The Junction City Weekly Union from Junction City, Kansas on April 29, 1865 · Page 3
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The Junction City Weekly Union from Junction City, Kansas · Page 3

Junction City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1865
Page 3
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Motion ccety-"'post office. Arrlrals and Departure of the Mails. Leavenworth and Eastern Armee and departs djl7. Mail closes at 8 p. Ms . . . western Arrives Fridays and departs Saturdays. Mail closes at 12 11. , Topeka and Wabaunsee Arrives Tuesdays and departs Wednesdays. . Mail closes 6 p. v., Tuesdays. . Council Grove and Fort Scott Arrives Tues-, days and Saturdays, departs .Mondays, and Fri-'days. --- Cottonwood Falls Amyes Fridays and departs Fridays. Office hours from 7 a. m., to C p. m., and from 1 to U on Sundays. Junction City, April 29, 1865. SUBSCKIBE FOR THE USION. ETOccident Lodge of Good Templars continues to be a thriving and interesting institution. tTA new military post, named Fort Dodge, has been established sixty miles west of Lamed. . mt mm . . Tue Junction City Union has again appeared. We greet it with hope of success. O. W. Martin, editor and publisher. Council Grove Tress. -0 .mm m, mm , ( , , ; - Potatoes. Em ic1c, on Slxth'etreet.has potatoes of the best quality, Tor four dollars and fifty cents ' a bushel. ETCorn planted in Kansas, if the ground is .dry, should be rolled in or etepped on with the "foot, to keep the air out and bring it up vigorously. -v . m mm m mm Foa Farm&3. Franklin, the wisest man of modern times, says: "Plough deep while the kluggard sleeps, and you'll have corn to sell and to keep." The funeral services, on the death of Prcsi 'dent Linroln, took place last Sabbath afternoon. ,he Rev. M. Reynolds, of Fort Riley, officiating-The attendance was unusually large. We give extracts on our first page from Mr. Reynolds address. 0Wedncsday afternoon our neighborhood was visited with a "right smart" hail storm. Balls of ice as large as common marbles made a 'Vattle for some time. In tlie night we had a heavy warm rain, and in the morning the grass seemed almost an inch higher. (TTMr. M. E. Clark has been appointed by the County Commissioners, Superinteodant of Public Instruction. Clark' is competent and will attend to its duties. Those having business with said officer will call on Mr. Clark, at Stickler's store. Good Thing. At Fort Zarah a few days ago, a ihing expressed satisfaction at the death of President Lincoln, whereupon a Colorado soldier rprang at him, and broke his skull in with the utt of his revolver. The soldier was too much incensed to take time to shoot him. The dog died almost instantly. ITDo you want Potatoes ? An old farmer at our elbow, says if you want a large harvest of this product, cover them well with straw or hay just as they are peeping up, and thus keep the ground cool and moist, or the chances are fire to cha that you wont raise any. i -mmm mm a For Sale. By reference to our advertising column, it will be seen that Mr. F. Reiner is desirous of selling 1m property located in Cuddy's addition to Junction City. Also some young stock and a good cook stove. m mm m i o- . Sabbath School Picnic. The Union Sabbath School of Junction City contemplate having a May day Picnic nt McFarland Grove, on Wednesday the 10th of next month. Extensive and com-tilete arrangements are bein? made, and the vouner f f-, j , - ones are all anticipating a happy time. There vill be speaking and singing also at the grounds. . ., . mm m mm m . . O The Rev. J. II. Hawley will preach to-mor--row at eleven o'clock. Mr. Hawley has been "detailed" by the M. E. General Conference to look after the spiritual welfare of the people of Junction, and it is to be hoped he will receive a most cordial welcome, and a hearty assistance in building up a religious sentiment. 0A Lieutenant was placed in the guard house at Fort Itiley, one day last week, for expressing in some way satisfaction at the murder of the President. The account we have of him would indicate that if he is to be punished at all, it should be for not having good sense. He belongs to the galvanized outfit. One of the guard shot at him at the time but missed him. V"TTh Trenworth naneri are hatini; alivelv ior of those eal- kiuis "va - w a yanired rebels in their neighborhood, who wear Uncle Sam's garb of blue. They are accused with having used language unbecoming loyal soldiers. We have a regiment beyond us, but they are civilly disposed, or else their company seems as a restraint upon them. The 2d Colorado wouldn't listen to any of their treason. m mm m Juucnos Citt Union. This paper has been revived under Geo. W. Martin, one of its old proprietors, and again appears on our table in its pristine glory. The Union is a most capital paper, and always gives its readers a large quanti- a t 11 Ah.AHM M.ltA m n A im nn!. y VI well uigcstcu mwug umw, uu - formly printed in the best manner. It deserves a liberal patronage from the people of Western Kansas. Wyandott Gazetie. mm m mm m ' (L7W1U our editorial brethren, just at this mo inent, while they think of it, place our name on their list? We have not received a single copy yet of the. Times, Conservative, or Lawrence Tri bune, and a number of , country weeklies. We despise a newspaper borrower, and it renders the crime worse when we have to mutilate them with the scissors. Resumption or Specie P-ithsxt. Trade . in ' town has assumed a specie basis. Four silver pieces, of the denomination of tea cents,- made their way into the coffers of our merchants the past week, and each comingfrom a different raan The Union establishment has thirteen cents cT silver as a basis. . r; ;H 1 - , The Junction City Union, after a suspension . f several months, appears again, as fresh and Tk r. i : i 1 .i . spicy 8 ever. ' vtmcr puuiibuerv, vruea tuey stopped its publication; had determined to enter " Into other business; but the people of that section, after having a paper published lit their midst for ihree years, could not do without the Union, and - O. W. Martin has again entered the ranks. The ' faper always was a' good one, and always will ti under bit charge. La wrencs Daily Tribune. Fors Mexicans Killed Stags Stock Stole. Last Tuesday our beloved red brethren broke loose again, and demonstrated their f perfect readiness for a treaty. On that day, nea Plom Butes, this side of Zarah.ontbe old Santa -Fa road, they attacked four Mexicans, scalping, piercing them with arrows, and otherwise mutilating, them horribly. The next morning they came down to Cow Creek, and from there drove off eleven mules belonging to the'Stage Company, and four belonging to a Leavenworth peddling outfit We did not leara to- what tribe they belonged. . . .. . m mm m m m CoLCMBta Crisis. We get an occasional peep at this paper, and every ' linfe we'fead it we renew our rejoicings that we are of a pious dTs position. We like to read, the Richmond papers, but to find one at home viler , and lower in the dregs of treason,' makes us in ftn'unamiable mood-The last number has a letter from some rebel in Indiana.tellhighowhe reveres the editor's father, and wind?ng up by calling attention to some "greSsy abolition currency" " which he encloses for payment of subscription. There is not expletives enough?in respectable language suitable to express our detestation of the comtemptible thing. Fifty copies of this thing are taken in Council Grove.. . .... The Junction City Union has been revived by G. W. Martin, its former editor. It comes in its uially neat dress, and vigorous tone, and we hope it will meet with abundant success. Lawrence State Journal. The lasfrHours of the President. His Condition Throughout the Night. The following minutes taken by Dr. Abbott, show the condition of the late President throughout the bight after his assassination : 11:00 o'clock -Pulsa 46. 11:5 o'clock Pulse 45; apd growing weaker. . ' - . 11 :10 o'clock Pulse 45. 11:16 o'clock Pulse 42.;, 11:20 o'clock Pulse 45; respiration 29 to 29. 11:25 o'clock Pulse 42. 11:30 o'clock Pulse 48, and full. 11:40 o'clock Pulse 48. . 11:45 o'clock Pulse 45; respiration 22. 12:00 o'clock Pulse -48; respiration 22. 2:15 Pulse 48; respiration 21; echmos both eyes. 12:20 Pulse 45. 12:32 Pulso 60. 12:35 Pulse 66. 12:10 Pulse 69, right. , ; 12:45 Pulso 70; eye much swollen and echmoses. . 12:55 Pulse 80, struggling motion of the nrrns. . ; 1 o'clock Pulse 86, respiration 30. 1:30 Pulse 95, appeariug easier. 1:45 Pulse 86, very quiet, respiration irregular. Mrs. Lincoln present. " ' 2:10 Mrs. Lincoln retired wifh Robert Lincoln to an adjoining room. 2.30 President Very quiet, pulse 54, respiration 28. 2:42 Pulse 48, respiration 30. 3 o'clock visited again by Mis. Lincoln. 3;25 Prayer by the llev. Dr. Gurley. 4 o'clock Respiration 26 and regular.-4:15 Pulse 60, respiration 25. 5:50 Respiration 23, rcg'J ir sloepin.- 6 o'clock Pulse failing, r i ration 28.y 6:30 -Still failiug and labored breathing. 7 o'clock Symplons of immediate dissolution. 7;22 Death. mm 4 m . , From Sherman -Canada and Richmond. Washington, April 24. Maj Gen. Dix: A dispatch from Sherman states that Wilson held Macon on the 20 tb, vitL Howell Cobb, J. W. Smith, and otbersas prisoners, but that they claimed the benefit of the armistice, and he has telegraphed to me through lihes for orders. I have answered him that he may draw out of MacoD, and hold his command for further orders unless he h&3 reason to believe the rebels are changing the status to our prejudice. The Department has information' that the President's murder was organftgd To Canada and approved at Richmond. One of the assassins now in prison, who attempted to kill Secretary Seward, is believed to be one of the St. Al ban raiders. (Signed) E.M.Stanton, - Secretary of War. The old Cabinet to be Retained; VaShinJtOs, April 24. - In an interview with the President, to-day, Senator Harlan, after mentioning his nomination by President Lincoln, and confirmation by the Senate, to be Secretary of the Interior from the first of May next, stated his deoire to disembarrass President John-eon by placing the office at bis disposal. The President remarked that he wished the arrangements made by his predecessor to continue. ' . ' ;t t gThe Richmond Whig said in 1861, "There can be no lasting peace on this continent until confederate cannon overawe New York, and confederate legions bivouac on Boston Common." .The Whig fiingSrSk different song just now. Since the Union forces bare occupied Richmond it has become a loyal paper, though still conducted by ona of its former editors r'"'" v jtThe Detroit Free Press, Copernead, said, on the very morning that Lee surrendered td Grant, bat before it'got tfie "neiri, ''the failure of the combinations of General Grant are now so manifest that the most inexperienced in military matters can perceive if. We pronounced. Grant a humbug and see no'f easotf to change our opinion &feiiD,.f Ob 1 Oh r--";: LvX ESfThe f roprhropljlace to land frekbt-from tbe.mert taiwJ pn,, the.JQ. P. ! Railway is WyandotU From4 the Kansas ; City levee it is nearly two miles to the cars. ' Will not oar exchanges make a note of these '. facts for the benefit of their readers. e Coming Down. . Three months ago American prints sold for 50 t eqts. To:day they are selling at 15 cents. Coffee was 60 cents, to-day 3o cents. Sugar was 25, to-day 25 cents, and so it is with flour, ham ; indeed, almost everything. Boarding housi keepers and hotels are now growing rich, as they all charge full war prices. As the demand for labor is not great, prices of board ought to be reduced. Bulletin. . ,v " 1-The New York Herald Bays of J. Wilkes Booth : . - j : "He is unmarried and much, given to amours. It is said that he is an opium eater; but it is only certain that he frequently drank to excess. Afthdugh so slightly bnilr, ninety-nine men out of a hundred would be no match for him at fighting. He is a dead shot, a fine fencer, i thorough horseman, and a master of the dagger or bowie-knife. 7 His personal bravery ha3 been unquestioned, and many 'of 'his friends have wondered why he did not join the rebel army, in which hi3 sympathies were already enlisted." SF"The number of men actually surrendered to Grant by Lee was about twenty -two thousand. Eighty two general officers were taken, including ono General, three Lieutenant Generals, seventeen Major Generals and sixty-one brigade commanders. Of these, twenty. five were graduates of West Po nt, and owed their military position tc th,e liberality of tha government which they were attemptiBg to- destroy. it"-the correspondent of the World, writing from Richmond, says : "The troth I believe to be that the flag was really first 'hoisted not 'planted,' on the Capitol by a negro sergeant named Seth Adams, belonging to Birnej's division of tha twenty, fifth corps, who was piloted up to the proper spot, at the top of the building, by an old servant of the Virginia House of Delegates. The English government have sent military and naval officers to this country to repoit on the progress of the war and study our campaigns. Ttey have stopped iiiccring at our general?, aud now compare them to Napoleon and the greatest of historical cocquerers. jWAJRRIED. On the 22d of April, 18G5, bj G. F. Gordon. Esq., William Foster and Nancy Jane Mathews, all of Davis county. FOR SALE. A HOUSE and two lots in Cuddy's ad- dition to Junction City, will be sold by the undersigned, as I contemplate moving elsewhere. Also a cook stove and eome joung stock. Enquire of the undersigned, or William K. Bartlett. F.REINER. A LARGE STOCK OF GENUINE GUITAR AND VIOLIN STRINGS. J ust Imtxirted. AT HALL'S. C. F. CORDON, Clerk of the District Court of Davis County, Junction Oity-KL's. Will Give Strict Attention to Paying Txes for Moo-Residents. S. ffl. ROTHSCHILD & CO., Importers and Jobbers of FANCY DRY GOODS, Yankee Notions, &c, 5i f.' i ' r i . ... . t S ; - 71 ' Delaware" Street learenworfh Citj, Kansas. ' Millinery Goods, Fancy Goods, ' Furnisbing Goods, Hoop Shirts, Corsets; White Goods, mV ? frt Sojery and Gloves, Children's Carriages, Mantillas and Shawls. ;':"-":TrimTnroffl Laces, dloaks, YANKEE IIOT IONS, STRAW COO DO &c, Ac., &c., &c. Orders Punctually Attended to. S.M. EOTHSCHILD k L. M. SPEAR. O10J& SEEM AN yu- No. 13, Delaware Street, LEAVEHVORTH, KAS- DEIAIiSIHS is Cigafrpi iprobfacco; Pipes, ALSO. AenU fbx,.J. M, BRUNSWICK & BROTHER'S mUtlARD TABLES. Cloth, Balls, Cues, Chalk, Cue Tips, Brushes, &c.V on Hand. Union todge Np. sfAT'ZL Regular communications re Lei J on the first Saturday of each month, at Taylor HalL, ftt 7 o'clock in the eTeninf. P. Z. TAYLOR, W. M. A. W. Cajliex, Sec'j. Occident Lodge No. 26, I.O.G.T, Regular ifceatings everv .TueadiV evening at o clock, at Wilson s Hall, W. S. BLAKELY, W. C. T. Geo. "ft. Stbickler, W. S. LOST ATTENTION. The undersigned lost at the Massasoit House, in Atchison, on Sunday the 9th inst., three notes on Streeter & Strickler, of J unction City, Kansas, of the following description : one calling for two hundred dollars, ($20p), payableon the 20th of April, 1865, 'to Lee Fallhapper; the other two called for one hundred and four dollars ($104) each, payable to H. L. Jones, on or about the 1st of January, 1S6.". All persons are notified not to purchase said notes, as their payment has been stopped. L. C. PALMER, Atchison Champion please copy "three timed and send bill to this o&ce. April 22-3t. FARMERS READ THIS! Having obtained an agency for the salt of the Quaker Mower, ASD BAIL'S COMBINED REAPER AND MOWER, I am prepared to furnish these machines as low as they can be bought in Leavenworth City, with the simple addition of freight from that place here. To persons wishing to haul their own machines, I will deliver them in Leavenworth as low as they can be bought there of any authorized agent. Pamphlets containing the prices at the factory, and all necessary information, can be had at my residence in Junction City. Persons wishing to secure either of these machines, will do well to apply soon, as the demand will exceed the supply. No machine" considered engaged without a cash advance of 25. Hay rakes furnished if desired. . N. S. GILBERT. Agent. April 22-tf. ' THE SILVER SUNBEAM PICTURE GALLERY. Fort Riley, Kan., CilETER BRO'S , ;rph Artists Are taking Photographs which, for durability and beauty, are not excelled. This is the best Gallery that has ever been this, far west. Pictures taken standing, sitting or m groups. We are selling card Photographs by fhe thousand. Crll soon, as our stay will be short. CARTER BRO S., Fort Riley, April 22-tf. CASPER & ZOLLER, DEALERS IX " Boots and Shoes, Groceries Candies, Canned Fruit, Dried Fruit, Tobacco, Wooden-Ware, &c, at CASPER'S OLD STAND, JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS. ap22-tf. W. C. VVOODVARD, HARNESS AND SADDLE MAJVUFACTURER, SEVENTH STREET, ....... . , JUNCTION CITY, KAN. April 15-tf. The Largest and most Complete Assortment of COOK & PARLOR STOVES, TIN-WARE & WOODEN-WARE, West of Leavenworth. REUBEN EMICKi -, tcaler in COOK k PARLOR STOVES OriVERt PATTERN, kInra & Brass Pots and Kettles, and every other artiele belonging to a complete Stove outfit, Sctentb St ktwwn Washington and Merson, JUNCTION CITY. COOKING IMPLEMENTS Ttll AND JAPAH-VARE always on hand and MADE TO ORDER. TUBS. HEELERS, CHURNS, MEASURES, . , KEGS, WELL BUCKETS. AND CLOTHES BASKETS, &c , &c CAMP KETTLES, aod otlier articles of sheet-iron-ware. SMOOTHING IR6NS, COFFEE MILLS, kc MY STOCK IS ALWAYS FULL also; FLOUR, MEAL . AND BACON. Produce Taken in Exchange. R.Er.iicrc. April 22-tf. -A- 7V W. K. BARTLETT, JLXD D SALES IX PRO? I SI AV"asliington Street, JUNCTION CITY,KAS. MY STOCK CousUn cf MOLASSES, SODA, SALT, PEPPER, Merringj Mackerel, Potatoes, VINEGAR; RICE, &c. FAMILY FLOUR, CORN MEAL & BRAND. AL60 BUCII AS Strawb'ries, Raspberries, 3? E .A. C H E S , ALSO : GDI POWDER AID Shot Percussion Caps, and 1ST mAmXXmM DRIED APPLES AND IDrl'd Feaolies. BUCKETS, ROPE, &c.y ALSO: A WELL STOCKED MEAT MARKET. FRESH BEEF, SIazxxci, SldLeo, SHOULDEXtS, &c OR EXCHAGED j FOR PRODUCE. - W. K. BARTLETT, MISB FRUIT imim F47CZdH ARRIVAL SPRING GOOD, - . STREETER & STRICKLER'Si Corner Washington Je Scsnth t!s. ? 'Junction City, Kan: ' We are bow receiving 6ne of the larg st a4 best selected stock of goods ever broagbt u rxuxctlozx Oity AUD Xf A. than has bee a since the war. We are now selling at WHOLE0AL AND at prices that will Buceassfull y compete wltfc any house west of LeaTenworth. . Among. our innumerable assortment, w taa tion the following for special motioe : PRINTS, DEL A INS, L1WN8, FLANNELS, CASSIMEUES, JEANS, SATINETS, TWEEDS, COTTON, IRISH LINEN, CLOTHS, FANCY NOTIONS, GLOVES, We haTealso a great variety of BLEACHED UUSLIHS, SHEETINGS, DENIMS, TICKS, SHIRTINGS, THREADS; . TABLE DAMASK, &o. ALSO a large stock of SUCH AS FRENCH MERINOS, ENGLISH MERINOS, WOOL DELAINES, SCOTCH PLAIDS, ALPAC&AS, PLAIN AND FANCY BILTX, and a nice lot of DRESS TRI MINGS. ALSO. A large stock of men's and boy's aEADY-EADS C&0THI3B, BOOTS AND SHOES, Of every description. Ladies' and Cent's Hoto STRAW GCODS, STATIONARY, CLOCKS, LOOtflNG-GLASSES, CLASS, PUTTY, Im., . OUEEtiSWflRE; HARDWARE, PEORIA PLOVS, And Fanmng Tftensiia 01 W have a nlee stock of r. GROCERIES, Chewing & Smoking Tobacco; Canned Fruits, GuH Powder,' Family & Toilet Soaps; Cendlcs; Coal Oil, Wagon Grease, &c. AU of which will be sold at the loweat poni- ble price. J note wismng to purcaase m do well to call on us before purehaaipf el-where. STBEETER k eTBICKUW.

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