The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1891
Page 6
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NEWS tBJclitof. \ IOWA, JULY 15, 1891. OF THE TOWN. ». lu t, hotter, hottest. Odrtt is getting to the front. P' Harvesting has begun in some places. ifi' Wdtt'fc that corner "brick" be a dandy I J. E. Paul was at Algona last Mon- fcdajr. Miss Mary Pach was at Algona last Saturday. K "W. Sweet was at Algona last Rev. Ward preached at Mason City last Sunday. The K. of P's. had initiation last '-Friday night. Wm. Ormistbn of Seneca was at the hub last Friday. C. C. Chubb, of Algona, was in this city last week. Dell Barslou has had corn tasseled out for ten days. Wasn't Burt sore over the Fourth of July game, though? The Misses Adolfson were Algoua visitors last Saturday. B. F. Grose returned from his Chicago trip last Thursday. D. Lake, of Webster City, was in the town on Thursday last. JP. Q.. Jones, the scale man of Belle- rite, was here last Friday. Thos. Sherman, of Livermore, is clerking in the State bank. L. Martinsen, of Belmond, was in our little city last Saturday. G. V. Davis, Jr., had a horse badly cut in a wire fence last week. J. W. Me Graw, of Clear Lake, was In town on business last week. G. F. Holloway has added a fine new Star wind mill to his feed barn. T. F. Cooke was one of Algona's iinany Bancroft visitors last week. The Catholic people expect to erect ,sa parsonage this fall or next spring. A. G. Kegler, of Bellevue, was here iloofciag after some lands last Friday. J. B. Jones stopped off between Itrains at this place on Saturday last. 6. W. Smith has built a new porch •on the back of the corner drug store. Rev. Williams preached at the Bron- ison school house west of town Sunday. Rev. Long of Boone was here looking rafter some laud several days last week. Thos. McEnroe and W. L. Hall of -Algona were in "the" city last Thursday. 'County Superintendent Carey visited ^schools in this neck of the woods last week. E. C. Anderson took in the sights and good business moves at Algona last Friday. Miss Cora Ilibbard, of Algona, closed her school in Ramsay township, last Friday. C. P. Kilbourne, of Sioux City, the Walter A. Wood machine man, was in town last Friday. Z. Roberts and wife came down from La Suer, Minn., for a few days visit at this place. Burt says that Bancroft and Algona ought to combine—don't mention combine to Burt please. Miss Flora Wilson left last Thursday for a month's visit with relatives and friends at Traer. Geo. Woodworth, Jr., W. R. Harper, IS. A. Zickart and Nels Errickson were at the lakes last Sabbath. The Burt ball boys say that we must not state in the paper this week that Perkins made a home run. Rev. A. S. Black of Mason City delivered two very fine sermons at the M. E. church last Sabbath. Bancroft and Algona do not need to double up to beat "Shorty." Why don't "Shorty" run Foster? The Catholic young men of this place expect to organize a literacy society a week from next Sabbath. Mrs. C. II. Johnson and Mrs. J. G. Graham accompanied the party of ypung folks to the lakes last week. Harry Swartwood, of Winnebago City, Minn., was here visiting his old SClwoJ chum, Ben Mayhew, last week. Those parties that were trying to spy OH the Good Templars last Saturday night are requested to desist therefrom John Gannon was laid up severa days last week as the result of a fal Deceived while engaged in carpenter work. J. N. Brown and Chas. McLaughlin Of Blue Earth City, were in town las s, looking up a location for a gen •eral store. ' *£fce JEpworth Leaguefgave a stereop lecture last night and will giv tonight. I*e cream will be red iu the class roW L." A. Cummins and wife re from the natio/ial meeting o FQUflg Mirs. G> R. Woodworth arrived home ast week. G. II. Peters had business ifl Algona Saturday. Earl Stephens was in town last Monlay night. The Mouse! and Cutler residences are learly completed. Clark Coflln, of Burt, was in Ban- sroft last Monday. Have yon noticed that now line of hoes at Barslou's. Gar Bolster took in the sights at Al- :ona last Saturday. J. G. Graham was busy selling bind- r twine last Saturday. Prof. A. A. Sifert, of Wesley, was in 3ancroft last Saturday. Charlie Hist was up from Algona, dsiting friends last week. Edward Donalds of St. Paul was here on business last Thursday. E. E. Devine, of Elmore, was here ast Thursday on business. The Catholics talk of having a new furnace before snow flies. The Courier credits Bancroft with a 'scrimmage" on the Fourth. Wouldn't a fire teach this town a esson on waterworks though? The political pot is slowly but surely beginning to boil up this way. John Sullivan was in Bancroft be- ween trains last Friday night. How would it do to have a Republi- ;an club in this town after a little. D. B. Avey, of Algona, the stereop- ican man, was in town last Saturday. Will Crosswait has moved into the ooms over Duckmanton's butcher shop D. A. Ellis expects to go to Dakota ,o work in the office of a Farmers Aliance paper. E. Dixon and family have moved 'rom the Bronson to the Barslou build- ng last week. W. B. Pratt of Plum Creek, is visi- ,ing with Wm. Eingsdorf and other friends in town. Ilarley Day the Continental Insurance Co's man, was in town last week iettling up a loss. The Presbyterian Sabbath school had a picnic at Rev. William's last Wednesday afternoon. Willie Smith fell from a horse and laad one of his limbs badly cut, but he s now improving. James Perkins, the big captain of the Bancroft base ball team, was at the mb last Saturday. G. O. Austin has sold his remaining eighty of land west of town to a man from Fayette County. We are to have another Union Temperance meeting soon. Let the good ivork go on with a vim. A large number of Bancroft people were at Algona yesterday to see the races and the ball game. J. II. Savage, the genial Humboldt drummer, was taking orders from our merchants on Monday last. Mark Sands, now of Des Moines, is ixpected to make a visit to his old friends here in the near future. The Danish people had a grove picnic at Hans Nelson's last Sunday. A large crowd enjoyed a good time. C. A. Tellier closed a very successful term of school in Seneca township last Friday returning homo Saturday. Prof. Barelou and wife and the Misses May Barslou and Lizzie Ringsdorf were at Burt last Saturday to see the ball ame. The story arrived at this place of the stabbing affair at Algona and great indignation was felt against the guilty parties. The editor of this paper will take subscriptions for the REPUBLICAN and News. Also orders for job work and advertising. Gotzian Bros, agent for boots and shoes, was here last week when J. A. Johnson took the opportunity to lay in a large stock. We notice by the catalogue of Highland Park Normal College that Kossuth county has six different students at that school. The Misses Ella Anderson and Grace Johnson, of Red Wing, are the guests, at present, of Lillian and Alice Johnson, of this place. The Kossuth county normal institute opens next Monday in the public school building at Algona. It will continue two weeks. Malm Smith and daughter passed through here on the way to Ledyard, where they will visit their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. James Wood. Miss Edith Jordan returned from Evaustou, 111., Thursday, whither she had gone at the close of college at Mt. Vernon for a visit with an aunt. Large companies of people were at the residence of J. A. Campbell last Wednesday and Thursday uignts to witness the blooming of some One specimens of u|ght Miss Caddie Waterhouse, of Algona, who had been the guest of Miss Rob* inson of this place for a week, re* turned home last Saturday. A large number of fine now church pews are to be placed in readiness at the catholic church by next Saturday when they will be rented to the highest bidder. Prof. J. W. Case returned from Waverly last Saturday. We understand he is to work for J. G. Graham in the machinery business during the summer vacation. Mrs. O. E. Bliss departed Thursday for an extended visit with relatives and friends at Grand Rapids, Wis. She expects to remain till the first of September. Bro. Ellis seems to have a very clear memory about that cyclonic runaway, even as late as last week. Well, no matter when it was, it was a horse on Ellis "allee samee." Stipt. J. A. Anderson, of Fort .Dodge, has nine men at work on tho State Bank building and expects to have the brick work done in ten days if the weather is favorable. Last Saturday was a very busy day for our merchants, one of whom reported sales to the amount of $141 and another sold $200 worth, and so on. Business is picking up. ' The Baptist church in their business meeting a week ago Monday night extended a call to Rev. L. A. Cummins for another year. He has not yet decided whether to accept or not. Deputy Sheriff Holloway returned from an ofliicial trip to Independence last Thursday. He visited the wonderful kite shaped track at that place, and reports that the races were fine. Burt has so far recovered from the doctrine of borrowing ball players that they actually (?) did get some players from the country nine west of town to help them down Bancroft? Consistency, thou art a jewel. The Bancroft ball club was to play the Wesley boys on Tuesday of this week at Wesley, and Wesley is to play Bancroft on our home ground neit Friday. There will be a bowery dance In the evening for the benefit of the ball club. Tickets $1. R. A. Martin, of Sheldon, wh,q . is in the furniture business, was here this week, looking after his land interests, and while -here visited our furniture man, Brouson, whom Mr. Martin says sells furniture cheaper than he does himself at Sheldon. Quite a compliment. '•' A wild and wooly cow boy of the western stripe by the name of E. M. Sammulson who declared he would herd where he pleased north of town and would pay for his grass land when he got ready, was disarmed of his cow boy accourtmeiits and lodged in the Algona jail by Deputy Sheriff Holloway last Saturday. The Demorest Medal contest came off last Wednesday night and the speaking was prpnounced very fine by all present. Mabel Johnson won the silver medal, Orvel Ostrander being second and Bert Streater third. The judges were Prof. Dixson, of Algona, and Messrs. Callanan and Kenyon, of this place. The audience seemed satisfied with the decision, and altogether it was a success, so much so that the Good Templars have decided to have another in a few weeks. Six of the Bancroft nine and three picked up men went down to play the nines of Burt and West Burt on the Burt grounds last Saturday where a splendid game was put up. At the close of the 8th inning tho score stood 8 to 7 in favor of Bancroft, but owing to passed balls by Crosswait not being able to hold the new pitcher Kenyon, Burt ran in 4 scores in the first half of the ninth. There was no money up oh the game however, and we heard good many say that the result would have been different if there had been money at stake. It is a matter of congratulation to both parties in Iowa this fall that the issues are so clearly defined on the liquor question. That the Republicans should stand by prohibition with so strong a plank was a surprise to its enemies. To the friends of the cause it was a matter of rejoicing because all prohibitionists can now vote a ticket which is so clear in its thrusts at the liquor power. No one can say after election that prohibition was not an issue and that the people have not expressed their will on the subject. "A school house on every hill top and no saloon in the valley," is the motto. A pleasant company of our young people started last Friday morning for the lakes, on a few days fishing and pleasure trip. Among those who composed the party were, Messrs Olof Pearson, Willis Talluian, Boy John- sou, Bert Streater, Carl A4olfson, Guy Streater, Amundus Andrew, Lewis Streater, and the Misses Lillian V-and Lillian If, Johjjgop, AUg0 Johu- 60$, MabjLe j Ella Johnson, Flo. and Madge Jordan, and Grace Anderson. After they liad started it begun to rain, but as we liavo since learned it did not continue to rain at the lakes, wo presume they liad a good time and will have some great fish stories to relate on their re- burn home. tsr-Coutinued on local pages ol REPUBLICAN A Short Talk 6n Sheep, At one of the New York farmers' institutes Mr. J. H. Rutherford, of Angelica, in ah address on sheep husbandry said: Sheep must have the best of care. My advice is to buy sheep and to keep them. This we must do if we would restore to our farms their former prosperity. We can do this the best with sheep, and at the least cost. In the following statement I have charged for pasturage at cost, as if you hired pasture, and have given the manure for the little cave, including the pleasure: One hundred sheep will cost $400; you will pay for hay and grain to winter $100, and for pasturing remainder of year, $80; cost of shearing and washing, $8, making $588. You will raise 125 lambs at $3.50 per head, $438; 550 Ibs. of wool at 80 cents, $105; total, $603. You have also saved enough to keep the original number more than good, I have given advantage in the statement to the debit side. Ought not any farmer to be satisfied with the returns? Do not hold your wool over—there is no money in that—take the market price; stick to the business; do not ever get discouraged and sacrifice your sheep. No animal reposes more confidence in man than sheep; none affords greater reward. Must Change the Place. Miss Twilling—I suppose you remember, Mr. Galloway, that last night, in spite of my fruitless struggles, you had the effrontery, sir, to actually kiss mo. Calloway (meekly)—Yes, I remember the circumstance. Miss Twilling—Well, if you think you are going to repeat that operation in the hall to-night yon are much mistaken. I don't propose to leave this room all the evening.—West Shore. An Old Question Answered. "What is the deepest depth of ignorance?" asked the philosopher musingly, and tho man of the world made haste to answer, "It is the ignorance displayed by a railway official when there is a wreck on his road."—St, Joseph News. Costly. "I envy your husband's jolly way. He is always laughing," said Mrs. Sinks. "Well, it has its drawbacks," returned the other. "John laughs so much I can't keep buttons on his vests."—Harper's BUSINESS, LOCALS..- J. C3k HAS A FttLL LINE OF Agriculturar Implements, Wagons, BUGGIES, Etc., AT BANCROFT, IOWA. Also a Full Line at BURT and a small Stock at LEDYARD. J. I. Case Threshers, Wm. Deering and Milwaukee Binders and Mowers, a full line of Rock Island Plow Co. goods, Racine Buggies, Carriages and Spring Wagons, Sterling and La Belle Wagons, Eclipse, Garter and Revolution Wind Mills. A fine line of hats in the. latest spring styles at B. P. Wickwire's. Go and look at those LaBellc wagons, at Graham's. If you want to sell Real Estate, go to Clarke and Skinner. Kinne & Pearson for stylish rigs. Have you seen the new. Deering? Go to Graham's. Horses for Sulo. We have six good work horses for the farm which we will sell cheap. CLABKE & SKINNER, The Phoenix House is being thoroughly renovated, repaired and painted, and is the best hotel in town. Bates, $1 and $2 per. day. Transient custom a speci- ality. Sample rooms in connection. O. T. BnianAM, Prop. Buy your spring straw hat of B, F. Wickwire. And let everybody remember that we are not undersold in our line, including Dry Goods, Millinery, Hats, Boots, Shoes, Groceries, etc. Come and Give Us a Trial, >. R. Crowel. Our Iowa leas are just as good as those imported teas we hear so much about, and if you will buy five to ten pounds of us—as you do of those importers—vou can have them just as cheap and have the homegrown teas here in Iowa. Yes, we cau sell cheaper, as we save the freight over the seas. And stsckings for men,- women and children—they can't be matched any place in this lown for prices. 1 Clothes pins one cent a dozen arid pins lo pin your clothes at one cent a paper. All these are to be found at sh Store Bancroft, Insure your standing crops against liail. Now is the time to make yourself safe. G. I. SKINNER, Manager. E. F. CLARKE, Sec. Bancroft Loan and Trust Comp'y JT J Negotiate Farm Mortgages. * Write Insurance. Sell Real Estate. Go to Barslou's for the famous crackers, $1 per- box. If you want to hire a livery rig, Kinne & Pearson have just the outfit for you. Call oil them. Don't go without shoes when you can get a good comfortable fit and a serviceable article at a reasonable price of B. F. Wickwire, Bancroft, Iowa. If you want a good square ineal, and no brown sugar, go to the Phoenix. Granulated sugar at Barslou's, 100 Ibs. for $5.50. Kinne & Pierson, the Bancroft liverymen. Don't you want your picture taken? Yes you say? Why go to Harpers. B. F. Wickwire always carries a full line cf qrockery. Examine his stock and prices before buying. Get you a farm of Clarke and Skinner, before the price goes up. A bran new line of buggies, at J. G. Graham's. Next Saturday, you will find a nice ine of crockery and dishes, at Barslou's. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable The most stylish rigs in town at the most reasonable rates. Traveling trade especially solicited. Kinne & Pearson. To and for the People. Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass and? Do you want to trade or sell your farm or other property? Do y°u want to buy a farm ojr unimproved laud on longtime with but little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest and favorable terms V Do you waut anything ia a legitimate -«***!W! ^ Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management, BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures tin- larged at reasonable prices, IHEYELLOfSIOMEPAEKLIE The Northern Pacific Wonderland embraces a list of atractlous simply unequalled. The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis at the head of navigation on the Mississippi, Duluth, Aslilaud and the Superiors at the head of Lake Superior; to the westward, the Lake Park Region of Minnesota, the Bed River Valley of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, Bozoman and the Gallatln Valley, Helena and Butte, Missoula and the Bitter Root valley.,. Clark's Fork of the Columbia, Lakes Pewd V Oreille and Ooeur d' Alene, Spokane City and " * - T. |i»AV VVJUIMUIB 4*ft*?»i *y»Vt«*M-VI <M4U WJIV «U1»* mette Valley. Gray's Harbor ana City Wlllapa Harbor and City of south Bend. Victoria Su Vancouver's {aland, Alaska on the horUt, and California on the south. ' Tne SortUern Paolfle runs two dally express trainswltaDWlugCarand complete Pulunau Service between St. Paul and Ta^oma and Portland, via Helena and Butte wltti ThrougU Tourist and Vesttbuled Pullman Sleepers Irani and to OJUcago via Wisconsin Central, a»A first ctess ttu-ougU sleeping car service in' «au- uectlou wltli the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul By. Pftssejjgers from the east leaving St. t»e IOHSUOOU asd Chicago m tie at will make close connections with tUo train out of St. Paul at U-.QO * -- day iloaviuK Chicago at night,

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