The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 19, 1924 · Page 20
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 20

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1924
Page 20
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THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, SATURDAY, JANUARY 19. 1924 New York Hard Place for Young Ballplayer to Start-Harvard^May NEW YORK, Jan. j S -- It i", of course, the aim of the minor leaguer and, so it is said, of all the big league baseball players to reach Xew Yo:-k and a position on either the American or the National League team. New York is tho end ot the long, long trail to the vast majority of young men who tako their baseball seriously. Yet ii. Is not, perhaps. r. very wise desire on thr- part of Llio j oung ballplayer. Kor New Ynr'-r is :,ot a ve-jy heairhj spot l o r ' l i e j oungster breaking Into baseball. Not that the frequently m e n t i o n e d 1-ire of the bright lights la apt to i uln him. The luro of the bright lights Is rather overestimated and mighty few young baseball players liavc the money to be lured verv fir in New York. It Id Ion still another reason. The managements of both t h e "Vankees and the Giants are-n orkinq en the samo theory -- that Now York demands a winner; that New Yoik demands the finished product. They nre frank to admit that there is no t'.iae on the New Tork clubs to spend in an effort \.o develop young play- e s. The money that has been spent by t h e two clubs is a strong indication £.TM ttftVve TMen 0 a%rpro- m ^nriierfare o e n "rthaf are £1 sidered finished products when they HAND WINNER; HRIG WOULD BE [BIG SHOW CLUBS Philly Batterymen to Report on February 24 PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 3 S -Manager Arthur Fletcher, bf the Philadelphia National League club, said today that hp had or- d e i o d .ill battery men to report ;u the spring training camp at 3esburs, Flu . by F b r u a r v 24. The other playeis ^ill arrive there JIarch 1. Fletcher said he panted the pitchers and catchers to have it least a week's preliminary workout. -- · DEVON TEAMS TO KAlRflKLD, Jan. I S . -- .(.Special.) Everything is set for the Devon program in Sherman hall tomorrow night when the Legion Bte Five n i l l KO after its twelfth -\ Ictorv of the i season. Tho Devon A. C. w i l l be tho opposing team and judfciis l) y a P r( '- ·\iout, meeting ol tho outfits. 1he game will be w o r t h seeing. The Devon Juniors will try to repeat their recent victory over the Cpmmunity A. C. in the preliminary game. The lino ups f o l l o w : Fodeihi-n Hall r Lew 's A\ .'11 if k Blai'p l - c k e r t c, Has\Ui!H 1 l o u d e n Liebolil ciuinn l J T Dairy League Cow tin Reck Brown Godfrev Bennett Ilamood Malato Jennings Oirard Corns Wynne Cornw all Garson Muthersl Dotv Llvcimoi Kiinp W icier Team No. \ S» S3 T i 237 S3 C3 SO 231! , sa f-.D !J- 253 7S 75 7!, 220 79 SS 85 247 402 382 40S 111)3 'JYurn No. S SO SO SO 2 6 0 85 k~ 7 5 245 113 i l HO 290 S I 81 7."i -40 S 3 f-3 b 7 2«0 457 415 !-J 1203 ·Team No. 2 72 79 77 2.33 7S «« S". -'20 7 b SJ 7 ! 237 .aush 'fJ SI J.' - H I SL 7 0 SS 2 HI 401. S5 I 42 L 1200 'JViim No. 4 73 7b «t 210 e »i) 'H S - 2 6 0 G'» 102 7 1 242 00 S4 SJ "30 7S ko X l 25J ·j o a i 3 « ", l ^ t .'5 J; STARS TO COMPETE IN BIG FORDHAM GAMES TONIGHT Y. M. H. A. WILLING TO MEET RIBBON FIVE IN SERIES The Blue Ribbon basketball team, * hlch has disbandecl for the season, '« anxious to meet Sol M°TMey a Y . Eailey Cox Novak i f Community Banks Tlonds Jloran "\\ atson .Leahy Y.M.O.A.FIVETO PERFORM TONIGHT or Tias -The same Vhing is true of the Giants. A Better Clionce. Connie. Mack, to tako one instance, lus endured a heo4 of abuse during the ;,ears since h» tore apart his championship machine and refused to spend money on b a v i n s r^adv- Kiade plaj'ers. Yet he has been just about the best fuend that the o u n g ball playe.i has had in the big leagues. He has graduated q u i t e a number of youngsters Into steady nnd profitable e m p l o y m e n t In baseball. Joe Dugan and Whi'ey Witt, both members of world's champions, ore products of his rookie bchool. Spark Plug M a t t h e w s \%as an illustration of the opportunity t'hat befalls a youngster on a l o w l y team. If Matthews had been good enough to last he w o u l d have b»en a recognized star In his second year in the majo s. He stopped right in during his first year. But Huggms and McGiaw cannot afford to take chances. They are going somewhere. At least, they aro going to try very hard to get to a oer*ain p o i n t -- t h o championship. Connie Mack has not been going to a n y very definite place other than the e nd of t h e season for several v ears now. Hence he has been able to experiment. Some New York Cases. Taking, foi the sike of. argument, case of Jack Bentley and tho of the Y. M. II A . he is -willing to meet the Ribbons and only awaits Leavy's terms for the "-cries 11 hich. no doubt, will attract a recoid crowd. QUIT WIN'TEK SPOUTS. CHAMONIX, France. Jan J S -Argentina ha.fc been scratched in all events on tho Olympic sinter- sports piogram. This leaves I S na- 'ions to compete. Tho Y. M. C. A basketball iea.m which has been gome at g-re»t suna of lato will t.ike o n the Summerfield Church five on the upper g j m i court tonlsht. The same w i l l put the undefeated "Y" team through i seirre test Laot w e e k 1hu Y M f A. \von t w o gam°s and o.pc^t to tMiitUiue their stioak by coniiueiing tho Churcli IveaguD-s. might have had been switched f r o m the box and put at first base, a position where he had often played d u r i n g his minor league days. There it might reasonably ha\ c been that his hitting would have brought him into almost as much lame as t h a t winch JIo..n»by, Kuth, ot al, enjoy by reahOn ot their p i o w e s s w i t h thf bit But no Eeni'Iey was a fair pitcher and cost the Giants too much money, according to the lesults of last season. Of course, h e may change this all a i o u n d next season. The Yankees. A n o t h e r case in ' H u s U a t l o n i5 that of l^ou Uehrlg, the slugger signed by the Yankees from C o l u m b i a last *eason Gehug is » l e f t - h a n d e d in'bt baseman and was let out to the Kastt 11 Leasue soon afte-r ho had been obtained. He w e n t like the pi o- COri'EY TO COACH FORDHAM. Joie Kay, the doughty little Chicago Flyer; will mako another assault on the world's indoor mile ro cord Saturday night when he toe* the mark for the special ln\itation one-mile race nt t h e Fordham University games in the Twenty-second Uesmiont Armory. An exception- I aTly strong Held of miters will oppose Ray, and ho Is certain to be extended to win. Included in the list of stars who will oppose Ray nro Willie Goodwin, New York A. C . new metropolitan one-mile champion; Willie Sullivan, Georgetown Vniverall y, last jear'a metropolitan mile champion; Walter Hljrglns, former Intercollegiate two- mllo champion; Geoige P.Taraters, Georgetown T'nivei sity, and Pat Kennedy, I,n KaJMila Council K. C. The leading Ions distant Vunners of the district will be brought together In t h e ROOO-moter race In which Fred Wachsmuth of the Glencoe A. C. heads the list of entries. The supporting: cast includes George Cornotta, New York A. C : John Oostello, unattached; Mike Dwyer, Mohawk A. C.; Vic Voteretsas, Milrose A. C.; John Cain, iFaullst A. O.; Fied Yater. N. Y. I", and C'hai lev Rapp, Mohawk, A. C Another event which should f u i . nl-sh keen competition will be tho as announced today contains 2J college medley relay one and seven- f,«.inos. Ohio State University is n e l K n t h nil ies. Tho crack Georgethow newcomer, playing here on M i y 33 The .spring date at Itb. ica on May 2 1 will be Oiled r-- Yale The schedule is as tollowi Spring vacation trip, April 8 and 4 Wash- in"ton Lee at Lexington; o, Vi'lglnifi Military Institute at' Lexington; April 7 and 8, I'nivf r.sity of Virginia al Charlottesvllle. Va Regular schedule (all games a:c at Ithaca except where otherwise noted;. April I B Niagara; A p r i l 19 St. Lawrence; Apnil 26 Princeton at | Princeton; April 29 Syracuse at I Syracuse; April SO, Columbia at' New ' Du Pont vs. Hegeman's In a game, at the Newfield Alleys Tuesday ni^ht, the Hegemans again defeated flic Mack (Crease Mounds. This will terminate the series as the Hesremans have won two straight of a scheduled three same, ycrle.s. The scores: Muck Motor Track Co. CRIMSON QUINTET ON COURT THIS SEASON; M LOCAL BOY, IS PLAYING W Davis Vanarsdale Trabor Cossetto Soderhoim Havei v 82 84 89 S I !)1 103 101 SJ S3 79 7 1 90 73 SI III S3 S I 244 CORNELL NINE WILL PLAY TWENTY TWO GAMES ITHACA, X. Y., Jan. IS --The Cornell University baseball schedule quartet, with «n-ve«al local boys in the line-up, will be opposed by Williams College. Fordham, New- York University, Rutgers, an7 possibly Columbia. LEE FOHL HOPES TO GET ANOTHER UHLE Toth Eden Bergers Felix Masso OerbC'i Ziicii e Brown Mills Swergtr W Bro »\ it 515 514 fiOl1533 Kegcinnn Transfer Co. si sr so 100 ,S3 SS '93 S'J:104 S3 S i ) t S 3 · I I ) S S 230 26S 282 2 7 7 331 C 3 i JH Pont SO J ' ) I SI ·52 3 0 0 232 233 2 6 7 29 j To Broadcast Sport Results of Olympics 1'AKIH, Jan. 18--Tho results of tho Olympic winter sports competition at Chamontx w i l l be made k n o w n to the world by the latent and most modern methods. Klin on n m i u t 4 w i l l be devoted d lily by the J l i f f 1 T o w e r broadcasting Mtatio'i lor announcing the results u n d .it. n i g h t a f u l l surmmry w i l l lr- irU en Two other p o w o i f u l stations also will give the results. A special corps of interpreters, will be employed. Felix Bugera Eden Cha.oo Gerb«r 4 o 4 4 3 3 4 4 S 1 3 3 3 Ilegcmnn Transfer S3 01 SS 262 r i2 93 S1 71 80 75 1)4 84 92 S I 8!) i7 S58 2 2 C | ? - s ! 401 45!t 420 1 2 7 3 BERKSHIRE FIVE DEFEATS ESSEX Harvard's basketball team, may be expected to join the rai the International League wit few Reasons, la again making tl hum on the court up at Cambr Three years ago the Crlm»o» activities were begun for tn« ·time with Ed Waehter as coach | tho records of the Harvara or ball quintets have Improves i year to such an extent ttw* 1 would not surprise to find a Ha I team battling with Yale and ' umbia and the other league ' bers before long. | The progress of th« Crimson ketball development has been fully planned. Rather than «·«' chance of steady improvement hurriedly plunging the young Into contests with the rec*_ i leaders in the game. Harvara* - - j u a t e managers have, kept tne I dard of opponents mt a fair Only Yale has been regularly ed to play them of the 1 champions. Last year Harvar* ed to play City College and ad that the reason for It was th« team was too good for the Har teams at the present stage of development. ^ One of the best things done Cambridge athletic management J - ' the start of the game at HarfJ| . ' was to engage Ed Waehter to , AXXAI'OLIS Jan. IS - -'I lie next i tho baBket ball teams. WachtefJ i occasion for the meeting of teams I tjlat t ( me waB court mentor at Wl representing the seivice schoolH, will )amgj w here he Had been prod« basketball game between th'* ,-- --t--1«,- **·...«· *t,*B.ini» tv%* «Mte ARMY AND NAVY FIVES ML PLAY AT WEST POINT York: Mov 17 Yale nt Neiv Haven; M n y 21 Syracuse; May 21. Yale; May 28, D a r t m o u t h , Miy S I , Ohio State; June 10, Pennsylvania. J u n e 14, A l u m n i ; June 16, Dartmouth at Hanover; June IS, Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. CLEVELAND, Jan. IS.--When Lee Fohl was manager of tho Clove- ! ,,, land Indians he picked Georgre.Uhle BneJ -' f r o m among the city's sandlot plaj- ei U n d e r the tutelage of Fohl and The Berkshire Reserves t'ook tn» Essex fiulntet into camp 35 to J O in a recent t i l t at the City r j m . Tin- playing of Carroll and ijjlllvaii featured. Tile score: Berkshire ltat*rve*. be th Naval a n d Military Academy l i v e s to bo played at West Point on Feb- ruarv 23. A tie f or the sei les exitits in this sport, as In football, both teams h a v i n g won two pames The i c n i a l n l n g s hc-dule of t h e , Na^al Academy n e contains few i ing winning teams during the . frurn, I'tl6 to 1920. Two yean fore that he had been teaching game to athletes at Rensselaar. To fans wjio have no recolleetM oC or acquaintance with Wael this excernt from Nat Holn . . treatise on basketball may be of special interest except ] tereg): -wacbter Is unquertJo, against the Army. There are aev- j the greatest center man that i eral stiong teams booked for games before the final content, but the wore a basketball uniform. the twenty-four years In which If Tris Speaker, Chle has become one of the pitching stais of the Anieri- Sullivan, Carroll, i. Kelly, rg J. Johnson, 4 only on of special interest ·nill '^'played active ball ho was a It I, 3 The F n i d h a i n -Uhletic assieiation ] TtTXNEY IGXS TWO CONTESTS. a n n o u n c e d yesterday that Jack Coffey, '10, will coac'h the baseball team during the coming seat-on. Coffey was I heavyweight w i t h the Boston Braves in 1910. OB er, Billy TEXDLER TO BOX MlTCUEIjIj. I ho hooks up i Next season Fohl TV 111 manage the I Boston Hod Sox and he is going to , try another Cleveland sandlot play- tiial npaliiHt Georgetown, to bo of morM championship bask plajed »t A n n a p o l i s on I he t w e n t sixth of the pie.sent month. It is certain to be a hard-fought contest. At present the odds would seem Essex Five. 35 ' to favor 1he Army in the game. It has all of the crucial outfit* than any other player the game came Into existence. I that time h» was the leading -In every league In which he l Through his unusual ability he Gene Tunney, American llKlit- _ _ ,, champion, h i s been signed for two matches by his man- i j s twenty years old and a right- aRer, Billy Gibson. On Jamuuy _ 21 [ bander. Cleveland, / D e t r o i t and Pittsburgh tried to irfnd.him. er, Charlie Dornkott. The new prospect finished a brilliant season in semi-iMO ball w i t h thirty-one consecutive scoreless innings. Dornkott a LOW Tendler. th boxei. has !ioen matched to Pinkie Mitchell, I n e M i l w a u k e e w e l - terweight, in a t e n - r o u n d bout at Milwaukee on Februray !1 w i t h Soldier Kay Thompson in an elght-iounrl tilt, Philadelphia which is to take place at Memphis, box Tenn. He will oppose Martin Burke, the Southern heavyweight, at New Orleans on February 10 : . a fifteen session affair. McDonald, i f Cassidy, If Doberty, c O'Leary, rg Morgan, !g players r. P!J?. 1 ^,'bi'c}i inflicted a defeat on tlir X a \ y i! t t a m last year. On the other hand, 'I it has lost U-s roach, H a r t v Fisher. 1 | ai.d tills may have some effect upon | t i ona ii y fl re record In the short tfa o the team. I he has handled Harvard's tr"~ 0 , The Na^y has nearly t h r samo team It had last ear, but is not ed for* himself a reputation M til greatest basketball player In t) game " Wachter has had had an exoq 10 ' nearly so pxpei ienred a s the Army's . . . ... a fl\p which defeati-d it last year. AFTElt ANOTTTTTR. rTrAiw/^i^ [ g a m e with any team l n their class, still, it is showing groat speed and AJ. J. AAUlitl^lt CHANCE Tonmo « l t « h l i , ^ a l . n n l r i n u r , . , « ,, , ! ! ! , ;,!,,,, I , , , , l n ^ - rlevor buskCtball The Beikshire rive i.s a f t e r verbial houso in flamea in t h a t i Giants. McGraw obtained Bentley as league and became a sort of a Babe | a left-handed pitcher from the Ba.1- , R u t h to the fanatics w h o followed | tnnore club of the International those teams. Lefugue. The rest of McGratv'd championship team -^vas a-lready constructed and as such was not to be touched. Bentley made n fair success uf it THE SPOR TLIGHT By GRANTLAND RTCE CHICAGO, Jan. 13.--"Red" Ostergard, former third baseman at Georgetown University, Texas am, I member of the Chicago Americans in 1921, is comin? back to the White -Sox tu try for an outfield berth. Lift season, as a member of the Galveston and Beamont rlubs Os terffard led the Texas Leag-uo in home runs. , Teams wishing a booking can call I Manager Kelly at' Barnum K 4 9 8 - 5 | any evening or write to 233 Boston avenue. QUARTER. MIM/IOJf FOR FIRPO. BUENOH AIRES, Jan. I S -- L u i s Angel Fiipo. heavjweiglxt boxer, stated that Hugh Gartland of New- York, who is on his way here to as- I sume the management of the Wilfl learning to play clever basketball u n d e r Coach Allen. The team's fault just now is poor shooting on the p o r t of most ot the players,,«nd an improvement niong this line would mean n reillj, strolls team. . , i . ._,, Bull's pugilistic aftairs, is bringing w i t h him an offer £01- a match with Harrv "W ills f r o m the National Sport Ing club that M»ll guarantee him ·5250,000. Last year's quintet lost to only teams of sixteen played. Yale, XNM mouth, and Connecticut Agglea w« the only teams to take their meaaof Three members of last winter's are on the present Crimson out! They are Gordon, Rudofskl, M Somborskl. Strengthened by the (b dltlon of Maher and Coomb*, foo ball mon. this reason's five lias undefeated BO far. Next Monday find. Columbia's fine team at HarVM to tackle Ed Wachter's comblnatU and better light will then be thro* on the power of the Cambridge ke(bd 11. players. it pitching, but he htt harder t r a n lie Is recalled, of course, by the Yanks, but' the chances are that HO w i l l be asm in farmed out this season. With Tris Speaker casting about h i m for a first baseman and the St i.oris* Browns none fao well off since . other^man on the team and h i s ! Sisler dropped out of the game, it ;u erase was the highest in the leape , \ o u l d seem that Gelirljt would havs i if course, it was not counted, for he uad a big league rlvanee much soon- ilid not play m a fraction of the games that the leaders played in But with another team, Btntley In either of those places. Both of those teams can afford to gamble. The Yanks cannot'. Junior City League Results Grey Hounds. ( I . Auburn Five. I*. Pts T Grant, If IJHlano, c W. Grant. i G u y da, 1? O Neil, rf Mangassirm, 11 i Bisholf, : r ' Snooks. If | Walsh, If i Ahearn, t j Comoragin, i g Cas;idy, 1^ /F IT'S FOR WE HAVE IT Are You a Radio Fan? A Few of Our Special Offerings -- IlICO 3,000 Olun JSeg. Hawl betx »1.00 $2.75 RlfX) I'jjr J'lioae Cushions . . .50 .88 pr IAIJOOR A c r I .1 I Springs . 2 50 1 65 Double Milllnu-U-i- Phone .lacks 1 OO .15 Dl KIIAM \ arlublc 1 FIIAOSTATS 1 r any 'l*ule, .Special Bethlehem Spi^'lal Phone Plugs . Hjclrometers . . ·O to SO Amp. 4uur. Ba(ter 22 Vi Volt t.uar. B. Battery . 45 Volt uaj'. mcil. B. Hatter.*. Spe'ial Compdlele Parts ami Hook I |» for I'AI.\ ami J ' H I . I D KISK- MAXX .MOITKODYM. StTl'S 1.7 11.50 2.25 Wo «'arry KEIVAUTSt, 1'ARK UTY, «jRKBK, .AKOI. A F KKXT. JtAlHOI, \, KISKMAN.N aiul oilier Kadio $300 Como In and lot us ···' Motions The Sport Centre The Bridgeport Cycle Co. 79 f airfield Avenue BARM'M 221» Op*n Moiulay. I riduj. Saturday ! f "---Corbnliy. 10 MohJcans. M u l l e n , i f Panton, li Coleman, i t lotei'S. ( ; M o n t j , ' Blak*. I t A h l s t i a i u l . c " So^ ess. i jr t lu Celti-. n. K\ ere 1 LS. , i _: L m U m a i k i 1 X o m c 1 " » 1 1 Pitruinoimtv t ; 1 Rosenliluii' 11 ' H d l n , k j , If ' M l h , U ( - k , , 1 K a j , If R i c h , !,, i £ ; e ' i ' i c--I , , i ! i l l ' lillllMJII J i \ C ) IjC V- 1 ^ Berlin, I i H i rigan ,, S ! ' \ . ' K 'g Two Worlds. Those I pity are those 'who louk On life as an easj road; Thoe who shrink where the tide is strong Or t u r n from n heavy load; For I k n o w jut what t h e i r lot will be I n d c r the flr-t rough goad. Those I pity aro those w h o d r e a m of s u m m i ' r daja and fair, A\ h"re the sky Is blue and tha winds are soft, AM.iy from a world of care; AVho look with dread on the grales that came As the north ·« ind leaves its lair. They ha\ e no chance ·« ith, those who Know 3,it'e's three-fifths rough and wrong, Th it only onco In 'l while the din Dies d o w n below the .song, That man must climb by bitter Yi.i}3 i B e t u i e the soul is strong. '· £"ts. I They have no clwmce with tho'.e w h o K n o w The heartache of defeat, "U no rise again to break the grip " OC hate and raw clecflt; '' i \\ ho know the l u c k of the day that brings I ' j l Ono h o u r that is sweet. - ~U h u t chanco h a i e those w h o ' v e - n c v p r heard -- F a t e ' s b i t t e r bugles sound.' - ' No paths to glorv load dou nhill Thnt any man has f o u n d ; \\ hat chance ha\f they to stop tho m a r c h Of tho scarred and u p w a r d bound? ^ ' It is j u s t as we thought. The application for 'Willing listeners Is ^ coming in f r o m thousands of golfers f i om all sections of tho country. A d d p i u t h of \ \ i l l i n g Kai s h n s been reported In the last year or two, . I since t h r - 11101 f \\ ho pl.iy poll the f e w e r there are to tell your troubles to. .1 ' O n l y an expert now c i n gi t the j u m p and Iip'it tlu o t h e r golfeis to the, j s .'id P t o ) of the rnisscd p u l t and the s u d d e n pliro, tho cuppy h« :ir,d 'lie t o u t of b o u n d s The biggest d e m a n d for \Vlllmg Listeners is c o m i n g I r o n i t^ ' Florida at ] o^s to O i h i o i n l . ( , but a rushing t r a d e is expected j'l om 1'osturi ^ ' t o f~t. J ' a u l by another s p i j n y . Some j r a r s as;o Ty C'obb put I I this u ; i j ' A f t e r y o u ' \ e AMMI .1 pon- j r u n t t \ v f » or tbrei) times, ns Detroit did the old i n r e n i i v o i-» no hunger ' t h e r e . You light to get tliorr, and j on light to stay then 1 , and t h e n the 1 c t e i m begins to die out. Thero also comes t h p f e e l i n g tluif o u c » n slay t h p r o v i t h o u t b r f i k i n g j o u r n ' f k . II Is li.ud to kt f p up tin n p i i H in a t am t h a t bas kept on v. Inning." T h r i f ' s a slight difference now, due to t h e IIPOA^ i n itMSt* in l l n - \\ i s p r i t s sv\;itr. W h ^ n there is a r o u n d ^6,000 apiece to each m e r n h t r c i l ' · \ v m r i i i i s team tho tendencies to loaf aro rarely p r o n o u n c e d . Champions and Their Chances for 1924. No. IT,--Arlolfo IAICUJC. l T l K i * I i a s e !t'e!i ballpln.i prs b e f o r e , b\it it i f - n i a i n r d for l A d o l f o Jaiiiut;. of Havana and t h e ltcd«, to c a n y Cuban baseball s l o r j t u i its highest p o i n t Ijiiqiie \ v i l l be t h l i t y - t h r e c j e n r s old on Aral oil -, .ind Ins I h i r H -"·'' u n d y e a r et c*aslt nco was the best b" ever bail T h i d u g h l l » J 3 the Cuban !«·! not o n l j hail u higher p, i n ill.iKi of games \ v o i i . with 27 \ictt)ries a ^ a i n b t S tloli-ats b u i lie alao n l ! o \ \ e d fewc'i e a i n o d r u n s poi game by one of the most doe isive marplns i'vn K n o w n . W h e r e mo-t of the leading pitohfr.s in tho now iitfe oj l i a i d h i t l i i i f j were a l l o u m K o v e r I! earned r u n s cadi btai t u p o n a g e n e r a l .ivpriigo, IjUejiii 1 suppre-ssed his o p i x j n e n f c s t i sonu-thinK liko 1 9 T , a pt o t l i K l ( l l i s f* at an at, \\ Iic»i most c l u l i b a t t i n g n \ e r a K r b aro b e t w e e n .201) n I T O " t h e T n J ' S s , | f'annoji. il J i ^ u u n ^ p ! t n e i s f i o n t o p n j eai t o a n ^ i j i r r Is m o i * l \ i j-uoss Vut no j j i K n c i v m l i tho a m o u n t of stuff Luriue sent o v u r the iilato l i s ! se-nsnn -should d r o p t any 111.11 ked de^i i-p Jt waa not a matter t f l n k. but a i n a t t i r of gi eat pitclnng, that on.) 11« d him uloiif; Few billpl.iers benln ^lo impro', o at t h i r t y - t h r e e , but IjUeiuo, w i t h a poor! club to back h i m u p s h o u l d be i m c n K t l i f It jding siiljieis 01.' tlio J I M I Vi e hsuf :i h u i i e h thai s t t e i t o m o r i o w the call ol tho h a n uliiy l u r » . u.s beyond the typewriter's rangu for the n r x t two weeks. In view eif the I I I m p e n d i n g sportive cyclone that aeems to bo ahead for 1!»24, n twe weekd' Jrespito aoems Jieceseary In behalf of a r u n n i n g start for .· new e a n f p a i g n . THE SUNFIELD CO. i Announces the Official Opening of a Gasoline Station and Accessory Store at FAIRFIELD AVE. and ELLSWORTH ST. SATURDAY January 19, 1924 FREE OIL One gallon of high grade Motor Oil with each purchase, of five or more gallons of gasoline on Opening Day. Each purchaser will receive four coupons, each good for one quart of oil at any time at any of our stations. BRIDGEPORT DEVON THE SUNFIELD CO. MILFORD WOODMONT \ KWSPAPERl .'SPAPERf

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