The Alamance Gleaner from Graham, North Carolina on August 27, 1914 · Page 3
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The Alamance Gleaner from Graham, North Carolina · Page 3

Graham, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1914
Page 3
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THE GLEANER GRAHAM, N. C, Aug. 27, 1914. PostoHIce flous. Offlo open T-OO a. m, toT.OOp. n. Sunday i.00 to 11.00 a.m. mat 4.00 totX0p.a - 1 . '. f lfipP.A5:???y.'yfM- -r-r-H"H"H LOCAL NEWS, " - - ' " ':":"'"r " ............. ............. Fine rnins have f allien durirf tha past weeek. It was exttremely hot Monday dJ Tuesday. . The M. ' B. church Sunday School will picnic at Swepsonvills Saturday. ... -Rev. J. W. Holt will preach at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning; at 11 o'ciock. inepuDiic is cordially, invited. The Daughters of the Confed eracy will meet with Mrs. J. S. Cook at 3 .30p. m., Thursday, Sep tember Srd. A surprise party was given Miss Nellie BimmonB by Misses An Die Ben Long; and Margaret Hun ter Monday . nignt. Tne young folks had a . delightful time.,. As a result of the series of meetings held at New Providence by Rev. J, F. Morgan, he received aDout no additions to tne cnurcn and on last Sunday afternoon baptised 16 at Haw River. The following attorneys be sides the Countty bar have, been in attendance on Court this weeek Jcrtg.t Y. I. Bynum, A. B. Kim-lall, Efeq., Geo. M. .Patton, Esq., all of Gr .t-uborn. 4 In Memory of CapL E. S. Parker. f J" PBBSONAL.r . - -.- - ...1........ .,, TTTTTTTTTTTTTTtTTTTtTTTTTT -At noon Tuesday the court a recess to allow memorial service to be held in honor of Cant. E. 8. 1 Miss Fannie Porterfield Is visit-1 Parker by the bar of Alamance intr at Ooldaton. - x 1 county. " -' i i no meeting was caiiea 10 oraer Cant. J. ' W. Fry of Greensboro I and Judare wT V Bvnum nf Ureena- waa aere luesaay. i ooro was chosen chairman and Mr, . I i. 9. Look of Graham secretary, caDt. x. u. irov oi Amnerst. va. rvi t a t , j " .. i lions and iicunv triDutes were Daid MrXnad Mrs. Edwin D. Scott 1 - ,ife and services of Captain SDent Tuesdav in Greensboro. "vyer ana citizen ny . : A RUSSIAN : -vice' a MARRIAGE ! . , i- , 4 i a '- I eUUalg, XAUII. O, JJI. VTHlilB til Miss Marce Ooley left Monday Hillsboro, Mr. E. S. W. Dameron for Mt." Airy to visit friends. ; of Burlington, Mr. J. Dolph Long Involving a Local Cus- 2 torn of Proposal By P. A. MITCHEL Mess. J. L. Scott. Jr.. and R. W. Scott spent Tuesday in Greensboro. of Graham, and Judge W. P. By num, when the resolutions were adopted. At the reconvening of nfl,1fr .IllHDH HAnntraA nnM m Misses Ada and Luberta ' Free- --.i i i ,..,. land visited relatives in High Point the memory of CaDt. Parker and ordered tne resolutions spread up on tne minutes oi tne court as Court Notes. ; . , , Alamance Superior Court for the trial of criminal cases only . opened Monday with. Judge George Roun- tree presiding and Hon. a. M. uattis, Solicitor, prosecuting for the elate. The business of the Court was at tended and the court adjourned at 6 o'clock veaterdav evenintr. The errand Jury, of which Mr. T. M. Crutch- field of Mebane was foreman, did its w ork rapidly and well and was high-- ly complimented by the the court. The following were given sentences on the roads of Alamance Uonnty: Harper Harvey, Belling liquor, 3 months.' Lee Stone, selling liquor, months. -.- - Nuel Some rs, concealed weapon, 6 months. D. B. Bass, selling liquor, 6 months. Will Reese, larceny, five years. A small white boy named Roose elt Mclntyre was sent to the Jack son Training (School for trespass. In several other cases fines were imposed. ' Sunday, Dr. D. M. Walters of Greensboro spent Sunday here at Mr. C. P. Albright's. , Miss Mattie Watson left this morning for Hillsboro to visit Mrs J. n. Tarpley. Dernetual memorial. The resolutions are as follows IN MKMORIAM Captain Edward S. Parker was Dorn in Cumberland county, . c, on the 14th day of June, 1838, and vr t t o j I oiea on me zin aay oi juiy, hpVJ ,t I, P?tfv.8unAaf Graham, N. C. He obtained his IJ t!!f. 01 hU,ather- Co1- license to practice Uw Just before B. . tne war between the states, and Mr .lo wr Thn.. ni n,,v. was - associated wttn Hon. ueo. v, rived here yesterday to spend a t'f "'?TJ?i V. Mr. RalDh McCaulev of Chanel throughout the war, rising by pro- Hill SDent.,- veaterdav with Mm I motion to the rank of Captain. fi . .W. " I tl Aj iL. . - .1 Unas. A. xnomPSOn. - -r. 4 . I 1 K who uiib ui llie uiiicera iimuc . - ' I prisoners and placed upon the ship Mr .and Mrs. R. L. Holmes and I known n th Mania Laf. and children and Miss :Bronna Co61e I started to a Northern prison, who pent ounoay at ripamom springs i on the voyage by concert of action, Mr. Elmer Estlow arrived 'from rrwPYai5e "Pf ".frf SIT.0 VTdtKua V" ? after man days of weary hardship p.time 0t hi" 1"t.ber' Mr arant rejoin thei? commands. Before s viiv vivpv v a iiiu v csa vv aa Mr Rarnotf w iH.m. Ht.f. happily married to Miss Ellen C vlll vinieAiI Mn iHim. h M.-lortnam, and she and three chil- ter Barnett at Dr. Geo. W. Long's dren-two sons and one daughter fmm s.f,.... t.n u j-1 . I survive. Miss Ida CUdd -returned Sunday at Smithf ield soon after the war fram a vlalr nf- uvnl nraaka tn I ended, and was emtiloved as sren- her sister. Mrs. Will Thomnton. at erai counsel lor the. xnorth Caroll opencer. Annual Feast " Mr. McBride Holt gave his annual feast of melons, cantaloupes and . - 1 TT!l.i f Ti.:. f rapes w wo .jvuiguui ui ijriuim uesday -night Mr. Holt has given fiese feasts of products from his farm and garden year after, year, until it . has become a custom so well . established that his friends expect it and would be sorely disappointed if it did not come. Each one shows his appreciation of the hospitality by eating, eating and eating, Sodal Items. ' Miss Lorena Eernodle entertained few friends Saturday evening in honor of her guests, Misses Lillian and Mary Bland Pitt of Tarboro. . . - Mr. Armstrong Holt gave a picnic Tuesday night at the Country flub . in honor of Misses Lillian and Mary Bland Pitt of Tarboro, the guests of Miss Lorena Xernodle, Miss Kathleen Lone returned Monday evening from an extended visit to friends in Eastern N. C. and Va, Bufluliv Notes. ' - . Mr. Peter R Harden is buildings nice 7-room residence over in the Northeaatern part of the town. Mr. PhiL S. Dixon has completed .- the brick work on his store building on W, Harden St. .. Work is progressinff nicely on Dr. ' O. J. Paris' business building on r orner west of court house. North aide of W. XUm8t. . ' To HospitaL X V Mr. Sim Wrenn carried his little son Oscar to St Leo's Hospital Sun day night for an -operation lor ap- - nAnHifitia '' " ' "In Raleigh Thursday night WIU - Davis and Henry Hamilton. ' both colored, engaged in a fight. . Da vis knocked Hamilton down and cut him so that he died In a short time,. Davis was arrested. Wataua-a Democrat: "Best cotb crop the county has erer known," la tne report mat eomea irora -every section of Watauga.' 1 And - the fruit crop of every kind is and naa neen, immense. . " James S. HartseU, a fanner of : the Wood leaf aectloa of Kowaa county, about 46 years old, Is under bond to answer in Rowan Superior court lor tne cnarre oi oeDaucniog his ten-daughter, Kthel Borah, who is about U years old. It has bees) decided to postpone the opening of rthe Salisbury Military School awtil the fall of UNI. ' It was the perpoae to open this ' falL The faculty had beea aelect-d anil man v num la registered, but delay in constructing the buildings - caused the change Is plana. t ' ' hov. Craig has eomrauted" the sentence of Dixie Wall of Davie , eoBty, serving a s-year sot tents stealing three package of wkiakry . and M eeata frosa the Soatliera Cosapaay, to two and a half yeare, more eepeclally for the reason that the health of the prieoase is, seriously impaired. The Mountain Ketreat Aseo-eUtkw, tthe organ iiatioe which eoaducts Mootreat, the rreabytert- an Assembly groaads near Aaho-. will, kaa Utm anit la Buncombe Superior Court against Dickey ft Campbell tor SMSS daatagee. Dickey ft Campbell operate a taaa-- ber railroad throagh the property of the aseociatios) aad it Is eharred that forest fire started frees the locomotivee of Dickey ft Caatpbefl damaged tin ber belonging to the aaeociatioau ' na Railroad Company, and in 1869 ne moved to company Shops, now tturungton. In July, 1870, he made the first application for and obtained the first writ of Habeas Corpus on be- I I A, . n - . i Mrs. John R. Webster of Reida-1 i j. ville, who has been visitinflr Mrs. I w ur d.m.. i ri McBride Holt, left Sunday for her George W. Kirk, and he was prom- nome in iteiosvuie. , . , inent in all the litigation and trials Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Griffith of held both in the Stateand Federal Greensboro are anendin? the dav cour" concerning vtnat and otner here, returning from a trip thru ""Tf8";,, . , where he lived and labored the re Miu l?.lpnnr fVhtnof vlu hn I mainder of his life. been vlsitine Miss Rebecca Scott. He. was elcted State Senator for left yesterday for her , home at this Senatorial district, and also Goldsboro.. I Solicitor for the State in this Ju- i oiciai district, ana served wun ois- Misses Agnes Wood and Christine! tinction in both positions. Holt are in Greensboro this week I Now. therefore, be It resolved by attending a House party given by the Bar Association of Alamance Miss Edith Foushee. I County: " , ' ' . I First: That we most deeply and Miss Greenfield of Kernersville. I iniui rinninu k r the Music Teacher in -Graham In... i;n,t..f Ann. ni Graded .hools, spent the first of friend, whose splendid talents, the week here with . Mrs. J. Dolph great learning, honest counsel and I-ong. v - fidelity to duty so fittingly adorn- Mib. W.: 'ii. Wood and daughter. ed .ur profession and gave to him Miss Agnes, spent from Saturday P,ac. OI " ,cure, P'M,; mi jaonaay wun wr. iNuma - K.I j - vme!wVMD' heart!- j vuiuuiDiiu ausi CAaiupic nsi am u uc, Misses Marv Bland Pitt and LIU I upright and patriotic citizen in Han Pitt, who have been visiting-1 peace and in war, and point with Miss Lorena :Kernodle since last I grateful pride to his civHT virtues Friday, left yesterday for their as worthy of all emulation. As a home in Tarboro. ,- ' ' ' ' I lawyer painstaking, accurate, fear- ?, . ... ., . v . . i less ano candid, as a citizen, -Mr. Phil.. Carleton SDent tha lat-1 broad-minded. unselfish.: nubile ter part of last week and the first spirited and loyal; as a friend, of this '.week here visiting Mrs. warm hearted sincere, sympathetic, Carleton and the children at Mr. anf faithful, always; in all the re-Will. E. White's. ' lations of life conscientious and t A t - ; "v ? I anrunuliitialv trtift. fantain Parker ur. ana urs. w. k. uoiev went must ever ranic an one oi tne nuiio by-auto to Jackson SDrinfS the era of the arrest county of Ala latter part ' of last week to visit mance, and as an exponent of all their daughter, Mrs. Geo. Ross, that is highest and truest and no-who returned with them Tuesday blest in the best citizenship of the ana win oe nere till tne last oil nation. the week. , , . I Third : That we tender our sin ' Icerest synpathy to the bereaved Mr. Jas. D. Proctor of Lumber- members of his family and rela- ton arrived here Sunday on a visit Itives in their deep grief and dis-to Mrs. Proctor and little daughter I tress. at Mr J. D. Kernodle's, and Mr. I Fourth : . That our secretary be ana Mrs. rrootor len Monday lor instructed to lurnlsn a codv oi a week's trip through the moun-l these resolutions to :the several tains of Western N. C. and Va, and I county papers and to the daily pa-East Tenn. Ipers of the State with the request io puousn. . This 25th day of August, 1914. A Bciurin, Alexis riekanoff. a young Rusaian of Intellectual tnatea. gave blmaelf up so completely to study that Ills health was Impaired. His physician advised him to live In the country for awhile, and the young man, not willing to be Idle, bought a farm, intending to till the soil. Alexis' farm had on It a dwelling house and other necexaury buildings. He hired servauta bealdes farm hands, for he was well to do and was soon devoting himself to rotalng produce with us much Intereat ns lie had pre viously shown in books. Nor did be, becauMe be waa city bred, keep aloof from his neighbors, but Joined In their amusemnutx. received them at bis home anil visited them fnuilllarly Soon after be was settled In his new home the people of the phiee where be hnd located asHemhled for n featlvul, which be attended. The pxen-laes eon-slated principally of athletic sports running. Jumping and especially riding The Rusalnns are fine li'irsi'men, and some nf the feats performed nt this festival were worthy of an American cir cus. Themtvss also n dnnre In a bnrn Alexis was recognized among the country people for something better than themselves aud was treated with great deference. One of the men ap proached him at the dunce and snld: "If your excellency would like to dance I will Introduce you to a 'girl whose parents, like yourself, rame long ago from the city, though the young lady herself was born lu her present borne." I would be glad to. be Introduced to any of your girls." replied Alexis, "and do not doubt that any would ninke a partner not Only worthy of 'me. bnt would honor me by dancing with me." So the young man was Introduced to Vera Troleuako. She was a girl of Urady Lane, negro, was electro I cuted in the Stale prison Friday 8. COOK, Secretary. ELON COLLEGE. .Fine Prospect! for Eton. Annual Session. 25th for the murder of Frank McCain,! colored, in Moore county last year.l J. Gilme Eerner - will build in I Winston-Salem an apartment house I to cost SIMOOa ' It will have Si I apartments of seven rooms, each. Falling from a hammock, a distance of only I inches. Robert Jen nings, a Wilmington negro, suffer-1 Cor. of The Gleaner, death. ' That Elon College will exceed the , . - . - 7- , '-. 400 mark this year in point of en- ' The Conference of Seventh ' Day rollment iaconfidently expected Adventists, is session at Greens- by all here, Including the Presi-boro, sent memorials to. Congress dent's office, , where 'the facts are in favor of nation-wide prohibition "own. ii crop conditions nao but protesting agalns Sunday laws, been better end wsr was not this . - number would have been far ex-Mr. L. C. Kerr has leased the seeded on Boot. Snd. Last rear 188 Laaum mmwnii Derviuiura awH-iininenri enrolled imm it Mtaraa mA an1 mAitmA h. ThMMliira Pat-1 . a m I n.t..M rick, Jr, and succeeds jar. raiircx uaw River, Mebane and the roun- ss eaitor oi tne paper. . nr. rat- try districts of ' Alamance win be rick wiU study law.)-. , I duly represented, for, as is wen - - - i nnown, bioh educates more Ala . War in Europe promises to bold I mance men - sad women than all 1 1 1-A-1!AI I . . i . . . longrrsa 111 aessiuu iajuchaiaicij. oiner colleges commnca. Commerce, which the war has I , , - stricken, is the principal subject , , , with which Congress is rancerii. Chkw Take Steps To Force Prices r olio wing passage oi tne war nsai Down. insuranoe mu, a prupvaat wr mm ration for in transoceanic trade! municipal, market commission yes- will be taken up, terday took numerous steps to force down war time food nrices. among others seeking to enlist the aid 7 CoL Geo. W. Ooethals. - In the telegram CoL Ooethals wss saked to detail methods of - maintenance and operation by the suo- sistence department in tne rana- ms Canal Zone, and to wire the commission the price the government is charging on staples, meets, vegetable ana anna. Resolutions were adopted order ing the establishment of five mu- nisipal markets in the thickly populated sections of the city, sad v.i,.,i.a. i. amm awtat I recommending a special ordinance frequent aigaal of weakened kid- to provide for the framabment of BACKACHE 18 A . -WARNING GrthaPec SlMNdd Not Neglect .Thek sUdaeys. ' FOR REST. Flve-rooss koaee for rent. Apply to KBS. AS. K. WILSOlf. eye. To cure the peine and ache to remove the lass en so when it arises frosa weakened kidney, yon moat reach the eaase the kidneys. If yoa nave pais taroaarh the email of your back,- urinary disorders. dLtzy speLta, or are nervous and cepresssa, start treating tne Kid neys wltar tested kJdaey rest dr. ' Dose's Kidney ' Pill hare been proved good aaid are especially tor wrak kidneys.-- Doao's have been ased in kidney troubiee for over at years. Seed Graham teetimoay. Mrs. B. C Phillipe, Owtarie St, Uraaaoi, nr. ear : "1 think that Doan" Kidney Pills are a eery geed rssasdy for paia) 1st the easail of the beck. I had offered e great deal frees that troebie for several years. I was servoo end say elrat often Marred. Doea's Kkiaey PtiU aooa had see feeling better. Tkrv were yeet the reeaedy I needed." Price lee t all dealers . Doat aimply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan' Kidney Pill the same Mrs. Phillip had. Poet erst libera Co Props, Buffalo, H. T. alv. . combines snd pool trusts which have wed the war aa a pretext for food ad voce. Diatrii-t Attorney James H. Wil- kerson ssid information had reach ed him which lead him to believe many cot novation have eonsDired to take advantage of the war situ ation, - n eaia eoniereaeo wita Chicago pecker did not indicate a conspiraey on their part. The grnad yery will hear witnesses today. . . , J , , HOtTlTES and LOTS and FARMS FOR 8 ALB On account of my health, I will sell all my real estate, eonefsting ef 0 hoeeee'and Iota, lamodieg my bene; ad ocee-pii, and thee email farm, eoit-shie for dairying or tracking. Above property all In and adloln- tor towa of Graham, and eear the ear line. For terms apply to D. M. Walker. Graham, H. d, - Jamaica ha etopped the ezporte-rtoa of eagar, eiaimlng that the entire crop le needed for home consumption. Thirty-One-piece Dinner Sets For GLEANER Subscribers Pay $2.95 and you get any set you want, and you get credit on The GLEANER for one year. ' ; : f 5 J .-t . mIi fa i 5 COTTON MAKiUiT B. D. Scott, Reported by cotton broker. White Cotton 12!, OLD SIGHT AND OLD AGE , Old age is a matter of years. Old sight is a question of , Glasses. - . Beautiful goods. Will make a nice present, or give excellent service on your own table. This ware is bought and shipped direct from the factory, and you get it without paying a cent of profit. Each set is well packed in a box by itself, and will be delivered at THE GLEANER OFFICE, GRAHAM. If you find difficulty in reading;, while for distance your eyesigbt is good, YOU NEED OLD SIGHT GLASSES. ' , lain prepared to test your eyes and fit glasses of the best quality at a very reasonable price. Z. T. HADLEY, JEWELER A OPTICIAN GRAHAM, N.C. Mortgagee's Sale of Real Estate. stood wrrn naa me Birr trro ran ruooa. nineteen Vests, with s perfect figure snd a comely face. But what charmed him was a certain demeanor there was about her, a mingling of dignity and modesty. It was plain that she bad come of different stock from the other girls of that region. Yet there wai nothing haughty about ber. She seem ed to be .friendly and companionable with them, though tbey appeared to recognise ber superiority. Alexis asked Vera to dance, and she graciously accepted the Invitation. 8b danced with a grac that made Alexis think her ancestors tor generations bad danced at the court ball at the Imperial palace. Though sbs did not seem out of place here, she would not bare been out of plscs there. Alexis danced with ber several time during the ersnlng. He would bare danced with the other girls, but, whether or not the manager of tne affair did not consider any of the others worthy to be bis partners, they did not Introduce him, While Vera Trolensko showed that breeding sbs could not conceal eren If sbs would, she wss s part of the com inanity in which she lived. Her par ents -were past mlddls life when she was bom. Ne one knew why tbey bad come to that country, for tbey never gar aay reason for leering the city. Thst there wss some misfortune at tached to their coming was evident from the fact thst tbey were very despondent Tbey bad never mingled with their neighbors, but their little girl, who bad no previous life behind ber, fell In naturally with those about ber. One day when Alexis went to his bouse for his noon meal be met with a great surprise. Who should be tbere but Vers Troleneko! Rhe rame forward to meet blm with blushes snd down cast syce, the very picture of maidenly nspeesty. Alexis looked about, expect-liig to m ber father or mother or some one els without whom be considered It improper for ber to be there. Alerte booaekeeper. klarla Saralltck. waa looting en. vainly trying to at-trsct ale attention. Finally he tamed toward ber for en expU nation of this singular pi Breeding, aad she beckoned Mas to follow her. Alexis, after ask ing Vers te excuse aim. did ee. eeoa as he wss alone with the keeper see eald te aim: There Is a rnsto-a ef this country o which yon are not aware, year en-celteacy. Here It Is the wosasa wne proposes marriage to the man, not the a te the weessa. When a weeaaa wlabes te marry s maa she goes te his ee aad remain there Oil he mar- ber. If be refuses he Insult ber family, aad if aba bee aula protectors they neame the basalt she aad they are n4 1 bar recerrad. lasay event, the sua who refuses the weessa nraed by the eoeasraalty." Alette, esaased, steed acate. The we. -Ten baa ssid yea the eempllineat ef proposing assnisr te yea. If yea refuse her she cannot be svenged by ber father, tee be Is tee sM. sad abe i ae brothers. Bnt her father wee Id sot resent the lose It evee If be were young aad strong enough to de ee. Be hee never adopted ear eustome sad kt doebtleas much displeased that his uuugnter should have adopted tlila one, so foreign to what lie waa formerly accustomed. But Vera la very dear to us, and should you refuse her all who know ber would turn away from you, treating yoa as one who had Insulted woman they love and revere. It seem to me, your excellency, that you have a choice between two actions either to accept the offer made you or go away from here." It waa some time before Alexia made any reply to this explanation. lie was suddenly thrown under the Influence of conflicting emotions. Following a custom which bad been practiced by all ber associates, there was certainly nothing Immodest In Vera' action. Sho waa a beautiful girl and beloved by all. Nothing would be more plcnalng to him than to make her bis wife. But, on the other hand, he bad come to ber country to remain only a few years, when be bad expected to return to Bt. Petersburg. Ill father bad brought blm up with the understanding that he (the father) would select .a wife for blm, and Alexis believed that should be marry a woman who bad been brought up among, peaaauts and without bis father's consent he would be disinherited. Wbat should be do? The girl who bad proposed to blm was waiting for hit reception of ber proposal. It seemed to blm that Since bIio bud come tbere In accordance with the custom of the country be must either accept ber proposition or turn ber out Of all considerations beating on tbe case this ejection was tbe hardest for blm to think of. j Alexis spent an hour alone turning tbe matter over In his mind. Then be resolved that he would go to Vers snd explain to ber that he bad been brought up to understand that his father was to select bis wife for blm and be considered It bis duty as a good son to sblde by bis father's decision. lie went to tbe room where Vera was, waiting for blm. A soon as he entered she turned from blm and stood wltb ber eye bent upon the floor. "Vera," be commenced, "Maria ha Informed me of what 1 was Ignorant, the meaning of your coming here. Tour custom of this country are not our custom In tbs city. I have been brought up to recognize my father's right to select s wife for me, snd I consider it my duty as s good sou to sblde by It, but"- Bbe bent lower snd lower a be drew nearer wbat she knew was coming till now sb was like s plant bent by tbe wind. Approaching ber, putting an arm about ber and taking ber band In his, bs finished: "Vera, I lov you." Tbe nuptials were celebrated tbe asms evening, sll tbe people turning out to do the bride honor. Alexis wrote bis father, s prominent statesman, that be bad married tbe daughter of one Troiensko, who bad come from Moscow snd had lived for twenty years apart from tbe world of which be bad formerly been a part No reply cam for some time; then one morning s sleigh drove up to Alexia' bouse, snd bis father alighted. Alexis was reassured when bis father took 'him la bis arms and kissed blm. II also embraced Vers snd said to her, "Come; let us go to your good father, who wss mylnlimste associate In former years when we were both young." Vers, delighted st tbe turn tbe met' ter bad taken, put on ber fur and. with her husband, got Into tbe sleigh. nr eyes were moist when tbe two friend met But sbs wss to meet much greater surprise. "Count," said the visitor, ."on bearing ef my son's marriage with your daughter I made a not ber and a much more Important effort to Induce tbe cxar te grant yon s pardon and permit yon te return te that life In which yea were once s shining light" Drawing a parchment, be banded It te Troiensko. "Wbat does this meaaT" saked Ales-Is eagerly. "It means." said bis fstber, last my eld friend Count Nicholas Troien sko became unwittingly Involved la a political conspiracy against lbs present csars father. Had tne charge been proved against hint be would have been seat to Siberia. As It ws awreiy a ease ef suspicion, be wss banished te tale place, ii U bow restored te fels title end states." The nekaaoffa and the Troleoskoe after thst tired la tbe winter la Bt P tsnbei-g. where tbe yuan cnuntese mkH admired to tne social life of the capital. la boobm- tbey returned te the wastry, where Vers renewed Hfe with tbe people whom see iered aad wee loved her. Commissioners Sale Of Valuable Real Estate By virtue of an order of the Superior Court of Alamance county, made In a Special Proceeding whereto all the heire-at-law and the wodow dt the la-te A. O. Cooper were made parties for the purpose of selling for partition the real property of the said A. O. Cooper, deceased, in Alamance county, we win oirer tor punuc sale to the highest Milder on the premises near Saxapahaw, N. C, at 2 o'clock p. m., on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1914, the fallowing. described real property, to-wit : Adjoining the landa of Mrs. Hardy Slockard, Saxapahaw Cotton Alills Co., Thos. McVey, and others, bounded aa follows : Beginning at a rock corner with aaid Stockard, on N. aide of the old road leading to Saxapahaw, running thence 8. 8h 1-4 deg. E. n.ti cha. to an iron bar corner with said Stockard ; thence N. 48 deg. E. 64 links to the south bank of Haw river, cor ner with said Mtockard : thence down the auid river on the south aide aa follows : S. 68 deg. E. 4.50 cha., H. 60 deg. E. 4.50 cha., . 94 dc. K. 4 cha.. S. 42 1-2 deg. E. 11.17 iIih., S. 7i deg E. 1.86 cha. to a walnut tree mump corner ' with snld Cotton Mill Co., thence S. 74!t deg. V. (11. 8.) 69.17 chs. to a rock corner with said McVey! thence K. 1 deg. W. (B. S.) 4 cha to a rock corner with aaid McVev ; thence N. 1K dcg.E. (B. S.) 31 cha. to the beginning, containing 114 ACKKS, more or leaa. TERMS OK SALB-On.'-half caah, balance in six month with Interest on deferred payments st six per cent, and titl reserved until fully paid. Thi August 12, toil. WM. I. WARD, J. It. VERNON, aug-27-tds. . Commissioner. RE-SALE OF Valuable Tobacco and Grain Farm! Ily virtue of ai order of tbs Puperi or Court oi Aiamsuce oounir, nut id a siwelal F roil edliis whereto all tbebelrs-st-lswaoa the s minmmiru or joita H. vent.deoeasM, ware madd DartlM tor tba DDranH of aalllnr land to make a-mU, sad tor partlUon, I will oiler at public sals st tbe court LiouM door iiiurauam, od Micawber Wouldn't Shine as a Gymnast, Would He? By MOSS. VOU a bow remember Mr. Mi cawber, lu Dickens' story, was always waiting for something to turn up. Ha Id be to iMrld Copperfleld: "You are no stranger to tbe fact that there bar been perloda of my llf when It ha been requisite that I shot) Id pause until certain expected events should turn up, when It bss been necessary that I should fall back before making what I trust I shall not be accused of presumption In terming a spring. Tbe present Is on of tboae momentoua stsge In lb life of bud. You Bod m fallen back for a aprlug, and 1 have every reason to boiler thst a vigorous leap will shortly be tbe result" Home Mlcawbers alt bsck In aimllar' utter self complacency walling to leap upou tbe golden opportunities that ibelr more alert neighbors really pounce upon lu the drertlelug columns of tbis fiaper. H)N-ris MICAWBER. Act 1'IIOMITI.T when yon see bargains adrertiavd here. Keally LEAP ui-ia i hem. Toa'llbeeer-prlanl to find bow mnrh It i'a yh. Tiiorfuxim or ora- Elt" IM. SATURDAY, SEPT. 5th, 1914, at 12:10 o'clock M., the followlog valuable faTD, lo-wlt: Hliuateln Plcaa,nt Orove township, Ala-ma uue countjr, idlominc tbe lands of Tnomas rioranua, K. W. Vinoent, T. a Hlchmond, Mrs. V. V. Haniton and olnera, and twain nlug st s rock, or Iron bolt, corner with aaid Florence In public road to Vincent's Mill, running tbenoe N II deg. (TIN aha to a band In said road: thsnoe H Kt deg W I cha to s bend in aaid road: thence N T4dg W (chatua rock on N on b aide of aaid road. In an old road, oorner with aaid Florence; tb uce N aft de W I8.B cbe to a rock In asltt Fkoranoe'i line In Hteni'a creeks ifaeooa S la deg W SU oka, enier ug 8Ug('a creek at a.8 , cha and tkrnoe wun tain crtes sa it meanders, a 41 deg a aa llnkaiM;kdeaKiach.: idea Wlalebe: HIHdes W MlHch;s)i deg W Ln CM; I dee gftl&eba: nlHdeWf70 oka: STTdag Bl Ocli.: Maud- a J ohs: s 71 de BUD eh.; b 01 den K S cb; a IX deg 4 IS) ohi to adulter of aalie treeaon the aaat hank nf eald creek; tbenoe K (U. 8. N. as d g Hi, Slat chs vouar a wjii in aaiu niouinonn'S line; Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained In a certain mongageexectitea on 1 the aTI hdayomoverober.mi.byJ.M.Lealh. to tbe Alamance insurance and Keel Eetate Company (or tbe purpose of seourtngtbe pay ment of s bond tor Two Hundred (I3UU.UU) I)ollark,duand payable on the r7tb day of December, MID, aaid mortgage being duly , probated and recorded In Book of Mortgages sod Deeds of Trust No 66, at pages 1W ioTm, . In the effice of tbe Register of Deeds (or Ala-maue county, default having beea made la tbe payment of aaid bond snd Interest st sta-turlly. the undersigned, AJamanoe Ioaurance and Heal Katate Company, Mortgagee, will, on MONDAY, SEPT. 7, 1914, at I too o'clock M at the eonrt honae door of Alamance county, at Oranam, North Carolina, offer 0r aale at public aoeiioa to the highest bidder tor cash, lee follow tog real ' A eeruttn tract or naroel of land ln the county of Alamnnoe and H late of Norm Carolina, ln Burlington Township, adjoining; the lands of Alamance Insurance and Heal Batata Company, Tobs Format and o there, and more particularly bounded and aeaurlbed aa tollowe; Beginning st TobeFoi teat's corner on Booth Me; thence North M deg. West SI Met to a stake on Una of Alamance Insurance Heal , Katate Company; thence South 4X deg. West MO feet to Alamance Insurances Seal Bstate Comoanv'a line: fciieuaM with their line Moutik : MK deg. Best as feet to a stake on Tube For-reet's fin t thence Njrtb dg. Bast llfi feet to the besiuuiug, containing -lu ef an aoie, more or lesa. This the 6th day of August, un.4, ALAMANCB liln. 4 MBA1, BSxATb1 fltX, ' Mortgagee. tiienoe ft (II. r. N. t deg k) 4s.O . cha to Ike be-Ilnulns, snd containing ihlM aoree, more or leaa. T gather with an eaaement ln an ed-Joining lot known sa tbs Vincent Store lot, which eaaement embraces the light of In-grata and egr. as to a well on ssid kit snd to u the water therefrom, aa appear, from grant duty recorded In Hook Mo. ii of Deeds at page M, In otnc Keglsterof Deeds for Alamance ouunty. Tula farm la In a hlvh mtmtm nt Miltl,.tlnn laa good grain anfl tobacoo (aim and has houses, barus, pack bousee, end other mens, oaah, balaae In suitable buildings for uas as residence, tenant uuiwa, oarus, pack nouase, end i rei lent sod neoeaary equipment, Tenua of Mala-niAa fiiiiptJk Aa.1. I throe euual LSvnu-nta at ale. ib.iv. ami SiSbteeu montha Ume; title reserved Mil fully m.,u iutwiu ueierrea paymeo-s aw carry la-tcreet from day of sale, subject to oouflrma-Uon b Clt rk of Court. Tula aala la nil. l,v mmm n. . Mn, Hie aa u uwej a vua ! J. b. COOK, Commlseloner NOTICE Of Mortgagee's Sale of Real Estate. Coder sad br virtue ef the newer tat sale contained ln a ertaln ssortgage executed the 4th day of April, lull, by Ueorg M. T roller to U H Aldridg tor the purpose of ee- Certificate of Dissolution. Certificate of Dissolution. To All to Whom Three Presents Msy Com urseting; Whereas, it appears 10 my aaUafactloa, by duly aulbenUosted reoortf of the proceed luge for tb voluntary dissolution thereof by the unanimous consent of all Ua stockholder deposited In my office, that the Holt Bnglae company, a corporation of this Slats, whose otnee la sliaatea at - Mo. , Mala treat, I the City of Burilngtoa o. unty or Auuaaace, Male of Nortl Carolina, (John HoSmea laMng the asset herein and In enarg thereof, apo whom rraees may be served), bss compiled with .be nqulremsnla of Chapter M, KertsU i f US, rnuUed CortHiratlons", piellmlm ry to th 1 1st ulog of this Certlttoate of Oiaadutloo: Now, therefore, I, J. Bryan Onmea, Sesre tary of mate of ucsiale of Norte Carolina do hereby certify that the aaid crporatioa did, oa I be ttih day of August, Itll, ak ' uBI.e a duly airculed snd attaafed con srnl la w riling to the dissolution of aal'eor poiauou, eaeee-ed by all lbs stockholders throf , which aalt eoneent and lb record of the pioceedlnsa sforsasl4 are now oa ale I sets oBoe aa provMed by law. la teetimoay whereof. I hsvs hereto set m) head sod sBied mj oCteUI seal, at NsM-lgh, thlrS) Say of August, A. ltl. J. BBTAN OBIMKS, Seal) Fetretery of Slat", Constipation "For many years 1 was troubled. In Dite of all so-called remedies I used. At laatlfound quick relief and cur bi those mild, yet tncgongh aad reajij wonqenui DR. KING'S UcHvLifoPill I aaWpb aVehlaeaac, aWffJe,W.t. 1 tt ctan eta sottu at u seuiaim. s Pope Plus, who died lat week. was bariea in hum oaiuraay eveninr at sunset. The eardinaU of the Church, M la nnmber, will-. t In a few days to elect hi PESSIMISM. A babe of looluBf el dagi (rata a tBstorterJ snf'e. elf focsmng the vwou ea liuogs that ocpreat and, suggest uarusrwjuwsi aad asisery, it a destroyer of taipviutsi aad snc- A ansa wne goes about arah hstersel . face. tWm "herd fcarinf -W aeaseas." dnw sstetv pnaic ang Uaore where er las anereeai ceesec, ii newer a happy saen, rarely a successful ene. Pee-ssnsni is a duti'auite force ia ssra't Kves, just at is, liisisi is a Coastiec-bve agcrjcy Sear cteci. 8tb Whitakrr. who killed James H. Butler la Asheville, on the 17th and fled, surrendered to the en- tboritle Friday. Near Charlotte Saturday, Hallie BelU Walker, IS year old, hanU-led aa "unloaded" fun. Her sister, even year old was the victim. Both colored. The year-old. child of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen 8th who live near Uermanton. 8tos coantv. Tell into s bucket of water last week snd ass drowned. Arthur McLsin was snot aad kill ed la Asheville at t o'clock Monday rnorninf snd the PoUee were louklnr tor Out. TerreU, who waa vii .cnarfea wttn tne anoonnf. Both colored. TerreU te the atep-fsthtr Of - McLaia's wife and the kiltinf is the reealt t a Uasily row. This is a time when the news editor for once thinks he le a bir-i rer maa than the sportlnf eaitor. curing the payment of a oertaln bond for (tlSUOUOl tolrteen hundred dollaissnd later-1 set thereon, said tnortgage being duly F robe tea and recorded In theofneeof the he-later of Deeds for AJamanoe ouunty In BooK of Mortgagee and Deeds of Trust Mo. is, at page lot, default having been amde In the payment of said note at maturity and Inter-eat thereon, tee enderejgned awrtgage wilt, on ilOXDAY, SEPT. 7, 1914. at 100 o'clock kt, at tbe esnrt nones door of Alantance oonnty, st Uranam, M. Cm offer (or sale at penile auction to the klgnest bid- , dor fur cash, a tract or paroel of land In tbe county of Alamance and Htale of North Vara. Una, in Burlington Township, adjoining the lands of Mala and Hprtng streets and omara, a Dai bounded aa follows Beginning at a alone on south Md or Mala Street and a corner oi tbe Bank's land, running thence S tl)i deg B Set chs to an Iru s bolt oa West aide of Spring strsef, th tn o rltb nprlng street ri H deg W LSI ch , to a. i Iron boitou aaid Spring street; tbenue M It., degWtJiohsto an Iron bolt on south aju.. of Mala street; thence with Main street MH eeg B lAf chs to the beginoiag, coutaln- '"e vhi oi aa acre, more or less, upon waivn le situated in Burilnglon Brick Wsmbouaa. All being In BurUnglon, Alamsnos oouuty. 'UI . vruiiLM. This lbs tin day of August, lilt. U U. ALllRfDOB, ' Mortaagse. Land Sale. By Tlr ae of aa order of the Superior Court of Alamance county. Htale of North Carolina, made In a Special Proceeding teems pead-Ing.enUlied: -Bev.A. V. laiey, admlulaumlor . of Wm. Boon and otbera against John L Hooo and oteer,'' the anderelgued Comaaaluoer wot sen at public aucuoa le tne ntgbeat nt- aer, aa tne court nouee ooor in t MONDAY, SEPT. 7, 1914, , at twelve o'clock, noon, th following de-actioed real property, to-wlU Tbat part of tee Jane Boon lands set apart by commissioners sppolnled by tee aaid court aa tbe Interest In aevaraltv ot tee estate ef Wm. Boon In the ssid lands ana being a certain tract or paroel of land lying and being la Alantance county and Male of Norte ua, adjiaoing tee landa of P. H. Boon. J. H. Jooaa, beira of Monroe Pyle, Halpb Boon and othere and bounded as follow a: Beginning at a rock, corner with said P. H. Boon In aaid Halph Boon's line I chain weet of said Booo'e comer, raonlng teeooe N 9 deg K 11 eba to s rock, corner wits aaid P.M. Boon In aaid Jutes' Une: the ace S at deg W Is cb WaiDce.ooriarwlibaeld P. H. noon In aaid. Jooas' line; tbenoe a t deg W to chs to a rock, corner with aaid P. M. Bono; tbeoee m W M Kyi deg W 4 cfai to a rork. euraer with eald ' P. H. Boon In Baetedwo( a Smiu; teeaeeS zSoeg W 11 tt etia to a rock, corner wlLb aaid P. M. Bone le aaid heirs' Une; teaaea a S7 deg run eha le the begtenfug, eoatainlng aVSg Terma of rale One-third ef the Durnbeae prWw to be paid la money down, aiid the otlier in equal i two thirds to be said I at sis aad twelve anootes, tee SefenvS permeate to be evidenced by the bond a at tbe purchaser, hearing em percent. Interest from day of aale uau! seat. Mete subject to eoo-Brmatloa by tee tours; Uue taeai red anul purcnaa prte Is rally paid. This ath day of A eg net, tela. i. DOLPH LONG. a I inmmlasltaier Notice of Sale. Cnderaad by virtue of an order of the ga tenwr tourt ef Kaoekjlpe eoeaity. meea la a aaeilal Praeaedlne eaUtlee ammn laea LeniM at mi. aamioet W.U. Lewailen t aa. SEPTEUBEB 9th, 1914, at 11 o'clock ML, at the esen-t boast Snorrn ntassanre coaaty, none Caroline, etarr lor aala te tee hej beet atdoae, aeertaia panel er tract ef lead lying aad being la tbeeowatty oa Atamaeiaaniltwateoi north carMtue. known sa a part cf the Melt Pmrat, adjotalagtee maaaea rwrry neaiawa, on ina Akjaaianee hVoad saA The Aaaaneoee Treat Cat, Lot Act II euvtatoa ef me iiolt Sara. Sastrlbad ea eilowa; Bewtaelaa at a earner with said HoiuewuoS eaaievef swMleraae Iroea ataaaaace Mills to value uroeaea, ruaaing weore m aaeeg aut ant io a corner with aaid Hoexwoud ea kortn Careliaa Tied "Jo "e Use; tbeoee wltn eald Treat Onesaaay-a Una and Lot Ho. I M eev eeg SM bet to eoraerof Lot Kit 1U tk.aee with lleeof Lat Mo. II SSteeg .tl.t? to career la eaalarer sate pebtlcroae-, teeoa srtte era ter ce aaid awhile euad It eeg V ?et tee le tee beglaalag, eoataiatng tiJtaerea, saeee er leaa. aad bring tart Me ISala-e aaiaey ef "Oak ties re rana," tarateny a s ai by U. a. lou. Teraace ef aaid s Beta eee-kaif eaah and She riiaailarag aaa half ee a eredlt of ei aaeatae; eaiwaaaer ginag a ens te prere w-eartiy. Tlue umiiit aaui fartaar ordrr at tbeaoert. Tale tea (th any eg Asgast, t K. a. L LBWAI.LFW. SUBSCBIBB FOR TFTB GLKAX. ILM A xaAK IN ADVANCE.- Orsnaia, W. c successor. ,

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