The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1891
Page 6
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BANCROFT, IOWA, TALES OFTHE TOWN see his Harvest is in full blast. The base ball fever is raging. Just keep your eye on Kossuth. Barslou for sheriff that's the idea. That new brick is Bancroft's pride. Samuel Mayne was at Algona last to be the order of lgona »ick was at Algona last _; has begun the day. W. W. Alcorn Saturday. Mrs. John Rude is reported as being very sick. P.M. Barslou was at Algona last Thursday. A fine brick vault is being placed in the new bank. The Institute commenced last Monday at Algona. C. O. Ekholm, of Swea, talks of moving into towm. D. A. Haggard, of Algona, was in these parts last week. C. J. Anderson is recovering rapidly from his attack of fever. E. E. Gray closed his school in the Hedge district last Friday. J. B. Jones, of Algona, was here on a business trip last Friday. The Good Templars have election of officers next Saturday night. Miss Edith Jordan is helping in the post office a part of the time. The new landlord at the Phoenix is having a good run of custom. Mrs. Swan Johnson returned from a visit to Algona, last Wednesday. W. H. Nycum, of Algona, was a Phoenix house guest last Friday. B. F. Smith, the swine breeder of Ramsay, was at Algona Saturday. E. II. Clarke was in this burg on business last Thursday and Friday. Sam Drake, the happy plow man of Marshalltown, was here last Saturday. Right this way for job printing, advertising and subscriptions to the News G. D. Fuller, one of the best farmers of Seneca, was at Algona last Saturday. Warren Peters is keeping books for his brother, G. II., on the farm east of Just step into Crowel's and shoes. J. W. Blakcbrough was at last Monday. Miss Blanche Dixon lies very with a fever. Miss Caroline Wesley was in Algona last Saturday. Miss EQie Wolcott came up from Burt last Monday. Rev. A. G. Ward preached at Ledyard last Sabbath. F. Nicoulin, of Algona, was in Bancroft last Saturday. There will be some threshing done in less than a week. Mrs. L. A. Cummins is reported as being on the sick list. J. G. Smith, of Algona, was in town last Monday evening. W. W. Wilson made a trip to Eltnore last Monday evening. Amandus Andrene will work for the firm of Purdy & Riling. Mrs. Phil Coleman is very sick with inflammatory rheumatism. Dr. Morse was in Bancroft on professional business last Friday. We have it from a creditable source that the Bancroft and Wesley baseball nines will cross bats at Wesley on Friday, July 24th. R. J. Hunt and Pat Kane, of Plum Creek, were up in this part of the County looking at their herds, the latter part of last week. Miss Lela Davison has been visiting with her brother-in-law, T. F. Cruse and family, of Ramsay township, a few days in the past week. G. W. Sweet is getting ready some stone for a foundation for his new house which he will build soon on his lots in south Bancroft. Chas. Shanor of Burt was in Bancroft between trains last Saturday. The Presbyterians held services in the school house last Sabbath. Z. Roberts and wife went to Blue Earth City last Saturday night. A. G. Shadle, of Algona, came up last Monday night on business. The Phoenix barn will be represented in these columns after this and they have some very fine rigs at reasonable prices. Notice their ad. Ed Meinzer and wife, of Clarion, drove over from that place last Friday for a visit with their brother Charley, who lives south of town. C. E. Mallory returned from a tea delivering trip in Emmet Co. He says he drove from Emmetsburg in four hours. Charlie is a rustler. The ladies of the M. E. Missionary Societies of Bancroft, Burt and. possi- that Me Chesney did not belong to his club. And then this writer goes on to say that if Bancroft had not had Algona players that day, they_ would have been defeated, when it is a notorious fact that one Algona boy made no tallies at all, and the other made two, while Bancroft's majority of tallies was five. In the last game at Burt, this ever righteous club did actually import two players that did not and never did live in Burt. Still they say their kid nine would not be guilty of such a thing. The "kids havn't got onto the ropes yet," very evidently. The Bancroft club authorizes us to say that they will play Burt at any time, for any amount from $25 up, Burt to play the same men they did the Fourth, and Bancroft to play men whose residence is inside the Corporate limits of Bancroft. Now either T. HAS A PULL LINE OF Agricultural Implements, Wagon BUGGIES, Etc., AT BANCROFT, IOWA. Also a FuH Line at BURT and a small Stock at LEDYARD. play ball or say no more WUSINESS LOCALS. A fine line of hats in the latest spring styles at B. F. Wickwire's. Go and look at those LaBellc wagons, at Graham's. If you want to sell Real Estate, go to Clarke and Skinner. Kitme & Pearson for stylish rigs. Have you seen the new Deering? Go to Graham's. Mr. Riling of Bellevue has been in town for the past week on business. J. A. Winkel is having a car load of corn shelled for the Chicago market. Kossuth runs again to day at Eagle Grove against the black horse, The Moor. Everybody is remarking about the bly, Buffalo Forks, were to have a picnic at McDonald's grove yesterday. Clinton Carbary who works in Boet- tcher'smeat market, went to Algona last Saturday night to get ready to go with Company F. to the encampment. Axel Sundstrom has on a fine new stock of goods in his line, also a new Horses for Sale. We have six good work horses for the farm which we will sell cheap. CLARKE & SKINNER, The Phoenix House is being thorough ly renovated, repaired and painted, anc is the host hotel in town. Rates, $1 and $2 per. day. Transient custom a speci alitv Sample rooms in connection. O.T. BMOHAM, Prop. / J. I. Case Threshers, Wm. Deering an Milwaukee Binders and Mowers, a full lii of Rock Island Plow Co. goods, Racine Bu gies, Carriages and Spring Wagons, Sterli: and La Belle Wagons, Eclipse, Carter a: Revolution Wind Mills. town. Will Hough, last Friday to game of Algona, was here help umpire the ball Lewis Gray is spending his vacation working on the farm for J. B. Carr, of large amount of lumber that is being sold here. Alex Dundas, of Armstrong Grove, visited relatives and friends in town over Sunday. A number of Bancroft's good looking school ma'ams are attending the Normal at Algona. . H.F.Rogers of Sioux City was looking at some of the goodly land of Northern Kossuth last week. J. E. Russell and wife attended preaching services at Ledyard last Sabbath afternoon. Bancroft has the finest roads leading in all directions from it of any town of its size in the state. man that can do up repairing in fine style. Just look at his ad. in this issue F. A. Kenyon has fixed up a new office on Main street and is going into the land business to benefit himself and the people. Notice his ad., in this issue. Kossuth, Bancroft's representative horse came out only second best at the races in Algona last week, but then that is no sign that he could not have done better. Prof. G. F. Barslou and family, of Britt,who have been visiting here for a Buy your Wickwire. spring straw hat of B. F. crack- Go to Barslou's for the famous ers, $1 per- box. If you want to hire a livery rig, Kinne & Pearson have just the outfit for you. Call on them. Don't go without shoes when you can get a good comfortable fit and a serviceable article at a reasonable price of B. 1. Wickwire, Bancroft, Iowa. And let everybody remember that we are not underso|j our line, including Dry Goods, Millinery, Hats, t» Boots, Shoes, Groceries, etc. Come an! ftfre fls a Trial. few days returned home last Saturday. Mrs. P. M. Barslou accompanied them and D. R. Crow< as far as Algona. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Berryman and If you want a good square meal, no brown sugar, go to the Phoenix. Granulated sugar at Barslou's, 100 Ibs. for $5.50. Kinne & Pierson, the Bancroft livery- Seneca. Fred Calkins, the Ledyard real estate and lumber man spent the Sabbath in our city. Hass Austin moved his family into his new residence on the Davison hill last Friday. Miss Laura Batterson, of Seneca, began her school in the Alcorn district last Monday. Burt's first baseman, Will McDonald, was here last Friday and stayed over till Saturday. Capt. R. E. Jeauson, of Swea, was in attendance at the Baptist Association last week. S. A. Douglas, the efficient Pharmacist at the corner drug store was at the County seat last Saturday. E. B. Arnold, of Toledo, Iowa, came here last Saturday to relieve Agent Felis for about thirty days. Wm. Stapleton, a cousin of Mrs. C. | Higley, is visiting with his relatives in Swea and Seneca townships. The Algona RKPUIVLICAN, Burt Republican and Bancroft News all for $1.50 per year. Call on ye scribe. W. C. Booth, the merry hardware drummer, was in town last Friday and took in the bowery in the evening. Mrs. R. M. Richmond returned last daughter Ruth started last Saturday for a visit with the family of Mr. Lake who lives about eight miles from Blue Earth City Minn. Burt said "Hurrah for Burt" when they beat Algona, but they forgot to mention that the Bancroft pitcher won, the game. They don't believe in im-1 porting players. Oh no! The Section eight and the Buffalo Fork nines played a game of ball at Mr. Giles, in Portland township, last Sunday, in which the Section eight came out victorious by a score of 43 to 23. The merchants of Bancroft have had 1 the kindness to their clerks and themselves to close their stores at 8 o'clock except Saturday's and the clerks all say that they appreciate this move very much. Purdy & Riling have built themselves a new grain office, and put up a new set of scales with a stone foundation, just west of Shields & Cook's office. We are glad to see Bancroit building up. • Fred Cory, of Wesley, and G. F, Holloway, of this place, have a horse race at the Bancroft track a week from Dou't you want your picture taken? Yes you say? Why go to Harpers. B. F. Wickwire always carries a full line cf crockery. Examine his stock and prices before buying. Get you a farm of Clarke and Skinner, before the price goes up. A bran new line of buggies, at J. G. Graham's. Next Saturday, you will find a nice line of crockery and dishes, at Barslou s : Our Iowa teas are just as good as those imported teas we hear sc much about, and if you will buy five to ten pounds of us-as you do o< those importers-vou can have them just as cheap and have the home grown teas here in Iowa. Yes, we can sell cheaper, as we save tni freight over the seas. . . . And stockings for men, women and ehildren-they can t be matcl ed any place in this town for prices. Clothes pins one cent a dozen an pins to pin your clothes at one cent a paper. All these are to be found ^ Barslou'sCashStof Bancroft, - Iowa. | Insure your standing crops against Hail. Now is the time to make yourselt sate. r\n I isij \V ci3iv« *'**. w« -»-«" —— •— t f Rev F M. Smith and wife of Algo- Saturday from quite an extended visit J.\oV. J- . •"•'-• jj""" i .., _.*^A.i,, nn n ,-,A •Fviavwla in I .mP.MGTQ. na, returned home tion last Thursday. Supervisor Holte, from the Associa- i of Fenton, was VjUiJV-'i. * *wv*. —-—— — i here visiting with Chris Boettcher last Thursday and Friday. The young people are always glad to hear Rev. Rob't. Carroll who was here during the Association. Everybody should attend the Sunday with relatives and friends in Chicago Miss Esther Adolfson closed a successful term of school in the Chapin district north of town on Saturday last. The party of young people that were at the lakes last week, returned Friday evening and report a royal good time. Miss Maggie Park, who formerly lived with the family of Dr. Curtis, jiiYerYUuuy HUUUIU. HUWVA.H-* ««w ^ ------ - i nvcu. mi***. v*jw *«<«*•—.; — — school convention to be held at Wesley came laBt Monday to visit with friends. next Friday and Saturday John gullivan came home from his J. W. Hartshorn has bought him a trip witu "Kossuth" last Friday. John new Threshing engine and separator Steams are all the rage here. S. T. Meservy, of Fort Dodge, was says he still has lots of faith in Kossuth. It is pretty well settled that Messrs Q. J. • Jj.LCOOl T J ^ V*. O.V/4-V ^f^^f^-j I J_^ J.CJ JJA^UVJ ••«*» *-— ~. in town last Friday to see how the Brown & McLaughlin of Blue Earth State Bank was moving along. city will put in a new store in the near The Misses Mattie Winkel and Min- future, nie Roberts returned from their Algo- p re d ingham and Mart Weaver, of ua visit last Thursday evening. Algona, stayed over from the ball game Art Stowe, of Burt, was here last till the next day, returning home on Friday to play center field for the Ban- Saturday, croft nine in the game with Algona. Mrs. II. N. Renfrew is making a visit John Cook, of Swea township, re- with relatives and friends at Peotone turned last Saturday from an extended 111., and does not expect to be back foi J. tliutj *-liV UUVJ JJt**4 WJ-v^i- w w*.*.*«jfc M- »• — — next Saturday for $25 a side. It is said that the horses are pretty evenly matched and we presume a large amount or. money will change hands. B. F. Wickwire and A. G. Ward, of Bancroft, have perfected and patented a job press, which, for simplicity or. machinery excels anything on the market. The press is durable, and one calculated to fill a long felt necessity ,—iowa State Register. The thunder shower and hail storm last Thursday did quitea large amount of damage in Ramsay and Portland townships. David Nichols, south of town, lost nearly all his crop and Dr. Peters says his crop wil'. be about halt gone, and Messers.Nelsoa, Leonard and a great many others were heavy losers. The Bancroft and Algona nines played a game of ball on the Bancroft grounds last Friday and the home team was victorious by a score of 18 to 10. Palmer of the Algonitns pitched a eood game but was not supported. Kenyon pitched a fine game only a few heavy hits being made off him while his support was generally good. bean- Ion played a fine game at first as did all the boys and Bancroft can congrat- BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures enlarged at reasonable prices. ^ T. M. OSTRANDEE, Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. ffas his Darn ready for the sick and lame horses, so bring them along. Charges reasonable. F. A. KEflTOfl, 6.1, SK1PER, Manager, E. F. CURKE, Se< Bancroft Loan and Trust Coi Negotiate Farm Mortgages, Write Insurance. Sell Real Ei 1 to I Livery, FeedandSale Sti Loans and Insurance. BANCROFT, IOWA. about six weeks. The delegates to the Baptist Association expressed themselves as much pleased with the hospitality! of the Baptists of this place. visit to his old home in Davenport, la. The first subject for debate at the Catholic Young Men's Literary Society will be '' prohibition.'' II urrah for pro- h Twoinan' 8 Mission Circle was or-1 C. W. Goddard manifested that he aanized at the Baptist church last was not growing old very taatby the ganueu «* * Mrg Wuitman fact that he drove to Algoiia and back ofLivermore. overland last Saturday Carl Adolfson went out to take E.C.Anderson has a fine specimen uui Auoubu • of MIR ffi-BMi Cuban parrot. Tmsisthe ulate herself that they have so fine a team all around. Hurrah tor the city of the north. We had another heav* thunder storm and sharp lightning on last Thursday evening, when James Uallion had the Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? Do you want to trade or sell your farm or other property? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved land on long time with but little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of inter- in a The most stylish rigs in town at; most reasonable rates. Traveling trad* pecially solicited. ; Kinne & Pearso town. The lightning s;ruck inside the north part of the ban. and^nstautly line of banking? t6 l T 'MuTtorclTsed his school in the I Mr. J. L. Callanan, of Dea Moines, L. L. Mautoi M ^ _ i]id . gcoi _ . s apending a couple of 0days i^ visi- He went to his ting with his cousin, S. W. Callauau, • * i ™ a naturdav of the Farmers & Traders Bank, home in Algona oauuudy. isb, of Seneca, had the mis-1 W. E. Thompson, ot Seneca, is amaging the barn except to 3i- a studding. The hogs were jfist outside of the barn on the north side, and were instantly killed. 1ms was an exceptionally hard loss to Mr. Gallion, as he had just lost a valuable horse in a pasture, but the citizens or. the town immediately contributed a purse of $160, which erubles Mr. Gallion to replace one of the horses, at least. "We dislike controversy, but it is amusing to note with .^at serenity the ms Burt correspondent sajs that none but For any and all of the above, please consult B. M. JUiclirnond at the Commercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now rturning under new management.. Of New Watches, New Musical Instrum Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Table Qu] Optical Goods. , Repairing a Specialty. A. SUNDSTR played „„« players on the Fourth Stowe, pitfce 1_. dittfoo; in he game Bancroft. 1 Phoenix Tbs fuxest turaauts f i Livery, Pea<J and S ^^^^M ^ f ^^^^^^^^^ m f oioirt»4 oa abort notice a»

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