr & Hallock 1 leave the REPUBLICAN to urge its own claims in the future, upon tbe patronage of the public. . Jos. W. HAYS. WHAT THEY HAY ABOUT IT. Algona Courier: He is a substitute no longer. Cedar Rapids Republican: Mr. Jos.W. Hays has bought Mr. Hallock's half of the Algona REPUBLICAN and has leased Mr. M. Starr's half for two years, thus becoming sole manager and editor; " Mr. Hays is an indefatigable ntiws gatherer and a good editor. Palo Alto Reporter: Mr. J. W. Hays has purchased a half interest in Algena REPUBLICAN, and leased Mr. Starr's interest for two years. This leaves Mr. Hays in full charge of the paper, and judging from his last year's work, he is thoroughly competent for the work that is before him. Spirit Lake Beacon: After intimate relations with the paper reaching through twenty years, Milton Starr has retired from all responsible connection with the Algona REPUBLICAN. Joseph W. Hays, who has been editing the paper for the past year, has purchased the interest of Mr. Hallock and leased for two years the Starr interest, assuming full control. Algona Courier: The firm of Starr & Hallock, editors and publishers of the REPUBLICAN, haye dissolved partnership and disposed of the ^REPUBLICAN. Mr. Hallock has sold his interest in the paper to Mr. Hays, and Mr. Starr has rented him his interest for a term of two years. Mr. Hallock will remove to the Pacific Coast after some weeks, and Mr. Starr will devote all his time to the postofflce. We bid them both a kind good bye as newspaper brethern. Wesley Reporter: Jos. W. Hays, who for the past year has been editor of the Algona REPUBLICAN, has now full control of that paper, he having purchased Mr. Hallock's interest and leased that of Mr. Starr. Messrs. Starr & Hallock have'' been connected with the REPUBLICAN for many yesaa^ and under their efficient rnanagemBw it has. become one of the leading papers in northern Iowa. While we regret to ;.8ee them step down and out we feel confident that Mr. Hays is fully competent to'do the paper justice. He is a man of sound principles, a good writer, a staunch Republican and a' newspaper man in every particular. Here's our hand Bro. Hays, wishing you rauch^. success in your new venture. Iowa State Register: A change has been made in Algoua REPUBLICAN office. Mr Willis Hallock has sold his interest in the paper to Mr. Jos. W. Hays, who during the past year has been' editor of the paper, and Mr. M. Starr, has leased his interest to Mr. Hays for a period 6f two years. This places Mr. Hays in full change of the paper. The REPUBLICAN has been a good newspaper, one of the strongest weekly papers in the state, and will, under its new management, loose none of its prestige or brilliancy. ' Mr. Starr, who retires from active newspaper connection, has been in the profession, for twenty years and has made an honor, able record for himself as well as his paper. Mr. Hallock began in the REPUBLICAN office ten years ago and has .suo> cessfully run the whole gamut of newspaper work. • We would suggest to the Republican Dubuque Times that it would look far better if a paper, professing as the Times does to stand upon the Republican state platform, would take the ads' of the liquor dealers out of its columns. • ' . ' »<>* Professor of ngri culture at Ames, and it ft managed by £ O A' of Traer ' At th * Pfesen de P art , m ent is being run in one *«» C T$ es lnl ° w a, and itsinflu ence toward the elevation of agriculture in the best agricultural state in the Union can scarcely l)e estimated. A dozen new ?h^ 3 }% VQ ordered the articles within ™? 0 £l St T bree Weeks ' Bowing that enter 5 i? J owa , new 8paper men know .t good thing when they see it. As eacl Publisher Is given the exclusive use o the department in his county, the service ta as valuable toi him as if Mr. Wilson ™ nem * )lo r? by h . lm alone ' wu "e the expense is but a trifle compared with what it would be under the individua arrangement. The matter is now sup plied in plates to such as desire it. This department ought to be run in every county m the state, and doubtless will be as the value of such a feature becomes known where its worth is not now fully realized. We unhesitatingly say tha Mr. Wilson has no superior as an agri cultural editor for Iowa readers. THIS Governor Boies is sitting dawn on "Stormy Jordan," the notorious Qttunv wa saloon keeper. That's rigbt, Gover< nor. Your chances for election will be greatly increased if you do that kind p f thing some jnjy-e. It wouldn't be a bad strode of p,olfcy, Governor, to fix up that little watter with farmers, Some ot them don't like what you said New York last Winter. . Toe Iowa State Register of Saturday last, has the following strong endorsement of the Wilson Farm Department, This department has now been a feature of the REPUBLICAN for nearly a year and we will continue to run it for tbe benefit of our farmer readers, wbo, judging from the many expressions received from thm appreciate and Wg«% value. it, One of the most successful enterprises in Iowa is the Wilson Farm Department ~ fc ~" THE SITUATION IN COUNTY. At no time for several years past has the Republican party of Kossuth county had better promise of winning back the old time majority. There is no reason why the party this fall should not be en tirely united upon issues and candidates A united effort win give the entire Re publican ticket a good 500 majority. The happy turn in the senatorial fight at the convention last Friday was a most fortunate circumstance. Kossuth is united for senatorFunk and should be united for every other name upon the ticket. Mr. J. G. Smith, the Republican candidate for representative, pledges himself to stand squarely upon the Republican platform for Republican principles. He declare; his intention to stand with the Republi cans in the legislature, if elected, against the repeal of prohibition and for the en* tire subordination of the saloon. No Republican could ask anything more of Mr. Smith, and we sincerely, hope that he will receive the earnest and unqualified support of every Republican in the county. Every Republican present found matter for encouragement in the harmony of the convention of last Friday. The only thing suggestive of disharmony was brought into the convention by the two^contesting delegations from Wesley. While not assuming to pass upon the claims of either of the.,Wesley delegations the REPUBLICAN can, scarcely refrain from expressing its disapproval of the action of the convention in straddling over both delegations and allowing each a seat in the convention. It would have been ,well to establish a precedent determining how far the party, organization in the county extends and how far it should be respected. "If every set of delegates elected at any and every school house meeting is to have equal recognition with every other, of what Virtue is a county organization and what is the Use of a system of township chairmen? Again: .the REPUBLICAN has nothing to offer upon the special claims of either of the contesting delegations, not being in possession of the evidence submitted to the committee on credentials but we do afilrm that the two delegations could not possibly have presented equal claims for recognition in the convention. The REPUBLICAN is opposed to everything that looks toward the tearing down of the party organization for there can be no success without that organization, and we regret a state of affairs that would ttend a double delegation from Wesley or any. other township in the county. NOT THE ONL Y ISSUE. LeMars Sentinel: "The only issue this fall is prohibition," S ays the democrat authorities. They enlarge on this and ring the changes on it over and over again with the hope of raising a noise to hide the great game they are trying to win, If prohibition did not diminish the liquor trafliicin the state at large, and. prohibition was the onjy issue; then there wo«Jd be no occasion for a democrat state campaign at all this year. There are two reasons why the claims 0,1 the* democratic press and party are not true. One reason is, that the democratic party would rather have free whisky than prohibition. The other reason is that they fcnow that prohibition is ijot tbe only nor even the principal issue. Jf ft farmer's barn containing bis grain and bis cattle and bis farm togls and one vaJujWe borse should catsbfirf, it would »ot, be. reasonable to say that the borse wa* the oply thing in danger. If tbe barij bftra^d, they would all'go, Prohibition will go tbis f«Jl like the burned borse if the Democrat party wins, but it wflji not. Tbe only thing to go any more thaft tbe borse would be tbe only loss if tbe barn burned witb all Us contents.. prohibitionists stick by tbe third party this and thus cause tbe Re- publicas defeat, tbey will have fbs pleas- Urfl of holding a wake next ytar ovej tbe jnfngled corpse, ol prohibition tibaj wJU be butobered tbis winter by a 4ejn^pr ft t leg- ll only oneo| j&g fe,» i i- -__ni_- -- i - i -•- • i i With democrat success and a democratic majority in the legislature, they could gerrymander the state and: Redistrict the representative districts so as to have a heavy majority in the lower house of the legislature. Redistrict the senatorial districts and give the Democrats control of the state senate. They could elect a democrat to the United States Senate in '93 to succeed James F. Wilson, with the state thus redistricted. Prohibition is not the only issue. They would gain control of all of the state institutions. Does any loyal lowan want to put our state institutions into the hands of a party that endorses Boises New York speech and the calamity howling detractors Of the reputation of magnificent Iowa and her prosperous people? Prohibition is not the only issue. They'could redistrict and gerrymander the congressional districts so as to give the democrats nine and a fighting chance on the tenth congressman. Prohibition is not the only issue. They could enact a law like the one in Michigan to have the presidential electors chosen by congressional districts instead of by the state at large. With the state redislricted by a democratic legislature nine or ten of Iowa's presidential electoral votes .might be cast for a Democratic president. • Prohibition is not the only issue. Iowa is now one of the pivotal states on which turns the government. These changes would in all probability give the democrats the presidency in 1802. Prohibition is not the only issue. Democratic national success means the do wnf all of principles that have made American success, prosperity and progress the wonder of the world, and the turning over of the management of this government of a European policy by principles that have brought lifelong misery to hosts of Europe for generations. The issue is Iowa and America. The man who loves Iowa home and America will vote the Republican ticket. SIFTINGS. Chicago Tribune: A New Jersey man has been fined for keeping a citizen on the fence for two hours. Grover Cleveland has Jkept. the mugwumps on the Jence-f or several years and he is , still at large. < Des Moincs Register: The city of Boston has licensed saloons and yet the Advertiser of last Monday gives the details showing that "searchers raided the premises" of twenty-four illegal sellers and made "good sized hauls" at nine places and "unsuccessful searches" at fifteen places! Gracious! Iowa people have been led to believe that there -were no "searchers" in licensed cities and yet Boston reports twenty-four "searches" in one day, and that they found liquors " , "secreted under a lot of planks in the base ment," and hidden in other places just as ,t is done by. illegal sellers in this state. The same terms are used by the Boston paper to describe the "searches" that are ised in Des Moines and still Boston is a .icense city "where liquor selling is controlled and regulated". THE COUNTY NEWS. To CoiiHKSPONDENTS :-All correspondence for the KKPUBLICAN should reach this office not later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this In mind. All communications to the REPUBLICAN— including news letters— must be signed by the author to insure publication. . Special Correspondence. WHITTEMOBE August 3.— Dr. Pride was a Whittemore caller Friday evening. Mrs. H. Goetsch left last Sunday even- ng with Master Artie and Miss Dora, for a visit in Wisconsin. Miss Bertha Will try the pleasures of housekeeping. Boyle has. returned from the east and reports hjs wife better, but still very sick. ' Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Williams moved into their new residence last Monday. Rev.'and Mrs. Thrasher returned from their trip to Spirit Lake Monday evening. Tbey report a very pleasant time. Rumor has it that our harness maker las gone east for a wife. A- H. Hotelling, J. V. Wickler, C. C. samson and N. Jj. Cotton were the dele- jates from this precinct to the convention last Saturday and report a very harmonious convention. Wallace & Go's Circus was billed in our town last Monday, The small boys will save their pennies now, to visit Al, ~oua Aug. 31st. Ladies Aid Society meets witb Mrs, C. C. Samson next Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. JJ. Rawson have a new daughter at tbeir Jjpme since July 37. Mr. and Mrs. H,, gf, Dailey spent Siin- day in the country at Jftr. McDonalds. A- Yale bought tbe flret new oats on be market this weefc, for which he paid u cents per bushel. Dr. Pbelps has rented tbe rooms over be post office for an office. A sister of H. Muucb accompanied by tor daughter, arriv?{J here Saturday to assist in caring for feer §ick brother. Bead J. E. Beatt^'s advertisement in bis issue of tbe REPUBLICAN, Be about some rare bargains. The Big Show Coining to Algona This Yoar! allace&Co's Great World's 50 Cage Menagerie, Roman Hippodrome and International Three- Ring Circus, will exhibit at ALGONA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 218T Sublime and superior to similitude, the acme of possible acquisition. Of magnitude unrivaled and in every detail perfect. Monster massed menagerie. Scenic, gladiatorial and processional productions to delight the senses. Aviary ot birds of bright plumage from the isles of Balm. Aquarium curiosities from cerulean depths of Indian seas. Three rings with wondrous companies of performers of exalted fame, who dazzle comprehension with miraculous feats of superhuman intrepidity or more than terrestrial grace Most stupendaus of railroad shows, aggregating incompar- al)1 pPSp!^*h ibits ' circus adventures and the hurtling exploits of tKe Hippodrome. It is ia truth and fact - ~ - N -- Astounding the spectators and confounding all would-be^-' imitators. Invariably presenting all and everything that it l >' advertises, and beggaring attempts of other and effete institutions to rise to its majestic plane. It remains a gigantic unparallelled congregation of the rarities of animated nature; of extraordinary creations contributed by all nations- the Olympiad sports which beguiled the classic hosts; the splendors of the pageantry of Aurelian—every feature on the same supremely superb scale. A cosmic centralization of irradiant effulgence. Tine 0, M. & St. ion tickets to the viU sell excur- Lodge Knights ROMAN SPORTS Pageantry of tbe Coliseum. The best reproduction of the entertainment of the Caesars ever given by any show on this continent MatoKless Equestrianism Gorgeous in all appointments. Unequaled in thrilling, electrifying features. The Finest Horses of any show on earth. CHARIOT RACES Startling in furious chase. Daring antique performances of horseman- by classic riders. GREAT FIVE-BOBS? TANBEJJ Hurricane hurdle run. Processional splendor. Vespasian's triumphal«? ercise witb their inimitabl^ scenic grandeur. „. Most Excited Events of any show an e,ar$b. IMPERIALLY SPLENDID STREET PAGEANT On , it. All tfce peapte«WnW sse the

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