Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania on October 20, 1927 · Page 2
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Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1927
Page 2
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7" 1 MQlCCAAMErTPA.: AH0&3OAY. OCTO6CR J0. "i $i 7. MOUNT CARMEL IIFM !4 Vt--3 JHt STORK THAT ICRVft IT euiTOMMf WITH THE IIT MtnCHANOIH FOSIIBLt. GROSSMAN'S" FRIDAY SPECIALS to . Women' Polly Prim Aprons, new patterns, Special 50c Women's Rain Coats, Red or (q aq Blue colors. Special yt0 1 ' X S .11 fcrsk m) ( Tv ' - ' i " . . ' t "fr ; i, . f i i ''t' ' , . '. ft ' i f ! '- 1 1 'J i1 V t' ft ' ' . ? K ii r vh " r ; f . D mi 1 , ' 4 i ' 4 , 1 v, 4 I 1 .J." ' 1 J ' I i l v ' f 1 ' il .v.-.;.-.;;:? 44'v vr4tf:W P' ' - win my0mM. tcoIch PAUl AORPHY Wn rcuarlvaAi meet Chicago Saturday U Chicago ascot tha trat big iDtaraectlonal e!aaba 0( taa yaar will bt atajed. Preaant tarm fa vara Paaa to win. Wttfl Coach gtac- o( the Uaroona la cuiieva t maka a eo abowtaf In Bl Tea circlet, tt looka a If be might be pointing hit team far tba daak wHb PesaarlTata. Victor? In thia gam wooU be a big boeat for 9tagg aad waatara faH Laat aeasDm PeanaylTani OTanrhelraed. Chtraga T!4. IaUraSy gtagc aaxieaa ta rararaa the raaolt thla year. AUTO LICENSE PLATES ARE ; ABOUT READY Albert L- Landia, secretary of .the Mount C arm el Motor Club has received the following communication from the Department of Hish-wayi of Pennsylvania in regard to the 192S license plates: Klnty inform your members that applications for 192S License Plates are being placed in the mail October 20, 1927. While we hare made very effort to correct mailing addresses up to date, experience has demonstrated that many persons bare overlooked notifying the Bureau of Motor Vehicle of such change. These" persons will NOT receive applications unless the poet office 1 kind enough and able to forward them. Car owners who do not receive 1... .1 t. Hfll.tiHilUn by November 1, 1927 will do -well to check up their addresses. If not the same as that shown on the "1927 license card, send Form 1122 completely filled In and SIGNED rAfSIMIT.R. Rn rn tn Rt?to th tle number and operator1 license tain supplies of Form 1122 by requesting them. Members who receive an application bearing an INCORRECT AD-PRESS should cross out the address and write the correct one legibly in Ink upon the face of the application in the 4x4 square. Plates will be shipped promptly with corrected certificate. By all means, members should waii. 1928 APPLICATIONS WITH tps-ps w n rrlril. 192S '' plates may be used on and after December 15, 1927. j OUT OUR WAY art WTdr. HEROES AtE MAJ3E "KJCrr 6 ORKl . e.zrariruavwc , Many peraoni ha4 bo platua ae Janomrr 1. ltV becaoaa thaf not apply ta time. Renewal apyltea-tlona recelred In litT were acted span daily. Very truly yoara. BENJ. O. EYNON. Beglstrar of Motor Vehlclee. AUTHORITIES ON GUARD AGAINST MAN OTO COUP rn. n .t,i am.. in vice will be taken to Philadelphia .ithm,. dpi., m win the .en- tence of from five to ten year at dT 'he wa but one court solitary confinement and bard 1a MuaS "A " 'tants to the dls-bor Imposed by Northumberland ! 'rict attorney, unless it was special County Court, following his coavtc- tion on charges of pandering. Bo-cacchio's connection with a well organized vice ring has been established and no chances will be taken In removing him from the county jail to the penitentiary. Victor Stello, sentenced for from nine months to two year on a charge of maintaining a house of HI repute in Mount Carmel Is the father of eleven children. He will serve his term in the county jail at Sunbury. With Bocacchio, bett' known M an ' wr'' when he ' takea to the Eastern penitentiary will be f,ona. LuI,rlc!c. and Mele Cecio,, Steubenville. Ohio, youths, senten ced by the county court lor iei-Ing an automobile In Sunbury and C. C. Keller, sentenced for forgery. Bocacchio must serve five to ten years, L4istrlclt ana iecio, iwo j i four years and Keller three to six years. The trip to the pen for the four will likely be made this week, it wag said today. On the South Sea Islands Hre a variety of crab, the largest In the, wnrM. which nick up cocoanuU I and dig out the eyes- Through thos eholes they extract tha meat, ( STRENUOUS MONTH FOR THE COURT With practically four week) straight for court, the Judges and attaches have had a strenuous sessions of criminal and civil court. It baa been perhaps the . longest I airaigm series oi court proceed- I lnc JodM Savidge used to hold day and night conrta in the counsel employed by the principals themselves. Another court term is scheduled for December, which will make this a busy year-end tor the courts, lawyers said. NEGRO RUN OVER BY 2 CARS SLIGHTLY HURT (By United Press) HARRISUURG. Oct. 20. When Fred Hopewell, Houlton, Maine, negro, feels tired, he just lies down on the spot. Alter taking a drink here wlla- out takln; the precaution of placing a reu iameru letue utu i'j warn motorists, along came Lester Butler, of Camp Hill, driving an automobile, followed by Raymond tioiiman, oi tnis cny, in anoiner car. Butler's machine passed over Hopewell body before he could stop the car. Thinking that the street was bumpy, Hoffman continued after Butler and drove over Hopewell before he realized what caused the bump In the street, Aside from slight Injuries of the 'back and hip. Hopewell Is unhurt, according to physicians at the ho- !(wiai tu wuirn uw whs tasen. By Williams JERITZA HtTURNS A portrait of pretttoeii wu Mae. Mttrt Jerltu, tt Mo(r politan Opera aopraoo, when aba returned to New York on tha 8. 8. Majestic from a Toy-aga to Europe. SAFE1YMEN CALLED OUT INGERMANY (By Called Press) BERLIN. Oct. 20. Middle Germany mine atlrke took a serious turn today when, enraged at the employment of men they held to be strike breakers. strike leader called out those me a who bad been manning mine ump. tt was the employment of a technKai etaarganey carps that caused thdrawal of the "safety" men who operated the pemp aad kept the mine from being flooded. Industry was beginning to feel the atrfke. Variooa (agar refineries and paper mill la the Halle and Dessau districts eloeed today. Mine owners were tearing a prolonged strike. Involving lose of their new Scandlnaviaa market to Great Britain. President Hlndenbnrg wa watching the situation closely. HURLS CHALLENGE FOR CROSS-CHANNEL RACE (By United Press) SHEFFIELD. England.. Oct. 20. Mrs. Ivy Gill, who claim to hare conquered the English channel recently after remaining In the water li hours and three minute, ha challenged all comer to a cross-channel race. Mrs. GUI proposes that if none of the competitors land, the swimmer nearest the English coast will be the winner. Incensed at the recent hoax of Dr. Logan, Mrs. Gill went to Dover and obtained sl(?ned statements from the crew which had accompanied her on her swim from Cape Oris Nex to Shakespeare Cliff. Her competitive proposal, she believes, will prove that her claims to the cbaunel conquest are gen uine. WANT CHARM FOR BUSSES Congressman Fred W. Magrady. accomapnied by Joseph D. McCon-nell, of Ashland, Edgar Reed and Claude E. Womer, of Mount Carmel, are In Harrisburg today, ap pearing before the Public Service Commission for the Ashland and Centralia Auto Bus Company. The present buses are operating under a Certificate ot Public Convenience issued to J. D. McConnell and It is proposed that the Ashland and Centralia Auto Bus Company shall be chartered for the purpose ot taking over and operating this much needed connected service between Ashland and Centralia. It is hoped that the service can be continued as an accommodation for the traveling public and, par ticularly, for persons who have oc casion to go to and from the Hospital at Fountain Springs. Ashland is now without the service of the Schuylkill Traction Company. In fact, tt has hardly more than private automobile siv-vlce to transport its citizens who must travel distances to work. MRS. GRAYSON MAY POSTPONE FLIGHT UNTIL NEXT YEAR OLD ORCHARD. Maine, Oct. 20. Hopin; that weather conditions ill e'ear by he end of the week. Mr,s. Frances W. Grayson and her pilot and navigator were still earth bound today as they patiently awaited an opportunity to begin their proposed flight to Copenhag en. With adverse weather forecast for the next 48 hours In this region any hope of a start before Saturday has been abandoned. Denpite predictions by those most familiar with Maine coast weather that propitious flying weather Is unlikely again this tall, the former school marm was still confident today that they would not hare to give up the flight. The Duke and Duches ot York have received a map of Mauritius, Which they visited on their recent Australian tour. The map 1 of silver, while diamonds mark the sugar ractorie ana rumes me lighthouses along the coast. Thanksgiving was first celebrated in America in 1621. Here are two makers ot records, Rabe Ruth of the Yankees aud Babe Ruth of Omaha. Neb. Babe ot the Yankees broke his home run record this year, while the Omaha Bambino, whoe real name is not Babe Ruth at all but Lady Norfolk, laid 172 eggs on 172 conscntive days and still wis laying 'e-n at last report. The hen ba s been presented to Bab Ruth, who la a bit ot a tanner tn the oft season. G.0. P. WOMEN'S COUNCIL BACKS ENTIRE ran Mrs. H. H. Shaman, or Northumberland, was re-elected president of Republican Women at a meeting held In the civic rooms ot the Sunbury Trust and Safe Depoelt Company. Plans were adopted for ac tive participation in the election! campaign supporting the entire party ticket Mrs. Shaman presided over the deliberations. Representatives from all parts of the county were present. Including WaUontown, Hilton, Montandon, Northumhr;and, Sun-bun. Shsmokln, Elyrburg and Mount Carmel. Important questions were discussed, rod Mrs. Shuman was elected delegate to the state conven tion of the Republican council, to be held at Harrisburg, at the Pennlwlth her mother and two children Harris Hotel. November 18, It and! 0. I The following officers were elect-1 ed for the coming year: President, j Mrs. Shuman; vice-presidents, the! presidents of the various local, councili; recording secretary, Mrj. Clydo Glover, Shamokln; corres- ponding secretary, Mrs. E. C. Rog- er.; treasurer, Mrs. R. C. Worrell; regional director. Mm. Worrell. lit fore starting out Mrs. Scholx Various political problems were , told her husband the wished he diseased. It was decided to get j wo,,,'l aI,,nB-out and work actively during the! ''m rralll something la going fin.) wpk nf tho -TT,n.-ilrn for ' happen," she said. the entire state and county ticket' of the party. PETE HENRY COMES BACK TO P0TTSVILLE Pete Henry Is coming home. The big tackle and three point man for Potsvllle In 192t Is going to play for the Maroons again and In the com tng game with Dulirth. When news of Henry's signing was noised about, fans were at first Incredulous and later delighted. Ho was obtained from the New York Giants In a sanctioned deal, and the tatter's motives In allowing him to go can not be understood In Potts vtlle. TO IMPROVE RADIO CONDITIONS AT SHAMOKIN Radio reception in Shamokln will be greatly Improved within thj next few weeks if it is within the power of the Pennsylvania Powct k Light Company following an In vestigation of conditions which began yesterday and will continue for several days. Peter McCarron, general manas- Or Trcsfy THE GorZNEB lOT ELEVEN JU'f Vfc GETS A LITTLE FREE AlE THEIR TtOTCALL AT THE EXPENSE OF , er of the 6choylklll division of the concera with headquarter located at Mahanoy City, visited Shsmokln upon the request ot th radio com m it tee of the Shamokln Chamber of Commerce with the Intention ot removing any obstacle of th company which Interfere with satisfactory reception. "The Pennsylvania Power A IJght Company Is willing to go to great expense and trouble to re lieve the present situation." said Mr. McCarron, "and the residents ot Shamokln and vicinity may feel assured that we shall do everything within our limits to remedy all fallacies." HAD PREMONITION OF FATAL WRECK (By United Press) CHICAGO, Oct 20. Mrs. Wilhelmina Scholx, killed In an automobile cruh here lat night, had a premonition ot dW aster before ahe left home, It was revealed today. Mm. Scholz. Mrs. Anna Koa.irk ami Krani and Marie Scholx wpie killed when their automobile was i struck by a pvwncer train at u street crossing. Another child waj j seHo isly injnrf-d. A hour '! ne was killed in the accident. GLAES CUTTERS END STRIKE (Hy United I'rei PITTSHlRfiH. Pa., Oct. :o. The strike of three unions ot Window Glass Cutte.-s and Flatten-ers has been settled. o.Tlclals an-nonnrpd The men went back to work under the old wajtc scales with one year agreements, according to K. H. Gillott, president of the Window Glass Cutters and Klattenera Association. HAZING BANNED (fly United Press) LEXINGTON. Virginia. Oct. 2U The governing board of tha Virginia Military Institute last night pa?sed a rejolution banning hazing, following a two day strike by mere than 700 cadets because ot suspensions of students participating in the practice. As penalty for striking the board ordered first, second and third class members who took part In the protest confined to tho school grounds for four weeks and revoked privileges until December ByWooUon 45-inch Royal Society Stamped Ready for Special Piece SPECIAL PRICES ON ODD SIZES OF CURTAINS. 36-nich Fancy Silk Rayon Brocaded Su-i-fast Materials Gold, Rote, Green and Chang-cable in Pretty Color Combinations Special, Yard 36-INCH SILKOL1NE FOR COMFORTS Nice Selection of Pattern. Yard New Fashionable All-Silk Oiarmeusc In aU tbe New and Desirable Fall Shade. Special, Yard 36-in. Novelty Dress Tweeds, pretty material, Special, Yard 36-INCH FANCY LIGHT COLORED OUTING FLANNELS New Pattern. Special, Yard Children's Fleece Lined Shirts or Pants, all sixes. Special . . . Louis Grossman Sons DRIVER HED AFTER CRASH Two persons were Injured In a thrilling accident that occurred : near Maysvllle on the Shamokln-Mount Carmel state highway between 9 and 10 o'clock Tuesday evening. The injured were Mrs. Rlihard Deck, wife of Rabbi Beck'of Potts-vllle and their child, the latter re reived a laceration in the neck, while Mrs. Hwk was badly con-1 (used and cut about the head and t face and legs. I Jacob Rehllors, a resident ofi Shamokln. was later arr.'nti "1. ' charged wlib responsibility for the accident. It is alleged that a nil-: chine recklessly operated by Ilebll-ors crashed almost headon Into tilt Rack car. driving It to the aide of the highway and pinning It against a culvert stone. The Heck ma-i ps j FRIGIDAIRE saves average of 105 a year over ice refrigeration Amazing facts reported by FRIGIDAIRE users lxw cost of operation an achievement oFRlGIDAIRE engineering MANY still rcgird electric re-frigeritioo as epemive. To prove that thii it not true of Frigid-sire, we sought the opinioo of tome io,ooo users. Saves f 10536 per Year The Answers were startling. They indicated savings even greater than we Anticipated. According to carefully tabulated records, an average of Siovjt per year over and above all operating costsl Thew amazing economies Are due to two things: (i)No ice bills, (i) No food waste. A Scientific Achievement Frigidaire represent years of research and development on the part of Frigidaire Engineers, and the Research Department of General Mo-,orthe largest organization of electrical, chemical and mechanical engineers in the world. In Frigidaire modern science hat incorporated JOS. G. MAY 127W. Third St Phone 142-J FRIGIDAIRE tODUCT OF GENERAL MOTOS ".- Pillow Cases Embroidering. $1.00 $1.00 15 tpecta $1.50 59c 17c 39c chine was badly damaged lu lbs collision. Passing Rutolnts took the H". family to Shamokln where !r. I'it-It dressed the Injuries of Mr. Heck and her child. They wr later taken to PotUrille by friends. At a hrll) held yejtrrii ir tu tor Justice ('ulti)D, at Sh:i!ii"k!n. Rxbiloi wa held under Iwil ' r court on chjrea of reckless ep. ra-tlon of a mutor car and av-juit and battery. Absolute ei-o In science is point ui Mch object are ensi devoid of heat. Th: Is calMi! to be at 15'J.l decrees bel.. renhc-it xero. Plumbing, Heating, Roofing Penman's Plumbing 230 Soclh Oak Street. elements that the exterior of the cabinet can't reveal. New, Low Fried To the wealth of evidence in faf of Frigidaire, add the new, lo prices the lowest in FriiJaire hi" tory. A complete model with Ouc-finisheJ enamel lined steel cjl'"et all ready to attach and operate from iv convenient electric outlet for . .- ;nu;.ilij; ,Uv of . ... I Few Dollars Puis It in Your Home Frigidaire i tucj each dav in the year. The whole family enjoys if-And it pays for itself with th mnnev it saves, as proved by the sig"cJ rc-portsol users. Visit ourdiplyf"0,'J And see the new models. A small deposit puts one in your home. Then pay a little each month under hi"1 General Motors terms. Come in today

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